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Subtitles for Lone Wolf and Cub 1 - Sword Of Vengeance (1972).

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Lone Wolf and Cub 1 - Sword Of Vengeance (1972)

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That's too cruel.
Master, I'll follow you into death!
We will all take revenge for your death!
How can the Shogunat do something like that to our young lord?
Don't loose your faith!
That's not appropriate in such a situation
Now it has come this far, it's our obligation,
to stand by our lord ... in silence.
I am Itto Ogami, Kaishakunin of the Shogunat.
Please don't kill him.
You just have to hold this fan right before your stomach.
Have you understood?
That way you act as a worthy Lord.
Like a honourable Samurai.
The Tokugawa-Shogunat controlled their Lords
through a merciless Policy.
Everyone who fell into disgrace had to pay with his family and property.
During this dark reign there were created three organizations
The first were the Tansakunin: Spies,
who searched for reasons to get the Lords killed.
The second were the Shikakunin: Assassins, who killed those,
who withstood the Shogunat.
And there were the Kaishakunin: Those who beheaded the Lords,
who were ordered to commit Seppuku.
The house of Kurokowa were the Tansakunin.
The Yagyu-Clan were the Shikakunin.
and ...
Itto Ogami was the officially elected Kaishakunin,
who was allowed to wear the colours of the Shogunat.
OKAMi - the sword of revenge
Offer child and sword-power
Directed by Kenji Misumi.
Offer child and sword-power. Suio-Style, Itto Ogami.
What's that?
What? ''Offer child and Sword-power. Suio-Style, Itto Ogami''?
Okami? a wolf?
Not a wolf, it's Itto Ogami. Seems to be his name.
''Sword-power'' that's what I understand, but what does ''child'' mean? - Well.
So fucked up, and than his child... How can he survive?
How cute!
Too bad for this cute child.
What are you doing with that stranger's child?
Please forgive us.
I apologize.
I read that you offer your child. Can we lend it?
Toramatsu, you must be hungry.
Your mothers milk. Drink!
Look, here!
Tastes good, heh?
Thank you so much.
Toramatsu. I'll save my money, and then I'll return.
Take this!
I don't need no money. The child was hungry.
You are so generous.
She was betrayed by a man and we had to give away her child.
It died of a disease.
Since then she lost her mind
and cannot distinguish her child from any other child.
Damned! It starts raining.
Good that you are back.
What's wrong with you?
You look pale.
Tell me what lasts upon you!
Bad dreams
I guess it's the people you killed that visit me in my dreams
Their curses evolve from a horrible place
Seas of blood and mountains of hate ...
They swear to curse the Ogami-Clan.
I make myself sorrows about our child. - You're such a brave woman!
You are just tired.
Azami, you know:
I've given our child the name of Daigoro,
so that it may cope with poverty and won't turn to arrogance in wealth.
His name refers to the five ways of enligthment.
The right name, to become a strong man.
Don't make yourself no sorrows.
He'll be a strong man who can, withstand anything.
My husband.
Daigoro is already one year old.
I'll lead him to the souls of those I had to behead.
We'll go to the temple to meditate.
A beggar!
Azami ... Azami!
Daigoro ... Daigoro ...
Who ...
Who did this?
I'll follow them wherever they may go.
Behind every tree I'll search, seeking revenge for your death.
I will!
I am Lord Yagyu and I'm coming in the positition of a general inspector.
Lord Yagyu!
The tragedy has already taken place.
This morning three men have commited Seppuku right before our mansion.
they left a paper which made me hurry here to see you.
A paper?
''To seek revenge for our Lord, Hirotada,
have we taken the decision, to kill the Ogami-Clan.
Itto Ogami is the official Kaishakunin of the shogunat,
but he uses his authority for selfish reasons.
He is a traitor.
The proof can be found in the family's temple.
In memoriam to our Master who had to die through the hands of a traitor,
we will commit Seppuku, after we have killed the Ogami-family.
People of the Province Ikoma, Odai, Atobe and Makijima.
Sealed with blood.''
Three Samurai have given their life.
As general inspector I have to take a look at your family's temple.
Lord Ogami, guide me to the temple!
This is our family's temple,
Where I pray for the souls of those I had to kill for the Shogunat.
How admirable.
You really impress me.
That is ...? - what is this?
The colours of the shogunat! that is blasphemous?
What have you prayed for here?
I don't know. I see it for the first time.
Who did ...?
It was right.
I don't know anything ...
It's ridiculous to continue lying regarding this evidence.
I'll have to interrogate you.
Arrest Itto Ogami!
That's just too strange Lord Yagyu, you are very well prepared.
To well prepared. You've planned this right from the beginning!
In case of an emergency, right. - So what about this masquerade?
They wouldn't have had to hide their swords underneath their capes if you were honest.
And what about those chained shirts?
You wouldn't have had the time unless...
Enough! You can ask while we interrogate you.
This is a trap, Yagyu!
It's probably the Yagyus that are behind all this.
Are you crazy!
There was no reason to commit Seppuku.
But you could be the cause of this plot against us.
It's running too smoothly.
I know that the Ura-Yagyu is out to get my position.
That is the true reason for this plot.
What do you mean by Ura-Yagyu?
As if there were different kinds of Yagyus!
The sons of Munenori, Tomonori, Jubei and Minefuyu, are Omote-Yagyus.
But the other son, Retsudo, is Ura-Yagyu.
Retsudo, your grandfather, is the secret leader of the family.
I've been aware now for quite some time that he's the Ura-Yagyu.
Through his good relations to the Shogunat he's already in control of the Kurokuwa-family.
Now he brings down me to get my position as well.
These colours
of a Shogun-Swords-Master wears the Omote-Yagyu.
But the Ura-Yagyu wears his own colours
The sparrow and the elm, the final proof.
Well said, Itto Ogami.
Your knowledge about our family impresses me a lot.
Another reason that you'll have to die immediately!
It'll look like as if you were killed fighting the samurai.
We arranged everything.
What I suspected....
You forced the Samurais, to write their paper
and after that you killed them.
To stir your greed for power, you'll do anything.
But I won't let you. - Kill him!
Come and get him!
That's not good at all.
In the water he'll be able to use his Suio-technique.
Bizen, you fool!
That's bad! He'll use the Suio- Wavecutting-Style.
Are you Retsudo from the Ura-Yagyu? - Bastard!
The unscrupulous schemer?
You won't succeed this time!
I'll pay back anything you've, done to my family.
Don't forget: We're nothing without the Shogunat.
But without the Yagyus there's no Shogunat as well.
Whatever you plan to do,
Your days are already over.
Fight with me, Retsudo!
No, I'll never fight with you.
After Bizen has been killed through your hands,
Somebody else will have to close this case for me.
Wash your neck and prepare for what's coming.
Wait, Retsudo!
I'll never forgive you Yagyu!
Omote-Yagyu is the river of water, Ura-Yagyu is the river of fire.
Whatever evil plans you're making,
I'll follow the path of light in between and seek for revenge,
even when I won't survive.
What's up?
He's there.
The Kaishakunin.
He was lost since the fight with the Yagyu.
Kaishakunin of the Shogunats? This is Itto Ogami.
Even the Yagyus couldn't kill him.
So he is ...
You surely have heard of the Assassin, the lone wolf with his child.
Sure. But that's no proof for that Itto Ogami is the Assassin.
There you see: Offer Sword-Skills ...
If he really is Itto Ogami ... Master!
As we left our province you said,
you would give your life for our Oyamada-clan!
You are our best men.
If he isn't Itto Ogami, you will kill him!
O.K.. We will kill him. It'll be better if he kills us though.
Master, we are glad to serve you with our lives ...
I am Gyobu Ichige, Edo-Master of the Oyamada-Clan.
I thought you were the former Kaishakunin of the Shogunats, Ogami.
That is why I wanted to speak to you.
In what kind of matters are you?
I need an assassin who kills four. rogues for me.
I charge 500 Ryu for Assassinations.
The number of enemies doesn't matter.
One more thing.
Don't hide anything before me.
Please count it.
Tell me more.
The mayor of our province, Kennmotsu Sugito,
plans, to kill Lord Noriyuki, the ill Lord of our clan.
To gather the full power over our clan,
Lord Takemaru shall inherit Lord Noriyuki's position.
Lord Noriyuki will leave Edo in about two days,
to return to his province for the first time.
Kennmotsu will try to take chances.
According to our secret informer
he has hired ronin.
They are supposed to attack Lord Noriyuki.
Around 12 km before Imaichi on the Nikko-line
there's a path through the mountains.
A little further you find Gonomori, a small village with a thermal spa.
Kennmotsu's men hide there.
I have been informed that he'll be there today or tomorrow.
We came with the intention to kill him and after that to commit suicide.
With him is the Odayama-gang, Masters of the art of fighting.
Matsuki is a great gunner, especially on his horse.
An invincible enemy for us three.
Our plan was to take them by surprise in a moment of carelessness.
Kill the evil Kennmotsu Sugito with your fighting skills.
You are our only hope.
Daigoro, soon the messengers of the Shogunats will arrive.
Your father has decided to resist the Shogun and to flee.
I'll leave the way of samurai and walk the way of hell,
to seek revenge for our family's death.
Listen, Daigoro.
From now on I'll follow the way of blood.
The way of an Assassin.
This is the only way to get revenge,
for what the Yagyu did to the Ogami.
Daigoro, you'll have to choose your way by yourself.
If you choose the sword, you'll walk with me. The way of an assassin.
If you choose the ball I'll send you where your mother already is.
Daigoro, you're not aware of anything.
Neither of my words, nor are you aware of what will happen.
But the Ogamis blood in your veins, will lead you.
Choose, Daigoro!
You would have been luckier if you had chosen the ball ...
Poor child ...
An Assassin and his child ...
Are you aware of that this is how it will be?
''Order of the Shoguns''
''Itto Ogami.
Although you are the official Kaishakunin of the Shogunat,
You set up the colour of the Shogunat in your family-temple for evil reasons.
By that you have put a curse on the Shogun, which is inexcusable.
You're dismissed from your position and the name Ogami will not be known any longer.
We charge you to commit Seppuku together with your son''
How laudable that you welcome us in the dress of Seppuku.
That is the right way, Itto Ogami, Kaishakunin and Master of the sword.
We don't wear this dress to committ Seppuku!
From now on we'll walk the way of hell.
This is our splendid dress to make the first step.
You resist the Shogun? - you are insane.
We will walk the way of hell, we aren't normal human beings any longer.
The order is laughable.
Will you be able to kill me?
With your weak arms?
He resists the Shogun. Kill him!
What are you waiting for?
Itto Ogami!
Follow the orders of the Shogun and commit Seppuku!
I will assist you like you did with so many.
Us Ura-Yagyus have taken the, position of Kaishakunins.
We will be your Kaishakunin.
I refuse.
Through your insideousness I lost the woman I loved,
And you have falsely accused me.
I will take revenge for what you did, wherever I will be.
Your last trick.
It doesn't make sense no more.
Even your Suio-Style
won't help you against the number of opponents you're facing.
Are you serious?
Itto, you ...!
I have served these colours for twenty years now.
You have served more than 60.
Since the whole world serves these colours,
one might take advantage of it.
Your swords are powerless against it.
If you want to kill me, you'll have to fight these colours!
It is not allowed to raise the sword against the colors of the Shogun.
Away! - Wait!
Put of the Kimono and give it to me!
Then the Yagyus will fight you in a respectable duel.
If you win you can walk wherever you want to.
It just has to be ouside Eto.
What do you think?
I agree.
Kurando has the sun behind him and Itto Ogami has the child on his back.
There's no question about the result of the fight.
With two equal opponents
the one with nature on his side wins.
''Right - 12,2 km after Imaichi Left - Otawara Way''
Gonomori-Thermal spa
Damned ...
And now this ...!
Hey, Man with a child!
Schould I cut the rope so that you'll have a nice flight to hell?
If you destroy the bridge to the Otawara Way you won't be able
to use it either.
O.K., come on over!
Nice, a Dotanuki-Sword.
A fine Sword, great to use especially on the back of a horse.
Magnificent. I'll keep an eye on it for you.
Why are you here?
Does one need a reason to take a bath? - Are you really in for a bath?
What else could I want.
Probably right.
But you're not kinda lucky that you've chosen hell as your bathing place.
Ah Well. Come with me!
But make one false move and you both are dead!
Help! Help!
My father!
As a father you can't show him such things, eh?
Hold on! Okayo!
Okayo! Beast, I'll kill you!
She's dead.
No suprise with your power and your huge dick ...
I didn't hurt her because she was still a child.
Shit, and now this asshole kept the pleasure all to himself.
What's this for a man? - A bathing-guest with his child.
He did carry a Dotanuki with him, but he won't do nobody no harm.
No surprise. He can hardly stand.
Have we met?
What's your name?
A name, I don't use anymore.
Answer, when I ask you something!
Tahei Onishi, a ronin from the west.
I haven't heard this name before.
I thought he might be useful because he owns this Dotanuki.
Too much sake if you ask me.
If you're playing tricks, I'll give you and your child
a special treatment..
Bring him to the Bathing house!
Follow me!
He's strong.
Do you think I haven't, noticed?
But together with his child he's defenceless.
He won't fight against such a high number of enemys.
I'll check out how good he really is.
Let it be Monosuke!
No! If he's as good as you think
he made fun of my fighting skills.
I wanna be sure about that.
You accompany me, Shigarami?
I know him, but I don't know who he is ...
You know that there's a pretty nice amount of money on our heads.
Don't try to make fun of us!
Come on. I wanna see some of your fighting skills.
I want a swordfight!
Listen asshole!
You don't care for your child, eh?
Hold on!
Who can be so insane to fight against
such dangerous men. - What?
He's a samurai.
How can he beg you for his life?
That's why he doesn't do anything. Leave him.
I understand. It makes sense.
For a bitch and a thief you know some interesting things, Osen.
Alright, I'll spare him.
But you'll have to sleep with one another right before our eyes.
We'll watch you closely.
Interesting. - Come on!
No! That's ridiculous.
We'll pay you. It's your. business to sell your body,
and to rob your customers afterwards.
Show us your preferred technique!
You monster!
If you refuse ...
I rather die ...
Well well.
Then you'll die.
Hold on!
But you ... you can't ...
Are you ...?!
Do with me whatever you want to.
She looks like a virgin...
And she feels like a saint, cause she saved him.
A greedy saint, eh?!
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
Shut up!
When you have to pray now, I feel like I'm already dead.
That's hell on earth.
When they leave they'll kill us all. Stand by us ...
You don't know that!
There are the villagers as well.
They can't kill us all.
But we aren't villagers, we are travellers,
When they let us go we can tell others about what happened here.
Hmm ... - Right!
They will kill us!
Damned! Are we supposed to wait patiently until we get killed?
Now matter what we try, we can't do anything about it.
They are monsters, animals.
Samurais, do something!
I don't want to die. Please help us.
Leave him, he's ill!
Just like this one. To save his poor life this coward would do anything.
Shameless like these monsters, but he's a toothless beast.
Shut up!
What are you supposed to be?
Just a moment ago I wanted to bite of my tung and die.
Just because he got my number he beared the disgrace and slept with me.
Isn't this peculiar?
A Samurai puts down his pride to save a bitch like me.
Wake up! Many samurai get involved with women like you.
You don't know shit!
Do these Samurai risk their lives for a whore?
He just slept with you to save, his own poor life.
You really don't get it? Think about your dick!
What do you mean by that?
Can you make love to a woman while you are scared to death?
Where ...?
Aren't you afraid of them?
I'm ready to die anytime.
Women like me are worse off the older they become.
This Thermal spa is called Gomori- Bath, but everyone calls it Komori-Bad.
You wanna know why? Komori, bats, have wings,
without being birds and claws without being beasts.
People like this come here,
to enjoy a moment of peace and inner rest.
That's why they call this place Komori-bath.
But these people are different.
They are beasts with claws.
And you are a bird with wings.
What do you want to say?
You are not afraid of these beasts' claws.
You can fly away whenever you want to.
I know that.
The woman that went from one man to another,
I know what kind of wings you got.
It was somewhere this summer.
In the city where I've been for some time four samurai got killed.
A ronin with a child did this.
They were skilled swordsmen.
I remember it pretty well..
They said it was the ''lone wolf with his child'',
an assassin who kills for money.
Tomorrow at one o'clock, the Lord and his men will pass by
here at Jizogahara.
The best place to attack them.
Don't do it in Oyamada-territory. Kill them here. You get that?
Yes. What about the money?
500 Ryo is what you get now. We'll give you the rest after you finished your job.
I count on you. Don't make no mistakes.
Just let me do my job.
May I take a look? That's a gun!
You have one yourselves. Why don't YOU do it?
We don't want to leave any proof behind.
We'll have to be inside the city during the attack.
I understand.
Nobody will suspect you when you are inside the city.
Right. Lord Noriyuki will be the victim of evil ruthless ronin
and finds a sudden end. Nobody will suspect us.
Call us ruthless bandits, you are traitors!
Beware of what you say! - It's O.K..
Don't mess it up.
We know what we have to do.
Get out! Get out!!
Hurry, or we'll have to kill you! Get out!
Get out! Come on!
Hurry! Come on!
Thank you people around here!
We'll leave the village now.
But there's one thing I'd like to say.
If you tell anyone about what happened here ...
... you'll all have to die.
Is that clear?
You travellers have to die!
There are two reasons.
If we let you go, you'd talk too much to too many.
Apart from that you know our faces.
You'll be a fine example to the villagers of what migt happen to them ...
Arrange yourselves with your bad luck.
Spare me! Let me live!
I won't tell anyone about you!
Spare me! I beg you on my knees!
The samurai will have to die first.
Take that!
and attack us!
So you'll die like a real samurai.
I'm ready to die, but due to
my illness I can't fight you.
I'll slash my side if you could assist me.
Assist ... Kaishaku ...
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
Pray ... Ogamu ...
Kaishakunin ...
Itto Ogami!
Where is the ronin with his child?
O.K. ...
What's wrong? Are we gonna kill the child first?
Wait! Keep your hands away! Release him!
What? What's wrong with you?
Keep your hands away from him.
What is it that you fear? what's so dangerous about him ...
Idiot, let it be!
What do you fear? he's a coward
Monnosuke! - This can't be ...
I don't know nothing.
Spare me! I won't tell anyone,
that you are the former Kaishakunin, Itto Ogami.
Please spare me!
Who are you? - Man!
Who are you?
The assassin, the lone wolf with his child.
Stand by us, Amida-Buddha!
He is indeed the lone wolf with his child.
English subs by SOUTHSiDE 2002 Corrected by Crusty
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