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NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue:
James Sinclair, of counsel to Alfonse Giardella. . .
. . .wanted for questioning in the shooting of Sipowicz.
I killed Angelo Marino and his driver. Giardella copped to it, but l did it.
You told me when Jenny disappeared how much you blamed yourself.
I hate myself.
-I'm glad l stopped by. -I'm glad l live in Queens.
Janice Licalsi, Robin Wirkus.
-How you doing? -Okay.
I apologize ruining everything like that.
-You're a drunk. -Yeah.
She's okay with it.
KELLY: Morning, Greg. -Hi.
-James Sinclair to see Detective Kelly. DONNA: Detective.
KELLY: Thanks for coming in. -It's a short detour from court.
KELLY: We're in here. -Right.
Friend of mine needs a lawyer.
Everyone's entitled to an attorney. They're just not entitled to me.
Would this friend be charged with homicide? Two counts?
We're talking about Janice Licalsi? The deaths of Marino and his driver?
Would that be a problem for you, Marino being involved?
Detective. . .
. . .my practice has exposed me to past clients killing current clients. . .
. . .current clients killing former clients, current clients killing current clients.
Defending Ms. Licalsi would present an irony, falling short of an ethical dilemma.
-If the money's right, you're up for it? -That's not a small hurdle.
I charge $400 an hour for prep-time and depositions. $4000 for each day of trial.
-We get into the six figures quickly. -That's way out of my league.
-What would be in your league? -$25,000.
Dip into your pension fund?
Pay on the balance once a week till the fall of the republic?
-That what you're envisioning? -You know what's going on.
How they came at her, the position they put her in.
We'd do better if we discussed my participation in ancillary revenues.
Tabloid sales, film projects. I'd expect to recover my fees from first proceeds.
-What if she were up for that? -Then l'd think we could do business.
-She's at Rikers? -She's at Rikers.
I'll give her a call.
FANCY: How you doing, Andy?
-You got a minute? -Yeah.
-What's this? -Open it.
It's a sea horse. Those are actually in the fish family.
-Why are you giving this to me, Andy? -For a fresh start.
I feel like l'm on the right track. . .
. . .and l thought maybe we could see each other again.
Have you been going to meetings?
I went to a few. I don't like bellyaching in front of strangers.
That's my only reservation. You carry your own water.
You need tools to deal with this.
I got a hammer to smash any liquor bottles wind up in my apartment.
But you gotta deal with the reasons they got there.
Where are you getting all this? These "reasons" and "tools"?
I've been going to Al-Anon meetings.
You talking to strangers about my problems?
Andy, can you discuss this like an adult?
You telling them how l embarrassed you? How l didn't talk to my kid for 8 years?
That's not it. The way you're reacting now is why you need help.
I don't want you discussing my problems with strangers. Don't do that anymore.
Then don't get me gifts to act like everything is all right when it's not.
Rockin' Robin Finale
John Goldman. He found the body.
Detective Kelly. What can you tell me about this?
I teach over at the university. I was walking my dog.
I noticed something sticking out of the bushes. I came over and found this man.
I ran. I called 91 1 .
KELLY: Anybody else in the park? -I expect there were joggers.
Nobody in the immediate vicinity?
-It looks as though he were dragged. -Yeah, it does.
KELLY: We have your phone and address? GOLDMAN: l gave it to the uniform.
Thanks for your cooperation.
-I feel so sorry about all this. -Yeah.
Cop found this over by the trash.
SIPOWICZ: No money, no credit cards. But there's a church ID.
Father Thomas Sheridan. He's a priest at the St. Agnes.
-Anything other than stab wounds? EXAMINER: Nothing on the initial exam.
I'll take a peek into the father's orifices for semen when l get him to the morgue.
-Do wet-swabs and stuff. -Get them to me quick.
-Yeah, right. ASAP. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -ASAP, you prick.
DONNA: Somebody will be right with you. -Thank you.
MEDAVOY: Hi, how are you?
FANCY: You want to run this thing in the park for me, John?
Robbery-homicide. The victim was a priest at St. Agnes.
Multiple stab wounds, pants around his ankles.
ME's checking into the sexual angle.
We're going back to the park to talk to the rent-boys.
Truckload of reporters chewing on Licalsi.
-They can make a snack out of this. -Yeah.
-Excuse me, the Monsignor's here. -Okay, l got that interview.
There's a car auction at the pier. I'm supposed to meet my son there.
-I'll take Martinez for the recanvass. -Go ahead. Put in a 28 before you go.
-You talking to Bucci, huh? -Yeah, he's been looking at cars all day.
-I'll be back. -Say hello to Andy J.
-Monsignor, Detective Kelly. -Hello.
-Can l get you something to drink? -Soft drink. Diet. I'm diabetic.
KELLY: Donna? -Sure.
What can you tell me about Father Sheridan?
I didn't know Father Sheridan very well. He'd been at the church five months. . .
. . .and my health hadn't been what l'd like during that time. He was very popular.
Put a lot of hard work with younger persons. Thank you.
-You're aware of how we found him. -Let me say that no one at the church. . .
. . .had any reason to suspect anything untoward in his conduct. None at all.
Do you believe there was a sexual element in this?
How about personal effects? Was he wearing jewelry?
Knights of Columbus ring and a gold St. Christopher's necklace.
-And his crucifix. -How about credit cards?
I believe so. I verified information on an application.
Okay, we'll look for those.
I think that's it.
I'd be grateful if you'd keep me apprised of any developments. . .
-. . .any turns the case may take. -I will.
-Thanks for your help. -Thank you.
SINCLAIR: l'm James Sinclair, Ms. Licalsi.
-John Kelly told you l'd be coming. -Yeah.
I'm not sure l want you representing me.
That is entry-level perception, Ms. Licalsi.
Once the courtroom doors close. . .
. . .reputations quickly subordinate to the quality of the practitioner.
Your friend John understands that.
Well, l'm not looking to get away with anything.
That's not why l admitted to killing two men.
I'm ready to pay for what l did.
-May l call you Janice? -Okay.
What would you say is the proper penalty for your crime?
I don't know.
Had you decided to kill Marino before you got into the car?
No. I didn't know what l was going to do.
By that account you're wrongly charged. You hadn't conceived intention.
When you stepped into the car, were you afraid for your life?
For your father's life or Detective Kelly's life?
I knew that if l didn't kill John, they'd find another way, and l'd be a liability.
-Meaning they'd kill you. -Yeah.
Then and there.
-I didn't know if they'd kill me. -You only know what you did.
-And l confessed to it. -Then let 1 2 honest people judge you.
Don't do all the parts yourself.
You've submitted to a system. Let it work its course.
-And you'll steer me through it. -I'll steer if you'll let me.
Is there any special reason for you to be in jail right now?
It's where l'm ending up.
We're all gonna die. That doesn't mean we have to camp in graveyards.
John is willing to help you make bail.
I think you should let him do that.
Janice, let me steer.
Thanks a lot, Jim.
Dad! Dad, how's it going?
-Okay, how about you? -Good.
Mom says hi.
Tell her hi back.
This Mr. Bucci we're meeting is a car dealer. I met him through work.
That's nice of him to take the time like this.
Two and a half years back he sent his daughter to the bank.
Somebody grabbed her. I caught the case.
So you found his daughter, and he's grateful?
-No, we never found his daughter. -That's too bad.
That's all still pretty painful to Mr. Bucci.
Yeah, l won't say anything about it.
Mr. Bucci.
BUCCl: Detective. -Yeah, how are you?
-Good to see you. -This is my son, Andy.
-Nice to meet you. -Thanks for helping us out.
My pleasure. I thought this one was a possibility, but it's burning oil.
-I only got $1 200. -Maybe a little more.
Come on, let me show you the one l think is cherry. It's an '85 Seville.
The engine's sweet enough, no Bondo on the body. . .
. . .if it's been in a wreck, they did right by the frame. I gave it the twice over.
-They let you get in? -Sure, just get right in there.
See how you feel.
So, Dom, what do you think this will go for?
I asked the other dealers to lay off. Personal favor.
If nobody drives up the price, 1 5% below wholesale.
About $2300. That in your budget?
23? l guess that's doable.
I see a dealer l haven't squared it with.
-I gotta talk with him. -Yeah.
-So, what do you think? ANDY: lt's great.
BUCCl: Hey, Steve.
-Steve. Dom. Dom Bucci. -Sure, l remember.
-It's been a while. -Just looking. See you at the auction.
ANDY: What does Mr. Bucci think it will sell for?
-Dad. -Yeah.
What does Mr. Bucci think on the price?
He thinks we got a shot at it.
-Mr. Bucci, l really like the car. BUCCl: lt's really sweet, isn't it?
What do you say we take a walk, l'll show you some of the backup ones.
There was an '88 Beretta Sedan, and there's the '87 Audi.
I like American cars.
So, Dom, who's this guy you said hello to?
That's Steve White.
He's a buyer who used to work for me on and off.
He was good. I could always move his stuff.
So when's the last time he worked for you?
After Jenny disappeared, l sort of let the business slip. He drifted off.
-We never interviewed him. -He was an independent.
He probably wasn't around.
-He still in the business? -He's got a small lot in Queens.
He sells strictly transportation, so he's not gonna be in on the Caddy.
Hey, Andy. There's a roach coach over there. Want to grab a bite?
-We got some time. SIPOWICZ: That'd be great.
I'll meet you there. I gotta call the office. Get me a hot dog and a Coke.
-Mustard and relish? -Yeah, still mustard and relish.
MARTINEZ: Hey, hey!
-Could you give me a minute? -I don't know anything.
-This is about the incident last night. -I already told you.
You hear any conversation about it?
Just that it happened. They found a body.
Does that surprise you? How he was found?
I don't get surprised too easily, man.
There's money in it for you if you heard any information.
-What's your name? -Joey.
-Know there was a murder last night? -I heard.
-This is the guy who got killed. -Yeah, that's Father Sheridan.
-You know him? -Just to talk to.
-He talked to a lot of the kids. -What'd you talk about?
What you were doing here, have you thought it through. Health concerns.
-Nice guy? -He was okay.
-Was he a trick? -I wouldn't say.
-He was down here a lot. -You trick for him?
-Never did. -Okay.
Anything that can help me is worth money.
-You know that, right? Okay? -Yeah, okay.
MARITINEZ: Hey, John. -What do you know?
They all saw him around, but nobody saw him last night.
-What'd they think of him? -Pretty nice guy.
They weren't sure why he was down here.
You hate to think what may have been going on.
Yeah. Look at this.
KELLY: Mr. Goldman. MARTINEZ: Who's this guy?
The guy who ID'd the body.
-Any progress? KELLY: We're still asking questions.
-You think of anything? -No. What do you mean?
MARTINEZ: Hey, John.
-Excuse me. GOLDMAN: What's going on?
KELLY: What you got?
OFFICER: This kid was buying booze with those credit cards.
Store owner gets a no on the card, the kid books.
We catch him coming down the street.
Take him back to the squad. I'll talk to him later. Good job.
GOLDMAN: Who's the person in custody?
-You know him? -No.
-You teaching today? -I have a class in an hour.
You got my number, right? Give me a call if you've got anything.
-All right. -Thanks.
-Your guy's in lnterview 1 . -Okay.
Here's his rap sheet and a printout of activity on the priest's credit card.
KELLY: What about the ME? -Nothing yet.
Lieutenant's going with his wife to the doctor. He said keep him posted.
Okay, thanks.
If l start liking this guy for murder, l might make the priest a bad guy.
-You being Catholic, you okay with that? -No problem.
-Want some coffee? -No.
William T. Martin.
Decatur, Illinois.
-What do they call you? -Billy.
-When'd you leave Decatur? -Two years ago.
Three collars for prostitution before the incident this morning.
-You got a straight job? -Set up sound equipment for clubs.
-Puts food on the table. -Don't hassle me. I found those cards.
-Were you in the park last night? -Found them this morning.
-Were you in the park last night? -No.
Do you know Richard Sheridan? They were his cards.
-No. -Okay.
He was a priest.
You were popped twice in the park where he hung out, but you didn't know him?
Maybe l seen him.
He was killed last night, you ended up with his credit cards this morning.
Yeah, that's right.
-Decatur, Illinois. -Yeah.
Okay, well, we got a fax on his receipts from the card.
Says that there was a bus ticket charged five days ago to Decatur.
Is that a coincidence?
I can't lie, this is not good.
You were hustling the park where he died, you wind up with his credit cards.
That's not good. What was the relationship?
Were you friends? Did he let you use the cards? What was the relationship?
-Wasn't friends. -What was it?
-Look, l was raised a Catholic. -Me too.
All right.
The man was a priest. Spell this out for me.
He came on to me. It made me sick.
-He wanted to have sex? -He was coming on. . .
-. . .and l wouldn't do it with a priest. -Where are we, in the park? Last night?
If he was coming on to you and based on your religious background. . .
. . .you didn't want to do it, l can understand that.
But l still don't get the relationship.
-You were working the park-- -He wouldn't leave me alone.
-He wouldn't keep his hands off. -Last night?
So l cut him.
-Last night? -Last night.
In the park?
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Okay. Okay.
-We're gonna take a break, James. -Okay.
Come on.
-Hey. -Hey.
-So you're pretty busy. -Yeah, hectic.
-Did you order? -Yeah, sandwiches.
You said you didn't have very much time, so l. . . .
I just caught a case. I don't know if l'm in the middle or the end of it.
How are things on Janice's case?
She's got an attorney, so she can defend herself better now.
Jimmy's lawyer might have me committed.
What'd you do now?
I wanted to convert an apartment building into low-income housing.
Mr. Gould heard me out. . .
. . .but towards the end he started having facial spasms.
He said that if he let me, Jimmy's spirit would have him clipped on the head.
-Jimmy always did have a long reach. -Yeah.
Anyway, l thought. . . .
I might take some real estate courses, come up with something more feasible.
Actually, l'd like to take a bunch of different courses.
I've never been to college. It's something l'd like to do.
I'd like to study anthropology, different ways people live.
Think l can do that?
-Yeah, l do. -Yeah? l do too.
-You don't mind dropping me off? -No problem.
Thanks for your vote about school.
-Well, l think it's a good idea. -It really helps me, talking to you.
-This thing-- -Is it not working again?
Wait a minute, let me just. . . .
-Where'd that come from? -I don't know.
-I'm a little surprised. -Yeah, me too.
You okay?
I've been kissed before.
-You want to give me a ride? -Let me get this.
SIPOWICZ: Registration was in his name, huh?
Give me the date on the transfer.
AUCTIONEER: A 1 983 Buick.
A beautiful Buick. What do l have?
BIDDER: $1 000. AUCTIONEER: Very good, sir.
Yeah. Wait, just a second.
How many times you gonna come back? l'll be done when l'm done.
I'll be done when l'm done. Hear me?
Yeah, l'm sorry. Some pain in the ass.
Tell your DMV guy thanks. Run a BCI check on this guy.
2500 going twice. . . . Sold to Mr. Alfabia for two and a half.
That's the second time this car has been stolen.
Moving along, we have lot 459, a 1 985 Cadillac Seville.
-Who will open the bidding for me? -Wait, wait. . . .
-Now. -1 1 00.
1 1 00 from the gentleman in the back.
-1 500. -Fifteen from the man in the jacket.
-I'm dead. BUCCl: Now, wait, wait. . . .
Do l hear 2000?
It's out of my budget. I don't know how high my dad can cover.
-We'll take care of it, it's okay. -Do l have more than 1 500?
-Go ahead, or we're gonna lose it. -1 600.
-2000. -I have 2000.
-This guy's in forever. -You can go up to 2300.
Your father already said that was fair.
Do l have three?
2000 going once, 2000 going twice. . . .
-Go on, go ahead. -2300.
-You didn't have to get there all at once. -Thank you very much. I have 2300.
Do l hear three, ladies and gentlemen?
-Mr. Bucci said 2300 was okay. -2300?
2300 going once, 2300 going twice, and sold to the gentleman for 2300.
-Go on, get the ticket. -Enjoy this car.
All right, next up we have lot 460, a 1 988 Passat. . . .
I can pay you what l got, the 1 200. I don't know when l can pay that off.
This is my deal. You said they'd take my check?
That's right. Andy, take that, take my card, give it to the cashier.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
SIPOWICZ: l gotta talk to Mr. White. -About what?
I never got a chance to question him about Jennifer.
-Are there some thoughts here? -I want to talk to him. Mr. White. . .
. . .New York City detective. I want to talk to you.
-What's this about? -Let's step into the guards' trailer there.
Look, l got some plans today.
I'd advise you to assist me voluntarily. Then we can go our separate ways.
Come on. Let's go.
-Is this a question of thoroughness? SIPOWICZ: Dom, just let me do my job.
-Did you pay for the car? ANDY: Yeah.
-This might take a while. ANDY: What's going on?
Just hold on.
-You want to see me, Jerry? JERRY: Can we talk--?
No, l'm working in here.
I used my best judgment advising Janice.
Haven't we covered this already?
Well, l'm here about Father Sheridan.
-I'm taking a statement on him right now. -You got a suspect?
What's up?
Richard and l went to seminary together, and we stayed friends.
I heard how his body was found. He wasn't a homosexual or a pedophile.
-There's something wrong with that. -Okay.
He was committed to his work. He wouldn't violate his trust like that.
I know l don't have a lot of credibility with you, but he was a good priest.
-I'll see you later. -Yeah.
Janice. How you doing?
John helped me post bond, so it saves you some trips to Rikers.
Those were no trouble.
-If you want, l'll be happy to talk. -Okay.
KELLY: l'll see you.
-How are you doing? -I came by to clean out my locker. . .
-Yeah. -. . .get some pictures of my dad.
-I appreciate your help. -No problem.
Sinclair's an interesting guy. We're not gonna be pals.
That's not why we got hooked up with him.
I got a perpetrator inside. I'll talk to you later.
COSTAS: Hello. -Hi.
KELLY: This kid finish his statement? -I'm gonna indict for manslaughter.
He gets manslaughter, she gets murder?
The victim bought Billy a bus ticket five days ago.
At trial, if the kid's attorney has a brain, he'll attack robbery as the motive.
Which leaves us with a kid warding off a sexually predatory priest.
I'm not panting to get to the plate.
ME called on Sheridan's autopsy. There's no evidence of sexual activity.
Which supports the kid's version. He rejected the approach.
Or no approach at all. Put a hold on it while l recanvass.
-Fine. But right now it's manslaughter. -Heard from Andy?
I've been on the phone off and on with him.
-He's having me do car registrations. -Figuring out something for Andy J.
No, he said it was about the Bucci case.
He might have something on that missing girl.
-Really? -Yeah. Hey, how's it going?
FANCY: Lillian and the baby are both doing well.
-Great. -He also said we're gonna have a boy.
They did this ultrasound. They said they could tell.
-We're gonna have a baby boy. -Congratulations.
-Looks like a little space traveler. -There's his little thing.
I don't know what this is getting at.
I feel deeply for Mr. Bucci, but l don't know anything.
-You knew his little girl. -I'd be on his lot.
She'd come by after school. Everybody knew her.
-You didn't wanna talk to Bucci today. -That isn't so.
-Don't you lie to me. I saw you. -I said hello. I like him.
-You like Dom? -I like him.
You should, because he was your friend.
He gave you work, he respected you, he treated you fair.
And l know he did this because that's who that man is.
When his daughter disappeared, four people said they saw a tan Chevy van.
You transferred title on a 1 990 tan Chevy van. . .
. . .a week after that girl's disappearance.
There must be a thousand vans like that. 1 0,000.
On the date, at the time, your van was spotted. You listen to me.
The last two and a half years have been agony for Mr. Bucci and his wife.
These are religious people.
Mrs. Bucci believes her daughter's soul may be wandering. . .
. . .because she hasn't received the right burial.
You have it in your power to stop the pain.
Don't make them suffer any longer.
-Tell me where you put her. -I've had enough of this.
I tried to cooperate, but l don't like the tone--
-What are you, psycho? -I know you're involved.
-I'm gonna put this together. -You're wrong.
You're not gonna get out of this. I won't let you leave.
Where is that little girl buried?
My sister. . . .
Her husband and daughter died in an accident three years back.
I was gonna have to have her in an institution.
My only sister. My kid sister!
I couldn't watch!
She didn't wash! There was garbage piled up all around the house.
-She wouldn't turn on the lights. -Where's her body?
We told her that her parents were killed by gang criminals.
By gang criminals?
We thought that would be kindest. . .
. . .and that she would be safe with Polly, with a new identity.
So she thinks her parents have been killed.
-You're saying she's alive? -I saw her two months ago.
I had a fight with Polly. She was starting to act weird again.
-I haven't talked to her since. -But Jenny was okay then?
If anything happened, detective, l'd feel terrible.
But it's not my fault.
-Tell Dom l'm sorry. -I'll make a point of that, you prick.
SIPOWICZ: We gotta take a ride. -You know something?
There's a guy inside for transport to the 1 5th Squad.
He's charged with kidnapping. He gets no calls.
-He took Jenny? -Dom, listen to me.
Jenny may be alive. Come with me. I'll tell you about it in the car.
Come on with me now.
Professor Goldman. Thanks for coming in.
-Is there a development in the case? -Yeah, let's sit down.
I've been over some stop-and-frisk reports. You know what they are?
I'm not sure.
Cops file those when they question somebody and haven't arrested them.
I found your name on two reports. . .
. . .for loitering to solicit sex in the park.
-I found that body this morning. -I know.
I'm the one who called it in.
I was wondering if you witnessed the incident. . .
. . .but waited till this morning to report it.
No, l did not.
I have a DA working on a plea for this murder. . .
-. . .based on the perp's account. -You made an arrest?
-Yeah. -Is it that boy l saw in the car?
If you were a witness, l understand your reluctance. . .
. . .but l need to know what you saw. If your account matches his. . .
. . .there's no reason your name needs to come out.
But if it doesn't, and you have to use my name. . .
. . .then all l'm doing is announcing myself as a queer.
And all l'm jeopardizing. . .
. . .is my occupation and my reputation. . .
. . .and my life.
You want to help, which is why you came forward. It's the right thing to do.
Somebody has to represent the dead here.
Isn't that why you're here?
All right.
KELLY: l just had a different version on what happened last night.
BILLY: You said l was gonna get dinner.
In this version, the priest doesn't solicit Billy.
He attempts to give him a bus ticket, and Billy cuts him. . .
. . .pulls his pants down and leaves him to die.
In this version, a regular john was planning to solicit you, sees you do this.
The priest didn't really want me to go home.
That's what he was talking about. He was giving you that ticket.
He was cruising me. He couldn't say what he really wanted.
He was trying to help you, and you just killed your best friend.
No, because no one can help me.
Because l'm HIV-positive, man.
God isn't gonna help me.
BUCCl: You're gonna let me know. SIPOWICZ: As soon as l know something.
We're gonna go inside, and l'll come and get you.
You're gonna let me know if she's all right.
If she's okay, l'm gonna go slow, just like you said.
-Just take it one step at a time. -Right, good luck.
Stay with him. Now. Now! ln the back!
Jennifer. Jennifer!
BUCCl: Where is she?
Where is she? Where's my daughter?
Hello, Jenny.
Hi, Daddy.
Are you all right?
JENNY: She said you were dead. -No, no, we're not dead.
They lied to you.
They kidnapped you, and they lied to you.
Your mommy and l looked for you the whole time you were gone.
Would you like to come with me now? Come home and see Mom?
-I want to see Mommy. -We can call Mom right now. . .
. . .and let her know that you're okay. . .
. . .and she'll come pick us up.
Would you like to hold my hand?
COSTAS: Detective.
-Hey, Jerry. JERRY: l got your message.
The kid who did it is giving his revised statement.
We're not gonna let the papers have the sex thing.
I'm gonna feel like hell if we're not friends anymore.
I'm struggling with her giving herself up.
She did what she wanted to do.
You can't live other people's lives for them.
Which is why you sent her to me, to find out what was in her heart.
-Can we agree to disagree? -Yeah, l think so.
FANCY: Way to go, Andy. -Thanks.
-What'd the mother say? -I didn't see her.
MARTINEZ: Well, you know she's happy. SIPOWICZ: Yeah.
Thanks, guys.
-Good catch. -I'd rather be lucky than good.
How about being both?
Great job.
Want some coffee or something?
-I'll take a doughnut. -One doughnut.
No, it's not good enough. I'll have to talk to you later.
All right.
SIPOWICZ: l'll see you later, Greg. Sylvia?
-Congratulations on the Bucci girl. -Yeah.
-That's great. -Yeah, that was good.
Listen, Sylvia.
About that sea horse pin.
The place l got it, they got a return policy.
You gotta have three copies of the receipt, and l don't have any.
If you don't take this, l'll have to wear it.
Just put it away.
Yeah, maybe you'd take it later.
I think l'll go to a few more of those meetings.
Well, don't do it for me. Don't do it for us.
Boy, you're pretty strict.
But l'm pulling for you.
There's my kid. We got him a car today.
Good night, Andy.
Good night.
COSTAS: Hi, Andy. -Hi.
Way to go, Dad.
That was good luck.
You work the job five lives, double shifts, that never happens.
They give you a decoration?
I could use first-grade pay, they want to give me that.
-How's the car? -It's good.
You want to get a sandwich? l'm driving.
SIPOWICZ: How about a steak? -Didn't you tap out on that. . .
-Excuse me. -. . .Caddy?
I got a few dollars left. Come on, son.
-Good night. -Good night, Donna.
ROBIN: Johnny? -Hey.
KELLY: How you doing? -I'm okay.
-I've been thinking about what happened. -Me too.
I just wanted to tell you. . . .
-I don't feel guilty about it. -Well, l kissed you, Robin.
Jimmy told me you gotta do what you can when you're alive.
He told me, "Never kid yourself. "
So, not kidding myself. . .
-. . .I'm glad you kissed me. -Me too.
-I said what l wanted to say. -Yeah.
You know, l just have a few minutes here.
-You wanna go talk about it? FANCY: Good night, John.
-Good night. -Good night.
-What do you think? -I'd like that.
-Okay. -Okay.
-You okay? -I'm fine. How about you?
I'm good.
-Here comes spring. -Yeah.
Now is the best time in the city.
-I'm really glad l'm with you, Johnny. -Me too.
Me too.
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