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Subtitles for Legend of Suram Fortress The Ashik Kerib.

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Legend of Suram Fortress The Ashik Kerib

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Dedicated to the memory of the Georgian warriors
of all times who have given their lives for the freedom of their country.
A legend about a young man entombed alive in a fortress wall,
had inspired the writers Chongadze, Lordkipanidze and Suliashvili.
We followed in their footsteps.
I, the czar and warrior, equal among you,
am blessing the start of construction of the Surami Fortress.
A Georgia-Film Studio Production
Second Artists Association
Screenplay by Vazha GIGASHVILI
Director of Photography Yuri KLIMENKO
Production Designer Alexander DZHANSHIEV
Costume Designer Irina MIKATADZE
Music by Dzhansug KAKHIDZE Sound by Garry KUNTSEV
English Subtitles by T. KAMENEVA
What happened?
We must dance for the Prince's guests!
Look, the Prince is giving you a new dress!
Put it on.
I'm not going to dance.
And I don't need his presents! No, I won't dance.
Vardo, please! The Prince has given me my freedom!
I'm free! I'm my own master now!
And what about me, Durmishkhan?
Don't worry. I'll save some money and buy you out.
Don't leave me!
I'll get rich soon, and nothing will ever part us again.
Let's go now. Let's dance for the Prince.
- You'll never come back! - I will!
- I'm scared. - Don't be, Gulisvardi.
I have a presentiment. I'm afraid!
- Let's go! - No.
- We must do a dance. - I don't want to!
Dear Vardo, tell our esteemed guest her fortune.
Who is she going to give birth to, a boy or a girl?
Mistress, it's a boy.
Ismail, a boy.
Our loyal Durmishkhan,
The Prince is giving you your freedom
and the stallion you've raised yourself.
Dear Vardo,
on this day, so happy for Durmishkhan,
perform for our guests your dance
"How sweet is the water from the hands of a beloved."
Grand Prince, I've brought a very bad news.
The Surami Fortress is collapsing again.
The enemy will burst in the open gates, our children will die.
It's crumbling! The fortress is crumbling!
Is there nothing we can do?
Another sacrifice! Sacrifice...
What is it, my love? What frightened you?
It's not the first time that the fortress collapsed.
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
Let the czar worry about the fortress. What do we have to care?
- I'm afraid. - I'll save enough money.
You'll never come back.
I'll be back to buy you out, Vardo.
The fortress is falling down. It's almost daybreak. Go.
I know you're not coming back.
I must hurry.
Durmishkhan! Wait! Stop!
Give the horse back!
Stop, in the name of the Prince! Give the horse back!
No, I won't!
- Give it back! - No!
The Prince gave him to me.
You stupid slave! The Prince was just showing off before his guests.
Is he going to take back my freedom too?
Here, take my dagger! Take it all! And freedom too!
The Prince doesn't need your miserable freedom!
Damn you all!
Come here. Come on.
- Who? Me? - Yes, you.
Come here. Closer, closer.
- Are you speaking to me? - Come here, don't be afraid.
- You mean me, sir? - You, young man, you.
That's how I became free, but homeless and poor.
You're lucky.
Allah blessed you with freedom, without spilling any blood.
I've got it at the cost of eternal suffering.
Listen to my story.
My name is Nodar Zalikashvili. I'm a Georgian.
You're a Georgian?
My father was run over by a cart, and he died.
The Prince had appropriated our house and vineyard,
and had my mother and me driven to his estate to be his servants.
One day my master had a guest.
Having drunk so much wine that they became mad, they laughed in my face.
I couldn't understand what they wanted,
but I realized they were mocking at me.
They devised a monstrous game.
I was to toss up pomegranates, and they cut them with their sabers.
The juice of pomegranates burned my eyes.
I still hear the swishing sound of their sabers.
Then they made me pick up pomegranate seeds.
At last, the Prince said:
"Get ready, tomorrow morning you'll go with my friend.
From now on he will be your Prince.
I'm exchanging you for these two dogs.
Go and bring your mother."
My poor mother begged the Prince to spare us.
She reminded him how faithfully our family had served his house,
how diligently we had been picking the best saffron for the Prince.
The Prince was deaf to her entreaties. They called up Kondakar.
Kondakar only smiled at the Prince obligingly and nodded his head.
On the master's order, we were driven to the field and put in a yoke.
They made us thresh wheat.
There, under the yoke, my mother died,
broken by humiliation and shame.
I lost my senses grieving.
Even my master, a tyrant that he was,
came to himself after his drunken stupor,
and in terror began praying to God to have mercy on him.
That's how I bid farewell to my mother.
My lord, I, Nodar Zalikashvili, an orphan
and your loyal servant, am kneeling before you.
I've brought you two hundred choice saffron flowers
that my mother had gathered for you.
The Prince's smug laugh was his last.
In a minute he ceased to laugh forever.
I gave my last pennies to a merchant I met.
He helped me to change into a woman's dress.
Together we set out for foreign lands.
A guard on the border guessed it all,
however he kept my secret.
I changed my clothes, and my language.
I adopted another faith.
I was moving away from my country.
My hope of regaining it was evaporating.
Wars and battles became my lifestyle.
After I shed a warrior's armour, I became a merchant.
I got wealthy and independent.
But the past haunted me.
I felt homesick.
I couldn't forgive myself for having renounced my faith.
It's daybreak.
I must have tired you with my confession.
My caravan is heading for Gulansharo.
Join us,
as long as fate has put you in our path.
Accept this robe from me.
Bring the horse!
I've chosen this horse for you myself.
Look at this beauty! A horse worthy of a king!
Remember, his name is Mertskhala, or Swallow.
You're giving me a horse and a robe?
Allah is giving them to you.
For luck...
A good deed will never vanish without leaving a trace.
Don't forget my name. It's Osman-aha.
Why are you laughing, wife?
Osman-aha gave me a cross.
Show it to me.
Thank you, Osman-aha.
Oh God, how happy I am!
I am a grieving mother of your God, the Holy Virgin.
He laid down His life for His sheep.
Let the world be one, and love one.
Are you saying it to me, the Light-Faced one?
He came to you, your kind Shepherd,
and you didn't recognize Him.
You didn't have mercy on Him.
You stripped Him bare and divided His clothes by lot.
You didn't spare Him.
My eyes are opened! You opened them, the Light-Faced one.
Whose child is it? To whom does this Lamb of God belong?
It's my child.
Let him grow!
Who's poured the black intoxicant in me?
Who's made me drunk?
I gave you black wine. Now I'll give you milk.
What is it, my dear?
Help me!
Be patient. God is merciful.
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
If we have a boy, we'll name him Zurab, if a girl - Gulisvardi.
What? No, not Gulisvardi.
Why did you think of that name?
Zurab, Gulisvardi.
Have you ever met Durmishkhan, a merchant?
He's tall and handsome.
No, we haven't met him.
And you, did you see him?
No, I didn't.
Durmishkhan. Tall and handsome.
No, I haven't seen him.
Saint Nino, have mercy on me, help me.
O Archangel, I've come a long way to pray to you.
Here, I'm making a sacrifice of a rooster.
I beg you, help me, relieve me of my anguish.
Saint David, I could hardly make my way to you.
I've brought you a sheep.
Help me, I'm perishing.
Hey, beautiful, buy something.
Let me see your shawl.
All right, I'll make an exchange.
Take two.
What misfortune has brought you here, girl?
He's gone away and never returned.
Tell me my fortune, I'm perishing.
Oh, woe! Woe!
It flied on and on, and flit away!
It was near, near, then gone out of sight!
You loved him, you cherished him, and he ran away?
Yes, ran away. Help me.
Tell me, what should I do? How am I going to live?
Come here. Look!
Go away!
You shouldn't be here. It's not easy to be a fortuneteller.
I've made up my mind.
Come to your senses. Don't ruin your life, my child.
Go home.
There's no way back.
You're young and beautiful.
Go back, you deserve a better lot.
My heart is aching.
My heart... Woe upon me.
Save yourself, you wretched soul.
This house is cursed. Cursed by God.
Cursed by God.
I feel so bad! Help me!
My heart aches! My heart!
I'm dying. My heart is aching.
Help me! I'm dying!
There's a white cloak over there. Cover me with it.
Cover me. I'm shivering!
I feel so bad.
So bad! Cover me!
Cover me! I can't get warm.
Your cloak is so cold, Archil!
I feel so bad. Cover me better, daughter.
Run from this house, my dear.
If you stay, it will be your end.
How cold is your cloak, Archil.
I'm feeling so bad!
Oh, you wretched!
Why are you leaving us?
Why are you going away? Leaving us, poor souls.
You're going to your beloved Archil!
There you'll be able to caress your dear Archil!
You poor soul!
Whatever happened to you?
Your pretty eyes are closed now!
Go away! Men are not allowed here.
We brought a coffin.
Go away!
I'm taking this rug.
May her soul rest in the kingdom of heaven.
She loved me very much, she didn't spare a thing for me.
So I'm taking this rug.
And you can live here and tell fortunes.
Is that all she possessed?
Tell fortunes, deceive people.
People like to be deceived.
Nothing hurts like the truth, but a lie is always welcome.
I'm taking the rug.
Oh, poor soul!
Why do you have to suffer so?
We nearly dropped her.
She was good to everyone!
Woe on us!
We forgot the coffin lid.
Oh, poor soul!
We've made such a long trip, and all for nothing.
She's dead.
We've brought gifts. A basket of apples, a turkey.
God is merciful. Can you tell us our fortune?
You're from Surami.
Your husband's name is Durmishkhan.
O Lord! You're all-powerful!
You're pregnant. Get up.
Show me your belly.
You're going to have a son.
It's a great miracle! It's a great fortune!
Son! Zurab!
Now leave. And take everything you brought.
God forbid, this is for you, dear, the apples and the basket.
I don't want anything from you.
How are you, Zurikiya?
Piper Simon, I'm not Zurikiya, I'm a boy, Zurab.
And what has that rascal, your father,
brought you from Gulansharo?
And I brought you some nuts.
If I'm not mistaken, Zurab, this is our second lesson.
Let's begin.
This is Nino, Georgia's enlightener.
She introduced Christianity here.
Have you seen the cross of vine, fastened with a woman's hair lock?
And this is the light-faced Tamar.
Dev locked her up in a dark dungeon, but the darkness lifted,
the doors of the dungeon opened up,
and the divine Tamar is shining again, as a morning star in the sky.
And this is Parnavaz. He created our alphabet.
The Holy Virgin, robed in Sun,
had inspired him to perform this great act.
There's a statue of Parnavaz on the lber Mountain in Mzkheta.
And this is Amiran. The Greeks called him Prometheus.
He had stolen fire from the gods and given it to mankind.
For this he was chained to a rock by the gods.
Since then he's been suffering,
suffering, suffering.
When Amiran breaks his chains,
Georgia will become free.
Piper Simon, thank you for your second lesson.
These gifts are to be presented to holy father. God be with you!
Get up. Go, quick.
Load all the treasures! Take them away!
Please, Father,
absolve me of my sins.
I give all these treasures to the unfortunate orphans and widows.
I give up everything I've earned by my honest work.
Bless you, my son.
These are hard times now. Be careful.
Go back to your people, to your religion.
Go back to your country.
I know everything about your life. God is merciful.
May He reward people with His heavenly blessing
for their earthly hardship and ordeal.
Thank Thee, Lord.
Nodar Zalikashvili.
Thank you.
Remember this. God bless you.
Thank you.
My dream has come true.
Listen to me carefully, Durmishkhan.
From now on, all my business will be in your hands.
Soon furs will arrive from the North.
You'll receive the load and do with it whatever you deem right.
What's the matter, Osman-aha?
Why are you saying this?
For God's sake, explain what happened?
Our paths go different ways now.
I bequeath to you half of my wealth.
Try to be sensible as how you use it.
Do not become a slave of money.
Protect your hearth. Raise a good son.
You're leaving me alone. Why?
The sun goes up, then the sun goes down.
It returns to where it has risen from.
Rivers flow to the seas.
And the seas are never overflown.
The water gets back to its sources in order to flow forever.
Everything disappears and everything remains in the universe.
Tomorrow is "berikaoba".
I'll be a butterfly.
I'm a butterfly.
If you're a butterfly, then I'm a grasshopper.
- I'm a butterfly. - I'm a grasshopper.
This is holy Nino.
Rise a little, Father, I'll put in some hay. You'll be more comfortable.
I wish to know what is the real situation today
in the country.
Go ahead and report to me.
With God's help and as you commanded,
the fortress of Argaushvat has been restored.
With God's help and as you commanded,
the fortress of Daukhvdy has been restored.
With God's help and as you commanded,
the fortress of Dakhkar has been restored.
O great Czar, our people work indefatigably.
All the fortresses have been rebuilt.
And what do you have to say, young man?
The Surami Fortress is crumbling, sire.
And nothing can be done?
No. We build it and it crumbles. Over and over again.
What is your advice?
All our efforts are in vain. We should ask the fortuneteller.
Ask her.
Our great Czar!
I, peasant Torgvadze,
announce the beginning of the Feast of Berike.
Protect me, Saint George!
We worship your visage!
Protect me from the dragon.
Protect me, Saint George!
Protect me from the dragon!
We worship your holy visage!
I ask you!
I beg you!
Protect me from the dragon!
Saint George!
My people, let's genuflect in sacred memory of the heroes
who have died on battlefield now and ever, throughout history.
I and my family begin a rite of sacrifice.
Father, today I appeared before the Czar.
Did he speak to you?
Yes, we discussed the matter of building fortresses.
Have all the fortresses been built?
Yes, except for the Surami Fortress.
It's the hand of God!
Father, we decided to seek advice from fortuneteller Vardo.
The people call her a clairvoyant.
Oh God! How can a fortuneteller help?
Father, and what if a war starts?
Should a war start, father?
War is a terrible disaster, my son. Are you afraid?
I am. Because no one knows what may happen.
What shall we do, father?
What misfortune has brought you here?
Speak up. What misfortune?
Don't be angry with me, Vardo. I can't see you.
You can't see me?
Tell me, what color is the water?
What color?
It's cold.
You go to Garedzhi, you go a long way.
You find a spring, and wash your eyes.
You let a black dove go, and you catch a white dove.
Black, white... I can't see you, Vardo.
O Allah, save my family from the war.
From destruction.
Guard against an evil eye.
O Allah!
Protect my family and all my wealth
from war and destruction.
Protect from an evil eye!
I must hurry, Zurab.
I need to take care of our goods in Gulansharo.
Otherwise, in case of war, we'll be ruined.
I leave you in charge here, in Surami.
Take care of our home, but don't forget about our princedom's needs.
Help it with food...
with building materials...
so that no one could reproach us.
I lay my hopes on you, Zurab.
Father, let me speak.
Please, cross yourself our Christian way, before you start on the road.
It's not the time for prayers.
Am I to blame for something, father?
Mind your business.
She lives over there!
- All the way up? - Yes.
Let the Czar's envoys pass!
Make way for the Czar's envoys!
Make way!
Step back!
What misfortune has brought you here?
Great misfortune. We cannot build the Surami Fortress.
The Surami Fortress?
We've come a long way. We seek your advice.
We've brought you the Surami earth and water.
Save us. Tell us what to do.
Go away.
We came to you with a great hope. The Grand Prince sent us.
Get out of my house.
You all go.
And you stay.
Take a seat.
Here is a basin.
What is it that you brought?
The Surami water and earth.
Pour the earth out.
Now pour the water out.
What else did you bring?
Gold. The people sent it.
Gold. Drop the gold into the basin.
Mix it.
Mix it!
The Surami Fortress! It doesn't crumble!
It means it can be built?
Yes, it can.
But how?
The gold should be bricked in.
Where can our people get gold?
You didn't understand.
Poor creature.
Gold is a tall,
young man.
Now you understand?
I do, Vardo! I understand!
A tall, blue-eyed... I understand!
The Surami Fortress will be built!
It will be built!
What is it, Zurab?
What did she say?
What happened?
What do you mean, nothing?
Why don't you say something?
- What did she say? - Let's go.
Have you swallowed your tongue?
What's the matter? Explain it. What did she say?
"If a people has a young man
who is capable of being bricked in alive in a fortress wall,
then this country and its people are unconquerable."
Niko Lordkipanidze.
Oh God! Why did I live to see this?
Bless me, piper Simon.
Oh God...
Mother Earth.
Where is he? Where?
Here. Right here.
When you were born,
I made a blue blanket for you,
for you were my son, too.
I sent you to your death.
To your death.
Forgive me.
But you must know that it was not revenge.
I've become part of your immortality.
My son!
My son!
Great Czar, allow me to kneel
and kiss the earth.
I'm a wretched mother.
Mother of the entombed young man, my only son.
Take my life too.
People! Bow down before this great deed.
Take your swords and guard your country,
as this noble heart entombed in a fortress did.
Come up, young man.
Yes, sire.
Take this sword and bow down before the martyred mother.
Bow down all!
The high-born and the low-born! The wealthy and the poor!
Be worthy of her holy prayers!
I, the Czar and warrior, equal among you,
order you to stop lamenting.
Light up the sky!
May there be light!
It stands!
It stands!
The fortress stands!
O, the Surami Fortress!
I appeal to you in anguish.
My son is entombed here.
Protect his immortal peace...
The End
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