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Subtitles for Lost Tabula Rasa.

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Lost Tabula Rasa

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Do you think he's gonna live?
Do you know him?
He was sitting next to me.
You'd think they would have come by now.
- Who? - Anyone.
What is it, like checkers?
Not really. It's a better game than checkers.
Two players, two sides.
One is light, one is dark.
Do you want to know a secret?
Don't trust her.
She's dangerous.
Try not to move, man.
I have to find her.
I have to bring her back.
Yeah, you keep saying that.
And every time I ask you who you have to bring back,
you pass out on me again.
Since your fever's running pretty high,
I'm guessing you have no idea who the hell you're talking about.
My cuffs.
My handcuffs.
Where are my cuffs?
My jacket pocket.
- I don't -- - My jacket pocket.
She's dangerous.
It's getting dark.
Pick up the pace.
- Hick. - A little louder?
We should make camp.
- What, here? - Yes, here.
I'm not stopping. Y'all have a nice cookout.
Excellent. Walk through the jungle in the dark.
Ooh, afraid the trees are gonna get us?
No. What is knocking down the trees will get you.
Well, you're so worried about me,
how about you give me the clip back?
Put your gun back in your pants, Sawyer.
Sayid's right. You keep walking, you're not gonna make it to the beach.
Yeah, why's that?
Trust me.
This is Australia.
This is us.
Nice stick.
Two days ago, we take off from Sydney.
We fly along the same northeast route -
every commercial airliner bound for los angeles does.
Now, the pilot, he said he lost communication with the ground, correct?
Yeah, six hours in.
He turned around and headed for Fiji.
So he changed course.
Regrettably, no one knew he changed course.
The turbulence hit.
We know the rest.
The pilot said we were over 1,000 miles off course.
Yeah, but they'll find us.
They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate.
If only we were all wearing license plates.
Well, aren't you the pessimist.
Basic photography -- point and shoot.
Satellites can shoot, but they must be told where to point.
Okay, really enjoyed the puppet show. Fantastic.
So we're stuck in the middle of damn nowhere.
How about we talk about that other thing?
You know, the transmission Abdul picked up on his little radio.
The French chick that said "they're all dead."
The transmission's been on a loop for... how long was it, freckles?
- 16 years. - Right.
Let's talk about that.
Well, we have to tell the others when we get back.
- Tell them what exactly? - What we heard.
You didn't hear anything. I'm not a stupid translator.
No one's going to tell them anything.
To relay what we heard -
without fully understanding it will cause a panic.
If we tell them what we know,
we take away their hope.
And hope is a very dangerous thing to lose.
So we lie.
- Was it a dinosaur? - It wasn't a dinosaur.
You said you didn't see it.
I didn't.
So how do you know it wasn't a dinosaur?
Because dinosaurs are extinct.
So what's his story?
He looks kind of...
- He's not gonna die. - He's yellow, man.
His wound is infected, but the antibiotics will fight it off.
What if they don't?
Then his body will shut down -
one piece at a time.
His abdomen goes rigid, then...
He looks like he's in pain.
What's this?
What do you think she did?
It's none of my business.
- She looks pretty hardcore. - Hurley.
What are you doing?
I'm standing guard.
You heard what they said is out there.
You took my gun off me, boy?
You've never even held a gun. He doesn't believe in guns.
- He goes on marches. - I don't go on marches.
Give it back to me.
Yeah, give it to Al-jazeera. He'll protect us.
Al-jazeera's a network.
- I'll keep the damn gun. - We should give it to her.
Kate should hold the gun.
Fine with me.
- Good morning. - Morning.
You're sleeping in my sheep pen.
How'd you get here?
- I walked. - You walked?
- Yeah. - From where?
- Town. - Nearest town's 15 kilometers.
Maybe that's why I'm so exhausted.
What's your name?
You hungry, Annie?
So, you want to tell me why you're trespassing on my property?
I ran out of money.
You're an American?
I graduated from college and figured I'd see the world.
Australia was top of my list, so I hopped a flight to Melbourne,
but I don't know anybody here,
so I just figured I'd walk for a while, you know?
Melbourne's a hundred kilometers from here.
I like walking.
And you just happened to wander onto my farm?
I like farms, too.
Do you know how to work one?
My wife died eight months ago wednesday.
She left me with too many chores and a hell of a mortgage.
If you help me with the first one,
I'll give you a fair wage and a place to stay.
I'm a lefty.
Dude! Dude!
Hey, dude!
They're back.
As you and the others know,
we hiked up the mountain in an attempt to help the rescue team locate us.
The transceiver failed to pick up a signal.
We weren't able to send out a call for help.
But we're not giving up.
If we gather electronic equipment -
your cell phones, laptops -
I can boost the signal and we can try again.
But that may take some time, so for now,
we should begin rationing our remaining food.
If it rains, we should set up tarps to collect water.
I need to organize three separate groups.
Each group should have a leader.
One group for water. I'll organize that.
Who's going to organize electronics?
You -- rationing food?
And I will need a third group to concern themselves with the construction of...
- Hi. - Hey.
I, um... I need to tell you something.
Okay. Sure.
We couldn't send out a signal because
there was another signal blocking it.
The other signal --
we heard it.
It was a distress call from a French woman.
She said that the others were dead.
That something had killed them all.
She was alone on the island.
It's been playing for 16 years, Jack.
I wanted to tell you.
Anything else?
How is he?
The man with the shrapnel in his side.
He's touch and go.
Did he wake up?
Nah, just for a few seconds during the surgery.
He say anything?
So what'd she say?
She didn't say anything.
But you told her you knew.
I don't know anything.
Well, you kinda know she's in that mug shot.
And that we found those handcuffs.
And that guy keeps mumbling "she's dangerous" over and over.
It's not my business. Not my problem.
Yeah, you're right.
We'll let Johnny Fever take care of her when he gets better.
He's not getting better if we don't get some stronger antibiotics.
- That stuff I got from the luggage -- - It's for ear infections and foot fungus.
I went through everything, man.
What about that luggage in the overhead compartments?
- That's inside the plane. - Yeah?
But the bodies are in there, and they're all...
Look, I'll handle it. Why don't you keep an eye on--
Great. Yeah, I'd love to. On it.
What are you doing in here?
Trick-or-treatin', same as you.
You're looting.
Ahh! You say potato.
What's in the bag?
Booze, smokes, a couple "playboys."
- What's in yours? - Medicine.
Well, just about sums it up, don't it?
You do this back home, too?
Steal from the dead?
Brother, you got to wake up and smell the gull crap here.
Rescue ain't coming.
You're just wasting your time,
trying to save a guy who, last time I checked,
had a piece of metal the size of my head sticking out of his bread basket.
Let me ask you something.
How many of those pills are you going to use to fix him up?
- As many as it takes. - Yeah?
How many you got?
You're just not looking at the big picture, doc.
You're still back in civilization.
- Yeah? And where are you? - Me?
I'm in the wild.
Whoa! Whoa! Hey, I got it.
I got it.
I got it. I got it. Yeah.
Well, look on the bright side.
Whoever's this was is probably better off than we are.
I got it.
- How's the baby? - It's okay, I think.
So, your, uh...
your husband, was he on the flight?
Oh, no, I'm not married.
I know. How modern of me.
Well, who needs men, right?
Bloody useless.
So, you guys hiked all the way up on that mountain for nothing, huh?
Hey. Sorry.
I was gonna get some more water.
We haven't met. I'm Kate.
- Hi, Kate. - Hi.
I was just looking for Jack, and I thought he might be in there.
Yeah -- no.
He went to go get some medicine.
Over there.
- Where, in the fuselage? - What?
Yeah. Yeah, in the, uh... uh...
You know, I got to go get that water.
The bank would have given you a heck of a toaster
if you'd kept that in a savings account.
What do I need a toaster for?
You're hiding your wages in a tin can, Annie.
I mean, I would have held onto it for you.
I got trust issues.
Weren't you gonna say goodbye?
I wrote you a note.
You've been here for almost three months, Annie,
and every time I ask you about yourself,
you get that look in your eye.
Yeah, that one.
So I mind my own business.
I figured maybe you got off on the wrong side of a bad relationship.
Maybe you ran.
I always knew you'd leave here someday.
I guess I hoped it wouldn't be in the middle of the night.
- I'm sorry. - Yeah.
So am I.
Hey, Annie, why don't you just stay one more night, eh?
I'll drive you to the train station first thing in the morning.
I promise.
I get it, you know.
Everyone deserves a fresh start.
Damn it!
Let her go, damn it!
Breathe! Come on!
Come on, come on.
Look at me! Look --
What did you do?
I was just checking to see if he was...
He jumped on me.
He grabbed me.
Is he... okay?
He's not responding to any antibiotics,
he's bleeding internally, his fever's pushing 104,
and his abdomen's rigid.
He needs water.
So what are you gonna do about it?
- About what? - About him.
I told you, he needs water.
Will he suffer?
Will it be quick?
No, it won't be quick.
Two, three, maybe four days.
And he'll feel it?
Yeah, he'll feel it.
Can't you put him out of his misery?
I saw your mug shot, Kate.
I am not a murderer.
If you've got leavin' on your mind...
Don't listen to Patsy Cline in Canada?
They listen to Patsy Cline everywhere.
You hungry?
- I'll eat on the train. - You sure?
A little place up here makes a mean burger.
- What are you looking for, Ray? - What?
I'm not. Just --
Tell me now, get it over with...
How long have you known?
Couple of days.
I saw your picture in the post office.
I guess they knew you were down under.
The reward's $23,000.
I told you when I met you. I got a hell of a mortgage.
If it makes you feel any better,
it was a hard decision, Annie.
My name's not Annie.
Hey, who's that guy you were hanging out with?
What guy?
You know, the bald guy.
- Oh, mr. Locke? - Mr. Locke.
- Mr. Locke got any kids? - He didn't say.
- Yeah, what did he say? - I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? What did he say?
- Some of it's secret. - He tell you not to tell me?
- No. - Then what's the secret?
Mr. Locke said a miracle happened here.
Yeah, well, a miracle happened to all of us, Walt.
We survived the plane crash.
Look, I don't want you hanging around him anymore.
Why not? He's my friend.
Hey, I'm your friend, too.
If you're my friend, you'd find Vincent.
Look, I haven't given up on your dog.
I'm gonna do everything I can to find him.
- No, you won't. - Yeah, Walt, I will.
You don't care about Vincent.
I'm gonna get your dog back as soon as it stops raining.
Okay, listen to me. I'm gonna get your dog back.
"As soon as it stops raining."
Good. Nice.
I'm gonna find your dog.
Yeah, I'm just gonna go walking through the haunted damn jungle -
looking for your--
Vincent? That you, buddy?
Something was, uh, chasing me, so, uh...
Yeah, I don't hear it now.
Uh, but you should probably, uh,
head... back.
I didn't see anything.
You know, if you're worried about it,
I-I didn't see anything.
- What are you making? - A whistle.
I used some tribal flutes once in a recording session.
I'm in a band.
I wish he would just die already.
Real humane, Shannon.
Anything I can do to help?
No, I'm good. Thanks.
The others are getting upset.
They want to know what's going on inside the tent.
I'm trying to save his life.
Rumor has it you can't.
You need a light?
Came by to thank you.
- You gonna ask what for? - What for?
For taking that gun away from me.
- I didn't take it away from you. - Stickin' out of your denims, ain't it?
Sure wouldn't want to be the one with that gun right now.
'Cause everyone sitting out there listening that poor boy scream all night
knows what's got to be done.
Only one that can do it is the one with that gun.
Don't act so surprised.
I heard you tell hero the same thing.
Hell, there's only one bullet left.
Be damn near poetic.
- Listen to me-- - No, you need to keep quiet.
Listen to me.
No matter what she does, no matter how she makes you feel,
just don't...
trust a word that she says.
She will do anything to get away.
What did she do?
- I want to talk to her. - Tell me what she did.
I want to talk to her alone.
She got to you, too, huh?
Hey, Kate.
What was it?
- What? - The favor.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Last thing I heard before the crash, you wanted a favor.
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has switched on the "fasten seatbelts" sign.
Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.
- I have one favor to ask. - Really?
This ought to be good.
I wanted you to make sure that Ray Mullen got his 23 grand.
What, the guy who ratted you out?
He had a hell of a mortgage.
You really are one of a kind.
You know, you would have got away if you hadn't saved him.
In case you hadn't noticed, I did get away.
You don't look free to me.
Kate, I'm gonna die, right?
So... are you gonna do it,
or what?
So, where's the fugitive?
In the tent.
You let her in there alone?
What's she gonna do?
- She's 120 pounds soaking wet. - Yeah, but she's got that gun.
- What? - She's strapped, man.
I saw it in her -- in her -- in her
- What did you do? - What you couldn't.
Look, I get where you're coming from, being a doctor and all.
But he wanted it. Hell, he asked me.
So I don't like it any more than you do,
but something had to be done.
Oh, no way.
You shot him in the chest?
I was aiming for his heart.
You missed.
Is he still breathing?
You perforated his lung. It'll take hours to bleed out.
There was -- only had one bullet.
Get out. Get out!
Damn it!
I found your son's dog.
I tethered him to a tree just over there.
I know that Walt lost his mom.
I thought that you should be one to bring his dog back to him.
You're welcome.
I want to tell you what I did.
Why he was after me.
I don't wanna know.
It doesn't matter, Kate,
who we were,
what we did before this,
before the crash...
it doesn't really--
Three days ago, we all died
We should all be able to start over.
Subtitles by Amariss, RaceMan & Travis
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