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Oh! It has opened at last!
Since the last two weeks I've been struggling with it!
But sir, where has this lock to be put up?
Just like that! I've brought it out of my interest. We will keep it.
Where will it be kept?
Sameer, there was a fort, it had a palace...
...and in the palace lived the Thakur family.
Where? - Jasor!
Anyway, this kingdom was ruled by them since the last 300-400 years.
A difference of 100 years is no significant difference for you!?
In history, one century passes by merely the turn of the page!
Yes, so we were talking about the Kingdom of Jasor.
The times of the British, 19th Century.
No... no. Just recently. The 20th Century.
It wasn't a very big kingdom! Just a small estate.
Yet the Thakurs enjoyed good pomp and glory!
They had a fort, a few palaces...
...and a few neighboring villages, almost touching the desert.
ThakurAmar Singh was... one way, the last king. Very impressive personality!
The British gave him good respect.
They took him to England along with them.
Amar Singh married an English woman and settled there.
His estate was taken care of by his younger brother, Param Singh.
Rathertaken over! Param Singh had an indulging nature.
Didn't take too much time to spend the entire wealth.
By that time the British left the country...
...Freedom came. Param Singh was coming back to his senses...
...when Sardar Patel finished off the kingships in 1948.
Some unclaimed and...
...illegal properties were taken over by the government.
Param Singh disappeared, all of a sudden!
A few said that...
...since he was a cruel fellow, someone must have killed him.
A few say that he eloped with whatever was left with him.
Anyway, his personal palace and some other properties were sealed.
Their maintenance was handed over to the collector of that area.
I want that...
...those places should be opened.
The list of the articles left there should be prepared.
Things worthy of the museum should be sent there...
...and the fate of the remaining things...
...including the building...
...prepare a report for that!
Take this assignment letter.
Sign it and go.
Everything is ready!
When should I go? - Tonight. - What?
Okay, go tomorrow.
Here are your bookings, by the first class.
Sir, if people get superiors like you then... - Then?
This government will start functioning!
This Jasor is a very backward area.
It has no historical value.
And the desert beyond... one shouldn't even ask about it.
Sandstorms fly like ghosts!
No one knows when they might gulp anyone.
One shouldn't cut the nails during the nights.
What happens? - Just like that. Elders say that if one cuts...
...the hair during the night, ghosts possess him...
...and if nails are cut, witches haunt that person.
What is the difference between the two?
Difference? Definitely of the gender!
You were saying something about the desert.
Yes, I was saying that it is a vast desert.
Nobody can make out when the storm may break loose.
People who wish to cross it take a detour of 200 miles or more.
Now the government has made roads till far...
...otherwise previously except the camel...
Why has the train slowed down!?
Here, my station has come already...
...and I didn't realize it in your talks. - I didn't talk anything till now.
It seems it has rained in Rajasthan.
A rare phenomenon!
How will you go home? - I'll get a camel-cart outside. It will take me.
Okay then.
You missed your compartment, right?
Doesn't matter!
Sit down!
I mean, don't worry and don't be scared!
Sit up, here. Comfortably.
Alight at the next station and go to your compartment.
If you want, wipe yourself dry. You're drenched.
The toilet is there...
...what is it called... bathroom!
If you want, use it.
Tea... hot tea!
Let it be, sir. The coolie will pick it up.
You? Hey... you?
What are you doing here? - I work here as a coolie to earn my two square meals!
Don't talk rubbish. You still have this habit.
Hey, tell me the truth. What are you doing in this desert?
Look friend, if a person works truthfully and honestly...
...the government promotes him definitely...
...I've been promoted as a collector from being a coolie.
You're the collector of this place!? - Yes, sir.
Don't pull my leg. His name is... what's his name...?
...this S. A. Siddhiqui. - Shafi Ahmed Siddhiqui... in block letters!
Hey, Shafu, you wretch, since when have you become 'Siddhiqui'?
Siddhiqui is my father's name, pal... what do I...
Let it be. Hussain will pick it. Come.
Where is Sharda? - Don't ask anything, friend.
What happened?
She is bedridden since the last 2-3 years. - What has happened, but?
People say it is tuberculosis, but I doubt it to be cancer.
What rubbish are you talking? Did you consult someone?
Whom to consult? Her condition is such.
She will survive only for 8-10 days more...
...that too by the grace of God, if she survives for 8-10 days more...
You slut... rascal... - Enough. You've started the moment you arrived!
Do you know what he said? - Yes.
What he must have said? That I'm dead or about to die!
No... no. I didn't say that she is dead. I gave a grace of 8-10 days.
Is it? - I'll show you... - Hey, come.
How far is the circuit house from the palace?
What do you've to do with the circuit house? You will stay at my place.
I don't want to get bored! - Bored? You will get bored of my wife?
Sharda, did you hear what he said?
He isn't talking about me but you! - I see.
He has stayed with you in the hostel.
Yes, he used to get drunk in the night and perform planchette.
And used to make me massage him in the morning.
The days of massaging are over now. I'll get my shoes polished now.
By Sameer? - What else? I'm giving him two square meals after all.
Okay, tell me, how far is your house from the palace?
Around 30-40 miles. You can go in the morning and return by dusk.
And the circuit house? - Hey, the circuit house is no Presidential...
...Mansion, Just a shanty type place.
Why can't I stay in that palace? - Why are you avoiding staying with me?
Haven't I said? And no Param Singh stays there...
...who will arrange for a 'MuJra' performance by the courtesans.
If you want to watch a MuJra, you can watch Shabbo Begum RaJasthani.
It is cleaner outside. Isn't it? - What clean?
What are you trying to smell?
I'm trying to smell Time! TIME!
After how many years has this palace been opened?
Some 40-50 years, sir.
Doesn't look like.
Why? - No. - You find it more?
It feels inhabited. As if someone stays here.
These birds and flying creatures here...
...they can't be seen, but their designs are all over the place.
What are you doing here? - Who is it, Shafi?
With whom are you talking?
Well, where are you wandering all alone?
Even your parents are not accompanying you!
Are you aware how bad the times are?
It is such a risk for a cat to go out all alone!?
You don't even miss flirting with the cats?
I was talking to her. Don't tell this to your Bhabhi.
Me! Not you... He!
He is King Param Singh.
No, this isn't the picture of Param Singh.
He is the elder brother who had gone to England.
How do you know? - I've seen Param Singh's picture.
Where? Where have you seen it? - At Narayan Photographer's.
Well... er... it was lying here.
Perhaps someone is dancing over here.
We thought anklets are also provided along with the uniform!
Sir, come from here. We will go to the terrace.
Come Sameer.
His Heaviness, stay back. This won't take your load.
What is this? - This...?
They are gypsies!
Do they stay here permanently?
Hey... gypsies don't have anything like permanent!
Just consider that they stay here for months sometimes.
Since they stay peacefully, we also don't disturb them.
Yes, sometimes, Just for the sake of fulfilling the duties...
...we issue a couple of warnings!
They shouldn't consider that the police department doesn't exist at all.
But now it has to be vacated, D.S.P.
We will get it done. - Till when?
You say it. Within two hours!? - No, there is no such hurry.
Ask them to clear up the place in a couple of days. - It will be done, sir.
Do it fast! Fast! - We are, sir.
Give me the stick... give me the stick!
Hey, if you trouble me more, I'll make your head disappear!
Take your stick!
Especially the army or to keep some political prisoners...
...this fort was used by the King.
Yes, a small portion is reserved for the King's residence, too.
He must be visiting here during the wars!
No significant war took place, sir.
Yes, I think, the King never stayed here.
Yes, had he stayed, arrangements for the electricity would have been in place.
Someday we will go inside to visit the whole fort. - Okay, sir.
Hey, listen...
I've seen you somewhere, before.
Yes, you met me in the train.
You... what are you doing here? - I'm cooking 'Oat-breads'!
It is prohibited. Don't you know?
See... see this. See the carbon on the wall!
We removed everyone, today itself. Why didn't you go along with them?
I'll go. - All the tribe-people have left.
I'll go!
Are you all alone?
Would you like to have some of the bread?
A little...
...with Jaggery? - Well... hey...
...yes, give me a little. I'll taste it.
This... have you opened this door?
You... what do you do in the palace?
I've come to take charge of the belongings here.
What will you do with them?
I'll send it where they are to be sent.
And the people of this place? - Which people?
Those who stay here!
No one else besides you stay here.
We will send you to your place. Where is your house?
I don't have a house.
I stay here only. I stay anywhere.
Yes... I had forgotten. Gypsies don't own houses.
They Just keep traveling!
The palace people...
...where has everybody gone?
Must have gone in the history!
All of them? - Yes, all of them.
Nothing must have left by now!
And the musical instruments, their players...
...where have they gone?
The instruments are lying... the players are dead long back.
When the party is over... then... - Servants, attendants...
...petitioners, executioners, have all gone!?
Does nobody lash now? Doesn't anybody punish?
Who... used to lash?
See there...
...blood stains on the floor.
The way they used to drag...
And those chains on the walls!
They used to tie them with those chains and hit them with lashes!
And see that girl there... she is being brought here in chains!
What is all this? What is going on? Who are all these people?
...where have you gone?
Where are you?
Sir... shall I bring tea?
What? Tea...?
Yes... bring it.
...has anytime, here... long have you been here? - Since many years, sir. Around 10 years.
Have you ever... here...
What is the matter, sir?
You look a bit perturbed today!
No... nothing, really!
What do you think? Was she really a spirit?
No ice for me.
But pal, you never believed in ghosts and spirits!
I'm not talking about belief!
I'm talking about the incident that happened with me. That can't be untrue.
See this...
...these bruises on my elbow.
Have I bruised myself with a knife?
And see... these stains on the kerchief.
Where have they gone?
Oh... this is another one!
This can't be an illusion of my mind!
This is a mischief of your mind!
Take this. This is a consequence of not marrying on time.
Do you ever take anything seriously?
I'm very serious about your marriage. Now see...
...forget that girl... what's her name... Pammi!
She must have settled already in America and...'re still dangling in air since the last five years.
Okay now... tears for Pammi and Cheers for... haven't told me the name of that gypsy woman.
If you don't stop your Jokes, I'm going from here.
Enough of this quarrel! Tirath is here with the Jeep. Take this.
Let's go. - Are you going somewhere?
I'm not going alone. I'm taking you along.
Where? - There itself. To the gypsy camp.
Why? - Hey, come along, pal.
Come and check out. Must be some gypsy girl.
If you like her very much, we will bring her along.
If she refuses, we will hand her over to the D.S.P.
He will put her in the lockup. I've called him too.
Have you gone nuts? You've created a scene, unnecessarily.
No Sameer, he is right. These gypsy girls...
...are well versed in black-magic and witchcraft.
Someone among them must have played the prank.
Sharda, you too have lost your mind along with him.
I don't believe in any black-magic or witchcraft.
You don't believe in witchcraft... but only in ghosts and spirits.
No. And I don't believe the intelligence of a collector like you.
He has unnecessarily created a scene...
Have you seen this wretch! He is calling me an idiot!
You too don't refrain, play Jokes on everything!
I wasn't Joking. Just relieving him of his tensions.
What are you searching, sir? - Nothing. Just like that... you people know witchcraft? - No, sir.
We simply trade in small articles. Buy it from one place to sell at another.
And a little bit of tricks, that's all. But are you...
...searching for someone?
Well... what is your name? - Jaimal Singh.
All these... do they belong to the same clan?
We all belong to the same community of Banva.
Some 15 clans together. - Does somebody separate too?
Yes, at times. But most of the times, informs someone before leaving.
Someone or the other keeps track.
But whom are you searching for? - No... Just someone.
Someone once showed some magic... so I thought...
There is nothing like magic, sir. Just a trick of the hand.
But don't fall for such traps.
Do you've some such woman here?
Woman? No... sir. There is only one Purvi Tai.
She predicts future. - Does she predict correctly?
At times correct and at other times not.
Depends on the customer. - Why does she predict incorrectly?
Certain people have nothing in their fate.
She puts something of her own in such cases.
Would you like to get yours predicted, sir? She stays Just there.
Okay, sir.
Would you like to eat the Oat-bread, sir? With Jaggery?
Who... gave you this? From where have you got it?
I've brought it from my house, sir. I personally have brought it.
Eat and see, sir.
It's Just like that. - Like what, sir?
It is good. - More?
Have you arranged for the camel for the evening?
Yes. But don't go too deep in the desert.
It will get very late in the night to return.
Pick it up.
Hey... snake... snake!!
Sir... sir... there is a snake... snake! - Snake?
In that room. - If it is a snake then...
...why are you shivering?
There is a snake... in that room, under the portrait.
Where is the snake? Where is it? - It was here, somewhere. At this place.
It was here. - It is not here.
Just check behind the portrait. - No. It is not here.
It was here. - Just straighten up the portrait.
Hey... come... apply some strength. Yes...
So you're Mr. Param Singh.
Take this portrait downstairs. - Okay, sir. - Take it downstairs.
Come... pick it up.
Listen... that government bungalow... the circuit house... that...
Have you lost your way? - Who are you?
I mean...
...who you are?
Light the lamp, please.
Please light it.
Come, I'll show you the way. - Where are you going?
I'll reach you till the government bungalow.
But... where do you stay? - Nowhere.
Didn't I tell you, I don't have a house.
Are you scared? - No.
Are you a gypsy?
Do you know witchcraft? - No.
Then how did you disappear that day?
When I came out, your firepot and everything vanished.
I was left searching for you. - Even I get lost there.
There are so many doors, can't make out...
...from which entrance I enter and from which I come out.
You... what do you do in the palace?
What will I do now? There is nobody over there now.
That, which you showed me the other day... what was that?
It is not there.
Isn't all that visible to you?
Everything is visible to me.
Not only can I see but also hear!
The whole night, that palace echoes like strings.
If you put your ears to the wall and listen... can hear someone's sigh... someone's cry.
Time passes...
...but doesn't die.
What else do you see in the palace?
I see the chains on the walls...
...blood stains...
...flogging sound of the lashes...
Sometimes, the sound of naked footsteps on the floor is also audible.
Music can't be heard now.
It isn't dead...
...but is buried there itself.
Haven't you seen that palace in solitude?
You search the past!
How can you not see all that?
Who told you that I search the past?
You only had said...
...inhaling a deep breath...
"I'm trying to smell Time!"
Were you there?
Sir... sir...
Freshen up yourself then I'll serve the food.
What time is it?
It is nine, sir.
Sir... sir...
Are you waiting for someone?
Who? Is someone expected?
Well... er... this...
...I had borrowed this lantern from someone.
He will come to take it.
Shall I put if off? There is sufficient light.
Yes... put it off!
Make my bed. - And food?
I won't eat.
See... - Yes?
This lantern...
...keep it here, beside me.
If someone comes to take it... - Yes.
...wake me up. - Okay.
Chhatar Singh... - Sir, what happened?
This... where is this lantern?
I had gone to the market. I had kept it in the cupboard.
Where is it in the cupboard?
Doesn't matter, sir. The water is ready for you to take a bath.
You slept well last night. That too without changing your clothes.
Its... keys? - Don't worry. I'm there. You take your bath. I'll take care of it.
How did this come here, sir? Did you bring it?
Whom does it belong to? - To the palace!
Just see. Article 232. We had labeled it Just the day before.
Yes. It has a pair too. - When did it get lost?
Don't know. But we were searching for it since morning.
Where is the other one? - Inside.
Come, let's have a look. - Come.
It is similar, sir.
Check the whole list and determine if anything else is missing.
Let me know if something is missing. - Okay, sir.
And yes... get all these articles cleaned and put them in the hall. - Okay.
Hey Sharda, you, here?
You didn't come home and such is your practice that...'re punishing your Bhabhi for a quarrel which you had with your brother.
Can anyone ever quarrel with Shafi? Didn't he come?
No. I had gone to the temple. I'm coming from there itself.
Gone to ask for something?
Did you get?
What is this?
I see... must be some amulet to charm and control your husband!
I don't need that. - No!? Then what is it?
I've brought it for you! Wear it.
You've gone nuts, Sharda. - Don't refuse, Sameer!
I've prayed a lot to get it!
Sharda... I...
...I don't believe in amulets and talismans.
Don't believe. But wear it for my sake.
I feel very scared for you, Sameer. I'm very perturbed since that day...
...because you see these ghosts and shadows...
Sharda, she is no ghost! She...
What do you know who she is?
What does she want from you!?
What she wants... is not known to me!
Why she comes to me again and again...
...and why only to me?
Did she come again?
Did she meet you again?
And she disappeared again? In the same manner?
...don't know why!
Before her arrival...
...I hear sounds of an approaching gale!
Whenever I meet her... feels a strong zephyr surround her!
An invisible presence!
It feels... if some tornado is passing by!
When she goes, everything falls absolutely silent.
Only a hush is left!
She... she must be hearing, right?
Sharda, what is this happening, with me?
Why is it happening?
Who is she... what is she...
...I really don't know.
But... but...
...who am I?
What am I? I want to know!
I want to know, Sharda.
Friend, I want a couple of policemen...
...for the night duty. - Where?
Around the palace. It is heard that petty thefts take place there.
Some lantern was stolen! Take this.
Oh... why took the trouble?
Although there is a guard, but it is not enough.
And I also want that if any suspicious person is spotted...
...he should be arrested immediately. - Will be done.
Okay... and what should we do about those gypsies?
It is heard that they left the village last night.
Thank God, the trouble is over.
How is Mr. Sameer Singh?
Sameer doesn't carry the surname 'Singh'!
Whatever! But how is he? - Fine. He has gone to Jaipur.
Will be back in a couple of days.
Okay, I'll leave now, allow me! - Don't forget.
I've seen you somewhere before!
Stop it! Please!
You've not seen me anywhere before... not at any place!
Not in this birth, nor in any other!
I'm sorry!
Seen me!
Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Yes... I was searching for books on parapsychology, birth, rebirth...
...supernatural powers, etc.
You'll find them on the first floor. - First floor! Thank you!
Excuse me! - Yes!
Are you Mr. Sameer Yogi?
That's right!
Do you happen to know a girl by the name of Pammi, 3-4 years back?
You? - I'm her uncle! Professor B. N. Mathur!
Hello uncle, sorry, I didn't recognize you.
Never had the opportunity to meet you... Just heard about you!
It sure is a small world!
What more could I've asked for at this moment?
No matter how enormous Time is, it consists of tiny moments!
When two destiny orbits strike against each other and move...
...this world becomes small.
When they separate... then...
...its infinity. Infinity!
This professor's tendency does not leave me!
Well, leave it at that... tell me, what were you searching for over here?
Just... Parapsychology, birth, rebirth, etc.
That's not your subject!
It's yours at least!
Can you give me some time? I'd like to understand something from you.
Definitely, definitely. You have a look at the books first...
...then we'll go home and sit.
Well, now, you will suggest the books too!
All right... come on!
Tell me one thing...
You told me that when the train stopped and you woke up with the Jerk...
...the girl was not there in the compartment.
I thought she was in the toilet.
But the toilet door was open and she wasn't there.
I opened the latch and looked outside at the platform...
That means that the latch was untouched...
...and she went outside!
Well, yes! I...
...didn't think about it.
Tell me, do spirits exist? Really exist!
This is the 'Time' weekly. It has Llama's predictions.
And this is... from here...
'The Illustrated Weekly'
See this.
This woman is Uttara... a Maharashtrian lady...
...stays in Nagpur, is a lecturer in the University.
At the age of 33, all of a sudden, one fine day...
...she started to talk in the Bangla dialect.
She had never learnt that language...
...and her whole personality changed to her is...
...that of Sharda Devi.
A woman, who had expired 150 years back.
A doctor from Virginia University opines that this is not a case of rebirth...
...but that it's some other spirit that...
Has Pammi come? - Not yet!
Have a look at this. This is an issue of’ India Today'
February '87.
In this... this... from the Kopin Buddhist monastery in Nepal...
...this Llama, before he died... had informed about the place he would be born...
...and that my telltale signs would be so and so...
This is that same boy, I mean, that same Llama!
Isn't it? Mother and Father are different... there any reason to disbelieve?
I'm not talking about a long time back...
...but about today's...
...American 'Time' weekly and 'India Today'
Not talking about 'Vikram Betal' or other Phantom stories!
If she too is a spirit...
...why doesn't she take birth somewhere?
Why is it roaming about?
I can't tell you that...
...only know that...
...some spirits...
...whose desires... ambitions... remain unfulfilled...
...they... at some specific place... and within a period of time...
...rove about...
...till such time that somebody doesn't liberate them.
Maybe... for some such reason...
...that spirit too is roving about that place.
And maybe, wants help from you.
...why from me? - Why not?
A nice, clean, stainless heart... that's what you own!
She trusts you!
Uncle... can I come in? - Come!
Come... come in!
Sit down! - You've returned?
Take this... books for you.
Is it some private talks? - No... Just a personal problem that he has.
What is it?
I peeped in 3 times... and every time you were talking about a girl.
Couldn't make out, whose girlfriend it is!
Yours... or Sameer's?
Have you done your shopping? - Yes! Very interesting...
What did you buy for Tom? - Will you see? - Yes!
Those gypsies that are there... I bought it from them.
They're fake but... Tom will like it a lot.
And I'm going to tell him...
...about all the spiritual powers in this rosary.
And this... a robe... nice?
Why don't you wear it? - Me? No...
Try it on... come on...
What's this? You never used to wear anything!
This... a friend put it on me.
Girl... or boy?
To be saved from any bad omen... Sharda has given it.
You know her... Mrs. Shafi!
For the same thing? - Yes!
Does it have any effect?
Don't know. For some people it's a psychological advantage, that's all.
What did she say? ...The one who gave it to you!
...that she'd not come back.
This... I wore it after the incident of the lantern.
Keep it on. Check out what happens.
Who are you talking about? The two of you.
I find something fishy!
You leave that, I'll wear the dress.
Let it be. First tell me... why did you wear this?
Just like that...
...Just had some suspicion.
These talks don't suit you, Sameer.
Tell me the truth, what happened?
Sit down. I'll tell you.
Well, this talk is a bit rare but 'not impossible'!
There's a spirit... at least that's what can be fathomed till now...
...who meets Sameer.
She meets him...
...talks to him...
...and suddenly vanishes.
Seems like...
...she's trapped in some period of time!
Wants to be released from it!
I'm not saying that it is exactly like that...
...but could be that...
...Sameer may be related to her in some way in his previous birth.
You... sing very well!
I've learnt it!
From whom?
From the Maestro!
Which Maestro?
He's from our village... 'MiraJ Ali'
'MiraJ Ali'... which village are you from?
It's quite far... that side of the desert!
So... what are you doing here? In this village?
Waiting for Mehru! - Who's Mehru?
Shepherd... has a house at the end of the village...
...was a solid construction... broken and destroyed.
He'll come back... and get it repaired!
Where has he gone?
Puniya... it's been many days!
Well... will be coming!
What has happened to your leg?
The finger got cut!
The dish fell from the hand!
What's this you're wearing? Didn't have it before!
...someone brought it for me.
By wearing this... what happens?
To be saved from ghosts and spirits!
It is said that...
...they don't appear again!
Ghosts and spirits... do you see them?
Trouble you... do they?
No! Never!
Troubles me a lot! - Who? Ghosts and spirits!
Yes! Hit me with lashes, drag me, spill my blood!
Look at my backside!
This... who are they... who hit you with lashes?
These shadows who are sleeping in the desert!
Don't allow me to pass by the desert!
I wanted to go to that side but...
...these shadows don't allow me to go.
These shadows trouble me a lot!
Will you wear this?
This... wear this.
And you?
They don't trouble me... these shadows.
I don't want to be saved from them.
Can I ask you one thing? - What?
Where do you stay?
I mean...
...if I want to meet you...
...where can I come?
You have to go?
You go... wherever you leave me... you'll find me there.
But while going... don't ever turn back to see.
Previously there was hope that this quaintness would be over.
Now I fear that this quaintness will get over!
After meeting Bhairon uncle, the fear in the heart has vanished.
Previously I was shaken, lost my senses...
...was perturbed as to what was happening to me.
Now I want to know...
...what's happening with me.
Why it is happening!
Now I don't wish for these circumstances to end.
At least till such time...
...that I don't know everything.
Not only Bela...
...but now I'm on the lookout for myself too!
When did she tell me her name?
What... Is that her name?
You know, Shafi...
I saw a figure in the distance...
The same way... lantern in hand.
I had told you that...
...the lantern was stolen!
I had a doubt and I...
...Just came running out.
Come on, sit in the car.
...don't think... that I've gone mad... the way that you look!
Come on!
So late in the night... what were you doing there?
How late at night?
It's one o'clock! - It is one, right?
What if you ask yourself the same question?
It is one, go, go and sleep!
And wear something... go.
This means that she must have taken the lamp from the palace!
Listen... where are you?
You! When did you come?
Just now! - Was that your voice? Did you sing?
No! Tara was singing. - Tara?
Tara, who? - My sister.
Where is she? - She's not here... in the village.
Beyond the desert! - So... was her voice heard here?
Didn't I tell you... listen carefully...
...and this palace echoes like strings.
Your sister... did she stay in this palace?
No! The Maestro had called!
Ustaad MiraJ Ali? - Yes!
Dad had brought him to sing for the king.
We all were sitting... down there.
That's the Maestro, the one who's singing.
Used to treat us as his daughters!
And that's sister... the one who's sitting in the middle.
That's father!
And that small girl? - That's me!
For a few days... will you stay here?
MiraJ! Here, at this time?
Take the children... and leave immediately from here.
Why? What happened?
Param Singh's motives are not good!
There are two camels on the ready outside...
...leave in the dead of night!
By tomorrow night you will cross the desert...
...and then nobody can reach there. - All right.
Tara, child, we all have to go from here.
Make the arrangements, immediately.
Be quick, child! - Reva!
Your name isn't Bela? - No! Reva is my name.
Then, whose name is Bela? - Don't know.
So, did you all leave that night itself?
Yes. It was daybreak and we were still in the desert when...
...the King's men reached there.
Dad and me, we were on one camel and Tara was on the other.
There was a lot of commotion and in the commotion...
...Tara's camel went ahead.
Just have to go beyond the desert.
Where's MiraJ Ali?
Have locked him in the cell.
Keep her there too... in the adjoining cell.
But... what do we do of this Mirashi?
Don't take his life... it's a sin!
Put him on a camel and leave him in the desert.
Tie him up properly, so that he doesn't fall off!
If he falls... he'll get hurt!
As you wish!
Father, I'll come back, wait for me...
...tell sister that I'll definitely come... tell her to wait for me!
Wait... that's what I'll do too!
Who am I?
This story... why did Reva narrate it to me?
How am I related to her?
Am I Jagtar... MiraJ Ali or Param Singh?
There's a call from the collector, Sir.
What were you doing?
Having a bath! - Naked!? - Yes!
What do you mean? Do you have a bath in a suit, idiot?
What's the need to get so upset.
If you were having a bath, naked, then be it, everybody bathes naked!
You ask strange questions! - Just a minute!
You have a talk with him... but don't mention about last night.
Samer, wear your clothes... you have to talk to Bhabhi!
Hey, listen... do you know Urdu?
Yes, but... you...
If not me then will your dad know Urdu?
That's enough! - Here, talk!
Know Urdu!?
Sameer... where are you? Why don't you come home?
Today's Sunday! It's a holiday for the palace work too.
You come over immediately.
Sorry, Sharda, I'm late in coming... - Quiet please, he's praying!
Sorry, have to send them to the library.
Tell me, where were you held up?
I'd gone to the market, this...
Here, he's come!
Blow on his head too! He needs some blessings desperately!
Tell me... what work in Urdu do you have for this Munshi?
This... what is written on this?
What is this thing?
Sit. I'll tell you.
Sit down! You talk to your hearts' content while I warm the food.
What is this?
This is that paper on which I was fed with the Oat-bread. Do you remember?
Oat-bread? - Yes!
Well... I... all those waste papers on which I had snacks on...
...all of them I've put in the file!
This... this... - You may make an encyclopedia out of it!
This is not a waste paper but a 40-year-old paper!
The whole palace is full of 40-year-old papers.
Come over to my office, you'll find 60-year-old papers.
Take them... if you want to, sell snacks in them or maybe peanuts!
Give, give it to me. - I'm reading it.
Find a way to get out... Cell no. 14.
Is that written? - What does it mean... Cell no. 14!
Reva... what's the matter, child?
What's the matter, child?
I miss sister a lot, father... miss her a lot!
Sister is all by herself! - Why alone? Your father will be with her.
No! Father didn't reach back.
My heart tells me that... he's no more.
Sister is all by herself!
Sister must be waiting for me!
I have to go to sister, Baba!
I have to go to sister!
We'll go...
We'll go, child... we both will go.
When Tara... when she listens to your song...
So small were your hands... when we started the practice!
And now...
...they've really grown!
To see you... I long for it, Baba!
See me through my voice, my child! The way I see!
Sing... Sing!
What's the matter, child?
Baba, some woman had come...
Not the same one who comes everyday... someone else!
And there were two men too!
A big tub and two buckets... they've left behind.
What's happening, Baba?
Something... Did they say something?
Did they do something? What did they come to tell?
Will they... will they kill me?
No, child! Allah is very generous! He'll help me!
If Mehru gets my letter... he'll definitely come!
I've given him the oath of the Koran!
I feel... that they'll take me from here.
Kapil Khan! What happened about Mehru's letter?
It has reached! Tonight, Param Singh has called the girl to the palace.
Khan... Khan, save my honor!
Save Reva from going to the palace.
Mehru... I've given him the oath of the Koran.
His sister... his sister, would be waiting for him beyond the desert!
What happened? - The string opened up, madam.
How did it open? - It broke!
I'll fill it up completely in the next round. - Be quick!
When the cauldron goes out again, the girl will also be out, maestro!
Ustaad, Mehru will be waiting... will be in the desert before sunrise!
Ustaad, I'll come back once again... take you... to take you!
Praise be to Allah!
MiraJ Ali... 8 years back, you had done the same thing to me.
And this time, once again...
Do you see your grave?
Where did you send that girl?
Where have you hidden her?
If you've sent her to the other side...
You think that she'll be able to cross the desert!?
My men won't leave her alive!
Speak up... I give you a last chance... where is she?
Otherwise I'll bury you in this grave in such a way...
...that for ages no one would know where you've been buried.
Allah is very resourceful, Param Singh!
That's good... come on.
Come on!
It's two days... don't know where he's gone!
How is Sameer? - I was calling up regarding him itself.
Hasn't he come to you?
Don't know... missing for the past 2 days.
Neither at the palace nor at the circuit house.
Didn't I tell that I wanted a man spying on him... for his protection.
Collector, how can someone be after him for 24 hours?
Is it my problem? - Sir! - Yes!
Once, he had spoken about wanting to see the Cell in the fort.
Yes... that... what was that?
Cell no. 14... he was talking about that.
Full of dust!
Be careful, Sir!
Seems like this place...
...hasn't been opened in ages!
Allah, have mercy!
Thank God he's alive!
The temperature is quite high!
But? Here? How did he come inside?
Come, pick him up.
Be careful!
How are you? - Better!
Looking at mine and Sharda's face... you must have got bored!
Would you like to see a new face?
Who is it?
Just a minute!
You be at ease! - Give that to me.
Come, have a seat! - What happened?
Doctor, he had fever... high... 104!
And he was unconscious too. He stayed unconscious for two days.
Who's treating him?
Our benevolent is here somewhere...
...Local medicine, but it worked!
Earlier we thought of taking him to Jaipur...
...didn't want to take him when he was unconscious...
...when he regained consciousness, he didn't want to go.
Luckily, I called up so I came to know.
That's why I brought you along!
She must have told you... - Yes, did tell that...'s a case of hallucinations. You see some images!
Matter of fact this happens due to brain-encephalitis.
In reality... what do you see?
Come on, Sameer, I'm sure you don't believe in all those things!
What? - The same, spirits and all that!
What I mean to ask is... have you met some... spirit?
You're educated and... you know that it's unscientific!
What's scientific, doctor?
That, this body is a system... a biological fact.
And if this body is finished, nothing remains. Nothing!
The eye remains, right?
Yes, science believes that!
Maybe, in the future we'd come to know that the liver and kidney too remain!
Then, why can't the spirit remain?
Because there's no proof about it.
But... the one I've seen...
...have met... talked to... whose voice I can touch...
...recognize the face... how do I believe that she...
...that she's not present?
The story that she told...
...that isn't a figment of her imagination!
But Sameer, this Tara and Reva's story... is known to all and sundry in the locality.
I could've also told you. - But you didn't. - No
And you can believe me that I didn't hear it from anyone else.
So how did it reach me?
I've heard it from her itself... the one whose story it is.
Isn't this evidence, an evidence of her presence?
Sharda, you had given me a talisman. Didn't you?
Yes! - That's not with me now.
I was about to ask... where is it?
She's wearing it around her neck.
I put it on her.
If it was some shadow or dream, it would have fallen off!
And you wouldn't believe why she has worn it.
She... is afraid of shadows!
You didn't agree... ran away from home!
Wear it, the weather is cold!
I've some news for you.
Don't know whether it's good or bad.
In Cell no. 14... a grave has been found.
Anything found in it? - Yes, a skeleton!
MiraJ Ali's? - Don't know!
This is Param Singh! - What?
How do you know?
These gold teeth... Param Singh had two teeth of gold.
The lower one.
I've seen him.
You saw Param Singh... His two teeth... lower ones...
...were of gold.
His snap is there... with Narayan... I did show it to you!
So, what happened of MiraJ Ali, Param Singh?
Who buried you there? Reva?
Allah alone knows whether I'll carry his dead body along...
...or whether I'll find him alive!
He's disappeared once again!
Do you remember how he was found the last time?
The front door... whose lock we had to break open...
...big stairs of the palace... they too were closed...
...doors sealed... two small lanterns... iron rods... rusted... all closed.
And this man... with bruises on his hands and legs... was lying there.
How do I believe that...
If he went in as air...
...why didn't he come out as air too!
What's the point in getting so upset?
If he does not like to stay in this house, what can we do?
If he does not want to live here, then let him go... go to hell...
...but go away from here... why trouble me?
Not at the circuit house... the palace is closed.
I... where do I search for him... where?
I've already said that no more work will be done on the palace.
Lock up all the windows and doors... and seal them.
Close down this palace.
As for you, Mr. Sameer, you're going back by this evening's train.
Did you understand?
There's no place in the circuit-house for you now!
I don't want to see you in my locality.
Your order... your wishes... will not be adhered to anymore.
And if you try to be adamant...
...the police have been given orders...
...they'll arrest you and lock you in Jail.
Did you understand?
Waiting for Mehru! - Where has he gone? - Puniya!
There is one Bade Miya Chand... has a medical store...
People call him Mehru uncle.
That's all, right? Go!
And there's one Mehru Sakka. - Sakka? - The 'Mashki'!
One who fills water... they... his full name is MeherAli.
And one...
Hey, Noore...
This guy, one who I Just paid off... his dad's name also was Mehru.
Poor guy, went mad and died somewhere!
Was some singer... Dad had helped her run away from the palace.
The Maestro had given him the oath of the Koran!
Got caught... The King beat him a lot...
...beat him almost to death and left him behind the house.
That same night, mom took dad and left the place.
Mom used to tell me all this... I don't even remember dad's face!
Used to say that he went mad!
Do you have any idea whether he helped the girl to get through?
People say she died... don't know... her body was never found.
Maybe buried somewhere here beneath some sand dune.
It's all Allah's will... when and where to grant a grave to anybody!
Well, my dad was buried in the mental hospital. - Why?
He had come... Maestro... one who had given an oath...
...he came and took him away.
Said that he'll cure dad.
Got the news after a year that dad was dead!
Who had come? Ustaad MiraJ Ali? Did he come?
The same one!
After dad was caught in the desert... he came after that.
He managed to escape from the prison!
You know about his whereabouts?
No. I don't have anything.
That means...
Ustaad MiraJ Ali... does he stay here?
Stays here? - Yes. Come ahead please.
Tell me, what work do you have with him? - He... is he there?
Yes! - Can I meet him?
He doesn't recognize anybody... can't listen properly too!
Has become very old!
Let me meet him, once, please, I... - Wait!
Mom, somebody has come to meet Baba.
Where have you come from?
I... I want... Ustaad... I want to meet him!
Tell me. I'm his daughter.
Tell him... that I'm sent by... Reva.
Yes mom! - No, not you!
My daughter's name too is Reva!
You... which Reva are you talking about?
You... are Tara! - Right!
Reva... you're talking about... my sister?
She's been dead for40... is she alive?
Is she alive? Where did you meet her?
How many years... I spent waiting for her!
And Baba... Baba does not believe it at all... we all told him that she's dea...
Reva, get a glass of water.
Come in... meet Baba... he can't talk but... Come.
Mehru... you've come!?
Did you get Reva?
To come... you took a long time!
I'm not Mehru, Baba... I'm Sameer!
After such a long time... heard Baba's voice!
Where will you go?
To the other side of the desert...
Up to that palace... may meet Reva wandering somewhere.
Once... Just once more!
If I meet her I'll tell her...
That in spite of being liberated from the body... aren't liberated from that moment which is hanging between life and death!
One's who are dead... are left behind!
And the ones who were alive... they went ahead!
Your sister, Tara... still loves you!
Like her own child... she remembers you!
Baba, too, till his last breath... remembered you!
He died... he's liberated...
Get out... from this one moment of death, Reva!
Or else, this story... you'll keep on repeating it again and again!
And die repeatedly!
I... know about...
...the period of time in which you're stranded.
Come on... I'll get you across this desert.
Come... get out of this moment!
Get liberated!
See! The sun is setting!
It'll stop me again... won't let me get across the desert!
Reva... you... want to escape death!
And... you fear life!
That's why... between life and death... you're burning!
Come... come with me!
I'll take you across. Come!
Once again saved from certain death, friend!
By sending you... I made a big mistake.
But now, listen to one thing... if you want to die henceforth...
...die in front of me... die in my arms!
Why are you doing this to me?
Sister... Sister Tara...
It's God's grace... that you were saved!
If you weren't to be found... - I... where did you find me?
In the desert... lying unconscious on a sand dune!
Me... on a sand dune? Reva... she too was with me!
No! Reva had come to meet me... to return your belonging.
Your belonging... to return it to you... she had given it to me.
This talisman!
She... she is liberated!
Reva is liberated... isn't it Sharda?
She crossed the desert!
Met her at Baba's grave... I was lighting a lamp over there and...
She... she aged so soon, right?
Compared to me... she was so younger to me!
Truly, Reva has escaped from that period-of-time!
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