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Subtitles for Legendary weapons of China.

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Legendary weapons of China

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Chief Li has arrived
Chief Li
What business brings you here...
this time?
Oh, he's gone!
Where is he?
Lord Tieh
Do you remember the second chief...
when the Boxer Gang was established?
You mean Lui Gung?
Yes, he was sent to Yunnan 3 years ago establish a branch of the Gang
Then Boxer Gang is getting
...more and more powerful?
No, he disbanded it
According to its law...
rebels are to be quartered by horses
...and descendants killed
Lui Gung had a plan from the start overthrow our Boxer Gang
He wants to prove
Spiritual boxing, Maoshan, magic fighters
...are all deceptions
and cannot withstand foreigners' firearms
If the Empress Dowager comes to know of this...
then we've had it!
Even if Lui Gung had super powers wouldn't matter
I have decided to send spiritual boxers
and magic fighters
to seek him out...
wherever he may be
I'll lead all the magic fighters...
Too many people...
might stir up our enemy;
The less men the better
Whoever goes to capture Lui Gung
regardless of whether he fails or succeeds
must be killed so there're no further problems
For security's sake...
I want to see you give the order
The magic fighters would risk their own life
We have confirmed Lui Gung is in Guangdong
But remember;
Though he is old...
his kung fu is excellent
Chief Li
What other skills does he have?
Yes, he has a bad habit...
of showing his skills unconsciously
He's well versed in 18 Chinese legendary weapons
Good. Whoever knows such kung fu...
we kill
Chief Li
Were you startled?
Your intention of coming here is known to us
Lui Gung cannot escape us
Prepare the altar
Show your powers
The spirit comes
Invincible magic
Bring the firearm troops
Invoking spirits
Invincible to weapons
Try again
You must have practised...
your skills for a long time?
Chief Li
We will succeed
So why has the auxiliary of Boxer Gang
...been disbanded?
This only concerns Lui Gung
...nothing to do with me
Do you know...
our membership is shrinking
because Lui Gung knows...
too much about our operation
Chief Li
Earth Clan
Yes sir
Please, Sir
Sir, leave the horse with me
Sir, have some tea
Boss, what tea would you like?
Lai Chi Tea is the famous
Pui Er, Lung Cheng, Sui Sin...
Anything will do
Where have you come from?
Go and prepare tea, quick
Please sit
This second uncle is clumsy
Why is he taking so long?
Is he hiding?
There's no reason for it
I wrote clearly in the note to meet here
Waiter, how long has that guy arrived?
Oh, for a long while
I'll go look for him
It's okay. Have a seat first
He'll come surely
You want my toy figurine
Good. Come to get it if you can
It's free for you
What? You want it too?
Let's go quickly
Stop everyone
Don't be afraid
I have retired for years
See, I've such a benevolent look;
How could I kill anyone?
Combing the beard
He is assuming airs
Don't you remember my name?
Yes, Master Mo
Which inn are we putting up at?
You're so stupid
Don't you know I have many enemies?
We can't stay at any inn
You foolish pig
Yes, master
Inside please...
Where's the person who sat here?
I don't know
Which is the inn that accommodates most people?
Fu An Inn
Sir, I've kept your horse for you
You're here, sir
Inside please...
Please enjoy
Sir, your name please?
My name is Tieh Hau
Where are you working?
I am a messenger
Oh, so you are a postman
There's a boss in the city...
who's asked to deliver a letter
Oh, Lui...
Don't shout it out. You know him?
Sir, you take up the room upstairs
Ah Sing
Serve our guest
Sir, what would you like?
Anything will do
I am scared
You young fellows...
are so agile
You should be careful
Get up
What's wrong with you? So careless!
You almost bumped into this young fellow
Sorry, sir
Alright. Get the bill
Settle the bill
Sorry. I'll change it for you
Sir. 4 dollars and 5 cents
Put that on my tab
Have some tea
"Room A"
Sir, the guests of this room have just left
It hasn't been tidied up yet
Will they return?
I don't know
Then I'll take it
What's upstairs?
The penthouse
What is it for?
Putting odds and ends
What is it, sir?
There's someone up there
It can't be. It's just old stuff
There can't be anyone
How could there be noise?
Oh, it must be some cat chasing a mouse
Cat and mouse?
Right, sir?
I said it must be a cat catching a mouse
How come there's smoke in the penthouse?
How come there's fire up there?
How there's fire?
Why is there a cat?
Magic fighter
Do you know this person?
Sorry, I don't
Do you recognise this person?
- No, sorry - Thanks
Sir, see you
Sir, inside please...
Half a chicken and some wine
Half a chicken and some wine
In total,
it's 2 dollars and 3 quarters
Lui Gung at last appears
Look. This is real rose wine
Thank you
Our fire wood...
What of it?
We still have some needn't bring any tomorrow
I'll bring some in a few days
See you...
Are you alright?
Are you hurt?
How are you?
Uncle Yu, are you alright?
I am fine. Thanks
Zhu, you are so careless
It's not my fault...
It was my fault
It's you?
Sorry, sir
It's alright
Uncle Yu, I'll carry the fire wood for you
No need
I need to do it myself
Please, sir
Have you seen him?
Every piece of fire wood is tied so tightly
Don't mind his trembling hands
That bundle weighs a lot
He is famous for hacking firewood
A real strong old man
Uncle Yu
Uncle Yu...
Are you okay?
I'm okay
- Alright? - Look
Are you alright?
The mosquito screen has fallen
How did this happen?
Pick it up
Let's roll it up
There's a ghost!
Don't be scared, it's just the wind
Strong wind
It's a nice day. What's with the wind?
Did you cause the wind?
Uncle Yu, are you crazy?
He said I caused the wind
You have such powers
No I don't
You must be Lui Gung
You two should stop joking
Oh, he's gone mad
No, he's scared
Little fellow
Aren't you afraid Lui Gung would punish you?
What Lui Gung (same sound as thunder)?
Thunder from heaven
Uncle Yu, your name please?
Tien Gung Yu
Tien Gung Yu, uncle Yu
Who taught you spiritual boxing?
Spiritual boxing?
Little fellow, how do I know such things?
Who used such techniques just now?
What techniques?
Must be a ghost
It's me
You again
Pal, don't waste your secret weapon
What were you doing at the inn last night?
What about you?
Looking for someone
Me too
Yes, Lui Gung
Calling the spirits
Power of the spirits
Spiritual boxing clan?
Where is your headquarter?
In the capital
You've got the orders?
Magic fighters clan
You're under instructions to operate here?
Calling the spirits
Our spiritual fan
Lui Gung, you can't go far
Who was thatjust now?
My uncle
You two have been sent here?
Why are you afraid of him?
I'm not
It's just that our ways are different
Aren't you from the same clan?
No. I'm with the heavenly clan, he's with the earth
I don't care where you are from
When I evoke the spirits in future shouldn't be here
Then it will depend on who locates...
Lui Gung first
Take him to the room upstairs
Please, upstairs
Follow me
Who are you calling?
Don't I have a name?
Mr Mo
You owe me 15 days' rent
Please settle it tonight
What about the cheque I gave you?
It bounced
That's why I say
My money is from Beijing
and takes up...
quite some time in getting through. Fool
The men are all gathered here
From a beard, I have changed
to different kind of beard
then to wearing a goatee finally
Now I am back to keeping a beard
I've been through everything
We've been to most of the taverns here
We have to leave tonight
Don't eat too much. Otherwise can't move around
What's to fear?
We've got a big business deal
Big business deal?
What is it?
You have to impersonate...
A big boss?
A son in mourning?
Then it must be impersonating a groom
You are to impersonate a kung fu master
Do I look the part?
You have to play the part of a spiritual boxer
...who is immune to weapons
This is your boss
What? I don't know such things
This involves a lot of money
No, no way. I'm not doing it
If you can lure him out...
There'll be a lot more money
Yes... A lot of money
I won't do it
You have to do this, do that
So much hassle!
It's easy to make a mistake. No way
Don't worry
Won't this work?
Okay, I'll do it
If this pulls through...
we're rich!
You want to ambush me. It's no use
Come out
Traitor, we've been looking for you for a few years
We little thought you'd hide in Guangdong
Why should I hide?
With my kung fu I can go wherever I please
And you can do nothing about it
So, he is Lui Gung?
He's gone. Where's he?
Lui, you come out here
Lui Gung
Lui, you come out here
Lui Gung...
What is he doing here?
What is he doing?
Lui, you come out here
Over there
Give it...
all you've got
You're still here
Don't force me to burn you to death
Look at me
The Kwan Gung spirit has been evoked
You haven't seen this
Whereas people of our age...
have seen these a lot, right?
My knife
Damn... a little gently, okay!
It's painful
It's all broken
Come here
This is not Kwan Gung
It's Hou Yi
Who's Hou Yi?
Chang-er's Hou Yi
Right, the one who shot down 9 suns
That's him
Chang-er, where are you going?
Oh, God... Black dog's blood!
He's finished if he sees it
Cracking his power
I'm in pain
Lui Gung, you'll surely die
Why should I die?
See, I can put my guts back inside
Let see how you can...
kill me!
You're here
You must be blind
If it weren't for me
How could there be so much blood?
Your blood looks a little bit diluted
Of course. It's not the real blood
Smells real bad
It stinks
Oh, monster
Someone's here?
No way
I looked and made sure
...I was not followed
My men said your payment is late
They are complaining. Come on
Oh, brother
Your impersonation of Lui is good
If you can lure him out
...I will reward you
That is what I should do
That fight a while back;
We really put up a good act
Ming, take it back
Take it
Take it
Do you want it? Take it back
What? You think it's little?
You're just worth a dollar
You want to hit me!
Damn, you broke the knife!
Why is there such a foul smell?
The beard has gone up the nose
Who are you?
You're not Lui
Why are you impersonating him? Speak
Why do you want to kill him?
What grudge do you have against him?
Why are you expressionless?
You want expression?
This is abdomen language
You claim to be sent by the magic fighters clan
Abdomen language
Your Maoshan magic is good
It's a bit late to realise that now
Little fellow, why are you still here?
You're in our way
Take back your hand
Give it to me
Give it to me
Where is Lui Gung?
You're in shit
and not worthy to fight with me
Take a bath first
Get dressed first
...or you'll catch a cold
I've found it
Let's try it
It's not moving
Damn, you use so much strength
Is it gone?
We've made a lot of money
Where's the money?
Where is it?
Isn't it with you?
Oh, no
Might have dropped it here
Look for it
Your meal, sir
Come in
Why are you ordering your meal so late?
Please enjoy your meal
Mr Fang's account please
Mr Fang
Have you found your teacher?
Not yet
Brother. You look bad
Are you sick?
You're still delivering the letters?
Boss, I'll settle the account later
Old sir, you're alright?
I'm fine
Thank you, kid
Or else the fire wood will be all over the place
Old sir
It's my fault I bumped into you
Little fellow, you are strong
You're too kind
The ground is not even
I'll take it myself
Sorry, I have to leave
Excuse me...
Uncle Yu
My firewood is almost used up
Used up?
You must bring me some tomorrow
Do I look like that uncle Yu?
Yes, I'd say you do
But my eyesight must be failing
No problem
Where does uncle Yu live?
You want to buy firewood too?
Yes, yes
He's living at the foot of the hill
If you walk down the hill from here'll find a bridge
Cross the bridge and you'll see a forest
Follow the path through the forest
...and walk straight down
You'll see a sepulchre
Pass it
...and you will see an isolated house;
Well, and that is it
Thank you
Let's go
Snake spear gun
Eighteen styles of weapons
Eighteen styles of weapons?
How am I supposed to...
You don't? Then why do you have
...all kinds of weapons in your home?
Have you been to my home?
Not only me...
some other people too
What were you doing in my home?
To kill you
Kill me? You are funny
You are very sharp
They can't kill you
I haven't wronged anybody
So why do they want to kill me?
Because you are Lui Gung
I am Lui Gung?
A few years ago your kung fu made you the master...
of the auxiliary troops in Yunnan of Boxer Gang
That's not true
Li Lin Ying wanted you to train the Boxer Gang troops be bullet-proof;
So that the Empress could save large military expense buying firearms
Hey kid
Watch your mouth, you could be executed!
You know how powerful these foreign weapons were
No matter how hard you trained yourselves couldn't be bullet-proof
You didn't want...
to sacrifice your students;
That was why you disbanded the troops
What are you talking about?
If Li Lin Ying knew you're hiding here in Guangdong
...he'd surely send someone here to kill you
Is that true?
Like you...
I object to Li's despicable ways
Hey kid. I'm not Lui Gung
They will kill you tonight
It's you?
Watch my dart
You'd better be careful
This secret weapon is very powerful
That's Boxer Gang's assassination troop
Look at him
See how sick he looks... yet he wants to kill you!
I'm not Lui Gung
He... how come he...
While he's in stupor let me first leave
Spiritual boxing, Maoshan, magic fighters...
If they were after some traitor;
You should know that no matter what
...they will find him
You insisted that I am Lui Gung?
Well, you disbanded Boxer Gang in Yunnan
Lui Gung
This was something in the past
But I...
You now lead a solitary life
Then you'll waste all the hard work of the past
I haven't
After I disbanded the troops...
they all lead a happy and stable life
They are all like me...
leading the rest of their lives selling wood
You know something
A lot of young people like him...
were obsessed by the Boxer Gang;
Thinking that they were immune to weapons
Only you know this is nonsense
That's you you've to put an end to this superstition
I've led a solitary life for so long
Everything degenerates
No. You've got real kung fu
With me and this young man
...we've got sufficient power
He'll kill me
You can enlighten him
Let him drink it
Brother, nice meeting you
Lui Yung, it's you
Haven't seen you for years
Your spiritual boxing...
has regressed so much
I've left the Boxer Gang
Spiritual boxing is no longer of any use to me
It's all because you didn't want to make use of...
spiritual boxing to expand Boxer Gang's power
Look at you
You used to be the master of the auxiliary troop
Respectable, and bright;
But now you've become...
the traitor of the Boxer Gang
I couldn't bear to see my own students...
fighting foreigners' firearms barehanded
Because you are good in spiritual boxing
That was why Chief Li...
wanted to kill me
Including you
We've received orders...
to kill you
Why didn't you go ahead?
Brother, stop
Although I've received the orders
...but you are my brother
How can I kill you?
Although you've regressed in spiritual boxing
...but you nevertheless know kung fu
What do you want?
Before other people...
get to you,
You'd better re-organize your kung fu
Uncle Yu, he's right
Ah Yung
How can you report to the Maoshan clan?
Brother, I can fix it
Ah Yung, you...
I never expected Maoshan followers...
to have such great brotherly love
Stop talking
Go and prepare the medicine
Lui Gung
You should have your medication
Young man, you are so ill
What are you doing here?
Uncle Yu, you...
Look, come...
Don't catch cold again
Let's help him in
Uncle Yu, you live here?
Yes, I live here
What about Lui Gung?
You look like Lui Gung
No wonder you're mistaken
Young man, what's your name?
Tieh Hau
I'm Fang Shau Ching
Let's go in
Uncle Yu, use some force
then your hands won't tremble
Uncle Yu
Uncle Yu, catch it
Shau Ching, what is it?
Uncle Yu, you are really good. Keep on
Uncle Yu, superb
Go on
Why do you get up?
You haven't recovered yet
You'll catch cold very easily
That's right
Go and take some rest
Eighteen style of weapons?
They are all here
I'll show you
Who are you?
I am...
the one who cured you and saved your life
I know that; But what I'm curious is...
why he's hidden the 18 styles of weapons
And what's more, he knows how to use them!
What does it matter to you...
if he knows the weapon techniques?
I've received orders...
to execute whoever knows the 18 weapon styles
Then you have to kill me?
Uncle Yu, she... is a girl
Correct. I am a girl
Why did you dress up as a man?
I came from the capital to look for someone
It's not convenient for a girl to travel like this
Your impersonation is good
Uncle Yu, you're a woodcutter
How do you know the eighteen styles of weapons?
I taught him
So you know the techniques?
Tieh Hau, do you want to kill a girl too?
I'm on the same side as you are
I too am looking for Lui Gung
That's right
Too many people are looking for Lui Gung
...and I look like him
I don't want to be killed by mistake
Hence I wanted to learn kung fu just in case
Uncle Yu, don't be afraid, I'll help you
You really want to help Uncle Yu?
The medicine pot is broken
It's got medicine in it
So troublesome. Go and make another one
Let me do it
Tieh Hau
Uncle Yu, have you finished practising?
Where is Shau Ching?
I haven't seen her today
She wasn't practising with me
Tieh Hau, where are you going?
Uncle Yu, nobody came
...since I was here
I suppose it will be alright
Uncle Yu, I sincerely thank you for taking care of me,
for curing my illness;
I've now recuperated
and wish to...
to look for Lui Gung
You will find him
Take care, uncle Yu
Tieh Hau
Where will you be going?
I am Fang Shau Ching
You are Fang Shau Ching?
Uncle Yu...
Shau Ching looks different
Bald head
No, she has two braids
Yellow rope
She's wearing a very beautiful suit
Stout and walks steadily
She's graceful
Who are you?
It's her
Fang Shau Ching, you too have come to Guangdong?
Yes, uncle
I fully agree with Lui Gung disbanding the Boxer Gang
So I'm here to help him
You want to revolt?
Yes. The spiritual boxing we've been practising making use of our real kung fu as camouflage;
So how could we fight against those firearms?
What are you doing?
It's you
Lui Gung, you'll be executed
Master, you've got the wrong person
He isn't Lui Gung
Magic fighters clan is Boxer Gang's killer troop
You can't even tell someone who impersonates
...himself as a woodcutter
You who practise shadow boxing...
You & Lui Gung are from spiritual boxing school
...but uncle Yu isn't versed in any magic!
How can you take him as Lui Gung?
You've got orders to kill Lui Gung
Why didn't you kill him?
Let me tell you
He and Lui Gung look very much alike
However, he is not Lui Gung;
Besides, he has saved my life
Lui Gung, you are too sly
Uncle, take your order back;
Disband the Boxer Gang
Uncle Yu, what makes her say that?
Uncle Yu, don't be afraid
If Shau Ching is not powerful enough, there's me
What if you are not powerful enough?
Magic fighters won't be lost to the spiritual boxers
Uncle Yu, go away
Let me try
You can't fight him
Now it's my turn
I haven't lost yet
You've used up all your skills
Your hands are already shaking
Uncle Yu, use force and your hands will stop shaking
Attack him
You've taught a few tricks & you wanna sacrifice him?
Good work
You taught him?
Fight again
Uncle Yu
Uncle Yu, don't run away, I'm here
Uncle Yu...
Uncle Yu
Uncle Yu, what's the matter?
His Iron head kung fu is good
Yours too
Tieh Hau has got it wrong
Then you'd have lost a move
Tieh Hau
Uncle Yu, you still have your strength
Uncle Yu
Uncle Yu, you won't lose
Don't move
Uncle Yu, give it all you've got
Step back
Uncle Yu, your kung fu...
Step aside
Your head is not strong enough resist my finger thrust
How can you resist firearms?
Good technique
Shau Ching
Uncle Yu's kung fu is not taught by you
He is...
Lui Gung
Grab him
Spiritual boxing, Maoshan, magic fighters
will make use of all kinds of magic
...all kinds of camouflage
It's not the proper form of martial arts
This is a charm of Boxer Gang
This is for attracting followers of Boxer Gang
We are immune to weapons
But we are not bullet-proof
We will be trained to achieve that
But how many students have we sacrificed such training!
I'm not a traitor
I love my students
You show no sign of remorse
Tieh Hau
Uncle, Uncle
Go back and disband your Boxer Gang
He's deaf...
and can't hear anything
I now understand what you two have said
I'll go back to Shaolin to repent for my wrongdoings
No need
Those who want to kill you will soon be here
Uncle Yu, he...
Don't worry
With his foundation,
he can make it back to Shaolin
What about Tieh Hau?
Let him cool down
He'll surely come tonight
Uncle Yu
Tieh Hau, you are still messing with these things;
Aren't you coming out?
Tieh Hau, you...
Uncle Yu, Tieh Hau has brought a lot of people along
Magic fighters clan often sets up this camouflage
They're their assassins
What about Tieh Hau?
He's inside
Tieh Hau, Lui Gung disbanded the Boxer Gang
...because he didn't want to sacrifice his students
Besides he has saved...
Uncle Yu, Uncle Yu
"Rope Dart"
Be careful
Magic fighters clan master, you appeared so suddenly
There's nothing special about...
the camouflage you've set up
Come out
Lui Gung
You really are a top guy of the Boxer Gang;
Unfortunately you are a rebel now!
It's fine if revolt is for the right cause
You can be like me
Why should I be like you?
Your student makes more sense
Lui Gung
You have subdued...
my student
Not exactly so
I don't want to destroy this young man
"Double Tiger Hook Sword"
"Double Hammers"
Tieh Hau
Why are you doing that?
Kill me if you can
Follow the order
Tieh Hau
You come for me, not him
This is between us
You two must die
"Double Axe"
Right, Tieh Hau
Attack him
Come on
"Snake Halberd"
No more changes, Master Tieh
Master Tieh, thank you for not killing me
Lui Gung
I admire your integrity
Will see you again
Tieh Hau
You'd better stay here
Uncle Yu
Uncle Yu
Will he come back for you?
If he really wants to
I'd have died
Uncle Yu, get some medication for Tieh Hau
Uncle Yu, you too have to go?
You scared my teacher will come back to kill you?
No, someone is waiting for me
You've have an appointment
No wonder you are dressed up beautifully
This is my gown
You are going for setting up the altar?
No, I'm going to look for my brother
Good. Then Uncle Yu and your brother...
together can disband the Boxer Gang
This time when I go to see Lui Yung...
I can't even tell who's going to die
Since the people from the Maoshan clan...
are all unscrupulous
Not really
He even told you to re-organize your kung fu resist those who come to kill you
He's treacherous
You won't understand
Then Lui Yung...
He's already there waiting for me
In Chenghuang temple
We'll go with you
Reckon it's the time to cut off our relationship
You too shouldn't get involved
Shau Ching, bring me the shaver
What for?
According to the Lui family rule, if I cut off...
my beard and hair, then our relationship is severed
Lui Gung, you are here
You have regained...
your spiritual boxing technique really fast
Uncle Yu, never mind him
This is some kind of Maoshan magic
Let's get in to find him
Tieh Hau
Shau Ching
I haven't tried this trick for a long time
Lui Yung
Uncle Yu
He shaved also
Lui Gung, I've set up this Maoshan altar
You should know what this means
Of course I do;
otherwise I wouldn't have purified myself
I put on my gown again to see my own brother
We practicing Maoshan magic will break all relation
Not only that but you are treacherous
In order to strengthen the Maoshan clan...
and your leadership position in the Boxer Gang
You made use of Li's order...
to kill me
The reason why Li didn't kill you immediately
when you disbanded the Boxer Gang in Yunnan...
is because he was afraid of...
your kung fu
You know that I haven't been...
practising spiritual boxing all these years
Naturally my technique would have regressed
Then you come to kill me
I know that your kung fu is still good long as you get your skills together
Spiritual boxers and magic fighters...
can't defeat you
And I need not confront them
If you kill me...
you'll highly be awarded by Li
Then the Maoshan clan can lead the Boxer Gang
Can you kill me?
If I don't have such confidence...
I wouldn't have set up all this for you
Alright, show your skills
The eighteen styles of weapons?
Don't play tricks anymore
Show your real skills
"Twin blades"
"Single Blade"
Get even
"Tassle Spear"
"3-section chain whip"
"Double dagger"
"Double Crutch"
"Monk's Spade"
"Three Prong Fork"
"Tie-sheet Blade"
"Three-sectioned staff"
"Straight sparring"
and other weapons
Tieh Hau
Has a fit of temper
Let me tell you. Uncle Yu has distracted you
If you are not focussed...
you can't possess me by your Maoshan magic
Lui Yung, you'd better show your real kung fu
You all go away
Attack me
You're slow
How can you kill me?
Finished already?
Get up and fight again
Let him save some strength...
to seek reward from Li
Tell him you've killed Lui Gung
...then he'll get the reward
Let's go
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