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Subtitles for Loser Takes All The (2003).

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Loser Takes All The (2003)

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A Nikos Nikolaidis, GFC, ET production
Come here!
Come here, bitch!
Come on, man...
I know that cough from somewhere.
You OK?
- Elsa? - I'm fine. You're not.
How long does it last?
- What lasts? - The cough.
Longer than your greatest loves, for sure.
- 5-6 months... more or less. - Just about.
What happened? She threw you out?
Without a load of questions and comments...
I need a place to crash for a couple of nights.
I'm clean.
One second. I'll be right back.
- Who's the stud? - I'll tell you later.
On the couch...
Because the bedroom's taken.
Elsa, that's the best news I've heard the past month.
And don't scatter your ashes all over the place. OK?
Move aside, girl.
Hands up!
You hear me? Get them up! Over your head!
Over your head!
Put the bag down, punk. With one hand.
The other hand over your head!
Hands up, asshole!
I wish you guys would make up your minds.
Did you hear me, scum? Get your hands up!
Throw the bag!
Over here. At my feet.
Take three steps back.
Hand over your head!
Freeze, asshole!
Fuck you!
Not a word out of you, punk!
Keep your mouth shut, motherfucker.
Get inside, scumbag!
Turn your head.
Gentlemen, I think you're making a mistake.
Shut the fuck up!
Frisk the asshole good.
And cop power was given unto them over the fourth part...
- of the world. - What did you say, punk?
- Freeze! - I say anything I damn please!
And the first angel sounded, jerk, and said in a loud voice:
Go sell some crack at some school and lighten up, jerks!
Who's selling crack, punk?
OK, so you're selling hash. Keep your shirts on!
What are these, asshole?
Proclamations, you jerk. You caught yourself a terrorist.
It's a newspaper.
Wrong. It's an illegal paper full of shit in code.
Talk, scumbag! What newspaper?
It's a newspaper, you jerk. You can't read.
- So why did you hide it, scum? - Because I was cold, man!
Run the motherfucker in and show him a good time.
Let him go.
Get out of here, you prick. He's a junkie.
I'll mess you up good, you asshole.
Let me mess the asshole up!
I think Shortie fucked my spleen.
I look a bit of a mess... huh?
I think I'll head for the bathroom to...
Elsa gave me the keys.
Second door on your left.
He speaks!
And behold a pale horse:
And his name that sat on him was Death,
and Hell followed with him...
And there was a whole lot of trouble...
What are these Russians saying?
What's this?
- What? - That.
I look that bad?
What's it mean?
What you just said?
Not that.
The last thing you sang.
Things are gonna change, I heard... gonna
By that time I'm gonna be dead... Something like that.
Right... I like it.
I told you the story about the watch, right?
Listen up.
So, at some big companies abroad...
they've found a way of keeping tabs on their employees...
so they don't goof off during working hours, you know.
So they've given them watches that are also transmitters.
Regular watches with straps like mine.
So the fat fucking manager sits back in his office...
You're interested in what I'm saying, right?
So he sits back in his office in front of a big board...
that receives the signals transmitted by the watches...
and sees, let's say, the employee with watch No...
chilling out in the company cafeteria.
The employee with watch 2 flirting with the babe-watch
Watches 4 and 5 partying in the rest-rooms and so on.
At the end of the week he calls them into his office...
does the math and slashes their wages...
Come next week all the employees race like horses.
- What d'you think of that? - Don't know.
They should have been more careful.
You're right. They should have.
Want to hear the rest of it?
There's more?
Some got wind of it, left their watches at their desks...
and went anywhere they liked...
and the board upstairs showed they were working regularly.
But they were discovered...
So the company decided to implant transmitters...
in the spot where they wear their watches...
No fucking way!
So they know where they really are.
And they agreed?
Not yet.
But in the end they will, motherfuckers.
Why did you let me tell the story when you knew it?
You wanted to tell it.
That's why I don't like fucking technology.
Now with the cops...
You tangle with them, cuss them out...
There's social communication.
What do you talk about with a computer?
And you're shit as far as it's concerned.
- Hope you don't plan to leave. - Where to?
I'm getting a little shuteye.
Who is it?
Hello, Elsa...
OK, OK... I'm on my way.
Grab me a beer.
What's going on here?
She doesn't want to leave.
Leave her to me.
Come on, girl.
Where did you hurt yourself?
I'll tell you later.
Don't get her mad.
What goodies have we here?
I want to puke.
One thing at a time. Cheers!
- I know you from somewhere. - And I know you.
You're the sweet, the great whore...
with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication...
and the inhabitants of the earth have been drunk...
with the wine of her fornication.
With the beer of her fornication. I drank beer.
With the beer of her fornication.
- I've pissed in my pants. - Ignore it.
D'you like it that I've pissed in my pants and I'm all wet?
Miss Raspberry. Time to go.
I like it when you call me that.
Miss Raspberry wants to learn more about that whore.
And I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast...
full of names of blasphemy, having 7 heads and 10 horns...
And upon her forehead was a name written... Name?
- Odette. - Drunken Odette.
Plastered Odette!
Are you OK?
Come on. Let's go home. You're fine.
Odette... Odette... Plastered Odette.
Why's the Raspberry crying?
- Upstairs. - Upstairs?
- You want us to go upstairs? - Not upstairs. I'm scared.
What's upstairs that's got you scared?
A beast rising up having seven heads and ten horns?
Go upstairs and see if it's still there.
There something upstairs... I'll go.
Meanwhile... is there anything in the refrigerator?
There must be something.
Think you can manage to make something?
I'm OK.
It's not what I asked.
I asked if you'll manage to make us something to eat.
Like a fried egg... Anything.
- I'm going up now. - The staircase is that way.
What's up, buddy?
Hello. This gentleman here has something for sale.
Is it yours?
Do I look like the kind of guy who wears such rings?
Where did you get it?
Where did I get it? It's stolen.
Then this complicates matters.
See here. Matters were always complicated.
They didn't just get complicated now.
I can give you 220.
- 220 what? - Euros.
What's that in Greek money?
Around 75,
You've got to be kidding!
A dealer in Athens said I could get close to 550 for it.
Really? So why didn't he take it?
Because he's the kind of guy who shits his pants.
While you are one sharp motherfucker...
and the smartest guy on the street.
It's a historic piece. See here...
- Where? - Right here.
Behold a great red dragon, having seven heads...
and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads.
Which means that there was once an enormous red dragon...
with seven heads and ten horns...
and on each of his heads he had a jewel.
Well one of those seven jewels is right here in front of you.
You give me 250 and it's yours.
I can go as far as 200 not a penny more.
Greek money, right? None of that Euro shit.
OK. Greek money.
Something tells me I'm ripping you off but I'll take it.
Belafonte! We're out of here!
Go on! Beat it!
Hello, Fats.
- You got beaten up again. - Ignore it.
You poor slob...
Interested in doing a little job for me?
Why not?
Exciting... cash... chicks.
No kidding, man!
We go for it... Fine...
OK. We'll be in touch.
Here you go. A little job for you.
I'll have no trouble finding her.
- What's this? - That's my phone number...
and the lady's address.
And who might you be?
Hi. Are the kids upstairs?
The kids are sleeping.
OK. Then I'll come by later.
Come up if you like. In about an hour they'll be awake.
It bothers you a little, right?
That your boyfriend's sleeping with Elsa.
He's not my boyfriend. We're just friends.
OK... friends... but you do make love occasionally.
And who decides? Elsa?
I don't understand you.
I don't understand me either.
And your name is?
So who makes the first move, for example?
I don't know. It just happens.
Just happens? I think I'm getting old.
Have you hurt your eye?
Ignore it.
Is that a canary?
No, that's Belafonte.
My dear Melissa...
I should warn you I belong to that privileged generation...
that never wears a condom when they fuck.
I say this, should you feel the urge...
after removing your socks to also take off your panties.
Now what do you want?
Things are gonna change, I heard.
By that time I'm gonna be dead. D'you like his songs?
I don't know...
Sometimes they're...
- I don't know. Scared?... - Scared of what, Melissa?
The things that are lost.
- Lost... - Something like the images...
you see decayng gradually and then fading in the background.
Is that what he says?
Yes... in one of his songs.
And you love him, right?
Today I don't love him.
Good morning.
I thought you were inside.
No, I'm sitting here smoking.
And inside?
I don't know. I think your boyfriend's in there.
I hope he didn't bring that bimbo from the bar with him.
I don't think so.
Well I think so.
Light me a cigarette and I'll be right back.
If I were you I'd have some coffee first.
I have a few things to say to the gentleman.
In the kitchen.
So what's your problem?
What the hell d'you think you're doing?
It never crossed your mind that someone in here...
might be bothered by your morning activities.
- The kid? - What do you think?
I think that what's her name must have felt real happy...
when she opened the door and saw you sleeping with the kid.
What the fuck kind of conversation is this anyway?
Did I ever criticize you about who you sleep with?
What kind of shitty domestic fascism is this?
Now hand me my socks and stop messing with them.
What's Belafonte doing here?
I went and got him from the girlfriend.
Where did you hurt yourself?
Somewhere. What? You want to hear some heroic story?
You'd promised you wouldn't show up here again.
Come on now. Let's get to the point.
Just like that?
Just like that.
Get your stuff and get out.
That's what I plan to do.
And don't go digging up old stories.
What happened happened.
It wasn't bad.
It was bad.
Now listen up.
All women are replicas...
well, most of them anyway...
and all replicas want to fall in love with us and marry us.
D'you know why?
Because they think this way they become real human beings...
and fool us into believing they're not machines.
I lived with one of them once. A replica, I mean...
but I didn't make it...
a few days after her warranty expired she blew a fuse.
We've heard that before.
Watch out for replicas who act like real women...
and systematically avoid real women who act like replicas.
Sid Vicious "My Way"...
Memento from the cholera years...
Why don't you get the hell out of here?
She still loves me.
So long, Melissa.
We'll be in touch.
Shut up, bird.
Hello, Fats. It's me.
Yes. Nothing's happening.
They're hitting the bars and boozing.
Yes, there's two of them... and one's a blonde.
Nah... looks like they're alone.
Give me a fucking break! Sure I went in with them.
Two bimbos boozing.
OK, I'll see what I can do. Real cloak and dagger stuff.
Belafonte! Food! Only you'll have to wait a bit.
I love you too Belafonte.
Lettuce with a special sauce.
And I saw a beast rise up out of the sea...
having seven heads and ten horns...
and upon his horns ten crowns,
and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
We blew it, Belafonte!
Here are the girls.
Good evening. I got a flat. Can you help me?
- You got a what? - A flat tire, man.
Oh shit...
My dear little hookers, looks like we'll do just fine.
Are you for an "Eldorado", all expenses paid?
- What's that? - The seediest of strip joints.
I got two foreign artistes, a blonde and a black girl.
- Take your pick. - I don't think so.
What? You're scared Elsa will bawl you out?
- OK. - OK what?
- Lf we're back around three. - We'll be back around three.
I'll be outside in a black station wagon with two babes.
What are you doing there?
Ignore it. I'm an amateur photographer.
Stop it! They'll see you!
Listen, it would really help our relationship...
if I knew your name.
- My name? - Precisely.
Madali, I think your friend is bringing us something...
that looks like a package.
What did she say, man?
No kidding! And in Greek that would be?
In 40 minutes under the bridge.
Now what did she say?
She's asking if we're coming by the "Eldorado" afterwards.
If we find the bridge, why not.
And now my sweet Madali spin me the tale and you can be sure...
I'll fall for it because I itch for cloak and dagger stuff.
Where's this bridge and what will happen there?
- Are you coming with me? - To the bridge with the bag?
- Yes. - I got that. But why?
Because I'll give you 100 Euros.
You don't say! I'll give you 200 and you'll do flips for me!
- It's peanuts! - 200!
- 200!
What's in the bag?
- What's in the bag? - Something I got to deliver.
- And you're afraid to go alone? - Yes.
Let's see what's in the bag.
Something heavy and made of steel...
And two little bags with high class white powder...
Big deal. We sell them and get 2-3 million drachmas.
And then they send me to Senegal in a trunk.
- Why? What's in Senegal? - My home.
Look. We've got to get out of here.
So are you coming with me or not?
For around 500 we can discuss it.
OK, we split whatever I get.50-50
Fine, Madali. So who do we have to kill now?
No one. We deliver package, get money and go...
It'll be fun.
Great atmosphere. They're setting us up.
There's a car coming.
What the fuck do we do now?
Give the bag and take the money.
Very original.
- Can you drive? - Yes. Why?
So you drive.
Back it up ten meters.
Get behind the wheel.
Wait. We'll get out together.
What the fuck?
Quiet, babe, it'll all be over soon.
Behold I come as a thief.
Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments...
lest he walk naked...
in other words bare assed, and it's freezing.
Now throw them one of the little bags.
Not the whole bag, only one of the little plastic bags.
- I'm scared. - So am I. Throw it.
- It's OK. - Where's rest?
Where's the money?
We pick it up together.
Now count it.
You also got a gun to deliver.
It was part of the deal.
It was. It isn't now.
Someone's in the back seat.
Tell the asshole to come out.
Keep away from the door and I want to see his hands first.
Fuck off!
The motherfucker's got a gun!
What's this shit now?
Throw the gun down.
Careful, asshole.
Come with me!
Come with me, scum!
Go to the back.
Madali, get in the car.
Here. Take this.
- What is it? - Use it to guard the others.
- I don't believe this. - Believe it!
Open the trunk and get in.
What are you looking at, asshole? Open the trunk!
Hop in!
What's gotten into you? Have you gone crazy?
What's gotten into me is that this guy fucked me yesterday!
He fucked you? OK. Get in the car.
So we fucked yesterday, did we?
Take this, asshole!
We hit the jackpot, kid! Floor it!
...and the ten breasts which thou sawest upon the beast...
these shall hate the whore and shall make her desolate...
and naked, and shall eat her flesh.
I don't believe this.
Fucking tradition! Ethnic!
The boss wants you.
- The boss wants us. - Ignore it.
The boss wants you.
- What boss? - Some boss.
Well, since some boss wants us, let's go.
Over there.
The kid?
He's with me.
Where did you sprout from?
It's a long story. Black Beauty and I have a thing going.
She tells me why don't you come with me because it's dark...
- and I'm scared alone, etc. - Only you were too rowdy...
considering your ojective.
Listen, I had no protection. I couldn't do otherwise.
Your guys were packing all this iron and come to think of it...
OK. Forget all that. How long have you known Madali?
A few hours.
- Where did she pick you up? - She didn't. I did.
She got a flat tire, she was a bit scared...
so we decided to take the bag together.
Anyway, every time she goes to the bridge they bang her!
We'll take care of that too.
See this?
How would you like to make a million?
- No. - How much then?
Two? How d'you figure that?
Whatever my buddy says.
OK. Two.
And one for my buddy here. Four.
Three. Two plus one is three.
In my world it's four.
- OK. - Didn't I tell you?
The job's dirty.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means you don't throw 3 mil to a stranger...
unless the job's dirty.
Fine. Let's drop it.
We'll do the job.
Whatever my buddy here says.
Madali will fill you in on the details.
She'll stay with you until daybreak.
If she loses sight of you the deal's off.
I'm going to make a phone call.
Before I forget. In Black Beauty's trunk there's a guy...
one of those at the bridge, if he hasn't suffocated already.
He's the macho fucker.
What are you looking at me for? It was his idea.
See you!
You didn't say anything about the money.
- just before the job. - From where?
I'll have the blonde bring it to you.
- Where? - I know where.
I'm sure you do.
Hello, Fats. It's me. Do I know?
Your babe's here at the "Eldorado" shaking her ass...
together with some blonde.
Looks to me like she's clean.
OK. If something crops up I'll call you.
Something tells me I'll be heading that way...
and if you want my advice, pack your guitar and Elsa...
and we all take off together.
You still love her, right?
With or without Elsa I'm out of here.
Because when things change I want to be alive to see it.
Isn't that what you say in your song?
That's nice.
I haven't found the words yet.
That's why we're so alike.
What are those pills?
I got my pills you got your guitar. Let's leave it at that.
So tell me...
why did you hide behind Madali and stick the gun to her head?
Because I thought Black Beauty may be playing dirty.
I have no proof but I don't trust her.
Then you must be unhappy.
Because you're scared of everyone.
Not scared, just suspicious.
- That's worse. - See here, kid...
it's this suspicion that's kept me alive.
With the brains you have I don't see you reaching my age.
Now why d'you think those guys gave us the two guns?
Yeah, right...
People just don't give you two guns and let the bodies fall...
The fuckers are setting us up.
So you sing about your little sea and let me do the worrying.
I'm going to bed.
Now see what you did?
What did I do?
OK. I'll come up.
I don't believe these stairs.
Who is she?
The babysitter.
Now what do we do?
Go wake him up. What else?
But he has a gun.
Ignore it.
What if he wakes up and takes a couple of shots at me?
Look it's 5a.m. And I'm beat.
If you want your car go get it.
Relax. It's no big deal.
What kind of broads are we?
How're we doing?
Fine thank you.
Miss Raspberry...
You never fried that egg for me.
Well you see, you were in a bit of a rush last night.
Odette has been leaning on me all night. She wants her car.
Odette wants her car. Odette can take her car.
The keys are in the pocket.
- There's something else. - What else?
What else, Odette?
I'm going to puke.
A little further away, please.
She says you stole a ring from her.
It was my mother's.
Her mother's ring.
My dead mother's ring!
You're freaking me out.
What fucking bracelet is she talking about?
It's a ring.
Oh great. Now from a bracelet it's become a ring.
It was always a ring. You made it a bracelet.
Take your keys and tone it down or I grab you.
Fine. Then I'll go to the police.
I wouldn't like the police in my house.
We don't want the police in our house.
How much is your dead mother's bracelet worth anyway?
It's a ring and don't you dare mention my Mom's name again.
- What are you doing? - I'm making a proposal.
How much does the fucking ring cost?
Go on. Tell him how much it's worth.
I don't know. One, one and a half million...
- Greek money? - Don't know.
Fine, Miss Raspberry. We'll make a deal.
Rape and robbery.
You raped me last night.
You tore off my clothes. You stole my car and the ring.
Fine, all this plus your change, let's say 1 million.
To round off the sum... would you settle for 2 million?
2 million what?
Two million punches. But because I like you...
tomorrow night you get 1 million in drachmas.
So, you forget the rape that never happened...
and the ring that never existed.
And where will you find that much money?
Be a bit patient and if I don't come through, go to the cops.
It's a deal.
Where's the bathroom.
At the end of the corridor.
Fine. I'll puke in the bathroom.
Suit yourself.
If you're interested there's a cage with a bird in my car.
Fuck! I forgot Belafonte.
I'll go get it for you so it doesn't freeze...
and I'll puke afterwards.
She may go to the police.
What dirty job have you got in the works now?
Whatever it is we're all in it.
That means you intend to get the kid mixed up in your plans.
Strange as it may seem to you, it was Madali's idea.
Fuck. I didn't introduce you. Madali... Elsa.
The kid clinched the deal. I'm just along for the ride.
What job are we talking about?
You'll know tomorrow night.
If I don't like it I'll be the first to go to the police.
What the shit! Is everyone in here working for the cops?
No wonder this fucking country is going to the dogs.
Why not?
I've got to go somewhere but I want company.
I'm scared to go alone. Sugar?
She said "sugar".
- What for? - Don't know.
For the coffee.
What coffee?
- The man asked for tea. - Tea or coffee?
Tea. Unless you're all out.
Fine then. So how much sugar for the tea?
One... for the coffee.
So where's this somewhere you've got to go.
If I tell you, you won't come.
Why wouldn't I come?
We can't leave the Raspberry all alone can we?
No we can't. But I've got some business to take care of too.
What business is that?
If I tell you I'm afraid you'll come.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
- Coffee? - Coffee.
Tea or coffee?
- Does Elsa know? - Elsa knows everything.
Then we're out of here.
No, baby. You stay here and keep an eye on this bad person.
She may go to the police.
She's afraid we'll get the kid into trouble.
Tonight I've seen things you never see...
My moments will be lost in time...
Like tears in the rain, dying...
And I feel so fine...
Want to go closer?
We'd better go.
The shop in the square with the blue airplane, I think...
- with the pale blue plane... - with the pale blue plane...
It's been closed for many years.
Looks like you're right.
I used to come and look at it...
because I like the picture.
Anyway, the island must exist.
We'll look into it.
Maybe I'll get over this fucking cough down there.
Where's the Raspberry?
She went to the ladies room to...
What is it?
I'll be back in a while.
I know your works.
I know you think you're alive when deep down you're dead.
So wake up while there's still time...
to defend the things we still have...
before they too are lost completely.
What did he do?
The asshole's got a penknife.
See that blonde over there. She's tripping.
Let's go, punk!
Leave him. He's mine.
Let's get the hell out of here...
Get in the van, assholes!
Go on, assholes. Get in.
Get in.
Move over.
- Got room for one more? - Throw the punk in.
Get in, asshole.
You could have called.
My mistake.
You know... things got out of hand.
What happened, man?
Everything OK?
Excuse me...
Lie back.
Is there some place where we can talk alone?
I didn't know you spoke Greek.
Can we or can't we?
No. I want to have witnesses if something happens to me.
The meeting will take place in a depot 5-6km. Down the road...
At 2:30 on the dot.
There's a diagram here that should make it easy to find.
I hand over the bag and what do I get in return?
- Another bag. - And what's in the other bag?
- How much money? - You don't need to know.
Whatever you say, boss. What's in this bag?
If something happens or changes...
you'll be notified by phone.
Give it to Black Beauty.
I don't put those things anywhere near my ear.
As soon as the job is finished, we'll wait for you here...
- in this house, OK? - OK. We'll be waiting for you.
- I'm off now. - You're not going anywhere.
Why not?
The advance...
Here it is.
Now you can go.
Fine. Well good luck then.
D'you have to go with them.
I don't have to go with them. I want to.
What business have you with all this?
I think I have.
I could go alone...
We've got to be together.
I'm going and I'd like us to be together.
You're beginning to sound like him.
Don't you understand?
We're leaving...
And where are we going?
What does it matter? Here no more.
What matters is that we're leaving. Right?
No, the point is, "here no more".
And we have to do it this way.
It's the only way we have now.
You smoke too much, you know that?
We both smoke too much.
I'm a little scared.
So, it's now ten to one...
but we set our watches to show exactly one o'clock.
- It's five to one. - Yes.
But we adjust the small hand to show exactly one o'clock.
But that's not right. It's five to one.
It's exactly 12:55 and 30 seconds.
Belafonte from here on in you're on your own.
You'll manage just fine. No matter what Elsa says.
And watch out for those female canaries, Belafonte!
They're major whores!
We're all set outside.
Are you game for a quickie?
Are we on the right track.
Looks like it.
At the second street you make a right.
If I find it, I will.
What time is it?
A little before two.
Shit. We're running late.
We turn at the next corner.
Now where do we go?
There's a small square around 100 meters away...
then right after that there's the depot.
What's going on, guys?
Pull up a minute.
Relax, will you? It's no big deal.
I don't believe this.
Take it easy.
Come on. What happened, girl?
Are you OK?
She threw up on my legs. She messed me up.
Let's go. We got work to do.
What happened?
She threw up on my legs! She messed me up!
I'll shit in your face.
What are you laughing at? I stink all over!
Come on. We've got to go.
Come on.
We're in deep shit.
Sit on your vomit!
So listen up.
We get out quietly. We don't slam the doors.
We don't stumble over trash cans.
We don't light cigarettes. We don't vomit, Miss Raspberry.
And we talk in low voices.
OK? Now let's go grab their fucking money.
- Is anyone in a hurry? - No.
So why are you pushing?
- D'you see anything? - Everything's quiet.
If there's no exit on the other side I say we shouldn't go in.
Right. Circle round and check it out...
and we'll go up to the loft.
- Where did he go? - To the end of the depot.
- Everything's OK. - Go on up.
You wanted adventures didn't you, Miss Raspberry?
What time is it?
Almost two.
If the job's dirty they'll be showing up at any minute.
- Who'll be showing up? - Beats me.
Hold this.
Who the fuck lit a cigarette?
Clue me in, Elsa.
- What are you trying to do? - Nothing. I forgot!
So stay cool and put it out.
When we grab the money, where d'you see yourself heading?
I don't know...
- America. - America...
where you'll open some high-class strip joint.
No... a bookshop.
A bookshop? With some naked babes?
You know I studied at Byron College in London...
- Librarianship. - What's that?
It would be nice if we had a couple of beers to drink.
In the back.
Cop car!
Who the fuck are these assholes?
- Have you seen that car before? - No.
OK. Go hide.
- You saw them? - I saw them.
Are you OK?
I'm OK.
What's going on down there?
Ignore it.
Get over to the ladder.
Get down.
Now d'you get what happened?
We're going to be on the air live.
The "live" part is questionable.
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out...
of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast...
and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
Four unclean spirits like cops.
Two at the front columns and two at the back.
There where reality surpasses imagination.
We'd better get out.
Besides, this is fun!
Where did you put it?
My cell! Where the hell is it?
The phone, you guys! Someone should answer it.
Hello. Yes, it's me.
No. We're not there yet.
Everything's OK.
Why do I sound that way? What way?
I'm in the john that's why.
- We'll be there in 20 minutes. - Ask about the car.
OK, I'll call you. Don't worry. We'll be on time.
the car that's coming... what color is it? Black?
White... same as yesterday. OK. We'll be in touch.
He says it's white. We're being set up.
I'm starting to believe you really did study librarianship.
What are you doing here?
- I want to pee. - Forget it.
- Did they get wind of anything? - I don't think so.
Come with me.
And I saw an angel come down from heaven...
having the key of the bottomless pit...
Tell Madali at the car in 10 minutes...
and you follow 10 meters behind us.
How are you receiving me?
I can't speak any louder.
Yes. Fine. OK. Let's roll.
Good evening... One more time.
Good evening and blah... blah... blah...
Today our network is showing something unique...
on the global scale.
In a little while we'll be watching "Operation Eldorado"...
a live mob transaction and if we're lucky the arrest...
of some ruthless drug lords right here before our eyes.
Police Special Forces, Swat teams, Anti-terrorist units...
and of course our network with yet another exclusive...
in our battle to bring you all the news.
It is 02:10. According to our information the car or cars...
of the mobsters will arrive at approximately 02:30.
Help me. No. Forget it.
A high-ranking Ministry of Public Order official stated...
we could be facing a new terrorist group.
I'm signing off.
- What's going on? - Ignore us.
We're cops. They sent us up
We got word they'll be coming at any moment...
and you should get ready.
But the meeting was for 02:30. What changed?
Do I know? What changed?
- What changed? - I don't know, guys...
but you be careful because they said these guys are armed.
I don't think they'll have the time to do anything.
Damn right. They're history.
Tell me about it.
Hello, Dimos. Wake up. We're going on air earlier.
Some fucking exclusive you got here, right?
- Way to go! - That's right.
Say, got any of that adhesive tape?
Those jerks down there are sleeping. Are you two together?
- Who? - Him.
- The kid? - Yes.
He's from the Juvenile Squad. They got a kid in on the deal.
They've got a juvenile with them? The motherfuckers!
You're the motherfuckers. You're perched up here...
like crows waiting to show a bloodbath on television.
So what do you care? We're just doing our job.
You do yours and keep your nose out of ours.
See here, buddy. You're doing the boss's job, not mine.
Let's take a commercial break.
Turn round.
I'm waiting for you downstairs, kid.
You know what to do.
There and there... there's two of our guys with rifles...
if you so much as move...
Be careful. OK?
I am careful.
As soon as I get out, you slide behind the wheel.
Madali. Bring the bag.
Let's see what goodies you brought us.
What are you looking at, man? Put the bag down and open it?
Not that way, you jerk. Turn it towards me.
Your turn now.
Everything's OK.
Behold I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth...
and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked...
You fucking scared me!
We're out of here!
Move over!
Assholes, I fucked you!
Come on, motherfuckers!
We ripped off the assholes!
Some fucking operation, right?
I'm a born killer.
I told you we'd fuck them, didn't I, kid?
And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven...
clothed with a cloud, and his face as it were the sun...
and he had in his hand a suit- case open with lots of cash...
Just how much cash are we talking about, girls?
It looks like a hell of a lot.
Give it to me straight, girl.
Looks like millions.
We're out of here, kid. Has it sunk in?
No more fuck-ups and cops.
We'll park ourselves on some beach and you'll write songs...
about the baboons and I'll hit on fat-assed black women.
And then we'll sail off to the Devil's Triangle...
and Terra del Fuego and the Cape of Good Hope...
and the Green Cape, the Pink Cape, the Blue Cape...
We'll go anywhere we feel like.
Are you listening, Kid?
Pull over.
Leave him to me.
Come on, Kid. Cut the crap.
Don't turn on me.
Kid! Can you hear me?
He's bleeding. He's been shot.
Where was he shot?
I don't know. I've got blood all over me.
We'll take him to a hospital.
Come on. You sit in front with him.
- What happened there? - Nothing. Ignore it.
Get Black Beauty over here.
What are you doing here?
- Open your bag. - The kid needs a hospital.
Open your bag!
Take the money and head straight for the airport.
and never set foot in this fucking, shitty town again.
So long, Black Beauty.
He died ten minutes ago.
Did he say anything?
Like what?
Don't know.
They said he had two bullets in his lung.
He was my friend too, Elsa.
You shouldn't have come back.
We've got to get out of here.
You can go if you like.
Somone has to take him from in there...
and the paperwork.
Ignore it, Elsa.
The Kid will get up and walk to his grave on his own. He knows.
And where will you go?
The cops will be here soon.
Let's get out of here, Elsa. It's what the Kid wanted too.
Here no more.
Hello. He can't now. Yes. He's busy.
A pleasure meeting you Miss Raspberry.
What am I supposed to do with this?
It's enough to keep you in beer until the Second Coming.
What happens now? Can you tell me?
- Listen. - Shoot.
- I've nowhere to go. - But I do.
Come on, Raspberry. Beat it.
And I love you, Belafonte.
It's time to say our Great Goodbye.
I'm not leaving here.
Oh yes you will, Elsa.
Any moment now the thugs will be here.
All this didn't happen so we'd fall into their hands again.
I want to stay.
And I want you to stay.
So then?
So then the world is big enough for you to hide...
and small enough for me to find you again.
What am I saying? I'm beginning to sound like him.
The money.
It's yours. And the Kid's.
He's a cleanliness freak. Wants a bath every day.
Translated by Elly Petrides
Copyright C 2002 Nikos Nikolaidis/Greek Film Centre
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