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Leon CD2

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Where exactly were the kids?
I don't know.
They should have been at school, don't you think?
But in the statement you said you were the first man in,
didn't you see any kids?
The door was broken, what happened?
Did you follow the procedure?
I lost a good man here. What the fuck do you want with me?
I haven't got time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit.
You want cooperation? Come up my office, will you? 4602.
Kids should be at school.
Hey, come on, that's my ball!
Hey, give that back! Come on, where you going?
Damn, where are you going, man? That's my ball!
Follow the blue car!
And I suppose you mean to blast the music and go through lights, eh?
No. Drive slowly.
Take the hundred bucks, and shut the fuck up, OK?
It's for you, a present.
Do you want me to open it? I'll open it!
How do you like it? Nice, eh?
Mr. McGuffin?
Can I have a word with you?
Here! This is for a contract. Twenty grand, right?
His name is Norman Stansfield and he's in room 4602
in the DEA building, 26 Federal Plaza.
I'm not taking it.
Why not?
Too heavy.
Well, would you rent me your gear for the day?
I never lend out my gear. But you stilI have your gun. Use it.
Just do me a favor, don't shoot out the window, OK?
Why are you so mean to me?
You're out there killing people you don't give a shit about,
but you won't get the bastards who killed my whole family.
Revenge is not good, Mathilda. Believe, it's better to forget.
To forget? After I've seen the outline of my brother's body on the floor,
you expect me to forget? I want to kill those sons of bitches,
and I'll blow their fucking heads off!
Nothing's the same after you've killed someone.
Your life is changed forever.
You'lI have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life.
I don't give a shit about sleeping, Leon!
I want love... or death.
That's it.
Love or death.
Get off my case, Mathilda. I'm tired of your games.
It's really great game, Leon.
It makes people nicer and starts them thinking.
The kind of game you love.
If I win, you keep me with you. For life.
And if you lose?
You'll go shopping alone. Like before.
You're gonna lose, Mathilda.
There's a round in the chamber, I heard it.
So what?
What's it to you if I end up with a bullet in the head, huh?
I hope you're not lying, Leon.
I really hope that down deep inside there's no love in you.
Cause if there is, just a little bit of love in you
I think that in a few minutes you're gonna regret you never said anything.
I love you, Leon.
I win.
I took a hit, I need a hand now.
I know she's young but... she learns fast.
Kids need to be shaped into something right?
Yeah. I know I taught you that. But ain't there an age limit?
She's eighteen.
Oh, really?
How about something to drink, Tony?
Yeah, sure, Manolo. A glass of milk for Leon!
Nice tattoo.
Manolo! Make that two!
What's that for?
Can't afford to catch cold.
First you find out where the chain is.
You can't see it, but you can feel it.
Here. I ring and you start talking.
What do I say?
Whatever you want.
Hi. It's Susan.
I'm sorry, you must have the wrong door, little girl.
I don't know any Susan.
Move back a little, I can't see anything.
The light's out, it's all dark out here.
Mister, I'm scared...
What are you doing?
Open up.
If it leaves your mouth, I pull the trigger, capiche?
Here is OK. Let it go. I said let it go.
Move, move over.
Easy, easy.
Go ahead, your turn.
Help me, please help me.
Hello, sir. Sir...?
Sir, sir, it's not my dope.
A little left, please.
OK, now the security shot.
Oh, the second goes higher on the chest.
Aim for the heart and lungs.
There, right there, you see?
The first shot takes him out of order and the second finishes him off.
Never in the face.
If they can't recognize the client, you don't get paid,
cause you could take out anybody and say you did the job.
Got it?
Got it. Never in the face.
OK. Now you can put the tools away.
What the fuck is going on?
Hey, mister.
You see, when you use the silencer a lot.
you have to put a piece of cloth here,
because it gets very hot and could burn it inside.
A damp, black cloth is the best.
What are you doing?
We said no women, no kids.
Who do you think this is gonna kill? Donkeys and monkeys?
Now. It's clean.
Let's get outta here.
I thought we don't have the right to drink?
I know, but we're making an exception for your first client.
Well, if we're making exceptions for a job well done,
how about a kiss? Like in the movies.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna kiss you.
Mathilda, stop please.
Come on, just a kiss.
Stop, everyone is watching us. Basta, go sit down.
You don't believe me, do you?
How's that?
When I say I'm in love with you.
Mathilda, please, drop it. Just change the subject, OK?
OK, OK, sorry.
So how old were you when you made your first hit?
Beat ya!
What are you doing?
Can't afford to catch cold.
There's no doorbell?
So, knock on the door.
Hi. I'm looking for Mr. Rubens' apartment,
but it's all dark out here in the hall and I'm lost.
Just a second.
You want more? Come on, show your fucking face!
Think you can get me that easily.
When it tough like this, you know it's gonna be ugly. Better make it quick,
or else you will be here all day listening to his crap.
Asshole come on, show me your fucking face, faggot!
Come on, "gum trick"!
Hey. What about the "ring trick"? Do you know that one?
"Ring trick"? Come on asshole,
I'm waiting. Show it to me, motherfucker.
That's the "ring trick".
Mario, go back to the barber shop, we'll finish later.
Hey Leon, what's up?
All done, already?
No, no.
Nicer than people, eh?
I told you that.
You got a problem?
Get the chair, sit down. Sit.
I was thinking...
If something happens to me some day...
Hey, Leon, nothing's gonna happen to you.
You're indestructible, bullets slide off you,
you play with them.
Tony. I thought about my money.
You remember the girl who came here the other day?
Her name is... Mathilda.
If anything happens to me,
I... I'd like you to give her...
my money.
You can count on me, Leon.
Thank you, Tony.
I won't be long.
Did I do something wrong?
No, this one is too big.
Yeah, and I only get the leftovers, is that it?
Mathilda, since I met you, everything's been different.
So, I just need some time alone.
And you need some time to grow up a little.
I've finished growing up, Leon. I just get oIder.
And for me, it's the opposite. I'm old enough,
I need time to grow up.
You're new, aren't you? Fifth floor right? Well you can't sit here like that.
Really? Why not?
Nothing's free. Like a parking meter. When you stop, you pay.
It's the law.
Only on TV...
What did you say?
Forget it, how much is your meter?
Ten dollars... a month.
Got change?
Don't worry about it, we'll do ten for twelve.
I'll pay enough for the rest of the year, OK?
OK, a year.
Does paying rent here mean I have to put up with you guys?
Uh... no.
So go play somewhere else.
I need to think.
Stand up, don't you like your job?
Where are you going?
Special delivery. Room 4602.
Sign here.
Have a nice weekend, girls.
Special delivery, huh? Let me guess...
Thai, maybe?
I've got it. Italian food.
What's your name, angel?
I want you to put the sack on the floor.
And now I want you to tell me
everything you know about Italian food.
And don't forget the name of the chef who fixed for me!
Nobody sent me. I do business for myself.
So this is something personal, is it?
What filthy piece of shit did I do now?
You killed my brother.
I'm sorry.
And you wanna join him?
It's always the same thing.
It's when you start to become really afraid of death,
that you learn to appreciate life.
Do you like life, sweetheart?
That's good.
Because I take no pleasure
in taking life...
if it's from a person who doesn't care about it.
Shit, Stan. I've been looking all over for you, man. I've checked upstairs, and...
What? I'm busy.
It's Malky, man. He's dead.
Malky was making a buy for us from the Chinamen.
Yeah, but they got nothing to do with it, man.
They told me, this guy came from the outside.
He was a pro, he was fast. He fucking came outta nowhere.
Boom. Shoots the Chinamen dead in two seconds.
Easy man, I'm a cop.
Then turns around, says something to Malky like...
No women, no kids.
I think it was something personal.
Death is... whimsical today.
Blood, you hear me?
Yeah man, I hear you Stan, just chill out man.
Would you take her up to my office?
All right, yeah.
Jesus fucking Christ!
"Leon, my love".
"I know where to find the guys who killed my brother".
"Their boss is Norman Stansfield"
"and he is in the DEA building, room 4602".
"I'm gonna do that myself. If something goes wrong",
"I left you twenty grand on the table. It's for a contract".
"Five grand a head, right?"
"I know I'll feel better after I do this".
"I love you - Mathilda".
Wait for me. I won't be long.
Look, I can't park in front like this, it's a federal building.
And she's gonna do the same exact thing like I said.
bullets and another nine-milli.
What did you plan to do with all these guns, huh?
Maybe she was planning on taking out the whole building.
Holy shit, what've we got here? Lunch.
Careful Blood. Might be poisoned.
No man, there's no anchovies on this.
Is that what you call "I won't be long"?
I've been hangin' around here for at least ten minutes!
I did my best. Avanti.
Do you like it?
So say it.
I like it.
Not thirsty?
You know, a girl's first time is very important.
It determines the rest of her life sexually.
I read that once in one of my sister's magazines.
My girlfriends told me that they hated their first experience.
That's because they don't love the guys.
They just did it to show off.
Afterwards, they started liking it, like cigarettes.
I wanna like it, the first time.
Mathilda, no.
Why not?
I just can't.
You love someone else?
No. I mean...
there was someone a long time ago. Before I came to the States.
Her father didn't want her to see me.
She was from a very respectable family.
Mine was, you know,
not so respectable.
Her dad went nuts everytime she'd take off to see me.
But she still snuck off to see you, right?
You see, nothing can stop love, Leon.
He killed her. One shot to the head.
They kept him in jail for two days, then they let him go free.
They said it was an accident.
one night I waited for him
500 feet with a lens.
He also had an accident. The same night I took a boat
and came here to meet up with my father who was working for Tony.
I was nineteen.
Since then I've never left the city. And...
I've never had another girlfriend.
You see, Mathilda. I won't be a good lover.
Just do me one favor.
I'm sick of watching you sleeping on your chair.
We're gonna share the bed.
I don't think it's a good idea.
It's OK, put your legs upon the bed. Yeah, its nice.
Put your head down. It's OK. Relax.
Good night, Leon.
Good night.
Manolo, take the kids in the kitchen.
I have a lot of respect for your business, Tony.
When you've killed for us in the past,
we've always been satisfied. And that's exactly why today
is going to be very, very hard for me.
I hope you'll excuse my mood.
My man was killed right here on your turf
and the Chinks tell me that the hitman was kind of the...
Italian type.
So we figured that Tony might know something. Wait,
there's more. You're gonna love this.
A few hours later, a little twelve year old girl
comes into my office, armed to the teeth
with the firm intention of sending me straight to the morgue.
And you know who came and got her in the middle of the afternoon,
right there, in my building? The very same Italian hitman.
I'm dying to meet him.
Relax, everything's fine.
Sleep well?
I never really sleep. Got one eye open always.
Oh, I forgot.
You know, I never saw someone with one eye open snore so much.
I snore?
Like a baby.
I'm gonna get some milk for breakfast. I won't be long.
Don't forget the code when you come back.
Two knocks, then one, and two knocks again, right?
Hola senor. Ring these up and I'll go get some milk.
From here on out, you don't make a sound.
You answer my questions by nodding "yes"
or shaking your head "no", you got it?
Is he alone? Does he expect you?
Do you have keys to the apartment?
Is there a code, a way of knocking so he knows it's you?
Alpha team,
final position, we're ready to go.
Be careful.
Move, move!
Alpha team. Man down, man down.
I told you.
bring me everyone.
What do you mean, "everyone"?
Take this.
Go take a look.
Don't move.
You see anything?
It's the guy.
He's here. He's got a gun on my head.
OK, nobody moves.
Let the girl go.
Now, take it easy, man!
Let the girl go!
OK. The girl's coming out.
Let the girl go.
Grab the axe off the wall. Over there, go.
You're coming with us.
Christ, he shot him!
Move! Move! Move! Move!
Shut the fucking water off!
Got it.
We're in a bad way here,
send the Cats, I repeat, send the Cats!
I don't know what happened, I didn't see them coming, I swear.
I just went shopping
and I came back and they were everywhere.
Stay away from the window.
Come here.
OK, now get this fucking asshole outta there.
How we gonna get outta here now?
Leave it to me, we're checking out.
But Leon, it's not big enough for you.
It's barely big enough for me.
We said no discussion.
No! I'm not letting... I'm not going!
I won't go! I won't go!
Listen to me... Listen to me,
we have no chance together, but if I'm alone I can do it,
trust me. I'm in good shape, Mathilda.
And I know I've got a lot of money with Tony, a lot.
We'll take it and leave together, just the two of us, OK? Go.
No! You just say that so I won't worry.
I don't wanna lose you, Leon.
You're not going to lose me, Mathilda.
You've given me a taste for life.
I want to be happy, sleep in a bed, have roots.
You'll never be alone again, Mathilda.
Please, go now, baby, go!
Calm down, go now. Go, go.
I'lI see you at Tony's. I'm gonna clean them all.
Tony's in an hour.
I love you, Mathilda.
I love you too, Leon.
Hey, heyeyey, what the fuck is going on up there?
I just said take the guy out, not the whole fucking building.
Hey, we got one breathing here.
Get the medic over here...
We got a wounded man here. Make way!
Send him down by the stairs!
Let him go! Let's go! Move!
Get that guy up the stairs. Lean him on the land.
Get your team back up there.
We got two men coming down the stairs.
You OK? Hey, I need a medic over here!
Move your fucking asses.
Squad number one what's the status on the apartment?
Can't see shit, too much smoke in here,
give us five minutes to clear it up.
OK, you got it.
What, what, what! You're two hundred men
and you can't find one man and a girl? Did you find the girl?
Hi, how're you doing? Take your mask off, quick.
Let me see you. That's deep. Right, this one here.
You from the third precinct?
All right, fine. Put it down, put it down. This one.
You stay there for two minutes, I'll be right back.
Let me put the mask back on. I breathe better with it.
OK, you're right. Sit tight.
OK, come on, everybody out.
Come on, let's go, let's go! Come on, out!
Clear the way. Clear the way, men.
Come on, what are you doing here. Get out, get out. Come on.
At your service.
This is... from...
Leon asked me to help you out if... if something happened
and... I think something happened, right?
He put aside a little cash for you...
So, what I'm suggesting is that...
seeing as how you're still so young,
I should hold the money for you, you know, 'till you're oIder.
Like a bank, you know, except better than a bank
Because, you know, banks always get knocked off.
No one knocks off old Tony.
But it's your money and, in the meantime,
all you gotta do is come here every once in a while
and I'll dish it out so that you can have a little fun, OK?
Here's a hundred bucks to start with.
Can't take any job instead?
A job?
What the hell can you do?
I can clean.
I ain't got no work for a twelve year old kid.
So get it outta your goddamn head!
It's over, the game's over, Leon's dead! You hear me?
Come on. Come on, you think I ain't hurting, too?
But he's dead. And you're gonna forget all this craziness
and get your little ass back to school, capiche?
Now take this money and get the hell outta here,
and don't let me see your face 'till next month.
'Cause something tells me I'm about to lose my famous kind streak.
My parents died in a car accident four weeks ago.
It was terrible.
You know, we didn't have the time to get to know one another
when you first came here, but I want you to know
that I am not the kind of woman who'd let down a child,
whatever her situation, whatever her mistake.
So, I'm going to help you and do my best to welcome you here again.
But on one condition. You have to stop lying to me, Mathilda.
I want you to take a chance and trust me.
Now tell me what happened to you.
OK. My family got shot down by DEA officers
because of a drug problem.
I left with the greatest guy on earth.
He was a hitman, the best in town. But he died this morning
and if you don't help me, I'll be dead by tonight.
You know her?
I've never seen her.
I think we'll be OK here, Leon.
"He deals the cards as a meditation And those he plays never suspect"
"He doesn't play for the money he wins He doesn't play for respect"
"He deals the cards to find the answer The sacred geometry of chance"
"The hidden law of a probable outcome The numbers lead a dance"
"I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier"
"I know that the clubs are weapons of war"
"I know that diamonds mean money for this art"
"But that's not the shape of my heart"
"He may play the jack of diamonds He may lay the queen of spades"
"He may conceal a king in his hand While the memory of it fades"
"I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier"
"I know that the clubs are weapons of war"
"I know that diamonds mean money for this art"
"That's not the shape of my heart"
"That's not the shape of my heart".
"And if I told you that I loved you"
"You'd maybe think there's something wrong"
"I'm not a man of too many faces The mask I wear is one"
"Those who speak know nothing And find out to their cost"
"Like those who curse their luck in too many places"
"And those who fear are lost"
"I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier"
"I know that the clubs are weapons of war"
"I know that diamonds mean money for this art"
"But that's not the shape of my heart"
"But that's not the shape of my heart"
"That's not the shape of my heart"
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