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You're so ear y?
No... I just arr ved
Where's your father?
Hard at work...
has a dead ne to meet
The moths have just ru ned your unc e's str ped trousers
Cou d Katsu wear them?
Wou dn't he ook odd n str ped shorts?
Doesn't matter! Just sh p off the egs
I cou d f x them, but...
I w sh you wou d
You've brought them?
Don't bother too much
They won't ast
But re nforce the seat
I was wa t ng for you at the stat on
I m ssed my tra n
Forg ve the de ay
We w now proceed
Oh... I have t!
Fr edr ch L st... was that L st w thout the z?
I be eve so...
L szt was the mus c an
1811... to 1886...
E ectr c company to check the meter!
P ease
M ght I use a stoo?
Where s t?
In the corr dor under the sta rs
Professor, was L st rea y a se f made man?
Yes, and he became a noted econom st
A man who hated bureaucracy...
3 k owatts over th s month
How many pages do we have?
12... or 13...
Rea y?
That means 6 or 7 more...
I'm back
He o, Mr. Hattor
Sorry to d sturb
Rewr t ng? Thanks
It saves me the troub e
Meet your aunt?
Yes, but she cou dn't come
Make us some tea
Can you stay for d nner?
No, I have to rush off
Why? I can go to Tokyo w th you tomorrow
Tokyo? What for?
The hosp ta
And you need some new co ars
Oh, that mah jong hand you had
we over ca cu ated
Wh ch means... 8 and 16?
So I was ahead, after a
Say, Nor ko
Is Se at home?
Go ask. We' have a game
You're f n shed?
We, A most
No game, then
What about our tea!
You brought the manuscr pt?
Yes, of course!
Want to charge p aces?
No, I'm a r ght
Father, com ng home ear y?
Yes, un ess there's a facu ty meet ng
Watch your step
Just get here?
No, yesterday
You're ook ng we
Rea y?
Go ng somewhere?
Shopp ng
May I jo n you?
You're not busy?
No, I'm f n shed
An art show. Want to ook n on t?
But, I have to get some need es
Sure, et's go!
T red, Nor ko?
I enjoyed t
Hadn't been to Ueno n ages
But you know, th ngs certa n y have been changed
See that boy a m ng at the p geon
on that statue?
Just ke W he m Te!
Professor. Sh geno dropped by...
Oh? Is he st n town?
He sa d he was eav ng today
Oh, th s s Som ya's daughter
Rea y? And so grown up
The one who used to have short ha r?
R ght
You don't say
Your father comes here often
Nor chan... have some?
I don't dr nk
Wou d you ke someth ng to eat?
Not yet, but I' pour for you
We' have more
You know...
I heard that
That you've remarr ed...
Yes... I have
I fee sorry for M sako
It's... t's just not natura!
She doesn't m nd They get on qu te we
I wonder. I'd f nd t d stastefu
What's d stastefu? My w fe?
No. You!
It seems... we, unc ean
Unc ean
Fou? Now I'm rea y n for t
I'm f thy, eh?
Any better?
No good, eh? Now, that's bad!
Rea y! F thy, eh?
Yes, that's ser ous!
I'm back. Brought somebody
I hadn't p anned to come
but she ns sted
A bus ness tr p?
The Educat on M n stry aga n
Father, a surpr se
Where'd you f nd these?
No wonder we cou dn't f nd them around the house!
My sake shop? You went there?
I made her keep me company
L ke some more sake?
We have any?
Make t hot
How was the b ood count?
Down to 15
Oh? That's good
She ooks f ne
Forced abor dur ng the war
That d d t
And spend ng her ho days scroung ng for food!
Bad t mes! She suffered
We had so tt e...
Don't you worry!
Your fam y, are they we?
Yes, but t seems I've s nned
Nor chan ns sts I'm unc ean!
Says I'm base and fou! Isn't that r ght?
Is M sa chan we?
She's go ng around say ng that marr age s fe's graveyard
Refuses to marry unt she's 24
Come to th nk of t, maybe t's true
There's noth ng I can do But how about Nor chan?
Yes, t's t me I d d someth ng about her but...
It's on y ukewarm
Warm the next one, better
Is the ocean near?
A 15 m nutes wa k
So far? Is t on th s s de?
No... th s s de!
Oh? And the shr ne... over th s way?
No... th s way
Where's Tokyo?
Tokyo's n th s d rect on
East s th s way?
No, t's that way!
Oh? A ways been that way?
No wonder war ords ked th s area
A rea abyr nth!
You're a r ght? Not t red?
Oh, I'm f ne!
The, wh ch type am I?
We, you're not the jea ous type
On the contrary, I am
I wonder
When I s ce p ck es
they come out a strung together
That's a matter wh ch concerns the kn fe
It proves noth ng about p ck es or jea ousy
You ke p ck es strung together?
At t mes I wou dn't m nd them
Certa n y young peop e
have changed s nce our days!
Take that br de
From a n ce fam y
But she ate everyth ng, even drank!
Her appet te, and those b g pa nted ps
I am shocked
Why b ame her? She was hungry
At my wedd ng
I was too nervous to even touch the food
But you'd eat t now Never!
But then... who can say?
You'd eat
I wonder!
You wonder
We, perhaps, but not everyth ng!
Yes, you wou d!
Yes, abso ute y
They go off and get marr ed ke that
They're hard y worth the ra s ng!
Can't be he ped these days
How about Nor?
She's not that k nd
No. About her marr age
She seems a r ght
She s
But she shou d have been marr ed ong ago
How about that boy? Who?
Your ass stant
Oh, Hattor?
We? How about h m?
N ce boy But wou d Nor ko agree?
They get a ong, but on y as acqua ntances
But who cou d guess how she fee s deep down ns de?
That's how they are!
Why not ask? Ask who?
Her, of course!
But why?
If she kes h m
I see. Perhaps I shou d try!
Yes Or we' never know One never can te
I'm back
We come home. You're ear y
Tra n crowded?
I got a seat
Your aunt gave us some p ck es
In the bag
The 28th s your Pen C ub
Ah, the Country C ub
Th s Saturday
Mr. Hattor was here
Around noon. Sha I serve your d nner now?
We cyc ed around a b t together
W th Hattor?
It was fun. Went to the beach
D d he want me?
No... not part cu ar y
Nor ko... the towe
You rode together?
Of course not. I borrowed a b cyc e
There's no soap
My sash
Must have been fun today
Yes. Went to Ch gasak, too
There's someth ng n th s
What do you th nk of h m?
Of Hattor?
He's qu te n ce
Wou d he make a good husband?
I'm sure he wou d
He's so gent e
Yes, you're r ght
I ke h s type
Your aunt was wonder ng about h m
For you to marry h m
Tea! Some tea, p ease
What's so funny?
He's a ready engaged! He' be marry ng soon
A n ce g r...
three c asses under me at schoo
He' te you about t soon
And I know the g r
We' be send ng a wedd ng g ft
I see. So Hattor s gett ng marr ed
What wou d be n ce?
So he's a ready engaged?
What wou d you ke?
Drop a h nt
From the professor
I'd ke someth ng to keep
Anyth ng up to 2 or 3,000 yen
Any good deas?
Let me th nk about t
I got t W th your f ancee?
There's a concert ton ght. Want to go?
Ton ght... I have t ckets
You bought them for me?
Rea y?
Of course!
I wonder! I'd rather not take chances It m ght cause troub e
Oh, come on, et's go
She won't m nd
But I'd rather not
P ck es a strung together?
Yes, my b ade must be gett ng du
Good even ng
Is that you, Aya?
Come n
Is Nor ko n?
She' be home soon
Come here
I was v s t ng n Hayama
I hear you've been do ng we ate y
In what way?
That you're very busy
I'm not that busy
Great demand now for typ sts
Not typ sts. We're known as stenographers
I beg your pardon
Eng sh shorthand?
R ght on top, eh?
Not rea y
It's great You must earn p enty of money
Yes, qu te a b t
Your parents, do they st bother you?
To remarry
No, not for some t me, thank Heaven
Once was enough?
You mean marr age?
No, I wou dn't say that
That boy
Your husband
Kenk ch?
Yes, Kenk ch. St see ng h m?
But, f you d d?
I'd g are daggers
You hate h m?
I'd run away aga n. I detest h m
Rea y?
I'm back
We come back
What's wrong?
Gone to s eep!
Been wa t ng ong, Aya?
We had a ser ous chat
Stay ng ton ght?
Let's go up
Had your d nner?
I'm not hungry
I've had m ne
You m ssed our C ass Reun on
Many c assmates came?
Lots came, nc ud ng Lady Came a
Professor Murase?
Was he foam ng as usua?
Yes. Sp t f y ng a over the p ace
Even n our tea
No one near h m touched the rs
But I was qu te safe
D d she come? You know Who?
The f rst to be wed
Ikegam? Yes, she was there
She f bs. She c a med she had on y three ch dren
We a know she had four
It's true. And Suke was there
Sh noda?
She eft her job to get marr ed
W th whom?
Good name, good fam y...
At east, I th nk so
Some bread and tea
Sorry to d sturb
Is th s a you' need?
There's no sugar
Father, I' get t
Then, I'm go ng to bed. Good n ght
Good n ght Good n ght
Want some bread?
Later. Say, he forgot the spoons, too
Was she there. Watanabe?
Cou dn't come
She's at th s stage... b g... 7 months
I d dn't know she was marr ed
She's not
Such th ngs happen
D v ne Prov dence, you know
That eaves you and H rokawa not marr ed
When w you? I won't
Go on. Get marr ed No
S nce when do you ta k about others?
I, w th author ty
You can't, you d vorcee
I can. It's on y one down
Next t me a rea home run
St go ng to bat?
Why not? Just struck out
I'm wa t ng for a good ba
Come on, get marr ed
What's so funny? I'm ser ous
How about that bread now?
I'm starved
I'm hungry
Never m nd
Then, I' eat a one
I'd ke some, actua y
I' make some
You have any jam?
Just a tt e b t?
But a ot, actua y?
Bu chan
Why don't you go p ay ba?
Been f ght ng aga n?
Bu chan, are you mad?
It won't dry... at pa nt
On my bat
Oh... you pa nted t red?
Pa nt sp ashed a over Won't your mother get mad
She a ready s
D d she cry?
Who's cry Get out. Leave me a one
B g ta k for a cry baby
I'm go ng to get you w th th s
Has she eft?
Bo, but come on down
You can't go out today
Th s s K ko
Th s s Mrs. M wa
I somet mes see you n Kamakura
Do forg ve my stay ng so ong It's a r ght
Nor chan, come here
S t down there
Yes, Aunt e?
Isn't t t me you got marr ed?
That aga n? Forget t
I won't forget t. S t down
I have a f ne prospect Won't you meet h m?
Name s Satake, a graduate of Tokyo Un vers ty
good fam y
Now w th N tto Chem ca s
H s father was a d rector there
He's 34, just r ght for you
H s off ce speaks h gh y of h m
How about t?
He ooks ke that Amer can In that baseba p cture...
Gary Cooper?
Yes... Cooper. Looks just ke h m! Espec a y h s mouth
But not the top ha f
How about t? P ease meet h m
He's a f ne young man
Won't you?
I don't want to get marr ed yet
Don't want to? Why not?
After a... f I marry t wou d be d ff cu t
For father!
I'm accustomed to h m and don't m nd
But he s a b t eccentr c
If I eft home, father wou d be ost
But you can't he p that
I'm the on y one who knows what he needs
Leave h m out of th s How about you?
I cou dn't do that to h m
Then, you can never get marr ed
I don't care
Nor chan, that Mrs. M wa you just met...
How wou d she be?
What do you mean?
Your father w need someone
I was wonder ng f she wou d do
Come here, and s t down
She had a good husband
but he d ed, eav ng her w th no ch dren
What do you th nk? She's a sound woman w th good taste
Does Father knows about th s?
I d d ment on t to h m
What d d he say?
He sat as usua, but he d dn't object
Then why ask my op n on?
After a, I needed to know your react on
I've no object ons f he hasn't
We come home How'd t go w th your aunt?
Noth ng Spec a
The bath s ready. Want to bathe?
What d d she want?
Anyth ng wrong?
What s t?
Where are you go ng?
Shopp ng...
Oh, they're both out today
Left ear y th s morn ng
To see a Noh p ay, that's what they were say ng
Rea y? Wou d you g ve th s to them when they return?
Yes, of course
W th my thanks
Certa n y! I'm sorry you m ssed them
Want more k nd ng?
Yes, but come ook at th s
Why, t's Hattor san!
I thought he was marry ng M ss Nor ko
Me too
Amaz ng. It ooks just ke h m
And such a beaut fu br de
The Noh was good today
Shou d we eat at Tak gawa?
I have other p ans
What k nd?
W you be ate?
I don't know
Sorry I kept you wa t ng
I was mak ng some short cake
Put n too much van a but t's good
Come to my room
My, such co d hands!
Fum, serve that cake n my room
What gave you the dea?
Te me! What s t?
No spec a reason
Have some?
Is t very d ff cu t?
Not too. After a, I manage
Come on, try some. It's good!
What made you dec de to try? What's on your m nd?
Noth ng n part cu ar
You can't work for no reason!
I wou dn't have
f Ken had been ha fway decent
But I must support myse f
Go get yourse f marr ed
Save your adv ce
I'm g v ng t to you
Keep t to yourse f
Get marr ed for no reason
Not eat ng?
Not hungry
But, t's good!
Just a teeny p ece I made t. Try some!
Eat t. I' force you to
Be hyster ca. Don't eat
Th s proves you need a man
Go ng? Home
Home? You're eav ng?
Weren't you stay ng? Stay w th me overn ght
I'm back
Where have you been?
At Aya's...
Got a etter from your aunt
Wants you to come. Day after tomorrow
She to d you about t, d dn't she?
Go meet h m. He' be there
Can't I refuse to go?
Oh, go on meet h m
We can a ways turn h m down
Come here
And s t down
Your aunt must have to d you about th s Satake
I've met h m. He seemed to be a very n ce boy
I'm sure you' f nd h m just f ne
Go see for yourse f
We can't be together forever
You must marry somet me
I th nk t's about t me
And your aunt s try ng
so hard, you know
But... I...
I want to stay w th you
That's mposs b e
It wou d be the most conven ent for me, but...
Then, why not?
That wou dn't do
I've taken advantage of you for too ong
I cou dn't g ve you up
If you don't marry, I'd be rea y upset
But, f I do, how about you?
I' manage
I' get a ong
But, I can't get marr ed
Your sh rts and co ars... You'd never change them
You wou dn't even shave
Oh, I'd shave
And f I d dn't c ean off your desk
nobody wou d
You'd be eat ng burned r ce because you can't cook
You'd be he p ess, I know
But, what f I re eved you of
a these worr es?
For nstances, f someone e se ooked after me?
Just an dea...
You ntend to do what Mr. Onodera d d?
You'd remarry ng?
You'd marry aga n?
Was she the one?
It s def n te?
It's true? You're be ng honest?
P ease, stay away
Leave me a one, p ease
You' go. Day after tomorrow?
We're a so worr ed about you
You w go, won't you? For my sake
It' be n ce aga n tomorrow
What was her react on?
She won't ta k about t
But, t's a fu week s nce I ntroduced them
I have to g ve them an answer
Yes, I rea ze that
But pester ng her cou d ru n everyth ng
The other party approves
And I'm sure she d dn't f nd h m un nterest ng
She must approve of h m. She must
Why d d she go to Tokyo today?
You spo ed that ch d
I must have her answer today
When w she be back?
Look, I found a wa et
A good omen! The wedd ng w come off
Not turn ng t n?
I w. It's such a good omen. Let's go...
What was he ke?
What type?
Was he fat?
Sk nny... then?
We... wh ch?
He p ayed basketba n co ege
Oh? And good ook ng?
What's he ke?
My aunt th nks he ooks ke Gary Cooper
Wow! You've a ways been a Gary Cooper fan
I Th nk he ooks more ke our e ectr c an
Does he ook ke Cooper?
Yes... exact y
Then, he ooks ke Coopers! Rea y
I' s ap you!
Never thought you'd have an arranged marr age
Why worry? Go on, marry h m
Not many good ones around these days
Grab h m
I don't ke t!
Arranged marr ages
Don't carry on
You'd never marry un ess someone arranged t
And, no Buts
If you oved someone
wou d you dare to wa k up and propose?
You'd be squ rm ng and b ush ng and that's a
Arranged marr ages are for you! I d dn't have one
They ook at me now, never work out
Men are s y, no good rasca s
They butter you up unt you're hooked
Then try to prove how awfu they are
A marr ages are a ke
A the same, the same
marry h m and f he's no good wa k out on h m
No worry! It's that s mp e
Go on
A you need to do s sm e at h m
He' fa for you
Then, you're the boss
That's exact y how t s
You th nk I'm jok ng?
That's the sm e to use
Do as I say. It' work!
She's so ate
I' come aga n
Wa t a tt e b t!
She' be home any m nute
I hope she' approve
She w. I know she kes h m
She's shy
For one her age, she's a b t o d fash oned
You rea y th nk so?
Cou d she be bothered by mere tr f es?
H s name... for nstance
Kumataro Satake?
What's wrong w th t?
Sounds tough - Bear Boy
You're be ng o d fash oned
But doesn't t make you
doesn't t make you th nk of th ngs ke ha ry chests
It m ght bother a young g r
If she marr ages h m
What shou d I ca h m?
Kumataro sounds so crude
and Kuma san s common
Kuma chan s even worse
Yes, but he w need a name
That's the po nt! I'm ca ng h m Ku chan
Ku chan
How about t?
It must be her!
She's com ng
She's com ng
There's no m stake
I'm back Nor ko, are you back?
How d d t go?
I' go ask her
Be tactfu
Don't worry
Oh, we come home
About that boy you met
How about t? Have you dec ded?
I th nk t's a f tt ng arrangement don't you?
We, w you marry h m?
How about t?
You w?
Rea y? You do agree?
Oh, thank you! I' not fy them mmed ate y
A r ght? Wonderfu! A rea oad off my m nd
How'd t go?
She' do t, just as I f gured
Rea y? That's good
I have to run now My, what a re ef
I' te them
And... thank you!
I' catch the 9:35
Then you'd better hurry!
Now my worr es are over
I can s eep aga n
I' arrange the wedd ng
Try to drop by to see me
Th s wa et d d t
You'd better report t
Of Course
I must go now. Good n ght
Take care
Goodbye Goodbye
Your aunt just eft
She was rea y happy
You've no object ons?
Not just res gned, are you?
Or st undec ded?
No, I'm not
I see. Then that's a r ght
S eep we on the tra n?
So d d I
When I woke up, we were a ready at Seta
I m ssed Nagoya comp ete y
Sorry to keep you wa t ng
T red, Nor ko?
No, not very
I'm sure g ad you came
You see, Nor ko's gett ng marr ed
Th s s our ast tr p together
Wonderfu. My congratu at ons
Good work!
What's he ke, Nor ko?
How does he compare w th me?
There's no compar son
I th nk you're much n cer
Rea y? I guess that ca s for a rea treat
How about unch? The Hyote, maybe?
M sako wants to see you
Want to see her, too
May the unc ean come, too?
Kyoto s so n ce and re ax ng
Noth ng ke th s n Tokyo
You come to Kyoto often, professor
No, not for years
My f rst tr p s nce the war
Rea y?
Does she ook unc ean?
Stop t
What do you th nk?
What's unc ean, father?
F thy, that's a Eh, Nor ko?
We rea y wa ked today
Aren't you t red?
The ast t me I was here
the bush c over was magn f cent
Any p ans for tomorrow?
M sako comes for me at 10
Go ng somewhere? Why not go to the museum?
Sha we turn n?
Yes... I' turn off the ght
I'm afra d I was very rude to Mr. Onodera
What's the matter?
H s w fe s such a n ce person They make a wonderfu coup e
Noth ng unc ean about them
Don't et t worry you
I shou dn't have sa d t
It never bothered h m
Is t?
So don't worry about t
Even n your case, I found t rea y d stastefu...
F na y dec ded to et her go?
She' make a good w fe
But a son s better than any daughter
Ra se them, and off they go
If they're unwed, you worry
But f they do marry, you fee eft down
Can't be he ped
We marr ed grown up ones, too
That's true
Hand me that
How t me f es
We came and now we're a ready eav ng
But I oved t here n Kyoto
And I'm g ad we came
Men' never get sat sf ed
But I w sh we cou d have taken n Nara
Why d dn't we do th s more often together?
Th s s our ast tr p together
You' be busy when we get home
Your aunt s wa t ng
I hope we f nd seats on the tra n...
From now on, your husband w take you p aces
He' take good care of you
What s t?
Anyth ng wrong?
I want to stay w th you, father
I don't want to go anywhere
I on y want to rema n w th you
I'm happy just as I am
Even marr age cou dn't make me any happ er
I'm happy enough
Yes, but that's...
No, no. You marry f you want to, father
I on y want to be at you s de
I'm so fond of you
I'm greatest happ ness s to be w th you
P ease, father, why can't we rema n as we are?
I know that marr age w not make me any happ er
That's not true
You w see
I'm a ready 56 now and my fe s near ng ts end
Yours s just beg nn ng a step nto a comp ete y new fe
A fe wh ch you and Satake must bu d together
On y want to be w th dad
It s a wor d apart from me
That s how human fe and ts h story are carr ed on
Marr age may not mean happ ness from the start
One shou d ook forward to such mmed ate happ ness
One sn't g ven true happ ness
One must work for t
Marr age sn't happ ness
It's the creat on of a new fe together
that's happ ness
It may take a year, maybe severa Somet mes even 5 or 10
Happ ness comes on y through effort
On y then can you c a m to be man and w fe
Your own mother wasn't happy when we marr ed
For years, we had our troub es
Many were the t mes I found her qu et y weep ng
But your mother put up w th me
You must have fa th, and ove one another
A the ove you've shown me must now be g ven to Satake
You agree?
From th s w come a happ ness
Try to understand You w try?
Yes, forg ve me for be ng so se f sh
Good! You do understand
Yes, I was be ng se f sh
I'm g ad your understand
I d dn't want you to go fee ng the way you d d
Marry h m, I'm sure you' be happy
You' make a n ce coup e
I ook forward to that day
Your worr es today
w soon be forgotten
Forg ve me
For worry ng you
No, just be happy. Understand?
Yes, I' do my best
Yes, I'm sure you w And you w be happy
I' be watch ng you w th conf dence Be happy
It ooked ke ra n. I was worr ed
Yes, but t turned out fa r Certa n y a re ef
Where was your honeymoon?
Rea y? Nor ko's go ng there, too
Do they have buses?
And tax s, too
Professor, you're wanted upsta rs
The br de s ready now Go see how beaut fu she s
A r ght
She makes a wonderfu br de
She's a ready now
The cars wa t ng?
A ready, eh? We' go on ahead
Thank you, thank you
Very n ce
I go f rst P ease
I' take th s Thank you
Nor chan, you have your fan?
Such a beaut fu br de
I w sh your mother cou d see you
We, sha we be go ng?
We don't want to be rushed
Anyth ng to say to her?
No, I've noth ng more to say
Then, Nor chan, et's go
These many ong years... thank you for everyth ng
Be happy, and be a good w fe
Be happy
Remember, be a good w fe
Now, sha we go?
Aya, how about you?
Th s s my th rd
I can hand e f ve
I once drank s x, then I fe down
Here you are
Your daughter came w th Professor Onodera
I was amazed, so grown up
Isn't she w th you?
We just saw her off She got marr ed today
D d she? And you saw her off? May I congratu ate you?
Where wou d she be now?
Oh, I'd say around Ofuna
Probab y. You're go ng to be one y now
Not too much, I' get used to t
Ready for your fourth?
Are you...
Rea y go ng to remarry?
It worr ed Nor ko
That seemed to bother her most
Don't do t Why marry aga n? You mustn't
But f I'd had sa d otherw se she wou dn't have marr ed
You're wonderfu, terr f c, I'm mpressed
Don't worry. You won't be one y
I' v s t you often. Rea y
Yes, p ease do, Aya chan
I certa n y w. I fee so wonderfu
My f fth...
The end...
Remember, I' be expect ng you P ease come
Of course, I prom se I don't te es, ke you
Or not so conv nc ng y
It cou dn't be he ped It was the b ggest e of my fe
Yes, back
D d she get off a r ght?
Good. I offer you my congratu at ons
I'm ndebted to you
Now, good n ght!
Thanks, and my regards to Se
Good n ght Good n ght
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