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Subtitles for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The CD1.

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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The CD1

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1899 - The great nations of europe share an oneasy peace.
For hundreds of years, wars have been fought with the same weapons -
Single-shot rifles, cavalry and horse-drawn cannon.
But this old century is soon to end.
A new age dawns...
Wallgate passage!
Wallgate passage!
Leyton Rapage, What's gotten into them
What in God's name is that?
Come on. HOLD! - In the name of the law.
How the hell do we stop this thing?
Here, be careful mates.
There's men inside.
Round them up.
Leave one alive to tell the tale. Kill the rest.
Such treasures.
Treasures. Yes.
Some worth more than others.
Bring the scientists with us, kill any who resists.
Do we have him?
Kurt Trieb at your service, Sir.
What do you want?
The world, Herr Trieb. I want the world.
Are you crazy? This place is filled with hydrogen gas!
Really? That's so frightening.
Don't wander off.
Where is Quartermain?
The gentleman at the back.
Do I have the pleasure of adressing Alan Quartermain?
Yes you do, Sir. Indeed you do.
You're not what I expected.
And I presume you're another traveller, got it in your head to sample the dark continent.
...And while your at it, hunt down old Alan Quartermain -
- and have him tell his ventures.
Well...? Well, fill a seat sir. You can fill my glass.
Bruce, double!
I know how to regail you with how I found king Solomons mines.
It is not your past that interests me. My name is Sanderson Reid.
I am an representative of her Majesty's british government
The Empire needs you.
But the question is, do I need the empire.
Perhaps I should toddle off, should I Alan? Yes of course Nigel, you toddle off.
Nigel is useful for keeping the storyseekers at bay. - I'm Quartermain.
The empire is in perrill.
You're probably to young to know, but the empire is always in some kind of perrill
We need you to lead a team of unique men like yourself, to combat this thread.
Regail me! There is great unrest.
Countries is set at each others throats, baying for blood. It's a powdercake.
The trouble of which I speak could set a match to the hole thing.
WAR! With who, exactly?
Everyone! A world war.
That notion makes you sweat? Heavens man, doesn't it you?
This is Africa, dear boy. Sweating is what we do.
Where is your sense of patriotism?
God save the Queen!
That's about as patriotic as it get's around here.
But, you're Alan Quartermain.
Storys of your exploits has thrilled english boys for decades.
That I know! And Nigel has done a grand job reminding me.
But.... with each past exploits, I have lost friends.
White men, and black. And much more.
I'm not the man I once was.
Mr. Quartermain? Yes indeed Sir.
Wrong Quartermain!
They're indestructable. No, just armor plated.
Automatic rifles. Who in God's name has automatic rifles?
That's unsporting! Problem in Belgium.
Wicked waste.
Look out!
Rule Britannia.
Now, wasn't there another one of these buggers? Mr. Quartermain!
Bruce, - Mathilda!
Your friend might have some information.
But... he's so far away.
Yes. I thought he was.
God, I hate getting old.
Did you mean to just wound him? Obviously.
Stop him! I need information.
Bloody poison!
You may have no love for the empire, but I know you love Africa.
A war in Europe will spread to it's colonies.
It appears that the war has arrived.
I'm in!
Excellent. Pack for an english summer.
You made good time getting here. Not as good as Phileus Fog.
Around the world in 80 days.
Where are we going? Australia?
And here we are, Sir.
I don't like theatrics.
After Africa's wealths, London's weather isn't helping your mood.
Identify yourself.
I'm known by many names, Mr. Quartermain.
My underlings calls me Sir. My superiors call me M.
M? Just M!
I must say the delight is mine.
Meeting so notable a recruit to this newest generation of the league of extraordinary gentlemen.
League of what?
There have been other times when a danger upon the world required the services of singular individuals.
How very curious.
This museum is full of the curious. Alan Quartermain - Captain Nemo.
I know of Mr. Quartermain. And I know of you, Captain.
Rumour has it, that your a pirat.
I'd prefer a less provocative title. I'm sure you would.
Gentlemen, please. Nations are striking at nations.
Every attack marked by the use of Highly advanced weaponry.
We've discovered that these attacks are all the work of one man, who callls himself - Phantom.
Very operatic. What's in it for him?
Profit! Those machines are his creations.
The work of scientists he holds imprisoned.
And his attacks has every nation clammering for the very weapons that he would sell them.
Then it's a race for arms. And millions will perish.
There's one last chance to avert war.
The leaders of Europe have to meet secretly in Venice. And you believe that this Phantom will attack that conference?
If he can find it. We need a team to get to Venice and stop him.
This team will consist of 6 members. You have 4 days.
4 days to get to Venice? - It's impossible!
Let me worry about that.
Well now, extraordinary gentleman indeed!
One of them is late. Parker - the chemist.
Ahh, chemist, aye. Do we get to blow somthing up then?
My eyesight must be worse than I thought.
No, you're eyesight is fine.
No games!
Some time ago, a talented, or be it misguided man of science, discovered the means to become invisible.
As I recall the tale, but didn't he die?
Well he did, but his process didn't. You see, I stole it, and here I stand for all to see!
Is this some kind of game? Believe it!
Easy now Alan. I'm feeling a bit of a draft in my neather regions.
And I must say it's quite refreshing.
Allow me to introduce myself - Rodney Skinner!
Gentleman thief.
Now, I thought invisibility would be a boom to my work.
Well you can imagine it was my own doing.
Once you're invisible, it's bloody hard to turn back.
We finally caught him. - And they provided an antidought.
Well that is, "if", I'm a good boy.
And are you a good boy? I guess you'll find out. - Won't you?
Am I late?
A woman's porogative Mrs. Harker. Please tell me this is Harker's wife, with a sickknote?
Sick would be a mild understatement. My husband's been dead for years.
Gentlemen, Mrs. Vilhelmina Harker!
Mina's prior aquantance with a reluctant league member, may proove useful.
I'm waiting to be impressed! The fate of the world is at stake.
There is still 2 more members to recruit. The clockhands turn gentlemen.
Kicking us out allready? A moment ago we were sharing giggles.
What in God's name is that? - I call it an "Automobile"!
Yeah, but what is it? The future, gentlemen, the future!
This is my first mate. - Call me Ismahel! Please?
So, how did 'em get you? Mind your own business!
You're a little testy Mr. Q.
Mrs. Harker, I doubt if you measure danger the way I do. And I imagined you with quite a library, Mr. Quartermain.
All those books you must have read merely by looking at their covers.
I've had women along on past exploits, and found them to be at best - a distraction!
Do I distract you? - My dear girl, I've burried 2 wifes, and many lovers and I'm in no mood for more of either!
You can send them my way.... - Skinner, shut up!
Shall I wait captain? - No, bring my lady to me.
This is a charming spot. -Do Jack the Ripper live here?
Good evening. - Mr. Dorian Grey?
I am indeed. - We came by way of M.
Ahh, M for mystery. Well I told him, and I'm telling you, I'm not interested!
Charming decor' .
Ahh' you're missing a picture, Mr. Grey! - And you don't miss a thing, do you, Mr. Quartermain?
Ohh sometimes.
Scotch, anyone? Please help yourself.
Do us a pleasure and ruin your makeup.
I'm impresssed Mr. Grey You take Skinner's uniqueness in your stright.
Yes, well, I've seen too much in my life to shock easily.
Although I must say I was surprised to see you again. - When our last parting was such sweet sorrrow?
Ohh, so you're nothing more than an enticement. Nevertheless, you're presence intrigues me.
They say you're indestructable Quartermain?
Well, a witchdoctor did bless me once. I had saved his village.
He said: "Africa would never allow me to die".
But you're not in Africa now?
I confess a curiousity to what the files said about Mr. Grey
We, all of us, have trades useful in this endevour: A hunter, scientist, even Skinner has stealth.
Cheers! - What have you? - I have experience!
Grey and I have met before, many years ago, at Eaton college.
A lecture , no doubt. You're the nations hero. Dorian, an eager listening boy.
Quite the reverse. - It was Grey visiting Eaton.., and I was the boy!
What is it?
Grey? - They're not mine!
They're mine!
First meetings usually warrant introductions.
Of course! I am the Phantom.
You are the league of the so called extraordinary gentlemen
Introductions made! -Ohh and, I'm scared Mr. Quartermain, not blind. Drop the gun!
Your mission is to stop me. That of course I cannot permit.
So I give to all special onetime invitation, "Join me".
Do you think we'll help start a war that will consume the planet? - While you profit from your arms race?
I can not deny that fortunes are made in war. Imagine the riches a world war will yield.
He's not wrong! - Speak for yourself.
Throw your pistol!
I walk a different path!
Run James!
Hang on.
Not ready?
What are you? - I'm complicated!
I thought I was special. You were involnerable to harm.
I don't like to boast. What happened to Mina?
Oh, she's probably hib-deep in some sort of trouble.
Don't be such an (inlarmous) Mr. Q. - And my hibs are none of your business!
Shoot! - Go on!
I guessed as much. That they would do anything to protect you.
Now see, that's your biggest mistake! Thinking that I need them to protect me.
Boy, they told me european women had funny ways.
You missed a spot.
Excuse me! - And you are?
Special agent Sawyer, of the american secret service.
Then America is aware of the situation? - Well when it starts in Europe, how long's it gonna take till it cross' the atlantic?
I followed you, and knocked out a stragler, and I took his place.
Very noble, but this is a privat party, and you're not invited.
Actually, Dorian has declined... so we are one shy of a full deck.
On the contrary, the battle was just the spur I needed. That and the thrill of a friendship renewed.
So you're not needed!
Winchester? - That's right, it's modified, american style
American style shooting too. - By whatever it takes.
Do you like it? I brought 2.
You're in!
So, what's the next port of call? - Paris, just one last member to recruit.
Capture is more the word, and it will be quite a hunt.
You make him sound like some kind of animal.
Oh speaking thus Mrs. Harker, your conduct a moment ago? - Indeed, we were all a quiver. With curiousity.
My husband was Jonathan Harker. - Together with a professor Van Helsing, we fought a dangerous evil.
It had a name: "Dracula" He was transylvanian.
Uhmm, european, one of those radicals newspapers love to report on.
I don't know Mr. Skinner.
Is a vampyric sucking on peoples blood, irradical behavior?
Arhh, our transportation is forthcoming. A boat?
It travels on water, if that's what you mean.
... and beneat it!
Behold - "Nautilus". The sword of the ocean.
Next stop Paris!
I don't see what we need a big monkey for. Well, "this big monkey" has terrorrised the (rue more) for months.
Imagine the mayhem you'll give the enemy.
You missed! I'm not trying to hit him.
Turn left Mr. Hyde!
Make him turn left, right?
If you can't do it with one bullet, don't do it at all!
He's going back. - Precisely. Come on!
Look out!
That was naughty.
Thanks! Eyes open, boy.
Can't protect you all the time.
It's afraid! I can't smell anything.
Perfect! Velcome onboard Mr. Hyde.
This hunt's to dangerous for a woman, even one such as you, leave it to me.
Good God.
Hallo Dorian. A great white hunter has bagged this price.
Or the price bagged him.
Stay back, if you value your life!
Auww, you scratched me. Better me than him.
Well, this is nice!
Mr. Hyde! You've done terrible things in England.
So terrible that you've fled the country.
And I'm ashamed to say that, her Majesty's government is willing to offer you amnesty.
... In return for your services.
You want to go home?
Whom. - Whom is where the heart is, that's what they say.
And I have been missing London so. It's sorrow is as sweet to me as a rare wine.
I'm yours!
Don't be afraid. - Who says I'm afraid?
You stink of fear!
Quite the parlot frank.
You wait to see my next one!
Doctor Jekyll, at your service!
So, the league is set.
So is the date for the conference. We have 3 days.
3 days? Can this canoe do that?
You underestimate the Nautilus. You underestimate her greatly.
She's out of your league.
Mina? Don't flatter yourself, Dorian.
Fortune rewards the bold.
If you acquire any help during the voyage, Mrs. Harker, just let me know.
I'm curious how you think you can assist me, agent Sawyer.
Heavy lifting.
A lot better. I'm really a useful kind of guy. - You're sweet.
And you're young. Neither are trades that I hold in high regard.
The solar panels are fully charged. We'll be diving in a moment.
Mr. Quartermain, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Skinner
The plans the Phantom stole from the Bank of England, these are copies.
Da Vinci's blue prints of Venice.
It's foundations and waterways.
So he'll attack the conference by sea?
Easy, Alan, easy.
Skinner, I want you dressed in old (times), or it's my boot up your ass.
Dinner is served Mr. Quartermain. I can offer you a jacket if you require it.
Oh, thank you no, but thank you for your contribution so far.
I may have been overly ruud earlier. When I called you a pirate.
And I may have been overly charitable when I said I wasn't...
...But I try to live in the now, where the ghosts of old wrongs do not abide. - What are you?
Oh I don't believe in ghosts, allthough i've seen my share.
Your past haunts you?
Vanity, pride. Mistakes that cost me someone dear.
So now you throw yourself in harms way.
Oh, old tigers sensing the end are at their most fierce.
And they go down fighting.
They're not where i left them captain. It's all I'm saying.
Hmm, powder?
Do you think sabotage? We ain't that far of course.
Did you want something?
No. I was just wondering why you stand up for all this.
Nemo told me you hate the British empire.
They called, and I answered.
Yeah well, that ain't all of it though, is it?
Pull out!
Sorry I asked.
A few years ago, the british approached me with a mission for Queen and country.
That sounds like the morning ride to work for you, man.
I signed on without hesitation, and I even took my son along.
I led my son forward, he died in my arms.
After that I washed my hands of England, the Empire, the legend of...
... Alan bloody Quartermain!
Now! - Would you like to learn how to shoot?
I can already! - Oh I saw.
It's very american, fire enough bullets and hope to hit the target.
So yeah, I'm talking about pipping the ace. At 900 yards.
Easy, and easy.
Pull out!
-That's easy. -Allow for wind, target movement.
-Yeah, that's easy too. - This is a part that's not!
You have to feel the shot. Take your time with it.
You have all the time you need. All the time in the world.
Take...your... -Too soon!
But that was bloody close. And at 500 yards too. - Again!
Pull out!
Did you teach your son to shoot like this?
That's Kali! Goddess of death.
Name her worships death, can we trust him?
He's not the one I'm worried about.
I'm identifying a powder that Nemo found.
Magnesium Phosphoros. Photographers use it to create a flash.
A camera, perhaps?
It appears that someone wishes to capture this wessels secrets.
And I was surprised you ultimately joined the league.
I mean to undo the flaws in my character. I want to face my demons.
And what do you know of demons?
Do you recall a space on the wall of my home? A picture was missing.
Although the picture is my portrait... ...I doubt you'd recognize the face upon it.
Every year that passes, my portrait ages... ...instead of me.
When did you last see it?
I dare not look upon it myself... ...or the magic of the painting would be undone.
Nightcap? - I'm not much of a drinker.
Just a small one then?
How clumsy of me. - We don't want blood everywhere.
Do we? - Nay, alot of blood.
Yes Henry, look, but don't touch! That's your way!
Just shut up! I won't be tricked again!
Tricked? - You've known what I was about each time you drank the formula.
Liar! - I'm a good man, a good man. - Who's lying now?
You want it even more than you want her!
NO! You can't shut me up forever.
Drink the eliksir! - NO! -She barely even looks at you!
Be quiet! -She looked at me!
Contain your evil, doctor! I'll not have the brute free upon my ship.
Must I take drastic steps?
I am in control. - I very much doubt it.
Your talk is well and good Sir, but your own past is far from laudable.
Let me out?
If I didn't know better, I'd swear I already had.
One of the vase's is missing. Oh God!
So it's clear with Da Vinci's blue prints, and enough explosives...
...He could set a bomb that would blow Venice's foundations to rubble.
He's gonna sink the whole city - Yes, and spark off his world war.
I'm afraid that's not the sum of our problems!
Skinner - He's taken a (vile) of my formular.
Are you sure? - Who else?
You've seen the way the sneaky bloke operates.
It's the carneval. My God, we must locate that bomb.
We can go no further captain. - All ahead, stop!
Keep all the divers beneath the city. The explosives must be found.
The city is vast. It could be anywhere.
What about Skinner? - I'd be alert for his traitory.
Bloody carneval. - God I feared the worst.
It's allright, it stopped.
The buildings are falling like dominoes. - We're too late!
There must be more than one bomb. Nemo?
The bombs are at the city center, we must take out one key building.
Yes! - Get ahead of the collaps and destroy the next building.
We can interrupt the chain of destruction.
With the building placed with the exact coordinates, I could launch a rocket and take out the domino.
Well that's ridicoulos, we'd never get there in time.
There would be no room for error, but I tell you it could work.
What are you talking about, Grey is right.
I'm an immortal Sir, not a Gazelle. How can we outrun this?
Care for a spin?
Come on Jekyll, get in! - I'll need coordinates.
Can you track this thing? - Of course! - then the car will be your target!
Launch when you see the flair. - Right!
Jekyll come on! We'll need Hyde. - NO! Hyde will never use me again.
Then what good are you?
Straight ahead. Then turn left. - No, No take a right after the canal.
We must turn left to get ahead of the....
Damn Skinner! He must have told them we were coming.
Can't get a clear shot! - Then take the wheel.
Sit down, you baboon. I don't know how to drive this bloody thing.
SIT DOWN! - Arh, got it.
Save your bullets, these men are mine!
Did you see that?
Did you see what she just did? - Keep your eyes on the bloody road!
It's a gauntlet. - The vampire lady has us covered.
The collapse has reached the carneval, captain. Time's running out.
Tune in the car's frequenzy. Rocket must be ready to launch.
Come on Sawyer. Come on. - Captain we must pull out. - No we stay and do our job!
Remember the flayer, I'm off.
What? - Don't forget you're the target!
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