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Subtitles for Light of my eyes.

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Light of my eyes

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light of my eyes
Morgan knew that route by heart.
He recognized the vegetation.
He had always liked its reddish color,
but now it seemed monotonous.
How could it be compared to the warm colors of the Earth?
Earth... "I'm glad I'll be back on Earth soon, " he thought.
He saw a spaceship take off
and he thought of the sunny mornings at home.
Morgan was a foreigner in a country that resembled so many others.
He had already forgotten the name he'd had before Morgan.
He liked the name Morgan immediately.
People seemed to care more for him with that name,
they seemed less diffident.
He looked at the plains stretching out before his eyes,
all speckled by fires.
He tried to imagine the habits of the people on that planet.
At that moment they were just distant bright spots.
He wondered if those beings from all over the galaxy
had memories, and if they resembled his own--
Mom and Dad, lunch every Sunday,
soccer games, Christmas holidays...
No matter what planet they came from, they all had a destination.
Everybody wanted to arrive somewhere.
Are you all right?
I'm looking for the cat, he ran away again.
He went that way.
He doesn't have a family, sometimes he's in my courtyard.
I was just giving him some milk.
Don't you think you should go home?
He'll come back on his own.
What are you looking at?
Do you want this?
- There aren't any pictures. - No. You can keep it.
- You had better go to sleep. - I don't want to sleep.
I'm waiting up for my mom. I'm afraid something'll happen to her.
Something... she could die.
But if I stay awake and think about her, she hears my thoughts.
Is there anyone who listens to your thoughts?
No, unfortunately.
- Do you want me to think about you? - Okay, thanks.
You can think about me too,
even though Mom already does, but she has a lot on her mind.
- Money, the store... - You have a store?
The frozen food store at the end of the street.
Lisa, what are you doing here?
- Who are you? What happened? - Nothing, don't worry.
It's true, I was looking for the cat, I would've gone back in.
You shouldn't go out when I'm not here!
She crossed the street all of a sudden.
- You hadn't come home yet! - So what?
After the video, you were supposed to go to sleep.
The important thing is that nothing happened.
Let's go home.
Thank you.
Morgan felt transported to an unknown land.
He knew that the mission at hand wouldn't be like all the others.
There was something on that planet that he had never known before.
- What do you know? - That you aren't Bill.
You're something else that entered his body,
something that doesn't breathe the same air that we breathe.
Morgan had taken on missions that were far more dangerous.
He wasn't afraid for his own life, but for something inside of him,
something that had been born suddenly,
during those sleepless nights.
He no longer felt capable of the tasks assigned to him.
He felt weak, insecure, distracted.
In the meantime, the sun's rays became more intense
and our women died.
We were a race destined to disappear.
Why did you come here?
There's no sign of life on the planets,
in the cold expanse of space.
I told her the car was mine, I didn't tell her I'm a chauffeur.
She's the type that can do a little of everything.
I have fun with her.
Things are worse with Rita, I go out every night, she says nothing.
All she thinks about is the kids, always taking them to the doctor.
She's terrified of diseases. I have to go.
Antonio, look at him, he's a wreck.
A chauffeur can't handle a family.
90% of all chauffeurs are single or divorced.
A girl doesn't last more than a month with me.
I take her to a restaurant that some client told me about...
- Your client's waiting. - For me?
Could you go on another run tonight?
It's an important client.
I had you in mind because you know when to talk and when to shut up.
- I can't send lvano out. - All right.
You can keep the car afterwards if you need it.
Did you find your cat?
Did you think about him enough?
14,800 lire.
There were enemies that he had to fight
by learning their customs and their language.
He had to act like one of them, without giving himself away,
without showing his true nature as an Earthling.
Nevertheless, there were places
that resembled those he had left behind on Earth.
In those moments, his future seemed less grim--
one more reason to get out of the mission alive.
He wanted to be buried where he was born.
I could understand it, if he had come back over the years.
He never spent much time in Rome, he was always traveling.
I had even forgotten that I had a father.
He never had the sense of a home and family.
Sometimes he stopped and stared at me and my brother.
His eyes seemed to ask,
"Is it possible that those strangers are my children?"
He never wanted to be close to me.
I don't understand why. It hurts.
It had never happened to me in these 20 years.
- How long has it been going on? - About six months.
All of a sudden.
The other day I was driving a client to Pescara,
I was on the highway where there weren't any signs.
It didn't last long, but I couldn't remember where I had to take him.
I didn't know where I was.
- The client got pissed off! - I bet he did!
I can't remember the due date of my insurance, my bills,
my wife's birthday...
Sometimes I can't even remember where I parked the car.
But you remember I lent you 100,000 lire?
Did you really?
You should do crossword puzzles. It helps the brain at a certain age.
- They help your memory. Try it. - You listen to him?
- Do you do crossword puzzles? - No, never.
Antonio doesn't need them, he reads and thinks.
- What's always on your mind? - Yeah! What do you think about?
What are you thinking about?
What's wrong? I don't look good?
The gray skirt's better.
- With what? - The black striped top.
- And your hair... - What about it?
Why don't you tie it back?
How's the search for the babysitter going?
I'm looking, but they charge too much for an afternoon.
What about an au pair?
They want a room of their own and I don't have one.
I already said this to your colleague several times.
When another colleague takes over,
a certain amount of time is needed to catch up.
So you start all over again...
The girl's grandparents were told that she's often alone at night.
That's not true.
Her grandparents said yelling is heard sometimes at night.
A couple of times the police had to come.
They send you a check every month
and despite that plus your store, you still need money.
Why is that, Maria?
Are you seeing someone?
If I do, I see him outside.
So Lisa is always with you, except for school hours.
- Yes, with me... - At the store...
How's the frozen food going?
Fine, as usual. How else should it go?
Is the girl happy with her grandparents?
They always give her the third degree.
- That's normal, she's 10. - She'll be 11 next month.
Mind if I sit here?
Are you sure it's plain pizza, not "the works"?
- I'm sure. - Can I have an ice cream too?
- I'd like this to be on me. - Why?
- He said he'd like to. - Lisa's right.
Shall we?
The other night when you saw me outside your house with Lisa,
- were you frightened? - Isn't that normal?
I was too! I saw a girl alone at that time of night...
- Are you being critical? - That's not what I meant.
I have to make a call. My phone doesn't work in here.
I'll be right back.
- Mom is always tense. - Maybe she's just tired.
Will you go see if she's still here?
I'm afraid she won't come back.
I waited for you all afternoon. You should have told me.
Would it kill you to give me a call?
Please, don't hang up on me.
What do I care about your kids? You're not the only one with kids.
She's coming back.
Go get in your pajamas.
Sorry for the mess.
He's nice, isn't he?
- Isn't he? - Get in bed!
- So you're a chauffeur. - Yes.
That's why you were so dressed up the other night, wearing a tie...
I'm used to wearing one.
My mother made me wear one from the time I was little.
- Why'd you choose that job? - I like to drive.
- Have you done it for long? - A couple of years.
Before I came to Rome, I worked with my father.
Then, out of the blue, you came here.
More or less.
Everybody expected me to do something special.
I was a really good student.
But... I don't know.
I'm not sure I want to get anywhere.
At least you have a choice.
- Is that your car? - Unfortunately, no.
It seemed strange.
I mean, that car costs a lot of money.
Quite a bit.
I abandoned mine somewhere nearby.
It just stopped running and I left it where it was.
I'm afraid to go see if it's still there.
- Did the phone just ring? - I don't think so.
What about the frozen food?
- Why a frozen food store? - Why not?
It's a job like any other.
I've always liked frozen food.
My mother didn't know how to cook anything.
I was an expert, even before I got my store.
I don't know how to cook either.
I do have that in common with her.
But I can make fried chicken.
- Have you ever tried it? - No!
- I'll make it for you sometime. - All right.
I got the store and, a month later, a supermarket opened up nearby,
with an exceptional frozen food section.
Lucky me, eh?
What are you thinking about?
You can't sleep here, you have to leave afterwards.
It never stops.
The freezers.
The noise-- I always hear it.
I wish they would stop.
Make them stop.
Can you fill in for Lucio this morning?
I know I always ask you, but you're always available.
You don't always have to say yes, or the others will take advantage.
Sometimes you have to know how to say no.
Even to friends, to women.
I don't have anything to do.
I think you'll finish by 3:00. Call me if you need me.
- You don't smoke, right? - No.
How can you handle it when you have to wait for clients?
This isn't a job that you can do without smoking.
Know when I decided to stop being a chauffeur?
When I stopped smoking.
I started to read your book, but it's really weird.
It's not about real things.
Not seeing something doesn't mean it's not real.
- How do you know they're real? - I'm an expert.
There are beings from another planet
that hide inside people to make them suffer.
I don't believe that. Those are kid stories.
Fine, I won't tell you then.
But you should know that they might even be here.
What do you mean? Where?
Like in the frozen food that has spoiled.
They're invisible germs.
They replace people and become like them.
They can replace the people we love.
If I were you, I would check all the expiration dates.
There's a way to find them out.
They don't have a memory.
They don't know about the past of the people they've replaced.
They don't have their memories.
You have to observe the customers,
those that come in often.
Try taking a survey, ask them questions.
Have them tell you something about their life, about their past.
If they don't answer, or make something up, or get confused,
you know you've found one.
You say a lot of nonsense.
- It's a game, isn't it? - It's a game.
But if I were you, I'd try it out.
Maybe it was my fault, but I don't want it to happen again.
This is the last thing I need right now.
I'm already confused as it is, and there's Lisa.
I should only think about her, and no one else.
I have problems with Lisa.
Her father left when she was three, he just disappeared.
Then she went through a bad time.
I don't want to talk about it now.
Now her grandparents want custody.
I'm being reviewed. I might lose her.
Mario told me you'll sub for me again today.
Sure, no problem.
I'm sorry, but I can't sub for anyone today.
You had said that I should say no every once in a while.
Of course!
- You did the right thing. - If it's not a problem--
No, I'll take care of it, don't worry.
- Sorry, there was traffic. - It's all right.
You know how this works?
They bring up their purchase, you read the bar code with this.
If they ask you how to keep things...
There are different temperatures and compartments--
just read the back.
Over here, you take a bag, whatever they ask for
and you put it here, let it go or it won't weigh it.
Reference code and one.
You do this. If it doesn't work, tie a knot.
You were really sweet to come.
Thank you.
- Can I ask where you're going? - I have to do some things.
And see someone.
18,600 lire.
There was something that he hadn't foreseen,
that he hadn't learned in his extensive training on Earth.
Something that wasn't written in the survival manuals,
or found in defense techniques or in what he was best at--
the techniques that enabled him to infiltrate the enemy's ranks
and live as one of them, imagining another life,
a previous lifetime.
He had been trained differently than any other Earthling
involved in that type of mission.
But in recent months, he had been afraid.
He had been afraid of getting used to that neutral zone of existence.
He missed the companions from his crew,
he missed talking to them about normal things
without thinking about the consequences, responsibilities.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Hi, Raffaele. Call a taxi.
A large barley coffee.
Are you Mr. Saverio Donati?
I'd like to talk about Maria, from the frozen food store.
It's none of my business, but I know she's having problems.
I wanted to ask you--
it's a large amount of money. It's hard to pay every month.
Are you a friend of hers?
If she was having problems, she just had to tell me.
She doesn't know I'm here.
If you aren't going too far, I can give you a ride.
I was wondering if you could do without Maria's money for a while,
to give her some breathing room.
Can you turn on the heat?
Or I could make her payments, but I can't pay the whole amount.
Turn right at the next street, I have to go to the dentist.
- What size is this engine? - It's a 2000.
I never liked cars, I've never bought one.
I don't even have a license. I prefer to walk or ask for a ride.
Sometimes it would be convenient to have someone.
Got any music?
That's good, thanks.
- What hours do you work? - My shifts are really flexible.
If you need me, sir, I could get some time off.
- How much do you make? - Not much, this car isn't mine.
About two million a month.
Turn right... and stay to the left.
- That might be a way. - What way?
No, that's stupid.
I have to be able to count on someone reliable.
The car isn't even yours. Why should I trust you?
- I don't even know you. - We can work it out. Don't worry.
I'm punctual, I've never been in an accident.
I'll drive you around and wait as long as you need.
When you need me, call me. I'll be there, day or night.
You can trust me, sir.
But Maria can't know a thing.
You would do it for her, but you don't want her to know.
Sooner or later you'd tell her, to get your payback.
I wouldn't tell her.
- Do you accept? - Let me think about it.
- One thing isn't right. - What?
Don't call me "sir," it makes me feel old.
That's what lawyers are for, right?
Can't you tell him?
Then I'll tell him.
Go ahead.
Here's your number, sir.
And your change.
- Where are we going? - I don't know.
Just go, I'll think of something.
He slowly started to drift off toward the southeast.
He didn't have a guide or a crew.
He was alone.
"When they proposed that mission to him, he didn't hesitate.
He could have refused, but he hadn't.
This wasn't like the other times, he had an additional reason.
It wasn't just the salvation of his planet,
it was a matter of his own salvation.
It was something that concerned him alone.
During his earliest missions, Morgan looked at the stars
as if they were familiar to him.
He felt comfortable up there, so far away from home.
But now he felt like an outsider."
This wasn't like the other times, he had an additional reason.
It wasn't just the salvation of his planet,
it was a matter of his own salvation.
It was something that concerned him alone.
I lost it here.
It's got to be here.
I must have lost it here.
Can I help you?
I must have lost it here. It's a keepsake.
It just has to be here.
I'll look. What did you lose?
I'm sure, I lost it here!
Stop, you can't do that.
There isn't anything here, maybe you left it at home.
You don't want me to find it, you want to keep it for yourself.
- I bet you already found it. - I don't know what you lost!
- If you want, we can look for it. - You took it.
It's a keepsake. Do you know what it means to me?
Where are you going? Let's look for it!
Is this yours?
I saw the cat again this morning.
I took some surveys.
Cristina always comes in the store with her mother.
She says that when she sees the sea, she gets sad.
She remembers that when she was eight,
she went to the beach with her family
early in the morning, to avoid traffic.
On one stretch of the road, there was a tire.
It was rolling toward them.
Everyone was quiet, because they couldn't tell where it came from.
Then they saw a woman's shoe,
a beach chair, an open suitcase
with clothes flying out of it.
Then they saw an overturned car
and her mom told her to look toward the sea
and to say a prayer for those people.
I came to tell you this:
it doesn't matter to us what you do on your planet--
What movie did you watch?
A cartoon.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
I'm going.
Go to bed.
What did you tell Lisa?
She keeps asking me about memories.
That's strange!
Yesterday I watched an old movie again.
It's about a woman who realizes that her husband is a stranger.
He isn't the same anymore.
One evening, she decides to follow him
and she finds out he's an alien.
They talk about it at home and he tells her who he really is.
And he tells her that he doesn't want to go back to his planet,
that he likes life on Earth.
He discovered something that he doesn't want to give up.
The emotions that Earthlings feel, he started feeling them too.
He had fallen in love with her.
What's the catch?
She doesn't want him at all.
He organizes an expedition to the aliens' base,
he reports them... he's killed.
It's a sad story.
Good night.
You think I'm not a good mother, don't you?
- I don't think that. - I give it all I've got.
I might not be perfect, but I give it all I've got.
I know.
I'm constantly worried about money.
Not a day goes by without that anxiety.
There's always a due date, something to pay...
I didn't expect it to go like this.
- If it weren't for Lisa-- - What?
Nothing. Sorry.
Thank you. Good night.
I rent that apartment out to immigrants.
I do earn something, but they have a roof over their heads.
I take a risk, but they have to respect the rules--
come back at a certain time, leave early in the morning,
don't make trouble or any noise.
I want to get out of this shit, it's too risky.
But can I kick them out on the streets?
You should take care of it.
What does that mean?
You saw what Raffaele is like, right?
You inspire trust, people care about you.
Having a chauffeur doesn't change much for me.
It doesn't change my life, I don't just throw money away.
You can say no,
but if you aren't okay with it, you have to tell me now.
- What would I have to do? - Nothing special.
What I don't feel like doing anymore.
If you have any problems, call me.
You can call me whenever you want,
it doesn't only have to be about work.
Good morning.
Good morning. I'm Alam.
For you.
One, two, three...
...20, and 21. Four million two.
- This is all of you? - Yes.
They said it was only for a week.
Then they'll find another place. I trust them.
I know you trust them. You trust everyone.
The Bengalese are Muslims.
They tell you one thing when they're thinking another,
then they swear they had said what they were thinking.
If it's just for a week, I'll let it slide.
It's their problem. They'll be more cramped.
You take it to heart too much. What's wrong?
They have no place to go.
Those people know where to go. They aren't like you.
They have nothing to lose.
They promised you those two guys will leave in a week?
In a week, they'll say there was a misunderstanding,
that you told them two weeks, and you come tell me.
- Then what, sir? - Nothing. I'll kick them out.
Hold onto the books. Take them to my house later.
Keep one for yourself, you'll learn a few things.
And stop calling me "sir."
Now we'll draw a star.
I had never seen my father.
Actually, I saw him until I was three,
then he left for Argentina.
I couldn't even remember what his face looked like
if my mother hadn't spread pictures all over the house.
We waited for him to come back.
Sometimes he would write and send us some money.
My mother said that he would come back soon.
She loved him... and trusted him.
She wanted me to think of nothing but my studies.
She never liked me reading science fiction,
she wanted me to keep my feet on the ground.
She feared I'd become like her, never thinking about herself.
She was beautiful. She had a lot of admirers.
Among them all, there was one that was different.
He was a traveling salesman, he sold linens.
He had a big, beautiful car full of linens--
blankets, sheets...
He was always going to a new city.
He was kind. You could tell he was in love with my mother.
She cared about him, but she never wanted him.
She kept waiting for my father, and it hurt him.
He took us to restaurants, movies.
Back home, they referred to salesmen as "travelers."
When I asked my mom what work he did,
she would say, "He's a traveler."
Then I got sick and he helped us a lot.
He sent me to the best doctors.
That's when he gave me these books.
He brought me one at a time.
Then I never saw him again.
He disappeared,
as if he had returned to the planet he came from.
Then my mother got sick, and I waited for him.
I thought he would come back to take care of her,
to help her get better.
When my mother died, I went to live with my aunt and uncle.
One day, someone knocked on the door, and I saw a man.
I told my aunt there was a stranger at the door.
She let him in, and she fixed him something to eat.
After a while, I realized he was my father.
When I was younger, I looked at him and thought...
...he was the strongest, greatest, best- looking man.
But there he was, tired...
with an empty gaze, and not a cent to his name.
I went back home with that stranger who said he was my father.
He got married again with a widow who owned a construction company.
I worked for him for a while... then I came to Rome.
He didn't want me to go, but he wasn't my father.
At least, it was as if he wasn't.
For a long time, I thought my father was "the traveler."
I'll get going.
There isn't anything between us.
Not anything close to love, for me at least.
I know.
You're too sentimental.
That's true.
- I want to stay here with you. - Sorry, but I don't.
- I won't say that again. - No, you can keep saying it.
I won't get angry if you say it again.
Mr. Saverio?
I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, for years.
I was young and handsome, if I might say so.
I did everything. I was a waiter, a Hollywood actor.
I had the most beautiful women in Los Angeles.
I was a chauffeur, too. I chauffeured Sammy Davis Jr.,
Dean Martin. I drove Buicks, Cadillacs, Corvettes.
I learned how to do a lot.
I know how to sing, act, dance, cook.
I'm 60, but I have the same curiosity as when I was young.
Know what the secret is? I eat well and I go to bed early.
Know how love screws you over?
You meet a beautiful girl, you fall in love.
When you see her you're sweet, you take her dancing,
then you get married and you spend your life watching TV.
That's love! Got it, Antonio?
You think every married person watches TV every night?
- No way! - Get married, then come talk to me.
Don't get married, Antonio.
I'd like to speak to Mickey.
Saverio sent me here.
Tell him that I decided not to give him anything else.
I gave him more than what he lent me.
If you don't like it, I'll report you.
Calm down.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Talk it over with him. - You guys don't work together?
- I have nothing to do with this. - So why did you come here?
- Get out of here. - I have nothing to do with this.
Don't ever come back here.
Did you have something to tell me?
You don't have anything to say?
You've skipped some runs lately.
I apologize.
It doesn't matter, but the problem is you keep the car
when I should be sending it out.
But that isn't it either.
You could at least let me know.
- Did something happen? - No, nothing.
It's just a phase.
Do you remember what a chauffeur does when he gets lost?
- He asks for help. - Yes, that's right.
He isn't ashamed to ask for help.
He asks for directions from the first person he sees.
I'm going on a rafting trip on the river on Sunday.
- Do you want to come? - I don't think I can make it.
Thanks, though.
I called you just to say hi.
What do I care if you don't have time?
I'm sick of waiting for you!
No, we will spend the whole night on the phone.
Go fuck yourself!
Looks like they'll be doing a check at dawn.
It might not happen, but I don't want to run any risks.
We'll tell them we're doing them a favor, which is the truth.
This is Tarik, he'll give us a hand.
You can only talk in the house. Don't say a word on the stairs.
Hurry up and be quiet.
Quiet on the stairs.
Hurry! Quiet.
Let him go first. He knows the way.
Try to organize them a little.
Tell them it's a temporary situation.
Send away those other two.
I'll call you in the afternoon.
That's not warm enough.
What about this?
It's brighter.
What a beautiful day.
What time will they be here?
They called. They'll be a little late.
The cat isn't here today.
Let's hope the weather doesn't turn.
I wanted to spend a couple of days in the country.
We have a house on Mount Amiata.
My wife and I bought it when we were young.
Is this book yours? Science fiction.
I never read any science fiction.
Such a beautiful day.
I'm tired of traveling around.
I want to go home for dinner.
My wife is dying.
But I have to pretend it's nothing, so I don't worry her.
So I go to work, hold conferences.
I've always done the opposite of what I would have wanted to do.
When I would have liked to stay, I went,
and vice versa.
Sorry I made you wait.
That's okay.
What's up? Are you free tonight?
Is it about work? Otherwise, I'd prefer not to come.
- Are you with her? - What's that, sir?
Which restaurant are you in?
- A normal place. - I could have suggested one.
Did you tell her what you're doing for her?
You should tell her if you want to get her in bed.
See you tomorrow then.
Sorry, that was about work.
- Do you want anything else? - No, thanks.
Not even dessert?
Please, ask for the check.
I have to go.
I have to see someone.
What's wrong?
You're sitting there, silently.
What are you thinking about?
Are you upset with me?
- I'll drive you. - No, thanks.
I took my scooter.
All right, go.
During his earliest missions, Morgan looked at the stars
as if they were familiar to him.
He felt comfortable up there, so far away from home.
But now, he felt like an outsider.
Until that moment, Morgan believed he was alone in the universe.
He had the impression that no one was more alone that he was.
He felt like a kind of survivor,
but now he was sure those signals were coming from a known world.
It was a faint hope, but it was all he had.
He hadn't had more news from Earth.
Morgan walked along the streets without understanding anything.
He didn't know what would happen,
but above all he didn't know what he would say or do.
He had taken off a layer of skin and hidden it under his bed.
He had changed his name yet once again.
"At 45 years of age,
with a ruddy complexion, a few pounds too many,
he appeared more likely to have a heart attack
than pale Esnelmark."
I'll nap on the couch, I'm off to the airport in three hours.
"I know, but what can I say? That I'm sorry?
Yes, I am sorry. So what?
Please forgive my lack of tact, but that's how I am.
I smoke too much, I drink too much, I eat too much.
So it may be that I'll go before you all do."
Tell me what's going on.
Since when don't you wear a tie? The clients are complaining.
You get others to fill in, you disappear with the car!
I'm trying to help someone.
Is it a woman? Are you in love?
That's not it.
I get it, it's a woman. What's her name?
Nice name! Thanks for the chat.
You can have a seat there.
Any news?
No, everything's the same. Lisa is fine.
She gets along with her classmates, she's not the best student,
but she's very good at drawing.
How are things from a financial point of view?
From a financial point of view, there are due dates,
bills, the rent, everything.
You already know that. Why do you ask me every time?
Because Lisa's grandparents keep insisting on it,
- on the girl's needs. - I know what my daughter needs.
Tell Lisa's grandparents and the judge...
that I don't want to keep pretending I don't have any rights.
Why don't you tell them I'm the one who needs Lisa,
to feed her, to put her to bed, to worry about her?
Those things make me feel secure.
Tell them I'll never let go of Lisa because she's all I have.
It's very simple, but maybe they still don't get it.
We have to close.
I didn't realized.
Do you want to go out with me one day, with Lisa too?
- When? - You decide.
Even in a year or two.
What am I doing wrong?
He said to give you the check back.
He said that you don't have to worry for a while.
He'll get in touch with you if he needs to tell you something.
What does that mean?
- People are strange. - Why?
You have a certain idea and then something unexpected happens.
I mean, people are better than what you expect.
I don't understand.
I was thinking of this guy that lent me money for my store.
It's a long story.
- What? - Nothing.
Maria stopped by. I gave back her check.
I didn't tell her anything.
Did she ask you anything? Wasn't she surprised?
Surprised? Why?
Do I seem incapable of an act of generosity?
I know Maria well. What are you expecting from her?
Have you ever seen a blind man who suddenly starts to see,
or a cripple who starts to walk?
Here are some pillows.
How can I live here?
There's no gas, no light, no water, no bathroom.
Okay, don't touch me!
Can't you leave me alone? I have nothing to do with this!
What are those two doing here?
I told you to send them away.
When I come back, I don't want to see them.
What's this visa?
Who gave him this?
How did he get this?
If I think of how many times you thanked me...
remember when you needed a visa for your relative,
or all those times you needed me?
I'm sorry about the other day. I was nervous.
Things aren't going well.
- Turn here. - Where are we going?
- What's happening? - Shut up and drive.
All I need is for you to tell me
that you remember all the times you needed me.
I do remember.
Because Antonio couldn't tell if you were joking or serious.
Right, Antonio?
Maybe you were joking.
You were joking when you said you wanted to report me?
See what I said? He was joking.
You were joking, eh?
Now I'll show you who's joking.
So, you were joking?
Take him back.
One, two, three...
Okay, 23.
So it's four million six.
Four million six, right?
You keep it. Give it back to them.
If Saverio asks you anything, tell him that I have it,
tell him to come find me.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Put this there.
- What's so funny? - Nothing.
Could you drive me somewhere?
I'll explain everything later.
All right.
Lisa, go to bed. We'll be right back.
You'll wait for me?
Let's go.
I told him I don't want to see him anymore.
It's true. I know you don't believe it, but it's true.
I could waste away for a man.
I always choose those who don't want me.
Then all of a sudden, I don't care anymore.
I feel better, but it's as if I lost something.
And I wonder, was I really capable of that much?
A man's love is so petty!
Sometimes I wonder if there exists a man that can do something for me.
I'm tired.
You're getting tired too, I've noticed.
You'll get tired of me...
of driving around in the car.
You won't be as young. You won't be as kind.
When you're tired enough, you'll go back home.
You'll find a girl who isn't too complicated.
You'll try to get back on track.
At least you can do that.
I'd like that too.
How does that song go? "I don't regret anything."
Me, I regret everything,
except for Lisa.
Strange, doesn't seem like that.
- What? - Nothing.
What's strange?
That someone actually matters to you.
Do you mean that I hurt you, that I make you suffer?
I had warned you.
I had told you I have some problems.
You think no one else has problems?
Your problem is that you only think about yourself.
- Do you think it's all owed to you? - What "all"?
Me, the fact that I'm here, that I'm always here.
I may not always be here.
I can leave, you know.
But now you'll leave. Can you get out?
- Get out. - Stop, I can get out on my own.
I must be crazy to do all I do for you.
Why? What are you doing?
Get out, please.
I knew you weren't the way you seemed.
Besides, I never asked you for anything.
You're constantly asking!
Decide what you want.
I'm the one who wants you, and you don't want me.
Be done with not wanting me. Get out!
You're the one always following me and Lisa around!
It's true. I'm not thrilled when I see you, my heart doesn't pound.
But I feel lost when you leave.
It's not my fault.
Sometimes I can't stand seeing you with that sulky expression.
You feel indispensable, don't you?
Poor thing, wasting all your effort!
Do you know how often I'd prefer not to see you?
Sorry, I don't mean what I said.
It's all right. Good night.
I'm sorry.
Morgan had gone too far away from Earth.
He thought he wouldn't ever be back.
It was lost forever.
He flew above an old ghost town,
then over an endless plain that stretched out to the horizon.
And while he followed his thoughts,
he didn't realize he had been hit.
In the final seconds of his fall,
Morgan realized his mission was about to end.
Where's the Bengalese guys' money?
I gave it away.
Well done.
It wasn't much. It doesn't help me or them.
Go to the end and stay on the right.
You could've kept the money to give to your girlfriend.
But you gave it away,
or maybe you gave it to those losers.
Turn right up ahead.
What if I told you that one of them told me how it really went?
I got the money back. They gave it to me.
See what a dipshit you are?
You trusted them, you made your big gesture
and they gave the money back to me.
Know why? Because you're useless.
At least, you're useless to them.
If they have a problem, do you fix it?
- Does he fix it, Raffaele? - I don't think so.
They complain about me, but they can count on me.
They'll make it to tomorrow, which is a lot.
Turn left.
I decided I don't want to work for you anymore...
and you'll leave me alone,
just like you'll leave Maria and everyone else alone.
If that isn't the case, I'll report you.
But you will leave us alone, right?
Keep going.
- What are they doing? - They stopped.
What are you doing? Why did you stop?
- Why did you stop? - I'm tired.
Are you angry? Don't be stupid, let's go home.
What the fuck are you doing?
Go find them.
You go too.
You said I could trust you.
When I saw your house, I wondered how you got it,
whose house it was before you.
I thought that nothing in there was yours.
The belongings and keepsakes in there belonged to other people.
The letters, pictures, they weren't yours.
Then I found these.
How much does a visa cost?
What about a passport?
They all care about you.
You could start running, too.
I've never seen you run.
When he returned to Earth, Morgan realized
that some friendships couldn't be dissolved little by little.
They had to be broken down in a single blow...
and sometimes a war with someone he knew well wasn't bad.
It was actually good and necessary.
But he had also realized he wasn't made for war.
- Oh no, she's hurt! - She came out of nowhere.
Don't say such things. I'm easily frightened!
Have faith, she'll be here soon.
Do you feel better?
Are you sure you aren't hurt?
Was it your cat?
If you live nearby, he must have gone home.
If you tell us where you live, we can go check.
Do you remember your name?
- You must have a beautiful name. - I don't remember.
What about your parents? Your mom?
- Do you want to call your mom? - She's dead.
There's a person who says she's my mom, but she isn't.
Where were you?
How are you?
He makes me feel important.
He's kind.
Everybody should be kind.
He's not bothered when I'm strange. All the others run away.
He doesn't.
I feel good with him, but I'm not used to it.
When I met him I thought, "Where does this guy come from?
He really hasn't noticed that something about me is wrong?"
When I was little, my mother always told me I was worth nothing.
You get so used to thinking of yourself that way,
that when someone tells you you're not so bad,
you don't believe it.
You aren't used to compliments. They almost bother you.
And when that person disappears, you think it's all back to normal,
that your mother was right.
I often thought about leaving.
My aunt always tells me to go to her place in France,
to a little town on the French Riviera.
I don't know why I came to Rome.
I expected something better than a frozen food store.
Besides, there's Lisa.
I want her to do so many things. I want to do them with her.
I want something for her other than the smell of wet cardboard.
I want to travel with her.
I'll find the money.
- Maybe I'll sell the store. - That will be a problem.
- What do you mean? - The police officer filed a report.
It's in your file now.
What does that mean?
What will happen?
No, this is summery. You don't need it.
And this? You haven't finished it.
Toothbrush, comb...
Your pajamas?
This one?
Is this everything?
I don't want to go.
You'll be all right with your grandparents.
I'll call you. I'll come see you.
I'll bring you back home, you'll see.
I don't want to know what happened.
No one knew about you or the car. We thought you had an accident.
I can't keep you on here, you understand that, right?
Yes. What run do I have to do today?
I guess you don't understand.
You have to find another job, for your own sake.
You have to do something else.
Since you won't go of your own free will, I'm firing you.
I even have good reasons for doing it.
My old Mercedes never gets used,
I never get to drive it. It means a lot to me.
The registration and insurance are already done.
You can keep it for a while.
What makes a chauffeur good? The way he drives?
Why not?
Anyone can drive a car.
A good chauffeur knows when to talk and when to shut up.
And? When can you really tell?
In difficult moments,
with something unexpected.
What should he do in those moments?
He should find a way out. There's always a solution.
Good. And you?
Me too.
I wanted to ask you something.
Was that story true, the one about the "traveler"?
And he never came back?
How is Lisa?
Do I look good?
Do you think she'll be happy to see me?
Of course she'll be happy.
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