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Leon CD1

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Allora, come stai, Leone?
OK, OK. Let's talk business.
This fat bastard is trying to move in on Maurizio's business.
Now you know Maurizio is a reasonable guy.
He just wants a little conversation.
But this guy he don't wanna hear about it.
Maybe he'll listen to you.
He comes to town every Tuesday. Are you free Tuesday?
Yeah, I'm free Tuesday.
Nice to see you again, Mr. Jones.
Remember, neatness counts. You have got one haIf hour.
Aah... one hour.
Yeah, what?
This' Tonto downstairs.
There's a guy who wants to talk to you.
What's he look like?
Tell him I'm coming up.
He's coming up.
Somebody's coming up. Somebody serious.
open your eyes, we got company.
We got company!
Come on.
Stop! Stop men!
Tell the driver to wait for us out back and hurry up!
Hey sweetie, what's going on?
Don't worry, baby. It's cool. Take a nap.
Oh my God!
Those fuckers blocked both the exits.
Check the terrace!
911 emergency.
I need help! Somebody's trying to kill me!
All right, just stay on the line. I'll just be off for a moment.
Sir, I'm gonna connect you with an officer.
Detective Jefferson, may I help you?
I'll call you back.
Hey, relax man.
I've got half of Bolivia sitting in those suitcases over there...
Hasn't even been cut yet! Go ahead, take it, it's yours!
Dial this number.
I'll talk to you later sweetie, OK?
It's Maurizio. Remember me? I see you're back in town.
Yeah... No. I mean, no! just for today...
So it's safe to say today's your last day in town
and we'll never see your fat fucking face again?
Yeah, right.
Let me speak to our mutual friend.
He wants to talk to you.
Make sure he understands, then let him go.
Do you understand?
So say it.
I understand.
Hola, que tal, amigo! Two milks as usual?
Why did you hide the cigarette?
This building's full of rats. I don't want my old man to find out.
Got enough problems...
What happened?
I fell off my bike.
Don't tell my dad about the cigarette, OK?
I mean, what's my job? I'm just a holder.
I hold the stuff just like you give it to me.
I don't look at it. I don't touch it, I don't even know how to cut it.
Try and follow me, all right?
In June when we gave you the dope, it tests a 100% pure.
Now it's July. We pick up the dope and it tests 90% pure.
Now, somewhere between June and July 10% turned to cut.
I don't know, that's none of my business, I'm just a hoIder.
You give me the stuff, I hold the stuff,
that's all I know!
Hey look, you know, I'm trying to help you out here.
But, you know, if you're gonna be a hard ass about it,
I gotta disturb him.
Now let me tell ya:
when he's into his music, he hates being disturbed.
I'm telling you the truth!
I hope so. Because he's got a talent for sniffing out a lie...
It's scary, it's almost like a sixth sense.
Now, are you gonna
change your tune or do I gotta bust into his?
I'm telling you the truth.
All right...
I'm, I'm sorry, you see, he says he didn't cut the dope.
Of course, he didn't.
Just do me a favor. Find out who did. For tomorrow.
Malky, hey, wait!
Hey, I didn't cut your shit! Find out yourself!
What the hell are you doing out here?
Get inside and do your homework.
I did it already.
Oh yeah? Well, you can get inside and help your sister
clean up the goddamn house! And stop smoking cigarettes!
Time's up, my turn now.
Change the channel and I'll smash your face!
Sorry, sweetheart.
Good morning, sleepy.
Hi, honey. Hey, you two.
Sweetheart, turn that down, mom has got a headache.
She took my turn!
She just wants to watch these goddamn cartoons!
It wouldn't hurt her to move her ass a bit.
I'm not the one with the fat ass around here!
Can someone who is doing nothing all day but watching cartoons
move her little ass and go get some food?
I dare you to say that again!
Margie, I think I screwed up.
It wouldn't be the first time,
I mean you always come up with something, right?
Yeah, but I think I went a little too far this time.
I think you're going a little too far right now.
I'm gonna be late for work.
How about working at home today?
She's gonna hit me! Daddy.
Shit, shut the goddamn door!
Fucking bitch!
Hey, can somebody answer the phone?
I'm busy!
This is Margaret McAllister,
headmistress at the Spencer School in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Is Mr. or Mrs. Lando home?
Yes, this is she.
Mrs. Lando, when your husband enrolled Mathilda at Spencer,
he told us she had... problems.
Well, as you know,
we pride ourselves in turning troubled girls into healthy,
productive young women.
But if they are not here, there is very little we can do.
Now, Mathilda left school
without permission nearly two weeks ago.
I know your husband paid tuition in advance for a year.
But if you will refer to page 20 in the rules
and regulations manual we sent you,
you wilI see that unless there is a valid excuse
for prolonged absence, your tuition will be forfeit.
She's dead.
Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?
Always like this.
Keep it.
Hey, I'm going grocery shopping. You want some milk?
One quart of two? It's two, right?
I like these calm little moments before the storm.
It reminds me of Beethoven.
Can you hear it?
It's like, when you put your head to the grass.
You can hear it growing. You can hear the insects, bzzzz...
Do you like Beethoven?
Couldn't really say.
I'm gonna play you some.
Benny, stay here!
Daddy! Daddy!
Jesus! Fuck!
We said noon!
I've got one minute past.
You don't like Beethoven.
You don't know what you're missing.
Overtures like that get my juices flowing.
So powerful!
But after his openings, to be honest,
he does tend to get a little fucking boring...
That's why I stopped!
Toss the apartment.
You're a Mozart fan. I love him, too.
I lo-o-ove Mozart!
He was Austrian, you know.
But for this kind of work, he's a little bit light.
So I tend to go for the heavier guys.
What the fuck are you doing, huh?
Man, keep your bombacut mouth shut.
Check out Brahms, he's good too.
What the fuck do you know about music?
Yeah, knock it off!
Checked the mattress?
Look what you did!
Stan, are you all right?
Hey, Stan. Stan! What're you doing?
What're you doing, he's dead!
But he ruined my suit.
I know. I know, but he's dead.
He's a piece of meat, forget about it. Calm down.
I'm calm.
Stay there, OK?
Jesus fucking Christ, Benny!
It's Malky and Stan!
Take it easy, all right? Come on, come on.
Come on. Let's get a cigarette, all right?
Benny, we're coming out!
Benny, don't fire!
Get in! Jesus fucking Christ, Benny!
You wear something new and...
Take it easy!
What's happening out there?
It's all right, Ma'am, go in. DEA. Police.
Why don't you leave that poor family alone?
Everything's all right. Just calm down.
I'm calm. I'm calm.
Why don't you leave 'em alone?
He said: Go back inside!
Stan, I think it's better if we go inside, all right?
Benny, turn that kitchen upside down, find that shit!
Willy Blood, look what you did!
You killed the four year old kid! Did you really have to do that?
Please, open the door.
Benny, there's three kids here. I think Stan killed this girl,
and Willy, that asshole, shot the little boy.
The third one's missing. Find her.
Oh, shit. Hey, we missed the little girl, man.
I'm gonna try and find the fucking super of this goddamn building.
Yo, I found it!
Stan, we found it.
I know...
Here it is.
There's cops outside, we better go.
It's the cops outside. We better go. You stay here.
What do you want me to tell them?
Tell them
we were doing our job.
What's your name?
Sorry about your father.
If somebody didn't do it one day or another,
I would've probably done it myself.
Your mother, she...
She's not my mother.
And my sister, she wanted to lose some weight, anyway.
But she never looked better.
Not even my real sister.
Just a half-sister, and not a good haIf at that.
If you couldn't stand them, why are you crying?
Because they killed my brother...
What the hell did he do? He was four years old.
He never used to cry. Just used to sit next to me and cuddle...
I was more of a mother to him than that goddamn pig ever was!
Hey, don't talk like that about pigs!
They're usually much nicer than people.
But they smell like shit.
Not true!
As a matter of fact, right now I have one in my kitchen
that's very clean and smells very nice.
You don't have a pig in your kitchen!
Yes, I do.
I was just in there and I didn't see any goddamn pig!
Don't move, I'll get him.
Piggy? Piggy? Where are you?
Ah, there you are!
Hi Mathilda.
Hi Piggy.
How are you today?
I've seen better days.
What's your name?
Cute name.
You have anyone you can go to? Any family, any place else?
I'm gonna get some more milk.
Holy shit!
Don't touch that, please.
Leon? What exactly do you do for a living?
You mean you're a hitman?
Do you clean anyone?
No women, no kids, that's the rules.
How much would it cost to hire someone to get those dirtbags
who killed my brother?
Five grand a head.
Wow. How about this:
I work for you and in exchange you teach me how to clean.
What do you think?
I'll clean your place, I'll do the shopping,
I'll even wash your clothes.
Is it a deal?
No. It's not a deal.
What do you want me to do? I've got no place to go!
You've had a rough day today.
go to sleep and we'lI see tomorrow, OK?
You've been really great with me, Leon.
And it's not always like that,
you know?
Good night.
Sleep well?
Good, because after breakfast you gotta take off.
Where to?
Not my problem.
Read it!
You don't know how to read.
I'm learning, but I had a lot of work lately, so
I'm a little behind. What's it say?
"I've decided what to do with my life"
"I wanna be a cleaner".
You wanna be a cleaner. Here. Take it.
It's a goodbye gift. Go clean.
But not with me. I work alone. Understand. Alone?
Bonnie and Clyde didn't work alone.
Thelma and Louise didn't work alone. And they were the best.
Mathilda, why are you doing this to me?
I've been nothing but nice to you!
I even saved your life yesterday, right outside the door.
Right, so now you're responsible for it.
If you saved my life, you must have saved it for a good reason.
If you threw me out now it's like you never opened your door.
Like you let me die right there in front of it.
But you did open it,
If you don't help me, I'll die tonight. I can feel it.
But I don't want to die tonight.
Mathilda, you're just a little girl, so,
don't take it badly, but... I don't think you could do it.
I'm sorry.
How's that?
don't you ever do that again or I'll break your head.
You got that?
I don't work like that. It's not professional. There is rules!
And stop saying "OK" all the time! OK?
You expect to use that in this hotel?
Mister. I have to use it because
I have an audition at Julliard next month and I have to practice.
OK, but not after ten, hm?
OK, I promise.
I'm gonna put you at the end of the hall
so that you don't disturb anyone.
Could you fill those out please?
can I please fill them out,
you know how I like to check in to hotels!
Thanks, pap! I'll bring these back in a minute.
Fourth floor.
Thanks mister!
You're lucky to have a little girl that's interested in things!
I have a kid, seventeen, does nothing all day long.
Can I leave my plant here while I take my stuff upstairs?
Of course.
I'm putting the name of a girl in my class who makes me sick.
When things get hot, she'll take the heat.
There, finished.
How old are you?
Wanna see my license?
No. You just look a little... younger.
Leon, I want you to teach me how to be like you.
I wanna be strong like you, smart like you.
I know I'm not strong enough yet,
but I could learn the basics, the theory.
What do you think? Just the theory.
I need this, Leon. I need time to get my head together.
Yeah. And I need...
a drink.
Don't move! I'll go get you one.
You know, when you told me to get this baby out for you,
I thought my hearing's going.
I says to myself, "Leon's a pro. Nobody uses that, except beginners".
I like to stay in shape.
Always stay on top. It's like me.
I gotta know where everything is all the time.
That's why I don't leave this place except to go from here to there.
Change ain't good, Leon. You know?
Check it.
Make sure it's the right thing.
I trust you.
One thing's got nothing to do with the other.
Remember that, Leon.
I will.
The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use,
because it lets you keep your distance from the client.
The closer you get to being a pro,
the closer you can get to the client.
The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn.
Never take it off until the last minute, it reflects light.
They can see you coming from a mile away.
And always dress down, never brighter than the floor. OK?
Let's practice now. It's the best way to learn.
Who should I hit?
I'll be with you in a second, all right, give me a few minutes.
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
You guys in the suits get lost. I don't want to see you, all right?
It has to look natural.
No women, no kids, right?
The jogger in the yellow and orange?
Keep calm.
Don't take your eyes off him.
Breathe easy,
watch his movement.
Pretend you're running with him.
Try to feel his next movement.
Take a deep breath, hold it...
I'm all right. I'm fine. I'm fine.
Get down.
One shot! Not bad, huh?
Can we try with real bullets now?
Not today... Let's pack up.
Here, continue like that. Here, after...
No thanks.
No discussion.
It seemed... to Socrates...
To So-cra-tes...
I'll do it.
Leon, all we do is work.
We need a break. Let's play a game.
What kind of game?
I have this great game.
It makes you think and it helps your memory.
It's exactly what you need.
OK. Who is it?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Gene Kelly?
Your turn now.
OK, pilgrim...
Clint Eastwood?
I don't know, I give up.
John Wayne.
I was just about to say that.
I swear. It's amazing, Leon, really, brilliant.
You love your plant, don't you?
It's my best friend.
Always happy. No questions.
And it's like me, you see? No roots.
If you really love it, you should plant it
in the middle of a park so that it can have roots...
I'm the one you should be watering if you want me to grow.
You're right.
They gotta be jumping out of the plate, they gotta be alive.
It's been a longtime, Leon.
I missed you
and you missed some nice jobs, too.
I been training.
Training's good. But don't overdo it, huh?
You know training don't pay as good as working, Leon.
all the money I make... that you keep for me.
You need some money?
No. Just curious.
Because I've been working a longtime
and haven't done anything with my money,
I thought maybe some day I could...
use it.
You met a woman?
Leon, you gotta be careful with women.
Remember when you arrived in this country, Leon? When I took you in,
you were still wet behind the fucking ears,
and already you were in deep shit because of a woman...
Don't forget that, Leon.
Wish I could, sometimes.
You know, about my money.
Maybe I, maybe I could give... little...
to someone.
You know, to help out.
Hey, it's your money, I mean, I'm just holding it for you,
you know. Like a bank. Except that, you know, better than a bank because,
you know, banks are always knocked off.
And no one knocks off old Tony.
And besides, in a bank
there's always tons of forms to be filled and all that shit.
But old Tony, nothing to read, nothing to write -
it's all in his head.
I know how to read now.
That's good, Leon, good.
Your money is here whenever you want it,
you just ask me, OK? Here's a grand.
No, it's OK. I don't need it.
No. Come on, come on, take it. Have some fun. Go ahead. Take it.
Thank you.
All right,
now let's talk business. Don't move, I'll go get the file.
Manolo, a glass of milk for my friend Leon here!
Listen Mathilda, you gotta be careful.
You can't just speak to any guy off the street.
Leon, get a grip. What's the big fucking deal?
I was just smoking a butt while I was waiting.
I want you to stop cursing.
You can't talk to people like that all the time.
I want you to make an effort to talk nice.
And I want you to stop smoking.
Stay away from him, he looks like a weirdo.
I'll be out in five minutes, stand where I can see you.
Leon, I think I'm kind of falling in love with you.
It's the first time for me, you know?
How do you know it's love if you've never been in love before?
Cause I feel it.
In my stomach...
It's all warm.
I always had a knot there... and now it's gone.
Mathilda, I'm glad you don't have a stomach ache anymore,
I don't think that means anything...
I'm late for work. I hate being late for work!
Hey, how's the practicing going?
How are we today, Miss?
I'm sick of practicing.
I understand.
But you're doing all right.
I haven't received any complaints at all.
Well, I put a cloth over the strings to lessen the noise.
Oh? Oh, that's very smart!
Not everyone loves music.
Yeah I know.
What exactly does your father do?
Well, he's a composer.
Ah! That's wonderful!
Except he's not really my father.
He's my lover.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
What're you doing Saturday?
What about dinner?
Hey, where you going?
Visiting friends at 6J.
OK right.
We know you're a busy man
and we'll try to make this as short as possible.
Now if you just take us step by step
through exactly what happened.
The guy was here, he went for his gun.
Bang! We shot him.
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