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Subtitles for Les Diaboliques.

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Les Diaboliques

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''A painting is always quite moral
''when it is tragic and it gives the horror
of the things it depicts.'' Barbey d'Aurevilly.
''Delassalle Boarding School''
- Monsieur Delassalle... - Yes.
- It's about time you blew your horn. - It's okay...
I'll get the things out of the car.
- Your salads are rotten! - You aren't paying for them.
Line up, please. And be quiet.
Oh, what a pain.
- Lovely kids! - Can't wait for the escape.
Get out!
Do your eyes hurt, dear colleague?
I hurt myself getting up.
You're up early. Last night, I was doing my rounds...
about 4 A.M., and I heard screams coming out of your room.
The chaste woman loves to contemplate dawn, doesn't she?
You spent too much time with the Jesuits, M. Drain.
Everyone can't be thrown out of the school system.
- ''Tiene, Seņora.'' - Thank you, darling.
Oh, it's so nice!
We all need a vacation.
Our body needs to eliminate its toxins.
Tomorrow, mademoiselle, I'll be all naked, and you...
how did you plan this long weekend?
I'll be home, in Niort. Deux Sevres. Heard of it?
Sous-Prefecture Maine, Bressuire and Partenay.
Getting some fresh air?
It warms up my heart, M. Drain.
It still has the smell of the country.
A graceful instrument, but with all the rains...
I prefer my old umbrella.
In my country, instead of your ugly black umbrella...
you'd wear a sombrero and...
spend your breaks in a hammock.
It's such a frivolous thing to give an educator.
Does your teacher really look that way, Jose?
Yes, sir. And he used to come to school on a horse.
I'll never get used to it.
I told him it was a horse to please him.
- It was only a mule. - Go play, Joselito.
- What's the matter? - Look.
- Miguel. - Of course, Michel. Who else?
- Did you have another fight? - He came back at 3 A.M.
How have you stood him for so long?
He wasn't always that way.
At the beginning, he really made me happy.
It was for your money.
Why are you trying to be nasty? Don't you think...
life is hard enough for us?
I may be reactionary...
but this is absolutely astounding.
The legal wife consoling the mistress. No, no and no.
- What the hell are you both doing here? - Nothing.
Nothing. Like kids. Nothing.
Come on and kiss me!
- Did you look at me? - Are you still angry?
What about you, Cricri, aren't you kissing your husband?
Let's see...
aren't you supposed to be on break today?
I told her to stay.
- Don't you see how she looks? - Exactly. She needs air.
And her shoes. Did you see the soles?
I've always told her to buy heavy shoes, the real things.
A sick person shouldn't worry about her appearance.
- I'm not sick. - She's delicate, you know it
Delicate? Yes, when she came from Caracas.
Today, she's a cute little ruin.
She doesn't risk anything. Ruins are indestructible
She'll bury us all. Won't you, my little ruin?
That's enough. Go out and play both of you.
Yes, a black little bottle.
She smelled it like that, and it wasn't perfume.
I can tell you, they drink.
That's why they're always together.
- What was in the bottle? - Whiskey, idiot!
Please, I don't want to hear about that anymore.
Patard, if you want to spend your vacation here...
you'll have all the time to draw.
M. Patard, you heard.
You won't go on vacation.
Miguel, what's the matter?
- I didn't want to punish him. - So don't threaten him.
Patard did very well on his English quiz.
That's not a reason to disgrace himself.
I won't have any regrets.
No. I can't. I can't.
I wasn't even able to get a divorce. So!
- Do you still love him? - Of course not.
- You can't understand. - Am I stupid?
- Divorce is a deadly sin. - Really!
And what about the knife you carried around for a month...
- Wasn't that a deadly sin? - I was jealous. I was mad.
But to concoct this thing... No.
As you wish. But think about it.
We'll never find a better opportunity.
And we have just three days.
Everyone knows I am leaving for Niort. You'll come and rest.
- Don't you believe in hell? - Not since I was seven.
I do.
- Fish again. - Not fish again.
It's the same fish as last night.
- Make me two fried eggs. - You're not gonna start, are you?
I put in a liter of vinegar and a kilo of onions.
I'm not saying it's bad. But, you can smell that it's fish.
It stinks.
Yes, yes, later, later.
No, thank you.
- Help yourself. - I'm not hungry.
You must set an example. My liver doesn't allow me fat.
M. Delassalle, may I ask for a glass of wine?
- You already had two. - Only one. Only one.
''Bonum vinum laetificat coro mini.''
- What is it? A bone? - I told you I wasn't hungry.
I'm asking you to eat.
- Swallow! - I can't help it. I just can't.
- Delicious fish, M. Raymond? - Perfect. Perfect.
It seems extremely nutritious.
What these gentlemen need, is a little hard time.
Be quiet or I'll keep you all here this weekend. Swallow.
Everyone is looking at you. Swallow.
- It's disgusting. - Sorry?
Some things are hard to swallow.
I'm not talking about the fish.
M. Drain, throw these hooligans out of here.
What is this supposed to be?
You're going to eat your fish and shut up.
- I told you to throw them out. - Yes, sir.
- M. Raymond, go help your colleague. - Yes, sir.
Get out, everybody. What is this?
Get out and be careful.
What kind of a supper is it for these growing boys?
A slice of sausage and two spoons of mashed potatoes?
They should've eaten what they were served.
- In the army... - You're not an adjutant
- But a soup merchant. - I can't buy coalfish for 3000 francs.
You'd rather make them sick.
As a kid, we used to buy whiting.
Coalfish was too expensive.
They need expensive fish. I buy it but...
at a price that I can afford.
It's a mistake to buy on sale.
The fishmonger is not as stupid as we are. He knows.
It's not his money. It's mine.
I'm paying for everything here.
I'm paying for the doorkeeper. And M. Drain.
I even paid Germaine, Sabine, Therese.
I'm paying you too, Nicole. I accept it.
But when the kids are involved, it upsets me. I...
I can't stand it.
Calm down. It's not good for you.
I'd like to die, and not see him anymore.
Die darling. Die, and do it quickly.
We'll have a nice funeral for you, and we'll get rid of you.
The school won't suffer...
and I'll feel much better.
Well, children, have fun.
I have to wake up early. I'll go and pack.
Well, so... I'm leaving at 7 A.M.
Have a nice vacation, darling. Take care. See you, the other one.
Have a nice vacation!
A three day honeymoon.
Oh no. Oh no.
- Nicole! - I'm up here. I'm coming down.
What are you doing?
Be careful. Move back.
Those riding the bus, raise your hands.
Will your sister still be in the bathroom?
If we get there before ten. You'll see, I made a hole.
- Give me the pack back! - You'll see my sister naked.
- It's worth a pack a cigarettes. - No! Give them back to me!
Soudieu, aren't you part of our group?
No. We'll share a cab, the four of us.
Money is pouring out of your pockets.
Don't you have a suitcase, de Gasquet?
The chauffeur will take it. He's being paid for that.
Our personal chauffeurs don't do their job right, dear friend.
Have a nice vacation, sir.
- You too - Thank you.
Plantiveau, did madame come down?
I was ringing the bell when they drove through the gate.
- I opened it. - Both of them?
Madame Delassalle and Mademoiselle Horner.
I thought you knew.
Of course, I knew. I just forgot.
Except that it's a problem.
Especially for these gentlemen.
One of you must stay to watch those on detention.
- You'll feel funny about coming back to Niort. - Why?
- That's where you had troubles in high school. - Troubles...
I resigned, that's all.
- Do you still have your parents? - No.
I've got a couple of teachers living on the first floor.
- What? There are people in the house? - I thought about it.
I thought about everything. We are not risking a thing.
You're tired. Do you want me to drive?
You can't drive.
I could never afford a car.
- This way, I cannot think. - Good. So keep driving.
Keep your nerves for tomorrow.
We'll never have the courage.
- You don't know me. - Yes, I know you very well.
You can wish someone's death, but kill...
You must've wished my death, didn't you?
I didn't. But he did. He would say to me...
''Don't worry. With her heart condition, it won't take long.
''After she dies, we'll share the school.''
It's horrible! Don't you believe me?
What did you answer?
- Do you want me to be honest? - Can you?
- I didn't know you that well... - Don't talk.
I'd rather not know.
Watch the step.
MIle. Horner! What a surprise!
Don't bother.
What a huge trunk.
It always upsets M. Herboux when I take...
- more than a suitcase. - Good evening.
Mme. Herboux, M.A. In grammar. Mme. Delassalle, my principal.
- Nice to meet you. - Hello.
Don't forget my rent. By check, please.
Don't torture me. I'm so embarrassed.
I thought of giving it to you tomorrow or the day after.
But we didn't get paid for the examinations in Vausson.
We were counting on that money. But don't worry...
- I'll come tonight. - No need. I'll come up tomorrow.
We're a little tired tonight.
Yes, she looks sick.
Make yourself at home.
Home, sweet home.
Turn off the light. It's a waste.
- Already? - Let's do it now and forget about it.
Hello, operator. I'd like a line to St. Cloud.
The number is Molitor 27.45. Thank you.
I like to have my feet free. When it's cold...
I put on ski socks instead of slippers.
Well, what are you waiting for?
You see, it doesn't bite. And it doesn't slap either.
Hello? Who is it? Answer, for God's sake!
It's you!
From Niort. My compliments!
Do you think I can afford to send you away in the Poitou?
What about the gas? What are you talking about?
I'm telling you that we need to separate.
Yes, I want a divorce.
You are young, you are strong.
You can make a nice living.
The school was part of my dowry, so I'll take it back.
We'll start the proceedings right after the holidays.
- What? - Don't give me that crap. I'm coming.
I'll take a train tomorrow morning.
I'll meet you at Nicole's.
- So? - He's coming tomorrow on the evening train.
Well, Germaine?
You're nuts. You'll catch cold.
I'm not cold. I'm suffocating.
- You've got fever. - No, I'm just hot.
I thought you'd never come back.
That he'd get here before you.
It doesn't always go as you want it to.
That's life. Everything was closed.
Did you buy a tablecloth?
Yes, a nylon, waterproof one.
- It's too big! - It won't be big for him.
Guess how much? 2500 francs.
That's how they make money. Let's open it.
That way it won't look weird.
Well, let's not waste it.
- Here, it will cheer you up. - No.
You should, it's not bad at all. I've never had that before.
- You're supposed to put water in it. - It would be a waste.
Hand me the small bottle.
- Won't he notice anything? - Not a thing.
He'll sleep like a log.
- Will it leave any traces? - None.
It's a sedative. He'll digest it.
I'm sure he won't come.
That's him. That's his train.
Put that over there.
Stop, please, stop.
It's awful.
- We must fill it up. - I can't do it.
I can't do it, not today.
We must do it, and you know it as well as I do.
- It's either today or never. - Then never!
Let's forget about it. I can't handle this.
As you wish. But I must warn you.
If you miss your chance he won't miss his.
Not after your phone call.
I don't know. I just don't know anymore.
Nicole, please, help me.
What for? It's beyond your strength anyway.
I should have never trusted you.
I got involved too, and you abandoned me.
Yes, you're right. I'm not worth anything.
I'm just a ruin, a little ruin.
That's what he said. But...
the little ruin will get her revenge. She'll do it.
Even if she collapses afterward.
My only regret...
is that he'll never know that I killed him.
Come on, before you were giving up, now you're excited.
What you need is to relax.
Relax a lot. You must keep cool.
I will. I swear that I will.
I must go upstairs and see them.
Can't you stay with me?
If the Herbouxes look out the window and...
- see him come in... - You'll come right away, won't you?
As fast as I can, I promise.
Be brave, in half an hour, it will all be over.
I'll find her a husband. I'll redeem myself.
She's young, she'll be rich and she'll be happy.
I wasn't expecting you tonight.
Mme. Delassalle is resting and I'm not tired.
- May I come in? - Please, do.
We were listening to the radio. We've finished eating.
The drama is over.
Zapi Max starts in a few seconds.
Dear listeners, you've just heard...
''One Should Never Laugh at Love'' by Alfred de Musset.
- Good evening, Michel. - Good evening.
Come in.
So, are you proud of yourself?
Not so loud, the neighbors.
Don't worry. I don't want to be noticed.
A man who runs after his wife is ridiculous enough.
I left the school like a thief.
I had to hide from Plantiveau.
Hiding from my own doorkeeper!
It's humiliating.
I couldn't tell him where I was going.
You have forced me to come, what are you waiting for?
- What? - Pack your bags.
- No! - What?
- I'm staying. - Are you refusing to come?
I thought that was clear.
I'll come back after our divorce.
- Have you decided to get a divorce, you? - Yes.
With your religious beliefs?
I won't get married again, that's all.
But getting a divorce is like getting married...
we must both agree.
- My lawyer doesn't think so. - You have a lawyer?
- Attorney Berthoux, 64 Victor Hugo. - Berthoux?
You can check in the phone book.
I went to see him this morning...
and he assured me that I'd get the legal separation quickly.
He told you that?
Funny lawyer!
- Of course, I told him... - You told him...
all of our secrets... about our private life.
You told everything to a stranger?
An animal who enjoyed every word of it?
You, the former nun!
I'm telling you, it's disgusting!
Didn't you talk about us to your lovers?
Do we still have secrets?
Is there anything that Nicole doesn't know?
Her! If you believe her! Two words, three lies.
There are details that she couldn't have invented.
She can invent anything!
God knows what she told the lawyer!
- I'll go see him, and put things straight. - No!
- You won't stop me. - No, later. Tomorrow.
- Right now, he must be having supper -Well, I didn't eat.
- He won't receive you. - We'll see.
When I tell him that I came all the way from Paris...
Don't. I didn't see a lawyer. I lied to you.
You too. It's contagious.
So, what about the divorce, was that a lie too?
No, I really want the divorce. It's the only way.
For your sake as well, Michel.
- It will be better for both of us. - Come on, Cricri.
You can't be serious. Do you know the price of a divorce?
- And what about the scandal? - What scandal?
I'll have to take a lawyer to defend myself.
And lawyers never stop talking.
Parents won't entrust you with their children.
- They'll take the children away from me? - Of course.
You'll go bankrupt. Not that I care much.
If it were up to me, I would have sold it a long time ago.
With your money and my contacts I'd have gone into business.
We could have lived comfortably.
But you wanted this kid business. I gave in.
- It was security. - Big deal!
We traded in the big car for a small one.
I gave up my training.
I used my old suits.
We are rich and we live like poor people.
Do you know how I paid for my trip?
I sold my dictionary, my big dictionary.
And I did that for you.
Believe me that I don't regret a thing.
But when you throw me out...
it upsets me, Cricri. It upsets me a lot.
But anyway, you made me feel miserable.
We used to fight, like every other couple.
Well, girls, what about this!
Wait. Don't lie. You mustn't lie now.
You made me very unhappy.
You might not have been aware of that, but it's the truth.
- Ask Nicole. - Please, don't talk about...
that bitch. She's setting you up against me.
She exploits the fact that you're sick. She has a good mind.
Yes. She's got knowledge, taste...
- Taste? - Maybe. But she doesn't have a good mind.
That's it. I'm firing her right away...
and we'll replace her with a man. A good, honest, old man.
- Michel! - For God's sake! My Prince of Wales suit!
You idiot! Go get a handkerchief, a towel!
It will stain and I'll stink of alcohol.
Just go!
Here and here.
It doesn't pay to be nice to you.
I will break you, girl.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Bring some hot water.
We're leaving now and we'll be back tomorrow morning.
How long did you have to drive? Ten, twelve hours?
Well, answer!
Can't you talk?
Eh, woman, another glass!
I don't know... I feel dizzy.
You can't measure anymore.
That's enough.
Nice color.
Stop looking at me with your insane eyes.
Who's paying? The princess?
By the way, where is she? Is she scared? Hiding?
She's upstairs visiting the tenants.
Mademoiselle has tenants. She never told me that.
- I'm exhausted. It's the train. - Just lie down.
- Whose bed is this? Hers or yours? - Ours.
That's a scream.
Shoes. Take off my shoes.
What's the matter with me tonight?
I don't want to sleep. I don't want to sleep.
We have to leave.
What are you doing?
- Just sleep. - Why did you turn off the light?
I'm so tired!
- What's the matter? - Nothing. Go to sleep.
- How did you get in? - I came through this door.
- How many drinks did he have? - Three.
He was very good.
He's dreaming.
He's ready. We can take him.
Take off his shoes.
- What the hell is she doing? - She's taking a bath.
At 10 P.M.? Funny habits. Oh, shit!
Tell me, sir, where are the Straits of Mozambique?
Between Madagascar and Africa!
It is precisely located between Madagascar...
and the Coast of Africa. Bravo, sir!
32,000 francs!
I must ask you now: What do you want to do?
- Do you stop or do you carry on? - I will go on.
Of course, I carry on.
I was winning 32,000 francs and I can't hear a thing now!
- Poor baby! - Bitches! Bitches! Daughters of bitches!
I didn't even hear the question!
Midnight baths! The decline of Rome!
It's a problem of enjoyment!
I have the right to send her a registered letter.
And I'm not saying that I won't do it.
The 17th at 10:05, 06 P.M.
- What are you looking for? - His return ticket.
Here it is.
With the restaurant bill.
Burn it.
Let's go. You take the feet. It's lighter.
The bronze...
The bronze on the mantel
Give it to me.
Now, the tablecloth.
The tablecloth.
It's over.
Did he suffer too much?
He didn't feel anything.
Let's go right away and bring him back tonight.
What about our alibi?
When they find him, we'll have to be able to prove...
that we were here the day he died.
That's why I'm using the idiots upstairs.
She still hasn't emptied the tub.
- So what? - So I can't go to sleep.
When she opens the drain, the noise will start again.
It won't fall on your bed.
I can't sleep under Niagara Falls.
- Are you planning to stay up all night? - I'm sitting down.
I'll give her until midnight.
- Here they are! - They took their time.
When I passed by the cafe, at twelve...
they were already there.
They must know how much it costs them.
- Lf you were a landlord, and I a school principal... - Sure.
We could also afford good meals.
Well, I'm going to take a nap.
Here we go, the flood!
- What's the matter? - He's so ugly!
I've had it! They must get the hell out of here!
Too bad you're leaving us so soon.
It was so nice to have company...
You know, school is starting tomorrow.
For us as well as for you.
I just came to take my dishes.
It's quite heavy.
Wait a minute. Would you have a piece of string?
A piece of string? No.
Wait. This might help you.
I'll try, yes.
Let me do it. It'll be easier for you.
It won't work. Your trunk is crammed too full.
- Let's take some things out. - No, no.
Yes. I'll bring you the old tin trunk.
It's very strong. It went through the 1940 retreat.
- Start emptying the basket! - No, it'll be fine.
- We're already late, aren't we, Nicole? - That's what I told them.
Anyway, it's fine now. We can load.
Attention! Clear the way!
On my command. One, two!
Now, it'll be easy. A little kick in the ass.
I'll start the engine.
- That's it! - As you say!
M. Herboux, thank you for your help.
- Don't mention it. - All the same...
- Here, this is for the road. - Thank you, madame.
Drive carefully, the roads are dangerous.
They have mobilized 1500 policemen.
You'll find one at every crossroad.
Goodbye, madame. And thank you again.
- Have a good trip. - See you soon!
It won't be this time.
- A little bit earlier, or later. - Great...
There is only one possible end.
We are monsters. I don't like monsters.
If it's only him, I feel better. Because...
the grain of sand falling off the hands of providence...
I'll keep that for my Sunday school lesson.
Well, don't stop!
It is about time! All the gas stations were empty!
No wonder! It was crazy today.
Wait. There is always some left in the bottom.
- 963 francs. - I only have a 5,000 franc bill.
Come with me. I'll get some change.
- Are you going to Tours? - No, I'm not.
Could you give me a lift?
The bus driver wouldn't take me.
He's anti-militarist, like me.
We are already two. Can't you see there's no room?
I won't take room. A second class soldier.
If I don't report, they'll put me in jail.
Have some pity for a soldier.
Leave me alone. You're drunk.
Me? Hey you!
I'm being polite. And if that's the way it is...
I'll just get into your car.
I won't let you. Do you hear me?
Nicole! Would you get out!
- What is it? - Don't worry.
He's drunk. I know him. He's not a bad guy.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Robert.
Get out of here, or I'll push you out myself.
The pig. What did he do?
The floor is all wet. I'll clean it.
No, no need. We're in a hurry. Thank you.
Start the car. There's a hole in the nylon!
- Did you hear that? - It sounds like the boss.
- He decided to come back. - It's about time!
Is this the time to make all this racket?
If we only ring, Plantiveau won't open.
Three short strokes, that's Michel's signal.
Plantiveau is a heavy sleeper.
I'll wake him up myself!
- Come on Plantiveau! - It's you?
I thought it was M. Delassalle.
What? Isn't he here?
Do I know? Ask him when you see him.
- You look tired. - Are you surprised?
You can go.
- Sorry to have awakened you. Good night -Good night.
Turn off the light. For our number...
- we don't need spotlights. - No music either!
Oh, not now.
- That's the bathroom light - It's Pascual.
I heard he gets up every night.
He might be able to look out the window.
- Can we see him from here? - No.
Either the water is too dirty, or we're too far away.
I'm telling you that we can't see anything.
What's the point in staying here?
We're not supposed to discover the body.
- Close the window. It's freezing. - Shut up. It stinks in here.
Good news. The principal didn't come back.
- He's in heat. - He's already got two chicks. Isn't that enough?
Of course, not. When I grow up, I'll have a lot.
Look at Napoleon and Louis XIV.
All the big men used to have a lot of chicks.
- Do you think you're Napoleon? - I'm Falcon Eye.
M. Moinet, stop playing the fool.
I'm not a fool. I am an Indian.
Then you can write: ''My absurd comments provoke...
''my friends' hilarity'', 20 times.
What do I hear? The principal is missing?
This is the third time, dear friend...
that I drink my wine, chemically pure.
Where is he? I saw him the day before yesterday...
around eight o'clock. By twelve, he was already gone.
And he didn't show up again?
That's not like him.
Poor Mme. Delassalle. She has enough troubles already.
If she's no more worried than I am, he can stay where he is.
But believe me, he'll be back soon.
And we'll start drinking bad wine again.
Did you notice? This afternoon...
it seemed that he pretended not to see the body.
The body was at the bottom.
- Do you think it will rise? - It has to.
- When? - How should I know?
- Tonight. Tomorrow morning. - It makes me nervous.
We cannot ask to empty the pool. Try to understand.
It's natural to empty a pool when the water is dirty.
What we find inside won't be natural at all.
I'll take the responsibility for this.
In order to take responsibilities, you have to be an adult.
You think like a child.
You're not worth anything.
How can you grade papers?
By mistake I just wrote complete nonsense
- Well, erase it. - I don't have an eraser.
If his body doesn't come up by tomorrow...
I'll manage to have the pool emptied.
And I hope we won't regret it.
Don't bite your nails.
I was not in the game.
- Look! - I was expecting that.
Don't bring attention to it.
- I told you not to look. - Do something!
My heart is about to explode. You promised yesterday.
Give me the keys. We'll move things faster.
That was clever. Go and bring the pole.
Me! Me! Me!
Soudieu! Let's test you on a 100 meters.
As for you, you need some training in the shot put.
You're lucky. You have a champion skin diver here.
- Soudieu! I forbid you! - Let him! He's a champion!
What's happening? It's taking him too long.
He might be drowning. Did you see the bubbles?
Did you get them? Say something!
I found it. It was shining in the mud.
It looks like M. Delassalle's lighter.
- And you didn't see... - The keys!
It's chocolate soup at the bottom.
Go get dressed. Don't catch cold. We'll manage.
I think we'll have to empty the pool.
You're right. Send Plantiveau over.
What are you waiting for?
It's deep where you're standing.
- It's all right. I can swim. - So what?
A lot of people who can swim drown.
Because the ones who can't stay away from the edge.
- I want you to empty the pool. - Right now?
I'm not dressed for it. I was going to the barber.
Do it now, Plantiveau. It's urgent.
- Do it for me. - All right. The fish will wait.
Only to empty the pool will take an hour.
She's upset. Be cool.
Why are you staring at me? Is something wrong with me?
Again. The surface of a hexagon...
in relation to the radius of the circumference?
Well, I'm waiting.
I'm waiting...
- 6 AB x 1/2 OH. - Thank you. Good. Go back to your seat.
Take out your notebooks.
Wait a minute. I'll be back soon.
M. Plantiveau!
What happened to her?
It can't be true. It's impossible!
- I didn't see well! - You saw very well!
- He isn't there anymore? - No, he isn't.
- Come in. What is it? - It's the doctor, mademoiselle.
I think it comes from the open space, the empty pool.
She suffers from agoraphobia, and she got dizzy.
- It's possible. - Nature abhors a vacuum.
An empty pool isn't worth a full bottle, Plantiveau.
Is she feeling any better, dear colleague?
Dr. Loisy is with her.
You'll take her pupils for study hall, M. Raymond...
and you, M. Drain, watch my class for a few minutes.
Mme. Delassalle might still need me.
Of course. Did you notice? She gives orders now.
- So, doctor? - That's what we should all expect.
When it's used, it's used. Where is the husband?
He should come here fast.
In the meantime, no emotions, no vexations. Spare her.
Don't you think a specialist...
If you want, I'll call Bridoux.
He's 60 years old, but he's got the best ear in Paris...
and he's the finest gourmet! For him a meal is a meal.
Anyway, give her some digitalis.
- The doctor said... - I don't care. Close the shutters and go.
No. It would be too easy. Much too easy.
Does a corpse that disappears seem natural to you? Not to me.
If he's not in the pool, someone took him out.
I asked Plantiveau if he opened the door for anyone.
- He said no one. - Why would he lie?
If no one went out...
the body should be around here. I've searched everywhere.
The attic, the basements, the garden. There's nothing.
No dirt, no footsteps. There's nothing.
My head is about to explode. It's crazy.
It's been crazy since the beginning.
Not even a kid's game.
You took one of your word problems
with leaking taps, and tanks that empty...
and you planned a murder from it.
In real life, this kind of thing does not exist.
Bathtubs that we fill up, swimming pools that we empty.
That was crazy. And I was crazy to listen to you.
Come in!
Somebody brought back monsieur's suit.
The one he's been wearing lately.
- The Prince of Wales. - Who brought it back?
- The dry-cleaner. - What dry-cleaner?
I don't know. He came on a bicycle.
He looked at the street name...
and asked again if it was the right address.
A very conscientious little guy.
Get to the point.
He said it was from M. Delassalle.
So I asked him: ''Did you see M. Delassalle? Where? ''
So he said: ''I didn't see him''...
but he asked me to bring the suit home, urgently.
Well, should I hang it up in the closet?
No. Leave it here.
It is his suit.
That's completely insane!
Rue St. Ferdinand.
- Good morning. - Excuse me.
Did you deliver a suit this morning in St. Cloud?
- What's the name? - Mme. Delassalle.
- Was there a problem? - No. We just want to know who...
- brought this suit to you. - We see so many of them!
If I remember well, it was a tall thin man, dark hair...
with a bamboo cigarette holder.
There's a check mark. The kid forgot something.
It was in his pocket.
Eden Hotel. Room nine.
Your husband seems to be leading some life!
I can have the kid bring the key, if you wish.
Do you know this hotel, madam?
It's a residential hotel. Very cozy.
Come on!
First street on the right. Number 27.
- I'll go. - What if they ask you something?
It looks like they don't ask questions here.
Don't go, it's a trap. Someone wants to blackmail us.
At least, we'll know with whom we are dealing.
- What are you doing here? - I'm looking for M. Delassalle.
He's never here during the day.
- When does he come back? - Who knows if he comes back at all.
His bed is always neat. See, no belongings, no bags.
Nothing. Some weird guest.
Did you ever see him?
Never, neither did the doorkeeper.
He must come, after I leave...
and before the other guy starts his shift.
But, why all these questions?
He's my husband. I am Mme. Delassalle.
Poor lady! This isn't where you should look for him.
You can trust me. His life is somewhere else.
It's scary. What's happening to us?
I don't know. No one knows.
It doesn't make any sense.
80,000 francs. Shower repair, and it's two years old.
Ah, this time it smells the bailiff.
Pay them half. It's already something.
- He was really dead, wasn't he? - You're the one who should know.
- Why are you saying that? - You killed him, didn't you?
- Me? - You are the one who planned the whole thing.
I'm sorry, we planned it...
and you made the phone call.
You bought the tablecloth to wrap him...
the drug to put him to sleep.
I would have been unable to do that.
- But you made him drink! - You liar! I didn't want to!
You know I didn't want to!
You could've let him sleep his whiskey off...
instead of carrying him to the tub.
Who filled up the tub? Who pushed him under water?
And who brought the bronze from the mantel?
It's too easy.
You'll see whom the court will hold responsible.
- You'll see. - The court doesn't scare me.
We'll get what we deserve.
Well, suit yourself! Go to the police! Go!
- I thought of that. - To put the whole thing on me!
I won't let this happen. I'll call the cops first!
Call them, but I'm warning you, I'll tell them everything!
I have nothing to hide. You were jealous, and killed him.
And I helped you because I felt pity for you.
You were jealous because it was over between you two.
You killed him, and you know it!
So, what are you waiting for?
- Do you have my newspapers? - Yes.
Be careful not to get dirty. The ink is still wet.
- Christina! - I have nothing to tell you.
- Where are you going? - To confession. Do you mind?
Do you think you'll get absolution if you don't turn yourself in?
- So I'll turn myself in. - What about me?
I can't keep this up.
Come on, don't worry. It's all over.
They found the body. Read this.
''A Naked Corpse in the Seine''
- Why in the Seine? - What counts is that they found him.
Everything fits. The description...
The Bois de Boulogne bridge which is very close...
a three day old death. Our alibi is holding up.
They brought him to the morgue.
I read this, and I think it's my husband.
Identity card.
Could you describe M. Delassalle?
Dark hair, thin, dark eyes.
All this has already been written in the paper. It's too easy.
- I want details. - What do you want to know?
I don't know. You tell me.
If you tell me he had an appendectomy...
- it's a detail. - He's had the operation.
- Dentition. How many teeth? - All of them, I think.
- Fillings? - Maybe one or two.
- One or two? - Two.
- Beauty marks? - Yes.
- Where? - On his shoulder.
Why didn't you tell me he had a bracelet?
- He never had one! - Really!
- What do you see on his right thigh? - Nothing.
Try to think, above the knee.
I can't see anything. So it must be a mistake.
Bring up number 4702. You were right.
No bracelet and nothing above the knee.
Please, follow me to the identification room.
- It's not him. - Are you sure?
- Yes! - I'm sorry, madame. This rarely happens.
Taxi! To St. Cloud!
St. Cloud? Now? Are you out of your mind?
I don't want to have supper on a merry-go-round!
Excuse me...
Here we go!
Aren't you feeling well, lady? Maybe it's the emotion.
The reaction only comes after, doesn't it?
You should feel better since it's not him.
Do you feel better? Let me introduce myself.
Alfred Fichet, retired police commissioner.
But I didn't ask the police for anything!
Didn't you inform the police commissioner?
It was a mistake. That's what they are for.
I didn't think about it. I'll do it.
I'll do it myself. Just out of principle.
One should not expect too much from the regular police.
The police are too busy.
No. If you'd like, we are both going to find your husband.
40 years on the job, it's not to be ignored.
Now, I have plenty of time.
- No. Really, it's not necessary. - What do you risk?
If I don't find anything, you won't pay me anything.
And if I find something... well, you'll judge for yourself.
You can't ask for a better deal. Let's see.
- You've been married... - Eight years.
- I don't understand what... - Leave it to me. I know.
We are saying eight years.
It's boiling, mademoiselle.
- How long do you think it can boil? - Five minutes.
How do I know. He had his own keys.
He would go in, and out. He was the boss.
And it was vacation anyway.
- Was he a little low-spirited? - It was not his style.
It was more in his nature to complicate his life.
- Maybe he was feeling sick. - Couldn't be.
The man was very strong.
When he was younger, he was a tennis champion.
Did he get a telegram on Sunday?
A phone call? Sometimes, people leave after a phone call.
I can't tell you, sir.
This Sunday I took my wife to the park...
and when the school is closed, we seize the opportunity.
There might be the hypothesis of the accident.
Did M. Delassalle used to drive fast, very fast?
He didn't have the car. The women took it to Niort.
That's right. Don't you think he could've drowned?
Drowned? He was a real fish.
This man could swim.
I see. Well, thank you.
The Alps separate Italy from France in the southeast.
The Alps are very high mountains.
There is Mont-Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.
In the east, there is the Jura...
That is quite reassuring.
I think you worried a little bit too early.
On Saturday, your husband was still here.
It's only been five days, and you go look for him at the morgue.
The article in the paper upset me.
A 30 year old man, one meter seventy...
Dear madame, there are 100,000 men in Paris who fit...
this description. And this doesn't include the tourists.
I guess you were thinking of suicide.
Yes. Well, I don't know.
To commit suicide in the Seine, one doesn't need to undress.
My hypothesis is much less tragic.
When I say hypothesis, I mean...
A woman! Of course, you're right.
I was stupid to worry and to bother you.
- Take this. - No, no. I won't steal your money.
Remember our agreement.
If I don't find out anything, you don't owe me anything.
But, don't worry, I'll find him.
I haven't been in a school for a long time.
In my days, it was the local school. Charonne.
Less fancy. Much less fancy.
Ah, it was really different.
You emptied the pool. You thought about this too.
- Not at all! - Why not at all?
I dropped my keys in the pool.
- So in order to get them back... - When was that?
- Yesterday. - Commissioner Fichet. MIle. Horner.
- Our most devoted associate. - Hello.
It was pure coincidence.
Really, the keys in the pool, the husband in the morgue...
You dream too much about water in this house!
May I look at his mail?
- You'll never find him. - How do you know anyway?
- I see he has a typewriter. - Yes, for the accounts.
You're right. M. Delassalle is not a literary man.
Perhaps he doesn't trust his spelling.
May I? I seriously can't imagine him that desperate.
Let's take this seriously.
So we're saying: Delassalle Michel...
- 34 years old... - One meter seventy.
- Yes, I know. Dark hair. Eyes? - Brown.
Average nose, ears... folded in.
How to find someone with this description?
Well, we'll find him. These pigs are so strong!
What was he wearing the day he disappeared?
We were away that day, sir.
Of course! How stupid of me.
Here's what we'll do.
We'll look into his wardrobe...
and we'll see what is missing.
One, two, three, four, five, six. Six.
- What did the 7th pair look like? - Brown suede.
- Tie? - Red, with a white stripe.
You're sharp-eyed. He's got at least 25 ties.
So, suit?
So you know his ties better than his suits.
I think it's a Prince of Wales, grey.
Prince of Wales, grey.
- Like this one? - Yes.
- Wait a minute. - Is something wrong?
Mme. Delassalle has a heart condition. We must spare her.
You should have told me.
It's not that urgent. I've got enough to keep myself busy.
Take care of yourself.
I'll go visit downtown.
I still have friends there.
And don't worry. I'll be back.
- Plantiveau said he's a detective. - A private one.
Everybody to the firing squad!
Heberge, if you're done with your work...
I'll find something else for you to do.
First, Latin. When the Middle Ages lost everything...
they still knew Latin. The Church understood it.
The last village priest knew Latin.
I don't think that the average priest...
is that clever.
It's not his job.
M. Moinet, what are you doing here?
Aren't you supposed to be studying?
- The principal punished me. - Who?
- The principal. - What are you talking about?
- It's the truth. - What did you do?
I broke a window.
Maybe the principal came back.
Stop talking nonsense. Tell me the truth, now.
- Who punished you? - The principal.
- That's for lying! - I'm not lying.
Let me handle this. You're scaring him.
Tell me your story again.
And if you tell everything, I'll lift your punishment.
- How did you break the window? - With my slingshot.
- Then what happened? - The principal opened the door...
and told me to go to bed right away...
without picking up the dead leaves.
It can't be him. It's impossible.
You know he's not here.
You forget that this kid is a pathological liar.
Last week, he told his friends he had a fight...
with a lion at the fair. With a lion!
He's a mythomaniac. I just asked the other kids.
Nobody saw the principal.
But there really is a broken window in the corridor.
He punished himself in order to create this story.
Who knows? Obviously...
this is a case of self-induced hallucination.
The kid broke a window and in his subconscious...
he generated the idea of punishment...
to match the principal's.
Darkness did the rest.
- Do you really think so? - No. The kid saw himself...
being punished in the literal sense of the word.
I think he's kidding us...
in the literal sense of the word.
- Give me your slingshot. - The principal took it.
Don't you think you're a little out of line?
I feel tired. I'm going to sleep.
- Suit yourself. - Goodnight.
Goodnight. Go get some rest.
M. Moinet. We've been patient enough.
If you want to be stubborn...
go straight to the corner.
You'll get out only after you tell the truth.
We'll see who gets tired first.
I saw him. I saw him.
- Moinet couldn't have brought this slingshot. - Certainly not.
- So who could've done that? - It could be anyone.
- It's a coincidence. - Coincidence!
Fichet at the morgue, was a coincidence.
And the suit, and the hotel, and now the students.
Is it a coincidence that it's getting closer each time?
Please, calm down. My nerves are going as well.
It's all getting clear. There are no miracles in life.
Each time I close my eyes...
it seems that I'm going to see him.
Don't talk. He must already be in some condition.
Yes, if he's dead.
Listen, I've seen dead people in my life.
Believe me, Michel is dead. Really dead.
Lie down and try not to think of anything.
With all I have on my mind...
If you don't get any sleep, you won't last three days.
Dr. Loisy is very worried.
He asked Prof. Bridoux to come tomorrow.
There you are!
What's the point now? I'm finished.
- Stop that. - Give me back my marbles.
- I don't have them. - You took them, I know.
- I'm going to break your neck! - Leave me alone!
- Give him back his marbles. - Leave me alone.
- I haven't got them. Stop it! - Come on, come on!
You can fight, but don't scream. Mme. Delassalle is very sick.
Moinet, your punishment is lifted... for now.
- Go for your picture. - Thank you, sir.
A picture without the principals, is not a school picture.
We'll do better next year. Come on, children.
Do we put the bench in front of the window?
- Why not in front of the door? - What about the car?
There is a professor from the university upstairs.
I must go. It's part of the job.
I'll show the professor out, and I'll call you.
You overdid it.
You should really have a good rest.
- Will I be able to get up? - We'll talk about this later.
- You will be fine here. - Could I go out into the yard?
- Is it too much for me? - Until the doctors say so...
you are not supposed to move.
Let's do it. Look at my hand. Don't move.
One, two. Thank you. One minute. I'll take another one.
You can go through.
Taking her to my clinic would have been too expensive.
Between you and me, there are no heirs.
I know. But people dying in the clinic...
the hearse in front of the door, I don't like that.
Neither do the patients.
- Let me see! - Be careful, kids. It's still wet.
Great. Nobody moved.
Please... I came out fine.
This is the first time I've had the position of honor.
When I show the picture, they'll think I'm the principal.
- What do I see behind the window? - Looks like the boss.
- You're nuts! - Wait! Let me put my monocle on.
- Let me see, mademoiselle! - Leave me alone!
- I didn't see anything?! - You didn't miss anything.
It's some kind of shot-silk effect.
The reflection of a cloud or some spot on the window...
that reminds us of the principal's features.
Maybe it's him!
He didn't want to interrupt us...
or this was just an innocent joke.
I can't see Delassalle playing hide-and-seek.
But you, didn't you see anything?
I was looking at the group, being sure to see everybody.
Let's settle this once and for all. Moinet.
You're such a great observer. Did you see the principal?
Six hours in the corner, thank you, that's enough!
The case is closed. There wasn't anyone.
Thankfully. Really. To hear people saying...
that people go in and out of here...
without me knowing it, it's offensive for a doorkeeper.
- I'm afraid. - Me too.
We must go now. Here, get dressed!
The doctors forbid me to move. Where would we go, anyway?
To my place.
In Niort? Don't you think he might be there as well?
He's more certainly there, than anywhere else.
So, we'll travel, we'll go anywhere.
It's not possible. There's no point.
- I can't stay here anymore. - So, just go.
What about you? I can't leave you here.
Yes. You'll see. And you'll get used to managing without me.
Besides, I don't want to see you anymore.
For all that's about to happen...
for all that will eventually happen...
I'd rather be on my own.
No, no, please!
- You hate me, don't you? - Not at all.
Where is the little red suitcase I gave you?
On the floor, by the closet.
So you really think it's time for us to separate?
Yes, it'll be better that way.
- I hope you succeed and forget. - Farewell, Christina.
''Tremble, she told me, a girl worthy of me.
''The cruel God of the Jews is stronger than you.
''I pity you for falling in his fearsome hands.''
- What are you doing here? - I was just looking at you.
I came to make my report. That's what I'm paid for.
But you were sleeping so deeply...
Leave me alone. I'm sick, very sick.
You'll feel better very soon.
Everything is fine.
Can't you have some pity for me and let me die alone?
Do you think I'm not dying fast enough?
What's the matter with you?
It's not the time to die.
I found him. He'll be here very shortly.
It's wrong, and you know it.
You know he can't come back.
- Why? - Because I killed him.
- This afternoon? - Five days ago.
Five... So we mustn't be talking about the same one.
- Five days ago in Niort. - And you went to the morgue?
- His body disappeared. - From Niort?
No, from here! We brought him back in the truck...
in a wicker trunk.
When we got here, we threw him in the swimming pool.
But you weren't alone in Niort.
- You were with mademoiselle... - Horner.
Horner, yes. And didn't she notice anything?
She was his mistress. She helped me. - I see.
She was his mistress...
and she helped you. Well...
I wouldn't mind listening to what she's got to say.
- She got scared, and she left. - It was obvious...
It won't work. It's Michel's.
It was under water a whole day.
Well, well...
Aren't you arresting me?
You should stop playing with your nerves.
You need a strong sedative.
Shall I turn off the light?
Tomorrow morning, you'll wake up acquitted.
He disappeared. She's deficient.
In addition, Nicole runs away.
- Doesn't it remind you of anything? - Registering for unemployment.
I'm afraid. Here's the cop.
I found it under the diving board.
- Isn't there a wicker trunk around here? - Yes, sir.
- Above the garage. - So, let's go.
It's starting to stink.
You wonder if anything happened to Delassalle.
You're a witness that I didn't know anything.
Me either, dear colleague.
Right. Let him manage alone.
I don't know why, but...
You think that we fucked up. Me too.
M. Pacard. Moinet.
- Goodnight, sir. - Goodnight.
Who's there?
It's over, this time.
She's was tough.
The bitch. She used to say that she had a heart condition.
My poor darling. You're all wet.
Go change your clothes.
In the bathroom, it took me...
more than one hour to get out of the tub without making noise.
You must've suffered during the trip in the trunk.
What about the dive in the pool in the middle of the night?
She made life terrible for us.
I got scared more than four times.
Wasn't it worth it?
Now, we're rich.
Just by selling the school, we'll get a lot...
Between 15 and 20 years in jail.
It'll depend on the judge.
Moinet, Moinet.
Wait a moment.
You again, Moinet. You should be ashamed of yourself.
On the day we're closing the school.
- Who gave you this slingshot? - Mme. Delassalle.
- Who? - Mme. Delassalle. She opened her door.
She gave me back my slingshot.
She said: ''This is for you, Moinet. Have fun.''
You are impossible. You know that she's dead.
- Her body was taken away today. - She's not dead. She came back.
M. Moinet, go to the corner.
I saw her. I know that I saw her.
Don't be devils. Don't ruin...
the interest your friends could take in this film.
Don't tell them what you saw.
Thank you for them.
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