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Subtitles for Lost World The BBC CD2.

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Lost World The BBC CD2

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- Sorry about that. - Not to worry.
- All right? One step at a time. - OK.
Well, come on, Reverend. It's perfectly safe.
(ROXTON) Reverend?
What's happening?
(CHALLENGER) What are you doing, man?
Stop that!
Reverend, no. For God's sake!
Agnes, no!
This place belongs to the Devil. It is not part of God's kingdom.
- Reverend! - Uncle! Stop that, please!
You entered the Devil's country.
- Reverend! - He's mad!
- Roxton! - Have you got it?
Are you all right? Just hold on!
Yes, indeed.
(EDWARD) Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
"We had achieved our goal, but at what cost?
"There is now little hope of return.
"Nothing, however, can dampen the professors' enthusiasm for this new land."
(SUMMERLEE) These plants, Challenger-it's not possible!
(CHALLENGER) Have you ever seen this type of redwood and tree fern together?
Of course not. They shouldn't even be growing in the same hemisphere.
- My uncle's a good man and he loves me. - He has an odd way of showing it.
He was behind that curipuri nonsense and it's clear he doesn't want us to come back.
And he doesn't expect us to.
- Are you all right, Miss Cluny? - Fine, thank you.
I'll go and see if I can find some water, shall I?
- Take a gun. - Right.
- May I? - Be my guest.
What do you think of that? Is that an orchid?
I don't know.
- Keep warm. - Thank you.
Try this one. Come on.
Good boy!
Where are you going? Where are you going?
(WHISPERS) Professor!
(SUMMERLEE) Dear God, it can't be! (CHALLENGER) An iguanodon.
Without a shadow of a doubt.
We're perfectly safe. It's a herbivore.
Agnes, come here.
Leo, do you see the way it moves? On four legs.
- But we know it moved on two. - We?
You were guessing and you know it!
Have you ever seen anything so remarkable before?
(SUMMERLEE) Beautiful. It's quite beautiful.
All my life, I never thought... I never dreamed.
I know, Leo.
I know.
- What will you tell your readers, Mr Malone? - I haven't the faintest idea.
- Look at this little brute. - Oh, my God. You shot Figaro!
- Figaro? - It'll keep us going for a couple of days.
- We eat him? - I wasn't going to have him stuffed.
- I can't say it looks appetising. - I've had worse at school.
- Let's have a look. - Any sign of differentiation?
(ROXTON) Should roast nicely.
(SUMMERLEE) Good Lord. There's another one!
Obviously he enjoys your writing, Mr Malone.
"There are men of whom it can be said they can charm birds from the trees.
"But not so many, I think, that can charm a dinosaur.
"With our base camp established,
"Professor Challenger is determined to explore this extraordinary landscape."
(ROXTON) What the hell are those?
(CHALLENGER) We've found it. Leo, the lair of the pterosaurs!
My case rests, I think.
(EDWARD) They are huge. (AGNES) Their wingspans, about 15 feet.
When we get back to London, Leo,
remind me to invite the Board of the Royal Society
to eat their hats!
What do you make of that?
They're feeding their young.
(SUMMERLEE) Altricial behaviour from reptiles. That's astonishing!
- Have a look. - It IS astonishing.
Leo, get down!
No human being has seen such things.
It's like opening a window on the beginning of time.
(CHALLENGER) Leo, come on. Run!
Professor, come on!
Run, everybody. Run!
(CHALLENGER) Malone, don't just stand there. Help him, man!
Come on!
(ROXTON) Edward, fire your bloody pistol!
Urgh! Urgh!
Fire it! Not at us.
(ROXTON) Give it to me. Take the rifle. Get him to the woods.
(ROXTON) Everyone armed from now on. (SUMMERLEE) We have to get out of here.
- Easily said, Professor. - You must rest, Professor.
- Anything else I can do? - Not for the moment.
You've been in a few scrapes, Roxton.
Have you ever been in a situation worse than this?
Well, let me see.
No, I can safely say this is the least promising setup I have ever encountered.
We have no way down off the plateau, and thanks to your insistence on secrecy,
the only person who knows where we are seems happy to let us die here.
Well, there's no need to be so cheerful about it.
Life is a game, Professor. My philosophy is to play it to the full.
In any case, does our fate matter so much?
I feel sorry for Summerlee. He has a family.
Edward has his Gladys.
...the world always misses a pretty girl.
But you and me, Professor...
...who'll miss us?
Would you like some?
(CHALLENGER) No, no, no, no! This is my responsibility.
I got these people up here and I intend to get them down again.
Well said, Professor. After all, we're not finished yet.
Get a gun!
- How is he? - I'm all right.
I'm sure you are, Professor. You're in good hands.
- What was that thing that attacked us? - It was an allosaur.
Bony ridges and crests above the eyes, unmistakable.
One of the most vicious predators imaginable. It's a creature from hell.
(CHALLENGER) Anything to report?
- Lots of them. - Any like last night?
No. Er... they're more like the harmless one-the ig... the ig...
- The iguanodon. - Yes!
And there's a lake that's not too far.
- How big? - Ah. Er... Windermere?
Good. Fresh water.
There must be another way down from this plateau.
- There must be. - We'll get you home, Leo.
In the meantime, think of the wonderful opportunities for research.
This is your fault. It's your vanity and pigheadedness that has stranded us here.
- I was only seeking the truth! - What use is the truth when we're all dead?
I'm coming down!
Are you all right?
- All right? - Yes.
- Sure? - Yes.
- What were those things? - Some kind of ape or orang-utan.
- No, they looked almost human. - Human?
Come on, we'd better keep moving.
(CHALLENGER) Hmm. Fresh water.
At least we won't die of thirst.
You saw the lake first, Mr Malone. It's only fair you should name it.
Lake Gladys.
Lake Gladys?
I think that's very romantic.
Yes, it is, very.
Lake Gladys? Oh, she'll be very proud.
(ROXTON) Don't worry, they'll find us.
This is as good a place as any.
- Right, dinner. - Warm-blooded if possible.
Did you know Lord Roxton well-in London?
Only through the gossip columns. He has quite a reputation.
- What kind of reputation? - Women.
Look, you shouldn't take him seriously. I mean, if he flirts with you.
He flirts with every woman he meets. It doesn't mean anything.
He's not serious when it comes to women, and the KIND of women that he usually...
I know what you mean. Why would he look at a girl who lives in the jungle?
- You're wrong, because he does. - Be quiet!
- Shut up! - How dare you?
- I'm all right. - Come on!
Go! Go!
Edward, get up! Run!
(AGNES) Wah!
(EDWARD) Go! Go!
- Go! - It's too fast.
Come on. Come on!
I think we lost him.
No, we haven't!
Move, Agnes!
Stay there!
Through here.
Well, that was distinctly uncomfortable.
"Gazette man narrowly escapes death after struggle with dinosaur."
"Chucked in the stinking pit of death, they faced the creature that time forgot."
- You should write for the press. - I read a lot of bad novels.
- It's my ambition to write them. - I'm sure you'd be very good at it.
- You were very brave. - We'd have been lost without the trap.
But who on Earth dug it?
Probably dinner.
We should get the guns.
I thought they'd got you, too.
- Who? - Those things from the forest.
- You're bleeding! - I'm fine. They caught us by surprise.
- They've taken the professors. - What?
- Why would they take them? - I don't know.
Use this at close range, you're bound to hit something. All right?
You'd better hurry up if we're going to pick up this trail.
Look! Canoes, on the lake!
(ROXTON) Get down.
(ROXTON) They're coming this way. (EDWARD) We should go.
Hold on. Indians, up here on the plateau. They could help us.
What if they're hostile? The professors might not last that long.
Get off. Stop that!
Stop it!
(EDWARD) I see a cross. They might be Christian.
(ROXTON) Yes, or they've robbed and murdered a passing missionary.
They've seen our bags.
They're speaking an Indian dialect but there's words of Portuguese.
- I'm going to try and talk with them. - Agnes!
Death to the Ape Menl
We are friends.
Don't shoot!
Who are you?
We are from the lands below.
We need help.
Have you seen a woman like this?
Look at her clothesl
Whoever killed the apeman is their friend.
Tell him I killed him, that I can kill many more with this.
They resemble pithecanthropus, don't you think?
The brow ridges and the line of the jaw.
The cranium is much larger than one would expect.
Undoubtedly. They're quite unique.
Yes, I shall name them Pithecanthropus challengeris.
Unless you have any objections, Leo.
Just be quiet. For once in your life, just shut up!
Quite beautiful!
There's humans on the plateau.
Stop that. Stop it!
My God!
You know, George, I've always envied you. It's scientists like you who are remembered.
Bloody-minded mavericks, not plodders like me.
Without plodders, Leo, we'd all be wasting our time.
I envy you, as well.
You have Hilda, your family.
I've spent my whole life coming home to an empty house.
It's hard to bear the thought of never seeing the children again.
But for me, you'd be at home with them. NO! Leo. NO!
This way.
No. No! No!
No! Leo!
God help me!
Oh, my God! No!
- Stop shooting, John. Please! - Hold your fire now.
(AGNES) Somebody do something!
That's enough!
(ROXTON) They're dangerous animals. They need finishing off.
John, this is a new species. They MUST be preserved. Please!
It must stop.
Stop it now!
Stop nowl
(EDWARD) "Brutal and cruel as these strange half-human animals were,
"perhaps our own behaviour to them was barely less savage.
"Yet how could any of us criticize Lord Roxton
"when the professors have been saved from such a terrible death?
"We are consoled by the thought that some of these creatures have been spared."
I hope I didn't strike a sentimental note back there in the camp.
Not at all, Leo.
You know, there's no one else I'd rather be on a cannibal's menu with.
"On the far side of the lake above the tree-line lies the Indian village.
"Here the Indians can more easily protect themselves
"from attack by carnivorous dinosaurs.
"It appears we have rescued none other than the son of the chief,
"and with this piece of good fortune, for the first time in days, our spirits begin to lift."
I feared you were dead.
Father, Padre Mendoz has returned to us.
Clearly, these people recognise natural authority when they see it!
He really is intolerable.
Padre Mendoz.
He and his daughter thank you for bringing back his son.
They keep calling you Padre Mendoz.
- Why? - I don't know.
We have triumphed over our enemiesl
We need not fear the Ape Men any morel
We shall kill them now...
...and clear the forest forever of their stink.
They must diel
"The Conversion of the Savages to the Ways of Christ",
by our old friend, Father Luis Mendoz.
Handsome chap, hmm?
Father Mendoz is "the father who watches over them".
The stories tell of how he left them but they always knew he'd come back.
- Their ancestors found white men. - The survivors of the Portuguese expedition.
They were nearly dead.
Their people brought them here, and they married women from the tribe.
Ask him how they got up here.
- The way down is no longer open to them. - What does he mean, "no longer open"?
When he was a child, a man came and lived with them.
- They didn't realise he was the Devil. - The Devil?
May I?
Um... The Devil left and blocked the cave to punish them.
This is the other end of the cave we found at the bottom.
If the Devil did block this cave, he was familiar with explosives.
You see, Leo,
nature doesn't always extinguish one species while another evolves.
This plateau has a unique balance
that somehow allows the apemen and the Indians AND the dinosaurs to co-exist.
- Now, that is fascinating, isn't it? - Undoubtedly.
And I look forward to returning with a properly-equipped expedition to study it.
For now, I'm more concerned with how we're going to get down from here.
Your name is Mary... Maree.
Agnes, please tell Maree the food is wonderful.
It's a long time since I've tasted such splendid cooking.
She says to thank you for the compliment,
but she doesn't cook the food. She kills it.
The women in this tribe hunt and fight with the men until they are married.
The village is a natural fortress. So why stray to the apemen's side of the lake?
For food?
Look. They have security here but very little else.
- They have to hunt down in the forest. - That must be dangerous.
Their life is dangerous.
Thank you. Very much.
You love all this attention, don't you?
You're only jealous because you're not a god!
I meant what I said, George. I want to go home.
What's happening, Agnes?
He says tomorrow the apemen will be killed in front of the whole tribe.
They carry an evil spirit.
This one is to be slaughtered in Lord Roxton's honour.
Tell them it's very hospitable, but not to trouble themselves on my account.
No one will be killed. No one! Make that absolutely clear, Agnes.
He says they must die. Letting them live would bring disaster.
- I forbid it! - I'm not sure we should interfere.
These creatures are unique, a clear missing link between animal and human,
evolution made flesh. We must get the chance to study them.
- But then what? - We return them to their own environment.
The killing MUST stop. Is that clear?
Padre Mendoz has spoken.
- You've humiliated the son of the chief. - Isn't it better than watch him kill it?
You can't just change a whole way of life.
Perhaps not, but I CAN save these unfortunates.
For now, possibly.
You may think me heartless, Agnes, but I...
...see no point in being sentimental.
If we weren't here, these... er, things, whatever they are, would be dead by now.
But we ARE here.
I don't think they would thank you for your compassion.
All these animals you hunt... Do you never feel pity for them?
No. No more than they would for me.
But animals have no morality, only instinct. You are a human being. You have a choice.
Forgive me, but perhaps you don't understand the cruelty of nature.
Perhaps not.
But I am beginning to understand you, Lord Roxton.
- I think you've hurt his feelings. - I doubt it.
He's behaving in the only way he knows.
You have to admit he has got us through quite a lot.
I'm not ungrateful, it's just perhaps he isn't quite the man I thought he was.
"And so began our time in the village.
"From its safety, we looked down on a prehistoric world
"where beauty and cruelty so often seemed to exist side by side."
"Professor Challenger relishes his divine status amongst the Indians
"and looks forward to taking his place in the history books,
"ignoring the small matter of how we shall actually return to civilisation.
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