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Subtitles for Loves of a Blonde - Criterion Collection.

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Loves of a Blonde - Criterion Collection

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What happened yesterday doesn't happen every day
As lovely as a dream
And I love her so, oh,yeah
And I love her so, oh,yeah
So this great love of mine turned me into a hooligan
I whisper in her little ear What lovely lips you have
Why aren't you kissing me?
And I love her so, oh,yeah
And I love her so, oh,yeah
So this great love of mine turned me into a hooligan
I whisper in her little ear What beautiful eyes you have
You're just kidding me
And I love her so, oh,yeah
And I love her so, oh,yeah
I whisper in her little ear What pretty hair you have
Why don't you play with it?
And I love her so, oh,yeah
And I love her so, oh,yeah
So this great love of mine turned me into a hooligan
I whisper in her little ear What a pretty blouse you have
Why don't you take it off?:
And I love her so, oh,yeah
And I love her so, oh,yeah
So this great love of mine turned me into a hooligan
I whisper in her little ear What a nice skirt you have
Why don't you slip it off?:
And I love her so, oh,yeah
And I love her so, oh,yeah
So this great love of mine turned me into a hooligan
I whisper in her little ear Let's go to the movies
It's a stupid movie
God, isn't that just beautiful? Can I borrow it?
-Just for a minute, okay? -All right.
Gee, it's so gorgeous.
-Is it gold? -Of course.
The real thing?
You think he would give me anything else?
Let me have it for a while.
Did you notice the stone? It's a real diamond.
A real one?
Yes. Look how it sparkles.
I've never seen a real diamond.
He told me it was.
- He's nice, isn't he? - Really nice.
Do you have his picture?
What color are his eyes?
Well... they're... sort of...
I don't really know.
Well, then...
You've got to put it higher. He's half a head taller.
About like this?
That's it. You look great together.
And what did you give him?
Nothing yet. That's dumb, isn't it?
It is dumb. You've got to give him something.
Yes, but what?
Is that yours?
What do you think you're doing, hanging things on the trees?
You can't do that. You can't just hang things up like that.
You'll dress up the whole forest.
I don't think it's going to hurt the trees, is it?
No, but a deer could be going by, you know,
and see a tie on a tree and get scared.
Have you ever seen a startled deer?
This is what he does.
See? Did you like it?
We could listen to his bleating together some time.
What do you say?
Well, how about it?
I don't know.
He told me all about those animals, see?
Like they don't live together all the time, like people do.
And the animals do it only once a year,
when it's mating time, see?
Then they're single again and they just live on their own
without any commitments-- not like people.
Only the wild geese, they're like people, see?
- They are? - Yes.
They live together for up to 1 20 years.
- They do? - Isn't that something?
And imagine, when they...
like when he shoots down either him, see, or her...
- The goose? - Yes.
Then the other one remains alone, even for a hundred years.
What about Tonda?
Well... he, when we went away... we left the tie hanging there
and when we came back, it was still hanging there,
so I guess he didn't come.
Will you go out with this guy?
I don't know.
The trouble is, he's married.
-He is? -Yeah.
Fine, but we can't ignore the fact that we need the people here.
Of course, that's right.
We need them.
If a girl has a real reason, like if she has a boyfriend...
she'll get married, if it's serious.
She'll marry him and then maybe move away.
We can accept that as a reason,
but we can't let her come here three times in a row
claiming she's getting married when she isn't.
So I won't let her go for now.
Only after she gets married.
Keep in mind that the factory must meet deadlines.
Yes, but for God's sake, they also need to have a life.
That's a problem.
Look here, if we look at the map,
then from our point of view
it's not advantageous to put the army in this area,
to have troops here.
We understand your reasons.
Yes, of course.
We have the same duties and problems in the army too.
You have yours and we have ours. Look at that.
So, you have the map.
That's your standpoint, right? That's your point.
But what you don't know
is that some 2,000 girls live in this area.
Girls without boyfriends.
We've got 1 6 girls to every boy here.
Girls are like rosebuds. You get me?
That's youth.
And youth needs
what you used to need, Comrade Major,
and myself, and the others too, see?
- In our youth. - That's right.
So you have your opinion... and all you have is a map,
but I have the lives of all those young people.
Think about it.
A girl works in the plant
for eight hours at the machine.
She leaves the factory.
Then what? She gets something to eat... right?
And then she has nobody to caress her.
Nobody to kiss her.
So now think what happens if there's no war for 50 years.
No war-- which is what we're all fighting for.
Including yourself, Comrade Major. You're fighting for the same thing.
What if there's no war for a hundred years?
I can only tell you
that I haven't said my last word yet.
All I can do is pass along your proposal
and we'll see what can be done about it.
Pass it along? To whom? What does that mean?
Follow me, company, three men abreast. Line up.
All the fuss they made about it.
Yeah, and instead of boys, we get reservists.
And so good-looking. A bunch of grandfathers.
Shout it out. Left, right...
Across the burnt earth over bloody rivers
The vengeful regiments march steadily on
Heart, law, eternity are on our side
We march forward like time Like a terrible wall of revenge
What a pretty daughter you have
You know very well that I have a crush on her
Hey, lady, give us your blessing
For she's a girl made for love
What a pretty daughter you have
You know very well that I have a crush on her
Look at those soldiers over there.
Look at those girls over there, man.
Oh, God. Who are they? They're terrible.
- Why? Are they looking over here? - Yeah. All the time.
What if they ask us to dance?
Oh, come on.
What's your problem?
Why couldn't it happen? You're not ugly.
But come on, that's not possible. No way could I--
Try it. Ask one of them to dance.
Well, why not?
Look at them. This is just awful. Let's get out of here.
So let's not look in their direction.
But we aren't looking their way.
Yes, you keep looking over there.
Please, Andula, stop looking at them!
Where should I look? They're sitting right there.
Look here, don't force yourself on them.
Wait till they show some interest.
Don't be so pushy. Wait for them to come over.
Handsome, isn't he?
The pianist. He's handsome, isn't he?
So, boys?
- Damn it-- so? - What, what... so what.
Well, so... what?
Gentlemen, we should send them a bottle of wine.
Okay, then.
Sure, yeah.
Look, girls, they're pointing at us, and the waiter too.
Let them point. What do we care?
- So don't look. - Look at them looking at us.
They can look where they like.
You know, they'll think we're...
You're looking too.
I'm not looking at them...
We're not staring as stupidly as you.
Stop it.
Look, he's taking it to their table.
- Why doesn't he bring it to us first? - Sit down and stop staring.
Jesus, what an idiot.
- This is embarrassing, man. - That half-wit.
Don't look over there.
At least stop smiling.
-Really, girls, I'm so relieved-- -Me too.
I was worried they were going to bring the bottle to us.
- I couldn't bear it. - Don't even mention it, please.
Hey, don't look over there now.
Don't look there now!
- Let's get out of here, girls. - Yeah, we should go.
Let's go. Are we going?
- So let's go. Come on! - I'm not going.
You're crazy.
We can't march over there like a procession.
-So just the two of us? -You two go.
Wait. What procession?
There's three of them and three of us. Is that a procession?
Bring them over here.
Don't be crazy!
So you bring them over, okay?
Either the three of us go, or...
Why me alone?
So we'll all go, like I said.
-I'm not going. -Now we look like bozos.
Come on.
- Where can we go around here? - An afternoon dance.
Yeah, that's in the afternoon,
but when you don't want to sleep yet, where do you go?
To the park or to the woods.
Finish it off, then. Come on.
- My God, how you hold it! - Drink up.
It's much worse sipping it like that.
Bottoms up! Have some more,Jana.
- I can't. - Yes, you can. You've hardly had any.
This is good stuff we ordered. Wine is good for you, girls.
After all, when the vine's growing,
it draws nourishment from the soil.
All that iron and humidity from the air
and all that sun shining on it.
That's why it's so expensive.
Come on, have a drink. All of it, like a man.
To the last drop.
See, you can do it.
There you go-- all of it.
It was good, wasn't it?
Now you, Marie.
Bottoms up!
I don't want anymore. I don't like it.
You'll get used to it. They didn't like it either.
I don't want it.
Shall we go for a walk?
Hey, what is this?
Keep playing.
It was fine.
Hey, you, come here. Yes, you. Come here for a minute.
- Oh, God, this is pointless. - Let's go, okay?
Let's just agree on something and go.
We'll drink the wine and have some fun, huh?
If you're not interested, we'll go back to the barracks.
We'll make it work, won't we? Andula?
We can't stay here forever. They're looking at us.
Are we going or not?
We'll be back in a minute, okay?
Where are you going?
We'll be right back.
I thought we could talk a bit more
and then the time will be right.
And then no problem. We'll each will grab one and--
- I don't feel like going to the woods. - They didn't really mean the woods.
People just say, ''Let's go to the woods.''
In this weather?
They mean outdoors, not in a room.
Did you think they'd let us in their dormitory?
No way, unless we pretend to be an army delegation.
There's no way to get in there.
Don't worry, you wouldn't be the first to slip in there.
- Where're you going? - I'm going to bed. There's nothing here.
-Don't be stupid, man. -What's going on here?
Sit down and quit being an idiot.
Listen, can I ask you something?
Have you ever cheated on your wife?
Not ''why''--yes or no?
Is this a pub or a confessional?
Come on, say it. ''I've been unfaithful'' or ''I haven't.''
It's no big deal, right?
Well, that's different. Come on, let's go home.
-Don't be an idiot again. -I'm not. He is.
Sit down. We still have this bottle.
Now he's an idiot, huh?
Go to hell and sit down, and... just sit.
What a waste of money!
Give him ten crowns.
Just take the money. I don't care about the money.
But I care that you sit here and say nothing the whole time.
Take the money and leave me alone.
Stop babbling now. You should have spoken up before.
You two stare like idiots, while I do all the talking
and now you tell me these stupid things.
Gentlemen, this is truly pointless.
-Where are you going? -Home. You act like children.
You act like retarded teenagers.
- Let's go. - This a waste of time.
Well, let's go. You wanted to go. Come on.
We'll go, but not because of me.
-Good Lord. -Because of whom, then?
-Who was the first to get up? -A bunch of idiots, aren't we?
But still, they gave us the bottle.
Can't we just go and chat?
I'm not going. Those old geezers will try to drag us to the woods.
-To the woods. Are you scared? -Why would I be scared?
You must be if you say it like that.
Gentlemen, another minute and I'm gone.
-The girls probably left. -Why would they?
-Because. -Because why? Why would they leave?
Would they sit with us all evening to run off now?
And how could they? I kept an eye on the door.
-Go and take a look. -Where?
Where they went.
-I can go and have a look? -Why not?
-Why not? -Why can't you go there?
You'd go to their dormitory but you're scared to go there?
There's a difference between a ladies room and a dormitory.
-So you go. -I'll go, but we're wasting a bottle.
See, he can't forget the bottle. Who do you think you are?
Look at us. A bunch of old farts. We have to pay the price.
You only get it for free at home, and in your case I doubt even that.
Really, do you want to come up for a while?
I trust you.
I could make you tea or something. Would you like that?
-I trust you but-- -But I don't trust you. See...
-Why? -Don't tell me you're just chatting.
I mean it. We're just chatting with them.
-You're not. -We are too.
I'm going right now.
-Come up,just for a while. -No.
Just to chat, I promise.
No. I have to go.
-Come up,just for a moment! -No.
Wait. At least let me read your palm, all right?
Gentlemen, what's going on? Hey, look at this.
Drink up.
You too. All of it.
You're no better than the girls. Drink up.
Take the bottle.
Off we go, gentlemen.
Don't drink it all. You'll fall asleep in the woods.
Let's go.
Finally. Where is Andula?
-Over there. She'll be here. -Will she?
Where is she?
Where are you going?
What is it?
Boys, I'm off to bed. Good night, girls.
Oh, come on.
Girls, what's this whispering?
Say it out loud.
-We're going too. Good night. -Good night.
-Go, then. -So let's go.
-Come on, then. -Go, then. The both of you.
Come on. Please, come on.
This is the line of your-- This is your line. And here you see--
-What line? -Your life line.
And here... I see danger.
I see three middle-aged men in the woods.
It says here, three men in the woods, in winter.
-You mean the three downstairs? -I didn't say that.
Well, I'm not sure. Sometime in the near future.
Damn it, but you have a long life line!
Yes, it goes up here.
-And here you have a scar. -That's nothing.
I have a scar too. I fell out of a tree.
- This isn't from a tree. - It's not?
A rock, then? A piece of glass?
It's from a razor blade.
You tried to commit suicide?
Because of my mom. We don't get along.
Let's go to my room and you can tell me everything.
-No. I've got to go. -It was because of your mom?
I only got along with my dad. They're divorced now.
-Come with me. -No.
-Mine are divorced too. -I have to go.
How did it happen? You cut your--
Well, I thought the artery, you know?
I thought it was the light vein.
I took a razor blade and it broke, so I took another one.
I just kept cutting.
And I was crying.
-And the blood-- -Come, let's go to my room.
-No. I have to go. -Look, I have another scar here.
-No, I have to go. Really. -Come on.
Take off your coat.
No, I'm not taking off anything.
Won't you sit down for a minute?
-No, I'm not taking anything off. -Why not?
I came up here so you wouldn't think I didn't trust you.
Can I tell you something? Then you can go.
No. What's the point? What's the use?
Come on, tell me.
There's no use. You want to go and there's no time
and I need you to sit down
so we can talk a bit.
So tell me.
All right, I'll tell you.
Come here.
What are you doing?
Why are you scared?
Can't you fight? Can't you?
So that's why you're scared. Let me teach you something
to stop you from being scared when someone's bothering you.
It's a grip. May I?
Stand here like this.
Take that off. We might wrinkle it.
If someone starts bothering you, like this for example.
Don't be scared.
I don't want to do anything. That was just an example.
Don't be scared. Put your arms around me.
- Now, what do I see? - How would I know?
-Well, what do I see? -I don't know.
That's just the thing. Now I can't see anything
and that's your ideal opportunity to defend yourself.
-How? -With your legs.
Don't be afraid.
-How will you defend yourself? -I don't know.
With your legs.
And how?
-Kick me. -Where?
You can either give me a kick with your knee--
but I'm not going to try that--
or you can kick me in the shin, see?
-So, I'm bothering you. -But it'll hurt you, won't it?
Look here, you'd better take your shoes off.
Come on, take them off for a minute.
Now kick me.
Nice trick, eh?
-You said I should kick you. -Yes, in the shin.
Now, defend yourself.
I'll teach you a countergrip.
Come on.
- Kick me in the shin. - I can't.
I overdid it.
Does it hurt really bad?
You know, I could get gangrene and die.
-You want me to die? -No.
So why did you kick me like that?
I forgive you.
Turn off the light, please.
I can't find you.
But I don't trust you.
I do trust you.
I've never trusted anyone so much before.
-I told you at least a hundred times. -No, you didn't.
-Didn't I? -No, you didn't.
I don't have a girl in Prague, I don't have a girl in Prague...
Stop it. That's enough.
-Shit, you'll choke me. -So what?
-I won't be able to finish. -Finish what?
Finish saying ''I don't have a girl in Prague, I don't have--''
Let me see. Who gave that to you?
-It's from my mom. -Your mom?
-You have a ring too. -I got mine from my mom too.
We both have rings from our mothers.
Why did you say I was angular?
-I said you were angular? -Yes, you did.
-Well, because you're angular. -What do you mean?
Some women are round, like a guitar, like this.
And you... look like a guitar too, but one made by Picasso.
What's that?
A painter.
When painting a woman,
he painted her eye here
and her leg somewhere else.
I could tell you about lots of other pictures.
Or he painted fingers like this.
-That's weird. -Weird, yeah.
But I'm not like that?
-Is that good or bad? -What?
That I am like the Picasso guitar?
Well, that's good.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Show me your hand. -Why?
-Just show me your hand. -Why?
-Where is your ring? -I don't wear it anymore.
You don't wear it. Where is it?
- I don't wear it. - You don't wear it. Where is it?
Well, you didn't show up for over a month, so there.
So I didn't show up for a month. Where is the ring?
-It's mine, isn't it? -So what if it's yours?
Where is the ring?
Where is it?
- At the dormitory. - Then get on and we'll go get it.
Andula says she can't give you the ring.
-Why not? -Because she doesn't have it.
Doesn't have it? Ask Andula to come to the window.
-What do you need it for? -Hey, get lost. Call her.
-Andula says she can't come. -How come?
She doesn't have time.
Get out. What do you want?
-Come here. -Please, go away. Out.
-What are you doing? -Don't be scared. Stand up.
Please. Go away.
What are you doing? What is it?
Don't be scared. Stop shouting, okay?
What are you doing? Get out!
-This is my business, not yours! -It's our business too. Get out!
She's our friend and this is our room. Shut up.
Get up. Do you hear me?
Get up.
Why are you staring at me?
Get up.
Don't touch me. You're disgusting! You hear me?
You're disgusting, like a beast.
Go away, please!
Go away. I don't want to see you anymore.
Girls, look:
A girl's honor isn't just talk. It really exists.
If you keep treating it the way you do,
don't be surprised if boys treat you badly.
If you go out with a different boy every day, they talk about it.
Your whole life lies ahead of you.
You want to be happy.
You want to marry a good boy
who will love you forever.
But you have to deserve it.
Think about it.
I think you should be looking for a solution.
Girls, I think the words of comrade teacher here
give us much to reflect on.
This deserves a pledge from each of us,
a promise to improve ourselves.
I think we should vote on it.
Who's in favor?
Thank you.
Who's against?
Thank you.
Any abstentions?
Are you going to Prague?
Across the meadows ringing Yippiyippiyee
The echo for me singing Yippiyippiyee
When over the valley fog is rolling
The boys are riding home
WhenJimmy mounts the saddle my heart goes shivering
I can see the rider afar flying away on his horse
Disappearing behind the rock waving at me
Jimmy boy, I wanna join you
When across the meadow ringing
The echo for me singing
When over the valley fog is rolling
The boys are riding home
-What is it? -The doorbell.
Who would ring the bell? It must have been on TV.
-Good evening. -Good evening.
Does Milda Vasita live here, please?
He does. You have business with him?
-Is he home? -No, he's not.
What do you want?
Do you know when he'll be back?
I really don't. Sometimes early, sometimes late.
Do you know where I could find him?
-Gosh, I don't. Momma? -What is it?
Do you know when Milda is due home or where he's playing?
I don't. He didn't say where he was going or when he'd be back.
Hard to say. You should maybe try and find him on your own.
-May I leave my suitcase here, please? -Sure.
-Thank you. Good-bye. -Good night.
Poppa, who was it?
She shows up late at night at his parents' place.
Did Milda say he was expecting her?
I asked nothing and he offered nothing.
I can't get it off my mind.
With a suitcase.
- Was she young? -Yes, she was young.
I didn't even know he was going steady.
Yeah, like the boy is going to tell you about his girlfriends!
Will you stop watching that TV?
I can't stop thinking about it.
I can't do anything. I can't even sew. Can't get it off my mind.
I'm worried about him.
This is no small matter. Finds himself a girl God knows where.
Did she tell you where she lived?
I didn't ask.
He'll end up having to marry her, and we don't even know where she's from.
You know what happens with marriages like that.
Six months later, it's over.
And the kids are the ones who suffer.
He hasn't mentioned marriage and you're worried about the kids!
Don't make such a fuss about it.
This is awful.
Poppa, have a look in her suitcase.
Are you crazy? Open a strange woman's suitcase?
We might find out something about her.
Yeah, the suitcase will tell you for sure.
It's her you should have looked at, not her suitcase!
I didn't speak to her, you did.
Who am I to probe into her personal life?
You could have taken a close look.
I did, but I didn't see anything. What was I supposed to see?
Who knows how this will turn out?
There's the doorbell again.
Excuse me, they locked the front door. Could you please--
Could you open the door for me?
Wait a second. I'll get the key.
Poppa, who is it?
It's the girl:
Miss, wait a second. Don't run away.
Don't run. Come in for a minute. I'd like to ask you something.
-Come in for a while. -No, I'd rather go.
Don't be scared. I won't hurt you. Come in for a while.
I just want to ask you something.
Please come in.
Take off your coat.
Here's my hat.
Sit over there.
Have a seat.
Sit down, young lady.
Don't be shy.
Did you arrange something with Milda?
He invited me to come.
But I couldn't come sooner. I work, you know.
How come he didn't say anything about your coming?
Poppa, he didn't say a word, did he?
No, but I didn't speak with him.
You see? And now you show up with a suitcase to spend the night?
-Where did you meet him? -Back home in Zruc.
You came from Zruc? And you met him there?
-Has Milda been to Zruc? -Yes, about a week ago.
And you've only known each other for such a short time?
Yes, Saturday and Sunday.
You see, Milda charms a girl, invites her home and now what?
Crazy guy.
He is. But it's partly her fault too.
She shouldn't jump when a boy invites her to visit.
And she comes to his parents' place for the night, with a suitcase.
-You have a serious reason to come? -No.
Just what did you think, showing up with a suitcase?
Where did you plan to spend the night?
I don't know yet.
-Where did you plan to sleep? -I don't know.
Well, it wasn't very smart
to set off for a boy's parents' if you've only known him for two days.
He didn't mean it. He just said, ''Come and see me.''
She took him at his word, and here she is.
For heaven's sake, she's a young girl.
I still don't get it. Where were you going to sleep?
You can't stay here with us.
Poppa, what do you say?
If he invited her, we'll look after her until he gets home.
We're not gonna throw her out. We'll make room for her.
You keep out of it. That won't work.
What would people say?
A girl comes to see Milda and we let her stay the night?
I don't care.
Would you kick her out on the street?
Keep out of this.
I don't know how we'll handle this. I don't like it.
Haven't I always said your son is nuts?
Here's your proof.
You could have talked to him.
You could have told him not to do such stupid things.
He's never done this before, has he?
He isn't old enough to do such things.
Well, that's true.
We didn't do things like this.
You're making such a fuss about it. Nothing happened, right?
We'll fix up a bed for her. We can't throw her out.
He's an idiot and we can't do a thing about it.
I'll talk to him tomorrow.
Too late now. He should have known better before.
Was I supposed to tell him before? Did I know she was coming?
He should know not to do such stupid things.
He'll keep telling young girls to come visit...
and a few days later they'll show up on our doorstep.
This won't be the last time.
You think I'm with him all the time to know what he tells girls?
You think that in the old days
I could pack a suitcase and leave for a boy's parents'?
Do you know what that meant?
Should she have come from the country without a suitcase?
You came here instead of going to your own parents'.
You've put us in quite a fix.
I've no idea what to do.
Now, look at Milda. True, he makes quite a bit of money.
He could handle a marriage financially, but there's more to it than that.
He needs a woman to look after him, to cook for him.
He brings in the money, but look at Poppa here.
He's been working for 30 years and doesn't earn as much as Milda does.
Look how worn-out he is, the poor guy.
Who's sleeping here?
You're asking me? It's a girl-- can't you see?
Where from?
Don't play stupid. She's come to see you, boy.
-To see me? -No, me!
-Who is she? -Who is she? Look at her.
Should I recognize her by her foot or what?
-So turn her over. -How? She's asleep.
-You're a real idiot. -Who invited her?
- You must have. -I'm telling you, I don't know.
Jesus, a girl wouldn't just come to our place for the fun of it.
-You're saying I invited her? -Stop yelling at me.
Shut your mouth. A girl comes to see you and you yell at me.
You should know where she's from.
I don't. She must've told you.
She met you in Zruc. Did you play there?
She couldn't have been there with me.
Listen, this is the last time. Once more and you're out of the house.
Are you sure she's not a relative?
Am I that stupid?
You think I wouldn't recognize our own relatives?
Don't treat me like an idiot.
Honestly, Dad, I didn't invite her here.
Don't you think I would have told you and Mom if I had?
- Good Lord, don't make a fool out of me. - What should I do? Throw her out?
-Throw her out. -Okay, I will!
Oh, my gosh! Hi!
I didn't recognize you.
- Hi. - Hi.
I didn't recognize your hair.
I didn't know it was you.
-What was your father saying? -Nothing.
-He said something. -He's stupid.
-Are you glad I came? -You know I am.
And when-- How long do you plan to stay?
It's hard, you know.
You don't write a single line, you show up,
and my folks are alarmed. You can't do that.
-So now you know her, eh? -Yes, he does.
Why didn't you write?
I wanted to, but somehow I never had time.
-What did he say? -That he doesn't know her.
-What else? -That he never asked her to come.
-Now go to sleep. -But you had a long talk.
Yes, we talked a long time.
I have to talk to him from time to time.
-Where have you been? -Playing.
And then?
Then we went someplace.
-Alone? -No.
With whom?
-What? -With whom?
The guys.
-Who else? -Just the guys.
This is terrible. This won't do at all.
You'd like that, wouldn't you, miss?
But you wouldn't get much sleep here. Come on.
And don't argue with me.
You'll sleep in our bed. That'll be better.
-Don't push me, damn it. I'm going. -Go.
I can keep an eye on you.
-I can't sleep here at all. -You'll sleep here just fine.
It's like sleeping on the edge of a table!
It's not my fault. Where should I have put him?
-I could have slept out there. -You think I'd let you?
-What's gonna happen? -Sleep with a girl at home? No, sir.
Poppa will survive.
He stinks like a barrel. Don't breathe on me.
This is terrible.
Give me some blankets.
If you were a decent father, you'd slap him for coming in so late!
-He wouldn't come in this late-- -Jesus, listen...
I'll get under the covers and that's that.
No way. And don't do this ever again.
-For a girl-- -It's not my fault. Is it?
Yes, it is. You've ruined my evening. You asked her to come.
You know very well I didn't ask her to come.
-She wouldn't lie. -Oh, please.
I'm going out there.
Don't you dare or I'll slap you, too!
Damn it, will you stop yelling?
How should I know what I did or didn't do?
Very nice! So what do you do when you go out on tour?
I play.
So how come you don't know what you did?
-Do you get that drunk? -Stop barking, for goodness' sake.
I have to tell him:
Then tell him later:
But he still deserves a few good slaps from you.
You come over here. I'll sleep here and we're all set.
Do whatever you want.
Don't stretch out or I'll smack you one!
That's much better.
-Why do you do these stupid things? -I haven't done anything stupid.
Is it my fault she came here? Is it?
-You invited her. -Hardly.
- She just shows up with a suitcase. - Momma, be quiet and leave me alone.
Well, it's the truth.
And here we are like sardines in a can.
-That's it-- I'm sleeping out there! -Don't you dare!
-Then stop it! -You think I'd let you sleep with her?
I won't sleep with her: I'll sleep in the kitchen and that's that:
One more second and I'll toss you out of this bed!
Gladly! Do it!
-Out you go. Hurry up! -No way. Who gives orders around here?
-You're sleeping here. -Okay. Don't get upset.
That would be great! What would the neighbors say?
I have no covers.
You're driving me crazy!
You'll be the end of me, wretched boy.
You're terrible. You'll be the death of me.
- For God's sake, will you go to sleep? - Who'll take care of you then?
Mom, go to sleep. I'll do the dishes for you tomorrow.
I can't wait.
Are you okay now?
I was almost asleep and you start up again!
Please go to sleep!
You think I feel good about this?
He scolds me for being rude to you and he's rude himself.
Watch out or you'll get smacked.
He takes after you. You're all alike.
Jesus, you're driving me nuts!
Will you sleep now, please?
You'd like that, wouldn't you? I'm all worn-out from the two of you.
Instead of a good night's sleep, we argue all night.
Please be quiet. She'll wake up and we'll be in trouble.
I don't give a damn about her. She ruined my evening.
Good for you that his parents are so nice.
His father is nice. Really nice.
When will you be going back again?
I'll be going back from now on...
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