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Subtitles for Last Temptation Of Christ The CD2.

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Last Temptation Of Christ The CD2

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Magician, heal me.
Cure us. Make us rich.
Heal me! Do a miracle.
You want me to enter the world of God|crippled like this?
Don't touch me! You're filled with hate!|Get away! God won't help you.
You cure us,|or you won't leave this city alive.
You don't make demands on God!
Judas! What are you doing|with this magician?
You had orders to kill him|and you haven't done it.
Now he acts like a prophet|and you follow him.
Did you hear what he said|back there, Saul?
Yes, I heard him.|We took an oath against Rome.
I don't see anything against Rome here.|All I see are Jews against Jews.
Then you're not listening.
How do you feel?
I like the light.
What was it like?
Which is better, death or life?
I was a little surprised.
There wasn't that much difference.
Give me your hand.
I'm not surprised.|How could they let Lazarus live?
He was proof of your greatest miracle.|Now there's no more proof.
That's what the Zealots want.
Their revolution, not yours.
You want to go back to them?
No. You're the one I follow.
You are the strongest, aren't you?
Of all my friends...'re the strongest.
Judas, my brother...
...I've something to tell you.
I have a terrible secret from God.
-You know why I came to Jerusalem?|-Yes.
This is where the revolution|is going to begin.
Last night Isaiah came to me.
He had a prophecy. I saw it written.
It said:
He has borne our faults...
...he was wounded|for our transgressions...
...yet he opened not his mouth.
Despised and rejected by all...
...he went forward without resisting,|like a lamb led to the slaughter.
I don't understand.
Judas, I am the lamb.|I'm the one who's going to die.
-You mean you're not the Messiah?|-I am.
That can't be. If you're the Messiah,|why do you have to die?
-Listen. At first, I didn't understand--|-No, you, listen!
Every day you have a different plan!
First it's love, then it's the axe,|and now you have to die.
-What good could that do?|-I can't help it.
God only talks to me a little at a time.|He tells me as much as I need to know.
-We need you alive!|-Now I finally understand.
All my life I've been followed... voices... footsteps... shadows. And do you know|what the shadow is?
The cross.
I have to die on the cross|and I have to die willingly.
We have to go back to the temple.
After you die on the cross,|what happens then?
I come back to judge|the living and the dead.
I don't believe you.
You have to.
I'm worried he's going|to change his mind again.
No, he won't.
This time we're not going|to the temple to pray.
He said he'll destroy the temple|in three days, and he'll do it.
And what if he doesn't?
-What then?|-What if he doesn't?
You won't have to worry|because we'll all be dead.
We're setting up a new government,|building a new Jerusalem.
We can ask for anything we want.
First, I'd like more sheep.
You know, my other sheep,|I don't even know where they are now.
This time I want a large herd, and I'll get|other shepherds to care for them.
I would just like to be able|to worship in the temple.
I mean really worship,|without Roman banners and soldiers.
That's what I'd like.
Of course. But what else?
I'll do anything the Master asks,|anything but get crucified.
-You're a coward, Thomas.|-Yes, I am.
You know why?
Have you ever seen anyone|on a cross after two days?
You know what they look like?
They don't even have eyes.|The crows come and suck out your eyes.
And after that, you know what?|Dogs come and rip your feet off.
Don't talk that way.
I've made my decision. You make yours.
And if you can't, then get out now|before we get to Jerusalem.
I'm ready. I have my knife.
Master, I've been talking with the others|and listening and....
Some of them wanted me to ask you:
Will there be angels there to meet us?
Or anyone besides who's here?
King of the Jews!
King of the Jews!
King of the Jews!
Lord, I hope this is what you want.
Let me die here.
Please let it happen fast|while I have the strength.
I am here to set fire to the world.
In the desert, the Baptist warned us,|God is coming.
Well, I'm telling you it's too late.
He's already here.
I'm here.
I'm going to baptize everybody with fire!
He's leading us! Follow him!
They're all with you,|waiting for your signal. Give it!
Now! Do it now!
I'm waiting, too. Give me an axe,|not the cross. Let me die like this.
Give the sign now or we're finished.
-They'll kill us--|-We came to fight, not to die!
Master, we knew it would be like this.
This is the way. Do it.
Judas, help me!
Stay with me.
Don't leave me.
I wish there was another way.
I'm sorry, but there isn't.
I have to die on the cross.
I won't let you die.
You have no choice, neither do I.
Remember, we're bringing|God and man together.
They'll never be together unless I die.|I'm the sacrifice.
Without you, there can be no redemption.|Forget everything else. Understand that.
No, I can't. Get somebody stronger.
You promised me.
Remember, you once told me...
...that if I moved one step from revolution,|you'd kill me. Remember?
I've strayed, haven't I?
Then you must keep your promise.|You have to kill me.
If that's what God wants, let God do it.|I won't.
He will do it through you.
The temple guards will be looking for me|where there aren't any crowds.
We'll go to Gethsemane.|You'll make sure that they find me there.
I am going to die.
But after three days...
...I'll come back, in victory.
You can't leave me.|You have to give me strength.
If you were me,|could you betray your master?
That's why God gave me the easier job... be crucified.
What about the others?
I'll tell them tonight.
Listen to me.
Take this bread.
Share it together.
This bread is my body.
Now drink this wine.
Pass the cup.
This wine is my blood.
Do this to remember me.
We're not finished.
Let him go.
All of you...
...I want to tell you something.
Wait for me here.
Father in heaven.
Father on earth.
The world...
...that you've created,|that we can see, is beautiful.
But the world you've created,|that we can't see, is beautiful, too.
I don't know. I'm sorry, Father.|I don't know which is more beautiful.
This is my body, too.
...we're going to die.
Please, Father.
I've been with you for so long.
I never asked you to choose me.
I always did as you said.
You made many miracles for others.
You opened the Red Sea for Moses.|You saved Noah.
You took Elijah to heaven|in a fiery chariot...
...and now you're asking me to be crucified.
Can I ask you... last time?
Do I have to die?
Is there any other way?
You're offering me a cup,|but I don't want to drink what's in it.
Please, take it away. Please, stop.
Please, Father. Father.
Is this your answer?
All right.
Just please give me the strength.
Couldn't you stay awake with me|for just an hour?
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter.
It's too late.
Welcome, Rabbi.
No. You live by this, you die by it.
Take me with you.
I'm ready.
So, you are the King of the Jews?
"King" is your word.
Well, you are Jesus of Nazareth,|aren't you?
Yes, I am.
That's what they're saying you are.|The King, the Messiah.
It's also said that you do miracles.
Is this good magic or bad magic?
Could we have|some kind of a demonstration?
I mean, can you do a trick for me, now?
No, I'm not a trained animal.|I'm not a magician.
That's disappointing.
This means that you're just|another Jewish politician.
Do you want to know something?
You're more dangerous than the Zealots.|Do you know that?
Say something.
You had better say something.
All right.
Tell me what you tell people|on the streets.
The prophet Daniel had a vision:
A tall statue that had a gold head|and silver shoulders.
The stomach was bronze,|the legs were iron, the feet were clay.
A stone was thrown.
The clay feet broke|and the statue collapsed.
You see, God threw the stone.|The stone is me. And Rome--
And Rome is the statue, yes.
So your kingdom, or your world,|will replace Rome.
Where is it?
My kingdom?
It's not here.
Not on earth.
It wouldn't be, would it?
It's one thing to want to change|the way that people live...
...but you want to change|how they think, how they feel.
All I'm saying is that change|will happen with love, not with killing.
Either way, it's dangerous.
It's against Rome.|It's against the way the world is.
And killing or loving, it's all the same.
It simply doesn't matter|how you want to change things.
We don't want them changed.
You do understand what has to happen?
We have a space for you up on Golgotha.
Three thousand skulls there by now.|Probably more.
I do wish you people would go out|and count them some time.
Maybe you'd learn a lesson.
Probably not.
I know you. I saw you with him.
You must be mistaken. It wasn't me.|It must have been someone else.
No, I'm right. He is one of his followers.
-He doesn't know what he's talking about.|-He is one of his followers.
It's him! Get him!
Where are you?
Mother, lm sorry for being a bad son.
Father, stay with me. Don't leave me.
Father, forgive them.
Why have you forsaken me?
Who are you?
I'm the angel who guards you.
Your Father is the God of mercy,|not punishment.
He saw you and said,|"Aren't you his guardian angel?
"Well, go down and save him.|He's suffered enough."
Remember when he told Abraham|to sacrifice his son?
Abraham was just about to kill the boy|with his knife when God stopped him.
So, if he saved Abraham's son,|don't you think he'd want to save his own?
He's tested you and he's happy with you.
He doesn't want your blood.
He said, "Let him die in a dream.|But let him live his life."
All the pain.
That was real.
Yes, but there won't be any more.|You've done enough.
I don't have to be sacrificed?
No, you don't.
I'm not the Messiah?
No, you're not.
What about the others?
Don't look back there.|God gave you life. Look ahead.
Where are the disciples?
They became frightened and ran away.
ls this the world of God?|The one I spoke about?
No, this is earth.
Why has it changed so much?
It hasn't changed. You have.|Now you can see its real beauty.
Harmony between earth and the heart,|that's the world of God.
Maybe you'll find this hard to believe...
...but sometimes we angels|look down on men and envy you.
Really envy you.
What's that?
A wedding ceremony.
Who's getting married?
You are.
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
I'm thanking God...
...for bringing you here.
We could have a child.
We could have a child.
Where are you going?
Who are you going to kill?|Are you going to kill God?
Didn't you hear me, Jesus?|There is nothing you can do.
God's killed her.
God's killed her.
God took her away when she was happy.
Now she's immortal.
She won't see her love die or body decay.
I was there the whole time|he was killing her and saw what happened.
But it wasn't right.
It wasn't right for God to take her.
You didn't complain when God let you live.
You can't complain now|because he let her die.
Trust God's way.
Listen. There's only one woman|in the world.
One woman with many faces.
This one falls, the next one rises.
Mary Magdalene died...
...but Mary, Lazarus's sister...
...she lives.
She's Magdalene with a different face.
She's carrying your greatest joy inside her.
Your son.
Come with me.
This is the way the Savior comes.
Gradually, from embrace to embrace.
From son to son.
This is the road.
I understand.
Rabbi, I just want to see if it's really you.
He's real, like us. Don't you see?
Come in.
Come here.
Master, I want to tell you one thing.
I'm sorry about Magdalene.|I won't ever leave you alone again.
I'll always protect you.
I don't want you to take the wrong road|and get lost again.
Come inside. I'll cook for you|and your friend.
Are you satisfied with me?
Do you have any complaints?
I'm ashamed when I think of it.
Of what?
Of all the mistakes I've made.
Of all the wrong ways I looked for God.
Where's Mary?
She won't be back till this evening.
Come inside. It's too hot out here.
Come inside.
There's only one woman in the world.
Go inside.
We don't have to get involved.|Come on, stay out of it.
Here, watch your brother.
Remember to thank God for the food|and leave some for me. I'll be back soon.
-Aren't you going to eat?|-I want to hear what he says.
You don't have to go there.
I lied, I stole, I cheated...
...I gambled, I whored, I drank|and persecuted, tortured and murdered.
Yes, murdered!
I killed anyone|who broke the law of Moses.
And I loved it, I enjoyed it,|I relished it, I reveled in it.
Because I thought I was doing God's will.
I thought I was doing God's will.
And the high priest of Jerusalem sent me|to Damascus to scourge that city.
And on the road to Damascus, just outside|the city, in the middle of the day...
...I was struck by a white light|that blinded me!
And I heard a voice say:
"Saul, why are you persecuting me?
"Why are you against me?"
"Who are you?" I said.
And the voice said:
And he...
...made me see.
I was led helpless like a child,|into a city that I was sent to scourge.
And God sent me Ananias instead...
...and he put his hands on me|and I opened my eyes...
...and I was baptized and became Paul.
And now I bring the good news to you.
It's about Jesus of Nazareth.
He was not the son of Mary.|He was the Son of God.
His mother was a virgin.
And the angel Gabriel came down|and put God's seed in her womb.
That's how he was born.
And he was punished for our sins.
Then he was tortured and crucified.
But three days later|he rose up from the dead...
...and went up to heaven.
Death was conquered!
Do you understand what that means?
He conquered death.
All of our sins were forgiven...
...and now the world of God|is open to every one of us.
To everybody!
Did you ever see this Jesus of Nazareth|after he came back from the dead?
I mean, with your own eyes?
No, but I saw a light that blinded me|and I heard his voice.
-You're a liar.|-His disciples saw him.
They were hiding in an attic,|the doors locked, and he appeared to them.
He's a liar!
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, I want to talk to you.
I was never crucified. I never came back|from the dead. I'm a man.
Why are you telling these lies?
What are you talking about?
I'm the son of Mary and Joseph.|I'm the one who preached in Galilee.
I had followers, we marched on Jerusalem.|Pilate condemned me and God saved me.
No, he didn't.
Who are you talking about? Don't try|to tell me what happened, because I know.
I live like a man now.|I work, eat, have children.
I enjoy my life. For the first time,|I'm enjoying it. Do you understand me?
So don't go around telling lies about me,|or I'll tell everybody the truth!
Wait just a minute.|What's the matter with you?
Look around you. Look at all these people.|Look at their faces.
Do you see how unhappy they are?|Do you see how they're suffering?
Their only hope is the resurrected Jesus.
I don't care whether you're Jesus or not.
The resurrected Jesus will save the world|and that's what matters.
Those are lies.|You can't save the world by lying.
I created the truth out of what|people needed and what they believed.
If I have to crucify you to save the world,|then I'll crucify you.
And if I have to resurrect you,|then I'll do that, too.
I won't let you. I'll tell everyone the truth.
Go ahead. Go on. Tell them now.
Who's going to believe you?
You started all this, now you can't stop it.
All those people who believe me|will kill you.
-No. That wouldn't happen.|-How do you know?
You see, you don't know|how much people need God.
You don't know how happy|he can make them. Happy to do anything.
He can make them happy to die|and they'll die.
All for the sake of Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus of Nazareth.|The Son of God. The Messiah.
Not you.
Not for your sake.
You know, I'm glad I met you.|Because now I can forget all about you.
My Jesus is much more important|and much more powerful.
Thank you. It's a good thing I met you.
Don't ever leave me.
I'm happy here.
I remember when Mary and I|planted these vines.
You know, this will all pass.
Are you leaving me?
We have to move on.
You've grown old.
You've done well.
We've both done well.
Get inside. Get inside, fast!|Jerusalem is on fire! It's burning!
The Romans are killing everyone.
Move out of the way. We were sent here.
God told us you would show yourself to us.
He said you were dying.
Peter? ls that you?
I can't tell.
What happened to you?
I got old.
You got old.
This one I know.
No matter how old you get,|I know you, Nathaniel.
You were the best shepherd|because you had no sheep.
I missed you.
And you?
They cut you.
Your face.
Who are you?
The Romans tortured me, cut my face.
I tried to tell them all about you.
Then I saw Jerusalem burn.
I even saw the Ark of the Covenant|stolen from the temple.
They destroyed the temple,|just like you said.
The Ark?
There's someone else outside.
Be careful. He's still angry.
Judas, come in.
Didn't you hear me?
I missed you so much.
He hears you. He just won't say anything.
He's been fighting in Jerusalem.
Look at his hands.|There's still blood on them.
Judas, the Master is speaking to you.|Answer him.
Your place was on the cross.
That's where God put you.
When death got too close,|you got scared and you ran away...
...and you hid yourself|in the life of some man.
We did what we were supposed to do!|You didn't!
You're a coward!
Don't you have any respect?
For him?
You don't understand.
You broke my heart.
Sometimes I curse the day I ever met you.
We held the world in our hands.
Remember what you told me?
You took me in your arms.
Do you remember?
And you begged me,|"Betray me, betray me.
"I have to be crucified.
"I have to be resurrected|so I can save the world.
"I am the lamb," you said.
"Death is the door.
"Judas, my brother, don't be afraid.|Help me go through the door."
And I loved you so much.
I went and betrayed you.
And you...
What are you doing here?
What business do you have here|with women, with children?
What's good for man isn't good for God.
Why weren't you crucified?
Look at his wounds, Judas.|They're bleeding.
You're hurting him. That's enough.
He was going to be the New Covenant.
Now there's no more Israel.
No, you don't understand.
The guardian angel.
God sent a guardian angel to save me.
What angel?
Look at her.
I told you we would meet again.
If you die this way, you die like a man.
You turned against God, your Father.
There's no sacrifice. There's no salvation.
There's nothing you can do.
You lived this life.
You accepted it.
It's over now.
You just finish it and die.
Die like a man.
Will you listen to me?
Are you still there?
Will you listen to a selfish, unfaithful son?
I fought you when you called. I resisted.
I thought I knew more. I didn't want|to be your son. Can you forgive me?
I didn't fight hard enough.
...give me your hand.
I want to bring salvation!|Father, take me back!
Make a feast! Welcome me home!|I want to be your son!
I want to pay the price!|I want to be crucified and rise again!
I want to be the Messiah!
It is accomplished!
It is accomplished.
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