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Subtitles for Looking For Mr Perfect (2003).

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Looking For Mr Perfect (2003)

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The target appears...
All units stand by
The target's on his way
Wait for my signal...
The target is making a move
Are they on our side?
I wish They can't be this pretty
That's true
Here he goes again...
Is that you, Miss Grace?
Wrong person
You look sexy today
Get lost, I'm busy
I didn't realize what a sexy ass you have...
Crab, get lost!
Get ready to move...
Why the secrecy?
I have some reliable information
Are you interested?
I must be nuts to ask you to be my agent
I've helped solve a big case
First lend me 200 dollars
The target is getting in the car
Everyone get ready
I know you won't let me down
A real gun?
Don't be so serious
The target is on his way
No money talk, just friends
I didn't eat anything today...
Not my business
Get ready
Move! No, hold it
What is it?
What's going on?
Wait Get ready
Hold it!
You look pale You okay?
Do you know I can easily misfire?
Take it easy
Now move!
Are you okay?
Be careful
Do you need backup?
I want you to disappear!
I was only trying to help
You scared?
Why so serious? It's just a job!
Get lost!
Snake Eyes, you're under arrest
Snake Eyes never surrenders to a woman
Honey, I'm taking you with me
You should come tomorrow
I'm a doctor I have to check her out
I came as soon as I could, Grace
For you
You alright, Grace?
I'm fine
I killed a guy last night
Grace, let me look at you
If you need a full exam
I can introduce a doctor friend...
for 20 percent off
Think of her health not money!
He's famous
Those sleazy doctors
would only make you worse
Chocolate contains a lot of cholesterol
No way
How dare you throw it away
Too much sugar and hydrogenated fat
No nutritional value at all
Save your ass, will you?
They cost 120 dollars
even with buy one get one free
Buy one get one free...
Then they must be bad
So all cheap stuff is bad?
Since you're a doctor exam your brain
Watch your mouth
Check your brain
We're in a rush...
to get to the travel agency
Traveling together?
No, I'm going for work
Grace is going for a break
I can drive you there, Joey
Don't bother
My secretary will take care of it later
We'll have time for lunch
What do you want to eat, Grace?
Ask Joey
Where do you want to go?
I want a delicacy
Sure Of course
You called them again, right?
Just pick one and get married...
so they'll shut up
Police work is too dangerous
You could get shot in the ass anytime
Then it's too late
You should think about marrige
Then enjoy a happy sex life
Honey, I'm waiting!
I've been waiting for 15 minutes
Hurry up or we'll miss the flight
You know how important this photo-shoot is
It's your debut
This could be my big break
You're going to make a fortune
Don't talk to me now
Just get ready Okay?
May I help you, Miss?
Let's go
Look at your goose bumps
It's like I've been here before
This is your first time to Malaysia
Are you dreaming?
Over there
What do you want?
I'm sorry
Who the hell...
Mr Chan!
Mr Chan chose me for this photo shoot
He's the owner of a film company
Sorry for bumping you before
Don't worry, Grace
Are you a model, too?
She's my companion
That's nice
What a beautiful room
It's the Honeymoon Suite
I had to pull a few strings to book it
Thank you, Mr Chan
Call me Bobby
Thank you, Bobby!
I was hoping we would have some private time
Strictly business,
Just to discuss the shoot tomorrow
You naughty little boy
Watch your ass
Cool, I like it
Leave me alone
Hello, darling
Bye, honey
I have to go It's my wife
I'll walk you out Okay
Bye Bye
Your perverted friend was lucky
He wasn't carrying a gun
Chill out Miss Virginity
There's no harm in giving him some candy
Anyway, be careful
Buy one get one free, yes!
Those two girls who contacted Bobby Chan
Bobby is a wolf
isn't he? I know
He has powerful connections
And I intend to use them
You shameless hussy you don't follow any rules
Drink up, hussy
Where are you going?
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry... Who the hell...
You again
You look prettier Are you feeling better?
I was until I saw you
That bad? I have to go, bye
Want to be arrested?
Why did you put it here?
You haven't met my girlfriend Tina
Tina... Come here
That's fine Don't stop...
or I'll arrest you
Wondering why I'm here?
They want me to be a witness in the Snake Eyes case
That's why I was running here
So you should run way
I have to go
Is this your wallet?
Thanks I didn't even notice
Thank you
You're welcome
It must be an expensive suit
I've got plenty more
Here is some...
And here...
My wife
We have to meet a friend
I'll see you tomorrow at the shoot
Let's go, honey
Bye, Bobby
These girls could be the buyers
That means the deal could go down any time, No.2
Plesae don't call me No.2
Why not?
Doesn't sound good
For security purposes,
We can't use our real name
More importantly I'm No.1 and you are No.2
Yes, No.1
No.2, I order you...
to watch the girls
And I'll watch Chan
We may find the Missile Tracking System tonight
That's the Missile Tracking System
We can use their car
Be careful
Watch out for the System
Get up!
I know, I can leave now
Hurry up
Press the alarm
The alarm!
Put me down
Pull that chain
Hurry up!
This is an easy shoot
More like a vacation
I feel guilty taking their money
Save it
It's so sunny today
Here comes the lover boy
Watch out for the tiger next to him
Please call me Mr Chan in public
Mrs Chan
You must be the model Stand up
Joey... Let me introduce
Our director and photographer, James
Perky little breasts
Good structure
White teeth, bright eyes
Good, sit!
The watch
What was he before becoming a director?
A horse doctor
Pretend she's kidding
The theme for this commercial...
is Omex people love wildlife
This watch is the star,
And you are a prop Okay?
He knows how to make you feel important
I think he seriously means that
What's up, James?
We're almost done
He's handsome!
He's so cool
Wake up!
Excuse me
Sir this area is off-limits to guests
But I've come about your mouse problem
I found your cop-friend
she's in the Honeymoon Suite on the floor below
Are we going to rob her?
You should learn never to steal from friends
Except when it's necessary
You stay here
What for?
Keep watch
It's too complicated to me
That's better
Look how it fits me
Hurry up
The light is perfect now
I know
You're careless
It hurts!
Let me help you...
Be careful
Take her to the boat
Hello, I'm James...
No, I'm Joey
Richard Wong
I own this advertisement agency
Out of the way I can't shoot like this
Give her the crocodile
The crocodile!
Hold it with both hands
Hold it and smile naturally
It won't eat you Look how small it is
Show the watch!
The watch!
Sit down
Thank god it's waterproof
Any progress with the two girls?
You know it takes a long time to make a commercial
How would I know?
Whose name is the room under?
Your name
Don't mess up when you go to their room
Be careful
I'll wait for you at the door
You can never be too careful
Where's the monkey?
What's next?
You'll hold the monkey with the male model
And kiss sweetly
You can practice now
No problem
It's cute
It stinks!
Be careful, it might bite you Don't bite me
Where's the male model?
Why do you have to make me yell?
The model couldn't make it today
Great! Then please tell me...
you've found a replacement
I found one Come here...
Him? Yes
How could he kiss without teeth?
What do we do? Please leave
James you're so smart and good-looking
You can figure something out
James What's wrong?
They're killing my artistic integrity
Are they?
I got an idea
It has a bad temper
You kiss the monkey
Let her try
Hold it close What're you waiting for?
Let it face to you
Don't be scared
Just turn its head toward you
Please take it away
Be careful!
Is there anything you can do?
I can help out as the replacement
I'm going to shoot
I'm so scared
I'm feeling dizzy I'm afraid of heights
Take a deep breath and don't look down
And you'll be fine
Are we there yet?
Is here okay? Good
Cap girl, how can I shoot...
if you are in my way?
Remember, Omex people love wildlife
Just try to smile naturally
Do you want some water?
I don't smoke!
Ready, go!
Would you mind if I substitute the male model?
My pleasure
Miss Prop, where's our main performer?
Raise your hand so we can see the watch
Isn't it hot?
I'm done
I said stop
Any lipstick left?
Thank you You're welcome
Feeling dizzy?
I'm not afraid of heights
That bridge was dangerous
I was lucky not to have to kiss that monkey
Remind me to put in my contract...
that I never work with animals
Next animal
You must be Poon...
Mr Poon?
Bobby Chan
Sorry, I just got back
Let's go talk over there
You have the stuff?
Let's sit down
Have you brought the stuff?
How dare he stole the tip
Let's get down to business
Let's go to my suite its less conspicuous
My room is nearby
A great shopping day
You're handsome
You're handsomer
This way
It's here, Sir
See, it's very close
Mr Poon, have you brought the stuff?
My boss told me to examine the goods...
before paying 5 million dollars down payment
You don't trust me?
Meet me on my yacht to inspect the goods tomorrow
Then until tomorrow
Save your juggle for tomorrow
5 million dollars
Help me, No.1
I'm busy now
The frequency is jammed
Did you see the way we kissed?
The whole world saw it
Richard said if the shoot is successful,
I could get the role in the TV commercial
I'm done Let's go
Let me wipe the fingerprints off
What are those gloves for?
Maybe you left your dandruff and hair here
Let's go
Where's the keycard?
Check your wallet
Come here!
Somebody help!
Don't move!
Call security, I'll get him
You okay? I'm fine
Go get him!
Be careful
Why are you chasing me?
I'm helping you escape
Hit me! Why?
Just pretend What?
Push me
You okay?
I'm fine, but I lost him
No man slips out of my hands
What the hell? Sorry...
What do you want, Pop?
Pop? Watch your mouth
He was lucky
What happened, Dad?
That Pop...
Do you need help, Miss?
What's your name?
My name is John
Your jet-ski is gone
It's a rental anyway
She's beautiful
What now?
Be careful
It's illegal to steal someone's yacht
Saving people isn't illegal
Behind you
Stop them
Hurry up
Untie the rope
You've got a passenger
How did that happen?
They went in there
Watch out
She fell in the sea
Oh my god, Grace
Oh my god, Grace
Where have I seen you before?
At the hotel
Before that?
I don't think so
You look familiar to me
Did she drink too much salt water?
How many fingers am I holding up?
She's fine
You almost got me killed, No.2
You almost got Grace killed
The girl on the jet-ski
You hooked up with her?
Sort of
She said you're the only one who successfully escaped from her
That's all
That thief knows there's nothing to steal
Andshe can recognize you
You'd better not leave the room
If you need help just let me know
Thank you
I've dreamt about that guy who saved me
Even the kiss feels the same
Wake up, that was just CPR
Haven't you ever kissed someone before?
Was it like this?
You amateur
Believe it or not
This hotel has appeared in my dream
And that guy in the corridor saved me
He wore the white suit in my dream last night
You must be kidding
I need to take a wake-up shower
Me first Me first...
I win!
I need a towel
He couldn't have been your dream man
No plane, no champagne
and he didn't wear a white suit
The details aren't important
You can't argue with a feeling
To me you feel horny
You should find someone and get laid
Help! Rape! No!
There is a difference...
between illusion and reality
It's always better in the dream
You should look for a real man
Someone like Richard
Remember you just met him today
Are you dreaming?
But he's rich That's different
Your last boyfriend was rich and caring
But he's only 50 something
Should be 20 years older
You want everything to fit your needs
All at the same time
You must be dreaming
I'm not as picky as you are
You can always find...
some problem in a man
Keep going
You know your Mr Perfect the best
I have to go back to reality to work tomorrow
Good night, your dream man is waiting
Is it going to rain?
That would be great if it rains
I'll go back to the hotel to get a massage
There's no free lunch
Are you trying to break the watches?
It's better to be a watch than a human
Could you kick straight and tough like the Omex watch?
No problem
Can you make it?
Don't worry I can handle it
Just look
Good luck
I'm ready to go
Remember to show the watch
Is she drunk or crazy?
Kick harder, will you?
I need a dozen aspirin
You alright?
I'm faking it
Do you need a doctor?
The show must go on
I'm ready
You shouldn't continue today
I'm sorry
You should take a break
Great performance
You deserve an Oscar
Take this back to your boss
The down payment will be wired to you in 12 hours
5 million dollars is coming
This is my first time
You want to go to college and I need a PhD
We need this
Let go
Boss, we've been robbed
Let go! Tickle him
Tickle him! Let go!
Go! Be Quick!
They have guns
I've seen that thief before
I can't remember
You know without that disk
The system is useless
You must rest and don't talk too much
Sit down
Be careful
Where does it hurt?
Move slowly
Thank you
Where else?
Here Here?
That feels good
Let me do it
You okay, Grace?
You're here too soon
Grace You're too slow
You had an accident
Come in
I should go now
This soon?
Be careful
Watch your foot
You hurt your foot, Joey?
Go rest now I'll call you
Bye Bye
Joey told me you feel better
I brought some wine to celebrate
Cheap stuff again?
For you, Grace
1996 French vintage
Have you had good wine before?
I don't drink wine from the Duty Free Shop
You drank some seawater
I'll give you a prescription
Thanks Two boyfriends
Be careful when taking medication
I can take you to the hospital for an exam
I'm fine
Do you have any medical knowledge?
Are you a good doctor?
What did you say?
You almost failed in school
Somebody get the door, please
What do you want?
Flower delivery
Put it here
For you, Grace
Thank you
This is why I was late
Please take these poor flowers...
out of this room
I don't want to see them again
Thank you
Mr Chan
I've come at a bad time
I'll be back when there's less people around
Bye Bye
You may go now
Your foot seems fine, Joey
Shut up
Have you guys checked in?
I've checked in
Me too Don't worry
It'd be better if we met later
Cause I want to take a shower
You hear that? Go
You go first
You first
You get up and we'll leave together
Let's go then
Together Stand up
Dinner tonight, Joey?
Joey, let's go have a drink...
when Grace finishes
I'll call you later. Okay
You must save me this time, Grace
It won't take you too long
Go away! Let me hide somewhere
What're you doing? I have a headache
For old time's sake
Another one? Get lost!
He's wearing my suit
Grace, that fatty was right
I'll come back when there's less people around
Out of Don't block my way
You need to borrow money, Joey?
Is 200 dollars enough?
I'll pay you back in Hong Kong
My headache's gone
Bye, Grace Bye
Don't block my way
May I take a shower now?
Yes... Sure
Bye Bye
Take your shower I won't be any trouble
I'm dead if he finds me
You can pretend that I'm a flower
A sofa, a rug, or any furniture
Get out!
My bug is gone
I'm worried about Tina
Then call the police
Bye, sorry
He stinks
Don't hit me
Please Come in
Don't hit me
Make a turn
Give me a few poses
What for?
Just do it
What the hell?
Is this your suit?
He's the man in your dreams?
Don't make me laugh
I'm tired
I found out these guys were on a yacht
Making a deal worth millions of dollars
It's not money
What the hell is this?
Teddy, come here
I told you never call me by my real name...
Isn't this?
The map for the Missile Tracking System's here
I told you-they are buyers
I remember telling you to get out
I remember that, too
I beg you, Miss Grace
Get out
Just pretend that I'm a chair
I've never seen as rotten a man as you
We can't pick them up...
until we locate the device
I need you to seduce them to get some information
You want me go?
Don't tell me this also happened in your dream
He is more annoying than the phone ringing in my dream
I've got the honor of cleaning the bathroom
Go away
Can I meet you tonight for dinner?
See you at 7
See you tonight
You seem horny, Miss hussy
How come I never get a phone call?
Hold on
Go away
Do you have time for dinner tonight?
I didn't order cheesecake You ordered it
I only had the Caesar salad and the macaroni cheese
And the garlic bread, don't forget
You ate the bread, too
I only had two bites
Two bites? Give me a break
She said she was sick
She wanted to take a break
I'm Aman
Thanks for saving me yesterday, Aman
May we join you?
Your bill, sirs?
I owe 52 dollars
That can't be right, let me check
I'll be generous and round it up to 55 dollars
You expect me to pay the tip for you?
I just forgot it
It's 15 percents
I'm not paying more than 10 percent
It's on me
Stop arguing, guys
Thank you
May I have some privacy to talk to my friend?
Sorry Sorry
Will you stop saying sorry?
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm going to the bathroom
Who is that guy?
Your new boyfriend?
That's why you are here?
No, I just met him
I need some time to myself
To think about him?
Give me 2 days I'll make a decision about you two
Marry us? Will you?
May be
You can make the decision now
I said I need time
But there is a condition...
Just name it, I'll do it
Let me finish
The condition is that I don't see you for 2 days
If I see either one of you during the next 48 hours
Then that one is disqualified
I understand but why not...
No more words from either of you
Not a word from now on
From now, understand?
Let me introduced myself I'm Aman
This is Ken, and Vincent
You must have a lot of things to talk about
You've known Grace for a long time?
I see
There's Joey
Maybe we should say hello
I've got something to do
Let's meet tomorrow
See you at 9 am in the lobby
2 days Remember?
I'm going to talk to Joey
Mind if I join you two lovebirds?
Of course not
I won't stay long
Where's your Mr Perfect?
Batman and Robin scared him off
Oh, no
This is your last chance, Richard
What're you talking about?
Don't think I haven't noticed you two flirting...
for the whole world to see
I couldn't sleep for 2 nights
You have to make a choice now Richard
It's either her, or me
James... You know
I only love you
I'll kill myself if you cheat on me
James, come on...
Richard... Come on
I'm sorry
Thanks Thanks
Close the door
Put your pants on
What're you doing?
I can't believe it
An hour ago I thought I had everything
Now I've got nothing
I know how you feel I'm single, too
Get out of the way
Dessert already? I haven't eaten anything yet
One more Get the tissue paper
I won't get that commercial now
James won't let a rival on the shoot
Not in the mood
Me too I'm worrying about Tina
Hope she's alright
Can't you go outside? You stink
This trip is a disaster
Why are you still here?
Go away
Face the wall and spread your legs
Hands up
You've got 3 guys licking your heels
Throw me one after you make your choice
Am I this bad?
I'm starving, Grace
Love is a difficult thing
An emotion, a feeling
It's unpredictable
Thank you
Go to the bathroom
They must be talking about something secret
Has everything for the date with Grace been prepared?
You're ordering me?
Fix that damn mic instead
Sorry for being late
We can go now
Thanks Thank you
Is this your car?
It must be expensive
I've got several more in my mansion
What do you do for a living?
I'm a computer programmer
And you?
Nothing special
I'm a Hong Kong cop
A cop?
Mr Poon
Looking for me?
Listen, I'm not happy
I still can't get the disk back
Try to remember that theif
No smoking in the plane please fasten your seat belt
Yours again?
Hope you enjoy the flight
I love it
Hope you like the champagne
I love champagne
Cheers Cheers
Something's wrong
How come it stopped ringing?
You hang up to make it stop ringing
It's normal
Excuse me
What's wrong?
The owner wants his plane back
But we just got here
That's your problem
I could only afford for an hour
Just get off that plane
The car must be back at the hotel in 30 minutes
But I haven't got any clues yet
It's your fault for being inefficient...
What are you doing?
Oh, yeah...
What the hell?
Open the door
I'm hiding from that Fatty
Mr Chan?
Call me Bobby
Waiting for me?
I've had a stressful day
And I need to relax
Grace is coming back soon
I'm fast Come on
Let's go to the living room
I've been dreaming of this for so long
I warn you, stop!
Come on Let's go
You bet I can do it
Come out
He's my boyfriend
What are you doing here?
Room service
See, I found some food
See, chicken
I have to go
You missed me
You missed me, too
I never miss anything
Grace is not here
That's why I'm here
I'm not supposed to see her for 48 hours
Come in
I found the theif
He's in the honeymoon suite
Which room? Tell me
My mistress' room
512, got it?
I'm on my way
He got it
We have to leave now
We haven't finished the champagne yet
My friend called
He's having a mental breakdown
But what about the flight?
I'd make a better husband...
at least better than Ken
It's going to cost you
I'm willing to pay
You want me to sell my friend?
What's going on?
Where's the thief?
Calm down
Search carefully Yes!
Lend me this
That's my son's float!
You're damn late
Your boss only paid for 2 hours
You're mistaken, sir
There's no mistake
That's my car
I want my keys back
I guess the plane doesn't belong to you either
You don't need to impress me with a car or a plane
You're not a computer programmer right?
You're the one who's having a mental breakdown
Grace, I can explain
I don't like being treated like a fool
Joey and Vincent have been kidnapped
Did you see the kidnapping, No.1?
What kidnapping?
What's going on?
I remember you
What do you want?
You've been spying on us
What do you know...
Who the hell are you guys?
It's confidential
Call the police, Crab
Listen to me
We were hired by a private organization...
to track down a stolen Missile Tracking System
It's for sale on the black market and the deal is supposed to happen here
Bobby Chan is the agent
You thought we were mixed up in this deal?
We saw the blueprint in your room
You asked me out to get information out of me?
I bet your name isn't even Aman
Alex, who's Aman?
I'm Alex
Let's go, Crab
You're supposed to watch the room
Not don't mess around with women
What women? I didn't
Looking for that Missile Tracking System?
Will you help me?
I want to rescue my friend
I'll help you
Tell me everything
Those bad guys are hanging out in a yacht
Let's go
Is it ok if I wear this?
Which one is it?
That way I think
50 dollars a day
Including the boat and fishing equipments?
No way
Damn, I'll be disqualified
My fishing rod
Which way?
Which yacht is it?
They all look the same
That's the one
Where's my gun?
I'm leaving
I've told you to go away it's too late now
Guess what I want
I knew you guys would come
Where are my friends?
Where's the disk?
I'm waiting
We're not stupid enough to bring it here
It's in a safe place
I know where it is
I'll get the disk to you
See you at 8 pm tonight No tricks
Boss, you have a dinner date at 8 pm
Make it 9 then
You're booked for a massage at 9
And Karaoke Club at 10
At 12 you've booked the Blackjack table
At 2 am the truck's picking up the tracking device
You've blown our plan
Bring the disk to the golf course on the 3rd hole...
at 10 am tomorrow
If you're one minute late your friends will die
No police
You okay?
Would you believe me if I said so?
Let's go
You alright?
Be careful
Isn't that your boyfriend over there?
Thanks You're welcome
That means Vincent has won
It hurts!
You okay, Miss?
Don't worry I'm a doctor
How do you feel?
My foot
Be careful
It's like getting a new piercing
What disk was he talking about?
I had it in my hand
And now?
Take me there
I'm scared, Vincent
Everything will be fine
I feel like vomitting
Do it and you'll feel better
It looks familiar
This is the one
Where's the disk?
I threw it away
How long have we known each other Vincent?
I met you before meeting Grace
Funny how we never spent much time together
I was always busy... making money
I've owed you a lot of money
I never want you to pay me back
I'd give anything to smell a rose right now
I wish I could find one for you
We'll find it
A beautiful memory doesn't belong in a trashcan
It could be a bad memory for one of them
You can't throw memories away
They're part of your life forever
Hope you don't mind that I lied to you
You were only doing your job
I wanted to have a dream like yours
That's why I lied
I didn't have to pay anyway
There's more garbage waiting for us
It hurts
What happened?
Where's the disk?
Where are my friends?
Hurry up
Tell that fool to bring it here
Stop playing I mean you
Come here
You got the wrong person
Anyway just go, my HERO!
Open it
I found the disk!
The disk...
Thanks for the help
What have I done wrong?
You've ruined our plan
Kill them all
Want to die with me?
Stop, No.1!
We're going to die anyway
I've had enough
You're the fool!
Lay down
You... go to hell!
Want to shoot me? Take this
Find some hole to hide
That's the golf hole
Grace got shot!
You got shot in the ass? In the middle?
Grace, are you okay? Don't look!
I'm fine, go get them
I'll get them
You go and I'll stay here
Can you move?
Why should I stay here? I'm not a nurse
You're not stupid
You're smart!
Anyway forget this
Let me look at your wound
No way!
Lend me your card
My face is ruined Does I look bad?
It's sweet!
Honey, be my guest!
Come here
That durian didn't break, honey
You okay?
No problem
No fight with durians!
Is your ass okay?
Did you hear that?
Fighting is fighting No durians!
Damn! Why do you always accidentally hit me?
Cool! Good!
I fly
Do you take this man to your lawfully wedded husband?
I do
The ring
This ring symbolizes your undying love for one another
It has no beginning and no end as continue like your love
I now pronounce you husband and wife
Congratulations, you may kiss the bride
I want to get married, too
And I want to have a baby
Put it back
What's up, Grace?
I told you not to steal from friends
You should be a good example
Let me introduce you this's my girlfriend Tina
Miss, I'd find a better guy...
if I were you
Put them down
Don't push me
Honey, my teeth...
Don't worry, I'm here...
You look pretty again
You're so sweet, honey
Maybe we take the flight together next time
Waiting for the phone to ring again?
I had a dream last night
You came to pick me up at work and we had a dinner
Suddenly a bunch of assassins came in...
and shot you
So I woke up
Your job's dangerous
We've got a new mission for Cuba
The flight leaves in 2 hours
Excuse me, No.1. I need some privacy
I'll remember that night we were at the garbage dump
Remember that picture?
As you said
It's part of my life no matter how good or bad
Including them
I can't stand it, honey!
I'm trying!
Thank you
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