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Subtitles for Long Run The 2000.

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Long Run The 2000

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At the pump, 18 kilometers exactly.
Remember, you have to keep going for 90 kilometers.
So run at an even pace, or you will all die in that race.
Keep going, keep going.
Johannes, your legs, very good.
This is not a Sunday jog, my boys.
This is the Comrades.
Ninety kilometers of testing your spirit.
Forget about the pain. Is a lie. There is no pain.
No, no, no. Johannes.
Good, good.
Is a good time. A very good time.
You're enjoying it. Yes.
You're floating in the water.
Feel your legs relax in the water.
Lovely, warm water.
Good, Johannes.
- What? What is it? - We have visitors.
We have visitors.
Sorry, Berry. Sorry to interrupt.
There's somebody I'd like to introduce you to.
Patrick Gasa, Berry Bohmer.
- "The" Berry Bohmer. - I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Bohmer.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Gasa.
Yes. We'll talk again later.
What the hell was that?
I have no idea.
All I know is that you must be careful.
They might nail you for showering with the darkies.
They still don't like it.
- Good morning. - Good morning, Berry.
We took the liberty. Hope you don't mind.
What do you want?
We have great plans for the company, Berry.
Gasa here was hoping to pick your brains.
About what?
About your athletes.
Your work in general, personnel matters...
...our relationship with the unions, your territory.
I mean...
...what does it have to do with him?
Mr. Pool.
Mr. Bohmer is clearly a straightforward sort of a guy.
I think the two of you should talk alone first.
You are firing me.
Don't be ridiculous, Berry. Don't be ridiculous.
We're giving you a gift.
A gift?
Anyway, is under three years until you retire.
We're giving you a pension.
A full pension. Ill be generous.
Don't make this awkward, Berry.
We live in new times.
We've spoken of this before. The company needs a senior black manager.
What about my runners?
They've been training for Comrades for months.
I mean...
Gasa is a well-known athlete, middle-distance.
He's been looking at the record books.
The best you can hope for this year is...
...two in the top 500, huh?
No, no.
The man is a godsend, Berry.
He's got an M.B.A., he's p. C...
...he's what we need to change the face of this company.
But my boys, my runners.
They'll be his runners from now on.
No more Comrades.
Let me take them to the Comrades one last time.
I'll pay for the Kombi myself. I'll pay for the hotel rooms.
Please, let me take them.
- Guten Tag, china. - Guten Tag.
Your car keeps breaking down?
Why are you so early? Are you sick or something?
- No. They fired me. - What?
Who did this? Just give me the name.
Give you the name, and then?
This country is going fucking crazy, man.
Why did they fire you? What did you do?
- I'm old. - Here.
Wait, wait. I will give you a hand.
Who is she? She said thank you to me in German.
Christine. Namibia.
Catholic mission something something. She comes here every day.
Les make it like a banana and split. Time is money, china.
Les rock and roll!
Berry, what is this we are hearing?
Whas going on?
Coach, whas going on? Who's this Gasa?
Where did they find this guy?
I'm going to Comrades, even if I have to kill someone to get there.
We've already decided that we're all going to lose our jobs.
Finished, Coach.
Here, Coach. Take the bicycle.
- We are going running. - Come.
- Let them fire us, too. - Johannes!
You're paying for three people to go to school.
What becomes of them if you lose your job?
Miso. Seven people don't eat if you don't eat!
- Eight, Coach. My sister just had a boy. - Eight.
Popo. What becomes of your mother and your aunt?
Where do you find a job again in this country if you lose your job?
I mean, don't talk kak to me.
Shower, dress, back to the bricks!
I mean, les only talk shit to each other...
...if we have the money to do it. - What about you?
- Yeah, what about you? - I'm not talking about me.
I'm talking about you, and you, and you, and you!
I mean, do what Gasa tells you to do.
He's a good man. Gasa is a good man, a wonderful man.
But so are you.
Come. Come together.
I mean, forget about me.
- I'm fine. I'm fine. - Okay.
Please, do me a favor. Go.
You're still here! Go back to your own country. What are you doing here?
You're eating our food, stealing our money. You people are thieves!
Why must we tell you this every day?
You must listen!
If I catch you here again, you'll be sorry.
- This country's full of them! - You illegal immigrant.
You must go back home.
Christine, whas wrong?
Bertold, you're early.
Good morning. There's a receiver of revenue in there.
- Everything okay, Berry? - I'm fine. Thank you.
- Down the passage. - Thank you.
Good morning. My name is Bertold Bohmer.
I am a retired running coach.
I'm looking for a young woman, Christine from...
- I think from Namibia. - I don't know who you mean.
- I am talking about a woman who runs. - I'm afraid you're mistaken.
- I don't know a young woman who runs. - There. Look.
I don't care if you're in the country illegally. All I want is to coach you.
You are very gifted. I can help you.
Here. I wrote to you.
It says who I am and what I want to do. Please.
I don't need anyone's help. Leave us alone.
This is the police! We're searching the premises for illegal immigrants!
Please have your IDs or a passport ready to show to one of the officers!
You can't. Please, leave her alone!
- Christine, go! - Come back here!
- Christine! Run! Run! - Hey, you! Come back here!
Come on! Don't let her get away!
- Les go, les go! - Go around the back!
She's here somewhere.
- Do you see her? - There she is! Catch her!
Catch her!
Don't touch me!
Let go!
What now?
We're put in a camp.
We're taken by train across the border, and then we come back.
Hey, my sister, I've been here three times...
...and I'll be right back.
Know what? Next time I make it here, I'm making sure I make enough money... buy ID papers and become a good citizen of the Rainbow Nation.
Someone here called Christine?
Her uncle is here.
She's Christine.
Hey, come!
- Go, Christine. Get out. - This is your chance.
Don't say no when God wants to give you something.
Christine, go. Christine, is your only chance.
Just go.
My name is Bertold. I am so glad we were able to find you.
Come, please. Have a seat.
You're supposed to go to court tomorrow morning at 9:00.
Forget about it. Case closed.
Welcome back in the Rainbow Nation.
Where do you want to go?
I've nowhere to go.
Somehow, one doesn't see the mess until someone else sees it.
Oh, please, sit down.
Please, and I promise you, I'll do my very best from now on.
Are you absolutely certain you have no baggage?
I mean, I'll go and get it, no matter where it is.
- I'm sorry. Only what I'm wearing. - No.
I am sorry. It was silly of me to ask you.
We buy you whatever you need tomorrow.
I mean...
You must be starving.
I'll tell you what. There's a takeaway shop...
...two kilometers down the road.
- What would you like? - You decide.
Okay. Money, money.
- What do I have in my pocket? - Excuse me?
Do you live alone?
I didn't think of it.
I'll never take advantage of you.
All I want to do is train you for the Comrades.
There we go. Here we are.
Out, out, out.
Run, Emily.
- Wait for me! - Who's going to call him, huh?
Grandpa! Here he is. Grandpa, wake up. Wake up!
What is it? What is it? What is this? Let go, you rascals.
You are like wild dogs on an old buffalo.
What time is it?
I overslept. Shame, shame.
Good morning, my little...
Slowly now. Don't trample all over me with your big feet.
- I don't have big feet! - Not you, him.
- I don't have big feet, too. - Okay.
- Tell me, how's school? - I don't go to school.
You know what I mean. Your little groups, friends you play with.
Thas playschool.
Justin took my cookies.
What is this? What is it? Yes, your hat.
My little great lady.
Who is that woman in your bed?
That? Thas not a woman.
Thas Christine, she's an athlete. I'm coaching her.
I have to get her up. We must go running.
Must go running, yes.
Faster, Christine. Faster, faster.
No coach has ever worked with you?
You've never run a formal race?
Of any distance? Never?
Christine, if you do exactly what I say for the next year... are going to be very famous.
I'll wait for you ten kilometers ahead. Try and get there on time. Is uphill.
Now, go.
What sort of thing are you looking for?
Don't let it worry you.
I know exactly what I want.
Well, sir, I'm paid to know whas available.
You can harm her by giving her the wrong shoe.
I don't care whas available.
I think thas the shoe I want.
Give me, please, her size, five...
...and two bigger and two smaller ones. Then I can decide.
What do you want?
What about pajamas?
We haven't bought you anything to sleep in yet.
I think thas very nice.
Very beautiful, 100% cotton. What do you think?
I mean, is a beautiful color, isn't it?
As long as is comfortable. It must be comfortable. You are a runner.
May I?
- Look at this. - Do you mind?
There you are. A minute and I am ready for you.
Have a seat.
Just a beautiful meal.
To work this out in theory...
...was like doing a complex mathematical equation.
To put it into practice was pure joy.
Is given me enormous pleasure.
So, is pasta.
Whole wheat.
Is excellent. Whole wheat.
The sauce. Tomato.
Very tasty.
Very tasty.
So, les start.
Bon appetit, madame.
Are you going to join me?
No, I have eaten.
Are you going to stand there and watch me eat?
No, I'm very keen to hear your opinion.
I think I'd prefer it if you sit down with me.
Of course.
Where did you find this woman? Who is she?
I know nothing of her, except she runs like an angel.
I've no idea how she manages to use so little oxygen.
- She's that good? - Yeah.
I just saw her.
I am not a scientist, but I know a great runner when I see one.
I mean, everything is there.
She just has to be taught how to use it.
Mr. Bohmer, the desire to do well...
...that must come from her, not from you.
You can do her irreparable psychological harm.
Get out.
Put on your clothes and run.
Come on, Berry. Is lovely. Come in.
Christine, we made a deal.
We made a deal: I make the decisions about your training.
Come in, Berry.
I am waiting in my car. Please, get out!
So, sleep...
...sleep well.
Sleep well.
Berry, don't be ridiculous. You're much too big for that couch.
Come over here.
Are you sure?
Thank you.
I'm sorry. I couldn't afford two bedrooms.
We must find a smaller road-running club for you...
...and the four from the brick factory to join.
Soon. Out of the way. Nobody must hear of you beforehand.
And when you run your qualifying marathon... mustn't get a good time.
Just qualify for Comrades.
You must get to Maritzburg in June as just a number.
No one must know of you.
Then we hit them!
This arrangement is not going to work.
Surely there are other things we can talk about besides running.
I have your best interests at heart.
I defy anyone to work out a better diet, better schedule than I've done.
...l'll never harm you.
I mean, why would I? You are my best chance ever.
I promise you...
...l'd rather...
...let you go than harm you.
Of course you would.
Faster, Christine, please!
Is an excellent time, Christine!
Faster, faster. You do not listen to me.
Please, cross the white line.
Christine, please, cross the white line.
Oh, just shut up! This is not a race.
I cannot stop the stopwatch...
...unless you cross the white line.
- I am not crossing the white line. - Please, cross the white line!
You don't understand what I'm doing.
You don't understand the principle.
I know more about your body than you do.
I know what goes into you, and I know what comes out.
- I beg your pardon? - You know what I mean.
I'm trying to give you the optimal chance...
...of developing your extraordinary talent.
You don't know how gifted you are.
You yourself don't know... to develop your gift.
You must trust me. You must do as I say, Christine.
But what about the small things in life? What about happiness?
Don't those things matter to you at all?
- What do you want to play? - Draw.
- What are you going to draw? - I want to draw you.
Is nice to finally get to meet you properly.
How's the training going?
The training?
Is not so easy. In fact, I'm struggling.
You must forgive my father, his ways. He can be very abrupt.
And seemingly selfish.
He's been on his own for too long.
Is not that I don't appreciate everything he's done for me. Is just...
...he's so hard on me.
All he thinks and talks about is running.
Everything I eat, wear, he buys. I can't even cook a meal.
And I don't enjoy running like this, always being watched.
He's the most gentle person in the world.
Foolish often, but he's very gentle.
Well, he hides that very well sometimes...
...the gentleness.
My mother died in 1967.
You weren't even born then.
Thas all he knows:
Being on his own and running.
And making bricks, I suppose.
He's not very good at life at home with more than one person in it.
You'll be fine.
- Hey! - Hey! Berry!
Where the hell have you been? You have abandoned us.
Come, come.
Instead, you leave us with that piece of shit!
You are a skelm. Are you here to incite the workers?
I'm training a young woman to run Comrades.
And I need a bus to protect her. I need you.
You. All of you.
Do you still want to run Comrades with me?
- Would you? - We are with you.
Okay. Les play dirty. Let me see what I can do.
- Mazwai. - Mr. Tibos Mazwai.
From the Sowetan, investigating journalist.
How can I help you, Mr. Mazwai?
Let me hold the bull by its horns.
There's a rumor in the road-running community...
...that a certain Patrick Gasa... of your managers, has forced four gifted road runners... give up their sport.
There's talk of ethnic domination.
Gasa, can I see you, please?
Thank you.
Ethnic domination?
You heard me.
Gasa is Xhosa.
His victims are Zulu, Shangaan, Sotho, Tswana.
- Where do you get all this, Mr. Mazwai? - Don't ask me how to do my job.
I won't ask you how to do yours. Comment?
Mr. Gasa, Mr. Mazwai.
How's it?
Whas this about?
Would you mind repeating the allegations for Mr. Gasa, please?
Mr. Pool, I'm not here to indulge your staff.
Would you care to comment on the allegations I put to you?
I assure you thas complete nonsense.
Nothing like that has ever happened here. I give you my word for it.
What is complete nonsense?
That you stopped the ultra-marathoners because...
Christ, because you are Xhosa and they are not?
- Thas outrageous! - Are you calling my source a liar?
Nobody's calling anybody a liar, Mr. Mazwai.
Is a complete misunderstanding.
I guarantee the right of every employee here... practice the sport that he wants.
So, if the runners want to return... ultra-long-distance road running, they're free to do so?
- This is a setup. - Absolutely.
- Starting tomorrow morning? - Starting tomorrow.
- Including the Comrades? - Including the Comrades.
Hey, Berry!
Where have you been all this time?
Who's that guy? He must buy you a car. He's an asshole.
No. He's not an asshole. He's a bumpkin!
Get in the car.
Berry, but there's a woman in there.
Are we supposed to run the ladies' mile now?
I thought you wanted us to run Comrades.
No offense meant, of course.
This is a bus.
A group of friends running together.
They get to know each other and banter as they go along.
It relieves boredom and stress.
I'm not so sure about this. I've never run in a group before.
Thas why they're here.
In the Comrades, you've people around you for hours on end.
Get used to it. Come, come. Go.
- "Turn around - "Turn around, my baby
- "I want to see - "I want to see your figure
- "Turn around - "Turn around, my baby
- "I want to see - "I want to see your figure"
Testing, testing.
You are slow. Pay attention. You are slow.
You are still sleeping. Wake up.
Go. Do it! Faster.
Keep going, keep going. Faster.
Too much of sitting on your backsides.
Pick up the pace.
Don't let the bus slow you down.
Move your legs.
Is God, and he's German!
What do you think you're doing, Christine?
Come back here. Please. Christine!
Come back here! I order you to come back here!
Hey, gents. Gents.
Hey, Berry! Hey! Smoke break.
Johannes, les sit down.
Good afternoon. May I help you?
I am looking for Blanche Soci, the marathon runner.
Are you from the media? Do you have an appointment?
No, I want to ask Miss Soci's advice about something.
No, then I'd rather have you go around the back, please.
Blanche will be taking her tea in a few minutes.
Thank you.
If you had been from the media, we could have had tea inside.
She loves showing off her Blanche to the media.
- I had no idea you were... - A domestic worker.
Who are you?
My name is Bertold Bohmer.
My God, you are the German who trained Shadrack Mooki.
You are practically family, Berry.
Good. May I?
- Of course. - Thank you.
What can I do for you? Quickly. I have ten minutes.
I have a problem. I have a young prodigy.
She is very gifted, and I'm putting her on a very intensive training course... she can run Comrades in June.
You know there are certain things...
...certain elements.
I was wondering if you could...
I mean, as a woman...
...discuss these things with her on my behalf.
Are you talking about women's things...
...about menstruation stopping during intensive training?
- That sort of thing? - Yeah, that sort of stuff.
And she needs a friend.
I happen to know you are entering the Egoli Half-Marathon on Saturday...
...and I'll enter her, too.
And maybe, if you could, I'll have a braai...
...and can then talk a little bit, yes?
Let me meet her.
That would be just wonderful. Thank you.
Yeah! All right!
Thas the way to do it. Come on!
Yes, yes! Come on!
I'm Blanche.
I'm Christine.
- And where do you come from? - Pretoria.
They never made them this good in Pretoria.
- She's gorgeous. - Are you all right, Christine?
That was much too fast, much too fast.
- I'm fine. - Really?
- Really. - Really.
Hey, I know you. You used to train Shadrack Mooki.
Berry, you old scoundrel.
How come we've not seen each other for so long?
- You're always very busy. - Thas right.
Always the Comrades, Comrades.
He's completely crazy about the Comrades, this one.
They're all mad. Him, Shadrack, the whole lot.
You've met Christine, Blanche? And do you know my boys?
- Miso, Popo, Kupa, Johannes? - I do now.
I tell you what. Why don't we have a braai later at my place?
- A braai? Sure! - You get the meat.
- I'll get the meat. - No, I'll get the meat!
And you bring a big salad. What do you say?
Yeah. Sounds like the best party in town.
Patrick Gasa.
- What did you say? - I said, your braai is the best party in town.
I'll bring some good wine.
- Excuse me. Come here. - Okay.
Gasa, you can't do this.
Miss Soci, congratulations.
I've been a great admirer of yours for years.
- You don't mind if I join your party? - No.
- The more, the merrier. - Thank you. And you are?
- I'm Christine. - Christine.
Is true. He was running around like a headless chicken.
You know, he's a fantastic actor...
You want me to kill him?
Do you want me to kill him now?
Not yet.
I might.
Have you ever heard anything like this? Is she blushing?
Is that how you blush? Okay. I see. I'll recognize it next time.
- This Shadrack. Who was he? - Is a long story.
They fell out about training methods, and they haven't spoken since.
Who is this?
Thas his wife. She died a long time ago.
And thas his daughter with her two children. They live in Olivedale.
And you two live here alone?
He doesn't see me as a woman. I'm just a racehorse to him.
I won't believe that for a minute.
He's a strange one. He hides himself.
Sometimes, I think he has no life other than watching other people running.
And you are his full-time occupation?
Now, that would really, really scare me.
Good, good.
One more? Which one is that?
Okay, take this. That one.
Can I introduce you gentlemen to some good wine?
Suit yourselves. Berry? Retirement becomes you.
You are going to leave her alone.
I found her. I train her.
You don't own her, Berry.
Slavery was abolished around 1820, I believe.
What she does in six months is her own business.
Until then, she is mine.
Gasa, I want you to finish your wine, get in your expensive car and go.
- From sad to tragic. - I didn't invite you here.
What is it with you, Berry? Why are you so damned obsessed about this race?
And the people who run it? What is it?
Leave me alone.
- Hey, enjoy your party! - All right.
- Cheers. - Whas his problem?
Christine. Good morning.
Only 12 kilometers this morning.
I'm not going anywhere.
I can't live like this anymore, Berry. You can't keep me in prison.
I'm here or running, and when I'm running...
...I must run the way you want me to.
I want a life like everybody else. I want a job! I want friends!
And why? Why did you have to chase him away last night?
I enjoy his company.
I didn't. I didn't chase him away.
I didn't invite him.
Thas a big difference.
- Thank you for the jacket. - My pleasure.
- Berry. - What?
Christine. God!
I'm going now.
This is the telephone number where you can reach me.
Is a dry cleaners in Mamelodi.
Tell me, what must I do? Kill him?
Gasa has nothing to do with this.
- All he did was help me find a job. - And a place to stay.
- What about your training, your diet? - This is not about my training.
We are two weeks behind.
Berry, you can't have my life.
This is not about my running. Is your desire to control everything I do.
I have to live my way now.
Are you going... live with Gasa?
No. How can you ask me that?
Just give me a few days to settle down. Then phone me.
- We can work something out. Please. - Christine.
I won't. I won't phone you.
I won't follow you.
If you leave here now, then...
Please, don't go.
Please, just phone me. We can do this differently.
Whas wrong?
She's gone.
- I've lost her. - What?
I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say to her.
I mean, she's young. She needs friends, music, nights out.
Whatever it is that young people need.
- Are you in love with her? - No.
It never entered your mind that she's a beautiful woman?
For Gos sake! Don't talk nonsense to me.
Don't be like that. Talk to me. Come on.
All I wanted for her was to run the Comrades.
Thas all. All I ask of God.
Can we talk?
I'd rather not, Berry. This is...
Is very difficult for me.
Well, go ahead.
You know how it is here. We have our own blacks... on the property, and, you know.
- You know what I mean. - No, I don't.
Never have.
Look, this isn't my idea. My wife...
Her mother's getting old, and she's been saying is time to put up the old lady... this cottage, where we can look after her.
You were saying about the blacks?
I'd prefer to hear it that way.
Berry, you have that woman living here.
Now, you know us. We're broad-minded people.
But it gives the wrong ideas to our own blacks, Berry.
I'll be out as soon as I can.
Berry, there's no need. Take your time, please.
There's Berry. Whas his problem?
I can see your thoughts are still far away.
Sorry to disturb you. Is time to listen to my heart.
Your heart is...
Berry, come on. You can't go on like this. It has to stop now. Is been a month.
I agree. I agree.
Les give up the whole thing.
- What? - Give up the whole thing?
Hey, gents. "Give up the whole thing."
No ways, Berry. Fuck you! Who the hell do you think you are?
No ways!
You think you can come and mess up my life like that?
No, fuck you, Berry!
I also want to run this fucking race, Berry!
I also want to do fucking well!
Do you think I'm just a Kaffir, and you can wipe your white ass on me?
- Fuck you, Berry! - Careful.
- Yeah? - Be careful.
And you, old man, go to hell.
Hey, Miso!
Come on. Wait for us!
I worry about Berry.
- Sorry to bring him up again. - I know.
I was so certain he would phone me.
I thought he was just angry, but is been weeks now.
I wanted us to stay friends.
Look, Berry can take care of himself. Make no mistake.
The man's as tough as nails. He'll survive.
- Thank you. That was delicious. - Glad you enjoyed it.
Listen. I want to talk about something else.
We get along well. Very well.
God, let me just say this.
There's a spare bedroom in my flat.
I'd like you to come and live there.
I'm very flattered, but I'm happy at the dry cleaners.
No, you can keep working there as long as you want.
You'll just have a different home.
Come on. We could be good housemates, Christine. You know that.
More than housemates, if it comes to that.
Thanks, but no, thanks.
We'll talk about it again. I'm not going to give up that easily.
I have to do a 30-kilometer run tomorrow morning.
You're not still counting the kilometers, are you?
That was Berry's way of doing things. Christine, you're your own person now.
Go wait in the car. I'll come and get you now.
What are you scared of?
I don't know.
Of Comrades, I suppose.
I think you're scared of Christine.
I never told you. I tried to run Comrades, twice.
Right after we came here in '66.
I couldn't finish it.
I skipped the next year.
I tried again in '68. I trained to perfection.
I couldn't finish it. I couldn't.
I couldn't get over Cowie's Hill.
Why have you never told me this before?
You were just a child. Two years old, Anna.
- She was my last chance. - No, don't say that.
They told me I might...
...harm her, and I made mistakes. I made mistakes.
No, no.
Listen to me.
You have never harmed anyone in your life.
The only person you've ever harmed is yourself.
Thank you, Anna. Thank you.
May I join you?
Thank you.
Pass me the salt, please.
Here. There's the salt.
Thank you.
And tomato sauce.
I mean...
- May I? May I? - Yeah.
I am very sorry.
Is your race. Is your training.
I was wrong to walk away from you.
Miso, he says he's sorry.
So, I was thinking...
When something happens that breaks his great white heart...
...he can abandon us again.
There is no more Christine.
- Only us. I promise you this. - Christine is one of us, Berry.
Look at this.
- She won the Coaldust in Witbank. - What is this?
She came out top 20.
She qualified for Comrades, Berry. Why can't we run with her?
Christine, you have a visitor.
How are you?
We've all missed you.
We've not been running with Berry.
The old Berry's gone, Christine.
Running was his whole life, and now he's got nothing.
Christine, please don't do this to him.
What are you talking about, Miso?
I have done nothing to him.
When I left his house, I didn't think this would happen.
All I wanted was...
...a job and a place of my own.
Okay. Now, Christine, listen to me.
You have to help Berry.
You're the only one who can do that.
I have to get back to work now.
What was your time in Witbank?
Three hours, 52 minutes and 12 seconds.
- Thas too fast. - Don't worry. Nobody noticed me.
Special request just came in for our Comrades team, leaving in the morning!
Drive safe. Good luck. Here's your song.
Come on. You are going to dance.
Don't be ridiculous. I've never danced in my whole life.
- No, please. - Exactly. Come.
- No, really. - Come on, Berry.
- I mean... - No excuses.
The secret is, just let your body do the talking.
My body tells me to sit down.
No. Your body tells you to come up and dance.
Hey, Berry! Come.
You are a lovely thing. You want a job as a dancer?
- I'm impressed. - Thank you very much.
Well, enjoy it. On the house.
I don't want you to see him.
I'm not seeing him, Gasa.
I'm not seeing you, either. I'm just preparing to run a race.
Yeah. His race.
Christine, I've made a mistake not telling you this before.
I want you in my house, in my life...
Did you hear me?
- I'm telling you that I... - Gasa, listen to me.
I have only one thing on my mind right now:
Running and finishing that race.
I think I'd like to go back now.
Christine, I've said this 100 times:
- Cowie's is a nightmare. - "It can kill."
"You've been going downhill for 30 Ks.
"No hill in sight. Then you hit Pinetown.
"Is as flat as a pancake, and you relax, and just when you think you've recovered...
"'re more than three-quarters through the race...
"...Cowie's hits you.
"Is like running into a wall.
- "It never stops. It kills you." - Yes.
I know, Berry, I know.
Can we go and look at it, please?
Is this it?
This hill...
...has destroyed thousands of people.
- What are you doing? - I'm running up this hill.
No, no. You are not. You don't play with this hill, ever.
Yes, I do. In fact, I'm going to sprint up this hill... when I come back to it, it will know me.
Christine, get in the taxi. Get in the taxi!
I know this race, this hill, and you don't.
Sorry, Berry. I'm running up this hill. See you at the top.
Christine! Stop! Stop!
Fuck you!
- There are many ways to kill a cat, china. - Follow her!
Christine, stop. Get in the taxi, I beg you.
Please, Christine!
You have another two hours. Please, go back to bed.
I've slept enough.
I was just...
Whatever happens today... must know you have extraordinary talent...
...and maybe this is the wrong race for you.
Don't you give it another thought, Berry.
If I disgrace you and myself...
...l'll simply do it better next time.
Thas not what I meant at all. No.
- Gosh, you're freezing. - No. Is fine.
- Here. - Thank you. Thank you.
Drink any water you may need.
Five times, there are people with your special stuff.
Miso knows exactly where they are.
And Miso will look after you.
He and the others will stay with you, of course, as long as they can.
Don't worry, Berry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for finding me.
There are now three minutes to go before the start...
...of this year's Comrades Marathon.
The weather is clear, and it will get hotter later in the day.
So, runners, keep replenishing those fluids.
I've just been informed that there are 14,000 runners here this morning.
That certainly puts pay to those days in the '50s...
...when Wally Haywood could shake hands with all the participants at the start.
Runners, after all those months of training...
...and the thousands of kilometers you've run, here you are... last, with the final 90 kilometers ahead of you.
Stand by.
- Are you nervous? - Of course I am. Of course.
Please remember to wait for Max Trimborn's cockcrow...
...and the gun, before you start running.
Where are we? How we doing?
Our god from Germany would say, "You are too fast."
Come, come, Johannes!
Come on. We're used to this pace.
The sun has just come up. Bars don't normally open this early.
- Good morning. - Good morning, Eddie.
I've come here for years. Belongs to a friend.
Keep going! Keep going!
Come on, guys! Drink a lot of water!
- Christine! - Yes.
Good luck!
Teachers' meeting. Bottom's up to my teacher.
They're heading towards the halfway mark...
- Yes. - Berry?
She went through at 8:08.
The bus is still together. They're looking hell of a good.
- Shit! - What?
She's going too fast, much too fast!
I told Miso to slow her down. Miso, slow her down!
There's an interesting development further back.
Just about 350 meters behind the leaders, there is this young woman...
...Christine Moyo. She just passed the halfway mark.
The only information we have on her is her qualifying marathon.
That was the Coaldust way back in March, and that was run in Witbank.
Ran quite a good time, but nothing sensational.
Before that, as far as we know, she'd never run a marathon in her life.
- Still, she's doing pretty well so far. - So far.
Will she be a factor an hour from now?
Les get back to the leaders. Anne, whas happening up front?
Well, the defending champion, Hilda Snyman, is ahead...
...and Joubert, Liakova and Bischoff are right behind, on her heels.
Just keep running, Christine.
Just keep running.
- Miso! Miso! - Come, Christine. Come.
No one finishes the Comrades in a bus.
Hilda Snyman, though, is still leading the ladies' race.
But I may have to eat my words now.
Christine Moyo definitely seems to be a factor.
She's running a pretty good time.
You cannot run the Comrades like this.
Is not a Sunday morning jog.
The second phoned with her time. They said Christine didn't take a bottle.
Berry, I'm talking to you.
I'm giving you news!
Whas wrong with you? Just now, you were my main man.
Your runners are doing well. And now, you're depressed again.
Up and down, like a yo-yo.
Five fools! Usually, I have only four fools.
None of them will survive Cowie's. None of them.
Is all my fault, my mistake, my fault!
How's it, Berry?
You're better known around here than I thought, old man.
"The old German, Berry? He'll be in the Big Cecil bar in Durban."
Smoke break!
Bless you. Go.
I need us to stay together.
No one said it wasn't going to be hard.
We are not the same, you know.
Some of us do better than others.
So just forget about us.
...we always run together.
Thas what we do best.
Okay. I'm right here. Right here.
Jerry, it seems our mystery lady, Christine Moyo...
...has, indeed, been coached, apparently by Bertold Bohmer.
- Do you remember him? - Yes.
He has a history of coaching black runners. His great moment, remember...
...Shadrack Mooki. - Yeah.
Since Shadrack, Berry has passionately pursued the Gunga Din team trophy.
That was with runners from a brick factory in Pretoria.
But he vanished from road running just before last year's event.
No one's really sure why. I think is fair to say...
...that Berry's regarded as something of an eccentric in road-running circles.
He's very much an eccentric.
Well, back to the action. Is Moyo approaching Kloof.
She's running at a very fast pace, and is her first Comrades.
I doubt if she's kept enough in reserve to get her over Cowie's Hill.
She's put in a good run so far. Maybe she'll be back next year...
Does it hurt?
Hearing them say those things about you?
Great run!
Is almost over! You're almost there!
Christine Moyo has caught up with Hilda Snyman...
...and fantastic as it may have seemed before Cowie's...
...there is a possibility that this young lady, who has come from nowhere...
...could be the first African woman to win the Comrades.
They say she might win this.
Whas cooking here? Did you hear what they said on the TV?
She might... She might win this.
From now on, is nothing but pain.
Berry says to enjoy it. Forget everything he told you.
Good luck!
She might win this.
She might win this.
Run! Run! Run! Run!
A very determined Christine Moyo up and running now.
I must say, is seldom one sees such true grit in a runner.
Your moment of glory, Berry.
What she's doing now has nothing to do with me or you.
No one could have trained her for this.
What she's doing now comes from... I don't know. Is...
Is a province of soul.
No one could have trained her for this. Is nothing to do with me. Nothing.
I'll tell you what.
You can have your boys back...
...if you just let me have her.
I don't own her, Mr. Gasa.
Do you want to come along?
Les go. Les go!
This is it, folks. The final stages of the race.
After 90 kilometers, this is it.
Our first woman must be very close now.
There's the helicopter accompanying her.
Ladies and gentlemen, Christine Moyo is about to enter the stadium.
She is five minutes ahead of Liakova.
Miss Moyo will be the first ever African winner of the ladies' race.
What an achievement, ladies and gentlemen.
She has managed to keep her focus and keep going.
Botha's Hill, Cowie's, 45th Cutting, Toll Gate.
She has overcome all the obstacles of this cruel race.
And now, practically 90 kilometers later, Christine Moyo is approaching the final lap.
Come on, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together...
...and les all bring her home.
Yes! Yes!
Christine Moyo, congratulations on a magnificent performance.
Later this afternoon, Christine Moyo will join Jaroslav Janicki...
...the winner of the men's race, on the podium to receive her gold medal.
Christine Moyo, please come to the media circle.
I've got to go now.
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