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Subtitles for Legend Of Zu The (2001).

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Legend Of Zu The (2001)

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The universe in its vastness,
is forever changing.
The Zu mountain ranges in Szuchuan, China,
are famous for their lofty crags
and jagged peaks.
It is said that elves and spirits live here.
There are many legends in these parts.
One of these are about immortals
possessing supernatural powers.
They fly on their swords, chase the wind
and the stars.
They tune their minds and bodies
in search of the eternal truths of the universe,
so that Man and Nature can be one.
Remember, Omei students,
never succumb to greed and jealousy.
That's the beginning of all evil.
During my recent training,
I could feel a strong force working against us.
I could hear cries of horror which filled me
with a sense of foreboding.
The evil forces could be
attempting another assault
Omei being the leading school in these mountains,
we must be prepared
for a surprise attack.
We safeguard peace and order in the Zu mountains
Look at the aura over Omei.
They have a great following,
unlike us,
there's only you and me here.
The tradition in Kun Lun is based on yin and yang.
The sun and moon represent Kun Lun,
hence there's only been one teacher one student.
King Sky, how long have you studied with me?
200 years.
200 years... How time flies.
Yet I haven't been able to change.
I still miss my teacher
after all these years.
I'm still affected by emotions,
that's why my training cannot progress.
I don't want you to end up like me.
You have to leave me.
This is my weapon the Moon Orb.
Don't come back until you've mastered it.
If I'm not here when you come back,
the Moon Orb will find me.
It'll bring you to me.
The Sun and Moon Orbs are
the protectors of Kun Lun
if the evil force invades...
what will you do?
My destiny depends on your success. Go now!
I'll worry about that when it happens.
500 years ago,
Insomnia destroyed the Wah Shan Clan
300 years after that,
the Kun Lun.
And now, he's targeting Omei.
The battle between good and evil is eternal.
But Insomnia is moving sooner than we expected
We must evacuate all innocent humans nearby.
Right now, two armies are at war nearby.
Insomnia means business,
there will be a major conflict
Go and evacuate the armies now,
get them as far away from here as possible.
Yes, sir, at once.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Red, it's been a long time.
King Sky, you've beaten me to it.
ln your clan.
everything must go through the system
One can never act without instructions.
Frankly. l'm surprised you're here at all.
If Insomnia hadn't
destroyed Kun Lun 200 years ago,
you'd probably be in the same position.
Anyway, a war is inevitable.
How would you judge Insomnia's strength?
Omei is the last line of defense.
As lnsomnia has made a move. he can't be bluffing.
From what l've seen on my way here.
he is many times more powerful than before.
In that case, we must evacuate those troops first.
The path ahead has suddenly changed into a cliff.
There were ghostly cries coming from 3 miles away.
This is just a ploy. They won't scare us off.
We must forge ahead at all costs!
Yes, sir!
Captain Lo and Captain Tai.
Go with my daughter as the advance party.
Hurry up, we're moving out!
You saw what happened.
This is beyond your powers.
Remove your heavy armour,
and get as far away from here as you can.
We're soldiers. We're scared of nothing!
Just who do you think you are! Arrest them! Execute them!
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
Do you know who that is?
That's Insomnia, an extremely powerful force!
There's no time to argue.
This evil monster is very close now,
by the time you see him you'll all be dead!
You've shown up at last.
You two are nothing!
I'm not interested in fighting with you.
So this is what you look like.
Go on, fight!
You'll never conquer your own demons.
Anyway, you just don't have what it takes,
and nobody can help you with that.
Whitebrows! You're a hypocrite
sending two beginners as cannon fodder.
Your disciples don't know the true face
that's hidden behind that facade of righteousness!
Heaven and Thunder Swords.
7 Saints and 300 Castles
will follow me to fight evil at Conch Valley!
The Sky Reflector points to this spot.
lnsomnia must be nearby.
Heaven Strikes!
Thunder Fires!
lt's big brother!
Grand Master!
Grand Master!
Who's that?
A friend from Kun Lun. l think.
lnsomnia's over there!
He's up there!
He's trying to suck you in!
What's in there?
lts power overcame both Heaven and Thunder swords
they were almost sucked in.
l believe this must be the Blood Cave
that many great masters have searched for.
l now realize what lnsomnia is up to.
He's used our power
to open the Blood Cave.
lf he's able to obtain the power within.
none of us would be his match.
We were wrong about lnsomnia.
he didn't start an early attack on Omei.
it's only starting now.
Let me go in and kill him!
l'll go!
No. Your two swords are the guardians of Omei.
if you're trapped in there. Omei will be finished.
The 7 of us can go!
lf something does happen to us
it won't put your plans in jeopardy.
We knew once we're in here.
it won't be easy to get out.
l suggest we split up.
Whoever finds lnsomnia waits here.
We're not leaving here until we find him.
lf one of us is possessed by the demon.
we must agree that the other will not hesitate.
He must kill him!
Don't worry. l agree.
Though very old friends are we.
Still we must part.
Keep watch outside the cave.
No matter what happens in there.
don't use weapons.
Just wait here. l'll try to rescue them.
Remember. conserve your power!
The Sky Reflector!
Red! King Sky!
The Sky Reflector ...
lt's been sucked away! What now?
The cave is closing up! Get out of here!
lt's like a maze inside the cave.
how far in do you think it goes?
Since he's gone in there. it probably stretches
all the way to the base of the Zu mountains.
We don't have much time. let's split up.
Yes. sir.
You have experience of the power in the cave.
and you've had more training than others.
so l want you to guard the entrance.
lf you see anything. inform Omei at once.
lf anyone or anything tries to come out. kill it!
l'm the head student in Omei.
l'll take up the first line of defense!
King Sky. thouglh you're not from Omei.
this is the survival of everyone on the mountains.
Please inform Point Nirvana and all other clans.
tell tlhm to guard their own energyforce
to make sure it doesn't dissipate.
lt's my dutyto destroy this monster!
l'll go now.
l didn't think we'd get out alive.
l hope we'll be able to work together again.
We are.
We just split up as we did before.
Come back soon. we need you!
Heaven and Thunder. 7 Saints and others
follow me.
We need to prepare for lnsomnia
when he re-emerges.
Big brother. take care.
Take care.
King Sky has strong feelings towards you.
l've known him for 200 years.
l know there's only one woman for him.
that's his teacher.
But if he has feelings for you.
that means he's changed.
The feelings were only fleeting.
l'm not surprised he could clhange after 200years.
but we're going to train for thousands of years.
so what does that matter?
Enigma. we're going!
Thouglh the 9 magic flowers in Omei
did not all blossom
the energy here is still very strong.
As soon as your man informed us of the danger.
l immediately had the whole place
protected by sacred scriptures.
Yet that didn't stop the energy draining away.
lt looks like the Blood Cave has begun drawing
our energy through the bottom of the mountain.
l'm worried that even my Golden Dragon Seal
may not be able to avert a disaster.
The magic flowers are withering!
Omei's energy is dissipating!
Our powers will also wither with the flowers.
Good forces are waning.
evil forces are on the rise
To ensure we can defeat lnsomnia.
we'll need other weapons
to complement the Heaven and Thunder Swords.
Are Heaven and Thunder powerful enough?
to take care of lnsomnia?
They need to merge to release their ultimate power
Unfortunately they haven't managed that so far.
We must achieve that
before the 8 flowers wither.
Heaven and Thunder are male and female.
They can complement or
be detrimental to each other
The two minds must work as one during the merge.
Even the slightest mistake
can kill you both. in body and spirit.
You and l must think as one.
After 1.000 years. 2.000 years ...
Will we still be able to think as one?
Hollow. look out!
Who's there?
Yes. she's your teacher Dawn of 200 years ago.
l must enter another dimension to find
l've been chief of Omei for 2.000 years.
during which time
our clan has grown and prospered.
Now l must go into meditation
for the coming battle
As Red has to guard the Blood Cave.
King Sky will take over as chief of Omei.
All Omei students must abide
by King Sky's orders.
That is my order.
l must get him to teach me!
l must get him to teach me ...
l must get him to teach me ...
l must get him to teach me ...
No one in Omei can use the Thunder Sword anymore.
The only hope
lies in Hollow's spirit in the sword.
l can use that to create another man
but he will no longer be Hollow.
How much of Hollow's power survives
will depend on fate.
You're pretty. but a demon's still a demon!
Killing you is like squashing an ant!
You're nothing. l'd only soil my hands.
Guard the entrance.
lf you see anything. inform Omei at once.
lf anyone or anything tries to come out. kill it!
lf the merge of Heaven and Thunder
is not enough to deal with this disaster.
then we'll need the 3 elements to merge.
What's that?
To have 3 forces combine as one.
They are power of the mind.
power of the universe and power of regeneration
When l'm gone.
the Ming Fire l leave behind will be the mind
the weapon in the other dimension is the universe
as for the power of regeneration ...
Where is that?
That power is within you.
To merge the 3 you must first perceive this power.
People will worry if they know l've left my body
so you mustn't tell anyone.
What if something happens. how do l find you?
You can't.
Just do what you think is right.
and rely on the Ming Fire. the power of my mind.
The fire lives. l live.
lf l find the power of the universe.
you'll see a signal in the sky.
At that time we can launch a full counter-attack.
What if the men want to find you?
The Ming Fire will transmit my image to them.
Our survival depends on
the merge of the 3 elements
l must go now.
Good will triumph over evil!
Good will triumph over evil.
Grand Master.
l can feel the energy warning in Omei.
Has something happened in Omei?
Red. you must have faith in me. l told you ...
l have everything under control.
His time has not yet come.
lnsomnia won't be able to use his magic
So don't worry.
just guard the cave
and don't let him out.
lf anything happens. let me know.
Anyway. you must be strong.
You must never waiver.
Anyway ...
just await my good news.
He's not Hollow.
Whitebrows has given him a new name Ying.
He needs to relearn everytlhing.
You know him well.
it's best you be his teacher.
Ridiculous! Anyone who wants to study in Omei
must first find his own sword.
Only then will he become one of us!
Hollow! l'm Enigma.
we practiced the double sword together. remember?
l'm going to be your teacher. understand?
He has no recollection of the past.
To restore his memory. you have to open his mind.
Once he remembers. his powers will return.
Emotions can be a major obstacle.
Don't let the past inhibit you from teaching him.
You can be my student for now. l'll wait.
Why're you still here?
You can't fly without your wings?
You're useless. what's all your training for?
l'll help you.
Now you have your wings back. fly away!
Though l have wings l can't fly away.
l can give you freedom. l can also take your life!
So behave!
l could kill you with my little finger!
This is my sword!
l've found my sword!
l can speak!
l can speak clearly! Can you hear me?
Can l be your student?
l can teach you manythings
but l don't believe in this master
and student nonsense.
So will you teach me?
Let's start!
When will l be able to fly like them?
You're so ugly.
and you ... can't ... even ... fly!
Forget it!
Think of the past. it may help you to remember.
Think? How can l with a sword like this?
You're the teacher you should know!
Maybe l should be your teacher? Think about that!
How can l make you learn?
Stop pushing me! You've taught me nothing!
Just what do you want from me?
Teach me if you want but don't tie me up!
You were a good fighter.
You and your sword were the guardians of Omei.
You can keep this scrap iron. give me yours!
Find yourself another teacher!
l will!
l'll be the teacher!
l'll open your mind!
l'll open your stupid mind!
l'll open your damn stupid mind!
Why're you fighting me?
Don't you want to be with me anymore?
Do you want to go back to Omei?
lf you go back we'll be separated.
Don't you want me anymore?
Merge of the 3 elements?
To l have 3 forces combine as one.
They are power of the mind.
power of the universe and power of regeneration.
Where's the power of regeneration?
That power is within you
To merge the 3 you must first perceive this power.
All those who have been recreated
leave something of their past
in the Tri-Element Hall
Look. that's my teacher.
Your thoughts are really bothering me.
Just tell me what you want.
You get that feeling from my teacher's Moon Orb.
When the merge failed. you fell into the water.
The Moon Orb got rid of the fire on you.
My teacher said the Moon Orb would take me to her.
What Moon Orb? l'm not your teacher!
All weapons have their own spirit.
The Moon Orb was yours.
You may have changed.
but it can still recognize you
Take me for example.
l've tried but the Thunder Sword always evades me.
Heaven and Thunder have their own masters.
they won't go with anyone else.
Unless you erase their memory
in the Tri-Element Hall
you won't become its new master.
l've used the Heaven Sword to summon Thunder.
You must decide ...
whether you want to go in.
l'm the only clue to your past.
lf l go in.
Dawn will disappear forever from this world.
And you'll never know about the past.
You'll never be Dawn again.
Master Whitebrows!
He's not here!
No wonder we haven't seen him.
Moon Orb ...
Using it. l can get rid of the heat in your body.
How can l get my Moon Orb back?
Tell me!
Tell me how l can become your teacher again!
What can l do to save you?
Give me back the Moon Orb!
Give me back the Moon Orb!
Give it back! l want to be your teacher again!
l suggest we reform Omei.
We can't go on without a chief.
l'm going to find brother Red.
and sister Enigma.
All of us together.
can ensure Omei's survival.
We'll fight to the end.
to the very last man!
For justice and for the Zu mountains!
Even if we lose.
we won't have failed our ancestors!
l'm going to find Red now.
lt's evil magic! Get back!
lt's very strong!
We can't hold out much longer.
Take shelter with other schools!
What's that? What's going on up there?
The magic's gone?
People up there have lost their powers?
l wonder if they know l'm ...
What. more?!
They're too strong. we can't hold them back.
Take my sword!
From now on. it's yours!
lt'll take you down the mountain.
Big brother
l've ... got you!
l've got you!
l've got the Heaven Sword!
l've destroyed Omei!
lnsomnia. you always say l'm a loser.
but now l've conquered Omei and the Zu mountains.
yet you're instill inside that Blood Cave!
Phantom troopers. take her body away!
Red. spare no-one!
Raze the Golden Top
to the ground!
Where're you going with that sword?
Omei's finished. it's just a pile of rubble now.
What is this ghastly place?
Winner takes all. that's always how it is.
l'm a soldier.
l'll never allow myself be beaten!
l'm going back to kill the enemy!
Anyone trying to stop me is my enemy too!
You're just a rusty old sword.
you make me sick!
You're still not enlightened?
Not you too!
Our strength has been nullified.
lt'd be too late
even if you became enlightened
l wish l had inherited the Thunder Sword.
Let's go.
lf you're waiting for me to become enlightened.
what have you all been doing?
We've been waiting for you!
Thunder Sword!
Thunder Sword!
Thunder Sword!
Thunder Sword!
Many students have lost their lives because of it!
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
l'll destroy it!
Give it here!
What? Are you scared you'd lose it?
lt won't remember. eh?
l'll help it remember!
lt may no longer be a rusty sword.
but it's still not much use.
if it had fought back sooner.
it may have helped.
Now it's too late.
You're on your own.
Can l go with you?
This is high enough!
lt's the fire left by Grand Master.
Grand Master!
Grand Master!
Grand Master!
We've failed to protect Omei
the school's been destroyed.
Now there's only us left ...
Ying! You've extinguished Grand Master's fire!
Kneel! You must apologize!
No! An apology's not good enough!
Thrown him out!
But he has the Thunder Sword.
lt's just a sword!
You scoundrel! Bring Grand Master back!
Bring him back!
See the blue light in the sky?
That's a signal from Whitebrows.
He must have found what he wanted.
That's it! Let's get it!
Omei's survival depends on the 3 elements:
the power of the mind.
power of the universe and power of regeneration.
The power of regeneration is within you.
To have 3 forces combine as one.
Merge the 3 elements.
l've received the Ming Fire signal
from Whitebrows.
lt's time to launch a counter-attack.
But they've captured Enigma.
We must rescue her before we attack.
Your spirits will have to leave your bodies
to enter the Blood Cave.
lnsomnia will try everything he can
to find your physical beings and destroy them.
so your spirits will have no bodies to return to.
l suggest you leave your bodies on Point Nirvana.
Even if lnsomnia finds them.
we'll be able to hold him offer some time.
The school lives. we live ...
Look at you. so high up!
You have the whole world at your feet!
Good. eh?
Look. you're all shining in gold!
Soon the Blood River will
be looming high above Zu!
lnsomnia. come out now.
Today is your big day!
Your sword easily broke
through the enemy's defense
How does it feel to be victorious?
You'll soon get used to it.
l'll be with you. you won't be lonely.
That's the Blood Clouds! Take cover!
Over to the canyon!
The Blood Clouds have totally covered
Green Castle.
Concentrate our powers on the Blood Cave.
we must rescue Enigma first!
The Blood Clouds have reached the Zu mountains.
myfriends are all there.
You want to go back and help them?
ln fighting the enemy.
You wouldn't abandon your men
on the battlefield. would you?
l understand. You go.
lf you lose this war.
it'll be disastrous for us too.
Take care!
There's a power of justice in the world.
l encountered it once.
unfortunately l didn't treasure it.
lf l could.
l'd like to rediscover that power.
At last. a chance to show my potential!
Here we meet again.
But you're no longer Red.
You're just a watch dog at Blood Cave!
Never mind the past!
l guess being the chief has made you humourless.
all that bureaucracy. eh?
Right now. l feel very differentlyto you.
Your heart is heavy.
l'm exhilarated.
l now realize what power means!
My power is constantly increasing.
And you.
you're like a mosquito to me.
if l speak a little louder l might blow you away
Enigma's down there.
What are you looking for?
Are you looking for her?
l'll levitate her. so you can have a better look.
That's just her physical being. her spirit ...
is right here!
lf someone else's spirit is in you.
where is your own?
You want to know? Come in and find out!
Thunder Sword!
No! The Blood Cave will suck your sword away!
lt's got my sword!
Get your spirit inside Enigma's body
and rescue her
Good idea!
Stop bluffing. King Sky.
You won't kill me.
because l have Enigma's spirit inside me!
You don't have to remind me!
l won't kill you.
it's the witch inside you l want!
Ying. look after Enigma's spirit.
King Sky!
King Sky!
My destiny depends on your success.
Don't hesitate.
Go now!
My destiny depends on your success.
Don't hesitate. Go now!
Let's go!
Teacher ...
l'll worry about that when it happens.
l'll worry about that
when it happens.
We'll wait for you back at the school!
Teacher. finally l'm enlightened!
So. are you Ying. or are you Hollow?
You'd better call me Ying.
You can't use Heaven Sword in your present state.
We have to do it. we have to merge.
Riglht. Let's go back to Point Nirvana
to where my physical being is.
Recognize this? lt's the Sky Reflector.
The most powerful weapon in Omei.
Let's see what you can do!
The Blood Clouds!
We must prepare to merge soon!
The school lives. we live ...
The Buddla's Hands!
You bald ignoramuses!
Open your eyes.
this is what true power is.
The power is all mine!
Give me King Sky's body!
Look. your bodies!
Want to swallow me?
Quickly. we must help King Sky.
if his body is destroyed. he'll vanish forever.
King Sky. we've found your physical body.
Feeling bad. are you?
Because your body is now inside
lnsomnia's stomach.
Soon you'll become his 10.000th spirit.
you'll be his slave
Still you'll achieve one thing.
and that is. to live the rest of your life here!
You can't out with me.
You're not even close.
l lured you up to the Blood Cave.
so l could draw awayyour energy
everytime you hit me.
l've drawn off all the energy from your Ming Fire.
Try it if you don't believe me.
l'll give you what you want.
l'll stay here and die with you!
Master Transcendental ...
We can't get out. we've been surrounded!
lt's lnsomnia's spirit!
Thunder. take the master and go now!
Be careful!
Teacher. what now?
We must merge.
You must not hesitate
like Hollow did.
l won't this time! Let's merge now!
Heaven Strikes!
Thunder Fires!
Heaven and Thunder Swords represent yin and yang.
Yin and yang complement each other.
A swordsman must flow with the power
of his sword
and join as one.
Hesitancy and stubbornness
restricts the flow.
Thus. one will lose oneself.
and the merge will fail.
lf l'm not here when you come back.
The Moon Orb will find me.
Where are they?
They must have reached the speed of light
so we can't see them.
Over there!
The Blood Clouds
consist of 9.999 of my spirits.
l can be reborn with each spirit.
lf you want to kill me
you have to kill me 9.999 times.
But l'd only need to kill you once.
and you'll be gone forever!
9.999 times?
Even if there are 100.000. we'll kill them all!
Amnesia! You won't get away!
You must destroy me along with her.
if not.
she'll repossess my spirit!
Remember our agreement?
lf one of us is possessed by evil.
the other must not hesitate.
Kill me!
Kill you?
Why can't we join forces to fight that monster?
My physical being is not here.
it's in the Blood Cave.
My spirit is too weak to fly back.
Even if you don't kill me. l'll vanish.
There's still time.
to go back and find your body.
Though very old friends are we.
still we must part.
Kill me!
Good will triumph over evil.
Kill me!
Red! Help me!
Merge again!
His spirit is inside the Blood Clouds!
Separate them!
Without the Clouds. his spirit will be useless!
Separate him from the clouds!
Wait! King Sky is in his mouth!
lt's too close! Split up!
lt's the Ming Fire Sword!
l am inside your body.
lnsomnia. see where you can run now!
l've got Dawn's feelings back!
King Sky. l've found you at last.
After Heaven and Thunder failed in their merge.
Whitebrows used the sword's spirit
to recreate Ying.
Why don't you try to recreate Enigma?
Thunder Sword will help you find the Heaven Sword.
recreating Enigma is only a matter of time.
Omei is starting a new today.
You don't need me anymore.
l had promised my teacher
that l'd return to Kun Lun and rebuild the clan.
All the clans slhould respect
and support each other
Omei will rely on you from now on.
Heaven and Thunder have been born again.
you'll only merge successfully
if Heaven's new owner can be enlightened soon.
lt's no big deal flying around the mountains.
l'm not interested.
Don't worry. l was like her before.
l'll open up her mind soon!
l hope so.
l hope so.
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