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Subtitles for Lost World The BBC CD3.

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Lost World The BBC CD3

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"Professor Summerlee, by contrast, thinks of little else,
"and devises ever more ingenious methods of escape.
"He seems grateful for my help in his efforts.
"Lord Roxton is most at home here, and the Indians recognise him as one of their own,
"a hunter amongst warriors."
"Only the presence of the apemen disturbs the tranquillity of the village,
"but as long as they enjoy Professor Challenger's protection, they are safe."
Roxton is a great hunter.
Very simple.
"As the days turn to weeks,
"we make the best of our enforced stay in this extraordinary land.
"Truly there is no end to the marvels of this place."
Have you chosen this man?
If you approve.
He is a fine hunter and worthy of my daughter.
The heart. Thank you. Thank you.
I give you my heart too.
I wish I knew what you were saying.
What is that dreadful stench?
Pterosaur guano!
I've been knee-deep in it all day.
(AGNES) Look, Edward, they're burying the poor thing.
Come here.
I believe they're digging a grave. Do you see it?
- Fascinating. - And look at the flowers.
This is another example of ritual in these creatures.
- George, what on Earth are you doing? - Observing.
- Hello. - Hello.
I'd be flattered if someone named a lake after me.
I sometimes wonder if I'll ever see Gladys again.
Tell me about her.
She has the bluest, bluest eyes,
the sweetest little mouth,
and everything about her is neat,
Very small hands, tiny little feet.
Is she a midget, then?
- I suppose she's very ladylike. - Well, yes.
At the mission, sometimes the boats brought fashionable magazines from England.
Months out of date, of course.
They'd have articles on flirting and how to be popular.
But my uncle was the only one around so I never got to practise.
- What... what are you doing? - I'm going for a swim in your fiancee's lake.
Come on!
Uh! It's colder than it looks!
(EDWARD) Ooh! Ooh!
# With a cat-like tread, upon our way we steal
# In silence dread Across the spray we feel #
It's so beautiful here.
Would you mind staying so much if it wasn't for Gladys?
Probably not.
Oh, drat!
Father, let me kill them now.
Achille, no.
Let me kill them.
- Can't you shut them up? - How would I do that?
It's spooking the Indians. They don't understand why you're protecting them.
Padre Mendoz is wrongl
Shut up, I forbid itl
- Not long ago, they were trying to eat you. - I was a source of protein.
Ed... Edward!
(EDWARD) The village!
Shut upl
- Leave them alone. - Don't interfere, for God's sake!
(ROXTON) Thank heaven for that!
Man-killerl Runl
Man-killerl Get your weaponsl
Runl Runl
- They were calling them. - Yes, they were calling them!
Do you see what you've done?
Your meddling could have destroyed this village. I hope you know that.
- What are you doing? - Do you have your knife?
Agnes, Edward. Get out of there!
Let's get you out of here.
- John, give me your knife! - Leave them.
Just give me the knife!
Other side!
Come on.
(EDWARD) Why don't they move?
Run! Run!
Now is surely the time for the elephant gun.
Come on.
Watch out!
(ROXTON) It's up to you now, Edward. You can do it.
Not yet.
For God's sake! I said not yet. Other barrel.
Fire now.
Fire, Edward.
Shoot the bloody thing!
(ROXTON) You're not bad. - Is anybody hurt?
(AGNES) Well done!
Are you all right?
Well done.
Dirty work.
(CHALLENGER) What now?
I've cleared the debris from the cave. We're through. We can leave!
Elementary chemistry. But together, of course, they make a very effective explosive.
I had no idea it would work. I'm a palaeontologist, not a mining engineer.
I remembered reading about the Kimberly diamond mines
and how they used a small charge to clear blockages.
Charcoal and guano! Ha!
Oh. What happened here?
You were right my son.
- I don't think we're safe here any more. - Right. Wait here.
The white men have brought death and destruction.
Achille, they are not to blame.
Can't leave you behind.
He is not Padre Mendoz.
He is the devill
- Maree, come with me. - Come on!
(EDWARD) John!
Don't move him!
Go ahead.
I'll take my chances here. I'll cover you.
- Go! - Come on.
- We can't... - We've no choice. Come on!
Achille, stopl
Sorry, old chap,
you have to let them go.
This way!
Oh, thank God! We're back in the REAL world.
We've got some way to go yet, Leo, before we're home.
We'll have to move on.
I don't know how long Roxton can hold them back up there.
...and a time to die... - Uncle!
(AGNES) Yes... it's me.
- It's all right. We're safe now. (SUMMERLEE) Yes. No thanks to you.
- It was the apemen, wasn't it? - God created man in his own image.
In the image of God, He created him. They are not human. How could they be?
That's why you stranded us there, and why you blew the cave up all those years ago.
Uncle, you must come back with us to the mission.
No, I must stay here. God has spoken to me.
I mustn't let anyone find that place again.
You can't seal off the truth as easily as you sealed off the cave!
The Devil made that place. It is no part of God's kingdom!
Reverend, listen to me. You have to come back with us.
No one's... no one's coming back.
- The man's deranged! - Bonkers!
"And he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life."
- "And man became a living soul." - For God's sake!
I have seen my work ruined, been attacked by dinosaurs, almost eaten by apemen.
Now I am going home to my family and YOU are not going to stop me!
Let go!
Thirty years... a long time to live...
...with doubt.
Will God forgive me?
He's a merciful god, isn't he?
"We buried Reverend Kerr at the foot of the plateau
"and delayed our departure for as long as we dared in the hope of Roxton's escape.
"Alas, our wait was in vain,
"and with heavy hearts we began our long journey home."
(CHALLENGER) We'll rest here for a while.
We MUST get on!
Agnes, I am SO sorry.
That wasn't my uncle back there...
...not the man I knew.
He died for his beliefs, one must acknowledge that.
I think I can announce we are about to be rescued.
"The Challenger Expedition"?
Be careful with that box!
Be very, very careful.
It is EXTREMELY fragile.
(MRS SUMMERLEE) Over here!
- Professor Challenger! - A word for the press, sir?
Congratulations, sir. The world is wild with curiosity since the arrival of your dispatches.
Gentlemen, my colleagues and I are under exclusive contract to The Daily Gazette.
You look thin. You haven't been eating well.
- Not terribly well. - I feared as much.
I've asked cook to prepare toad-in-the-hole followed by steamed treacle pudding.
In all the years we've been married, you haven't said anything more delightful!
Children! How you've grown.
(MAN) Congratulations!
(MAN) Well done!
Hadn't you better go? You must be desperate to see her.
- Goodbye, then. - Goodbye.
Malone! Capital work, laddie. Arkwright himself couldn't have done better.
Lord Brass says it's the most exciting thing he's ever read!
- Thank you, Mr McArdle. - Call me Horatio!
You must be Agnes. I'm Hilda Summerlee.
- Nice to meet you. - Very nice to meet you.
El Dorado! And I'm not just talking about the newspapers.
No expense will be spared to bring these creatures over here.
This will be the biggest thing since Buffalo Bill came to Earls Court.
- Professor Challenger won't agree to this. - We don't need his permission.
- Come on! Lord Brass wants to meet you. - There's someone I must see.
Very well. Then I'll see you at the Professor's lecture.
(DRIVER) Thanks very much, sir.
- You should have said you were coming. - I wanted to surprise you.
You certainly have.
- I thought you might have been at the docks. - I couldn't make it.
Edward, this is Mr Arthur Hare.
Arthur, this is Edward Malone.
I've been following your exploits with the Challenger expedition in The Gazette.
How magnificent!
- You must be very brave. - Not especially.
Forgive me, might it be possible for me to have a moment alone with Miss Illingworth?
I'm not sure that would be appropriate, what with Gladys being my fiancee.
- Fiancee? - Indeed.
Are you going to congratulate us?
- This is a little sudden. - It was a whirlwind romance.
I... I... swept her away.
- I named a lake after you. - A lake? That was very sweet.
- Congratulations, Mr Hare. - Thank you.
You are indeed a very lucky man.
You seem to be taking this very well, Edward, but...
Promise me you won't do anything rash.
I promise.
Gladys, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I really do.
And thank you.
Mr Hare, would you describe yourself as the heroic type?
Heroic? Me - Lord, no.
More the solid, plodding, boring sort.
Still, it seems to be what Gladys wants.
- Why is it "The Challenger Expedition"? - Have you seen Agnes?
Agnes. I don't think she's coming. She's finding London crowds a little daunting.
- What IS in that damned box? - You'll see.
(CHALLENGER) Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Not so very long ago, I stood in this same hall
and announced that creatures once thought to have been extinct for millions of years
still roamed the Earth.
Well, I was branded a fraud and a liar.
And my enemies had even worse things to say about me.
Tonight, you will learn what we found in our lost world.
Prepare yourselves to be amazed.
It's as much your triumph as theirs, my dear.
They'll take ALL the credit if you let them.
Ladies and gentlemen... extraordinary story, you will say.
But I'm not asking you to simply take my word for it.
Will you believe the evidence of your own eyes?
Mr Malone, your assistance, please.
I love her.
- I'm in love with Agnes. - Of course you are. She's a delightful girl.
- Could she love me? - How would I know?
Why not ask her yourself? Come on!
Come on, sweetheart.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I present Pteranodon summerleensisl
- We must get a photograph. - No photographs, please.
I said no photographs, please!
(SUMMERLEE) Please return to your seats.
As the President of the Royal Society, I insist
that this creature be restrained!
(CHALLENGER) Everybody, please sit down!
- Control this creature! - Somebody close that window!
Professor Challenger!
I'll answer all your questions later. Now please leave!
- Did you find any gold on the plateau? - Please!
Was there evidence of mineral resources?
(WHISPERS) Shut up!
Come on, sweetie...
Taste the bacon.
- Did you find Lord Roxton handsome? - How much time did you spend together?
Please remain calm!
Ladies and gentlemen, please!
This is what it will be like. What chance will they have if we say where the plateau is?
- They'll be freaks in a sideshow. - It's beyond our control.
Not yet it isn't, Professor. They'll destroy everything.
You're going to be the most famous creature in the world.
Please come back!
Professor, you must listen!
You idiot!
Get out of my way!
(MAN) We have the finest animal handlers ready to set sail.
- Rather a good trick, don't you think? - Well done, Professor.
- I never thought we'd fool them. - An Amazonian vulture cleverly made up...
I assure you THAT was no vulture!
- Are you both mad? - Unless we stop this, the plateau is doomed.
They won't survive contact with the outside world.
- You can't stop progress! - This is what you call progress?
Remember what happened when we interfered before? Roxton was right.
We brought disaster to them. How much worse will it be this time?
He's right, George.
I can't do this. I can't!
This is my chance to go down in history,
shoulder to shoulder with Galileo, Newton, Pasteur.
I'll be one of the great men of science. No! I'm sorry, I won't do it.
Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you...
Ladies and gentlemen-dinosaurs!
You didn't honestly believe me, did you?
I mean, this is the twentieth century!
Professor Illingworth, you didn't fall for it, did you?
Not for a second.
Nobody who's acquainted with the Amazonian vulture
could have been fooled by such a cheap trick.
What about your reports in The Gazette?
Extracts from my new novel. Is there a publisher in the house?
(MAN) Nonsense, all nonsense!
- What's happened? - It was a hoax. They didn't see anything.
This reporter fellow, Malone, his articles in The Gazette-pure fiction.
Made the whole damn thing up!
- What you did was... - Stupid, I know.
You look beautiful.
Shouldn't you be paying compliments to Gladys?
Er, the thing is, she...
The thing is, she...
She's thrown me over.
I... I don't mind. In fact I'm glad, because...
...because I love YOU.
Gladys has turned you down, so now you love me.
No. No.
Look, I've never loved Gladys.
I thought I did,
but I've loved you... seems since...
...well, forever.
Agnes, I thought...
I hoped you might have felt something for me.
I hope you don't think I'm uncivilised for kissing you first, Mr Malone.
You'll have to teach me how society ladies behave.
I think I like you exactly as you are.
(CHALLENGER) They would have crowned us in laurels, Leo.
They'll never take our work seriously again.
Society can be forgiving. We have powerful friends in the academic world.
- It'll be easy to restore his reputation. - What about mine?
Well, I never wanted a silly chair at Oxford, anyway.
Too much paperwork.
It won't be long before you astonish the world with some new discovery.
Funnily enough, someone has sent me a rather interesting map.
If it's genuine, it could lead me to the exact location of the lost city of Atlantis.
Goodbye, Leo.
George, when you're next in London, come and have dinner with us.
I might be some time, but thank you.
You got your answer, then.
What are you going to do now?
Well, I suspect my career as a journalist is over,
so I thought I might try my hand at a bad novel.
Just what the world needs!
(EDWARD) Professor, if you need any help with your next venture...
I'll be in touch.
(EDWARD) "Lord John Philip Roxton lived as he died: a man of action.
"He craved the wide horizons, the dangers of the world's unexplored territories.
"Not for him the comfort and routine of a home with wife and children.
"In a life full of courageous acts,
"his greatest was at the end to lay down his life for his friends.
"He will remain forever in our hearts."
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