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Luther CD2

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Armed horsemen:
Over there:
What is so important that you interrupt us?
Prince Frederick of Saxony.
He refuses to surrender Luther to you, Your Holiness.
Go: Go, go:
Anise. O Lond. and judge tly cause.
A wild boan las invaded tly vineyand.
We can no longen suffen tle senpent
to cneep tlnougl tle field of tle Lond.
Tle books of Mantin Lutlen ane to be exammined and bunned.
Anyone wlo pnesummes to infninge
oun excommmmunication and anatlemma
will stand unden tle wnatl of Almmiglty God
and tle Apostles Peten and Paul.
You can burn his books, but you can't burn his ideas:
Go back to Rome, you butchers:
Go burn your own books:
Go burn the Pope's books:
Papist devils: Papist devils, leave us:
By order of His Holiness, Pope Leo X...
the works of Martin Luther
shall be erased from the memory of man:
Martin Luther speaks the truth:
- Devils. - Here, Father:
Find someone else to do it:
He belongs to us:
This... is what Rome calls a Papal Bull,
an edict from the Pope himself.
There's only one thing to do with this blast of wind.
Yes: Feed the fire: Feed the fire with canon law:
Feed the fire with every lie ever written in Rome:
- Come on, feed it: - Feed the flames:
Feed it:
That's right, feed the flames:
Feed the flames: Feed them:
My Emperor.
My good uncle.
Allow me to extend my congratulations on your elevation.
I've come to speak to you about Martin Luther.
Our Holy Father has sent his new cardinal to advise us.
Oh: You mean you've traveled all the way from Rome
just in order to advise us about this small matter?
Heresy is never a small matter, my lord.
Your Highness, if I might for a moment have your ear.
- If your business is Martin Luther... - My business is Saxony, sir...
...and I wish a brief audience with my Emperor.
- Deliver Luther to Rome. - I cannot.
He's my subject. It's my duty to see that he gets a fair hearing.
Aleander has given me his word
that the Inquisition will give Luther a proper hearing.
The Rome Inquisition does not give hearings, my lord.
It gives death sentences.
And the whole of Germany prays that you will defend her.
The heretic must be tried.
Your blessed grandfather Maximilian
told us that no German subject
would ever be condemned without a fair trial
in his own country.
Then we shall hear him in Germany.
In Worms.
Worms is still a very long way from Wittenberg, my lord,
and the Pope himself has put a bounty on Luther's head.
His spies are everywhere,
in defiance of my humble rule,
and therefore, sir, in defiance of your greater rule.
Then I will ensure Martin Luther's safe conduct
to a fair hearing.
I myself shall send you an imperial guard to escort him.
On that you have my word.
Oh, yes.
Martin Luther is coming:
Bless us, Father: Please bless us:
Help my family, please, Doctor: Give us your blessing:
Don't kneel to me. I'm no saint.
Bless me, Father: Bless me, Father:
Father: Bless me, Father:
I thought you had abandoned me.
I thought I was alone again in this world.
Be still, Martin.
One slip, and you'll save the Emperor a trial.
I'm here to serve you.
I jest because I'm so afraid.
Martin, I hoped you'd help reform the church,
not destroy it.
With all its sins, the church is still the church.
What is a child without its family?
How would people fare left to themselves,
helpless and frightened?
All my life, I have seen a world that hates evil
more than it loves good.
I beg you to look to the good, Martin.
You are tearing the world apart.
That day when you sent me out so boldly
to change the world...
Did you really think there wouldn't be a cost?
It is simply a matter of individual conscience.
They'll burn him for sure.
Do you, Martin Luther, recognize these books?
Tle 95 Tleses. A Senmmon on Indulgence and Gnace.
Tle Babylonian Captivity.
Fneedomm of a Clnistian.
Addness to tle Clnistian Nobility of tle Genmman Nation?
Are you the author?
All are mine.
These books contain heresies against our holy church.
Do you recant what you've written?
Please, God, let him say the right thing.
- I was... - Speak up.
May I have time to consider?
You have had the time,
and you should have been prepared to answer.
I would like to answer satisfactorily,
without injury to the divine word
or danger to my soul.
Any one of us might be expected to bear witness,
unequivocally and fearlessly at any time.
All the more in your case,
a famous, experienced professor of theology.
We grant you one day.
Tomorrow you shall answer.
Damn you, go back to hell:
Damn you, damn you, damn you:
Damn you, go back to hell:
Shut up, shut up, shut up:
Shut up: I feel your foul breath on my neck:
Happy devil you are, to see me mute:
Shaking... shaking like an animal at the slaughter:
Oh, my, yes. Well, where is his faith now?
Where's his faith now? Where's his boasting now?
Where's his boasting...?
I am yours. Save me.
I am yours.
Save me.
I am yours.
Save me.
Speak well, Doctor. Good luck, Martin.
- Good luck. - Good luck, Martin.
- God be with you. - I pray Thee do Thy will.
Order in the hall.
Martin Luther, are you the author of these writings?
I am.
Do you recant what you have written here?
I cannot renounce all of my works because they are not all the same.
First are those books in which
I have described Christian faith and life so simply that
even my opponents have admitted that these works are useful.
To renounce these writings would be unthinkable,
for that would be to renounce accepted Christian truths.
He is not here to make speeches,
only to answer.
The second group of my work is directed against the foul doctrine
and evil living of the Popes,
past and present.
- No: - Yes:
Through the laws of the Pope and the doctrines of men,
the consciences of the faithful have been miserably vexed and flayed.
If I recant these books...
I will do nothing but add strength to tyranny
and open not just the windows but also the doors
to this great ungodliness.
He has condemned himself.
In the third group,
I have written against private persons and individuals
who uphold Roman tyranny
and have attacked my own efforts to encourage piety to Christ.
I confess...
that I have written too harshly.
I am but a man and I can err.
Only let my errors be proven by Scripture...
and I will revoke my work and throw my books into the fire.
You have not answered the question.
You, Martin Luther,
will not draw into doubt those things
which the Catholic church has judged already,
things that have passed into usage,
rite, and observance...
the faith that Christ,
the most perfect Lawgiver, ordained,
the faith the martyrs strengthened with their blood.
You wait in vain for a disputation
over things that you are obligated to believe.
Now give your answer.
Yes or no?
Will you recant or will you not?
Since Your Majesty and Your Lordships
desire a simple reply...
I will answer.
Unless I am convinced
by Scripture
and by plain reason...
and not by Popes and councils
who have so often contradicted themselves...
my conscience is captive to the word of God.
To go against conscience is neither right nor safe.
I cannot...
and I will not recant.
Here I stand.
I can do no other.
God help me.
Yes, Martin:
- The man's a heretic: - He's a prophet of God:
Young Martin walks out:
You have your answer:
- Luther: - No, it's not that simple.
- Luther: ...the word of God:
Luther: Luther:
God bless you, Martin:
Luther: Luther: Luther:
Make way:
I am descended from a line of Christian emperors.
You will not make a heretic of me.
He has condemned himself, Excellency.
He must be stopped before he infects all of Germany.
My lord, you gave Luther the promise of a safe conduct.
Luther's not a man but a demon,
clothed in his religious habit, the better to deceive us.
Martin Luther's your subject.
What do you say?
He is too daring for me, my lord.
Although not, it seems, for the people.
If anything should happen to him on the way back...
so be it.
Thank you:
God bless your journey home, Brother Martin:
You'll always be in our hearts, Martin:
Truth will out, Brother Martin:
God be with you:
Why are they leaving us?
Martin Luther, step down and your comrade will be spared.
I'm Luther.
Ulrick, no:
I am Luther.
Sorry about the rough ride.
Prince Frederick was keen to nab you before someone else did.
Tley mmay lave mmundened Lutlen.
but they will not stop what we have started.
The holy war has just begun:
Any man who holds himself up as the master of others,
whether he be prince, Pope, priest, even professor,
must repent... must repent or be cut down:
You call me Professor Carlstadt.
No more:
From this day forward, I am Brother Andreas.
And all of you, likewise,
prepare yourselves for the great leveling:
"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image."
Learn to despise props and pretensions.
Stand with the righteous, or be cut down with the others.
There is no middle ground:
Teach us:
Martin would never have shamed a student for wearing a crucifix:
I know Martin Luther. I discovered him.
He said reform. You want revolt:
If you haven't got the stomach to finish what he started, Melanchthon, step aside.
Why are you babbling in riddles?
Beware, or you too shall be cut down.
I asked for a Greek New Testament.
I need proper books, not this rubbish.
And a Greek-German dictionary.
Leave us.
And a Greek-Latin dictionary.
This is not the time, Martin.
Well, the Emperor's going to burn me, anyway.
He'll burn us all.
This is treason.
To have a New Testament in German,
in words ordinary people can understand?
It's the thing Rome fears most.
Well, you must blame the Author for that.
The wall... break it down:
Make breaches:
No popes: No witches: No priests:
This cursed house... pull her down:
Come out, you...
- How do you expect to do this? - Just give us our rights:
We must send in soldiers.
And cause more bloodshed?
If Wittenberg cannot settle its religious problems without that,
then the rest of the world will not be impressed.
Send for Luther.
How's the work?
Words are like children...
the more care you lavish on them, the more they demand.
Rather like women.
I wouldn't know.
Take this verse in Saint Luke...
"It is the father's will that nothing be lost."
In our language, the word "will" denotes strength, willpower,
bending someone to your will.
But in the original Greek, this three-letter word
denotes passion, fire, inner organs.
It can mean beloved, desire, even sexual desire.
Eat your porridge.
You're not even listening.
Besides, porridge does nothing for my bowels.
No, it's not the word that's important,
but what it's saying about God.
You are too much alone here.
"You are too much alone here." Oh, very good, Spalatin.
Two weeks since you last came. Of course I'm too much alone:
How can I write for our people when I don't live among them?
The language of the Bible should be like a mother talking to her children.
Well, it's decided,
Martin Luther must not leave this room.
But Knight George...
It's time you saw for yourself, Martin.
Why? Why were they killed?
No reason.
Just happened to be in the wrong place,
got in the way of a mob of peasants looting a monastery.
The whole world's been turned upside-down
by that madman Luther.
And him saying that every Christian has the right
to take what they need by force.
Well, Luther's gone,
but his damned ideas have set the whole earth on fire.
Soon this country will be blazing.
Please: Let me go in the name of God:
Help me:
Please stop:
Take off your Roman dresses or have them burnt off:
Cowards: Cowards:
How dare you?
You call yourselves Christians?
Christians? :
You, why are you standing there? Put out this fire:
Run: Buckets: Shovels: Run:
When a limb is rotten, you must cut it off.
- You know that as well as I. - Get out:
Martin, this is for you: Let it burn:
Get out of Wittenberg before I beat you out:
Beat me out?
I defended you. I supported you.
I'm carrying on just as you would have.
You think this is my work?
This is never my work:
No, it's the people's work:
The people's work:
It's the people's work.
The people's work:
Are you there?
Now, how is he?
Luther's depressed, my lord.
He feels the peasants have twisted his language.
But he will join them?
Luther abhors violence.
But he's in sympathy with their grievances?
It's hard to argue against freeing people from crippling taxes
or the purgatory of being born slaves all their lives.
You know, if Luther were to lift one finger,
every peasant in Germany would rise up behind him.
Luther's a theologian, my lord.
He fights, but with his tongue or his pen.
He will not dnaw tle swond.
I lave finally tonn tle wonld apant.
I unged tle pninces to action.
and low tley lave answened mmy call:
I said tlese nebels wene outside God's law.
tlat notling on eantl is mmone poisonous. Luntful. On devilisl
tlan a nebel.
tlat tley mmust be stopped by eveny mmeans possible.
And yet tle blood tley sled
is as notling commpaned to tlis slauglten
I lave unleasled.
You don't want to go in there, sir.
It's over.
Yes. It's over.
How many?
No one knows yet.
How many?
Some say 50,000.
Some 100.
dead peasants.
There were knights among them.
That's a plague, Spalatin.
That's butchery.
Have a care, Martin.
You may need these butchers.
We are seeking Dr. Luther.
Please. My sisters and I escaped three days ago
from the convent at Nimbschen.
And... you still came here?
Because this is where Dr. Luther lives.
Sir, we were smuggled out in these herring barrels.
We've been two nights on an open wagon,
have had no rest, no food, no sleep.
So if you could just tell me...
I'm Luther.
Katharina von Bora.
Martin Luther.
But you know that already.
I'll take you to a shelter.
Who's there?
Martin Luther?
My lord.
Well. We meet at last.
I dedicated this work to you, my lord.
The translation of the New Testament...
into our own language.
Into German?
But this will separate us from Rome...
I have always sought Christian unity,
but not at the price of servitude.
I answer to God's law,
not Roman.
Roman law is the reality.
I believe in the reality of Christ.
With no compromises?
You realize, of course, they'll take this to be
an act of sheer provocation.
And they will not hesitate to strike back.
Yes, I know.
Well, so long as you know.
Do you think I could have my present now?
Yes, of course.
Take my heart
And never worry
Evil tongues will mock
We'll mock in turn
For my heart is my gift to thee
Have not a care
Never worry
Stay, Ulrick, stay.
Marry one of these lovely young women.
I know there's at least one left.
I'll bring God's word to my homeland.
No, this is not a good time. No prince can protect you there.
I want the Dutch people to know
what I experienced when I read His word for the first time.
Then God be with you.
And with you, Martin.
You left so quickly, I feared it was my singing.
If only it were.
Look at him.
He goes to his fate, hurrying like a bridegroom.
Not all bridegrooms are so fleet.
I would not say the bachelors of Wittenberg have been tardy.
The other nuns are all spoken for.
And you've made it so clear that marriage
is an honorable estate...
for everyone else, at least.
- I see why you scare them. - My grief is that I scare you.
I know you like me, Doctor.
I feel your heart when we make music together.
But when the music ends, you flee.
I'm a man of blood, Katie. I divide people.
Thousands have died because of me.
Most days I'm so depressed I can't even get out of bed.
People try to make me a fixed star.
But I'm not.
I'm a wandering planet.
No one should look to me for guidance.
Two things I promise you...
we will make joyous music together,
and to get to you,
your enemies will have to step across my dead body.
In return, I ask only one thing...
that you bring none of them to our marriage bed,
not peasants or princes or Popes,
unless He be a God of love.
For God's sake, at least get new candles:
- There's nothing left except these. - Now:
So mmucl fon Leo wlo would nebuild Romme...
Banknupt. 800.000 ducats in debt.
Had le lived. Le would lave sold tle Vatican itself.
But as a Pope, he could have changed the world.
He could have reformed the church instead of just rebuilding it.
Leo was a spiritual dwarf when we needed a giant like Luther.
Well, Luther's getting married.
To a runaway nun.
He wouldn't dare.
If I wene to tell you tlat
Albent of Mainz sent us a wedding pnesent.
wlat would you say?
Send it back.
Then it's as well he did no such thing,
or we'd be having our first quarrel.
They are going to burn Ulrick: They caught him at the border.
What is it? What has happened?
The Emperor summons our princes to Augsburg.
To finish what he began at Worms.
You mustn't go. They'll fry you like a suckling pig.
If you die, everything you stand for dies with you.
All right, what will you say? How will you make them change their minds?
- I don't know. - Well, I need to know:
Katie, first they wanted me to recant.
Now they want half of Europe to bow the knee.
We must fight:
Let somebody else fight.
Let somebody else be roasted like a pig:
All I want is Luther.
Break the princes, and you break Luther.
Their tactics will be to delay,
to bog the process down in detail.
Luther's hymns.
They are.
You must keep the issues simple, Excellency.
They must accept there is only one church.
This plague just goes on spreading.
I should have burned him:
My pninces. Bnotlens in Clnist.
tlis isn't a timme fon caution.
but fon boldness.
Clanles is not tle fnigltened youtl you saw at Wonmms. Dn. Lutlen.
He las lummbled Fnance and sacked Romme itself.
Only the Turk remains a threat to him.
In a word, he has all the time and resource in the world
to reduce us to a powder piece by piece,
state by state.
And I think he means to do it.
My lords...
silence will not save us.
If we challenge Charles,
will there be war...
the awful shedding of yet more blood?
I honestly don't know. I've mislaid all my former certainties.
But think.
The Emperor invites us to present our creeds,
to present what we believe in.
Satan invites us to preach in hell.
Is that a trap?
Or our greatest opportunity so far?
And remember, since I may not come with you to Augsburg,
you'll face Charles' rough alone.
Your choice is simple.
If you give in, my lords, the bright comet that is our faith
will shatter and be reduced to a few isolated torches,
sputtering in a dark universe.
This way:
And why does the father run to meet his prodigal son?
Landowners don't run.
Noblemen don't run.
Princes don't run.
So why does this rich, landowning father run?
Because he's afraid.
He's so afraid that his son will run back to the filthy pig farm.
He runs because he loves his son.
And there's a special word for this love.
And you know what this word means?
It's just a church bell, Martin,
ringing the Angelus.
Continue the story.
Beloved princes of the Empire,
I will be brief and to the point.
Your ministers shall not preach,
and you will outlaw these Bibles in the common language
and declare anyone who possesses one an enemy of the state.
We will not stop our ministers from preaching the word,
here or anywhere else.
Do not concede, my lord.
We will not outlaw the new Bible, my lord.
As a sign of your loyalty to me,
tomorrow you shall all march
in the Corpus Christi procession to the cathedral
and worship, all of you, in the Roman manner.
We will not, my lord.
You will:
Or you shall know my sword:
Before I let anyone take from me the word of God
and ask me to deny my belief,
I will kneel and let him strike off my head.
Your Highness, we have drawn up a confession of our faith
which I believe you will find blameless.
I am so very happy to have been loved by you...
Katharina von Bora.
Martin: Martin:
We did it, Martin:
We did it:
The Emperor allowed us to read our confession of faith:
The princes stood up to him:
He had to listen:
They can't stop us now, Martin:
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