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Subtitles for Lone Wolf and Cub 5 - Babycart in the Land of Demons (Kozure Okami 5) 1973.

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Lone Wolf and Cub 5 - Babycart in the Land of Demons (Kozure Okami 5) 1973

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KOZURE OKAMI Lone wolf with cub
The way of hell
Directed by Kenji Misumi
Forgive me my directness,
but regarding the picture on your rag you are searching for
the lone wolf
Is that you ...?
People use to call me so.
This is the skill of the lone wolf,
..the former Kaishakunin of the Shogunate, Itto Ogami.
Here's 100 Ryo.
One says you charge 500 Ryo for an assassination.
I have here..
..a fifth..
..of this amount.
Please take it.
You wanted to test my skills?
16 of the best swordsmen of our clan are spread in the country.
All wear the picture of the devil on them.
We have spread among the roads and rivers.
I serve the Chikuzen-Kuroda-Clan.
My name is Ukon Ayabe.
I can only accept when you tell me the whole story.
I know.
After I and four others..
..have tested your skills,
..and you got 100 Ryo from each of us,'ll also get a part of the story from each.
This should be ...
Your identfication to them ...
Take it... Please...
As Ukon Ayabe, I serve the Kuroda-Clan.
My name is Kazuma Izumi.
I am Itto Ogami.
This is a message to the next..
of our men.
Please accept our offer.
I am Shusuke Mogami, vassal of the Kuroda-Clan.
Even though my skils are limited, I'd like to test you as well.
I am Itto Ogami.
If you defeat me, please,
take the 100 Ryo,
take this necklace and walk on. - OK.
The Lord of the Kuroda-Klan isn't a prince, but a princess..
..of five years.
The old lord told the Shogunate that she's a prince.
The first visit to the Shogunate has been delayed so far..
..due to her youth to a point..
..after her initiation as a Lord.
The former Lord, Naritaka,
..already resigned.
If the Shogunate finds all this out, the Kuroda-Clan will be lost.
Save our Clan ...
...and kill the princess!
Kill the princess!
Are you the third?
My name is Hachiro Mawatari, I am a vassal of the Kuroda-Clan.
The 100 Ryo are in my pocket. Take them!
I agree.
There's little life left in me.
Till the last breath I'll tell you..
..The whole story.
Lord Naritaka loves his concubine Otae a lot.
She gave birth to a princess, Hamachiyo,
..but he passed her off as his son, Prince Matsumaru.
He keeps his true son Matsumaru, from his first wife,
..locked up although he is his..
..Descendant as well.
Lord Naritaka...
There is a written document..
..signed by Lord Naritaka,
..that proves everything.
Lord Naritaka gave it to..
Wajo Jikei,
..To keep it.
Wajo Jikei is the Chief-priest of the Sofuku-temple,
..where the shrine of the family is kept.
He is well respected by the Lord,
..the people,
..and the Shogunate.
There is a certain danger that..
..the document will fall into the hands of the administration,
..which will be a great threat to the Kuroda-clan.
destroy this document!
The document...
One moment.
over there at the pond there's a strange fellow.
He's lying in wait for a ronin with a baby cart.
Is it you he's waiting for?
I will help you.
That's not neccessary.
I am Yamon Kikuchi, vassal of the Kuroda-Clan.
If you are the former Kaishakunin, Itto Ogami, must be master of the Suio-Style.
Could you show me the mysterious technique of wave cutting?
I'd like to see it with my own eyes.
Wajo Jikei did...
Wajo Jikei is on his way to Kamakura for a requiem.
A Monk of the Sofuku-Temples became suspicious.
Just as in the past,
..after Wajo Jikei received the document,
..he departed unexpectedly to Kamakura,
Although he already cancelled..
..his participation in the requiem.. the Zuizan-Temple.
To be certain, the monk risked..
..his life and searched for the document.
The result of our investigations.. that Waji Jikei is the leader..
..of a spy-ring who rules..
..the territories around..
Apart from that he belongs to the Yagyu-Clan.
We assume,
..he is delivering the document.. Retsudo Yagyu.
I don't need no help as I already said.
I'm in no hurry and the case looked interesting.
My name is Kanbei Sazareishi.
As I thought, this ronin was after your Life.
I watched you and I am quite impressed by your skills.
You must be exhausted. Would you like some tea?
The tea is hot. It's my invention.
Two bamboo-tubes, sticking in one another keep him warm.
So I can have some hot tea whenever I want to,
..without getting poisoned. So, here it is.
It's very hot today ...
I accept.
Master Itto Ogami?
So you do have weaknesses?
There was a high dose of poison mixed into the tea.
We wanted to test every aspect of your skills.
Forgive me.
I, Kanbe Sazareishi from the Kuroda-Klan, will kill you!
Please, kill Wajo Jikei and save the document!
He keeps the document in his Sutra- Role-Container.
Nobody except him is allowed.. touch it.
Please, Master Ogami.
In the name of Chief administrator Wakita..
..and the Kuroda-Clan..
For our Clan ... even when we have to sacrifice our lives ...
Master Ogami... Please...
..he wanted to meet his father so much... - Oh, yes!
What you see here, is our precious family-sword ...
This is the proof ... - Come look!
As if our desire had been listened too ... - Yes!
... There was one who came from the, mountains, wanded in black.
The flower in his right hand.
They crossed the bridge to the village, visit the graves.
The story of the child who bears, the sins of it's parents...
Come here!
This is Miss Hana.
Miss Hana will sing for us.
Please donate afterwards. Adults 18 Mon, children 9 Mon.
...Goldfishes and turtles!
...Goldfishes! - Watermelons!
Sweet, delicious Watermelons! Sweet Watermelons!
Your life is mine.
You can't kill the "Mu", the void and nothingness.
Unite your object and your subject,
Forget yourself and melt with the nothingness.
You can't kill me because my inner self is now part
of the whole.
If you meet Buddha, kill Buddha.
If you meet your parents, kill them.
Nothingness is on the way to murder.
If you can't kill me,
you can't walk through the gate of murder.
Ouch! - Oh, I beg your pardon.
I'm so sorry.
Are you hurt?
That should be enough for a while. - Don't be silly.
This wasn't worth the trouble.
You're Right, mistress Oyo!
Hokuro, raise the curtain! - Yes.
You are the well known investigator Senzo Sinnoji.
I heard from your skills.
I am honoured. I was on my way to introduce me.
And you're after Oyo..
..and her companion Tomekichi? - Yes.
A "Wanted" circular must have arrived. - Right.
They are using the summer festivities to steal purses.
She's able to change from a nun to a whore in one minute.
Nobody's ever seen her true self.
Pardon. - No problem.
Ouch! - Oh, I beg your pardon.
You want to excuse yourself! - Pardon.
Pickpocket! Pickpocket!
This is Senzo Shinnoji.
Hey little boy, would you keep this for me?
Don't say anything to anyone! Promised?
That is my purse.
Rascal! - Hey, one moment!
Hey little boy,
Could you tell me who gave the purse to you?
Be a good boy..
..and tell me who she is.
I'll give you whatever you want. Sweets, a flute...
Usually children talk when you offer them such things ...
That's suspicious. Maybe he's her relative?
Tie him up!
Senzo, he's a child. No need to tie him up.
It's very well possible that she uses children for her work.
I am coming from Edo, catch her. I'll have to save my face.
You can rely on my instincts.
Look, what a cute little boy ...
Poor boy ... What did he do?
Really ... That must be a misunderstanding.
You can't tie up a child like that.
It makes no sense.
You'll have to catch the thief.
If she turns herself in, it'll be OK.
I'll whip this brat! - What?
I don't like doing it,
..but we'll have to take our measures against crime. Otherwise it spreads.
I'll have to catch her today.
This child was arrested,
..because it helped the pickpocket Oyo.
It won't be spared.
Following Paragraph 17 of the book of laws,
we'll have to whip it. - Leave him alone!
As soon as Oyo turns herself in, we'll release it.
This is evil! And you pretend belonging to the adminitration?
Shut up!
Won't you turn yourself in Oyo? I believe you have a conscience.
I know that you are somewhere down there.
You know what you have to do to save this child.
I think,
..every human..
..has something good in him..
That's why I don't hate the people, but only what they do.
Are you listening, Oyo?
But if you don't save this child,
I'll hate you!
For the first time I will hate you and I'll hunt you down to the
end of days.
It doesn't show no fear.
It doesn't bat an eyelid.
Poor boy ... - What a brave child!
One moment!
I am Oyo. Please release him.
That's honourable, Oyo.
The administration will take that into account.
This child is innocent.
I don't even know it.
But I gave him the purse to keep it for me.
Little boy, somebody gave you the purse.
Was that she?
No. - What?
Why are you saying that?
If you lie, you'll get whipped.
It was her, wasn't it? - No.
It's OK. Tell them, it was me.
Why do you protect me?
Are you really Oyo?
I am.
I don't understand that.
I can't imagine this little boy lying.
As you see,
I AM Oyo!
Impressive ...
There are other pickpockets apart from Oyo.
There must be something behind this.
I'll whip the truth out of you.
I'm asking you one last time ...
No! - Little boy, why?
Oh, Master ...
I am Oyo.
The pickpocket. - Shut up!
Please, please tell them the truth.
Stop, please.
Why do you put up with it?
Just to protect me?
It wasn't you.
Boy ...
What did you say when you gave him the purse?
I suppose, he feels obliged to you.
I told him ... to keep it for me..
..and not to say a word to anyone. He had to promise it to me.
The promise not to tell anyone about it ...
He didn't say anything, to keep his promise.
That's how it must have been.
I believe now that you are Oyo.
It might be the child of a tramp,
..otherwise his parents would have done something ...
Or they have other reasons ...
My dear little boy,
..I'll never steal again, that's what I promise to you.
Thank you.
It's over now.
You may go.
Wild geese fly above us.
The bigone first...
the little one behind her...
peacefully passing over our heads.
I am Shiranui, guardian of Lord Matsumaru.
I have already met your five men.
I know. - Then there's nothing to talk.
Why do you atack me?
Tell me the reason for this attack.
After you killed Wajo Jikei and saved the document,
..I'd like you to hand it over..
..personally to the lord.
Will you do so? - I refuse.
I will do the assassination. After that the job is done...
and I won't care what you do afterwards.
These are 500 Ryo.
There's another assassination I want you to do.
I agree.
Tell me the whole story.
The persons are a five year old child, his mother,
and his father.
Master Ogami.. father...
of a motherless child...
Can you kill them?
We, father and son,
are going the way of hell,
Nothing can scare us,
we are prepared for all that may come...
These three persons..
..are our masters...
From now on the Ura-Yagyu will escort you.
Lord Retsudo awaits you at the other side.
now we enter the way of hell again.
You, who walks the way of hell,
pass the border...
The boat is sinking!
Damned Itto Ogami.
Kill him!
Master Ogami, leave them up to us and run!
The masked warriors from Kuroda.
Master Ogami, I will take care of the document.
Come to Kuroda as fast as possible, I'll follow with the document.
Give this to Lord Retsudo.
Leave me alone now. - Aye!
Damned, Itto Ogami ...
He still has the document!
We are vassals of the Yagyu-Clan
and want to pass.
Itto Ogami, you, who resists the Yagyu-Clan..
..and supports the Kuroda-Clan,
Know this:
I will hunt you till the youngest day.
It's me, Shiranui.
I followed the spy until he reached Retsudo's home.
There I witnessed your great skills, Master Ogami.
I have only one favour left to ask from you.
Would you listen to me without asking for details?
We, the chief administrator Wakita..
and myself, think we act right.. let our clan survive..
Please, Master Ogami.
So be it ...
Please take out the document, you have with you.
Open it.
Master Ogami,
Bring it to our Lord the way it looks now.
I am talking to Itto Ogami, former Kaishakunin of the Shogun.
We, the masked warriors are impressed by your skills, showed at the river.
We have come to take the document.. got from Wajo Jikei.
I refuse.
I heard the masked warriors of the Kurode-Clan are well known for..
..their spear-fighting skills.
They wear masks when they battle, cover the grimaces they show, the moment of death.
Let me speak to you.
I feel an obligation to the vassals, who sacrificed their lives.. bring back this document, Lord Matsumaru.
I would like to hand it to him personally.
We agree.
We will be your escort.
Master Ogami, we will do the fighting. Hurry to Kuroda!
Damned Itto Ogami!
He enters Kuroda territory!
I am Itto Ogami, the lone wolf.
This here is my only son, Daigoro.
I bring back the document.
Please take it.
Master Ogami,
How dare you to come her with your sword at your side?
Forgive me,
but this sword, Dodanuki, is a battlesword.
I thought that if you see that I sealed it with my own hair
you would let me in.
You wanted to show that you come in peace?
Then why did you refuse to hand over the document?
I wanted to hand it over to the Lord by myself.
Where is Master Matsumaru, Lord of the Kuroda-Clan?
He sits right in front of you.
Thats Princess Hamachiyo.
Master Ogami, why this sudden aggression?
The Kuroda exist since the emperor Uda and the Genji.
Your ancestor Nyusuinyudo conquered Saikaido,
and his son Kanbei spread your name throughout the whole country.
People praise and fear your clan.
You are the force of Saikaido.
A clan of warriors,
..supporter of Bushido.
That's what you stand for.
In love of the lord's concubine you passed her daughter,
..Hamachiyo as the son,
And you locked up the true son..
..of your first wife.
What a cruel thing to do.
How could this ever happen? - Shut up, Itto Ogami!
Don't move, or the masked warriors..
..will kill you!
I am Naritaka, former Lord.
Father of Matsumaru.
I will take the document Give it to me!
I agree.
This... this is...
Kill him! - Yes, kill him!
Lord, better move back. - Yes.
Kazuma Izumi, Leader of the Lord's guard! Get ready!
I am talking from warrior to warrior.
Please, spare my Mask.
We fought for our Clan, sacrificing our lives.
Save the clan and it's values which have survived for generations.
Since it is you, I beg you for another favour.
The coup-de-grace.
So be it.
My Lord! - No!
I won't. I won't commit Seppuku.
My Lord, please ... Commit Seppuku.
Away, away, move away! Away!
My Lord, do it for your people.
No! - My Lord, please.
Kill him!
My Lord, commit Seppuku!
Kill him! Kill this man!
Commit Seppuku, please. - Kill him!
My Lord. - Kill him!
Lord! - Kill him!
Commit Seppuku! - Kill him!
How he behaved in an 'exemplary' manner, our Lord.
He committed Seppuku just as he had to do.
The ancestors will be our witnesses,
..that our clan will prosper again.
You committed Seppuku?
Master Ogami,
I follow my dead Lord..
..and accompany him on his way.. the other side.
..corrected by Crusty
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