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Subtitles for League of their Own A.

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League of their Own A

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You might need that.
Where"d you find this?
lt was in one of those cartons.
Needs oil.
Who doesn"t?
You ready?
-l"m not going.|-Mom!
l"ve got two children,|l don"t need a third.
Why is it so important that l go?
For one thing, it"d be nice if you|just left the room.
Besides, these are your old friends.
They probably won"t remember me.
The ""Queen of Diamonds,"" Dottie Hinson?
Margaret, it just isn"t a good idea.
Come on, Mom.|You"ll get to see Aunt Kit.
-You never see each other.|-We still won"t.
She"ll be traveling around|with that husband of hers.
Frank. He has a name.
He"s always been very nice to you.
He makes me nervous.
There"s a lot of reasons|why l can"t go.
...l"m not comfortable about this.|l"m not really part of it.
lt was never that important.|lt was just something l did.
When will you realize how special it|was, how much it all meant?
l know how you feel. l really do.
But you"re going.
-Car, train, bus. l"m tired already.|-Sleep on the plane.
Grandma"s out.|ls there a fire?
Julie"s watching you.|l don"t want any bad reports.
-Bye, Grandma.|-Bye.
Jeffrey, come here.
No matter what your brother does,|he"s littler than you.
Give him a chance to shoot. Promise?
Bobby, come here.
Kill him.
Come on, you"ll miss your plane.
l still think l shouldn"t go.
Get a hit, Beans!
l"m coming, Mae! l"m coming!
This week in the world of sports.
With the boys overseas|and off to war... pitches in|for the war effort.
Trading bats for bullets,|Yankee Joe DiMaggio...
...promises to give|those Nazis a jolt.
Ace fireballer Bob Feller...
...has traded Cleveland gray|for Navy blue.
Baseball"s biggest stars say...
... ""Look out, Mr. Hitler.|The Yanks are coming. ""
Not to mention the Indians,|Red Sox and Tigers.
And they won"t come back|till it"s over, over there.
Meanwhile, Chicago club owner|Walter Harvey, the candy-bar king...
...met with other team owners at|the Harvey Mansion as rumours persist...
... that baseball may be shut down|for the duration of the war.
Harvey"s promotional whiz kid,|Ira Lowenstein...
...has been given the job of|figuring out how to keep baseball going.
Good luck, Mr. Lowenstein.
Strike 2!
Hey, fatso!
Get the hell out of the way!|What are you, crazy?
Strike 3!
-Sis, don"t swing at her high pitch.|-l can hit it.
-You can"t.|-l can.
This bat"s too heavy.|You"ll never get it around.
l will!
Listen. There"s a big hole|on the right side. Don"t look.
-Unless she pitches inside, pull it.|-l know.
Batter up!
No high ones.
l like the high ones!
Come on, Kit.|Keep your eye on the ball.
Strike 1 !
Strike 2!
Too high.
All right, Kit. Look it over!
Look it over there!
Strike 3!
All right, 2 outs, everybody.|Two away!
Better luck next time!
Knock it out of here! Okay, Dottie!
Batter up!
Right in here!
Bring them in there, Dottie!
Keep your eye on it, Dottie!
One hit and we win!
That"s it, Dottie! You did it!
That"s the ball game!
Hey, Kit! What are you swinging|those high ones for?
Good thing your sister bailed you out.
How about the two bucks you owe me|for this game?
Kit! Wait up, l"ll give you a ride!
Stop kicking the rocks.
l"m sorry.
-That game just made me so mad.|-We won. Get mad if we lose.
That last pitch was|right down the middle.
lf l"d have swung at that,|l"d be the hero.
-You got me so crazy--|-l only said lay off the high ones.
""Good thing your sister bailed you out.""
"" Kit, why don"t you get your sister|to teach you how to hit?""
""Why can"t you be beautiful|like your sister?""
What idiot said that?
No one.
-But that"s what they were thinking.|-No, it"s not!
You ever hear Dad|introduce us to people?
""This is our daughter Dottie.
This is our other daughter,|Dottie"s sister.""
Should"ve just had you|and bought a dog.
-Mitch Swaley likes you.|-He"s one step up from dating pigs.
But an important step.
-Why are you walking so fast?|-Why are you?
-Because you are.|-Can"t even let me walk faster than you?
Girls, you got chores to do.
Don"t run! You"ll scare the chickens!
l don"t have time for these games.
-Why are you running?|-You can go faster than that.
Your legs are longer.
-l win!|-Barely.
Hey, yourself.
Doesn"t that hurt them?
Doesn"t seem to.
lt would bruise the hell out of me.
Who are you?
l"m Ernie Capadino, baseball scout.
l saw you playing today.|Not bad, not bad.
Ever hear of Walter Harvey?|Harvey Bars?
You know, the candy?
Yeah, we feed them to the cows|when they"re constipated.
He"s starting|a girls" baseball league... we can make a buck|while the boys are overseas.
Wanna play?
Nice retort. Tryouts are in Chicago.|lt"s a real league, professional.
Professional baseball?
They"ll pay you $75 a week.
We only make $30 at the dairy.
Then this would be more,|wouldn"t it? lnterested?
Come on. $75 a week?
Pull her leg. Mine are long enough.
Look, your country needs you.
You can not only play ball,|but you"re kind of a dolly.
Oh, now l get it.|Listen, mister.
l"m a married woman.|My husband"s overseas.
Oh, relax!|l"m talking lookie, no touchie.
We want girls easy on the eye.
l"ll go. l"m ready now.|l gotta sign something?
l don"t want you! l want her!|The one who hit the ball!
You can climb back under the cow.
She"s good. She"s very good.
She pitches. She didn"t today,|because she did yesterday.
Thanks for that special glimpse|into her life.
l want you.
You l saw, you l like.
The train leaves for Chicago tomorrow.
What do you say?|Are you in?
No, thanks.
"" No, thanks""?
Hey, no skin off my Ashtabula.
lf you wanna pluck cows,|that"s your business.
You know something? You"re not nice.
That one hurt. So long, milkmaids.
No, wait!
Just watch me pitch. Dottie,|get your mitt! l"ll throw him a few.
Now look...
...l know the goods when l see|the goods, and she"s the goods.
l"m sorry.
Will you shut up?!
You"re a pitcher, huh?
l"ll tell you what.|lf she comes, you can come too.
lf you stink, it only costs us|the train ticket.
Get these wild animals away from me!
Haven"t you ever heard of a leash?
Come on, Dottie.
You got the whole rest of your life|to hang around here.
Never go anywhere. Never do anything.
l"m married. l"m happy.|lt"s what l want. Don"t confuse things.
But can"t you just have this first?
Just so you can say you once|did something? Something special?
Goodness sake, Kit!
Keep your voice down.|Your father"s listening to the radio.
Please, Dottie?
l gotta get out of here.
l"m nothing here.
ln the Pacific Northwest,|my territory...
...we have increased sales 1 06%|in the last 1 2-month period.
And this with a war on!
You know, if l had your job,|l"d kill myself.
Sit here. l"ll see if l can|dig up a pistol.
Every trip l take, l gotta sit|next to one of these guys.
l"m just too friendly.
Hey, isn"t that--?
Well, l"ll say one thing for them.|They can run.
Mr. Capadino!
l got her! Look!
-Sir, your knee.|-Like it?
Stop the train!
Come on! Come on!
Give me that bag!
Did you promise the cows you"d write?
When do we get to Chicago?
We gotta make a stop.|Fort Collins, Colorado.
Gotta look at another girl.
Hope you"re not jealous.
l"m sorry.
lt"s okay, honey. That was good form.
Good, honey. Good.
Nice, nice.
That"s a rope, honey.
Good girl. Good, good.
Right, too high.
She"s got an eye like DiMaggio.
Okay, Marla.
Now lefty.
She"s really good.
She"s your daughter?
Her mom"s dead.|lt"s just the two of us.
Coach said if she was a boy,|she"d go to the state tournament.
l said, "" lf she was a boy, l"d talk to|the Yankees instead of living here.""
That"s enough.|You can bring her over.
Okay, Marla.
Come here.
Hit the showers!
Take off your hat, honey.
We"ll let you know.
Daddy, l"m sorry.
Let"s go. We"ll miss the train.
Let"s move, move, move!
What"s the matter?
l can"t use her.
She"s great. Why not?|What"s the problem?
You know General Omar Bradley?
There"s too strong a resemblance.
You ain"t taking her|because she ain"t pretty?
Well, look who just caught up!
All right. Come on, let"s go.
Pick those suitcases up! Come on!
l"m not kidding. Move!
-One foot in front of the other.|-Mister?
l know my girl ain"t so pretty|as these girls.
But that"s my fault.
l raised her like l would a boy.
l didn"t know any better.
She loves to play.
Don"t make my girl suffer|because l messed up raising her.
l wish you had a decent mitt.
l think maybe l"d better not go.
No, you can relace it.
lt"ll be okay.
l mean, who"s gonna|take care of you? Cook?
Help you take care of the equipment?
Don"t you worry about me.
You"ll play baseball.
l"m not gonna know anybody.
Nothing"s ever gonna happen here.
You gotta go where things happen.
l love you, Daddy.
Let"s go, let"s go.
Come on, honey.
Are you coming?
See, how it works is, the train moves,|not the station.
This is making me sick.
Write to me, honey.
l love you.
Hey, cowgirls, see the grass?
Don"t eat it.
Okay, girls, this is it.|Harvey Field.
Tryouts. Get out there.
Show them what you got.|Don"t embarrass me.
lt"s been a thin slice of heaven.|Goodbye.
Wait. You"re going?
Dry your eyes.
l"m going home.|Grab a shower and a shave.
Give the wife a pickle-tickle,|and l"m on my way. l"ll see you.
-But--|-But what?
Field! Tryouts! Play!
That"s it! Get lost!
l hate when they get|attached to me like that.
-Hey, Mae.|-What?
-Come look at this.|-Wait a second, Doris.
l can"t wait much longer, so get up.
Yeah, so?
Yeah, so l ain"t done yet.|Watch this.
-That"s it?|-You can"t do it, Mae.
l could do it. How long you been|working on that, Doris?
Took me a year.
Not counting the two months l was in the|hospital. Bat hit me right in the head.
Your head and not your behind?|That looks really swollen.
-What kind of thing is that to say?|-l"m joking, okay? l"m nervous.
-What are you looking at?|-Yeah, what?
That"s right, nothing.
All these girls gonna be in the league?
-You wish.|-You do wish.
-Four teams. Sixteen girls to a team.|-That"s right.
Sixty-four girls.
What are you, a genius?
They got over 1 00 girls here,|so some of youse will have to go home.
-Sorry about that.|-Come on, Doris.
What do you mean, ""some of us""?
-Okay, some of them are going home.|-How"d you do that?
Excuse me.
You caught that. Hello?
Let"s go practice.
She caught it with her bare hand.
And now, from Chicago,|The Mutual presents...
...another social commentary|by Miss Maida Gilespie.
Careers and higher education...
...are leading to|the masculinization of women...
...with enormously dangerous|consequences... the home, the children|and our country.
When our boys come home from war...
... what kind of girls will they|be coming home to?
And now, the most|disgusting example...
... of this sexual confusion,|Mr. Walter Harvey, of Harvey Bars...
... is presenting us|with women"s baseball.
Right here in Chicago, young girls|plucked from their families...
...are gathered at Harvey Field...
... to see which one of them|can be the most masculine.
Mr. Harvey, like your candy bars,|you are completely nuts.
ery good. Try another.
Nice throw!
Your name will be on|one of those five lists.
Okay, find your name.
lf we could just form|two or three parallel lines....
l"m a Peach!
A Rockford Peach!
l made it! l can stay!
Are you a newspaper guy? This is|my friend Mae. She made the team.
Come on, we got a lot to do.|Let"s settle down.
Now, you"re the first--
Honey, are you supposed to be here,|or are you on the cut list?
Look, l"m sorry.
lf you"re on the cut list,|you have to leave the field.
Well, are you cut?
Look on the list. lt"s either Rockford,|Racine, Kenosha or South Bend.
Can you read, honey?
All right, what"s your name?
Shirley Baker.
Let"s just take a look.
This is you.
You"re with us.|You"re a Rockford Peach.
Go join your team.
Settle down.|We got a lot to go over.
First, congratulations.
You are the first members...
...of the All-American|Girls" Baseball League.
l"m Charlie Collins.
l"ll be managing the Racine team|when the season starts.
The other teams will have|managers soon.
At the end of practice today... all have to get fitted|for your uniforms.
And this is what they"ll look like.|Pretty darn nifty, if you ask me.
You can"t slide in that.
That"s a dress.
lt"s half a dress.
That"s not a baseball uniform.
What do you think we are,|ballplayers or ballerinas?
lt"s awfully short.
Short? l"m gonna have to squat|in that thing.
l can"t!|My husband will kill me.
Excuse me.
You can"t play ball in this,|you can"t play ball with us.
There are 38 girls getting|tickets home...
...who"ll play in a bathing suit|if l ask.
There"s no pockets for my cigarettes.
There is no smoking.
There is also no drinking and no men.
Your social engagements will be cleared|through your team chaperones.
You"ll have regular classes|at charm and beauty school.
For what?
Every girl in this league|will be a lady.
And gracefully and grandly.
Gracefully and grandly.
All right, now go back!
And sip.
Don"t slurp.
Don"t slurp.
Stop that!
lt"s good.
Heads up.
Backs straight.
And sit.
Right over left.|Legs always together.
A lady reveals nothing.
The hair. Soften and shorten.
The eyebrows. Thin and separate.|There should be two.
ery nice.
ery nice!
What do you suggest?
A lot of night games.
l wanna show you the grounds.|You know, l always--
Jimmy, come on.
l"m showing you around.|Beautiful, huh?
Place used to be a golf course.
l never cared for the game,|but l love grass.
lt costs a fortune,|with the mowing and trimming.
But l grew up in an apartment.|l had one lousy plant in a cheese box.
Now look. l got a park.
These are my in-laws. Hello!
They can"t hear nothing.|Enough socializing.
Jimmy, l"m thinking of giving you|another managing job.
Mr. Harvey, l guarantee l"ll do|a better job than last time.
You kind of let me down|on that San Antonio job.
l had no right to sell off|the team"s equipment like that.
lt won"t happen again.
Let me be blunt.|Are you still a fall-down drunk?
Well, that is blunt.
No, sir. l"ve quit drinking.
You"ve seen the error of your ways?
No, l just can"t afford it.
That"s funny to you?
Your drinking is funny?
You"re a young man.
You still could be playing...
...if you just would"ve laid off|the booze.
Well, it"s not exactly like that.
l hurt my knee.
You fell out of a hotel.|That"s how you hurt it!
There was a fire.
Which you started,|which l paid for.
l was gonna send you...
...a thank-you card, but l wasn"t|allowed anything sharp to write with.
l want you to manage|one of the new girls" baseball teams.
Don"t look so stunned. Face it.
You"re still a name. You step|out of the dugout before every game.
You wave your little hat.
You give the people a thrill.
Get an organ grinder.|l can hop around and dance.
lf your knees are up to it,|go ahead.
Mr. Harvey...
...l hit 487 home runs|for your baseball club.
Three in the World Series,|two in game 4 alone.
l know that.
That"s why l"m giving you this job.
Take it or leave it.
l gotta feed the fish.
Ladies and gentlemen!|Welcome to the first game...
...of the All-American|Girls" Baseball League!
The South Bend Blue Sox|against your own Rockford Peaches.
-Where is he?|-l can"t believe he"s our manager.
l was listening to the radio when he hit|that home run to win the pennant.
l"m asking him to sign|my husband"s baseball card.
Do you mind?|Could l take a look at that?
Just be careful with it.
lf anything happens, he"ll come back|from the Pacific and kill me.
-Mr. Dugan--|-Mr. Dugan, l"m simply....
Do something, Mae.
Time him.
Give me your watch.
Could be a record.
That counts.
How long?
l ain"t gonna ask you again.
Shut up, Doris.
Keep timing.
Hey, Mae, how long?
Boy, that was some good peeing.
Hey, coach.
Mr. Dugan? Could you sign|my husband"s baseball card for me?
Great to meet you!
What"ll we do?|He didn"t give us a lineup.
We can"t play without one.
l"ll pitch. l can pitch.
-l thought l was playing centre field.|-No, l am.
Hey, you guys. Come on.
How hard can it be to make a lineup?
Oh, yeah?|Why don"t you do it, Oregon?
-Me?|-Yeah, you.
All right.|Mae, centre field, lead off.
She"s good.
And now, the manager of the Peaches...
...former six-time|National League Home Run Champ...
...Jimmy Dugan!
Jimmy, look up here! We love you!
Bullshit. You can all kiss my ass.|That"s right.
Kiss my big hairy ass.
And the Rockford Peaches!
Doris Murphy takes the field!
Lift up your skirt!
This"ll be something.
Ain"t too many people here.
-You nervous, Doris?|-Yeah.
l ain"t.
-Are they laughing at us?|-Yeah, they"re laughing at us.
-They hate us.|-Just keep smiling.
Hey, glamour puss!|Can you throw the ball?
All right, ladies, let"s play ball!
-Let"s play ball.|-Dirt in the skirt!
And now, the lineup for Rockford:
Leading off and playing centre|field, number 5, Mae Mordabito!
Batting second and playing 3rd base,|number 22, Doris Murphy!
Batting third, the catcher,|number 8, Dottie Hinson!
Batting fourth and playing 2nd base,|number 32, Marla Hooch.
Girls can"t play ball!
Batting fifth....
Look at me! l"m a ballplayer!
Better look out,|l might break a nail!
--number 1 , Ellen Sue Gotlander.
-lt slipped!|-Batting ninth, pitcher...
...number 23, Kit Keller!
Count"s 2 balls and no strikes to|Rockford"s big catcher, Dottie Hinson.
And it"s in the dirt. 3 and 0.
Let"s see if Jimmy Dugan gives her|the green light on 3 and 0...
...or gives her the take sign.
Game"s tied 2-2,|the bottom of the 9th...
...with two runners in scoring position|and only 1 out.
From the belt, here"s the delivery.
Oh, baby! She hit the cream cheese|out of that one!
Jimmy Dugan, master strategist,|had her swinging away!
He sure knows his baseball.
Come on, Dottie!
Make me proud!
A 3-run clout for Dottie Hinson...
...and Rockford wins it, 5 to 2.
Dottie, ladies and gentlemen! Dottie!
l couldn"t believe you hit it|right out there!
Can we have your autograph?
Can we, Jimmy?
Not today, boys.
Come back next game.
Nice piece of coaching.
Especially in the 5th inning when you|scratched your balls for an hour.
Anything worth doing|is worth doing right.
Yes, indeed.
Until you did that, l couldn"t tell|if you were drunk or dead.
lt was made very clear to me|what l"m supposed to do here.
l smile...
...wave my little hat, and l did that.|So when do l get paid?
You have some good ballplayers.|lf you"ll only--
l haven"t got ballplayers!|l"ve got girls!
Girls are what you sleep with after|the game, not what you coach during it.
lf we paid you more, could you be|just a little more disgusting?
l could certainly use the money.
On the home front...
... they find them everywhere...
...North, East, South and West,|and even Canada.:
Players for the new|All-American Girls" Baseball League.
After a month of play...
... the shine still isn"t off|these Diamond Gals.
Alice ""Skeeter"" Gaspers says...
... ""Legging out a triple is no reason|to let your nose get shiny. ""
Betty Grable has nothing on these gals.
Helen Haley has not only been on|several championship amateur teams...
...she"s also an accomplished|coffeemaker.
With her husband in the Pacific...
...Betty Horn enjoys|cooking spaghetti and knitting.
Her teammates call her|""Betty Spaghetti. ""
Ellen Sue Gotlander is|a former Miss Georgia.
Then there"s pretty Dottie Hinson...
... who plays like Gehrig|and looks like Garbo.
Fellas, keep your mitts to yourselves.|She"s married.
And there"s her kid sister Kit,|who"s as single as they come.
Enough concentrated ""oomph"" for|a whole carload of Hollywood starlets.
And how about Marla Hooch?
What a hitter!
What a lead!
But girls playing baseball?
-Enjoy that?|-Yeah!
Good. Come back next game, will you?
l"m Evelyn Gardner.
l play right field.
For us.
l just spoke to my husband last night.
He says l can"t leave our son|with him at home anymore.
See, he says he"s too busy reading|the want ads...
...and l should just take him with me|and shut up about it. So can l?
Take my son with me on road trips?
He"s the sweetest little boy.
Everyone"s just gonna love him.
Get this brat off of me!
That"s it! l quit!
Stilwell, angel, come to Mommy.
-You"re too young to drive.|-l will. Watch.
l"m sorry, but l"m gonna have to|kill your son!
Wait! The girls have a game!
You can"t leave us like this!|Please, Mr. Goosatelli!
Get over here, Stilwell!|l"m gonna kill you!
You can"t catch me!
Don"t use my bat, use Marla"s!|lt"s heavier!
-Evelyn, why is he so wild?|-l don"t know.
Stilwell, angel,|have another chocolate bar.
Gimme! Gimme!
You can"t leave us like this.|We"re in the middle of nowhere!
-We can"t be here!|-No!
Keep him away from me!
He"s really a sweetie, Dottie.
-l hope l have five just like him.|-Don"t eat the wrapper, honey.
-You gonna come?|-Where you going?
A roadhouse called the Suds Bucket.
No, l"m married. l"m....
Come on, you ain"t on the farm anymore.|Live a little bit.
Mr. Goosatelli shan"t be returning.
How you gonna get past Miss Cuthbert?
Mae"s gonna poison her dinner.
What is it, baby?
What the hell is going on?!
Why are we stopped?
Lou quit.
Who"s Lou?
The driver.
A car could"ve came by now.
-Get on the bus!|-Was that English?
l loved you in The Wizard of Oz.
ln the 43 years l"ve practised medicine,|l never saw a woman throw up that much.
Maybe that"s how|she entertains herself, doc.
Hurry! Come on!
Mae, what did you give her?
Who cares? lt"s working.
l"m going, baby!
Come on, way to go, Mae!
l"m coming in!
Catch me!
Did you see me, Kit? l pretzeled!
-How"d you learn to do that?|-She taught me.
My father owns a dance hall, upstate.|innie"s Dance Girls Deluxe.
She was a dancer, l was a bouncer.
You were great!
-Thanks for the ride, kid.|-What"s your rush, dollbody?
What do you say we slip in the back seat|and you make a man out of me?
What do you say l smack you around?
Can"t we do both?
No, l"m not hot. lt"s fine.
lt"s really cold.
-That"s better.|-Where"s Kit?
l think she"s on the dance floor.|There she is.
l got my truck parked outside.
Sorry, we gotta go. Come on.|Alice, come on.
We gotta go. We got trouble.
-l knew it. You killed Miss Cuthbert.|-We"ll bury her. l know a guy--
Lowenstein"s coming.|He catches us, we"re out of the league.
Let"s make like a bread truck|and haul buns, ladies.
Let"s duck out the back door.
ls this all? Marla didn"t come?
She came.
Well, where is she?
Thinkin" of you
Some others I"ve seen
What did you do to her?
We just gave her a dress.
And a lot of liquor!
You guys go ahead. l"ll get Marla.
Hurry up, ladies!
Gave me a thrill
With all your faults
I love you still
It had to be you
Wonderful you
It had to be you
It had to be you
It had to be you
Marla, honey? We gotta go.
l"m singing to Nelson! Ain"t l, baby?
You sure are.
l could take her home.
lt"d be an honour.
Ain"t he something?
Could make me be blue
That"s the second time he dropped|that Bible since she"s been in there.
Come on, girls.
Mae, what"d you say?
"" Here"s a good job for you, Jimmy.
Managing girl ballplayers.
You go out there and you wave|your little hat around.
Don"t drink!""
Why would l want to drink?|l"m a goddamn Peach!
God, double play.|Now l"m hitting like a girl.
"" But be nice to them.|They"re good ballplayers.""
There, catch that, blondie!
Now batting for the Rockford Peaches...
...number 5, centre fielder...
...Mae Mordabito!
Here"s the pitch.
There"s a shot into right centre!
lt"s up the alley!
She"s turning around 1 st!|She"s digging up the dirt!
She"s heading past 2nd.
She"s heading into 3rd!
Dirt in the skirt, Mae!|Dirt in the skirt!
-Safe!|-She"s in there with a triple!
Boy, did she smack that one|right on the kisser.
No wonder they call her|""All-the-Way"" Mae.
Next batter...
...number 32, 2nd baseman,|Marla Hooch.
Evelyn, look at this!|l"ve got Stilwell"s snack on my cleat!
What are you, stupid?
Somebody"s gotta run the team.|Someone who actually watches the games.
You"re gonna squeeze bunt|with our best hitter?
What"s the sign to swing away?
Hey, blond girl!|What"s the sign?
lt"s the letters.|A squeeze"ll work.
Stop thinking with your tits. Batter!
Come on!
Who is the goddamn manager here?|l am!
Then act like it, you big lush!
-You tell him, Dottie!|-About time someone told him.
-l"m ready now.|-Play ball!
Way to go, whatever your name is!
Good bluff!
But l still say|you"re not ballplayers.
Cemetery boneyard! Cross your fingers|or you"ll never get another hit.
Sound it out.
Kimono off and...
...milky white....
What are you giving her to read?
What"s the difference?|She"s reading.
That"s the important thing.
Go away! Go! Shoo!
Go ahead, Shirley.
lt gets really good after that.
-A delivery boy walks in....|-What are you doing?
l"m writing a song.
Really? What"s it about?
About us.
Could you teach it to me?
Doris, is this your boyfriend?
ls it out of focus?
No, that"s how he looks.
Looks aren"t the most important thing.
Right. The important thing is he"s|stupid, out of work and treats me bad.
Then why...?
Why? What do you think? Because...
...none of the other boys ever....
Always made me feel like l was wrong.
Like l was some sort of a weird girl|or a strange girl...
...or not even a girl,|just because l could play.
l believed them too. But not anymore.
l mean, look. There"s a lot of us.
l think we"re all all right.
We are.
Give me that.
So long, Charlie!
So with 2 runs in the 6th,|South Bend gets even.
l"ve gotta go! l"ve gotta go!
You shake it off. Shake it off.
Say, Evelyn, can l ask you a question?
Which team do you play for?
-l"m a Peach.|-Well, l was just wondering...
...because l couldn"t figure out why|you"d throw home...
...when we"ve got a 2-run lead!
You let the tying run get on 2nd,|and we lost the lead!
You start using your head!
That"s that lump that"s three feet|above your ass!
Are you crying?
Are you crying?
Are you crying?!
There"s no crying!
There"s no crying in baseball!
Leave her alone, Jimmy.
You zip it, Doris!
Rogers Hornsby, my manager,|called me a ""talking pile of pig shit"" !
That was when my parents came|from Michigan... see me play the game!|And did l cry?
No! Do you know why?
Because there"s no crying in baseball.|No crying in baseball!
No crying!
What"s the matter?
She"s crying, sir.
l didn"t mean to do that.
Perhaps you chastised her|too vehemently.
Good rule of thumb: Treat each of them|as you would your mother.
Anyone ever tell you you look like|a penis with a hat on?
You"re out of here!
-l heard that!|-You misunderstood.
-Ten seconds!|-You misunderstood!
You can"t throw me out knowing|you"ve got a strike!
Off this field!
l can"t believe no one ever|called you that before!
That"s where you belong.|l"m in charge now.
The crowd"s light today,|what with the tractor show in town.
lf you"re nearby, and you must be, since|this isn"t a powerful radio station...
...come on down to the ballpark|and bring the kiddies.
People better start showing up.
We don"t have fans,|we don"t have a league.
Ladies... all look wonderful.
There"s a reporter and a photographer|in the stands from Life magazine.
-We"re famous!|-Life magazine?
Don"t waste your time.
Dottie, l"m trying to get them to do|a story about you.
Me? Why me?
You"re the ""Queen of Diamonds.""|That"s what l"m calling you.
Did you tell them about me?
l told them how at first,|the scout didn"t even want you...
...but how Dottie wouldn"t come|without her kid sister.
They really loved it.
A real human-interest story.
Will you just try to give them|something spectacular out there?
What"s the matter?
Well, we"re not doing so well.
Harvey and the other owners think|they"ve made a mistake.
They might close you down.
What are you talking about?
They can"t close us down here.
-What kind of a thing is that?|-What"s it mean?
They"re businessmen.|No profit, no product.
And what am l supposed to do?
Go back to taxi dancing?
Ten cents so some slob can sweat|gin all over me?
l"m never doing that again!
So you tell old rich Mr. Chocolate Man|that he ain"t closing me down!
They can"t keep us from playing!
We"ll show them how we play.
l"m sorry. l"m very sorry.|l am trying my best.
So will you just give them|everything you"ve got?
We always do.
A slick play by Alice Gaspers|and there"s 2 gone... the 3rd.|That"ll bring up Dee Lynch.
Lynch is the most consistent|Belles hitter this year.
Settles in.
Pops it up! Foul.
Hinson should have|no trouble with this.
She"s under it.
Uncle Elmore"s socks!
What did she do?
l can"t do that.
Who can?
-What is her name?|-Dottie Hinson. D-O-T-T-l-E....
What the hell was that?
l just thought it might|help the league.
A goddamn circus!
A double would be nice--
All right!
God knows we have a game.
lt"s not like any of this helps,|believe me.
That was really nice!
Let"s go, girls. Dozens of people are|waiting for the game to start.
What is her name?|Hey you, tall girl!
Look sharp, tall--|What is her name?
Beverly. Good.
Five bucks! Five bucks!
What if, at a key moment in the game,|my uniform bursts open...
...and my bosoms fly out?
That might draw a crowd, right?
Think there"s men|who ain"t seen your bosoms?
Thank you.
-Marla, what you got?|-What about me?
l got a letter from Nelson!
Fly ball as Dottie Hinson brings...
...the crowd to its feet|with a home run!
We love you, 22!
-Come on!|-Open your mouth!
The kid ate the lineup!
Right here.
l"m so happy! Thank you.
l love you.
l"ll be back next season.
See you next season!
Slide! Slide!
Thank you!
Let it up. Let it up.
That was a good one.
lt"s a fly ball to left!
Betty Spaghetti makes the catch!
Heads up! Spaghetti makes the throw!|lt"s gonna be close!
Aunt Edna"s bridgework! She is out!
Dottie Hinson held onto the ball!
Oh, doctor!
A lot of ballplayers use it.
High foul pop.
lt"s coming back!
She caught it! Unbelievable!
Full house on its feet|cheering Dottie Hinson!
That sounded good.
-You haven"t got a curve ball left.|-l don"t?!
You haven"t had one since--
He"s good-looking.
-What"s he do when not in the Army?|-Dairy assistant manager.
He"ll be manager. He"s smart.
So he"s good-looking and smart.
There"s so few of us.
Where did you say he was? ltaly?
l think. l haven"t got a letter|from him in three weeks.
l used to get one every week.
That doesn"t mean anything.
lf he"s in combat, it"s not like there"s|a mailbox on every corner.
lf something happened,|you would"ve got a telegram.
Oh, God, don"t--
But he"s fine. No, he"s fine.
How come you"re not in the Army?
l have no cartilage... my knee.
You don"t need it to shoot Nazis.
You need this, right? Trigger finger.|l could do that.
How did l get so useless so fast?
Boys like this on your fingers?
Works for me.
Your sister"s not gonna be mad?
l don"t care.
Listen, when...
-Bob.|-...Bob comes back...
...will you keep playing?
You could just quit?
You play like you love it.
-Does he know how good you are?|-Bob?
No, Hitler. Yes, Bob.
How good am l?
You stink.
You"re lousy.
You"re only the best player|in the league. You don"t know that?
You ever been married?
Let me think. Yeah, twice.
Any children?
One of them was.
ls she out?
l think it"s time for a drink.
Hang on. Hang on.
These really don"t mix.
-Good, huh?|-Oh, yeah. It"s great.
Fair ball!
Jimmy Dugan pops his head|out of the dugout.
He"s on his way to talk to his hurler.
Kit Keller looks mighty tired.
Game"s getting exciting.
l"ll finish it right here.
l"ll strike this turkey out.
Betty"s ready to come in.
Come on. l"ve never been|taken out before.
Ask Dottie.
l really wanna finish this game.
What do you think?
Well, you know, she"s battling.
What do you think?
She"s throwing grapefruits.
lt looks like Keller"s coming out of|the game, and she is not happy about it!
Nice job, Kit!
Betty Horn sprints in|from the left-field bullpen.
Look at this crowd. This is great!|They"re jumping, cheering...
...and they paid to get in.
You did a fabulous job.|l won"t forget this.
Thank you very much, Mr. Harvey.|l appreciate it, coming from you.
But to be perfectly honest, l think|the girls deserve most of the credit.
They"re great.
Fortunately, we won"t need|them anymore. Do you want a peanut?
No. What do you mean?
What do l mean?
We"re winning the war.|Our situation changed.
Roosevelt himself said,|"" Men"s baseball won"t be shut down.""
So we won"t need the girls next year.
Bases loaded. Bottom of the 9th.|Rockford up, 6 to 2. Two men out.
No balls, 2 strikes.
Strike 3!
And that is the ball game!|Rockford is in the playoffs!
l love these girls.|l don"t need them, but l love them.
Come on. Let"s go.
Look at me. l"m full of peanuts!
l"ve got peanuts all over myself.
This is what it"s gonna be like|in the factories too.
"" Men are back.|Turn in your rivets.""
First, it was their patriotic duty|to get out and go to work.
When the men come back,|they"re sent back to the kitchen.
Should we send the boys returning|from war back to the kitchen? Come on.
Do you know how dedicated they are?|What they go through?
They play with sprained ankles,|broken fingers.
They ride a bus all night to play|a double-header the next day!
l"ll make it up to them.
What? With Harvey Bars?
l"m getting tired of listening|to you, lra.
l"d like your permission|to take over the league.
Do you understand?|All of the owners are getting out.
There"s no point to it anymore.
Just let them finish the season,|and that"s it!
l sold your product when there was|no product. This is a product!
There is no room for girls" baseball|in this country...
...once the war is over.
They"re through.
l think you"re wrong.
And l"m gonna prove it to you,|Mr. Harvey!
Hi, my name"s Mae. That"s more|than a name, that"s an attitude.
Here"s my friend Doris.|Best player on the team.
-Thank you.|-You"re the best.
-The game put us in the playoffs.|-l could"ve finished.
Stilwell could"ve hit off you.
What"s the matter?|Too big to finish your own games now?
Don"t start with me, Kit!
Don"t you start with me!
Kit, come on, cut it out!
What the hell are you doing?!
-Get your sister off of her!|-Stay out of it!
You just wait, Doris!
Let me down!
Let me down!
You stay down there and you cool off!
-Why"d she do it?|-She was vulnerable. You provoked her.
-Shut up, Helen!|-You"re making her more upset.
-l don"t need it from Helen.|-Take a shower.
-l"m not taking a shower.|-She reminds me of my husband.
Save some hot water for me, you guys.
You okay?
My rear end hurts where he dropped me.
You acted like a baby.
You treat me like one.
l treated you like a pitcher|who"d lost her stuff.
When Betty"s in trouble,|you back her up every pitch!
l seem to remember last week, somebody|throwing a resin bag in my face.
Told me to get my fat ass behind|the plate. Was that you or the umpire?
You could"ve backed me up today...
...instead of holding me back.
l hold you back?
lt"s like at home.
lt"s like if you"re here,|then l"m not here.
What"s that mean?
l don"t know what l mean.|l know l"m wrong.
l know you"re right and l"m wrong.|l know that. l just--
l just get so mad!
Why do you gotta be so good?
Dottie, here you are.|You weren"t on the bus.
Can l speak to you a minute?
l have to leave.
Don"t worry.|The bus wouldn"t leave without you.
l"m leaving the team.
-Why? What--|-l have to go home.
Home? You can"t go home now.
This couldn"t come at a worse time.
We"re in a bit of a crisis,|and l have to try to pull something off.
lt"s not a good time to lose|our most popular player.
-What"s the problem?|-l don"t want to talk about it.
lt"s personal?
lt"s one of the girls, isn"t it?
lt"s Mae, right?
Kit, that"s it.|l"ve noticed there"s some friction.
That"s fine. No problem.|Doesn"t mean you have to quit.
l can arrange a trade.
Racine? Kenosha? South Bend?
Trade me or whatever.
But figure it out by tomorrow,|or l"m going home.
Tomorrow? Fine! l"ll work|everything out by tomorrow.
You really gave me a scare|for a second.
Does anybody have any extra hose?
Does anybody have any extra hose?
Mae, your date"s here.
-How do l look?|-Where"d you get that dress?
-Borrowed it.|-lt don"t fit. Too tight.
l don"t plan on wearing it that long.
l don"t know why|you get dressed at all.
Where"s Dottie?
ln there.
Wanna go to the movies with me?
You bitch!
l"ve been traded to Racine!
l told them to trade me.
They"d really trade you.|Miss Star, Miss Perfect.
You knew what would happen!
-l didn"t!|-This"ll be better than the movies.
-l"ll quit. ls that what you want?|-They"ll blame me for you quitting!
What do you want me to do?
Stay away from me. Leave me alone!|That"s what l want you to do!
Kit, listen.
lt was all a mistake.|A big mistake.
-l was getting too good.|-You won"t listen.
l knew if l did too good,|you"d do something to push me down!
Kit, blow it out your rear end!
l"m sick of you blaming me.
l got you into this league!
She got her in the league!
-l didn"t wanna be here!|-Then why are you still here?
Kit wants to know why|she"s playing.
My train leaves at 8.|l got 1 0 minutes to pack.
lf you have trouble,|you know who to blame.
See you in the World Series.
You bet you will.
Don"t look at her.
Has anyone seen my new red hat?
Piss on your hat!
Well, that seemed uncalled for.
Just keep it down.
-Kit"s off our team.|-She"s not!
Yes, she is. Are you deaf?
You need any help in there?
Don"t act like this.
You"re still in the league.
You"re just on another team,|that"s all.
Batter up
Hear that call
The time has come
For one and all
To play
For we"re the members of
The All-American League|We come from cities
Near and far
We got Canadians
Irish ones and Swedes
We"re all for one, we"re one for all|We"re All-Americans
Each girl stands|Her head so proudly high
Her motto.: Do or Die
She"s not the one to use|Or need an alibi
Our chaperones are not too soft|They"re not too tough
Our managers are on the ball
Miss Cuthbert....
You gorgeous stack of pancakes!
Man on the floor!
Already dressed.
Get Stilwell away.|l don"t know what he"s doing.
Get him away from the tapes!
Angel, come here now.
All right.
Everybody, let"s listen up.
l was in the toilet reading my contract,|and it turns out l get a bonus...
...when we get to the World Series.
Let"s play hard! Play smart!|Use your heads!
That"s that lump three feet|above our ass, right?
Some more prominent than others.
Come in.
Excuse me!
l got a telegram|from the War Department.
Oh, my God! Ernie!
Boy, l hate these.|These are the worst.
The Army could at least send someone|to tell you your husband"s dead.
Darn! l had the name right here!
l gotta go back|and straighten this out.
-Just give me the telegram.|-l can"t. l don"t have a name.
Just give me the telegram.
This is official.|This is from the War Department!
Come on!
That"s official business!
l"m coming--
-l"m sorry, Betty.|-No, it"s George!
lt"s George!
All right, come on.
We still got a game to play.
Come in.
Hi, cutie.
How did you...?
Bob! Oh, my God!
What happened?
-l"m fine.|-What is it?
lt was a sniper.
l was lucky though.
He got seven of us before we got him.
Oh, sweetie!
lt"s all right. l made it.
l missed you so much.
l"ve been discharged.
l didn"t think|l"d ever see you again.
lt"s all over. l"m here, baby.
Well, listen.
You have to sit down here.
l"ll clear all this stuff off.
l almost forgot how beautiful you are.
-Oh, no. l look terrible!|-You look beautiful.
You"re the most beautiful thing|l"ve ever seen.
l love you.
Can we just hold each other|for the rest of our lives?
That"s my plan.
Why am l the only one on this bus?|What are we waiting for?
Are you physically unable|to show up on time?
Coming, Jimmy.
lf you think you can do without|the batting practice, think again.
Not the way you hit.
Let"s not go to the World Series|without Stilwell"s toys!
-Alice, what time is it where you live?|-lt"s bad luck to yell before a game.
-Could you sign my baseball?|-Sure.
""Avoid the clap. Jimmy Dugan.""
That"s good advice!
Write to us. We"ll miss you.
We will. Thanks.
Good luck in the World Series.
Taking a little day trip?
Bob and l are...
...driving home... Oregon.
l thought you were a ballplayer.
You were wrong.
Was l?
lt is only a game.
lt"s only a game,|and l don"t need this.
l have Bob. l don"t need this.
l gave away five years at the end|of my career to drinking.
Five years.
There isn"t anything l wouldn"t give|to get back any one day of it.
Well, we"re different.
Chickenshit! You wanna go home|and make 1 00 babies, great.
l can"t tell anyone how to live.
But sneaking out like this,|quitting....
You"ll regret it all your life.
Baseball is what gets inside you.
lt"s what lights you up.|You can"t deny that.
lt just got too hard.
lt"s supposed to be hard.
lf it wasn"t hard,|everyone would do it.
The hard is what makes it great.
Everything all right?
Yeah, fine. Fine.
Bye, Jimmy.
First game of the first|women"s baseball World Series.
This is history in the making.|History in the making!
This is for you.
We brought you these also.
For me?
Thank them!
-Cut it out!|-l"m sorry.
Two box seats on the 3rd base line.
l got two box seats. Who wants them?
-How much?|-1 0 bucks.
That"s my daughter, 3rd baseman,|Doris Murphy. Best one they got.
-Where you from?|-Staten lsland.
After the game,|l"m taking her out for a steak dinner.
All right, all right, all right!
Time for the song and dance.
What"s that smell?
Alice thinks it"s bad luck|to change her socks.
So we all suffer?|Get away, get away.
Outfielders, play deep a few steps.|Don"t give up anything long. Alice?
lf the lead-off hitter gets on,|they"re gonna bunt. Be ready.
Now, l"d like to....
l"d like to lead you in prayer.
-Come on.|-A prayer?
Come on.
Yes, a little prayer.|Come on! Come on!
ln the name of the Father,|Son and Holy Ghost....
...hallowed be Thy name.
May our feet be swift.
May our bats be mighty.
May our balls... plentiful.
And, Lord...
...l"d just like to thank you|for that waitress in South Bend.
You know who she is.|She kept calling Your name.
And, God...
...these are good girls,|and they work hard.
Help them see it all the way through.|Okay, that"s it.
-Let"s go.|-Amen.
Last game. Now or never, ladies.
Alice, you"re killing me.|You"re killing me, Alice!
You"re goddamn killing me!
And the rocket"s red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there
Oh, say does that star-spangled
Banner yet wave
O"er the land of the free
And the home of the brave
This is it, folks.|One game for the whole ball of string.
There is no tomorrow.
Someone will walk out league champions,|and someone else will just walk out.
You"re gonna lose!
You"re gonna lose!
You keep that kid away from me|for just one game!
Ellen Sue, how"s it looking?
-Good.|-Feeling good? Looking good!
Nice and warm?
Good. Alice, if Ellen Sue doesn"t have|anything, don"t keep it a secret.
Tell me right away.
You understand me?
Do you hear me?!
You"re screaming. l hear you.
Where"d you come from?
We got to Yellowstone and turned back.
Have trouble with the bears, did you?
l was fine until that scout walked|into our barn. l"m no quitter.
Wait a minute! Hold it!|Who said you could play?
Alice has been catching|the last six games.
She looks pretty good.
You don"t want me to play?
Well, you"re already dressed.
Hell, if you want to play...
...l don"t care.
You can play.
Well, then, l"ll play.
-Fine.|-Fine. Go play.
You look like shit.|Don"t you ever shave?
We"re gonna win.
We"re gonna win!
You"re gonna lose!
You stink!
Got him!
Lineup change!
-lt"s okay.|-Evelyn, he deserved it.
Stilwell, you gonna stay out here|or come in the dugout?
You"re out!
You"re out!
You"re out!
You"re out, Brenda! You are out!
Go! Go! Go!
Good, Mae! Good catch!|Thank goodness.
2 down! 2 down!
Base hit. Gardner"s up with it.
Wallace"ll stop at 3rd.
Gardner"s throw is way off line!
Go! Go! All the way!
l"m sorry! Shoot!
Wallace scampers home, and the Belles|take the lead, 1 to nothing!
They"re dancing in the aisles|here in Racine!
l know. l know.
You"re still missing the cutoff man.
That"s something l would like|you to work on...
...before next season.
All right. Thanks.
Thank you, Mr. Dugan.
All right, let"s get this one!
All right, come on!|We need some runs out there.
Make something happen, Mae!
All-the-Way Mae!
-They love her.|-Let"s go, let"s go!
ery cute. Thanks.
She"s safe!
Way to play! Way to run!|Way to make something happen!
You get a hit, l"ll baby-sit|that little porker! Come on!
You"re out!
Come on! Bring me home, Helen!
Peaches are down to their final out.
Only tying and go-ahead runs|in scoring position.
Big Dottie Hinson striding|to the plate.
Let"s get out of this inning!|Come on!
Throw smoke, Kit! Throw smoke!
Here"s the pitch.
Bite me on the butt|and call me an apple!
She nearly took her head off!
Mordabito scores!
Murphy, she will score!
Rockford has taken the lead, 2 to 1 !
That"s my wife!
One more!
Keep it going!
Put it past the little queen here.
Right past her!
There"s a fly ball to left field.
She"ll have to go for this one!
That"s the final out.
But the damage has been done.
Right here in Racine,|Rockford leads our Belles, 2 to 1 ... we go to the bottom of the 9th.
Come on, it"s okay.|You gotta bat now. Relax!
One run and we are back|in this ball game.
Shake it off. You gotta hit.
lt"s okay, Kit.
Strike her out!
Bad eye! Bat at that, blond girl!
She drives it to deep centre!
Mordabito goes to the wall...
...and makes the catch!
Beautiful catch!
Gotlander"s pitch...
...and it is in the dirt! Ball 1 !
That looked good to me, Ellen Sue!
Shake that one off!
That ain"t nothing!
Gotlander, she delivers.
lt"s a ground ball between 1 st and 2nd.
This ball is hot!
Hendricks will go up at 1 st|with a base hit.
That"s all right. 1 down!|We got 1 down! Let"s go!
Foul ball! Hinson"s taking after it.
That does it!
Did she get it?
She got it! She got it!
There"s no question who the star|of this game is.
Dottie Hinson has her team|1 out from the title.
Come on, Kit, you"re up.|You"re the hitter now. Let"s go.
The last batter standing|in Rockford"s way is Kit Keller.
Kit is 1 for 3 today.
-Can l have time-out?|-Time!
High fastballs. She can"t hit them,|can"t lay off them.
All right.
All right, if we just hold them now,|we got it! Come on!
Come on, Ellen Sue!
One, two, three!
Play ball!
-Strike!|-Swing and a miss.
Strike 1 !
Yes! Thank you, God!
Lay off the high ones!
Here"s the pitch.
Swing and a miss! Strike 2!
One more! One more!
Here"s the pitch.
lt is a long fly ball.|Back, back, back.
lt falls in there!
No one"ll get to this ball!
This should tie it up!|Hendricks is rounding 3rd!
She will...
Keller to 3rd!
Gardner hits the relay man|with a frozen rope!
The coach is giving Keller the stop sign|at 3rd! But she is not stopping!
She runs through the stop sign!
She is not stopping!
Here comes the throw!
lt should be in time!
She is safe! l can"t believe it!
Hinson dropped the ball!
Hinson dropped the ball!
The ball game is over!|Racine has won the game, 3 to 2...
...and the World Series!
Take me home, Mama, and put me to bed!
l have seen enough to know|l have seen too much!
You played a good game.
Well, what do you say?
All right, lra.
We"ll stick with it.
My mother always used to say,|"" lf at first you don"t succeed--""
You don"t have to spend|six months in Saskatchewan.
-Alice, you told me it"s lovely.|-lf you like icicles.
l thought we were gonna win.
-We didn"t.|-Up to that last inning, we had it.
l"m so depressed, l could eat a cow.
lt"s all right.
You did good.
Get dressed. See you on the bus.
Wanna be a ballplayer|when you get big?
-What"s your name?|-Angelina.
Gotta practice really hard.
What"s your name?
-How much?|-Help yourself.
Thank you.
-Hitting!|-You all like hitting better?
-What"s your name?|-Mary.
-Who you rooting for?|-Racine!
That"s what l thought you said.
You guys be good. Get dirty.
-l"m sorry l knocked you over.|-No, you"re not.
You blocked the entire plate!|How do you--
You did what you had to.
You beat me.|You wanted it more than me.
l jammed my shoulder,|if it makes you feel any better.
A little.
Bob and l are driving back to Oregon.|You"re welcome to come with us.
You two should be alone.
l"d just be in the way.
When will you be coming home?
Some of the girls talked about|staying around here and getting jobs.
l really like it here.
l don"t know. You"ll come back|next year, right?
l wanna have kids.|We wanna have kids.
You got plenty of time to have kids.
You couldn"t give this up.|You"d miss it.
Miss it?
Miss putting on all this gear?
Catching a double-header in 1 00-degree|heat? Pushing the bus in mud?
Getting slammed into every other day|by a base runner?
Think l"m gonna miss that?
l"ll tell you what l"ll miss.
l"ll miss the girls.
l"ll miss you.
How many sisters do you think l have?
l love you, Kit.
Just when l want you to stay,|you"re leaving.
Thanks for getting me in the league.
You got yourself in the league.|l got you on the train.
Play great.
Like you.
You stay in touch.
Come home every once in a while.
lf you don"t, l"ll come back|and hit line drives at your head.
l love you.
And you are gonna miss this.
l don"t care what you say.
There"s the winner!
Good game, Jimmy.
Hi, l"m a big fan of yours.|l"m Dottie"s husband.
Well, then l"m a big fan of yours.
Old man Harvey just...
...offered me a job managing|next year in Wichita.
Triple A? Great. Good luck.
Turned him down.
What do you mean, why?
l already got a job.
l"ll see you.
Miss Cuthbert, save me|my special seat, now, cutie!
Meet you at the hotel.
Did you see Mae"s catch, Dad?
l"d rather see you play ball|instead of what you used to do.
What are you saying that for?|You make her feel bad!
Steak dinner.
On you. l"ll see you later.
Kit, over here! Come on, let"s go!
That was Bob, huh?
Nice guy.
Lay off of those high ones.
l like the high ones.
Hey, Mae. Come here.
-What do you want?|-Come here.
-What is it?|-Look at her.
lt"s Dottie.
Hey, Doris.
Mae? All-the-Way Mae?
-No one"s called me that since--|-Last night!
l"m a married woman now.
Yeah, about eight times.
Girls! Look who"s here!
Helen Haley!
-lt"s Dr. Haley now. l"m a doctor.|-l always knew you would be.
-Who"s that?|-Dottie Hinson.
Betty Spaghetti?
Best ballplayer in the league.
-l don"t remember her.|-She only played one year.
Ellen Sue!
You haven"t changed one bit.
l married a plastic surgeon.
Having you here is good luck.
Thanks, Alice!
l"m so glad you"re here.
-How"s...?|-Nelson? He"s good.
He"s retired.|Our son runs the business.
How"s Bob?
Just this winter.
l"m sorry.
Oh, Shirley, l"m so excited.
l"ve got butterflies in my stomach!
They"ve got a ""Women ln Baseball""|thing up there. lsn"t it neat?
Baseball Hall of Fame.|l"m shaking.
Wait a minute here.
-Guess who that is?|-Who?
You remember?
You"re gonna lose.
Stilwell, angel!
My goodness!
Where"s your mom?
Mom died a couple of years ago.
l"m sorry.
She was a real nice lady.
And a damn fine ballplayer.
When l heard about this, l...
...felt like l...
...owed it to her to be here.
She always said it was the best time|she had in her whole life.
Come here.
Recognize yourself?
-Can l get one of these?|-Sure.
lt"s a pleasure to welcome you|here today.
lt"s taken years,|but you are the first women...
...ever to be inducted|into the Baseball Hall of Fame!
-And now--|-Wait. Wait a minute.
This really isn"t right.
Mr. Lowenstein...
...since you kept the league going|all those years... do it.
-There you go, lra.|-Thank you, Bob.
Ladies..."s my honour.
Mr. Capadino, look! That"s when you|changed my life, honey!
Stilwell, angel, smile!
Batter up
Hear that call
The time has come
For one and all
To play
We"re the members of
The All-American League
We come from cities
Near and far
We"ve got Canadians
Irish ones and Swedes
We"re all for one|We"re one for all
We"re All-Americans
ls that you, Grandma?
l"m so glad you came.
Hi, Aunt Dottie.
Take a picture.
Let"s take a picture of the whole team.|The original Peaches!
That was clear inside.|lt was clear inside, clear inside.
-l told you three times.|-That"s my opinion.
Yesterday or tomorrow,|that might"ve been a ball...
...but today, it was a strike!
Subtitles by|GELULA & CO., lNC.
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