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Subtitles for Lilies - Les feluettes (1996).

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Lilies - Les feluettes (1996)

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The Beichte is in the chapel.
It is very ill. The physician has little hope.
It should not a private meeting its?
Think of Jesaja:
"You are the prisoners from the dungeon lead."
Include it in your benedictions.
Where is it?
When was your last Beichte?
The Kaplan spoke of an important Beichte.
He spoke of peace and of assigning.
The days here are long. I have the meaning of the word learned.
Can we begin?
You changed? Very much.
In the school we have Theatre easily.
Displaced memories.
That was before the process, the lies.
Before I was condemned because of murder. I have little time.
I become the sin the revenge commit.
What was that? It will give frevel.
Forbidden memories, pangs of conscience.
I do not understand, as I am to arrange the right.
I am bishop. Speech with a judge.
Kaplan! The door wedges! By no means.
Guard! Those is captivated.
I wanted to remove the Beichte from you.
The Kaplan spoke of assigning. Courageously that you came.
1912 we have "the life and Dies the HI. Sebastian "rehearsed.
Do you remember? I was the Sebastian.
Its friend played Count Vallier de Tilly.
Do you remember? You came too late to the sample.
Enjoy the performance, Bishop Bilodeau!
Caesar spoke: "Brings it into the forest of the Apoll,
binds it to a tree, then let your arrows fly
into its naked body, until the koecher are empty."
Yes, my expensive friend, my contactors, this is mine desire.
It will be beautiful. It will be beautiful.
Caesar spoke: "cuts it its beautiful curls off,
that I | |mit my tears to moisten can."
Where is your love for me? Are not to hit a corner you of my secret?
I will be again-born.
My Mr., we our love kills! If you me really love?
Isn't someone to bind me now? Elbow contactors?
Where are they? They were late.
Are those not also at me shoot?
Yes, I know only NIC | |wie we make that with the arrows.
Vallier, binds Simon.
22 arrows from ten foot Entfernu | |Das you call a detail?
In the last year you have the same said?
With the ramp of the holy Alfonso.
The martyr came into the hospital ward, because the sky gates did not come up .
But the arrows? Further!
Everyone must its love kills | |damit it is again-born?
? seven times more strongly.
Their protecting, thus their me loves, leaves it me feel with the agony of your arrows.
Then its friend throws himself on the body of its gentleman.
And how?
Schmachtend! What is that called?
Like Maria Magdalena and Jesus. Like Lazarus and the gentleman.
I mean Lazarus after the Auferstehung.
You are on him please like a bag.
Believe do you, the people like that? Schmusende boy on the stage?
The romantic becomes on that whole world again more estimated.
Thus why not also in Roberval?
The request of a man can be without borders.
A man can itself oppose traditional rules.
It can show, that it a right has on personality.
On the stage one may love, jealous its,
tyrannisch, possessed!
One may kill and feel no regret!
Waer's for today! Already?
I have still in Meeting with several parents.
We rehearse that tomorrow still times.
What is that? Mach me loosely!
As wild passion drove me? Completely again for me,
and I press Your body to me.
Leave D | |Sag that you love me!
It is beautiful, if you are there. Say that you love me!
Do not do like a girl! I legend but, it is beautiful, if you are there.
My soul trembles!
I feel those hidden roots of this trembling.
Where is your elbow? Pressures it on my lips, before you stretch it.
He likes my lips and my soul affect.
That is enough!
Ask, bishop!
Leave me here raus and I will tell nothing.
They know the Beichte a man do not reject!
Beichte! A lubricant theatre! Think of it geluebde!
The geluebde of the truth! It is enough!
It is enough! What, is Bilodeau?
My nut/mother does not want, that I still along-play here.
A bad day for the theatre. The playthingplaything plaything makes one ill.
Who is ill?
God left pitch and Schwe | |auf Sodom and Gomorrha rain.
"Niemehr is humans that see,
and if, then become he likewise punishes."
By you and Pater Saint Michel?
This school could a new Sodom become.
Strike nevertheless off.
That is a caricature of me.
Your soul destroyed Lilienweis. I am called Vallier!
Its lily-white Durchlaucht dips here on without a Pfennig.
The priests let pay for its Education and robs the friends from us.
Plays nevertheless elsewhere! I admired you, Simon.
I wanted with you in the seminar for priests.
My nut/mother says, you are so beautiful like a holy, but nobody would have?
Would have which?
Their two, samples in the mansarde, locked doors,
Swim in the middle at the night, Migrations by the forest?
Simon, you is in Vallier falls in love! You take that back!
You are in love with Lilienweis! Am not I!
Luggage it at the arm!
You make fear for me!
I do not want become ill like their two!
I let you feel hell! No!
It will be beautiful!
I do not want!
From darkest depths are you of your terrible love reminds!
Your terrible love!
So a premiere has it in Roberval not yet given!
Bold performances! Goettlich, to drive out so the Monotonie!
Do not want you me to welcome, Monsieur Bilodeau?
It is still completely in its role.
But become contactors not also to martyrs?
Pater Saint Michel is a genius! It breaks all theatre principles.
A strange young man.
Hello, nut/mother! Good day, my son.
On so one day one must RA | |Das Mediterranean is so blue!
You mean the lake.
It means, a woman from Paris becomes arrive in a balloon.
From of Paris of your dreams? No. From material Paris.
Roberval has already Edison projected and the son of queen Victoria?
? and the Zar! Why not a woman in the balloon?
It means, it is related with Pilatre de Rozier,
the inventor of the balloon.
Obviously it invited the hotel, because it is famous.
Only I can save it. He will suffer.
Gentleman, is not too cruel to him.
Do you remember Edison? Or the Zaren? - No.
To the balloon of Lydie Anne de Rozier? - No.
But to the hotel Roberval? There you worked!
My gentlemen! We blow its memory ability up!
I am called Jean Bilodeau, born 1894
in Roberval at the Lac Saint Jean, praised for its golden water.
Roberval was a typical franko Canadian city.
Proudly on the church, the monastery, the small port.
Proudly on its boy school,
in the Simon and I those best friends were.
Very young already wanted I ministers become.
The days were so peaceful.
To this French Aristokraten from another sphere here came.
Then the hotel was opened, with it rich, decay width unit people came.
I am never forgotten, like these Woman never came in the balloon...
What gives to see it?
Good day, Mr. Doucet.
Countess! It means, it is from Paris.
Concern nevertheless for the fact that one that | |freimacht. - Immediately, Sir.
Thus one catches fresh water salmon, or? A Connaisseur!
Very beautifully! Thanks. Do they live in the hotel?
No, we live here. For two years.
I am Baronin Sylvia de Hue, my man, baron Geoffroy de Hue.
I am count Vallier de Tilly? A large tragedy actor in addition!
That is countess Marie Laure de Tilly.
Much pleases!
They come from Paris? We are for two weeks on the way.
What gives it new of my husband? Nut/mother!
Do I know it? Everyone in Paris knows it.
Mr. Doucet, which is?
We are to wait, until the balloon landed.
The son of your driver is also a talented actor, Baronin.
I saw rehearsing it in that School, and it were so? Raised?
Thus? Modern? Vallier rezitierte "love, love"?
? and Simon - its son, Mr. Doucet -
he kissed the young Bilodeau. Passionately.
I probably confound everything.
It stood near him,
but the holy one could do it through many the noise do not understand.
Thus had the contactors itself to it lean, so that he understood it.
Do we talk about the same scene?
Or you want the intensity of Pater Saint Michels production deny?
Simon kissed Bilodeau with a passion,
that all ladies in Rober | were |schamrot - before envy.
Where is Simon?
Where is Simon?
Parents insist on it, the piece is called off! End of the discussion!
The Ratio is raised?
The Goettliche is poison.
The holy becomes of that Obligations of the writing releases?
They do not understand it?
I do not have your father into the mansarde led?
Where were you then?
In clothes. - Thus were you on the day in the school?
With the process you have ausgesa | |Du at home were, ill.
Are they a physician? Completely quite.
I need a treatment. So?
Thus, here there is only one physician, it is old and always aluminium must | |herumposaunen.
Three times daily?
Lay on, where the wounds yet did not heal.
What do I owe you?
That was not coincidentally your father?
No. I am stepped into stacheldraht? I mean? I fell from the horse?
Into the stacheldraht? So fast?
I have myself? Estimated?
And you have only wounds on the back?
I must now go.
They can say the truth to me. Truth, that is tyranny!
Baron, physicians must always the truth say?
"I want to be openly, still another one year".
Only one question of the time, when that Patient desperately begins to pray.
Could a small lie of Them bring so much sunshine.
Young man, They are a bad liar.
During your appearance. They could release disasters.
Why you hide the causes of your wounds?
Because the nothing concerns you.
It could spoil the vacation for you.
We see ourselves in the speisesaal.
I must go.
The evening wind! A good idea.
I have this airship me erschwindelt.
I call it my "fate".
If it ever of it Use to make want?
I would drive in a balloon, to flee then over from here to.
They interrupt us, young man! What here do you make?
Your father said, you were ill. I am not ill.
Then your father lied?
They see, Ms Rozier, my father lies even better than I.
They understand my Living standard not.
After my landing I met the countess de Tilly.
She wanted to know whether I their husband know.
I was agitated, when she said, it have two years belongs to nothing of it.
The people consider it ueberkandidelt. As their Bruchbude is a palace.
I have it deceived?
"Which for a coincidence! I met your husband in one of the luxurioesesten salons."
One takes a few stories of pleased barons?
And dead noble ones and schmiede a utopian revolution.
"Lhr husband will soon return."
If it their face expression would have seen?
I am their son!
Their luck will hold so for a long time how this lie. Except if it?
Can I talk with you, Simon?
Barrel me not on!
Say Lilienweis that h | |keine beggars are desired!
Why you make yourself over my nut/mother merrily?
You have the fire at the station put, last night?
After the impacts the city can gladly its that it is not completely burned down.
We go on the attic.
It is past? The attic?
The Heuschober? The lake?
Do you understand?
I must think now of girls.
It is terrible, if you cry.
Frl. Rozier asks you to a Cognac.
If you once with one grease bride are married
and shit digs up, in order to nourish your 14 children,
then you will remember, what you here for chances would have had.
Here am I.
As agrees. How?
They wanted to meet me nevertheless later.
I never said that.
Truely or not, I waited.
I must now geschmeich | |sein, as the countess?
I do not like this gossip.
In this Kaff it displeases me that kei | more |ueber the others badly talks.
All are so well, so noble?
For gossip one does not have time. That does not apply probably to you!
Their hands look so noble.
What is to be called?
So softly and silks.
I like this young person at you, awkwardly, but passionately.
I like the view of your eyes.
I like actually everything at you?
They could even as Serve interruption of trip.
My backs became They do not like.
Am I to convince myself of it?
Which have you only done, so that one punishes you in such a way?
I have someone?
The son of the countess?
Caution, does pain!
It is seductive.
More seductively than the girls here.
There are here nice girls, look good also without Korsett.
They probably not often talk with women.
Their seduction arts are very unusually.
Did you kiss the young man?
They lie!
They will already see.
The conception is not to end!
I promise that | |alles is forgotten!
You are the victims of imagination an ill man!
I believe Simon. Naturally.
If Vallier and it met, were airships in the sky?
And the sweet sound one Boy choir fulfilled air.
The conception is not yet past!
Go into the Beichtstuhl. I can do not vouch longer for your security.
How did it bring you to it? It told us its history.
Simon selected us, each particular.
One leaves those here only individually into the yard.
Those may not times into the speisesaal. Those are the Abschaum.
All this was very heavy for us.
Korsette are here in it forbidden.
We could do us on the cords erhaengen?
Die is here in it forbidden.
We do not tell rather, like we the guards?
Perhaps Simon exaggerated something, but its dear history?
Is so beautiful.
Let me go, for your soul welfare.
For ours which?
Still such an incident, and the play is terminated!
Confesses, what you did!
We were children! Turn up why the past?
The enormous Babel, that component end city of the sin.
The welfare and ignited it.
Babel, nut/mother of all abhorrence.
Women, trunken from the blood the welfare and.
Gentleman, saves Simon, takes him to us not.
We do not have anything imprisoned.
If the fresh water salmon after the Laichen river downward swim,
then they leave themselves to seals.
Legend me, Vallier, laichen Catholic Sundays?
I do not think.
Then these salmon must catholic its.
You do not listen to me.
If we are engaged, we drive with the "fates" after Qu¨¦bec.
Then we take a ship to France.
The summer passed so fast!
That is really beautiful! Thanks!
I must now go | |Ich must help with the hay harvest.
I would make gladly a trip.
We see ourselves tomorrow.
They look today so attractive.
No Taenzchen this evening?
You become always the large love my life its.
I bring you peace.
I give you the breath.
I am your life.
You should have slept in the south wing. We have a south wing?
The "wing of hope". Tomorrow visits the architect the north wing.
It must finished SE | |bevor your father comes.
I become it "wings of the home coming" call.
I must now sleep | |Ich are exhausted.
I saw your hands. The hands of a working.
I also saw yours. After the garden work, totally broken.
The face completely spotted, Sand in the mouth.
Beautifully that the monastery burns. | |stoe | |den view from our manor-house.
I legend you, which I on the lake make.
But you may not be bad.
As if I am constantly bad.
I help the Fischern.
And there I should not be bad?
A noble, which works!
The most unworthy one of all activities!
You coward! A coward like your Va?
Say still times!
You make me furious? Say still times!
Who would probably dare it, To call your father coward?
A man, the woman and child left |in the isolation, without a Pfennig?
Two the years long does not announce itself?
It is a coward?
Like all men.
Also you talk in the anger,
but I believe which you wrote.
What do you mean with it?
In 14 days I go on the seminar for priests.
And I to Paris.
Do not go with the Babylonierin.
Come with me on the seminar!
I saw the word, "love".
The letter could only to your father its.
Where is it?
How you praises the man of your life!
"You become always the love my life its?"
"I miss you,
Your eyes of onyx,
Your marmorne skin."
"My lips stottern, are them nevertheless Your name any longer does not accustom."
"My hands seize you hoping for your return
fully with my tears."
"I love you."
"I will always wait for you."
Whether it probably comes back?
The fire shows that it suffers.
But which has the fire to do with your father?
I see more than the love of a son.
I love Simon.
No reason to be ashamed. I thought, you would be shocked.
I wanted to hear it of you.
Never confound noble courage with love.
Noble courage is an attitude, Loves a condition.
I do not have anybody except you, about which I can worry.
Vallier, we must to Simons engagement.
In order to see whether it is really cowardly.
? it took me into the arms as if it would have thousands prisoners so held.
A river of the contacts took us also, then we stood close together.
The whole world I bereist, over here in Roberval the love too find!
God gives you long life and many children.
Fortunately the mosquito time is to end. They wanted to eat Simon from me away.
Did you hear, Sylvia?
Frl. Rozier seems the same Dislike against mosquitoes to have?
Like only a man could this enormous salmon catch?
Which for a seal it probably used?
Oh this fish things. Simon, leave They never a lady your rod hold.
It does not go along anything over the fight a fresh water salmon.
These lilies are an indication of innocence and purity?
? the indication of the French crown?
? a cruel fire mark for those Author of meanest crimes?
? indications of? Thanks, countess.
I wish you the luck, to you is entitled.
That was not the lilies of Mr. Scotts funeral yesterday?
You are my guest, countess.
Excuse, I was in thoughts on the lake.
My son says, he spent long days with you.
I load you this evening into my manor-house.
My son has birthday.
Their manor-house?
In the proximity of the road of Gibraltar, with the ruins.
Which ruins? Roberval consists only of ruins.
Simon, you work thus thought-lost.
He said the whole evening to nothing.
He says good-bye of its liberty.
Never again attics, Heuschober, Swim at the night?
Can I talk briefly with you?
Why you dig my past again out? - Well and?
That is our engagement celebration. We should enjoy it.
How? Because you kissed me once
are we to do now in such a way as if? Not so loud.
A little schaekern here and there?
In three are enough month is not the fulfilment.
The gentleman wants suddenly in hay!
I did not know that | |so fast grows in Canada.
You have this field this month already three times beackert.
To be silent completely of the berries.
As you rangegangen there are, might hang nothing more in the area.
Show me your hands!
Knows still in such a way |so softly, so silks.
Why amuse You you not simply?
Who amuses itself here?
I am now your married man.
Before me, Caesar, stands for Sebastian, the one other religion prefers.
Mach you not ridiculously, Vallier.
I wanted to maintain your guests. Hear on thereby.
Simon, plays your role!
Now we see the piece finite.
You, get-getting that are greeted young man.
I love you, with my crown.
The Gods like your beauty retain for the emperor!
Before all Gods I would like to crown you.
Caesar, I carries already a crown!
I do not see a crown.
Cannot see it to her, only with the eyes of a Luches.
Speak: I do not have you recompenced also all honours, wohltaten, Honors,
Hours of the fame, fameful weapons?
My gentleman, you wait very generously.
I want to crown Sebastian, and with it me.
Thereby, Simon stops!
You strike me again, if I do not obey?
Simon, packs your things.
We drive with sunrise.
I am toericht. I am fall in love.
Now I know,
that love the worst lie i | |die one to zumuten itself can.
Very much moving. Which role do you play?
The Betrogene.
The woman, at which one laughs in the theatre.
I want only mine pain make understandable. But none accepts that.
No, completely in the opposite. They work unbelievably convincingly.
Why we speak not of your wrong?
All scoff at it. One does, as if you are moved.
I met your man in Lyon.
It was not royalist.
What talk do you there? It wanted that I would come here.
It told of the lake, of the hotel,
without mentioning it ever.
He loaded me to his young wife and its bezaubernden daughter.
Believe, I legend you that, thereby we make themselves merry over you can?
I should have said to you, that all men lie?
I am also on it please.
Are you well, nut/mother?
Perhaps it lied.
I travel tomorrow to Paris.
Erhoerst you us?
To which praying, suffering if you us does not erhoerst?
It may not go with these Babylonierin. You are debt! You hear me!
Congratulations! A bath tub.
Congratulations! A bath tub.
It was stronger than that. Who?
Vallier, it was stronger as this man.
I forgot a while ago, To congratulate you.
And I travel tomorrow early?
You will be lucky with Lydie Anne.
It is rich and beautiful. I envy you.
It constantly corrects my mode of expression,
I do not believe, that I love it in such a way, as I should.
That is normal. You have before not many women known.
Am I to wash the back to you? Please go!
We will never see ourselves again.
And the travel of Roberval to Paris?
? is very cumbersome.
Which I feel for you am more strongly than for Lydie Anne.
No? We become never more see again.
Say it!
I love you.
Not already again! Do we never see the conclusion?
You always stop in the same place.
And this kiss?
"Love! Love!" Really?
We would like nothing more than that.
I will be again-born.
The sky and my breath are a witness.
We will be free. Fame realm and freely, on high lake.
More loved, if you love me,
then let it me know.
Thanks very much.
I cannot faster. Where does it bring us?
I must back to Paris.
I love this smell.
What here do we do?
You are the only one, me ever loved.
Is love so strong?
See, what your loving Simon for you gives up.
You must be strong. Straight-lined and firmly.
Wines not.
A daily must we from each other go.
The law of nature.
Hear to cry on. Can't you cure yourself that?
I leave the manor-house to you,
our Laendereien,
the Mediterranean?
Do not dissipate my inheritance. Take over your role.
I take over my role. Exactly like you.
Mach the door up, Simon! Do not answer.
Everyone looks for you.
The time is limited. We must flee!
What do you, Bilodeau want?
I have a kutsche. I know, where we can hide ourselves.
On the railway. We could jump on a course.
, Vallier rises!
Who looks for us? The whole city.
The police knows that u| are more r|Brandstifter. - Which?
And if you experience, that Valliers nut/mother?
What do they experience?
I will hide you. There a brook, pheasants, foxes, is
as in the garden Eden. We must here away.
I am so lucky, that you are again my friend.
We will pray together.
We become tell of our sins.
I do not want no more in the seminar. I want my life to a holy one dedicate.
Give me a kiss |Den kiss of a holy one.
You are ill, Bilodeau. Never!
What there do you say? Never!
Then scorches in hell!
Mach the door up! Leave us outside!
Simon put the fire! Simon!
Vallier is suffocated. I became ohnmaechtig.
Tell us the end of history.
Tell us, what happened.
In the name all its that your hands sanctified.
I have the lamp to soil thrown.
Full anger?
I stood there, wanted to come to breath?
"Never!" It sounded in my head.
Like an explosion.
I ran back on the soil.
Everywhere smoke.
The heat was intolerable.
I took you?
And brought you in security.
The police was in the corridor. I said, I would have heard you argue above.
You would have wanted to kill it.
And it is too late been? For Vallier.
Was it really too late?
The Beichte is past, Simon. God met your desire.
And it, I pray for your Absolution.
You must back into your cells.
I must speak alone with him.
I paid its for death, which I loved at most.
Assign to me, Simon.
Before court you said, I would have killed it,
because I its diseased Behavior would not have borne.
The anger has me verzehrt. Day for day.
I hoped to see an old man. Very ill and ugly.
An old man, that those Memory extinguishes?
To the beautiful boy, which I loved in such a way.
Kill me.
Never, Bilodeau?
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