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Subtitles for Lone Wolf and Cub 3 - Baby Cart to Hades (Kozure Okami 3 1972).

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Lone Wolf and Cub 3 - Baby Cart to Hades (Kozure Okami 3 1972)

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The boat casts off!
The pram can't go aboard.
It won't!
Ah. now I understand.
Shut up!
Haven't I told you that you'll eat well, wear beautiful clothes...
live a life in luxury?
There can't be anything valuable in it! Let it go!
Thank you!
OKAMI The winds of death
Baby Cart to hades
Directed by Kenji Misumi
Why aren't there any beautiful women passing here?
Don't be so impatient!
We're not in any hurry. There's enough time left for some nice women
The time between jobs is by far the most amusing part ...
During work there's no time left for anything!
Pretty hot.
You wanna drink with us?
No thanks.
Don't be rude. Join us.
You're a strange fellow.
You don't drink Sake, neither are you interested in women.
Why on earth have you become a mercenary then?
We're just decoration. The lords hire us as escorts to make his
people look more in numbers.
Vagabonds, living from hand to mouth.
Even if we wanted, no one would give us a permanent job.
We're scum.
Samurais with two swords - nothing to scare anyone!
In the past you've been a real samurai. Look what has become of you.
Simply relax and enjoy the fun!
Your attitude pisses us off.
Our only pleasure are women.
If it weren't for the fun we stopped being mercenaries a long time ago.
The good thing is: After you layed them, you move away to another place.
Nobody will ever bother us with what we did ...
Join us, Master Kanbe!
Patience always gets rewarded!
What the hell ...
We're mercenaries.
Yes, Mercenaries.
I'll give you all my money.
We ain't no robbers.
We don't wanna steal, we just wanna use something.
Nothing that'll be worn out afterwards.
Actually it gets better every time. We're doing you a favour
Help! Help!
No! Mother, help me!
I will report you!
That won't help you.
We'll be out of reach very soon.
I don't care for authorities. So, come on over!
Help! - No!
Give up! It won't hurt you!
Close your eyes! It'll be over in a minute.
Release me!
No! No!
Please spare my daughter! I'll do whatever you want me to.
You scum!
You violated the young mistress and her mother!
I kill you!
I kill you! - Wait, hold on!
If you harm us you'll get some problems very soon.
We're the escort for Lord Mizuno.
No! I kill you, no matter who hired you scum!
Master Kanbe. - Help us!
Don't look at me!
Master Kanbe ...
It wasn't neccessary to kill them all.
Everbody chooses one!
Or I'll kil you all three.
You'll have to die, Jyukkai. - Why me?
Yours is the shortest.
You'll be the robber who did it.
You killed them all. We came by too late, but right on time to kill you.
It'll be plausible enough for the officials.
Forgive me for what I did.
You act like a true warrior.
Like a warrior ...
My name is Kanbe Magomura and I have been one of the men of the lord.
What's your name?
I am Itto Ogami.
So the rumors are true.
You are the former Kaishakunin of the Shogunate.
I saw you a long time ago in Edo.
I know your name too.
You're a famous fighter.
Thank you.
Why have you become a mercenary?
Whatever reason I had, I'd like to challenge you.
You witnessed what has happened here. I must insist on a fight.
Even a mercenary has to be loyal to his Master.
I'll have to risk my life for the honour of my Lord.
That's a warrior's virtue, isnt it?
Please, accept the challenge.
If I let you go now,
I had to carry on the life that I live ...
Killing the innocent is against the ideals of a samurai.
Please accept the challenge.
Master Kanbe asks you so much.
Do it! - Or can't you answer?
Leave him, You are no opponent for him.
If I'll win I'll take care for your son.
Don't worry about him.
My son and I walk the way of hell. We are prepared for what may come.
Walking the way of hell ... You speak a deeper truth.
Even if I'm unlucky I won't regret.
OK. - Go!
I declare this fight a draw.
A real Samurai should stay alive.
A real Samurai ...?
I failed to die again.
How does it taste?
You rarely had true rice, right.
Women are like flowers. They have to blossom first.
A woman is happy if she's taken care of and doesn't have to work.
Your feet hurt? It has been a long voyage indeed.
If the feet are tired,
rub them with salt and warm them at the fire. It'll help.
Show me your feet!
It's ok. Show them!
If you can't walk I'll get some serious problems.
Be good.
Leave me!
Don't resist! Remember, it was me who bought you! You are mine!
I can do with you whatever I want to.
There's blood ...
Room inspection!
There has been a murder. We're looking for the woman who did it!
What, if she isn't here?
We have our orders. You wanna harass me?
No, no harassment intended.
As long as I pay for my room, it's my home.
He who enters it against my will should be aware of the consequences.
Is that right?
A ronin shouldn't brag!
And what if she is here?
Then I'll share the guilt.
That's it.
I'll inspect your room.
If she isn't here, you'll get my head. Any objections?
That is ... - I'm punishing him.
I'm gonna get your head.
Make room!
Thank you!
Everybody has to find his own way.
She's got to find a way of her own.
It's everyone's own responsibility.
Go now!
Thank you.
There she is! - Catch her!
This is the room of a Samurai.
I am Torizo from the Koshio family.
We're in control of the nightlife district here.
One of our men, Monkumatsu bought this girl.
Please hand her over to us.
Master, people call us "Bohachimon".
Do you know what that means?
"Bohachimom" are those who don't obey the 8 virtues.
It's used to name gangsters who don't care for virtues any more...
Either if you win or loose, it won't bring you very far to stand up
against us.
You won't even loose face if you hand her over.
Please don't interfere with our businesses!
She is still the murderer of Monkumatsu.
As I said: No!
Only because of your Totem the Samurai has pity for you.
So, come over!
Stubborn little girl!
If you don't come over the Samurai and his child will have to die for you !
Our code of honour provides that we mustn't bother ordinary people.
You have been bought by us, so you belong to us.
Come on over!
If you still resist ...
Enough! - Pighead.
I've been quite modest so far.
Why do you risk your and your son's life for that whore?
Our Karma is connected by that totem.
I lost anything a man could loose through such a totem.
That is the reason.
Finish him! - Wait!
I won't let my men die in a fight against you.
Master, even we have our pride. We can't give up now.
On the other hand I don't want to sacrifice all my men for that whore.
Let's do it like this:
A girl isn't a real whore before her first customer.
The first customer does pay a nice amount of money for this special pleasure.
I'll let her go after she delivered her virginity in our service.
I refuse.
Then there's just one other possibility left.
She'll have to take the water-torture and to stand the buri-buri.
It can easily kill her.
I'll stand in for her. - But ...
I heard that whores stand in for their ill friends in such cases.
There's no rule against it, right?
What would you do if we tried to kill you?
I'll take the risk upon me.
And now the "Buri-Buri".
I ... I ...
His will is as strong as his skills.
His strength scares me.
He didn't even groan.
A true Samurai is rare nowadays, but he is one for sure.
We have settled the issue with the girl, but...
the murder case is still not solved
Tell me what you want!
If you accept my request everything will be forgotten.
During the "Buri-Buri" I recalled having heard a rumor that
the Kaishakunin of the Shogun wanders around as an Assassin,
as the Lone Wolf with his child.
Follow me!
Master Itto Ogami is there.
Help me up!
I am Tatewaki Miura, former first councel of the Kakegawa-Clan.
I've been searching for you.
You know who he is.
You are the one who slashed of his left arm.
The official Kaishakunin of the Shogun, Itto Ogami.
Lord Ujishige Miyake suddenly turned insane.
He killed several of his vasals without a reason.
The Shogunate ordered him to commit, Harakiri ...
No, I won't!
I don't want to die.
Master, calm down!
My Lord.
Leave me!
Please, do it now!
No! I won't!
In what relation do you stand to him?
I'm his daughter.
I am Tori, I'm the younger one of the twins.
Twins are hated.
I've been raised by a nurse from the Koshio-Family.
My sister served the Lord.
She discovered a secret and was raped by Gemba Sawatari,
the highest servant of the Lord. She committed suicide afterwards.
What do you want me to do?
Kill Gemba Sawatari, who is now the administrator of the Totomi-Province.
What are the reasons!
Gemba was it who sold our clan and wiped it out.
As I said he was the former servant of the Lord. He longed for power
and betrayed our Lord.
He reported him to Lord Itakura,
Sovereign of Edo.
He became the administrator of the province of his former clan.
He's scum.
When I think about the 400 masterless Samurai, straying around...
I can't die in peace.
Please do it for me!
For Assassinations I charge 500 Ryo.
When Ogami sees the pictures,
He'll mark us the place to meet him.
We bear a great responsibility. Am I clear? - Yes.
I am Jyunai Asada from the Totomi-administration.
I am Itto Ogami.
Master Gemba Sawatari would like to meet you.
He told us to find you.
Am I going to meet him?
Yes. Please come with us.
Will he come?
He has to.
If he won't, we ...
Let me speak to you.
What would the Shogunat do, if there was a province where the
Lord wasn't able to rule it anymore and there was no heir?
A lord who kills his vasals without a reason?
Lord Itakura, if you could get the whole province,
what yould you do?
Which province?
I can't tell.
Where do you think you are?
What if you try to cheat on me?
I bet my life.
What do you want?
I want to be the administrator.
and I want a written promise by you.
A promise without a proof? - The proof will follow.
I agree.
I want you to kill Lord Itakura.
He'll come here very soon.
I invited him.
Here's 500 Ryo.
You'll get another 500 after you killed him.
Itakura and the Yagyu were those, who drove you away.
I bet you hate him. It'll be a good opportunity for you to take revenge.
I refuse.
You know my plans. You won't leave here alive.
I will return.
Why haven't you killed him?
You were two?
Had I attacked you, his sword would have pearced your chest.
The same if master Kukichi had fired.
Ogami is a skilled swordfighter.
Why did he refuse?
He could have refused as you met with him.
Why did he refuse after we met?
Did the name Itakura scare him??
Or is he ...
the assassin who wants to kill me ...
He, who never left without his guns ...
He even gave me one for my own protection.
It must have been Itto Ogami.
Suio-Style, the Ross-technique.
Itakura must have sent him.
Samon, can you kill him?
I know the Ichiden-Style. I'll do my very best.
Search him!
Don't let him get away!
Send a courier to Edo to Retsudo the Ura-Yagyu!
He'll pay a high price for Ogami's head...
That way we will earn respect from the Yagyu, who rule the country...
That way we'll get more than being part of the magistate,
we might even become associated to the Shogunate.
Itto Ogami, Murderer of Ozunu from the Kurokuwa-Clan!
That must have been Itto Ogami.
Samon Ikichi, Tamiya-Ichiden-Style.
Itto Ogami Suio-Style.
Jyunai! - Yes.
Ask the Kariyas for troops!
Just those who are skilled fighters. - Yes.
Hang out announcements!
We must lure Itto Ogami to Jizogahara.
Is there anyone amongst you who is a skilled fighter?
What? Nobody?
A murderer is after the life of the administrator....
of a province nearby. He needs fighters.
It'll be well paid.
Don't be silent. Answer!
Who is the murderer?
I don't know. Are you going?
OK. I will go.
Hopeless, he can't win.
Why doesn't he stop?
In view of all these guns and bows...!
Daigoro, now we walk the way of hell again.
You fought bravely.
It's a miracle that you survived.
But there'll be no tomorrow for you and your son.
You can't escape the Yagyu.
Master Ogami.
You're an Assassin who kills for money.
I am a mercenary who kills for money.
What does it mean being a true Samurai?
Is there one?
I bet my life to find out.
Please accept the challenge!
I accept.
Let's go.
I have one question.
My Lord, Munetada, was on his way to Edo,
to take the position as sovereign there.
We were attacked by a group of ronin.
A conspiracy against my Lord.
They were more than us and I saw just one chance,
that was to attack them.
So I did!
Although I defeated them,
I was expelled because I left
my place on the side of my Lord
to fight the attackers.
Even though I saved my Lord's life, I was expelled.
Should I have waited to die
side by side with my Lord? Is that the way of a warrior?
Is the way of a warrior to die and not to fight and survive?
Master Ogami, please answer!
What is the true way of a warrior?
Master Ogami, the true way ...
The way of a warrior is to live in sight of death.
To live in sight of death ...
I had attacked them too if I had been in your place.
Now that you've said it I know that it was right what I did.
You have been Kaishakunin of the Shoguns. Would you lower
yourself to assist someone like me committing Seppuku?
Amongst true warriors there are no differences.
I'll do it.
Finally I can die.
Happily as a true warrior!
Don't go.
Please. - He's not human, he's a monster!
Ravens cry in the night,
when someones gonna die.
The devil prepares the graves.
The wolves,
Father and Son are coming.
Footsteps coming closer.
Father and son, side by side ...
They come ...
They come ...
END. Subtitles by SOUTHSiDE
...corrected by Crusty.
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