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Subtitles for Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart at the River Styx.

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Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart at the River Styx

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The Yagyu-Family has power throughout the whole Japan.
No matter where you go, you can't escape us.
KOZURE OKAMI - Lone wolf and cub
Baby Cart at the river Styx
Directed by Kenji Misumi
Spend the night at our place! We got hot water ready for your bath.
Come here! Bath is ready.
How cute you are! - Daigoro.
Thank you for choosing us.
I'll take it in later.
Please come to the first floor. You must be tired.
Let's wash our feet.
Omatsu! - Yes.
Idiot! be a bit more choosy with our guests A pennyless pauper with his child ...
But we have ...
It's still my decision who we take or not! We're a decent hotel for wealthy Samurai.
What if he doesn't want to pay and gets violent?
I'm terribly sorry, but, all our rooms ...
Landlord! - Yes?
Could you keep an eye on this for me?
These ...!
These are 500 Ryo. - Yes sir, I'll keep them for you.
Wake up! - No.
Dry the feet of our young master, idiot!
What a sweet little boy ...
l'll clean your feet.
Thank you in advance for taking care.
One ...
two ... three ... five ...
Daigoro, you missed a number.
One ... two ... three ... yes, four ...
three ... four ... five ...
May I come out?
l am Ozunu, manager of the Kurokuwa clan.
And I am Sayaka from the Akashi-Yagyu.
I am here to give you orders, from Retsudo,
the Ura-Yagyu in Edo. Tell your people to leave the room.
It's ok, they're all spies for the Akashi-Yagyu.
Then be it ...
Damned ltto Ogami!
ltto Ogami won the duel.
And due to their promise the Yagyu in Edo can't fight against him.
Retsudo charges you, Sayaka of the Akashi-Yagyu,
to kill Itto Ogami.
I see!
Be careful.
He was the official Kaishakunin
Master of the Suio-Style.
A difficult task!
Ozunu, you don't take us Akashi-Yagyu serious.
I wouldn't dare to say so ... But he killed Bizen and Kurando.
But if it will become neccessary, we will help you ...
You're kidding ...?
These are your men? - Yes.
Who's the best!
Try to escape to the garden.
No problem for a Ninja.
Give it a try
Fool! Is that what you call a Ninja?
Where is ltto Ogami?
He'll reach the Akashi-territory the day after tomorrow.
If you need ltto Ogami, the lone Wolf,
set up the picture of an idol on a temple.
ltto will leave a sign where to meet him.
Is he using the sign of Dokan Ota?
If the customer follows his sign, he'll meet ltto.
Master! - A sign!
This means 'headquarter'. We'll meet him right here.
I am lchibe Hirano, the Edo-Counsel of the Awa-clan.
I am the assassin, the lone wolf with cub.
I don't want to mistrust you,
but can you prove who you are?
It's got nothing to do with you.
Proof enough?
Could you ...?
I charge 500 Ryu for an assassination.
Bring it here!
Please count.
But you mustn't hide any detail.
The official value of the Awa province is 257.000 Koku.
The real value is a lot higher, we accumulated around 450.000 Koku.
We're benefitting from a special dye the "Awa-lndigo".
We are in a way monopolists.
It lets us earn about 330.000 Ryu per year, equalling 200.000 Koku.
We fear somebody will betray us and off others informations on our
dying technique, so we founded a secret police to secure us.
Now the shogunate is trying to get rid of their financial problems,
and guess what they are trying right now ...
Not only did they send spies into our province, they also
tried to incite a revolt of our peasants against us.
They shall fight for better payment and a better treatment.
If they will revolt this will be, a pretext for the Shogunate,
to invade the province and take the monopoly for themselves
To prevent them from doing so, we already got rid of their spies...
and the other instigators. We were about to execute them.
Chuzaemon Makuya, leader of the farmers fleed from our province
to Takamatsu.
Since Takamatsu is quite poor they always envied us our wealth,
and there has always been some kind of rivalty between us.
They reported the incidents directly to the shogunate.
Now they hide Chuzaemon, but they claim not no know his whereabout.
And now the worst has happened.
Our spies reported that the Shogunate has sent three brothers,
Benma, Tenma and Kuruma, to Takamatsu to pick up Chuzaemon.
As you might know,
even the Yagyu respect the abilities of these three brothers.
All three are masters of the Takeuchi-Style.
Benma uses an iron claw,
Tenma a huge club,
and Kuruma fights with his iron fist.
They are well known for their skills.
One calls them gods of death, due to the sheer number of their victims.
If the brothers succeed in taking Chuzaemon Makuya to the Shogunate,
and the Shgogunate learns about our dying-technique ...
all our wealth will be lost.
Please kill Chuzaemon and help saving the Awa-Province!
Otherwise there's no hope for us.
The day after tomorrow the ship 'Eiraku-Maru' will arrive at...
Akashi. The brothers are already aboard
I want you to join them there.
The 'Eiraku-Maru' will leave the harbour at six 'o clock in the morning.
l am Sayaka Yagyu. Fight, scum!
Penniless pauper
Daigoro, things get started!
Once again ...
ln the name of Akashi-Yagyu I'll have to kill ltto Ogami.
He was the official kaishakunin of the Shogunate, and ...
It won't be easy to succeed.
Ozunu, you think his Suio-Style is superior to the Yagyu-Style?
I beg your pardon, but all your spies have been killed...
And even we have not more than two ninja left.
So we're gonna kidnap lttos son, Daigoro ...
But we are Yagyu, we can't do anything as disgraceful as that.
Well... Otherwise he will kill you just to rehabilitate his name.
The loss of his son will influence his fighting skills.
Kill ltto Ogami, no matter how.
That is the order of the Retsudo Yagyu.
Daigoro ...
So you have come, ltto Ogami.
You Yagyu have been an honourable clan - once in the past!
What are you planning to do?
The fight is over. throw your sword away!
So what? - l refuse to.
This is a bottomless fountain.
If I release him, he's dead.
Kill him, if you have to!
But why?
You Kurokuwa make good servants for the Yagyu Clan.
Your wife has been killed, because you opposed them.
Me and my son, we aren't no normal humans anymore.
We keep on walking the way of hell and we are prepared for what may come...
If it is indeed our destiny that our way is about to end here - be it.
Why have you come here when you son was in danger?
Love of a father?
Who lets ones destiny decide for itself right from the beginning?
One tries his very best and looks what happens!
Your mother awaits you at the river of the dead.
You got that?
Dad ...
and then the Octopus got trapped ...
I'm collecting the fare from those who went on the ship in Akashi.
Elder brother!
Awa-Klan scum!
As you might have seen, we had to kill them all.
They attacked us.
We'll have to report this to the administration of Takamatsu.
Put away the dead! Simply throw them overboard!
Yes ... yes.
With cub ...
These damned brothers!
l'm afraid. - l'd like to stay here.
Who knows what comes next.
l don't want to get involved.
Damn it, I won't let you go to Takamatsu.
I'm getting 200 Ryo for it.
I'll get another 100, if you die by the fire.
We'll see!
Forgive me, but could you give me back the knife!
Hmmm, that's no soybean-sauce. It's oil ...
I guess the Awa-Clan's behind that.
Very well. They should be busy drinking Sake.
They scared me to death. I thought they got my number.
Now you get what you deserve.
Roasters in a cage...
Fire! Fire!
We can deal with it.
But with a your child chances are more than limited.
One more thing in case you survive...
We're going to Takamatsu to pick somebody up.
Then we'll take the path through the Oura-dunes to Kitadomari,
from where we'll take the ship to Edo.
Stay away!
We won't do any harm to anyone,
unless you try to fuck with us. Be carful, even if you...
once have been the Kaishakunin of the Shogunate.
I heard about the lone wolf with cub,
It's useless being an Assassin if you're trapped in here.
Daigoro, patience!
Don't dare it ...!
We have no fire. If we don't stick together and warm each other we'll die.
You want to save me?
You save us either. It'll be warmer with you then without you.
Elder brother, will the Awa keep attacking us?
Just dunes, as far as you can see. There's nobody out there.
They are there.
If we succeed in bringing Chuzaemon Makuyanach to Edo,
the Awa-Province will loose 200.000 koku each year.
They will try to stop us!
Kill them!
So you have come.
A miracle itself that you survived.
So you want to throw away the life, you barely saved?
l'm on my way!
You threw you sword ...
My throat ...
My thoat sounds like ...
... the whistle of the wind.
If a cutted throat creates a sound ...
... like the cold autumn wind ...
... we call that 'Mogaribue'
l wish I had done, such a stroke, once...
And now I here this sound from myself. Just before I pass out...
Come out!
I am your Assassin, The lone wolf with cub. Die!
English subs by SOUTHSiDE ripping crew
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