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Subtitles for Living Daylights The.

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Living Daylights The

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Ripped with SubRip 1.17 and Verified by CdinT|
I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
this may only be an exercise so far as|the Ministry of Defence is concerned,
but for me it is a matter of pride that the|00-Section has been chosen for this test.
Your objective is to penetrate|the radar installations of Gibraltar.
The SAS have been placed|on full alert to intercept you,
but I know you won't let me down.
Good luck, men.
Oh, blast!
That's it, chum. You're out of it.
Game's up, mate. You're dead.
Here! Hold on, you're dead!
It's all so boring here, Margot. There's|nothing but playboys and tennis pros.
If only I could find a real man!
I need to use your phone.
She'll call you back.
- Who are you?|- Bond. James Bond.
Exercise control, 007 here.|I'll report in an hour.
Won't you join me?
Better make that two.
Saunders, head of Section V, Vienna.|You're bloody late.
This is a mission, not a fancy-dress ball.
We have time.
- Now, where's our man?|- In the box. Between the KGB minders.
Lovely girl with the cello.
Forget the ladies for once, Bond.
Koskov will leave here at the interval.
We'd better go.
Turn off the lights.
Now, let's understand one another, Bond.|General Koskov is a top KGB mastermind.
His defection is "my" baby.|He contacted me.
I've planned this out to the last detail.
- You'll want the soft-nosed ones, I expect.|- No, the steel-tipped.
KGB snipers usually wear body armour.
- What's your escape route?|- Sorry, old man. Section 26, paragraph 5.
That information is on|a need-to-know basis only.
I'm sure you understand.
Koskov is under|intensive KGB surveillance.
A sniper has been assigned to watch him
and he expressly asked|for "you" to protect him.
- Why me?|- He has the impression you're the best.
- Where's the car?|- In the alley out the back.
Bring the chair.
It'll take him about|10 seconds to reach us.
Plenty of time for a sniper|to make strawberry jam of him!
There's Koskov now.
What's he waiting for?
Sniper. Two floors up, centre window.
The girl with the cello!
Fire, Bond, fire!
Shoot her! What are you waiting for?
You missed deliberately!
Where is he?
- In the boot.|- First place they'd look.
- But my escape route...|- Scrubbed.
Get in the front.
- James. James Bond!|- Later, General.
Lose them. I'll pick you up at the border.|2300 hours. Be there.
- How will you get him out?|- Sorry, old man.
Section 26, paragraph 5: "need-to-know".|I'm sure you understand.
- The sniper was a woman.|- I noticed.
Some of the best KGB shots are women.
- Did you...?|- I'd rather not talk about it.
No, of course not.
They are looking for me! If they|close the border, how will I get out?
Don't you worry about that, Georgi.|We have a pipeline to the West.
- Rosika Miklos.|- Our man here.
Good to work with you again, Mr Bond.|Come.
Keep quiet.
- We must hurry. Get him in the pig.|- Pig? What is pig?
Scouring plug to clean out the pipeline.|This one's been designed to carry a man.
Pipeline? You mean "our" pipeline?
Great Soviet achievement -|piping natural gas into the West.
- But not me!|- Don't worry, Georgi. It's a piece of cake.
Never mind cake. If you open valve|before 100, he will be borsch!
Pigs! Borsch! Cake!|There must be another way!
Get in. Put on the mask|and breathe normally.
- Enough talk!|- Relax, Georgi.
Our people have spent months on this.
- How many times have you done this?|- You're the first.
Remember. When this says 100,|turn this. Not before.
- Where are you going?|- To take care of the supervisor.
When pig goes, his control panel|will light up like Christmas tree.
What kind of girl do you think I am!
Welcome to Austria, General.
Come on. Up you go.
Come on, hurry up!
That's right. We've got him.
Excuse me. Shut it now.
Thank you.
Cheer up, Saunders.|The operation's a success.
- And officially still yours.|- I don't intend to leave it at that, 007.
I'm telling M you deliberately missed.|Your orders were to kill that sniper.
Stuff my orders. I only kill professionals.
That girl didn't know|one end of a rifle from the other.
Go ahead. Tell M what you want.|If he fires me, I'll thank him for it.
Whoever she was, I must have|scared the living daylights out of her.
Russian general defects!
Ula Yarkhov. Confirmed kills, three.|Probable kills, two.
Assassination methods:|Strangulation with hands or thighs.
James, she's just your type!
Wrong again, Moneypenny. You are.
I'll file that|with the other secret information.
Specialist - child impersonations.
Assassination method:|Explosive teddy bears.
That's all the KGB female assassins.
You know, we could try freelancers|stationed outside the Soviet bloc.
It'll have to wait. M wants you|out at the Blayden safe house.
Right. Looks like|it's a dead end here anyway.
Ah! Good!
Something we're making for|the Americans. It's called a ghetto blaster.
You'd better hurry. M wants you|to stop at Harrods and pick up a parcel.
Moneypenny, ask Records to monitor|Czech publication and news services
for any mention of a woman cellist|at the conservatoire in Bratislava.
I didn't know|you were such a music lover, James.
Any time you want to drop by and|listen to my Barry Manilow collection...
- Sorry, sir. Excuse me.|- Bloody Yanks.
Good morning, sir.
Control here. 007's on his way.
Sorry, Mr Bond.|You'll have to leave the metal.
Thank you, sir.
- Good morning, sir. May I help you?|- No, thanks.
They're in the drawing room.
James, I will never forget|what you did for me!
Thank you so... What's this?
From Harrods. A godsend!|The food here is horrible.
- The foie gras is excellent.|- "Da, da." As Russians say,
hearts and stomachs|good comrades make.
What's this? Caviar. Well, that's peasant|food for us, but with champagne it's OK.
Bollinger RD. The best!
The brand on the list was questionable,|sir, so I chose something else.
Superb, Mr Bond!
May I suggest we resume the debriefing?
Absolutely. Go ahead. I'm all yours.
- Where's the usual milkman?|- What d'you say?
- Where's the usual man?|- Flu.
- Hey, mate. Watch it!|- Kitchen entrance, round the back.
General Leonid Pushkin is why I defect.
What? Your KGB superior?
Gogol's replacement when|he joined their foreign service.
Once we were like brothers,|but now he's a different man.
Power has gone to his head.|He's sick, like Stalin!
He hates our new policy of détente.
I have here a secret directive|from Pushkin. "Smiert Spionom".
"Death to Spies", Minister.
For an assassination programme, with list|of targets - British and American agents.
When this starts, you will retaliate.
Soviet and Western Intelligence|could destroy each other.
This might lead to nuclear war!
Unless Pushkin can be...|How do you say?
Put away.
Where is Pushkin now? In Moscow?
But in three days|he will leave for Tangier.
Cover - North African trade convention.
Real reason?
New directive.
Minister, in view of the importance|of what Mr Koskov has just told us,
I believe we should|consult with higher authority.
- By all means. Good day, Mr Koskov.|- Good day, sir.
There you go. There's a good lad.
- Good morning.|- Morning. Put it down there, would you?
Green Four to base!
Green Four, this is control.|Where are you?
{y:i}You may have a malfunction.
Green Four to base.|We have gas leaks in main building.
Some personnel overcome. Evacuate.|Send for emergency medical services.
{y:i}Green Four, I read and understand you.
{y:i}Control to all stations.|{y:i}Code 10. Initiate emergency drill.
{y:i}Evacuate the main building.|{y:i}Emergency. Emergency.
Green Four to base. Major gas explosion.|Keep clear of the main building.
Keep back!
- Get up. Come on!|- Don't kill me! Don't kill me!
Move. Move!
Keep clear of the main building.
- Who's that for?|- You, comrade.
Help him or I kill you both.
Move! Hurry.
{y:i}Only emergency services|{y:i}should be allowed in the area.
{y:i}Stay away from the house.
{y:i}Please don't use|{y:i}your private radiophones.
Two dead, two in hospital, and Koskov|probably back in Moscow, if not dead.
We're the laughing stock|of the Intelligence community.
Our first major coup in years, snatched|from right under our noses by the KGB
only hours after he defected!
- No trace of him?|- Nothing.
- Then there's this Pushkin matter.|- Well, I must be off.
Meeting with the PM this afternoon.
We have to nip|"Smiert Spionom" in the bud.
Pushkin should be in Tangiers|in two days' time.
A termination warrant|has been issued for him.
This plot to kill agents|sounds rather far-fetched, sir.
- I know General Pushkin.|- Do you think I don't?
I've dealt with him on several occasions!
Our paths have crossed over the years.|He's tough and resourceful, but...
- I can't believe he's a psychotic.|- Neither did I until today.
This arrived from Gibraltar.|It was found near 004's body.
Your name was on Pushkin's list, too, 007.
There are a few things I'd like to check|out first, sir. That sniper, for instance.
Yes. I've read Saunders' report.|You jeopardised the mission
- to avoid shooting a beautiful girl.|- I had to make a split-second decision.
- It was instinct.|- I'll recall 008 from Hong Kong.
He can do it. He doesn't know Pushkin.
He follows orders, not instincts.
- You can take a fortnight's leave.|- No!
If it "has" to be done, I'd rather do it.
Right, bring it down slowly. Gently now.
- Morning, Q.|- Ah, morning, 007.
Mind your head.
I've got something for you.|We're just winterising this.
Now, pay attention, 007.
A key-ring finder.
- Surprise me.|- You arm it by pressing that button there.
Like that. See?
Right. Now wear that.
Right. Now whistle|the first bars of "Rule, Britannia".
Stun gas. Effective range?|Ooh, about five feet.
Disorientates any normal person|for about, ooh, 30 seconds.
You don't find too many|normal people in this business, Q.
What is it to blow up the room -|"God Save the Queen"?
It so happens, 007, that we've packed|the finder with concentrated explosive,
sufficient to remove the door of any safe.
It's magnetic.|The actuating signal is personalised.
- What's my code?|- Oh, most appropriate.
- A wolf whistle.|- You mean, um...
You may find the keys useful.
They open 90% of the world's locks.
All right, sit down and|make yourself comfortable.
- Well done, Moneypenny. That's her.|- Records sent over this translation.
"Kara Milovy,|talented scholarship cellist,
whose arm was injured|during an intermission last week,
will be at the academy on Thursday,
playing Borodin's|'String Quartet No.2 in D'."
That's tomorrow.
Moneypenny, I'll need travel documents|for Tangier via Bratislava.
And keep this between ourselves.
That girl must be very talented.
Believe me, my interest in her|is purely professional.
- Just taking the Aston Martin for a spin.|- Be careful, 007.
It's just had a new coat of paint!
I dropped the gun in the river.
The KGB made quite a mess.
You're English. Who are you?
I heard you play|at the conservatoire yesterday.
It was exquisite.
I saw what happened on the tram.|Where did they take you?
KGB headquarters?
They released me this morning.
Take a look across the street.
They let you go so they could follow you.
I don't understand.|Why are you trying to help me?
What did Pushkin want?
Did he ask you about Georgi Koskov?
He wanted to know where he was.
- Did you tell him?|- No.
That was clever of Georgi, using blanks.
Made the British believe|his defection was real.
How do you know that?
He told me.
- You saw him?|- Two days ago. He's safe and sound.
- You're a friend of his?|- We've been through quite a lot together.
Dear Georgi!|He kept his promise to send for me.
Where are we going? To London?
No, not yet. The British think|he'll be safer if he keeps moving around.
- We might catch up with him in Vienna.|- Vienna?
We must leave immediately,|before they pick you up again.
- But how?|- We'll manage.
Get packed. Bring some warm clothes.
Looks like we got away with it.
My cello! It's at the conservatoire.
- I'll get you another in Vienna.|- No, we must go back for it.
We have 10 minutes before|they discover what's happened.
- I "must" get my cello.|- No way!
Come on, get in!
Why didn't you learn the violin?
You've picked up the police band.
There must be an atmospheric anomaly.
They're looking for a foreign car.|A man and a woman.
And a cello!
Looks like they just found us.
Pull over to the side and stop!
- What happened?|- Salt corrosion.
They're setting up roadblocks.
- What is this?|- I've had a few optional extras installed.
Amazing, this modern safety glass.
Look out!
See where this leads to.
This road only leads to the lake.
Time to leave.
Brace yourself.
We almost made it.
Come on, quick! Go!
Glad I insisted you brought that cello!
Not far now!
Here, wave this.
- We've nothing to declare!|- Just a cello!
If you wait here, sir, I'll find the chief.
General Pushkin, it's a pleasure.
I'm Brad Whitaker.|Didn't expect to see you in Tangiers.
General Koskov with you?
War. War has always been|man's main occupation.
Fools say his greatest accomplishments|were the wheel and the alphabet.
I say it's a battering ram and gunpowder.
How do you like my pantheon|of great commanders?
- Butchers.|- Surgeons.
They cut away society's dead flesh.|Let me show you something.
At ease, Sergeant. This way, sir.
My hobby - the strategy and tactics|of the world's historic battles.
Afghanistan,|the North-West Frontier, 1895.
The initial trial of the first|automatic machine gun.
The.303-calibre Maxim.
The King's Royal Rifles|wiped out a vastly superior force.
Kept the British in Afghanistan|for another 25 years.
What you Russians need nowadays|is the equivalent of a modern Maxim.
Third-generation starlight scope.
A laser-sighting, short-barrelled|machine pistol. Infantry mini-missiles.
Range - 5km.|And smart. Just fire and forget.
It penetrates all existing armour.
Yes, sir! Samples of everything ordered.
The order is cancelled.
You'll return our deposit|of $50 million within the next 48 hours.
You can't be serious, General.
Do you know how hard it is|to obtain this equipment?
This is the latest US and European stuff.
I've made commitments,|letters of credit, special payoffs.
We know that you've had our money|in your Swiss account for eight weeks
and that you have made|no payments of any kind.
Look, I can't cancel|orders at this late date.
As one soldier to another,|you have my word of honour...
Spare me your military pretensions.|What army did you serve in?
You were expelled|from West Point for cheating.
Then a short stint as|a mercenary in the Belgian Congo.
Later you worked with various criminals|to help finance your first arms deals.
Lies spread by my competitors.
You forget your many|so-called wars of liberation
that I have supplied through General|Koskov. Those are my credentials.
The money in two days, or you'll find|yourself out of business permanently.
Georgi Koskov as well.
I don't know what you two are scheming,
but it is over. Is that understood?
Vienna's beautiful, just like Georgi said.
- You care for him a great deal, don't you?|- I owe him everything.
My scholarship|at the conservatoire, my Strad.
- Your cello's a Stradivarius?|- A famous one. The Lady Rose.
- Georgi got it in New York.|- Quite a present.
Maybe someday I'll play there.|At Carnegie Hall?
- Georgi believes I can do it.|- I'm sure he's right.
- We go to him now?|- Yeah. Unless he had to move on.
If he did, I'm sure he left a message.
- Careful.|- Careful.
Good afternoon, Mr Bond.
- You will need your usual suite?|- Not tonight, Hans.
- We need a second bedroom.|- Yes, sir.
- Shall I have vodka martinis sent up?|- Shaken, not stirred.
Of course.
{y:i}Universal Exports.
Bond here. I need two tickets for the|opera tonight, to be left at the box office.
- Do you like it?|- For princess or wife of commissar?
- Let's buy it.|- Don't joke!
- Who will pay?|- Georgi, of course.
The chief wants you.
We have to report.
Very good. At ease, Sergeant.
Pushkin wants the money back.
Don't worry. We've convinced|the British that Pushkin is a danger.
They will send their best man,|James Bond, to eliminate him.
I'm not convinced. Necros can do it.
I've worked with the Russians.|My appearance is well known to them.
It could jeopardise my comrades|who depend upon me.
And they depend upon me. Where else|will they find a supply of arms?
Our basic plan is sound.
Pushkin is, how you say, history.
Not yet. James Bond|hasn't laid a finger on him.
- The British are cautious.|- Yeah.
An additional inducement will ensure this.
For instance,|if another agent were eliminated.
Do it. But if Pushkin is alive on|the last day of the conference, kill him!
- All my life I've dreamed of this.|- You might play here one day.
That's too much to hope for.|Excuse me for a few moments.
- Is that...?|- The cello girl.
- The KGB sniper? Why bring her here?|- She's not a KGB sniper.
She's Koskov's girlfriend.
She shot blanks to make|his defection look real to us.
Koskov's defection phoney?|The KGB snatched him back.
That's what we were supposed to think.
These are serious accusations, Bond.|What are you up to?
I'm posing as Koskov's friend|to see what leads I can get from her.
You know he bought her a cello|in New York called the Lady Rose?
- A cello with a name?|- It's a Stradivarius.
They all have names.
Where would Koskov|get the money? Check it out.
I'll need papers for her tonight. I have|to get her out of the country by tomorrow.
Here. I took these this afternoon.
Look, this is highly irregular.|I won't get the OK from London today.
It can't wait, Saunders. That girl's|our only chance of getting Koskov back.
Very well.|I've got nothing to lose but my pension.
Meet me at the Prater Café|near the Ferris wheel at midnight.
- No more.|- This one!
Take me on the wheel.
You'll be able to see better.
Is it real or just a dream?
What's wrong? Why do we stop?
I arranged it.
We could be here all night.
It's impossible.
Knowing you only two days and all I can|think of is how we would be together.
Don't think.
Just let it happen.
Do you want another ride?
I'll be back in a minute.|There may be a message for me.
It was bought recently|at auction in New York.
Lot 124, the Lady Rose,|a cello by Stradivarius of Cremona, 1724.
Sold for $150,000
to Brad Whitaker.
Whitaker? The arms dealer?
The same.
Koskov and Whitaker.
- Where's Whitaker now?|- At his place in Tangier.
Well done.
Good luck.
Where are you going?
What's the matter?
Bad accident back there.
Did you hear?
Hear from Georgi?
I got the message.
He's with Whitaker in Tangier.
Brad Whitaker? The American?
- You know him?|- He's a patron of the arts.
Georgi said he'd help me.
How soon do we have to go?
Immediately. I promised Georgi|I'd get you back as soon as I could.
Can't we stay here a few days?
No. We leave first thing in the morning.
Is anything wrong?
- Bond!|- Don't make any sudden moves, General.
Go to the table.
Sit down.
I take it that this is not a social call, 007.
Correct. You should have brought lilies.
- May I ask why?|{y:i}- Smiert Spionom.
That was a Beria operation in Stalin's|time. It was deactivated 20 years ago.
- Two of our agents are dead.|- My condolences.
We had nothing to do with it.
Where's Koskov?
He disappeared two weeks ago.|I was about to have him arrested.
- Why?|- For misusing state funds.
Involving Whitaker?
That is a security matter|and cannot be discussed.
That was damn stupid!
Get in the bathroom and lock the door.
Stay where you are!
Get down on your knees.
Put your hands behind your back.
You are professional.|You do not kill without reason.
Two of our men are dead.|Koskov's named you.
- Now, why should I disobey my orders?|- I am in the dark as much as you are.
It is a question of trust.|Who do you believe?
Koskov or me?
If I trusted Koskov,|we wouldn't be talking.
But as long as you're alive,|we'll never know what he's up to.
Then I must die.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my honour to introduce|the head of the Russian delegation,
Comrade Leonid Pushkin.
Comrade delegates,
I bring you profound fraternal greetings|from your comrades in Soviet Union.
Seal the building!
- You looking for a party?|- Seems like a good idea.
I'm sorry to put you|through that, my dear.
It is the first time I've ever been grateful|that James Bond is a good shot!
Pull over here. We can have a party|some other time. A little present for you.
Not enough? Take it all.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Down below.
What the hell are you trying to do, 007?|Start World War III?
Felix Leiter!|Now, what's the CIA doing here?
Nice work, girls.
- No hard feelings?|- Not if the party's still on.
It's a long story, Felix, but in the end|Pushkin makes a miraculous recovery.
You mean this is a put-up job?
- What's all this?|- We've been watching Pushkin
since he met two days ago with Whitaker.
- An illegal arms deal with the Russians?|- You've got "me", James.
Whitaker has a few samples of hi-tech|stuff, but he's placed no big orders yet.
Looks like we're working on the same|case from opposite ends. Let's talk shop.
Well done!
Congratulations.|We heard it over the radio.
I didn't kill him. Bond did.
I told you the British believed me!|I told you!
I told you!
Now we can move. I'll signal|Amsterdam to ship the diamonds.
- Sir?|- Hello? Yes.
It's for you.
Where have you been, James?|You were gone so long, I was worried!
It's always nice to be missed.|Still no sign of Georgi.
- No, please. Go on playing.|- No.
Let's have a drink.
You remembered.
To us.
Did I get it right?
What's the matter?
Kara, it's time I told you the truth.
I'm not a friend of Georgi's.|I'm a British agent looking for him.
He's betrayed us all, Kara.|The Russians, the British, even you.
He told us a sniper might try to kill him.
And he set you up as the sniper, Kara.
He wants you dead. You knew too much.
Liar! You pretended to love me!
I telephoned Whitaker.|Georgi was there. He told me the truth.
You're a KGB agent,|using me to find him and kill him!
No, that's not...
That's not true. I...
Chloral hydrate!
- Keep your hands off me!|- Kara, listen to me!
The rifle was shot out of your hands.
- How do you know?|- Because I was the...
I was the man sent to kill you.
Why didn't you?
Kara, my darling,|you were absolutely perfect.
Open it, please.
Careful. It must be kept absolutely sterile.
Urgh! Go.
I've been such a fool.
We both have.
Open the lid.
Oh, my God!
That's not human. It's an animal's heart.
Diamonds hidden in the ice.
- How can I help you?|- I need my key ring. Look out!
Black coffee for our guest.
She has so many talents!
I'm curious.
- Why didn't you kill me?|- Oh, I'm not a barbarian, James.
I'm taking you|to the proper Soviet authorities
for the killing of General Pushkin.
You're a wonder, Georgi!|You get me to kill Pushkin for you.
Then you turn me in|to the Russians for his murder.
What are you going to ask for? Immunity?
Permission to emigrate|and enjoy the amenities of the West?
You don't think they'll|condone your defection?
What defection?
I have been on a secret mission|for General Pushkin
to disinform British Intelligence.
I'm sorry, James.|For you I have great affection,
but we have an old saying:|"Duty has no sweethearts."
We have an old saying, too, Georgi.
And you're full of it!
Come, Kara.
- Kara?|- Yes.
Welcome to Afghanistan.
Colonel Feyador,|my old comrade in arms.
I have here General Pushkin's assassin.|British Agent 007, James Bond.
See he is sent to Moscow.
One moment. There's one more.
Take her, too. She's a defector.
I will be compassionate with you
and try to have you assigned to|the Siberian Philharmonic Orchestra.
They're quite good|despite their bourgeois repertoire.
I am on a secret state mission. I need|a detachment of men and some trucks.
- What are these here for?|- For murder.
I haven't had a woman prisoner|for a long time!
Russky! Has Colonel Feyador|considered my appeal?
Yes. Good news.
You won't be hung in the morning.|You will be shot!
It's all a mistake! I stole nothing!
You can tell Allah when you see him!
- Strip!|{y:i}- Nye smeyete menya trogat!
Shout all you want. It's soundproofed.|They don't like to hear screaming at night.
I didn't tell you to get down!
I did not tell you to get up!
Now get up!
Lock the door.
You were fantastic! We're free!
Kara, we're in a Russian air base in the|middle of Afghanistan. Try the small key.
At least we're together.
Terrific. Come on.
Come on, jump!
- What's going on?|- I tell them you no Russian.
- They no kill you now.|- How about later?
Don't worry.|They'll save you for the harem!
It's the work of the mujaheddin.
The Afghan Resistance.
I hope he's not invited to dinner.
Thank you both for your help.|My name is Kamran Shah.
Please forgive the theatricals.|It's a hangover from my Oxford days.
I'm sure you'd like to freshen up.
It's all right, go ahead.
- I have to get back to the air base.|- You must be crazy!
- Half the Russian army's looking for you!|- You won't help?
Then put me in touch|with the mujaheddin.
Deputy Commander|of the Eastern District.
I was caught reconnoitring the air base.|Thankfully they didn't know who I was.
Now, who are you?
I work for the British government.
We've uncovered a plot|by General Koskov
to purchase American hi-tech weapons.
Arms that could be used|against you and your men.
That "is" important. You must go to|our commander in the Khyber Pass.
That could take days. I have to get back|to the air base before Koskov leaves.
Look, come with us tomorrow.|After our mission, I'll see what I can do.
That'll be too late.
- I need a gun and some guides.|- Impossible.
I cannot spare men or the horses.
And now it is time to rest.|We leave at sunrise.
I was worried for you, James.
What's going to happen to us?
What does that mean?
It means beautiful in Afghan.
We're with the mujaheddin.
We leave with them in the morning|on some kind of operation.
And you're going to the Khyber Pass.
You're not coming with me?
No. I'll catch up with you later.
You're going back for Georgi, aren't you?
- It's too dangerous. Don't go.|- I have to.
You have to what? Get killed?
- I won't wait for you.|- Fine.
Then I'll have Kamran|send you direct to London.
You dumb, stubborn, stupid...
- What's that supposed to mean?|- Back end of horse!
Are you calling me a horse's arse?
I might never see you again.
You will.
I promise.
Raw opium. Worth half a billion|dollars on the streets of New York.
- What are you up to? Selling dope?|- Not so loud.
- That's the chief of the Snow Leopards.|- Who?
- The biggest opium dealer in the area.|- I've worked for them.
I don't care if the Russians die|from my bullets or their opium!
Besides, we need the money to buy arms.
- Georgi!|- And the diamonds.
He arranged for the Russians|to buy many hi-tech weapons.
He's using the down payment|to buy this opium instead.
He can turn a huge profit in days and|still provide the Russians with their arms.
- Unless...|- Go on.
If the opium never arrives.
The Snow Leopard Brotherhood|are dangerous to cross.
This is their biggest deal|since the invasion.
You won't help?
Perhaps. As long as nothing is done|till the Russians pay up and leave.
Right. I'll need|some plastic explosives and a timer.
I'll see what I can do.
James is trapped. You must help him!
- He'll have to take his chances.|- You owe him your life!
- There's nothing more I can do.|- Yes, there is!
Wait here. We'll come back for you.
Don't shoot! Don't destroy the plane.
Block the runway!
The tanker!
Where is she?
We have to stop him!
Don't shoot! You'll hit the plane!
- Kara!|- Oh, my God!
Now that you're here, take over.
- What?|- Hold this and keep it straight and level.
- Where are you going?|- To defuse a bomb.
- What happened?|- He got the boot.
Take over. Hold it steady.
- Where are you going?|- To drop a bomb.
What's the matter?
We're losing fuel fast!
I just hope we can make Pakistan.
There's no place to put down.
Go in the back.|Get in the Jeep. Quickly!
Fasten your seat belt!
Hold on!
I know a great restaurant in Karachi.|We can just make dinner!
{y:i}Whitaker's on the ground floor.|{y:i}Koskov is in an upstairs bedroom.
Guard in the pool area near you.
Guard clear. Proceed.
{y:i}Hold it.
He's coming back.
{y:i}Go, James. Over and out.
Well, he's in.
Pickett's charge was up|Cemetery Ridge, not Little Round Top.
I'm replaying the battle|as I would have fought it.
Meade was tenacious|but he was cautious.
He missed his chances|to crush Lee at Gettysburg.
I've come for Koskov.
Well, hell, you can have him!|Soon as I get my opium.
- Now where is it?|- Up in smoke.
You burned up a half a billion bucks?
That's too bad, Bond.
You know, you could have been a live,|rich man instead of a poor, dead one.
You're finished, Whitaker. If the Russians|don't get you, the Americans will.
You know, Meade should have|taken another 35,000 casualties.
He could have ended|the rebellion right then.
Hell, Grant would have done it.
Right, you've had your eight.|Now I'll have my 80!
Sorry to say your popgun is no match|for the latest body armour!
Should have known you'd take refuge|behind that British vulture Wellington!
You know he had to buy German|mercenaries to beat Napoleon, don't you?
I owed you that one, Bond.
He met his Waterloo.
General Pushkin!
Thank God you're still alive!
Whitaker has held me here for weeks.|Thank you for rescuing me! Thank you!
Georgi! Georgi!
- Put him on the next plane to Moscow.|- Oh, thank you, General!
Thank you so much! Thank you!
In the diplomatic bag.
What about Kara?
She is a defector, too.
What shall we do about her?
Are you going to stay in France now?
Oh, you were marvellous!
Will you excuse us?
General Gogol, Miss Kara Milovy.
Magnificent! I hope you can find time|to play in Moscow very soon.
It's all right. General Gogol|is with their foreign service.
He's arranged an immigration visa,|so you can come and go as you like.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry we missed the concert.|We had some trouble at the airport.
I can't imagine why! General Gogol,|I don't believe you've met Kamran Shah.
- My pleasure.|- Where's James?
- Unhappily, he's on assignment abroad.|- I'll be with you shortly.
You didn't think I'd miss|this performance, did you?
Oh, James.
Visiontext subtitles: David Van-Cauter
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