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Subtitles for Lion King The (Disney Special Platinum Edition).

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Lion King The (Disney Special Platinum Edition)

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[ Jungle sounds ]
[ Lion roars ]
MAN: Nants ingonyama
Bagithi baba
CHORUS: Sithi uhhmm ingonyama
Nants ingonyama 8 00:00:45,959 --> 0 vx0:00:47,790 Bagithi baba
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama
Siyo nqoba
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
WOMAN: From the day we arrive
On the planet
And, blinking, step into the sun
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
There's more to see
Than can ever be seen
More to do
Than can ever be done
There's far too much
To take in here
More to find
Than can ever be found
[ Squawking ]
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small
On the endless round
It's the circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle
The circle of life
[ Purring ]
[ Rattling ]
[ Crack ]
[ Sneezes ]
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
It's the circle of life
[ Trumpet ]
And it moves us all
[ Screeching ]
[ Yelping ]
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle
The circle of life
[ Drum beat ]
[ Squeaking ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Thump ]
[ Squeaking ]
Life's not fair, is it?
You see, I... Well, I shall never be king.
Heh heh.
And you shall never see the light of another day.
[ Chuckles ] Adieu.
Didn't your mother tell you not to play with your food?
What do you want?
I'm here to announce that King Mufasa's on his way.
So you'd better have a good excuse...
for missing the ceremony this morning.
Oh, now, look, Zazu. You've made me lose my lunch.
Ha! You'll lose more than that...
when the king gets through with you.
He's as mad as a hippo with a hernia.
Oooh. I quiver with fear!
Now, Scar, don't look at me that way.
- Scar? - Mm-hmm? Hmm?
Drop him.
Impeccable timing, Your Majesty.
Why, if it isn't my big brother...
descending from on high to mingle with the commoners.
Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of Simba.
That was today?
Ohh, I feel simply awful!
[ Screeching ]
Must've slipped my mind.
Yes, well, as slippery as your mind is...
as the king's brother...
you should've been first in line!
[ Snap ]
SCAR: Well, I was first in line...
until the little hairball was born.
That hairball is my son...
and your future king.
I shall practice my curtsy.
Don't turn your back on me, Scar.
Oh, no, Mufasa.
Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me.
[ Roars ] Is that a challenge?
Temper, temper.
I wouldn't dream of challenging you.
Pity. Why not?
As far as brains go, I got the lion's share.
But when it comes to brute strength...
I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end...
of the gene pool.
[ Sighs ] There's one in every family, sire.
Two in mine, actually, and they always manage...
to ruin special occasions.
What am I going to do with him?
He'd make a very handsome throw rug.
And just think, whenever he gets dirty...
you could take him out and beat him.
[ Mufasa chuckles ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Chorus singing ]
[ Music swells ]
[ Thunder ]
[ Muttering ]
Hmm. [ Laughs ]
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Dad! Dad!
Come on, Dad, we gotta go! Wake up
- Uhh! - Sorry.
[ Snoring ]
Dad. Dad.
Your son is awake.
SIMBA: Dad, Dad, Dad...
Before sunrise, he's your son.
Dad! Come on, Dad.
Uhh! Uhh! Dad!
[ Crash ] Whoa!
Uhh! You promised.
- OK, OK. I'm up. - Yeah!
[ Yawn echoes ]
MUFASA: Look, Simba.
Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
MUFASA: A king's time as ruler...
rises and falls like the sun.
One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here...
and will rise with you as the new king.
- And this'll all be mine? - Everything.
Everything the light touches.
What about that shadowy place?
That's beyond our borders.
You must never go there, Simba.
But I thought a king can do whatever he wants.
There's more to being king...
than getting your way all the time.
- There's more? - Ha ha. Simba...
[ Dramatic music playing ]
MUFASA: Everything you see exists together...
in a delicate balance.
As king, you need to understand that balance...
and respect all the creatures...
from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.
But, Dad, don't we eat the antelope?
Yes, Simba, but let me explain.
When we die, our bodies become the grass...
and the antelope eat the grass.
And so we are all connected...
in the great circle of life.
- Good morning, sire! - Good morning, Zazu.
Checking in with the morning report.
Fire away.
Chimps are going ape
Giraffe remain above it all
Elephants remember
Though just what, I can't recall
Crocodiles are snapping up
Fresh offers from the banks
Shown interest in my nest egg
But I quickly said no, thanks
We haven't paid the hornbills
And the vultures have a hunch
Not everyone invited
Will be coming back from lunch
[ Laughs ]
This is the morning report
Gives you the long and the short
Every grunt, roar and snort
Not a tale I distort
On the mo-o-orning
- What are you doing, son? - Pouncing.
Let an old pro show you how it's done.
Oh, the buffalo have got a beef about...
Stay low to the ground.
[ Whispers ] Yeah, OK. Stay low to the ground.
Not a sound.
... The season's colors seen in all the herds...
MUFASA: Take it slow. One more step...then... the dung
- Aah! - Ha ha ha ha!
This is the morning report
Gives you the long and the short
Every grunt, roar and snort
Not a tale I distort
[ Muffled ] On the morning
Aaaah! Oh! Ow!
Ha ha ha! That's very good.
- Zazu! - Yes!
Sir! News from the underground.
Now, this time--
Sire! Hyenas in the pride lands!
Zazu, take Simba home.
- Dad, can't I come? - No, son.
[ Sighs ] I never get to go anywhere.
Oh, young master, one day, you will be king.
Then you can chase those slobbering, mangy...
stupid poachers from dawn until dusk.
Hey, Uncle Scar! Guess what?
I despise guessing games.
I'm gonna be king of Pride Rock.
Oh, goody.
My dad just showed me the whole kingdom...
and I'm gonna rule it all. Heh heh!
Yes, well, forgive me for not leaping for joy.
Bad back, you know. [ Thump ]
Hey, Uncle Scar. When I'm king...
what'll that make you?
A monkey's uncle.
Ha ha ha! You're so weird.
You have no idea.
So, your father showed you the whole kingdom, did he?
He didn't show you what's beyond that rise...
at the northern border?
Well, no. He said I can't go there.
And he's absolutely right. It's far too dangerous.
Only the bravest lions go there.
Well, I'm brave. What's out there--
I'm sorry, Simba, I just can't tell you.
Why not?
Simba, Simba, I'm only looking out...
for the well-being of my favorite nephew.
[ Scoffs ] Yeah, right. I'm your only nephew.
All the more reason for me to be protective.
An elephant graveyard is no place...
for a young prince. Oops!
An elephant what? Whoa!
Oh, dear, I've said too much.
Well, I suppose you'd have found out sooner or later...
you being so clever and all.
Just do me one favor.
Promise me you'll never visit that dreadful place.
- No problem. - There's a good lad.
You run along now and have fun.
And remember, it's our little secret.
[ Upbeat music playing ]
- Hey, Nala. - Hi, Simba.
Come on. I just heard about this great place.
Simba! I'm kinda in the middle of a bath.
SARABI: And it's time for yours.
Mom, you're messing up my mane!
OK, I'm clean. Can we go now?
Where are we going? It better not be anyplace dumb.
No, it's really cool.
So, where is this really cool place?
Oh. Around the water hole.
The water hole?
What's so great about the water hole?
I'll show you when we get there.
Oh. Mom, can I go with Simba?
What do you think, Sarabi?
- Please. - Please.
It's all right with me.
- All right! - Yeah!
As long as Zazu goes with you.
No, not Zazu.
ZAZU: Step lively.
The sooner we get to the water hole...
the sooner we can leave.
So, where are we really going?
- An elephant graveyard. - Wow!
Shh! Zazu.
Right. So how are we gonna ditch the dodo?
ZAZU: Oh, just look at you two.
Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savannah.
Your parents will be thrilled...
what with your being betrothed and all.
- Being what? - Betrothed. Intended.
One day, you two are going to be married.
- Yuck! - Eww!
I can't marry her. She's my friend.
Yeah, it'd be so weird.
Sorry to bust your bubble...
but you two turtledoves have no choice.
It's a tradition going back generations.
When I'm king, that'll be the first thing to go.
Not so long as I'm around.
In that case, you're fired.
Nice try. But only the king can do that.
Well, he's the future king.
Yeah, so you have to do what I tell you.
Not yet, I don't.
And with an attitude like that...
I'm afraid you're shaping up to be...
a pretty pathetic king indeed.
Heh. Not the way I see it.
I'm gonna be a mighty king
So enemies beware
Well, I've never seen a king of beasts
With quite so little hair
[ Doink ]
I'm gonna be the main event
Like no king was before
I'm brushin' up on lookin' down
I'm workin' on my roar
Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing.
SIMBA: Oh, I just can't wait to be king
You've rather a long way to go, young master...
if you think--
No one sayin' "Do this"
Now, when I said that--
No one sayin', "Be there"
What I meant was--
No one sayin' "Stop that"
But what you don't realize--
No one sayin', "See here"
Now, see here!
SIMBA: Free to run around all day
Well, that's definitely out.
Free to do it all my way
I think it's time that you and I
Arranged a heart-to-heart
SIMBA: Kings don't need advice
From little hornbills for a start
If this is where the monarchy is headed
Count me out
Out of service, out of Africa
I wouldn't hang about
This child is getting wildly out of wing
SIMBA: Oh, I just can't wait to be king
[ Thud ]
[ Thud ]
Everybody, look left
[ Gasps ]
Everybody, look right
Everywhere you look, I'm
Standing in the spotlight
Not yet!
CHORUS: Let every creature go for broke and sing
Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing
It's gonna be King Simba's finest fling
ALL: Oh, I just can't wait to be king
Oh, I just can't wait to be king
Oh, I just can't wait
[ Trumpet ]
To be king
[ Boing ] [ Trumpets ]
[ Knees knocking ]
[ Thud ]
[ Song ends ]
ZAZU, MUFFLED: I beg your pardon, madam...
but...get off!
Simba? Nala!
[ Laughing ]
All right! It worked!
- We lost him. - I am a genius.
Hey, genius, it was my idea.
Yeah, but I pulled it off.
- With me! - Oh, yeah?
- Ha! - Uhh!
- Pinned ya. - Hey, let me up.
[ Laughing ]
- Uhh! - Pinned ya again.
[ Rumbling ]
This is it. We made it.
- Whoa. - Whoa.
[ Birds squawking ]
NALA: It's really creepy
Yeah. Isn't it great?
- We could get in big trouble. - I know. Ha!
I wonder if its brains are still in there.
There's only one way to know.
Come on, let's go check it out.
Wrong! The only checking out you will do...
will be to check out of here.
Oh, man!
We're way beyond the boundary of the pride lands.
Look. Banana Beak is scared.
It's Mr. Banana Beak to you, fuzzy...
and right now we are all in very real danger.
Danger? Ha!
I walk on the wide side.
I laugh in the face of danger.
Ha ha ha ha!
- [ Laughter ] - Huh?
[ Laughing ]
Well, well, well, Banzai, what have we got here?
I don't know, Shenzi.
What do you think, Ed?
[ Crazy laughter ]
Just what I was thinkin'. A trio of trespassers!
And quite by accident, let me assure you.
A simple navigational error.
Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
I know you. You're Mufasa's little stooge.
l, madam, am the king's major-domo.
- And that would make you... - The future king.
Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?
[ Scoffs ] You can't do anything to me.
Heh heh. Technically, they can.
We are on their land.
But, Zazu, you told me they're nothin'...
but slobbering, mangy, stupid poachers.
Ix-nay on the upid-stay.
Who are you callin' upid-stay?
My, my, my. Look at the sun! It's time to go!
What's the hurry?
We'd love you to stick around for dinner.
Yeah, we could have whatever's...lion around!
Wait, wait, wait, I got one, I got one!
Make mine a cub sandwich! What'd you think?
[ Laughter ]
[ Grunting ]
What, Ed? What is it?
Hey, did we order this dinner to go?
No, why?
BANZAI: 'Cause there it goes!
[ Panting ]
[ Squawks ]
NALA: Did we lose 'em?
SIMBA: I think so. Where's Zazu?
The little major-domo bird hippety-hopped...
all the way to the birdie-boiler.
Oh, no! Not the birdie-boiler!
[ Laughing ]
Hey, why don't you pick on somebody your own size?
- Like you? - Oops.
[ Chomp ] Aaah!
ALL: Boo!
[ Laughing ]
[ Growling ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
SIMBA: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!
Aaah! Uhh!
[ Hyenas snarling ]
NALA: Simba!
[ Bones clatter ]
Rraar--Uhh! [ Snarls ]
[ Panting ]
- Uhh! - Uhh!
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Rraar! Rraar! Rraar!
Heh! That was it?
[ All laugh ]
Do it again. Come on.
[ Loud roar ]
ALL: Huh?
[ Roaring ]
Oh, please, please! Uncle, uncle!
- Silence! - We're gonna shut up right now!
Calm down. We're really sorry.
If you ever come near my son again...
Oh, this is your son?
- Oh, your son? - Did you know that?
No. Me? I didn't know-- No, did you?
- No, of course not. - No.
- Ed? - Ed?
[ Rattling ]
[ Roars ]
Heh heh. Toodles.
[ Barking ]
Dad, I--
You deliberately disobeyed me.
Dad, I'm sorry.
Let's go home.
I thought you were very brave.
[ Dramatic music playing ]
- Yes, sire? - Take Nala home.
I've got to teach my son a lesson.
Come, Nala.
[ Sighs ] Good luck.
Simba! [ Echoes ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
Simba, I'm very disappointed in you.
- I know. - You could've been killed.
You deliberately disobeyed me...
and what's worse, you put Nala in danger.
I was just trying to be brave, like you.
I'm only brave when I have to be.
Simba, being brave...
doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.
But you're not scared of anything.
I was today.
- You were? - Yes.
I thought I might lose you.
Oh. I guess even kings get scared, huh?
- But you know what? - What?
I think those hyenas were even scareder.
[ Laughs ]
'Cause nobody messes with your dad.
- Come here, you. - Oh, no! No!
Aah! Rrr! Uhh!
Aah! Come here!
[ Both laughing ]
[ Panting ]
- Dad? - Hmm?
We're pals, right?
Heh heh. Right.
And we'll always be together, right?
Simba, let me tell you something...
that my father told me.
Look at the stars.
The great kings of the past...
look down on us from those stars.
- Really? - Yes.
So, whenever you feel alone...
just remember that those kings...
will always be there to guide you...
and so will I.
BANZAI: Man, that lousy Mufasa.
I won't be able to sit for a week.
[ Ed laughing ]
It's not funny, Ed.
[ Laughing hysterically ]
Hey, shut up!
[ Laughing ]
[ Snarling ]
[ Barking ]
Will you knock it off?
[ Yelps ] Well, he started it.
SHENZI: Look at you guys. No wonder we're dangling...
at the bottom of the food chain.
Man, I hate dangling.
Yeah? You know, if it weren't for those lions...
we'd be runnin' the joint.
Man, I hate lions.
- So pushy. - And hairy.
- And stinky. - And, man, are they...
BOTH: U-u-u-ugly!
[ Both laugh ]
SCAR: Oh, surely, we lions are not all that bad.
- Ohh. - Oh, Scar. It's just you.
We were afraid it was somebody important.
Yeah, you know, like Mufasa.
- Yeah. - I see.
- Now, that's power. - Tell me about it.
I just hear that name and I shudder.
- Mufasa! - Ooh! Do it again.
- Mufasa! - Ooooh!
Mufasa! Mufasa! Mufasa!
[ Giggling ]
SHENZI: Ooh, it tingles.
I'm surrounded by idiots.
Now, you, Scar, I mean, you're one of us.
You're our pal.
Oh, I like that.
He's not king, but he's still so proper.
Did you bring us anything to eat, Scar, old buddy?
Did ya, did ya, did ya?
I don't think you really deserve this.
I practically gift-wrapped those cubs for you...
and you couldn't even dispose of them.
[ Gasp ]
[ Muffled ] Well, you know...
it wasn't exactly like they were alone, Scar.
Yeah. What were we supposed to do...
kill Mufasa?
[ Chewing ]
[ Drums beat ]
[ Song begins ]
[ Steam hissing rhythmically ]
I know that your powers of retention
Are as wet as a warthog's backside
But thick as you are
Pay attention
My words are a matter of pride
It's clear from your vacant expressions
The lights are not all on upstairs
But we're talking kings and successions
Even you can't be caught unawares
- Oh! - Aah!
So prepare for the chance of a lifetime
Be prepared for sensational news
A shiny new era is tiptoeing nearer
And where do we feature?
Just listen to teacher
I know it sounds sordid
But you'll be rewarded
When at last I am given my dues
And injustice deliciously squared
Be prepared
Yeah, be prepared.
We'll be prepared. For what?
For the death of the king.
Why, is he sick?
No, fool, we're going to kill him...
and Simba, too.
Great idea. Who needs a king?
No king, no king, la-la la-la la la
Idiots! There will be a king!
- Hey, but you said-- - I will be king!
Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again.
- Yeah! - Yeah! All right!
All right! Long live the king!
ALL: Long live the king!
Long live the king!
King, king, king, king, king, king, king
It's great that we'll soon be connected
With a king who'll be all-time adored
Of course, quid pro quo
You're expected
To take certain duties on board
The future is littered with prizes
And though I'm the main addressee
The point that I must emphasize is
You won't get a sniff without me
So prepare for the coup of the century
Be prepared for the murkiest scam
La la la
Meticulous planning
Tenacity spanning
Decades of denial
Is simply why I'll be king undisputed
Respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder I am
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared
Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared
[ All cackling ]
[ Music stops ]
SCAR: Now, you wait here.
Your father has a marvelous surprise for you.
Ooh, what is it?
If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.
If you tell me, I'll still act surprised.
Ho ho ho! You are such a naughty boy.
Come on, Uncle Scar.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is just for you and your daddy.
You know, a sort of father-son... thing.
Well, I better go get him.
- I'll go with you. - No! Heh heh heh.
No. Just stay on this rock.
You wouldn't want to end up in another mess...
like you did with the hyenas.
You know about that?
Simba, everybody knows about that.
- Really? - Oh, yes.
Lucky Daddy was there to save you, eh?
Oh, and just between us...
you might want to work on that little roar of yours.
Oh, OK.
Hey, Uncle Scar, will I like this surprise?
Simba, it's to die for.
[ Bird cawing ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
- Shut up. - I can't help it.
I'm so hungry. I got to have a wildebeest.
Stay put.
Can't I just pick off one of the little sick ones?
No. We wait for the signal from Scar.
There he is. Let's go.
Little roar. Puhh.
[ Roar echoes ]
[ Rumbling ]
[ Rattling ]
[ Birds cawing ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Chorus singing ]
[ Barks ]
Oh, look, sire, the herd is on the move.
- Odd. - Mufasa, quick!
Stampede in the gorge.
- Simba's down there. - Simba?
[ Grunts ]
Zazu, help me!
Your father is on the way! Hold on!
There, on that tree.
Hold on, Simba!
[ Crack ] Aah!
Oh, Scar, this is awful! What'll we do?
Ha! I'll go back to help, that's what I'll do.
I'll go back--Oof!
[ Splat, thud ]
[ Chorus singing ]
[ Crack ] Aah!
- Uhh! - Uhh!
[ Roars ]
[ Gasps ]
- Rraar! - Dad!
[ Roars ]
Uhh! Brother! Help me!
[ Roars ]
Long live the king.
[ Dramatic music playing ]
- Aah! - No!
[ Music stops ]
[ Coughs ]
[ Echoes ] Dad!
[ Rustling ] Dad?
[ Dramatic music playing ]
Dad, come on.
You got to get up.
We got to go home.
[ Echoes ] Help!
Help. [ Crying ]
[ Sniffles ]
SCAR: Simba.
What have you done?
There were wildebeests, and he tried to save me.
It was an accident. I didn't mean for it to happen.
Of course, of course you didn't.
No one ever means for these things to happen...
but the king is dead.
And if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive.
What will your mother think?
[ Sniffles ] What am I going to do?
Run away, Simba.
Run. Run away and never return.
Kill him.
[ Panting ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Growling ]
[ Snarls ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Snarling ]
Unh! Uhh! Uhh!
[ Branches snap ] Uhh!
[ Sighs ]
- Ooh! - Whoa!
[ Laughing ]
Aah! Ohh! Yeow!
Hey, there he goes. There he goes.
So, go get him.
There ain't no way I'm going in there.
You want me to come out looking like you, cactus butt?
[ Yelps ]
But we got to finish the job.
Well, he's as good as dead out there anyway.
And if he comes back, we'll kill him.
Yeah! You hear that?
If you ever come back, we'll kill you!
[ Laughing ]
Mufasa's death is a terrible tragedy...
but to lose Simba, who had barely begun to live...
[ Sniffles ] For me, it is a deep, personal loss.
So, it is with a heavy heart...
that I assume the throne.
Yet out of the ashes of this tragedy...
we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era...
in which lion and hyena come together...
in a great and glorious future.
[ Hyenas whooping ]
Ohh, ho ho.
[ Soft music playing ]
[ Vultures cawing ]
BOTH: Yaah!
Get out! Get out! Get out of here!
I love this! Bowling for buzzards.
Hee hee hee! Gets 'em every time.
Ha ha ha!
Uh-oh. Hey, Timon, you better come look.
I think it's still alive.
All righty, what have we got here?
[ Sniffs ]
[ Grunts ]
Jeez, it's a lion! Run, Pumbaa, move it!
Hey, Timon, it's just a little lion.
Look at him. He's so cute and all alone.
- Can we keep him? - Pumbaa, are you nuts?
You're talking about a lion. Lions eat guys like us.
- But he's so little. - He'll get bigger.
Maybe he'll be on our side.
Ha! That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.
Maybe he'll--Hey, I got it.
What if he's on our side?
Having a lion around might not be such a bad idea.
So, we're keeping him?
Pbbt! Of course. Who's the brains of this outfit?
- Uh-- - My point exactly.
Jeez, I'm fried.
Let's get out of here and find some shade.
Mmm. Uhh.
- You OK, kid? - I guess so.
- You nearly died. - I saved you.
Well, Pumbaa helped--a little.
Thanks for your help.
- Hey, where you going? - Nowhere.
Gee, he looks blue.
TIMON: I'd say brownish gold.
No, no, no. I mean he's depressed.
Kid, what's eating you?
Nothing. He's at the top of the food chain.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The food chain! Ha ha.
So, where you from?
Who cares? I can't go back.
Ah, you're an outcast.
That's great. So are we.
What'd you do, kid?
Something terrible...
but I don't want to talk about it.
Good. We don't want to hear about it.
Come on, Timon. Anything we can do?
Not unless you can change the past.
Kid, in times like this, my buddy Timon says...
you got to put your behind in your past.
No, no, no. Amateur.
Lie down before you hurt yourself.
You got to put your past behind you.
Look, kid, bad things happen...
and you can't do anything about it, right?
- Right. - Wrong!
When the world turns its back on you...
you turn your back on the world.
That's not what I was taught.
Then maybe you need a new lesson.
Repeat after me. Ahem.
- Hakuna matata. - What?
Hakuna matata. It means "no worries."
Hakuna matata
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna matata
Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It's our problem free
Hakuna matata
- Hakuna matata? - Yeah. It's our motto.
What's a motto?
Nothing. What's a motto with you?
[ Both laugh ]
Kid, these two words will solve all your problems.
That's right. Take Pumbaa, for example.
When he was a young warthog
[ Sings sour note ] When I was a young warthog
- Very nice. - Thanks.
TIMON: He found his aroma
Lacked a certain appeal
He could clear the savannah after every meal
PUMBAA: I'm a sensitive soul
Though I seem thick skinned
[ Breaks wind ]
And it hurt that my friends
Never stood downwind
And, oh, the shame
He was ashamed
Thought of changing my name
Oh, what's in a name?
And I got downhearted
How did you feel?
Every time that I--
- Not in front of the kids. - Oh, sorry.
Hakuna matata
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna matata
Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
Yeah, sing it, kid.
It's our problem free
Hakuna matata
Welcome to our humble home.
SIMBA: You live here?
TIMON: We live wherever we want.
Yep. Home is where your rump rests.
It's beautiful.
[ Belches ] I'm starved.
I'm so hungry I could eat a whole zebra.
Ah, we're fresh out of zebra.
- Any antelope? - Nuh-uh.
- Hippo? - Nope.
Kid, if you live with us, you have to eat like us.
This looks like a good spot to rustle up some grub.
Ew, what's that?
A grub. What's it look like?
Ew, gross.
Mmm. Tastes like chicken.
[ Slurp ] Slimy, yet satisfying.
These are rare delicacies. Mmm.
[ Crunch ] Piquant, with a very pleasant crunch.
You'll learn to love them.
I'm telling you, kid, this is the great life--
no rules, no responsibilities.
Ooh, the little green-filled kind.
And best of all, no worries. Well, kid?
[ Insects squishing ]
Oh, well. Hakuna matata.
[ Slurps ]
[ Gulps ]
[ Smacks lips ]
Slimy, yet satisfying.
That's it.
[ Upbeat music playing ]
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata, Hakuna
It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It's our problem free
SIMBA: Hakuna matata
TIMON: Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Ooh ooh ooh
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata
TIMON: Ha ha ha!
ZAZU: Nobody knows
The trouble I've seen
Nobody knows
My sorrow
Oh, Zazu, do lighten up.
Sing something with a little bounce in it.
It's a small world after all
No, no! Anything but that.
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Deedle dee dee
There they are a-standing in a row
[ Hums along ]
BOTH: Big ones, small ones
Some as big as your head
I would never have had to do this with Mufasa.
What? What did you say?
- Oh, nothing. - You know the law.
Never ever mention that name in my presence.
I am the king!
Yes, sire, you are the king.
I only mentioned it to illustrate the differences...
in your royal managerial approaches.
BANZAI: Hey, boss.
What is it this time?
- We got a bone to pick with you. - I'll handle this.
Scar, there's no food, no water.
Yeah. It's dinnertime...
and we ain't got no stinking entrees.
It's the lioness's job to do the hunting.
Yeah, but they won't go hunt.
Oh, eat Zazu.
Oh, you wouldn't want me.
I'd be so tough and gamy and--
Oh, Zazu, don't be ridiculous.
All you need is a little dung.
I thought things were bad under Mufasa.
- What did you say? - I said Muf--
Unh! I said... Que pasa?
Good. Now get out.
- But we're still hungry. - Out!
[ Yelps, laughs ]
[ Simba belches ]
Whoa. Nice one, Simba.
Thanks. Man, I'm stuffed.
Me, too. I ate like a pig.
Pumbaa, you are a pig.
Oh. Right.
[ Both sigh ]
[ Smacks lips ]
[ Soft music playing ]
- Timon? - Yeah?
Ever wonder what those sparkling dots are up there?
TIMON: Pumbaa, I don't wonder, I know.
PUMBAA: Oh? What are they?
They're fireflies--
fireflies that got stuck in that big blue-ish black thing.
Oh, gee.
I always thought they were balls of gas...
burning billions of miles away.
TIMON: Pumbaa, with you, everything's gas.
Simba, what do you think?
Well, I don't know.
Oh, come on. Give, give, give, give.
- Nah. - We told you ours. Please?
Well, somebody once told me...
that the great kings of the past are up there...
watching over us.
A bunch of royal dead guys are watching us? Pbbt!
[ Timon and Pumbaa laugh ]
TIMON: Who told you something like that?
Yeah, yeah.
What mook made that up?
Yeah, pretty dumb, huh?
- Aw, you're killing me. - Yeah.
TIMON: Whoo. Ohh.
Was it something I said?
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffs ] Hmm.
[ Grunting ]
[ Tinkling ]
[ Humming ]
[ Crack ]
[ Chorus singing ]
Hmm. Simba?
He's alive?
He's alive!
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing harder ]
It is time.
[ Music fades ]
A wee ma way, a wee ma way
A wee ma way, a wee ma way...
In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps to--
I can't hear you, buddy. Back me up.
A wee
A pumbaa-bum-baa-way
Pumbaa? Pumbaa?
[ Pumbaa humming ]
[ Slurps ]
Unh. Oop. Hmm. Timon?
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Growls ]
[ Roars ]
[ Panting ]
[ Roars ]
[ Roaring ]
- Pumbaa! Pumbaa! - Aah!
Pumbaa, Pumbaa! Hey, what's going on?
She's going to eat me!
Whoa! Jeez, why do I always have to save your--
[ Roars ]
Don't worry, buddy. I'm here for you.
Everything's going to be OK.
Get her! Bite her head!
Go for the jugular! The jugular!
See, I told you he'd come in handy.
[ Roaring ]
[ Growling ]
Is it really you?
Who are you?
It's me--Simba.
- Whoa! - Aah!
- But how did you-- - How did you--Wow!
Where did you come from?
It's great to see you!
Hey, what's goin' on here?
What are you doing here?
NALA: What are you doing here?
Hey! What's goin' on here?!
Timon, this is Nala. She's my best friend.
- Friend? - Yeah.
Hey, Pumbaa, come over here.
Nala, this is Pumbaa. Pumbaa, Nala.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
The pleasure's all mine.
TIMON: How do you do? Whoa, whoa! Time out!
Let me get this straight. You know her, she knows you.
But she wants to eat him, and everybody's OK with this?
- Did I miss something?! - Relax, Timon.
Wait till everyone finds out you've been here all this time.
And your mother-- what will she think?
She doesn't have to know.
Nobody has to know.
Of course they do. Everyone thinks you're dead.
They do?
Yeah. Scar told us about the stampede.
He did? What else did he tell you?
What else matters? You're alive, and that means...
you're the king.
King? [ Scoffs ]
Lady, have you got your lions crossed.
King? Your Majesty...
I gravel at your feet. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!
Stop it.
It's not "gravel," it's "grovel."
And don't! He's not the king.
- Are you? - No!
- Simba! - I'm not the king.
Maybe I was gonna be, but that was a long time ago.
Let me get this straight.
You're the king? And you never told us?
Look, I'm still the same guy.
But with power.
Could you guys excuse us for a few minutes?
Whatever she has to say...
she can say in front of us, right, Simba?
Mmm...maybe you'd better go.
It starts. You think you know a guy.
[ Pumbaa groans ]
Timon and Pumbaa-- you learn to love 'em.
What is it?
It's like you're back from the dead.
You don't know how much this will mean to everyone...
what it means to me.
Hey, it's OK.
I've really missed you.
I've missed you, too.
[ Scoffs ] I tell you, Pumbaa. This stinks.
Oh, sorry.
Not you, them!
Him, her, alone.
What's wrong with that?
I can see what's happening
And they don't have a clue
They'll fall in love
And here's the bottom line
Our trio's down to two
[ French accent ] Ze sweet caress
Of twilight
There's magic everywhere
And with all this romantic
Disaster's in the air
WOMAN: Can you feel
The love tonight?
The peace the evening brings?
The world, for once
In perfect harmony
With all its living things
SIMBA: So many things to tell her
But how to make her see
The truth about my past?
Impossible, she'd turn away from me
NALA: He's holding back
He's hiding
But what, I can't decide
Why won't he be the king I know he is
The king I see inside
CHORUS: Can you feel
The love tonight
The peace the evening brings?
The world, for once
In perfect harmony
With all its living things
Can you feel
The love tonight?
You needn't look too far
Stealing through
The night's uncertainties
Love is where they are
And if he falls
In love tonight
[ Sniffles ]
It can be assumed
His carefree days
With us are history
In short, our pal
Is doomed
[ Both crying ]
SIMBA: Isn't this a great place?
NALA: It is beautiful...
but I don't understand something.
You've been alive all this time.
Why didn't you come back to Pride Rock?
Well, I just needed to get out on my own...
live my own life.
And I did, and it's great.
We've really needed you at home.
No one needs me.
Yes, we do. You're the king.
Nala, we've been through this.
I'm not the king. Scar is.
Simba, he let the hyenas take over the pride lands.
- What? - Everything's destroyed.
There's no food, no water.
Simba, if you don't do something soon...
everyone will starve.
- I can't go back. - Why?
- You wouldn't understand. - What?
No, it doesn't matter. Hakuna matata.
- What? - Hakuna matata.
It's something I learned out here.
Look, sometimes bad things happen--
And there's nothing you can do about it...
so why worry?
Because it's your responsibility.
Well, what about you? You left.
I left to find help, and I found you.
Don't you understand? You're our only hope.
What's happened to you? You're not the Simba I remember.
You're right. I'm not. Are you satisfied?
No, just disappointed.
You're starting to sound like my father.
Good. At least one of us does.
Listen, you think you can just show up...
and tell me how to live my life?
You don't even know what I've been through.
I would, if you'd just tell me.
- Forget it! - Fine!
She's wrong.
I can't go back.
What would it prove, anyway? It won't change anything.
You can't change the past.
You said you'd always be there for me!
But you're not.
And it's because of me.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
[ Cries ]
[ Rafiki singing ]
Asante sana, squash banana
We we nugu, mi mi apana
Asante sana, squash banana
We we nugu, mi mi apana
Asante sana, squash banana
We we nugu, mi mi apana
A-do-de-do da-do-ba-de-do
[ Chuckling ]
[ Sighs ]
RAFIKI: Asante sana, squash banana
We we nugu, mi mi apana
[ Yawns ]
Come on, will you cut it out?
Can't cut it out. It'll grow right back.
- Ha ha ha ha! - Creepy little monkey.
Will you stop following me? Who are you?
The question is, who are you?
[ Sighs ]
I thought I knew.
Now I'm not so sure.
Well, I know who you are.
Shh. Come here. It's a secret.
Asante sana, squash banana
Uhh! Enough already!
What is that supposed to mean, anyway?
It means you are a baboon, and I'm not.
[ Laughs ]
I think you're a little confused.
Wrong! I'm not the one who's confused.
You don't even know who you are.
Oh, and I suppose you know.
Sure do. You're Mufasa's boy.
[ Gasps ]
- Bye. - Hey, wait!
[ Female chorus singing ]
[ Panting ]
You knew my father?
Correction-- I know your father.
I hate to tell you this...
but he died a long time ago.
Nope. Wrong again!
Ha ha ha!
He's alive, and I'll show him to you.
You follow old Rafiki. He knows the way. Come on!
[ Upbeat music playing ]
Don't dawdle. Hurry up!
Hey, whoa, wait, wait.
Come on. Come on!
Would you slow down?
[ Rafiki laughing ]
Look down there.
[ Sighs ]
That's not my father.
That's just my reflection.
No. Look harder.
RAFIKI: You see?
He lives in you.
[ Rumbling ]
Simba, you have forgotten me.
No. How could I?
You have forgotten who you are...
and so have forgotten me.
Look inside yourself, Simba.
You are more than what you have become.
You must take your place in the circle of life.
How can I go back?
I'm not who I used to be.
Remember who you are.
You are my son, and the one true king.
Remember who you are.
No! Please, don't leave me!
MUFASA: Remember.
- Father! - Remember.
Don't leave me.
MUFASA: Remember.
[ Rumbling fades ]
[ Wind howling ]
RAFIKI: What was that? Ha ha!
The weather--Pbbah!
Very peculiar, don't you think?
Yeah. Looks like the winds are changing.
Ahh, change is good.
Yeah, but it's not easy.
I know what I have to do...
but going back means I'll have to face my past.
I've been running from it for so long.
[ Thwack ] Ow!
Jeez! What was that for?
It doesn't matter. It's in the past. Ha ha ha!
Yeah, but it still hurts.
Oh, yes, the past can hurt.
But the way I see it, you can either run from it...
or learn from it.
[ Whoosh ] Aah!
You see? So, what are you going to do?
First, I'm gonna take your stick.
No, no, no, no! Not the stick!
Hey! Where are you going?
I'm going back!
Good! Go on! Get out of here!
[ Laughing ]
Whoo! Ha ha ha!
Whoooo! Whoooo!
[ Music stops ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Snoring ] Grubs! Grubs!
[ Groans ]
Hey. Hey, wake up.
[ Both screaming ]
It's OK! Whoa, whoa! It's OK! It's me!
[ Sighs ] Don't ever do that again.
Have you guys seen Simba?
I thought he was with you.
He was, but now I can't find him.
- Where is he? - Ha ha ha!
You won't find him here!
Ha ha! The king has returned.
I can't believe it. He's gone back.
Gone back? What do you mean?
Hey, what's goin' on here?
Who's the monkey?
Simba's gone back to challenge Scar.
- Who? - Scar.
- Who's got a scar? - No. It's his uncle.
- The monkey's his uncle? - No!
Simba's gone back to challenge his uncle...
to take his place as king.
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Chorus singing ]
[ Wind howling ]
NALA: Simba, wait up!
It's awful, isn't it?
SIMBA: I didn't want to believe you.
What made you come back?
I finally got some sense knocked into me...
and I've got the bump to prove it.
Besides, this is my kingdom.
If I don't fight for it, who will?
- I will. - It's gonna be dangerous.
Danger? Ha!
I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha!
I see nothing funny about this.
Timon, Pumbaa, what are you doing here?
At your service, my liege.
We're gonna fight your uncle for this?
Yes, Timon. This is my home.
Talk about your fixer-upper.
Well, Simba, if it's important to you...
we're with you to the end.
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Snarling ]
Hyenas. I hate hyenas.
So, what's your plan for getting past those guys?
- Live bait. - Good idea. Hey!
Come on, Timon. You guys have to create a diversion.
What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?
[ Song begins ] Luau!
If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat
Come on down and dine on this tasty swine
All you have to do is get in line
- Are you achin' - Yep, yep, yep.
- For some bacon? - Yep, yep, yep.
- He's a big pig - Yep yep.
You could be a big pig, too, oy!
[ Both scream ]
[ Growling ]
Nala, you find my mother and rally the lionesses.
I'll look for Scar.
[ Thunder ]
Sarabi! [ Echoes ]
[ Hyenas snarling ]
[ Barking ]
[ Thunder ]
Yes, Scar?
Where is your hunting party?
They're not doing their job.
Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on.
No, you're just not looking hard enough.
It's over. There is nothing left.
We have only once choice.
We must leave Pride Rock.
We're not going anywhere.
Then you have sentenced us to death.
- Then so be it. - You can't do that.
I am the king. I can do whatever I want.
If you were half the king Mufasa was--
I'm ten times the king Mufasa was!
[ Roars ]
SCAR: Mufasa? No, you're dead.
No. It's me.
Simba. You're alive?
How can that be?
It doesn't matter.
I'm home.
Oh, I'm a little surprised to see you...alive.
[ All gulp ]
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart.
Simba, you must understand.
The pressures of ruling a kingdom...
Are no longer yours.
Step down, Scar.
[ Laughs ] Oh, well, I would, naturally.
However, there is one little problem.
You see them?
[ All snarling ]
They think I'm king.
NALA: Well, we don't.
Simba's the rightful king.
The choice is yours, Scar.
Either step down or fight.
Must this all end in violence?
I'd hate to be responsible for the death of a family member.
Wouldn't you agree, Simba?
That's not gonna work, Scar.
I've put it behind me.
But what about your faithful subjects?
Have they put it behind them?
Simba, what is he talking about?
so you haven't told them your little secret.
Well, Simba, now's your chance to tell them.
Tell them who is responsible for Mufasa's death.
I am.
It's not true.
Tell me it's not true.
It's true.
You see? He admits it! Murderer!
No, it was an accident.
If it weren't for you, Mufasa would still be alive.
It's your fault he's dead! Do you deny it?
- No. - Then you're guilty.
No, I'm not a murderer.
Oh, Simba, you're in trouble again.
But this time, Daddy isn't here to save you...
and now everyone knows why!
- Unh! - Simba!
[ Boom ]
[ Fire crackles ]
Now, this looks familiar.
Hmm. Where have I seen this before?
Let me think. Hmm.
Oh, yes. I remember.
This is just the way your father looked before he died.
[ Gasps ]
And here's my little secret--
[ Whispers ] I killed Mufasa.
YOUNG SIMBA: No-o-o-o!
No! Murderer!
No, Simba, please.
Tell them the truth.
Truth? But truth is in the eye of the behold--
All right.
[ Gags ] All right.
I did it.
So they can hear you.
I killed Mufasa!
[ Roars ]
[ Roars ]
[ All roaring ]
PUMBAA: Hee-yah!
TIMON: Excuse me. Pardon me. Comin' through.
Hot stuff. Whoo!
[ Grunts ]
[ Roars ]
[ Hyenas yelp ]
[ Roars ]
[ Thwack ]
[ Screams ]
[ Hyenas snarling ]
Waah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
[ Hyenas yelping ]
[ Panting ]
Aah! Whoo-hoo-hoo!
- Let me out! Let me out! - Let me in! Let me in!
[ Hyena laughs ]
Please, don't eat me.
PUMBAA: Drop 'em!
Hey, who's the pig?
- Are you talkin' to me? - He called him a pig.
- Are you talking to me? - Shouldn't have done that.
- Are you talking to me? - Now they're in for it.
They call me...Mister Pig!
Take that, you stupid...
Take that, and that!
[ Screaming ]
[ Yelping ]
Run, you yellow-bellied--
BOTH: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
[ Roars ]
[ Thunder ]
[ Roars ]
[ Roars ]
Simba, please.
Please, have mercy. I beg you.
You don't deserve to live.
But, Simba, I Heh heh.
It's the hyenas who are the real enemy.
It was their fault. It was their idea.
Why should I believe you?
Everything you ever told me was a lie.
What are you going to do?
You wouldn't kill your own uncle.
No, Scar. I'm not like you.
Oh, Simba, thank you. You are truly noble.
I'll make it up to you, I promise.
And how can I prove myself to you?
Tell me. Anything.
Run away, Scar, and never return.
Of course.
As you wish...Your Majesty!
Aah! Aah!
[ Roaring ]
[ Thump ]
[ Roars ]
[ Roars ]
[ Roars ]
[ Fire crackling ]
Ohh. My friends.
Friends? I thought he said we were the enemy.
Yeah. That's what I heard.
- Ed? - Ed?
[ Laughing ]
No, no. Let me explain.
No, you don't understand!
No, I didn't mean--No! No!
[ Shouting ]
[ Fire roars ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Rattling ]
It is time.
[ Music swells ]
[ Thunder ]
MUFASA: Remember.
[ Roars ]
[ All roar ]
[ Roars ]
Baba ti-tabo
Maye babo busa lomhlaba
[ Chorus singing ]
[ Trumpet ]
Ubuse ngo xolo
Ubuse ngo thando
Ubuse ngo xolo
Ubuse ngo thando
Ubuse ngo xolo
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle
The circle of life
Circle of
[ Music stops ]
[ New song begins ]
[ Chorus singing ]
[ Song ends ]
[ New song begins ]
ELTON JOHN: There's a calm surrender
To the rush of day
When the heat of a rolling wind
Can be turned away
An enchanted moment
And it sees me through
It's enough for this restless warrior
Just to be with you
And can you feel
The love tonight?
It is where we are
It's enough
For this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel
The love tonight
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough
To make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best
There's a time for everyone
If they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope
Moves us all in turn
There's a rhyme and reason
To the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager
Beats in time with yours
And can you feel
The love tonight?
It is where we are
It's enough
For this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel
The love tonight
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough
To make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best
It's enough
To make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best
[ Song ends ]
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Life of Birds The 9 - The Problems of Parenthood
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Life or something like this
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Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Directors Cut
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Lone Wolf and Cub 3 - Baby Cart to Hades (Kozure Okami 3 1972)
Lone Wolf and Cub 4 - Baby Cart in Peril
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