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Subtitles for Little Man Tate CD2.

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Little Man Tate CD2

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.88,00:00:03.90 What I'm trying to tell you is that... 00:00:04.00,00:00:07.88 ...your son is starving for stimulation and[br]challenge, and for some order in his life. 00:00:08.00,00:00:10.48 Things that you don't provide[br]but that I will. 00:00:11.48,00:00:15.40 I know that to deny a child's potential[br]is to smother his true self. 00:00:15.60,00:00:17.88 Fred doesn't give a shit[br]about his potential. 00:00:18.00,00:00:20.68 He just wants to be a normal,[br]happy little kid. 00:00:21.08,00:00:25.60 Well, he's not normal, thank God,[br]and he's certainly not happy. 00:00:26.00,00:00:27.88 And you underestimate him greatly... 00:00:28.00,00:00:32.00 ...if you think that a summer by the pool[br]will ever be enough for him. 00:00:32.20,00:00:34.60 Fred wants to go to college. 00:00:34.68,00:00:37.28 Don't take my word for it. Ask him. 00:00:54.80,00:00:57.88 Hey. What are you doin'? 00:00:58.00,00:01:00.40 Your résumé. 00:01:03.20,00:01:05.20 Oh. 00:01:06.60,00:01:10.28 So, I understand that you and Jane[br]made some plans, huh? 00:01:13.48,00:01:17.68 So, were you just gonna sneak off[br]to college without saying anything? 00:01:19.60,00:01:22.20 Fred, do you wanna go to college? 00:01:23.48,00:01:25.88 You know, Jane says you do. 00:01:29.60,00:01:32.28 It sure sounds great to me. 00:01:32.40,00:01:35.08 Sounds like a great opportunity. 00:01:36.40,00:01:39.28 I mean, you hang round here[br]for too long and you might, uh... 00:01:39.48,00:01:42.68 might smother[br]your potential or somethin'. 00:01:42.80,00:01:45.40 I'd sure feel real lousy if that happened. 00:01:48.08,00:01:51.48 Course, you know you're[br]gonna have to live with her. 00:01:52.80,00:01:56.68 Which means you'd also miss out[br]on a real summer vacation. 00:01:58.40,00:02:00.40 Hey. 00:02:01.80,00:02:04.48 You wanna go to college[br]or you wanna go to Disney World? 00:02:04.60,00:02:08.68 I've already been to Disney World.[br]I went with Jane, remember? 00:02:26.48,00:02:28.48 You look crabby. 00:02:28.68,00:02:30.48 I'm not crabby. 00:02:30.68,00:02:33.00 I'm pensive. 00:02:47.80,00:02:51.60 This'll take a couple of minutes,[br]so why don't you just go park the car? 00:02:51.68,00:02:53.68 - Hi, Jane.[br]- Wait, wait. 00:02:53.88,00:02:57.28 Just a minute, Fred. OK, now! 00:02:57.60,00:02:59.48 - Hi, Jane.[br]- Hi, Fred. 00:03:03.48,00:03:05.40 Wow. 00:03:38.28,00:03:42.40 - You need a belt, kid.[br]- No, I don't. I just need to tuck in my shirt. 00:03:43.28,00:03:45.68 You need a belt. 00:03:45.80,00:03:51.40 Hey, how about if we just say[br]"See ya tomorrow" instead of "goodbye"? 00:03:52.00,00:03:55.28 If you send me the chequebook,[br]I'll balance it for you. 00:03:56.20,00:03:58.48 I think I can take care of that, Freddie. 00:04:00.20,00:04:02.40 Who's gonna water the plants? 00:04:02.60,00:04:06.40 Hey, forget about the plants, OK? 00:04:06.60,00:04:08.68 Forget about the chequebook. 00:04:08.80,00:04:11.20 You're gonna have a great time. 00:04:13.20,00:04:15.68 So are you. 00:04:15.80,00:04:18.60 Every day that I know you, I... 00:04:19.60,00:04:22.88 I admire you a little bit more every day. 00:04:23.00,00:04:25.68 Every day I say to myself... 00:04:25.80,00:04:29.60 ...this little kid is exactly[br]the kind of person I wanna be. 00:04:30.68,00:04:32.80 I mean, let's face it. 00:04:33.00,00:04:36.20 You're the best thing[br]that ever happened to me. 00:04:37.28,00:04:39.88 So don't worry so much. OK? 00:04:51.28,00:04:53.80 Hey, love you big. 00:04:54.00,00:04:55.88 Go get your bag. 00:05:02.08,00:05:04.40 Dede, I know this must be difficult for you. 00:05:05.48,00:05:07.88 You might wanna keep[br]an extra telephone around. 00:05:08.08,00:05:11.48 - Excuse me?[br]- He likes to take 'em apart, you know. 00:05:11.80,00:05:15.08 Sometimes, uh... sometimes... 00:05:16.08,00:05:18.60 I understand. 00:05:19.88,00:05:22.28 Listen to me, Jane. 00:05:22.48,00:05:26.40 If anything happens to him,[br]anything at all... 00:05:26.48,00:05:28.80 ...l'll kill you. 00:05:29.00,00:05:31.40 Now, I don't mean that I'll just hurt you. 00:05:31.60,00:05:34.08 I mean that I'll kill you. 00:05:39.28,00:05:44.88 Hey. Give you a call from Orlando, OK?[br]Hear all about your first day. 00:05:46.60,00:05:48.08 Bye, sweetie. 00:05:48.28,00:05:50.20 Hands on noses, guys. 00:05:56.08,00:05:57.60 See you tomorrow. 00:05:58.20,00:06:00.08 See you tomorrow. 00:06:17.40,00:06:21.68 Now, Fred.[br]These chores are your responsibilities. 00:06:22.20,00:06:24.68 And for every week[br]that you do them correctly... 00:06:24.80,00:06:30.08 ...we'll do something fun like go to the[br]symphony, or rent a nice documentary. 00:06:30.20,00:06:33.08 These are soup bowls. These are not. 00:06:33.28,00:06:36.88 These are my glasses[br]and these are your glasses. 00:06:37.00,00:06:39.40 These are your pens and your pencils. 00:06:39.48,00:06:43.88 And, Fred,[br]these are my pens and my pencils. 00:06:48.80,00:06:50.68 It's not your mother's fault. 00:06:50.80,00:06:54.48 Most parents are ignorant[br]to the benefits of macrobiotics. 00:06:56.88,00:06:59.48 If your mother had put you[br]on a diet like this sooner... 00:06:59.60,00:07:02.00 might never have gotten an ulcer. 00:07:03.60,00:07:06.68 - Can I have a Coke?[br]- Absolutely not. 00:07:26.08,00:07:29.48 - Sorry.[br]- That's all right. 00:07:31.00,00:07:33.88 Everything that comes[br]from the body is natural. 00:07:35.40,00:07:39.20 - Now can I have a Coke?[br]- In the fridge. 00:08:02.80,00:08:07.28 Fred, I'll meet you outside[br]on the steps right after class. 00:08:07.48,00:08:09.40 - All right?[br]- Mm. 00:08:11.40,00:08:13.28 Good luck. 00:08:29.48,00:08:31.88 Come on. Let's sit you down in the front. 00:08:34.28,00:08:36.88 Would you mind sitting over there,[br]please? 00:08:46.40,00:08:48.80 All right.[br]Let's all calm down and shut up... 00:08:49.00,00:08:51.80 we can start getting[br]Dad's money's worth. 00:08:51.88,00:08:55.00 Now, for those of you who may be lost... 00:08:56.00,00:08:59.08 ...the name of this class is Phys 105. 00:08:59.20,00:09:03.60 Quantum physics. Not physical education. 00:09:13.28,00:09:16.08 All right. Everybody in the right place? 00:09:17.48,00:09:19.48 Goddamn college kids. 00:09:19.60,00:09:20.68 Morning. 00:09:20.80,00:09:25.28 Used to be young people respected other[br]people's property. You could trust 'em. 00:09:25.48,00:09:29.48 Now, they come down here[br]on vacation and they trash the place. 00:09:29.60,00:09:32.80 What do they care?[br]It's not their house. Damn brats. 00:09:33.40,00:09:37.80 Then on top of that I got five[br]undercover ABC guys circulating. 00:09:38.00,00:09:40.68 - The network?[br]- Alcoholic Beverage Control, Gina. 00:09:40.80,00:09:44.40 Half my clientele on this[br]particular evening is underage. 00:09:45.08,00:09:47.08 How am I supposed to know this? 00:09:47.20,00:09:51.80 Anyway...[br]my liquor licence is now toilet paper. 00:09:52.00,00:09:55.40 Wait a second.[br]You sayin' you're not gonna do the show? 00:09:55.48,00:09:58.28 Don't tell me we came[br]all the way down here for nothin'. 00:09:58.40,00:10:00.28 Oh, boy. 00:10:01.00,00:10:03.00 You two got any waitressing experience? 00:10:03.20,00:10:06.00 - Come on![br]- Don't dive in the shallow end! 00:10:06.40,00:10:09.40 - At least they got water in the pool.[br]- I could murder you. 00:10:09.48,00:10:12.68 - He said it's temporary.[br]- He said his lawyers were working on it. 00:10:12.80,00:10:14.68 We can still make a vacation of it. 00:10:14.80,00:10:17.08 When life gives you lemons,[br]you make lemonade. 00:10:17.20,00:10:20.48 Hey, this ain't lemons, Gina.[br]This is dog shit. 00:10:20.60,00:10:24.48 I mean, if I wanted to wait tables,[br]I coulda stayed in the city. 00:10:33.00,00:10:35.00 Did you lose your mommy, sweetie? 00:10:38.40,00:10:41.08 Yo, kid! A little help with the Frisbee, huh? 00:10:44.88,00:10:47.48 - Whoa! Watch it, kid.[br]- Sorry. 00:10:54.40,00:10:57.60 I have 50. Now, come on, people.[br]Do I hear 60? 00:11:04.60,00:11:06.80 - Come on, people. This is for charity.[br]- 70. 00:11:08.80,00:11:10.88 All right, I have 70. Do I hear 80? 00:11:11.08,00:11:14.20 I said 1,000, you racist frat-head. 00:11:15.20,00:11:17.08 Come on, mister. This is for charity. 00:11:17.20,00:11:20.08 What charity's that?[br]The Inter-Geek Recreation Center? 00:11:20.28,00:11:23.60 That should change a few lives.[br]Get outta my face, you jughead. 00:11:26.68,00:11:28.60 Hey, wait a minute. 00:11:30.80,00:11:32.88 Heads! 00:11:44.48,00:11:46.40 Excuse me, fellas. 00:11:50.88,00:11:53.68 - Eddie, you killed him.[br]- I wasn't even aimin' for him. 00:11:53.88,00:11:56.60 - Besides, what's a kid doin' out here?[br]- He's not a kid! 00:11:56.68,00:11:58.88 Get away from him. 00:12:00.40,00:12:02.48 Oh, God. Not again. 00:12:02.68,00:12:05.08 Fred! Fred? 00:12:05.80,00:12:07.80 Oh, Fred. 00:12:09.68,00:12:12.68 - This is called a sphygmomanometer.[br]- It is? 00:12:19.08,00:12:21.88 - Hello.[br]- Hey, Jane. Let me talk to Fred. 00:12:22.28,00:12:24.80 Dede. How are you? 00:12:25.00,00:12:27.28 Just peachy. Now where's Fred, huh? 00:12:28.20,00:12:30.00 - How many fingers?[br]- Two. 00:12:30.08,00:12:32.88 - He can't talk right now.[br]- How come? 00:12:33.00,00:12:36.48 - He's taking a nap.[br]- So wake him up. 00:12:36.68,00:12:40.08 - I wanna hear about his first day.[br]- He's very tired, Dede. 00:12:40.28,00:12:43.08 Cut the shit, Jane.[br]Put the kid on the goddamn phone. 00:12:45.08,00:12:47.00 Here he is. 00:12:49.00,00:12:53.48 Now, Fred. You don't wanna get[br]your mother all upset over nothing. Hm? 00:12:54.08,00:12:55.48 OK. 00:12:55.68,00:12:57.60 Hi, Dede. 00:12:57.80,00:13:02.00 Jane was late picking me up[br]and I got hit on the head with a globe. 00:13:03.28,00:13:04.48 How's Florida? 00:13:07.68,00:13:09.60 Bicycle! Ohh! 00:13:14.08,00:13:19.08 The spin angular momentum[br]of the beta particle of one half... 00:13:19.20,00:13:25.68 ...must be balanced by[br]a particle having a spin angular... 00:13:57.60,00:13:59.88 He's studying real hard. 00:14:05.68,00:14:07.88 He must be all of ten. 00:14:08.00,00:14:11.80 Yo, Muffy! What the hell you lookin' at?[br]Get outta here, you punk. 00:14:12.80,00:14:15.48 Hey, how's your head? 00:14:15.60,00:14:17.40 Remember me? 00:14:17.48,00:14:20.28 I'm the guy that took[br]your lights out the other day. 00:14:21.08,00:14:23.28 Well, look. I brought you a present. 00:14:24.68,00:14:28.88 Ta-da! Remember this? It's got a little[br]blood on it, right there on El Salvador. 00:14:29.08,00:14:31.08 I think that's pretty cool. 00:14:31.20,00:14:33.60 - It's for you. I brought it for you.[br]- Thanks. 00:14:33.68,00:14:36.68 You're welcome. My name's Eddie. 00:14:37.00,00:14:39.28 - Fred.[br]- Nice to meet you, Fred. 00:14:39.40,00:14:42.48 - What's your major?[br]- What's my major? 00:14:42.60,00:14:45.68 Damn! Who you been hanging out with? 00:14:45.80,00:14:48.20 Jane. What's your major? 00:14:49.08,00:14:52.48 Well, let's see.[br]Russian Lit. Afro-Am. Poly Sci. 00:14:52.80,00:14:55.00 French. Swahili. Ooglie booglie. 00:14:55.20,00:15:00.00 Toilet trainin'. Eatin' dirt. Nose-pickin'.[br]One of those. I dunno. 00:15:00.40,00:15:03.40 - So who's Jane? That your girlfriend?[br]- The lady I live with. 00:15:06.20,00:15:08.48 Say, what are you doing this afternoon? 00:15:09.40,00:15:11.68 Just bringing in the mail. 00:15:46.40,00:15:49.08 Ooo-wee! That was swingin'![br]Was that swingin' or what? 00:15:49.20,00:15:51.08 We're gonna go on the road together. 00:15:51.28,00:15:54.28 But I can't play the classical stuff.[br]You have to handle that. 00:15:54.40,00:15:57.40 You know what the funniest thing[br]about Mozart was? His hair. 00:15:57.60,00:16:00.20 I'd say to Mozart[br]"That's the ugliest hairdo I've seen". 00:16:00.28,00:16:03.68 I think Mozart should have a big Afro[br]or a Mohawk, or a something. 00:16:09.80,00:16:11.80 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Swing along! 00:16:12.48,00:16:14.40 Yeah, man. 00:16:21.20,00:16:23.20 Swing it. 00:16:40.00,00:16:41.68 Well? 00:16:42.60,00:16:44.68 Looks good. 00:16:46.08,00:16:48.28 It's funny, Garth. 00:16:48.48,00:16:52.40 I'm experiencing a whole[br]new side of me I've never felt before. 00:16:53.20,00:16:55.40 It's just a meat loaf, Jane. 00:16:55.60,00:16:59.20 No. To me, it's a lot more than a meat loaf.[br]It's a milestone. 00:17:00.48,00:17:02.20 I mean... 00:17:02.40,00:17:06.28 ...who would have thought[br]that I'd ever cook anything? 00:17:07.20,00:17:09.80 Maybe you're turning over a new loaf. 00:17:11.40,00:17:14.48 - What do I do about Live Wire?[br]- Do we have to discuss that now? 00:17:14.80,00:17:17.40 If Buckner wants to do[br]an hour on gifted children... 00:17:17.68,00:17:20.80 What does Winston Buckner know[br]about gifted children? 00:17:20.88,00:17:24.88 Why doesn't he do a talk show on[br]petulant talk show hosts instead? 00:17:26.00,00:17:28.40 Oh! I've gotta make the salad. 00:17:28.88,00:17:32.28 That's why he needs you.[br]And he wants to bring Fred on, too. 00:17:32.40,00:17:34.48 You could bring[br]a few examples of his work. 00:17:34.68,00:17:37.08 He'd like that. 00:17:37.80,00:17:39.60 What time is it? 00:17:40.40,00:17:42.48 The object of the game[br]is to bank the ball... 00:17:42.68,00:17:45.48 that you hit the other one[br]right where the shadow is. 00:17:48.20,00:17:50.68 You wanna try to hit the ball nice and low. 00:17:50.80,00:17:53.20 That way you get a lot of backspin on it. 00:17:54.40,00:17:56.48 Pow! 00:17:56.88,00:17:58.68 - Like that.[br]- Hey, Eddie. 00:17:58.80,00:18:02.80 - Hey, where the hell y'all been?[br]- Anna fainted in the parking lot. 00:18:03.00,00:18:06.40 Say, everybody. This is my son Fred. 00:18:06.60,00:18:09.08 - Fred![br]- How ya doin', Fred? 00:18:09.48,00:18:12.28 Hey, kid.[br]What are you doin' with the world? 00:18:12.60,00:18:15.08 It was a present. 00:18:30.08,00:18:33.40 Never mind, Officer. He's back.[br]Yes, just now. Thank you. 00:18:33.60,00:18:35.88 - Fred![br]- Sorry I'm late. 00:18:36.08,00:18:38.00 Fred, where have you been? 00:18:39.60,00:18:42.60 Fred, you smell like a brewery! 00:18:43.60,00:18:45.88 And have you been smoking? 00:18:46.00,00:18:49.40 I was in a pool hall.[br]I'm learning how to play pool! 00:18:49.88,00:18:52.28 - Good game.[br]- Shut up, Garth. 00:18:53.28,00:18:55.40 Do you know what time it is? 00:18:56.28,00:18:57.80 7.03. 00:18:57.88,00:19:00.28 Do you remember what time[br]I asked you to be home? 00:19:00.68,00:19:02.60 5.00. 00:19:02.68,00:19:07.08 Fred, if I tell you to be home at five[br]o'clock, you're to be home at five o'clock. 00:19:07.28,00:19:09.40 Not six o'clock. Not seven o'clock. 00:19:09.48,00:19:13.00 Not 7.01, not 7.02 and certainly not 7.03. 00:19:13.68,00:19:16.00 I can't eat this. 00:19:16.08,00:19:18.20 No, of course you can't. It's cold. 00:19:19.20,00:19:22.08 No. My stomach. 00:19:22.20,00:19:24.20 Oh, my God, that's right. 00:19:24.40,00:19:29.00 Now, Fred. Let's not whine. There must[br]be something for you to eat around here. 00:19:29.20,00:19:31.68 - I could go pick something up.[br]- It's OK. 00:19:31.88,00:19:34.00 I already ate. 00:19:34.68,00:19:37.68 What? You ate without me? 00:19:38.60,00:19:40.80 We could have dessert. 00:19:41.00,00:19:43.00 No. We cannot. 00:19:44.20,00:19:48.48 A rule has been broken.[br]We don't reward that kind of behaviour. 00:19:48.60,00:19:51.28 Now, Fred,[br]I'm sure if we thought about it... 00:19:51.48,00:19:55.08 ...we'd decide that pool halls[br]are no place for someone your age. 00:19:56.40,00:19:59.80 If you want to play something,[br]come and talk to me. 00:20:00.28,00:20:04.48 And, Fred, when I scold you,[br]it doesn't mean I don't care about you. 00:20:04.60,00:20:07.68 It only means I'm trying[br]to correct your mistakes. 00:20:09.80,00:20:12.40 Now, how about a nice game of Scrabble? 00:20:13.40,00:20:15.60 And... go. 00:20:20.40,00:20:22.28 Done. 00:20:23.00,00:20:25.08 - Isn't this fun? 00:20:25.20,00:20:27.20 Damn it. 00:20:31.60,00:20:33.88 - Fred.[br]- I'll go get you another phone. 00:20:34.00,00:20:36.00 Fred. 00:20:38.28,00:20:41.80 - Hello?[br]- Hey! What's up, huh? 00:20:42.60,00:20:46.48 - Nothing. What's up with you?[br]- I'm gettin' a tan. 00:20:46.68,00:20:48.28 Oh. 00:20:48.48,00:20:51.20 Actually, it's more of a burn. 00:20:51.40,00:20:54.08 - So?[br]- So? 00:20:56.00,00:20:58.28 So, listen. 00:20:58.40,00:21:01.28 What are you doin' next weekend, huh? 00:21:01.40,00:21:02.88 Huh? 00:21:03.00,00:21:05.40 Come on, it's 4th July.[br]What are you doin'? 00:21:05.60,00:21:08.88 - How about a barbecue on the beach?[br]- I'm gonna be on TV. 00:21:11.88,00:21:14.00 Let me speak to her. 00:21:14.80,00:21:17.60 Hi, Dede. It's Jane. 00:21:17.68,00:21:23.20 We were gonna call you. Fred and I have[br]been invited to appear on "Live Wire". 00:21:23.80,00:21:25.88 Isn't that exciting? 00:21:26.00,00:21:27.60 Uh-huh. 00:21:27.68,00:21:32.48 I thought, if it's OK with you, we'd stay[br]overnight to see the fireworks in the park. 00:21:32.60,00:21:35.68 Yeah, sure.[br]Freddie'd love that. He would. 00:21:35.88,00:21:37.88 Great. Don't forget to watch. 00:21:38.00,00:21:41.20 It's Saturday at 12.30. Here's Fred. 00:21:41.40,00:21:44.88 Don't talk too long.[br]It's costing your mother a fortune. 00:21:45.48,00:21:47.08 Hi. 00:21:47.60,00:21:49.88 Hey. Everything's good, huh? 00:21:50.08,00:21:52.00 Everything's perfect. 00:21:53.80,00:21:57.08 - I'm learning how to play pool.[br]- Pool? 00:21:57.40,00:21:59.80 Yeah. My friend Eddie's teaching me. 00:22:00.20,00:22:02.08 Wow. Eddie. 00:22:04.20,00:22:06.60 Don't put down too many bets, OK, kiddo? 00:22:08.40,00:22:12.48 Look, I gotta go.[br]Jane's giving me this test. 00:22:13.40,00:22:15.88 Yeah, OK. I tell you what. Um... 00:22:16.00,00:22:18.60 I'll call ya in a couple of days, OK? 00:22:19.08,00:22:20.80 OK. Bye. 00:22:56.08,00:22:59.40 - Oh, man, what time is it?[br]- Too early for visitors. 00:23:00.08,00:23:02.20 Uh, Dave. Where's he goin'? 00:23:08.40,00:23:12.00 - Hey, girl.[br]- Sorry. I didn't mean that. 00:23:12.08,00:23:14.08 - Hi, Eddie.[br]- Fred! 00:23:14.88,00:23:18.00 - Fred, what are you doin' here?[br]- You said we could... 00:23:18.80,00:23:20.88 Oh, Fred. Would you get outta here? 00:23:21.08,00:23:23.20 Go on, get outta here. Damn. 00:23:27.00,00:23:29.48 Very nice, fellas! 00:23:29.60,00:23:31.08 Very nice. 00:23:34.48,00:23:36.08 Fred! 00:23:39.60,00:23:41.48 Come on, Fred. Wait up, man. 00:23:44.68,00:23:48.28 Fred, wait up. Freddie. Wait up, Freddie. 00:23:48.40,00:23:50.48 Freddie, Freddie. Wait up, man. 00:23:51.40,00:23:56.60 Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you, but[br]you can't walk in on people like that, man. 00:23:57.20,00:23:59.28 You said we were gonna play pool. 00:23:59.80,00:24:03.08 - I did?[br]- You said so. 00:24:03.28,00:24:05.68 People say that stuff[br]to each other all the time. 00:24:05.80,00:24:09.08 That don't really mean that they mean it,[br]you know? 00:24:09.20,00:24:10.88 Look. 00:24:11.08,00:24:14.08 You're a kid and I'm a grown-up. 00:24:14.80,00:24:19.08 I love doing stuff with you, but I can't[br]do stuff with all day every day... 00:24:19.20,00:24:22.28 ...cos I gotta do stuff with other grown-ups. 00:24:23.48,00:24:27.40 What I'm tryin' to say is that[br]we can't hang out together all the time. 00:24:27.60,00:24:29.80 I'm not your babysitter, Freddie. 00:24:30.80,00:24:33.60 I just can't take that kinda responsibility. 00:24:34.60,00:24:37.20 But, hey... it's no big deal, is it? 00:25:41.28,00:25:43.60 Hi. 00:25:44.20,00:25:45.88 Hi. 00:26:04.08,00:26:05.68 Oh, Fred. 00:26:05.88,00:26:09.88 What was the name of that computer[br]that you raced in Dr Ellis's class? 00:26:10.08,00:26:13.20 - Mike.[br]- Mike. That's it. 00:26:20.28,00:26:24.20 Fred, it's two o'clock in the morning.[br]What are you doing up so late? 00:26:24.28,00:26:26.80 I had a bad dream. 00:26:28.00,00:26:29.80 Oh. 00:26:30.00,00:26:33.08 Well, why don't you get a drink of water? 00:26:34.40,00:26:36.68 What for? 00:26:38.20,00:26:40.48 Don't you want a drink of water? 00:26:40.60,00:26:43.08 I'm not thirsty. 00:26:45.00,00:26:51.08 Well, why don't you leave the light on,[br]or turn on the radio? Something. 00:26:51.20,00:26:54.60 It's really late[br]and we've got a big day tomorrow. 00:27:25.00,00:27:28.08 Uh... I can't hear you.[br]Hey, is that you, Fred? 00:27:28.28,00:27:31.00 How you doin'?[br]Are you missin' a good party down here. 00:27:31.20,00:27:34.60 - Is Dede there?[br]- Whoo! We're celebrating 4th July early. 00:27:34.80,00:27:39.48 Me and Valerie woke up and everyone[br]was in the pool. Bottle rockets! 00:27:39.60,00:27:41.48 Fenton, will you just tell... 00:28:01.00,00:28:03.00 A man waving goodbye. 00:28:04.80,00:28:06.68 Two cats fighting. 00:28:08.60,00:28:10.48 A capsized boat. 00:28:12.20,00:28:14.20 A dead body. 00:29:04.40,00:29:08.40 Well, we can stop on the way[br]to the city and get something to eat. 00:29:11.68,00:29:13.88 Where's your tie? 00:29:24.88,00:29:27.20 - I need a belt, Jane.[br]- Hm? 00:29:27.28,00:29:29.88 - I need a belt.[br]- Oh. 00:29:30.80,00:29:33.60 Just tuck in your shirt, you'll be fine. 00:29:35.48,00:29:38.88 It seems to me you had[br]a midterm the other day. 00:29:39.00,00:29:41.80 - How do you think you did?[br]- Fine. 00:29:42.00,00:29:44.28 I'm sure you did splendidly. 00:29:46.00,00:29:50.40 You think you can tell me[br]Beaton's refraction formula for the sun? 00:29:50.48,00:29:53.40 Mr Buckner might ask you that. 00:29:54.20,00:29:56.88 Energy plus parallax equals... 00:29:57.00,00:29:59.80 How come you always[br]ask me about school? 00:29:59.88,00:30:01.20 Hm? 00:30:01.28,00:30:04.68 How come you always talk[br]like you're reading a book? 00:30:05.20,00:30:07.88 How come nobody ever comes over? 00:30:08.88,00:30:12.28 And... how come you don't[br]have any kids of your own? 00:30:13.80,00:30:16.08 What's wrong with you? 00:30:23.00,00:30:24.68 Now, remember, sweetface... 00:30:24.88,00:30:28.68 ...zillions of people all over the world[br]are gonna be watching you. 00:30:28.80,00:30:32.28 And that means no farting,[br]no pickin' your nose... 00:30:32.48,00:30:35.00 ...and no playing with little Mr Peabody. 00:30:35.20,00:30:37.68 Close your eyes. 00:30:41.68,00:30:43.60 Knock it off, Evan. 00:30:44.88,00:30:46.48 Fred? 00:30:47.28,00:30:49.80 You look very handsome. 00:30:54.88,00:30:56.88 Is she your mom or what? 00:31:00.20,00:31:02.48 She's my... 00:31:02.68,00:31:04.88 I dunno. 00:31:05.00,00:31:07.40 I'll go see if they're ready for you. 00:31:10.48,00:31:12.68 Do you like old pinball machines? 00:31:13.08,00:31:15.28 I dunno. 00:31:15.48,00:31:19.08 We have one in the basement.[br]You can come play with me. 00:31:43.40,00:31:45.28 - Marco![br]- Polo! 00:31:46.48,00:31:48.48 Hey, you guys! Keep it down! 00:31:54.28,00:31:57.00 Welcome to "Live Wire".[br]I'm Winston F Buckner. 00:31:57.28,00:32:01.40 Today we're gonna be asking[br]the question "Is your child gifted?" 00:32:02.00,00:32:06.08 With me here to answer that[br]are two distinguished academics... 00:32:06.60,00:32:09.08 ...and several bright kids... 00:32:09.20,00:32:12.60 ...from the best schools around[br]the country. Welcome, everybody. 00:32:13.20,00:32:19.60 Now, children, do you read books[br]or watch television like normal kids? 00:32:19.68,00:32:24.80 I'm working on experiments involving[br]lasers, sulphuric acid and butterflies. 00:32:25.00,00:32:27.68 I'm designing a summerhouse[br]for my parents. 00:32:28.08,00:32:31.20 - I bring in the mail.[br]- You bring in the mail? 00:32:31.80,00:32:33.68 God, you look like hell, kid. 00:32:35.00,00:32:38.28 Well... Fred, we do many things together. 00:32:38.40,00:32:41.60 We go to museums, we go to the opera. 00:32:42.68,00:32:45.28 He writes letters to his Romanian pen pal. 00:32:46.40,00:32:48.68 These books are fake. 00:32:48.88,00:32:52.80 Fred, as I understand it,[br]you're a poet, a painter, a musician... 00:32:52.88,00:32:54.80 ...and what I guess one could call a... 00:32:55.00,00:32:57.48 - Marco![br]- Polo. 00:32:57.68,00:33:01.60 Now, with all that under that[br]tiny little belt of yours... 00:33:01.68,00:33:03.80 ...what would you like[br]to be when you grow up? 00:33:04.20,00:33:06.08 - A fireman.[br]- A fireman. 00:33:06.28,00:33:11.48 That's a pretty normal profession[br]for such a... how shall I put it... 00:33:11.60,00:33:14.28 unusual boy like yourself. 00:33:14.68,00:33:18.60 When I was a boy, our mothers all[br]wanted us to grow up to be doctors. 00:33:18.68,00:33:20.88 My mother's dead. 00:33:21.08,00:33:24.08 l, uh... I'm very sorry to hear that. 00:33:24.20,00:33:27.68 Well, enough small talk, Fred.[br]What shall we do for our audience? 00:33:28.00,00:33:33.08 I thought maybe you could play the piano[br]for us and do a few quick calculations? 00:33:33.20,00:33:35.40 - No.[br]- No? 00:33:36.20,00:33:38.40 - Mr Buckner...[br]- I'd like to recite a poem. 00:33:38.48,00:33:44.60 Ah, a poem by Fred Tate when[br]we come back, right after this. 00:33:53.20,00:33:54.68 Hey! 00:33:54.88,00:33:57.00 Hey, you guys! 00:34:00.40,00:34:02.68 "Clipper Ships" by Fred Tate. 00:34:03.08,00:34:04.40 Go get your mother! 00:34:04.80,00:34:07.40 "Me and my dad make[br]models of clipper ships." 00:34:12.00,00:34:14.20 "Clipper ships sail on the ocean." 00:34:14.28,00:34:17.08 "Clipper ships never sail[br]on rivers or lakes." 00:34:23.60,00:34:26.08 "I like clipper ships[br]because they are fast." 00:34:26.68,00:34:28.60 Fenton! 00:34:41.20,00:34:44.60 "Clipper ships have lots of sails[br]and are made of wood. " 00:34:53.88,00:34:56.68 - Stand by. We'll be back in 30 seconds.[br]- Oh, Fred. 00:35:47.88,00:35:50.20 Yes. Is Dede Tate there, please? 00:35:51.80,00:35:54.40 Where is she? Gone where? 00:35:56.40,00:35:58.68 Nice to meet you, too, Fenton. 00:36:00.40,00:36:03.48 Which flight is she on?[br]Fenton? Which flight? 00:36:07.40,00:36:09.28 She's on her way. 00:36:14.68,00:36:16.80 Oh, what have I done? 00:37:05.00,00:37:07.28 Hi, kid. 00:37:07.40,00:37:09.28 Come here. 00:37:12.48,00:37:14.80 I figured you'd be here. 00:37:15.40,00:37:17.20 Sorry. 00:37:17.40,00:37:21.20 Sorry for what?[br]You didn't do anything. Shh. 00:37:21.40,00:37:24.60 - I missed you.[br]- I missed you, too. 00:37:25.80,00:37:27.88 I missed my dance partner. 00:37:29.00,00:37:31.20 Jane's mad at me. 00:37:31.40,00:37:34.08 No. She ain't mad at you. 00:37:35.68,00:37:38.60 She was just worried, that's all. 00:37:38.68,00:37:41.20 We're all gonna work it out, you'll see. 00:37:41.28,00:37:44.08 From now on,[br]I'm gonna take care of everything. 00:37:44.20,00:37:46.28 You. Me. 00:37:47.28,00:37:49.48 Even Jane, OK? 00:37:52.00,00:37:54.08 Listen, Freddie. 00:37:55.20,00:37:59.28 The day you were born, first minute[br]I saw you, you know what I said? 00:38:00.60,00:38:02.80 I said "This kid's special." 00:38:04.28,00:38:08.20 "This kid's gonna be different[br]and I'm not gonna blow it." 00:38:08.88,00:38:10.80 But, um... 00:38:11.00,00:38:12.88 ...sometimes, uh... 00:38:14.00,00:38:18.80 Sometimes I don't know what I'm doin'.[br]Sometimes I just wing it. 00:38:20.40,00:38:22.28 I figure that... 00:38:24.00,00:38:27.40 I figure... I love this kid so much... 00:38:28.60,00:38:30.68's gonna be OK. 00:38:31.80,00:38:34.00 And it will. 00:38:35.00,00:38:37.00 You'll see. 00:38:50.20,00:38:52.48 I love you, Mom. 00:38:53.40,00:38:55.68 I love you too, kiddo. 00:39:14.40,00:39:18.68 Hi, I'm sorry I'm late, but the cake[br]took me longer than I thought to make. 00:39:35.40,00:39:37.28 Come here, birthday boy! 00:39:38.28,00:39:41.08 And incredible as it sounds,[br]when I turned eight... 00:39:41.20,00:39:43.48 ...I had the best birthday party ever. 00:39:44.60,00:39:46.48 At least, that's the way I remember it. 00:39:46.60,00:39:49.28 - Happy birthday, Fred.[br]- Ooh, look at that! 00:39:51.88,00:39:53.80 Even Jane had a good time. 00:39:55.08,00:39:56.88 - Thanks, Jane.[br]- You're welcome. 00:39:57.00,00:39:59.48 - Care to cut the rug with me?[br]- N-no, thank you. 00:40:00.48,00:40:02.80 Come on, dance with the kid, Jane. 00:40:10.28,00:40:12.68 Nobody seemed to worry about anything. 00:40:19.28,00:40:21.28 - Hey, yaks. Wanna play a game?[br]- Yeah. 00:40:21.40,00:40:24.00 You two hold your breath until I say stop. 00:40:25.28,00:40:27.20 Ha-ha ha ha-ha! 00:40:27.40,00:40:29.68 I once got this fortune cookie that said... 00:40:29.80,00:40:34.20 ..."Only when all who surround you[br]are different will you truly belong. " 00:40:34.40,00:40:37.00 - Thanks for the dance, Fred.[br]- Hey, it's a party. 00:40:37.08,00:40:39.20 Gotta wear your party hat, Jane. 00:40:39.40,00:40:42.08 Well, we were all different, that's for sure. 00:40:44.80,00:40:46.88 I'd see Jane every day at the Institute. 00:40:47.08,00:40:51.08 And once in a while, Dede'd let her[br]take us out to fancy restaurants. 00:40:51.20,00:40:53.00 Sometimes we even had fun. 00:40:53.08,00:40:55.08 - Ready? 00:40:56.08,00:40:58.88 For a while, I was the most[br]famous kid at Jane's school. 00:40:59.00,00:41:03.88 But a year later, a six-year-old boy named[br]Roy Yamaguchi got into law school... 00:41:04.00,00:41:06.88 ...and suddenly I wasn't[br]such a big deal any more. 00:41:07.80,00:41:09.88 But I didn't care... 00:41:10.00,00:41:12.40 ...because I was happy.
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