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Subtitles for Little Princess A (1995) CD2.

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Little Princess A (1995) CD2

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Would you like to buy a flower?
Would you like to buy a flower?
-Would you? -Not today.
Would you like to buy a flower?
Would you?
Pardon me.
Give her a flower.
For the princess.
What is it, little mouse?
Are you a prisoner too?
ls it ever this cold where you come from?
Tell me about it, Sara. Tell me again about lndia.
Tell me.
Well. . .
. . .the air is so hot there. . .
. . .you can almost taste it.
l bet it tastes like coconuts.
lt's more like spices, really.
Curry and saffron.
What else?
Tigers sleep under trees. . .
. . .and elephants cool themselves in the lakes.
The warm wind blows through the fields. . .
...and the spirits ride it...
...singing as they look down on us.
Their voices echo through the mountains...
...and the sky... all different colors... a peacock's tail.
Soot all over the place, you clumsy fool!
Get out!
Get out of my house!
And you can forget being paid this week!
Ungrateful little wretch.
No, you don't!
l won't tolerate any soot in this house!
There, just look at my boot! lt's filthy!
Out! And take this ridiculous-looking thing with you!
Where might Miss Amelia be this morning?
Good morning, Frances. You're here early this morning.
A working man gets up early if he wants to have an effect on the world.
How true.
And what a powerful effect you have, Frances.
Where have you been?
l've been chilled for half an hour. Hurry up and light a fire.
And don't touch anything else with your dirty hands.
This is my room now, and l won't have you messing it up.
What is that awful smell? When did you last have a bath?
What are you doing?
l don't believe in this!
So you can just stop it! Stop it, l said!
What did you just do?
Just a little curse l learned from a witch in lndia.
-What kind of curse? -You'll see.
But l wouldn't brush my hair as much if l were you.
lt's all right. l saved it especially for you.
Go on. Take it.
ls this where you live?
You shouldn't be here. lt's too dangerous.
Why don't you like me anymore? Did l do something wrong?
No, of course not.
l didn't think you'd want me for a friend. . .
. . .now that things are different.
l'm sure you could do fine without me for a friend. . .
. . .but l couldn't get along without you.
l'm sorry. l should've known. . .
. . .you wouldn't be like the others.
-What's that? -One knock means ''l'm here. ''
Two knocks means ''All is well. ''
Three means ''The coast is clear. ''
-''The demon Minchinweed is asleep. '' -lt all sounds so adventurous!
Look, Becky. We have a visitor.
Hello, Becky.
Oh, Sara, l miss your stories so much.
Won't you tell us what happened to Rama and the princess?
The smoke from Ravana 's arrows...
...finally began to lift.
Rama lay dead on the ground.
Oh, no!
But then a wonderful thing happened.
The gazelle laid down next to Rama, giving him his own life.
He's suffering from amnesia...
. . .one of the rare side effects of poison gas.
His eyes will heal in time.
His memory. . .who can say?
He's not my son.
l'm sorry, Mr. Randolph.
He was in severe shock. . .
. . .with no coat, no identification.
Since your son was the only name unaccounted for. . .
. . .they assumed this was John.
l am sorry.
All the hoping. You must think me a fool.
ls it your wish to be wise, sahib?
l don't know.
l suppose a wise man wouldn't have come here at all.
But if he had. . .
. . .he would have looked closely upon the soldier's face.
What would he have seen?
Pain, sahib. He needs to be cared for.
He's not my responsibility.
A wise man would remember that this man was in John's regiment.
lf his memory returns, he might tell what happened to his son.
Perhaps sahib will learn that John is in British hospital. . .
. . .wishing that a kind man would take him home, away from his pain.
lf the plumber comes, show him the problem.
And don't babble with him. He's paid by the hour.
And correct the Latin tests by the time l get back.
Yes, sister.
Hello, Miss Minchin.
Goodbye, Miss Minchin.
Oh, no, not again!
Lottie, not again.
Let's find the locket.
All right. . .
. . .it's okay. lt's all right.
Come quick! l think Lottie's possessed.
l got it.
Will you please get that child under control?
Don't worry. Everything's fine.
What is it?
l thought l saw a mouse.
l swear, that child has a pact with Satan to destroy me.
l'm not cut out for this job. l have no patience.
And teaching! All those facts to remember.
l don't like it at all.
You like Frances, don't you?
Of course not. How dare you.
l think he likes you too.
You do?
l think you should run away and get married.
lt'd be terribly romantic.
What an extraordinary thing to say.
Well, anyway, my sister would be furious if she found out.
You'd be long gone by then.
Living in some exotic paradise. . .
. . .with that dashing young milkman.
l'd better get to the market.
You're doing well, young man.
You're almost home.
You must trust my eyes, sahib.
What's going on?
lt's a surprise.
-What are you doing here? -We brought you something.
Princess Sara, we present you with something we rescued.
ln a dangerous adventure.
-Our very own crusade. -Risking all our lives.
And mine too.
l don't know what to say.
You are the best friends anyone could ever ask for.
lt's all right.
lt's just my little monkey friend, Hanuman.
Where did he come from?
Right next door. Look.
He likes to visit me.
Can you really talk to him, Sara?
Hanuman, say hello to all my friends.
After Rama came back to life. . .
...he raced towards the monster's palace to rescue Sita.
...Ravana appeared!
l think we better save the rest for later.
What's going on here?
lt's not their fault. l asked them to come.
You five go downstairs.
l'll deal with you later.
Becky. . .
. . .you'll remain locked in your room tomorrow without meals.
And you will perform her chores in addition to your own. . .
. . .without breakfast, lunch or dinner.
lt's time you learned. . .
. . .that real life has nothing to do with your fantasy games.
lt's a cruel, nasty world out there. . .
. . .and it's our duty to make the best of it.
Not to indulge in ridiculous dreams, but to be productive and useful.
Do you understand what l'm saying?
Yes, ma'am.
But l don't believe in it.
Don't tell me you still fancy yourself a princess.
Good God, child, look around you!
Or better yet, look in the mirror.
l am a princess.
All girls are.
Even if they live in tiny old attics.
Even if they dress in rags.
Even if they aren't pretty or smart or young.
They're still princesses. All of us.
Didn't your father ever tell you that?
Didn't he?
lf l find you up here with the girls again. . .
. . .l'll throw you out into the street!
What're we going to do?
A whole day with nothing to eat.
Don't cry, Becky.
l'm scared.
lf Minchin throws me out, l've got no place to go.
That's not true.
l'm here with you. l've always thought of us as sisters.
You have?
Let's make a promise to always look out for each other.
lt's a promise.
Now, what are we going to do about food?
Starve, l guess.
No, there's only one thing to do.
We'll eat a great feast before we go to sleep. . .
. . .and that will keep us full tomorrow.
Feast? What feast?
Just look around.
See that table there?
lt's covered with a beautiful cloth. . .
. . .and candles. . .
. . .and trays of good things to eat.
Come on, Becky.
Tell me what kind of food there is.
But l don't see any food.
Try, Becky.
Just make-believe it. Remember what you told me?
About the magic?
-Muffins? -Good! What kind?
All kinds.
Every kind of muffin God ever made, and all of them hot.
But we're not dressed right for such an elegant banquet.
l'm wearing a long velvet cape with fur on the collar.
And you?
Well, l always liked diamonds myself.
Rings and bracelets, and a whole dress covered with them.
Smell those sausages!
l love sausages.
Oh, my Lord!
l think you went a little too far this time.
lt wasn't me.
Go ahead.
l feel like l've been touched by an angel.
Just what we ordered.
l'm a little scared about this.
Me too. Do you think we shouldn't eat it?
l'm not that scared.
Thank you for your kindness. l'm sorry to inconvenience you.
lt is nothing, sahib.
That word. . . .
lt sounds so familiar. . .
. . .yet l don't know what it means.
lt is not English. We use it where l am from.
ln lndia.
lndia. . . .
You know it?
Everything's just a blur.
Maybe someday l'll sort it out.
You will, sahib.
You will.
One minute.
Oh, my God.
Where is it?
Where's the locket?
Give it to me!
What is all this?
Where'd it come from?
l don't know. l just woke up and it was here.
You stole it, like you stole this locket!
You're nothing but a dirty little thief.
lt's my responsibility to protect the children from animals like you.
You'll be leaving with the police very shortly!
No, Miss Minchin!
l didn't do it.
Miss Minchin, please!
Miss Minchin, l didn't do it!
You heard me. l want her picked up immediately!
You've removed the bandages.
There wasn't much point. l can see all right.
Come on in, have a brandy.
Don't worry.
l'm sure they'll believe you.
l have to get out.
But how? My room's locked too.
The police, they're here!
Let's go, boys. Step lively now.
Quick, help me with this board!
-Right this way. -Yes, madam.
You'll fall!
l can do it.
l'll come back for you. l promise.
What is she doing?
Get back in here!
-The little beast is running away! -We're trying, miss.
Good God!
Don't just stand there! Go and find her!
Take this one while you're at it.
l heard you calling in your sleep last night.
Sometimes when l dream, l sense a part of me that's missing.
lt's strange, having your heart remember what your mind can't.
She jumped like a little animal.
Who's that at this hour?
Let us in, man.
A child from the school is in your house.
What's going on?
l'm sorry, but there's a child hiding in your house.
-What? -Search upstairs.
Oh, not now!
Ram Dass, get some candles!
-Start with the attic. -Let's go.
Who's there?
Make sure you check the closets and under the beds!
What is it?
Why are you crying?
Please tell me. l won't hurt you.
Won't you tell me your name?
That's such a pretty name.
What did you say?
-l'm sorry. -Papa, it's me, Sara.
Do you know me?
Don't you remember me?
Please. . .
. . .you've got to know me. lt's Sara. Remember?
Remember lndia and Maya?
Remember the Ramayana. . .
. . .and Emily? The locket with Mama's picture?
Oh, Papa, please!
Papa, please!
Do you know this man?
Tell them!
This child has no father. Take her away!
l'm so sorry.
Papa, don't ever leave me!
-l missed you. -l love you.
Well, well, well. l hardly recognized you.
l'm glad you straightened everything out.
They released all my property.
l came to say goodbye. . .
. . .and to thank you for everything you've done for us.
No more than you tried to do for my son.
-Take care, Mr. Randolph. -And you too.
You must be glad to be going home.
Thank you.
l have a surprise for you all.
Whenever you think of me, tell Emily, and she'll get the message to me.
And when you hug her, you'll really be getting a hug from me.
Then we'll hug her every day.
That's the first time anyone's hugged Lavinia.
Bye, Becky.
Come on.
Yeah, l'm coming, l'm coming.
Get over here. l've been looking for you, Minchin.
-Pick up the bucket. -When do l get my break?
Follow me!
What do you put in here, rocks?
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