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Luther CD1

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Help me: Don't let me die like a dog on this road:
Don't let me die:
I'll become a monk: I'll become a monk:
I'll give myself to God: I'll give myself to God:
I'll give myself to You: I'll give myself to You:
Just spare me: Spare me:
Just help me:
Your father's here.
He's brought the whole family.
He's leaving.
Father, please stay for supper: Father:
Your first Mass, and you crap yourself:
I hoped we could talk.
We scraped to send you to the law,
to elevate you to a noble profession.
I sweat in the mines for 20 years
to give you the chance I never had:
Is that how you interpret the commandment
to honor your father and mother?
- God brought me here. - God?
A shaft of lightning burns your arse,
and you call that God?
The devil, more like:
Shut up: Shut up: Leave me alone:
Satan, stifle your lying tongue:
I never claimed to be good: Never:
They know my faults here... my pride, my cursed lust:
I confess them all: I confess them all:
Just leave me: Just leave me:
Just leave me: Please leave me:
You're too hard on yourself, Brother Martin.
Arguing with the devil never does any of us any good.
He has had 5,000 years of practice.
He knows all the weak spots.
I'm sorry about today.
I'm not here to scold you, Martin.
I'm too full of sin to be a priest.
You know, in two years
I've never heard you confess anything remotely interesting.
I live in terror of judgment.
And you think self-hatred will save you?
Have you ever dared to think that God is not just?
He has us born tainted by sin,
then He's angry with us all our lives for our faults,
this righteous Judge...
who damns us...
threatening us with the fires of hell:
I know: I know I'm evil to think it:
You're not evil.
You're just not honest.
God isn't angry with you.
You are angry with God.
I wish there were no God.
Martin, what is it you seek?
A merciful God:
A God whom I can love.
A God who loves me.
Then look to Christ.
Bind yourself to Christ
and you will know God's love.
Say to Him, "I'm yours. Save me."
"I am yours. Save me."
I am yours. Save me.
I am yours. Save me.
The brothers are not happy with your decision.
They think there are others in our cloister
better suited to deliver your letters to Rome.
Martin has two degrees and an aptitude for law.
It will be a legal brief he carries.
Besides, it will do him good to be out in the world.
We need your teaching, brother:
Try some wine.
Let go of me: Let me go:
You listen, you little thief:
Keep going. It's none of your business.
Keep going, for your good.
Hey, you look lonely, brother.
Alms for a blind man:
- Come on, come inside. - No.
Statues of all your favorite saints.
Saint Cecilia for sore throats,
Saint Paul for bad backs and swollen feet, brother.
Saint Joe for chapped hands, the Mirgin...
Pope Julius is coming:
Get down:
- Down: - The Pope is here:
- It's the Holy Father: - Clear the streets:
Make way for the Pope: Make way for the Pope:
This way for Saint John the Baptist's head:
Move along.
Move along, there. Move along from the Baptist's head.
Give generously:
Good enough, brother.
Fast or slow, you'll get your 500 years.
Name of the deceased and relation?
Hendrick Luther.
An Our Father on every step.
When you reach the top of the stairs,
Hendrick will be released from Purgatory and into the gates of Heaven.
Name of the deceased and relation?
Wolfram Eschen, uncle.
An Our Father on every step.
When you reach the top of the stairs,
Wolfram will be released from Purgatory and into the gates of Heaven.
You are back from Rome almost two weeks.
Two weeks, and scarcely alert, even in the confessional.
As your father in Christ, I order you to speak.
Rome is a circus...
a running sewer.
You can buy anything... sex, salvation.
They have brothels just for clerics.
As they probably do in Leipzig.
One church had the coins for which Judas sold our Lord.
100 years off Purgatory for kissing each one.
And you think Rome unique in such relics?
There are even rumors about the Holy Father himself,
that he has a lust for power:
Let's go outside.
What's wrong with here?
Well, this floor... the color.
I like color, but you give your brothers a hard choice...
they either learn to scrub like you,
or find a way to make your patch a little less sparkling.
like milking a cow.
The ancients reverenced their bees.
They valued them more than slaves.
Have you ever read the New Testament, Martin?
No, Father.
Not many have, but in Wittenberg you will.
A doctorate in theology.
You're sending me away to study?
I'm sending you to the source...
the Scriptures.
Christ Himself.
Here I'm losing my faith,
feeling like a fool even to pray, and you're sending me away?
- You'll preach. - I'd be a fraud as a preacher:
We preach best what we need to learn most.
Do not send me away from you.
God gave you gifts for a purpose.
In Wittenberg, you will be able to change minds, open eyes.
That's what you want, isn't it?
To change things?
Welcome to Wittenberg, Father Martin.
I am Ulrick Wender. I'll be helping you in the parish.
Gunter and I have caught some fish for your first meal among us.
Wender. That's a Dutch name.
I was born in Utrecht.
We have to stop for Hanna.
She's a little... well, she keeps a child hidden in the forest.
A child living in the forest?
A crippled child.
If we don't buy the wood, the little thing doesn't get fed.
Wood, brother?
Half or full bundle?
As much as this will buy.
This is our new priest, Father Martin.
Hello, Hanna.
Thank you, Hanna.
Good morning, Otto:
This is our new preacher, Father Martin.
I look forward to seeing you at Mass.
Good luck, there.
Get back to your work, Thomas:
You'd think I was a leper.
They thought you were coming for a collection.
They thought I wanted their money?
No, they thought the Pope wanted their money.
Every time a new priest comes,
they have to pay Rome for the privilege of sacraments.
Nulla salus extna ecclesiamm.
This debate has raged for over 1,400 years,
from the earliest days of the church,
but now the Fifth Lateran Council
has reaffirmed Saint Cyprian's famous dictum,
"Nulla salus extna ecclesiamm...
outside the Holy Roman church, there is no salvation."
Professor Carlstadt.
What of the Greek Christians?
The Greek Christians?
Well, an early church document clearly states
that a Roman bishop, not a Greek,
was Saint Peter's successor.
And, of course,
it was Peter whom our Lord Christ made His representative on earth.
So we must consider the saints of the Greek church to be damned?
You miss the point.
But that is the inevitable consequence of Cyprian's claim...
Greek Christians are outside salvation.
Or is this claim based on an over-literal reading
of Matthew 16:18...
"Thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church."
Yet two lines earlier, in verse 16,
we find the very foundation of our faith...
"You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
Surely the more universal we make these great words,
the nearer we come to the mind of Christ.
You question the authority of the church council, sir?
Not at all.
Though in 1215, the Fourth Lateran Council
allowed that Cyprian could be wrong
and salvation could exist outside the church...
though not outside Christ.
Thomas: Thomas:
Why would he do such a thing?
If only we knew what was in his head.
What does God say, Father, for suicide?
I neven. Neven said I lad tle answens.
I defy you, devil: You...
I know your handiwork: You and your stinking lies:
Shaming... shaming... shaming a mother,
telling her to hide her broken child,
telling her boy to kill himself:
Brother Martin, the boy's damned: I'm not allowed to do this:
The others won't rest with him in here:
This is holy ground: He's a suicide:
Tell Otto to bring his son: Tell him:
Some people say that according to God's justice,
this boy is damned because he took his life.
I say it was overcome by the devil.
Is this child any more to blame
for the despair that overtook him
than an innocent man who is murdered by a robber in the woods?
God must be mercy.
God is mercy.
He is yours. Save him.
Terrible. Unforgiving. That's how I saw God.
Punishing us in this life,
committing us to Purgatory after death,
sentencing sinners to burn in hell for all eternity.
But I was wrong.
Those who see God as angry...
do not see Him rightly...
but look upon a curtain as if a dark storm cloud
has been drawn across His face.
If we truly believe that Christ is our Savior...
then we have a God of love,
and to see God in faith
is to look upon His friendly heart.
So when the devil throws your sins in your face
and declares that you deserve death and hell, tell him this...
"I admit that I deserve death and hell. What of it?
"For I know One who suffered and made satisfaction in my behalf.
"His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God.
Where He is, there I shall be also."
Prince Frederick wants him silenced.
You should have stopped him, Carlstadt. Forbidden him.
Forbidden him, Spalatin?
To teach theology?
He undermines the prince.
Come on, there is no clear teaching on relics.
When I became a monk,
I believed the monk's cowl would make me holy.
Was I an arrogant fool?
Now they have made me a doctor of divinity,
and I'm tempted to believe that this scholar's robe
will make me wise.
Well, God once spoke through the mouth of an ass.
Perhaps he's about to do so again.
But I'll tell you straight what I think.
Who here has been to Rome?
Did you buy an indulgence?
I did.
For a silver florin, I freed my grandfather from Purgatory.
For twice that, I could have sprung grandma and Uncle Marcus too,
but I didn't have the funds, so they had to stay in the hot place.
As for myself, the priests assured me
that by gazing at sacred relics,
I could cut down my time in Purgatory.
Luckily for me, Rome had enough nails from the Holy Cross
to shoe every horse in Saxony.
But there are relics elsewhere in Christendom.
Eighteen out of twelve apostles are buried in Spain.
And yet here in Wittenberg,
we have the pick of the crop...
bread from the Last Supper,
milk from the Mirgin's breast,
a thorn that pierced Christ's brow on Calvary,
and 19,000 other bits of sacred bone,
all authenticated sacred relics.
Even John Tetzel himself...
Inquisitor of Poland and Saxony,
seller of indulgences extraordinary,
connoisseur of relics, envies oun collection:
To possess them for a single night,
he would willingly surrender five years of his earthly life:
Or 500 years in Purgatory.
And now, good citizens of Wittenberg,
Prince Frederick of Saxony invites you here to his courtyard
to witness a mystery play
on that ever most popular of subjects...
the Day of Judgment.
Just like old times, Martin.
Prince's secretary.
Such secretaries have a habit of becoming Excellencies.
Even when we were law students, I had you marked for great things.
I was hoping you may be of some help in that regard.
Prince Frederick is exceedingly proud of his relics.
Then I'm sorry he didn't hear my lecture.
Perhaps I could have swayed him.
He spent 20 years and a large fortune
building his collection,
that in a week's time, on All Saints' Day,
thousands of faithful Christians are coming to see.
Paying to see.
Contributions are customary for indulgences,
along with confession
and true penitence.
Ah, yes.
The right prayers, the right coins,
and 1,900,202 years and 27 days less in Purgatory.
Do not bite the hand that feeds you, Martin.
Our prince pays for your chair in this university.
His relics pay for your chair.
And he who pays the piper...
calls the tune.
Do not embarrass him.
No one is more delighted with your popularity here.
He'd prefer you stay.
Master Kranauer,
is Luther open to persuasion?
Not likely, my prince. He's as bitable as...
As a donkey, you were going to say?
Indeed, indeed.
I am conscious of the great honor you do me, Cardinal Cajetan,
in recommending me to His Holiness.
I doubt you'll think it an honor 20 years from now, Aleander.
My first master was Pope Alexander MI.
Three mistresses, five children,
and a most fervent devotion to bullfighting.
Pope Julius ll...
a month ago, he was spiritual leader of the whole world.
Quite dignified-looking, isn't he?
But it's not what Julius wanted.
He wanted to be remembered as a warrior,
sitting on his horse, sword in hand,
besieging the Menetians.
What is it you seek, Aleander?
To serve God.
To serve him with all my heart.
And that is how you will be tempted.
Pope Leo X, sovereign bishop of Rome,
successor to Saint Peter
and holy head of the Roman Catholic church.
I've been longing for someone to save Christendom.
Let us pray he's come.
Your reputation precedes you, Aleander.
Then I am fearful.
Cardinal Cajetan says you're a brilliant scholar,
yet possess a fervent desire to serve.
I have need of such gifts.
Albert of Brandenburg wants to be Archbishop of Mainz.
He's already archbishop of two German territories.
Then canon law disqualifies him from holding a third.
Moreover, wasn't he underage when granted his first post?
Just so.
Even as I myself was.
Doubtless Cajetan has informed you
that I was made cardinal at the age of 13.
Albert's ambition could still serve God's glory.
The Turks at the gates of Mienna.
The French are yapping at my heels,
and Rome itself has become an open sewer
filled with wild dogs and cats by day
and brigands and fornicators by night.
And this new Basilica of Saint Peter's,
it's not just a building, Aleander,
it's a symbol of my intent to restore Christ's church.
And Albert could be a minor blessing in that.
He offers 10,000 ducats for Mainz.
But Albert is bankrupt.
You're well-informed.
The Fuggers will lend him the money.
The imperial bankers?
An eight-year loan.
And how would he repay them?
John Tetzel.
There, that's him: Father John Tetzel:
Don't unfurl the banners until the fire ignites.
Everything has been prepared exactly as you instructed.
Welcome, Father Tetzel:
Come on, people:
Gather round:
Good people of Juterbog...
have you ever burned your hand in the fire?
Even one finger made raw by the flame
will torment you throughout the night.
Is it not so?
Imagine, then, your entire body burning.
Not for one sleepless night...
not for a week,
but for all eternity:
Are we to be spared the fires of damnation
on the Judgment Day?
Tonight, your Pope, the vicar of Christ, sends you a gift,
a gift to save you from such fires,
a special indulgence granted
for the building of Saint Peter's Church in Rome...
where the bones of the apostles lie moldering,
exposed to wind and rain,
desecrated by wild animals.
Take heed the words of your Holy Father who says,
"Lay a stone for Saint Peter's,
"and you lay the foundation for your own salvation
and happiness in heaven."
How? With this indulgence.
When? Tonight,
and only tonight.
Seek the Lord while he is near.
Here is your raft.
Take hold:
In Heaven, there is a treasure chest filled with merit.
Merit from Christ Jesus,
the Mirgin Mary, and the saints,
who, through their holy lives,
have merit to spare for us poor sinners in need.
Tonight, that treasury is open to you.
Do you not hear their voices,
the screaming voices?
Your deceased parents.
Uncles, aunts screaming.
Beloved child.
Beloved child.
Because, for a few coins,
you can rescue them from their punishments and pain.
Open your ears.
Father calling to son,
mother to daughter.
When a coin in the coffer rings,
the soul from Purgatory springs.
God-fearing man, do you have a coin for Christ?
Gentle mother...
when the time comes, make certain your crippled child
can run to Jesus.
These learned monks are standing by
to write down your name
or the name of a loved one, dead or alive, on this...
your passport to the celestial joys of Paradise.
We can preach until we're hoarse,
but if we cannot bring the Christ of the Gospels to our people...
...what do we offer them? - Dr. Martin:
I did this for Grete.
Issued by the Archbishop of Mainz.
Where did you get this?
Juterbog. I bought it in the church.
It's just paper, Hanna.
These words mean...
It's no good?
You must put your trust in God's love.
Save your money
to feed Grete.
"To Albent of Mainz.
"fatlen in Clnist and mmost illustnious pnince.
"fongive mme tlat I slould dane to wnite to you.
"I mmake bold because it is mmy duty to senve you
"and to wann you of tle cnooked pnactices
of tlose wlo claimm to nepnesent Youn Gnace. "
"Clnist did not commmmand tle pneacling of indulgences.
but of tle Gospel. "
Forward this to Rome.
"Christians are to be taught
"that he who gives to the poor
"or lends to the needy
does a better deed than he who buys indulgences."
"If the Pope can empty Purgatory,
why would he not do so out of love rather than for money?"
My God, who is this Martin Luther?
- Fritz: - What?
Dr. Luther wanted everyone to see that:
And everyone will.
Good people of Magdeburg,
take hold of the raft while you still can.
So much grace for so little coin:
German money for the German church.
Does Saint Peter lie in a German church?
- Or Saint Paul? - We don't need your saints.
Or any of the holy apostles?
With this indulgence, I can absolve any sin.
I can even save the soul of the man
who violates the mother of God herself.
One-fifth of the usual take.
How will you explain this to Rome?
Damn that heretic:
He will burn in hell.
This drunken little German monk
is intoxicated with himself.
Sober him.
Why was Prince Frederick not apprised
of your letter to Albert of Mainz?
I did not want him compromised.
Now our prince can swear before God
he had no knowledge of my writings
or my criticism of the Archbishop.
Criticism of the Archbishop? What of your criticism of Rome?
Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is
to Prince Frederick,
his prize professor of theology
drawing condemnation from the Pope?
My criticism was not of the Holy Father himself,
but of those rogues who claim to represent him.
You have been summoned to appear by Rome.
You are threatened with excommunication.
But I'm a loyal son of the church:
I don't believe the Pope would issue such a summons.
Welcome to the world of politics, Doctor.
Lay low.
Do not write a single word to anyone
until I have a chance to sort this out.
They've already published my explanations of the 95 Tleses.
I dedicated it to Pope Leo.
Clearly, clearly you've heard the rumors...
that the Pope has summoned me to Augsburg.
Well, it's true.
It's true, and I pray fervently
he will find no fault with me.
But think on this while I am gone.
We obsess...
over relics.
Pilgrimages to holy places.
Yet all the time, all the time, there is Christ.
Christ. Christ, here...
in every corner,
in every hour of the day.
He isn't found in the bones of saints...
but here, in your love for each other,
in your love for one another...
in His sacraments,
and in God's holy word.
If we, if we live the word, by faith...
in love
and service to one another,
we need fear no man's judgment.
- Good to see you. - Thank you.
Martin, the faculty stands behind you.
I have written a letter of protest,
and I'll be the first to sign should they arrest you in Augsburg.
Thank you, Carlstadt. Thank you.
Bless you. Bless you.
Are you in trouble?
What happens now?
I honestly don't know.
Father, thank you.
Thank you, Father.
Just try to keep your big mouth shut.
She wants you to know that she prays for you every night.
Have I...?
Have I caused you trouble too?
I'm here to get you through this.
They've stopped Tetzel from preaching.
He's in Leipzig under house arrest.
That's a good sign, isn't it? That means that Rome must understand.
It just means he went too far.
Martin, listen to me.
Cardinal Cajetan didn't bring you here
to teach him the Scriptures.
I beg you in God's name to have a care.
Be temperate.
Don't talk, just listen.
Your life could depend on it.
He's waiting for you.
I am Girolamo Aleander, representing Cardinal Cajetan.
Your meeting won't take long. I'm here to prepare you for tonight.
It was never my intention
to say anything against the honor and the dignity
of our Holy Father.
Of course not, Brother Martin.
And that being the case,
that we all desire peace,
you only have to follow a few simple rules of protocol.
When you meet the Cardinal,
you will throw yourself on the floor, face to the ground.
The Cardinal will tell you to stand, at which time you will kneel
and remain kneeling throughout your hearing.
Do you understand?
If the church takes exception to a single point,
I will submit to her immediately.
But I'm sure when the Cardinal and Pope Leo
understand my position...
they'll find no fault with me.
We have a misunderstanding.
There will be no discussion.
No debate.
You have one word to say and one word only.
I recant...
and the matter is over.
I think we do have a misunderstanding.
I came to Augsburg to warn the Pope
about the abuses against the faithful
by the indulgence preachers.
Have a care, Brother Martin.
It is the Pope who shall decide
what is or is not beneficial to Christendom.
This evening, one word.
Thank you, Excellency.
Brother Martin...
with your permission, I'm going to arrange a bath for you.
Thank you, Excellency.
My son, I know you desire
to be a faithful servant of Christ and His church.
I am here to help you.
Stand on your feet, my son.
What do you have to say?
Have I erred?
Yes, you have erred.
That I may avoid such error again.
You have erred by teaching new doctrines.
Which of my teachings is offensive to Rome?
For one, indulgences.
Pope Clement's decree, Unigenitus.
clearly states that the merits of Christ
are a treasure of indulgences.
I'm sorry, Your Grace.
I think you'll find it says...
"The merits of Christ acquire the treasure of indulgences."
I am not here to wrangle with you.
No, Your Grace.
But Unigenitus was issued 175 years ago,
and were this decree not so embarrassing to our church,
perhaps it would not be commonly called Extnavagante
and left out of most collections of canon law.
It contradicts Anommitanos.
Our present Pope Leo is in harmony with Clement's decree...
and there ends the matter.
The honor of the Papacy is not preserved
by the naked assertion of Papal authority,
but by safeguarding the Pope's credibility
and the clear testimonies of divine Scripture.
The Pope interprets Scripture.
He may interpret it...
but he is not above it.
He was to say one word.
We both know the selling of indulgences
have no Scriptural support.
If common people could read the Bible for themselves,
they would understand just how broad
the church's interpretations are.
That is outrageous:
The Scriptures are too complex
for even the average priest to understand,
much less the common man:
Indulgences are an established tradition
which give comfort to millions of simple Christians.
Comfort? Your Grace, I'm not interested in comfort.
Comfort is not the issue:
So you consider your discomfort
more important than the survival of Christianity?
- I'm interested in the truth: - The truth?
The Turks are building armies on our eastern borders.
We are on the brink of war.
To the west, lies a world of souls who have never heard the name of Christ.
That is the truth:
Christianity is tearing apart,
and just when we need unity most,
you create confusion:
My goal is not to quarrel with the Pope or the church,
but to defend them with more than mere opinion.
The Gospel cannot be denied for the word of man.
I refuse to argue with that monk.
You said he was a simpleton.
He questioned the Pope's authority.
Or shall we call it Extnavagante like the rest of the world?
He's a heretic.
Our orders were clear.
Either he recant...
Do not presume to lecture me, Aleander.
I know perfectly well what our orders were.
I kept my temper and merely asked to be shown the error of my ways.
If you do not recant, you will be delivered to the Inquisition.
Will you recant?
Then there is only one way to save your life.
Martin Luther,
in the name of Christ, I release you from your vows
to the Augustinian order
and commend you to God's mercy.
I'm no longer your father, do you understand?
Were I your father, then under canon law,
I would be obligated to deliver you to the authorities:
But I'll be your spiritual father...
until the day I die.
Now go.
Go quickly:
There is a horse at the back gate.
Don't leave me alone, Father. Please.
My pnince.
how shall I answer?
The Cardinal demands that Luther be delivered to Rome
or banished from Saxony.
Have you read Luther's work?
Yes, all of it.
Yes. He's a brilliant little monk, isn't he,
with an independent mind.
Yes, he is.
Oh, Spalatin, you were at law school with him, weren't you?
Did he show any inclination then
of surrender to influence?
After all, all he has done is to debate, eloquently,
on a most interesting subject.
And, after all,
that is all one can ask a good university professor to do.
So what shall we say to the Cardinal?
My lord, we have to respond.
Spalatin, there are two ways of saying no
to someone you believe to be stronger than yourself.
The first is to say nothing
and go on merely doing what you were doing before,
and pretend that you never heard,
allow time and inertia to be your allies.
And the second?
And the second is to say no in such a kind and thoughtful way
it befuddles them.
Naturally, if both these strategies fail,
there is nothing but to relent.
Or to fight:
And of course, if you decide to fight,
you also have to decide to win.
No, I'm not going to send my monk to Rome.
They'll only kill him.
It's so irritating.
Who are they to deprive my university
of such a fine mind?
Your little German monk is still spewing filth at us.
He has a new cartoon circulating.
He calls you an ass playing a harp, Cajetan.
The point, Your Holiness, is that he does not write in Latin.
Luther writes in German.
That is his sword.
So he does not play like a gentleman?
Ordinary Germans can quote his work.
If we wait, we might be too late.
You exaggerate his importance.
Besides, you told me yourself you agree with his list of abuses.
Some of his concerns have long been held
by those who love the church, yes.
I don't suppose your little monk
would be interested in a cardinal's hat?
I think he would be ashamed to wear it, Your Holiness.
We must put pressure on Prince Frederick, Excellency.
Aleander is right.
Frederick is our key to Luther.
Germany is on the brink of chaos,
and we don't want to divide the church.
I grow tired of you missing the big picture, Cajetan.
That's why I've sent Karl von Miltitz to Germany in your stead.
My lord, greetings from our most Holy Father.
As for me, I am especially honored to meet you,
as all of Christendom knows of your steadfast devotion to the faith.
I have brought you a gift from our Holy Father...
to express his highest esteem for your lordship,
for, as you know, my lord,
this most sacred rose is consecrated annually
by Pope Leo himself,
and sent to just one favored prince
in recognition of heroic loyalty and devotion
to Christ's holy church.
Spalatin, I'm sorry for keeping you so late,
but this is a matter of some urgency.
First of all, give Miltitz 600 ducats
as an expression of our gratitude.
My lord, the rose is hardly worth so much.
Oh, I know that.
And then tell them that we will not deliver Luther to Rome.
And get that... that rose...
Put it among the relics,
and while you're about it, move all the relics out.
Move them to someplace I don't even know where they are.
I don't want to know where they are. I want...
Go on.
When I was a child, I thought like a child,
I was a child, I played like a child.
And now, thanks to the adults,
I've had to join the world of adults.
And I am appalled...
by how easy they thought it was
to bribe me:
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