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Subtitles for Legends Of The Fall.

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Legends Of The Fall

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Some people hear their own|inner voices with great cleamess.
And they live by what they hear.
Such people become crazy,|orthey become legends ...
Tristan Ludlowwas born|in the moon of the falling leaves.
It was a terrible winter.
His mother almost died|bringing him into this world.
His father, the Colonel,|brought him to me.
l wrapped him in a bearskin|and held him all that night
As he grew into a man,|I taught him the joy of the kill.
When the hunter|cuts out its warm heart -
- setting its spirit free.
Colonel Ludlow had three sons,|but Tristan was his favourite.
I'd had sons, too ...
But they were gone now... Forever.
lt was a very bad time.
The Colonel had tried|to help the people.
But it was no use.
So he decided to go his own way.
He wanted to lose the madness|over the mountains, he said.
Begin again.
Lose the madness, he said...
And so we lived for many years,|and the boys grew strong.
Alfred was the older brother,|old even for his years.
Samuel was the youngest.
There was nothing these brothers|would not do for him.
They watched over him|like a treasure.
One year... I am an old man,|I cannot remember the year.
lt was the moon of the red grass.
Isabel Ludlow, their mother,|went away for the winter.
She said the winters|were too cruel for her.
She said she was|afraid of the bears.
She was a strange woman, anyway.
That spring, though,|she did not return.
And after that she did not|come much to see us.
Alfred wrote her many letters,|but Tristan refused to speak of her.
His world was here ... with me.
Every warrior hopes|a good death will find him.
But Tristan couldn't wait.|He went looking for his.
Tristan! Tristan!
-Was it a bear?|- Yes, sir.
-Was it a bear?|- Yes, sir.
Can you breathe?|Take your hand away.
You're a stupid,|half-bred jackass.
Did One Stab put you up to this?
You deserve to be dead.|God knows how you've lived so long.
I have these letters.
Read them.
They are from all of them.|Ludlow... Isabel... Samuel.
The whole family. The whole story.
ltis all written here.
April 13th, 1913.
Dear Isabel, I am not fool enough to|try to alter a life already lived.
But I feel I have not done well|raising our sons in this wild place.
What did I know of children?|l was trained to lead men.
This is infinitely harder.
Dear William, you take too much|responsibility on yourself.
Our sons can find their own paths.|They are willful, certainly, -
- but who are we|to complain of willfulness.
I have news of Samuel.|At a Harvard tea -
- he met Miss Susannah Finncannon.
l know it will surprise you greatly,|but they are engaged.
This summer he will bring her|to Montana to meet you all.
So behave yourself andb e|as charming as only you can be.
There he is.
- How the hell are you?|- Good, and you?
Samuel. Good to see you, boy.
Father.|This is my fiancee Susannah.
- Miss Finncannon ...|- I'm pleased to meet you.
And this is Alfred.
- Here's your dog.|- It's a horse.
- That's a strange-looking animal.|- Finn is a champion.
-An exotic dog, Miss Finncannon.|- Yes. Mr. Ludlow.
Call me Susannah.
- He's just plain old Alfred.|- Shut up.
-Where's Tristan?|- He's off somewhere.
He'll be here tonight,|or I'll know the reason why.
Miss Finncannon, please.|Did you have a good journey?
She is a lovely creature, William, -
- but she has a certain fragility|after the loss of her parents.
At times l think she feels|very alone in the world.
But she has found a new family now.
The German military is ready.
The entire civilized world|could be plunged into ...
The word "civilized" has no place|in the affairs of this world.
Our mother has told us of your|sympathy for the social reformers.
- You make it sound like a disease.|- No, I'm in agreement.
Your mother told me of One Stab.|She said he was a great warrior.
He has a bag of scalps somewhere|to prove it, but don't worry, -
- he and father|are devoted to each other now.
- Can he speak English?|- Stab? Speak English?
He wouldn't lower himself|to speak English. Would you, Stab?
But watch out,|he understands it perfectly well.
Hey, there's Tristan.
- Don't they feed you up there?|- Not much.
- You smell.|- Miss me, did you?
- Still hungover?|- Still drunk.
Isn't she amazing?
So this is Tristan.
And does he speak English?
Miss Finncannon.|It's a pleasure to meet you.
l hope you and ugly here|find every happiness together.
Don't mind my brother. Your dog|has more breeding than he has.
- This is Mother's room.|- lt's lovely.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Pet.
Argemonia albeflora, Langifolia ...
-Angelica arguta.|-Which one's that?
It's this one.
Angelica Susannah.
You must be Isabel Two.
I've already met|your mother and father.
- How old are you?|- 13.
When l was 13,|I was sent away to boarding school.
l hated it.
May l help you?
- You're going to marry Samuel.|- That's right.
l'm going to marry Tristan.
Then we'll be sisters.
- l see you two have met.|- Isabel Two is letting me help.
- Rest now. You must be exhausted.|- No, not at all.
This is so refreshing.|All this grandeur.
This unexpected gift from God.
lt doesn't seem like much of a gift|four months into a hard winter.
-Where's Samuel?|- He's inside with your father.
- You're very generous.|- No ... just happy.
Stop mooning over Miss Finncannon.|Tell Samuel about the new calves.
Come on.
Excuse my father.
It makes him feel young and powerful|to treat us like idiot children.
For this and all his other blessings,|may God's name be praised. Amen.
Tell Father|what you were saying about Vienna.
The Kaiser. He won't stop them|from annihilating Serbia.
- No talk of war at the table.|-All England is mobilizing.
-We're stuck out here.|- Thank God for that.
-We're evading our duty.|-Are you?
Excuse me for being late. l packed|so carefully l couldn't find things.
Thank you.
Dear Isabel, how strange to have a|cultivated woman in the house again.
I have all my sons|with me again.
lt fills me with such deep, quiet|satisfaction that I thank God.
Hey, Stab!
There's a friend of yours.
l've got a dollar|that says he brings her back.
Nice work!
You guys look like a bunch|of ice cream cones.
Go easy on him, Susannah.
-Alfred, you take over.|- You've disgraced our name.
- Nice shiner.|- Yeah. I hit her back.
She's got me spinning.
She's got these|ideas and theories ...
- She's ...|-What?
- How did you break the mare?|- Oh no ... She's what?
She's sort of passionate.
- Is she a virgin?|- Good Lord! Of course she is.
Are you?
- Yes.|- Gonna wait till you get married?
She says...
Susannah thinks that...
No. We're not gonna wait.
And you're afraid|you won't meet her expectations.
I guess I am.|Sort of... I don't know.
- Should I be?|- God bless you.
You are good at everything|you try to do. Fuck her.
-We're talking about my fiancee.|-Why not fuck her?
I'm planning to be with her.
- I recommend fucking.|- You're impossible.
- Tristan's gone hunting.|-We're not here for Tristan.
This is John T. and James O'Banion.|They own the new mercantile store.
Good morning, Alfred.
We're looking for a man|who might be around here.
Name of Tom Cullen.|I have a likeness here.
-What did this fella do?|- Do you recognize him?
- Yes.|-We've got him, James.
This fella passed by here|four years ago. He did some work.
He was on his way to San Francisco.|He hoped to sail for Australia.
- Or was it Hong Kong?|- I think it was Hong Kong.
-What is he wanted for, Sheriff?|- That would be of a private nature.
A private nature? That's a public|office you hold, isn't it, Sheriff?
"There came a low hiss. and|Rikki Tikki Tavi jumped back."
"Then out of the grass rose|the head and spread hood..."
"lt was Nag the big black cobra..."|Don't you like this story?
The Germans broke through.|The British are trapped in Belgium.
And this paper's a week old.
- I speak German. I'd be an officer.|-And lead boys to the slaughter.
- Your men worshipped you.|-And they were damn fools!
This is a turning point in history.
- Father, you taught us ...|- I taught you to think clearly.
-And to defend what's ours.|- Yes. what is ours!
Don't talk at me, boys,|as if l've never seen a war!
Not a war like this, you haven't.
They said that|about the Indian wars.
- That's how they sell newspapers.|-We're fighting naked aggression.
There will be no more talk|of wars in this house, damn it!
I'm sorry, Susannah.
I'm going to Canada to enlist.
I'm going with him.
I'm sorry, my love.
I know you'll understand. lt's the|only honourable thing to do.
-What's that?|- It's a book my father wrote.
He tried to alter the government's|policies towards Indians.
- Samuel won't change his mind.|- Change it for him.
What happened between them?
Father says she never liked it here.
I think they loved mostly|the idea of each other.
Please, don't let him go.
I'll take care of him.
I'll take care of him.
October 14th. 1914.
My dear Isabel,|today our sons are leaving home -
- to defend an England|they have never seen.
I am unable to stop them.
I have tried to shelter our sons|from all the madness.
And now they go to seek it.
Be careful.
You don't have to go.
Alfred ...
Goodbye. Don't worry, Father.
Take care, now.
- I'll get you the Kaiser's helmet.|- Just get yourself back.
Tristan ...
- Take care of Samuel.|- l will.
Colonel Ludlow told me:
"Ride with them to Calgary.|Bring back the horses."
"Damn fools", he called them.|"Damn fools."
The Colonel would not have his sons|ride off to war on oldnags.
Damn fools or not.
Come on, let's join them.
Bring your plate.
May we join you? Sit down.|We're feeling lonely in there.
-What's her name?|- Lady. Tristan's Lady.
- Tristan's lady was Isolde.|- You know the story, don't you?
You're in need of education.
She can read and write.|School might be awkward for her.
- I'll teach her myself.|- May l help?
Literature, history, mathematics...
With your permission, Decker,|and yours, Pet.
What do you think?
-What good is her education?|- She'll live a richer, fuller life.
- She's a half-breed.|- Not in this house.
- Tristan calls me a half-breed.|- Does he?
He says l'm half gopher|and half hawk.
After her chores, then.
- To us all.|- To you, sir... and miss.
And to the boys.
And the boys.
- Get back to your unit.|- Those boys are boring.
I'd rather have you watch my back.
Here you are, mate.
February 3rd, 1915.
Dear Susannah, the horror|of this place is indescribable.
Nothing is as I thought.
Tonight as I prayed for the souls|of those who've died so terribly, -
- I also prayed for personal glory.
Is it wrong to want to distinguish|myself in combat as my father did?
Tristan and Alfred watch over me,|so I may never get the opportunity.
-Are you hit?|- lt's just a scratch.
I see now not that my father|was right but that I was naive.
- Let me get up!|- Stay down!
Our bodies are in God's keeping.|We go into battle honourably.
Confident His name on our lips.
-We're pinned here.|-We'll wait.
Susannah, l try to guard|against depair, -
- but at moments it seems|all human decency has gone.
Alfred will recover from his wounds.|He and Tristan have drifted apart.
l cannot understand it I miss you|more than you can imagine.
You're all that's clean|and cool and pure.
I close my eyes|and fix my thoughts on you.
I now regret that|we agreed to wait to marry.
I regret that we were never together|as we planned to be.
Please stay on at the ranch|and wait for me.
Don't let Father worry.
God will protect me,|aided considerably by Tristan.
He seems to have come to France|purely to nurse maid me.
Be well, my love.|Your own Samuel.
- I have to translate this.|-Alfred will want to see you.
I'll be there. Go on and go.
-Alfred ...|-Where's Samuel?
He's translating. He'll be here.
-Vino?|- Put that away.
- You'll be getting a medal.|- Yes, they're sending me home.
- l'm glad for you.|-An officer belongs with his men.
- Horseshit!|- Or what's left of them.
MacKenzie's here.|His leg's turned bad. He said...
-What?|-What is it?
Your brother volunteered to take|his place on the reconnaissance.
l told you to stay with him!
l told you to stay with him!
- Tristan! Tristan!|- I'm here!
I can't see!
I can't move!
Samuel, l'm coming!
I've got you. You're doing good.
We're going home.
God damn you, God!
Tristan ...
Tristan, it's me.
March 20th, 1915.
Dear Father and Susannah.
I have been discharged,|but l cannot come home yet.
l'll join Grandfather Ludlow|in Comwall and go to sea.
As for our beloved Samuel,|all l can send home is his heart.
Alfred will bring it back.
You know where he should be buried.|Up in the box canyon.
Your son, Tristan.
He certainly was the best|of all of us, wasn't he?
Good night.
Good night, Father.
What you saw that night|before Samuel left...
- Please. don't...|- No, l want to.
- It was Samuel I loved.|-All right.
Tristan will be back some day.
Your father will be pleased.
Susannah was to retum to Boston|on the moming train.
But a norther blew for three days,|and snowdrifted over the tracks.
The Colonel insisted|she stay on until spring.
The house was too empty, he said.
This was still her home,|he told her.
He should have let her go.
But how could he have known|what would happen?
She was not to blame.
She was like the water that freezes|in the rock and splits it apart
It was no more her fault|than it is of the water-
- when the rock shatters.
You know how much ...|I loved Samuel.
And l think you know...
Out of respect for him, l wanted|to say it here. I think you know ...
...I'm in love with you.
From the first moment I saw you.|Like in a novel.
That's my mother's romantic|imagination coming out in me.
- You're not making this easy.|- Sorry.
ls there any hope|that you could learn to love me?
Not the way you loved Samuel,|of course, but ...
We could make a life together.|A happy life.
I don't think so, Alfred.
It seems like you're not sure.|Maybe there's a chance.
I think I can only cause you pain.
Why don't you let me|be the judge of that?
l didn't break it,|but l can fix the wheel myself.
Go take a nap.
I'm going into town, if ...
Welcome home, son.
- I couldn't save him.|- Of course you couldn't.
- I couldn't save him.|- It's all right.
Did you have a nice ride today?
Excuse me, Father.
When are you planning to be married?
Damn you, Tristan.|You will marry her.
- Make an honest woman of her?|- Yes!
God damn you to hell.
- I'll marry her, if she'll have me.|- If she'll have you?
Do you love her?
Or did you seduce her|just to spite me?
-What about Samuel?|- Samuel?
- You tell me.|-We all loved him, but he's dead.
How convenient that is for you.
Because you love her, I will|forgive you for that. Once!
You say that again|and we're not brothers.
- You know you can't make her happy.|- I'm gonna try.
You will fail.
I'm going to be leaving today.
I do wish you both all the best.
Goodbye, son. Good luck.
September 7th, 1915.
Dear Mother, I think I may have|found my place in this world.
Helena is a city|turned modern overnight
It's bursting with the energy|and vitality of our times.
l feel alive here.
There is much opportunity|for anyone willing to work.
Already I have a reputation|for honesty and fair dealing.
And some of Helena's most|influential citizens are my friends.
They are determined to see|this city grow, as am I.
Mother, thank you for your letter.|You knew my hopes.
You understand my disappointment.|That is a great comfort to me.
Every night I pray for the grace|to forgive Tristan.
I know you understand.|Your loving son Alfred.
Quit it!
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
If we have a boy,|I'd like to call him Samuel.
And if it's a girl, Isabel.
I'll still love you.
And you'll tolerate me|because of how much I love you.
I heard from your mother.
Alfred has hooked up|with the O'Banion brothers.
He's doing well.
-Alfred will always do well.|- Except when he's here with us.
That's my fault. I couldn't bring|Samuel home alive, either.
Don't you dare say that!|That was in God's hands.
Was it?
Colonel, we found a dead calf.|It might be a grizzly.
My grizzly?
- You take him, Tristan.|- You're damn right I will.
l don't know why Tristan|didn't kill that damn old bear.
They say when a man and an animal|have spilled each other's blood, -
- they become one.
- I said four beers, Mr. Sachtleben.|-And I said no Indians.
He's quite civilized, I assure you.
Give him a beer.|My father said four, didn't he?
-We'd reached an understanding.|- Give him a beer!
Stay out of it!
You're a fool spoiling for a fight|with a man that outweighs you.
He's sure to have weapon at hand.|Right, Mr. Sachtleben?
He'd split your stupid skull|and kill you stone-dead!
I want four beers... Now!
The owner doesn't want|to serve any Indians.
Get back!
You see this man? Do you?|His name is One Stab.
He's an elder of the Cree nation|and a warrior.
He's our friend and he's thirsty.
l think it was the bear's voice|he heard deep inside him.
Growling low|of dark, secret places.
Were you going to say goodbye?
How long will you be gone?
Not long. A few months.
- l can make it better for you.|- No.
lf we'd had a child ...
...or if I were pregnant,|would you still be going?
- Just give me a chance.|- Don't do that.
Look at me.
Please, look at me.
I'll wait for you.
However long it takes.
I'll wait for you forever.
-Will he come back?|- I don't know.
Stab says yes.
April 20th, 1918.|Dear Tristan ...
It has been months now|and still no word.
I know you're alive. We had|a tattered parcel from New Guinea.
It was covered with strange writing.|Inside was a native bracelet.
Meant for me, I presume...|Perhaps not
Do you still care to know|what is happening here?
Cattle prices continue to fall.|The winter seems never-ending.
Why don't you write?
Are you never coming back,|and afraid to tell me?
Alfred continues to do well.
His business has expanded|to Chicago and Washington.
He wants to send Isabel Two|to school, but she won't leave.
I think she, too,|is waiting for you.
I have nowhere to send this letter.
And I have no reason to believe|you wish to receive it.
l write it only for myself.
I'll hide it away with all the other|things left undone between us.
December 12th. 1919.
Dear Susannah.
I have become a hunter.
Tell Stab there are creatures here|that cannot even be found in books.
And I have killed them all.
Susannah. all we had is dead... I am dead.
Marry another.
Colonel,|it looks like we've got company.
Father. I have come to ask|for your blessing.
- You see, these gentlemen...|-And a great many others.
- Theyw ant me to run for office.|-What sort of office?
- The United States Congress.|-We hold your son in high regard.
Well... Alfred.
And what do you gentlemen|hope to get out of this?
What do you want for yourselves,|should my son be elected?
I don't think these gentlemen...
Do you think these men back you|out of patriotism and admiration?
Father, I am no longer a child.
- Congress...|- l worked for the government once.
- The issues that we...|- Indians!
Indians were the issue|in those days.
There is nothing so grotesque as the|meeting of a child with a bullet.
We slaughtered entire villages.
That was the government's|resolution on that issue.
And I doubt, since then, that they|have gained in wisdom or humanity.
My father, for whom l have|the greatest respect, -
- says that the government|has neither wisdom nor humanity.
I therefore consider it my duty,|as my father's son, -
-to bring both wisdom and humanity|to the United States Congress.
I thank you|for your blessing, Father.
Gentlemen, would you mind|waiting for me in the cars?
Are you all right?|What's wrong?
All we had is dead.|Marry another.
I don't know what to say.|Tristan's always been wild.
- You love him for that.|- Do I?
Yeah, I suppose I do.
He does love you.
Alfred!|She's to be your brother's wife.
- You better remind him of that.|- He's not here to defend himself.
No, but I see you are here|to defend him.
Even though he's abandoned her|and you!
And you know who else he abandoned.
Don't you blame my son|for Samuel's death!
Samuel was a soldier. He was sent|to his death by men in government.
Parasites like you!|Damn and blast you!
-And damn you, too!|- Leave her out of this!
- Get out of my house.|- Because I aim to serve my country?
Or because, like you, I love|a woman who doesn't love me?
- He used her and he deserted her.|-Alfred. don't ...
I loved her.
I love her still.
He stole her from me.
He stole her from Samuel|before the war!
God help me, I'll kill you.
Here,|read your darling Tristan's letter.
Susannah... deserve to be happy.
Late that night|we found the Colonel on the floor.
He could not move.
His hair tumed white overnight.|He became an old man.
After that|Tristan sent no more letters.
As the years passed by, we'd hear|someone had seen him on a ship.
Sailing for some place that|no white man had been before.
Stories came to us.|Strange stories.
And then for years|there was nothing.
He was lost to us.|That was all we knew.
But every year|in the moon of the falling leaves -
- I would dream that the bear's|voice inside him had grown silent.
And that Tristan might again|come to live in the world.
Butt hen the winter would come ...|and then another spring.
And still he stayed away.
What the hell is he doing now?
She's a mean old bitch,|but she's yours.
Welcome home.
Hey, old man! Where's Father?
He had a stroke some years ago.|He can't talk now.
He wants to celebrate.
I'm happy, too.
Father, this is for you.
"Colonel William Ludlow.|From his son Tristan."
I didn't know.
Stab, these are boar's tusks,|made by a Javanese warrior.
He, too, was a great man.
l have other things, too, for Mother|and little Izzy and Susannah.
What is it?
Tell him.
Alfred and Miss Susannah|were married several years ago.
Your brother's a congressman now.
They have a big new place|over in Helena.
It's as it should be.
Cattle prices dropped|after the war ended.
The Colonel didn't care much.|He lost everything he had.
We'll make it back.|On horses, or something else.
We'll make it back.
He says your brother voted|for the Volstead Act.
- Should we try bootlegging?|- There's good money in it.
- Screw the government!|- Screw the government!
Forever turned out to be|too long, Tristan.
I know.
Here. I don't want it.
They told me that this was magic.
That whoever wore it|would be protected.
Keep it.
Don't you want to see Alfred?
It's probably better that I don't.
Tell him hello...|and congratulations.
He likes you.
Welcome home.
I want you to have him.
I have something for you, too.|I brought it back.
- It's from Lerapetra in ...|- Crete.
I know where it is. Your father|taught me European history.
A little girl. That's me, right?
Thank you, Tristan.
It was then that Tristan came into|the quiet heart of his life.
The bear inside him was sleeping.
It is hard to tell of happiness.
Time goes by|and we feel safe too soon.
I heard the oddest news.
Tristan... is back.
Yes. l know.
You know?|How do you know?
I saw him.
You mean he came here|just to see you?
No. He wanted to see you,|but he thought you'd get upset.
I think he might be right.
What did he...|What did he say?
He said to say hello|and congratulations.
Silly me.
He told you the news, did he?
Well, what do you think?
Come on, it's perfectly absurd.
Marrying Isabel Two.
She's practically our sister.
- She can't be more than 19.|- 20.
What the hell is Decker thinking of|to allow this?
Perhaps he's thinking|of his daughter's happiness.
Happiness? With Tristan?
You of all people|should know that's impossible.
I'm not lsabel Two.
June 2nd. 1921. Dear Tristan.
I was so pleased to hear|of your coming marriage.
Your father must be very happy.|Isabel Two is a daughter to him.
Being named after your mother, -
- it seems as though|it was always meantto be.
Samuel Decker Ludlow.
Dearest Tristan ...
We were delighted to hear|of your son's birth.
We hadh oped for a child of our own,|but oft hat I despair.
Alfred thinks of you often.|I hope we shall all meet one day.
Yours on bears a proud name.|I know he will live up to it.
Give my love to Isabel Two|and to your father.
Yours always, Susannah.
Evening, gentlemen.
-We have to talk about things.|- By all means.
As you know,|we handle the liquor around here.
You've been what we call|a small-time operator.
But lately, your shipments|have been getting a little fat.
And my patience is getting thin.|The next time you get in our way...
...will be the last time.
Perhaps you're wondering|why you're not dead already.
Your brother is Congressman Ludlow,|and that's it.
Kenneth... Thomas...
Hello, Alfred.
Hello, Tristan.
-Who's this young man?|- Samuel.
Hello, Samuel.
She's beautiful.
Hello, Izzy. Let me see.
- Samuel?|- Hello. Who is this lady?
I'm your Aunt Susannah.
I used to know your Uncle Samuel,|who died in the war.
- I think you look like him.|- That's what Grandpa says.
- He was very brave and very good.|- Grandpa says that, too.
Soon I can have Uncle Samuel's gun.|Will you can come and see it?
I'd love to... sometime.
- He's a fine boy, Tristan.|- He is.
How's Father? Is he well?
As well as can be expected.
I wish...
Pardon the intrusion.
-We're ready for your speech.|- I'll be there in a minute.
-We'll meet again soon.|- I'd like that.
Watch this.
Go and get Tynert.
I think you missed a bump, Stab.
We have information that you might|be transporting illegal goods.
- I have some whiskey for my father.|- You have to give it up.
He'll be disappointed.
Hold him down.
- Let's get out of here.|-We may as well open his pocket.
My brother told you|to stay out of our way.
Pick him up and|put him in the car.
I don't want to see him.
I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.
Father won't see me, even now?
He blames the government|for Isabel's ...
There's something|we have to talk about.
The officer you beat,|he almost died.
Everyone understands...
...but they say that you're|gonna have to serve 30 days.
And the one who shot off his gun?
He was... reprimanded.
-And the O'Banions?|- Nothing.
You have to let it go, Tristan.|It was a terrible, tragic accident.
Listen to me.|You let this go now.
You got in over your head.
I'll need a minute.
I'm so sorry.
We all loved her.
How are you?
We never get to see you.
- I gave a speech the other day.|- You did?
My first public engagement.
It was...
It was on...
It was on the responsibilities|of women in...
It's good to see you.
I'm sorry...
I still sometimes dream that|I'm the mother of your children.
I wanted her to die.
Maybe I even wanted Samuel to die.
You had nothing to do|with Samuel's death.
And you had nothing to do|with Isabel's death.
Didn't I?
Go home.
Go home to Alfred.
Where were you?
Out for a walk. I needed a walk.
- What are you doing home?|- You had a doctor's appointment.
I called to remind you,|but you weren't here.
I feel very tired. I'm going to bed.
You have won her.|lI'm bringing her home, Alfred.
I followed all the rules.
Man's and God's.
And you...
You followed none of them.
And they all loved you more.
Samuel. Father...
Even my own wife.
I'd like a moment alone with her,|Tristan.
When Samuel died...
When Samuel died, l cursed God.
Did I damn everybody around me,|as well as myself?
You are not damned. Tristan.
I won't allow that.
You are not damned!
This is a gentleman's gun.|It's smaller, but just as powerful.
You can have one when you grow up.
Samuel! Samuel, come here!
Run along. Go to Pet.
Get him in the house.
He's a fine boy.
You know|we're not here to arrest you.
Take me to the woods.|I don't want my boy to see.
Let's get on with it.
- Colonel Ludlow!|-W hat's going on here?
What's going on here?
You know they're gonna|come after you for this.
l want you|to watch over my children.
Watch over Samuel.
Brother, it will be an honour.
How much I wanted to take scalps,|but it was not my kill.
Thatnightwe buried the bodies.
We dumped the carin a deep pool|in the upper Missouri.
I remember when he was a boy.
I thought Tristan would never live|to be an old man.
I was wrong about that.|I was wrong about many things.
It was those who loved him most|who died young.
He was a rock|they broke themselves against -
- however much|he tried to protect them.
But he had his honour|and a long life, -
- and he saw his children grow|and raise their own families.
Tristan died in 1963|in the moon of the popping trees.
He was last seen|in the north country, hunting.
His grave is unmarked,|but it does not matter.
He had always lived|in the borderland, anyway.
Somewhere between this world|and the other.
It was a good death.
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