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Subtitles for Last Ride The.

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Last Ride The

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(Sirens wailing)
Baby, it's only two miles to the border.
- What about Junior?|- We're gonna make it.
- I can't, Ronnie.|- Oh, God.
Kate. Kate!
Katie! Katie!
(Engine roars)
(Tyres screech)
(Officers yelling)
What are they doing?
- Dad!|- (Officer) Ronnie Purnell,
- you're under arrest for armed robbery.|- Dad!
He was screaming, "Registration!"|Like I was gonna pull on him.
Then he's never seen you shoot|because you can't hit nothin'.
You really wanna piss a cop off?|Start writing down everything he says.
- Watch him go ballistic.|- (Woman laughs)
- So you down with us this weekend?|- I said I'd think about it.
- How much thinking you gotta do?|- What's happening?
- Nothing.|- Did we send you an invitation?
Kiss my ass.
You need to hang|with a better class of people.
You didn't complain last night.
Matt, this gig's zero risk, all right?
15 minutes, in and out, 25, 30 Gs.
- So you don't need me.|- I need you as a wheel guy, man.
Dinge and me,|we're gonna handle the heavy lifting.
(Engine rumbles, brakes screech)
Yo, dog. Do you just sit there|and model, or do you drive?
- Go! Go!|- (Tyres screech)
- Whoo!|- (Crowd cheering)
Shift down, man.
What's he doing?
(Brakes squealing)
(Crowd cheering and whistling)
- You scared the hell out of everybody.|- (Laughing)
- Been wanting to try that.|- Crazy, dude! Wicked crazy.
Now you see why we need you|as our wheel guy.
- (Sirens approaching)|- (Woman) It's the cops!
Later, Matt.
- You could've just called.|- I did.
- I never heard back from you.|- So try my cellphone.
You never gave me that number.
So what's up, Dad?
- Your friends left in a hurry.|- They probably wanted some sleep.
We're gonna have to do this again soon.
It could be through a partition|down at county.
- That's a distinct possibility.|- Matt, you can do so much better than this.
- I'm doing fine.|- That's not the reason I came down here.
Ronnie made parole.
- Grandpa?|- You barely know him. He's no "grandpa".
- When?|- Friday.
- Did you talk to him?|- No. Neither should you.
He may try to contact you,|hit you up for money.
- Where's he gonna go?|- That's his problem, not ours.
And your word is law, right?
I just don't wanna see you|taken advantage of, Matt.
- I can take care of myself.|- (Starts engine)
(Car horn honks)
(Machine stops)
(Garage door rumbling)
You're early.
I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Did that crap really work|on the bimbos you used to date?
Like a charm.
Mm... mm...
What's wrong?
They're pushing you to do that gig.
- I said, "Nothing."|- I told Asher to leave you out of this.
- Or what? You gonna kick his ass?|- Yours too if you even think about it.
- It's not like you've never broken the law.|- When I was a stupid kid, maybe,
doing whatever my brothers told me.|But not since I met you.
- I didn't ask you to quit the chop shop.|- I quit for us, Matt,
so that we can have some sort of real life,|instead of cops busting down the door.
It's an easy gig and it's good money.
Think about it. We could live|three, four months off it, easy.
If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.
But I know where we can get in|and where we can stash the stuff.
- Nobody's ever gonna know.|- Why not use that head for something real?
Computers - you used to love that stuff.
- I'll figure something out.|- You dropped out of school months ago
and you're still just hanging around.
- You could just go back.|- I got no interest in school.
You quit school to piss your dad off.
So you're gonna trash your whole life|to piss him off?
- At least this is exciting.|- That is a lame reason.
- I can't talk to you about this kind of stuff.|- What you can't do is listen!
- What? Excuse me?|- You got a problem in that department.
- You're too cute.|- Can't hear you.
Yeah, whatever.
- Hello? He in?|- Let me see.
Hi, Aaron's here to see you.|All right. Go on back.
- You never did call me for that drink.|- I'm too busy catching the bad guys.
- Lucky them.|- (Telephone)
Yes, Mayor Jordan. We'll have four men|with your wife at all times.
Absolutely.|You have my personal guarantee.
Thank you, sir.
Personal security|for the mayor himself. (Laughs)
You watch. Publicity from this|is gonna raise gross revenues 20%.
- So business is good.|- Couldn't be better.
- How are you, son?|- Good. How are you?
- How's Anna?|- She's at the La Jolla house for the week.
- You still coming on Friday?|- If I can get the weekend off.
Work for me, you can have|all the weekends you want.
So, what brings you up here?
My father is getting out.
- Really?|- He made parole.
(Sighs) Well, I guess he's served his time.
Who knows? Maybe he's a changed man.
I arrest thieves and murderers every day.|Not many change.
Ronnie made some terrible choices.
You know how much I loved your mother.
I mean, hell, we grew up together.
But after she met Ronnie, well...
I know.
But I will say this...
When I visited him in prison,|he did the right thing.
Giving me to you and Anna.
Yes. Giving you a chance at a normal life.
- And giving us the child we never had.|- You were lucky.
I could have been a bad seed like him.
You were always your mother's son.|You look just like her.
We were proud to raise you.
Don't think that's gonna|make me come work for you.
One day you're gonna run this business.|Mark my words.
Right. I'll see you Friday.
Anna will be thrilled.
You got your very own Bonnie and Clyde|right there in the family tree.
They were messed up,|giving all that money away.
A lot of people thought they were heroes,|all those kids protesting Vietnam.
How many jobs they pull?
Three. All military payrolls.|Ronnie and Kate were legends.
One dead, one in jail.|Not much to show for being a legend.
They had something to fight for anyway.|They had... purpose.
See that look he's got right there?
Those hard eyes.
You get that sometimes.
Well, you can see for yourself.|He's getting out.
- Like out to stay?|- Tomorrow.
I'm driving north tonight|to wait for him when he gets out.
- Wow.|- It's gonna be great, JJ.
I've been waiting for this for years.
(Man) 'All wings, guard coming out.
'All wings, guard coming out.'
(Alarm buzzes, door opens)
Take care of yourself out there.
- Open up!|- (Alarm buzzes)
No. Matt.
Your grandson.
You're Junior's boy? Look at you.|You're all grown up. You're a man.
I'm sorry. I mean, I've missed so much,|my mind just sometimes...
No, no, it's OK. Come on.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(Engine starts up)
(Door opens)
Are you telling me that a grandson|of mine is driving an import?
What is this rice burner, a four-banger?
It's six.
You kids today don't know how|to handle a V8?
We don't need it.
This one's got quarter-inch lines,|Hotshot 4-2-1 headers,
Tenzo intake and an NX NOS system.
Well, my Judge would kick your ass.
A 400-cube Ram Air 4|with a quick-shift package,
hood tach, man.
You're speaking a dead language, man.
Oh. Cars have computers today, huh?
It's a GPS, so you know where you're going.
I don't need any fancy equipment|to know where I'm going.
Yeah. I'm here to settle a score.
It's been a long time coming.
You along for the ride?
I got nothin' better to do.
All right.
The first thing we gotta do is find the Judge.
- Your old GTO? It's a relic.|- You just help me find it,
and maybe along the way|you might learn something about real cars.
- Oh, yeah?|- Yeah.
Fire this rice burner up.
(Tyres squeal)
(Ronnie) Bacon.
You know, you think|when they first send you away,
that you're gonna miss sunsets|or walks on the beach
or something, you know?
(Chuckles) Me?
It was real, honest-to-God,|apple-smoked bacon
and driving a car.
And Kate and Junior.
Always them.
My dad hates being called Junior.
He just freaks out about everything.|It's just the way he is.
You gotta cut him some slack.|The man went through hell.
Hell, he hates me, you hate him.
It's what makes the world go round, right?
I don't hate him.
Hate's a good thing.|It's got a place in the world.
It got me through 30 years. I'm sure of that.
- Waiting to settle the score?|- That's right.
With who?
How's your mother Cathy?
- Stacy.|- Oh, yeah. Well, don't blame me.
I, er, missed the wedding.
And the divorce.
And, er... How the hell do you call them|anyway - the Kurtzes?
Granddad? Grandmother?
No. I really don't know them that well at all.
I was still in Chicago with my mom|when my dad moved back here.
When I moved out,|Darryl caught me going through his study.
I wasn't really looking for anything.|I was just... bored.
But I have never seen anybody|get so pissed.
You know, he kicked me out|and told me never to come back.
You're probably lucky|you didn't find anything.
- It's him, isn't it?|- Who?
- He was involved somehow, wasn't he?|- I am so stuffed.
He was at the prison.|He was there watching.
- You saw him too?|- I never mistake a car.
What did he do?
You know, I think we should get out of here.
What happened back then, Ronnie?
- You can trust me.|- You know where trust gets ya?
A shank in the heart|when you least expect it.
- You know...|- Giselle, I'm gonna steal him for a minute.
- Beautiful, isn't she?|- And single.
- Right.|- Is that why I'm here, for another setup?
I never set you up, Aaron.|I simply create opportunities.
You think I can't meet women on my own?
I think if you spent more time with people
and less time chasing criminals,|you'd still be married.
I don't know. I just get uncomfortable...
- Since when?|- I do. What?
Darryl told me.
- Told you what?|- Are you going to see him?
- Of course not.|- Maybe you should.
I don't have anything to say to him.
He might have something to say to you,|something that might help you understand.
You know I made peace with that|a long time ago.
Did you?
Good. I've been waiting|for the right time to give this to you.
- What is it?|- Home movies from when you were a child.
I had them put on tape for you.
- I don't want this.|- Then throw it away, if you want.
But maybe it's time.
- They're your family.|- You're my family.
And nothing in this world|has made me happier.
But they loved you too.
It's just everything was different then,|very confusing.
I don't see any confusion.|They were criminals.
She shot a guard. A guard killed her.|Ronnie's the one who convinced her to do it.
That isn't confusing.|I have nothing to say to the man.
Ronnie wasn't the only one|doing the convincing.
Kate knew better than anyone I ever met|how to get her way.
People were drawn to her.|I'll admit I was even a little jealous.
- She was pretty incredible.|- But not innocent.
I don't think of her as innocent.|She had a son and she made her choices.
You never had any reason to be jealous.
Well, it was a long time ago.
I should go check on our guests.
You know, I'd rather you didn't|get her talking about those times.
- It was hard on all of us.|- I didn't. She...
Come on. Let's not keep everyone waiting.
(Horn honks)
- We've been looking for you.|- You're coming tonight?
- Where?|- ComputerTrove, the gig.
We got the alarm code and everything.
- Oh, Jesus.|- Hey, who's in your ride?
(Tyres squeal)
Whose crazy ass is that?
Phew. (Laughs)
Yeah. You got a lot of faith|in an old man's reflexes.
Well, I trust you, Ronnie.
Oh, man. This is Grandpa?|Welcome back, pops.
Asher, Dinge, meet Ronnie Purnell.
He's not in this, right?
I'm not in this.
Man, this was your stroke of brilliance.
- I was goofing around.|- I got the code from that chick like you said.
- Got some bootylicious too, right?|- I do my work thoroughly.
Come on, man. This is just the beginning.
I need a drink. You driving?
Yeah. Let's...
We were talking here.
I don't care if you're singing|the Hallelujah Chorus.
- I need a drink.|- Fine. How about I give you some bus fare?
- I wouldn't go there, son.|- Here's some money. Go get a drink.
We're doing business here.
How about you back off, man?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Benders. Benders? (Clears throat)
First round's on me. As long as|I can borrow money from you guys.
- What was that?|- That was entertaining.
( Rock playing on jukebox)
- What you drinking?|- JD straight. Make it a double.
- You wanna grab us a table?|- Sure, yeah.
Yo, man. You're creeping her out. Get lost.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- Here you go.|- Can I get a double shot of Jack and...
- two double shots.|- Sure, man. Right away.
- So, how's it going?|- It's... a little weird.
- But he's not a total headcase?|- No, he's cool.
He's in the back. Go check him out.|What do you want, a beer?
Yeah. Thanks.
Well, you look pretty damn good|for 30 years behind bars.
You look pretty damn good yourself.
Thank you. I see where Matt gets it now.
But that's exactly|what he doesn't need right now -
some charming, old ex-con|putting ideas in his head.
It's nice to think that a pretty lady|can find me charming.
Say hi, come by for Thanksgiving|but don't mess up his life.
- He's too close to doing that on his own.|- That's the last thing that I want.
My dad was a crook, just like you,|and it destroyed my family.
So if you care about Matt,|don't let that happen to him.
- You guys met?|- We're just getting to know each other.
- I didn't get your name though.|- Jessica. But everybody calls me JJ.
We're gonna go find Ronnie's old GTO.|Steal it back if we have to.
Hopefully that won't be necessary.
My family was destroyed too|so we have something in common there.
All I wanna do is set things right again.
When something's all smashed up,|it's nearly impossible to put it back together.
Yeah, nearly,|but not completely impossible.
- She could be lying.|- There's no motive.
- Maybe we haven't found it yet.|- (Telephone)
Yeah, send him back.
- Who's that?|- It's my son.
Hey, Matt. This is a surprise.
What, your guy didn't tell you I was coming?
What guy?
The one you had following me and Ronnie.
- You saw Ronnie?|- Cut the Gestapo crap, OK?
- Leave me the hell alone.|- Matt, I did not have you followed.
Like you didn't read my emails|or go through my stuff when I lived with you?
- Like you didn't put alarms on the windows?|- I apologise for going overboard
but you weren't giving me a choice,|staying out all night...
- It's my life, my choices.|- Not when you're living under...
Just... Never mind. Just come here.
You were with Ronnie|and someone was following you?
- What did the guy look like?|- Like a cop.
- What does that mean?|- You really didn't send the guy?
- I didn't have you followed.|- Cos Kurtz was there at the prison.
- He was watching when Ronnie got out.|- Darryl?
It could have been one of his guys.
Maybe you should ask him.
Twice in less than a week.|You're just making up excuses to see me.
- Every chance I get.|- He's on his way in.
It's no hurry. I'll wait in his office.
See if you can get me a piece|on the phone lines. All of them.
Aaron's in your office.
Call me when it's done.
Hope you don't mind. Made myself at home.
Exactly what do you want|this car for anyway?
My boss will fire my ass|if this gets tracked here.
Hacking into the DMV database is a felony.
- So Matt can go to jail.|- Only if I get caught.
Give us more than old times' sake,|or this stops right now.
Before I was arrested|I hid something in the car.
- (JJ) You think it's still there?|- Where I put it, it's not going anywhere.
What is it?
There's something you have|to understand about the heist.
It was never about the money|with Katie and me.
After her brother was cut down in 'Nam...|she was devastated
and then she got so angry.
But, you know, everybody in our generation|was pissed at the government back then.
But Katie...
she wasn't the marching kind.
- She wanted to do something about it.|- So you guys hit armoured cars.
Only the ones carrying payrolls|for military bases.
- A crime with a conscience.|- Well, anyway, we had a purpose.
- How did you know which ones to hit?|- Darryl Kurtz grew up with Kate.
Yeah, he was in the state police back then.
Kurtz gave us the routes,|the operation directives
and everything that was coordinated|through the police.
- For a cut, I'm sure.|- Half.
- Mm-hm.|- But that job...
that was supposed to be our last.
Then we were taking Junior|and heading for Baja.
Kurtz sold us out.
I always knew he was an asshole.
So how come you never went to the cops,|got him busted?
Personal reasons.
So what's in the GTO?
(JJ) Evidence. I never trusted Kurtz.
I kept everything that tied him to the heist.
That bastard tried to destroy my family.
Well, I got enough evidence to destroy him.
All right, give me that VIN number.
Well, it was four times a day for 30 years.
All right, let's book.
- You don't have to do this.|- Somebody's gotta keep you out of trouble.
I want everything we got.|Check with LAPD too, all right?
- All of it?|- Case files, evidence boxes, everything.
Damn it!
- (Kurtz) 'Yeah? '|- They pulled a switch and lost me.
So that son of a bitch|really does have something.
- The money?|- This evidence he's threatening me with.
Those two clowns that hang out|with the kid - I'm watchin' 'em.
Find out where Ronnie's gone to.|And do whatever you have to.
- I'll call you when I get something.|- 'Walling? '
- 'Yeah? '|- I was just thinking.
It might not hurt us to provide the Purnells|with a little distraction.
- What kind of distraction?|- The worst kind.
(JJ) 7927. Guy's name is Randall Aldredge.
- (Ronnie) I don't see the car.|- Probably in the garage.
- Are you sure you're all right with this?|- Yeah. You're right.
Any guy who buys a '69 GTO|is definitely gonna respond better to these
than to either of you two.
Don't screw it up.
- What? This was your idea.|- No, no, not this. Her.
30 years inside,|you know what kept me going?
- Revenge.|- No.
That gives you a goal, maybe.
What kept me going was Katie,|the memory of her.
JJ and I, we fight a lot.
- It's cos you're pigheaded like we were.|- She constantly is riding me.
I mean, she wants me to go back to school,
or make something better of my life,|you know.
The thing is, I don't know what that is.
Yeah? Well, be careful.
It can be over before you know it.
Learn from my mistakes, kid.
(Door opens)
He's gone.
- He's got my car?|- That's why he's gone.
It's in a classic car show|tomorrow back in San Diego.
- I guess we should have called.|- Yeah, like I said.
I know, OK? I know.
(Woman) Don't do this to yourself.
Oh, I... You know, I never looked at all this.
- I never even wanted to.|- Really?
I would have thought you'd be curious.
I shut it out.
For a while after it all went down,
there'd be these sidelong glances|and whispers everywhere I went.
You were just a kid.
I didn't wanna be that kid. So, you know,|I pretended like it never happened.
And... after a while,|everybody just moved on, just forgot about it.
Even you?
- Mm. Most of the time, anyway.|- And you were there, weren't you?
- At the border?|- Yeah.
Darryl, he got me out of school
and he took me on a chopper out there|before they arrived.
I guess he figured me being there|would bring 'em to their senses.
- Hell of a thing to make a kid watch that.|- Well, he was just trying to help.
Sure didn't help you, did it?
The ComputerTrove gig last night|was like cake.
- We'll be rich if we keep it up.|- We did fine without Matt.
Are you crazy?
- Kneel down.|- Don't blow a gasket.
You're not kneeling.
Now we're gonna talk, you and me.
And what you tell me will determine|whether you walk away or join your friend.
(Dispatch) 'We've got a double homicide|at Dragon Auto Body.'
It's not Matt! It's not Matt.
- (Gasping)|- We think he's the shooter - or your father.
Ronnie maybe, not Matt.
We found stolen merchandise from|that robbery at ComputerTrove last night.
- Looks like a deal went bad.|- Matt is not a part of this.
We've already put out APBs|on both of them.
I'm sorry but I have to ask you|to leave the crime scene.
Aaron, I'll take care of it.
'Matthew Dean Purnell, age 21, 5'11",|medium build, 135, blond over blue.
'Ronald Aaron Purnell, 61, about 5'10".'
We tracked down Purnell's old GTO.
The one those kids were going after?
Registered to Randall Aldredge, Taft.
- Why does he want that old car?|- No idea.
But he's going to a lot of trouble to find it.
- This is turning into a circus.|- You wanted a distraction.
- Head up there. See what you can find out.|- The car's here. At the convention centre.
(Ronnie) Let's find the Judge.
(Mobile ringing)
It's my dad again.|I don't even know how he got this number.
You know, walking around with a phone|strapped on you all the time...
I thought prison was hell.
Ah! Classic GTOs.
There it is. There's the Judge.
Is this it?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, this is definitely it.
- Beauty, isn't she?|- He. The Judge, it's a he.
Right. Right. Oh, my God.
Jeez, you're him, aren't you?|You're him, right?
Man. Randy. Randy Aldredge.
I've owned the car for 14 years.
- Mind if I pop the hood?|- No. Go ahead.
(Mobile ringing)
It's all original? The alternator's the same.
- Yeah.|- Held up pretty good.
- What?|- Matt, you're in trouble.
- Dad, I do not need a lecture...|- 'Just listen to me.'
Listen to me!
There's an APB out on your location.|You're about to be swarmed by cops.
- 'Don't resist and don't say anything.'|- What?
Two men were murdered|at your girlfriend's shop.
'Your car was there.'
My car? Asher and Dinge were...
Asher and Dinge have my car.|It wasn't them?
Yeah, it was your friends.
'They think that you and Ronnie did it.
- 'Matt! '|- Oh, God.
- We have to go right now.|- What?
- No, I need to...|- No.
The cops are here looking for us.
Walk slow and mix.
The new Pontiac GTO...
- Wait, stop. You two go.|- Ronnie, no.
- Get her outta here.|- No.
- Featuring 350 horsepower.|- You two, stop!
Here I am.
Come and get me. You want me? Come on!
Come and get me! Come on, man!
- This is crazy.|- We gotta get outta here.
- This way.|- Where are we going?
- Come and get me!|- I got the perimeter.
(Ronnie) Come here, pigs!
(Display presenter)... rolled off|the assembly line...
(Policeman) Please clear the area!
...rear-wheel drive,|with a 3.46 limited slip differential.
Come on. I got an idea.
And zero to 60 in 5.3 seconds.
What the hell is going on?
JJ, trust me. We gotta get outta here. the GTO's heritage.
Pontiac is proud to bring you|the all-new 2004 Pontiac GTO.
Look out!
(Man) Careful!
(Honks horn)
- (Honks horn)|- Move!
- Hold on, J!|- Matt, what are you doing?
(Honks horn)
Watch out!
(Sirens wailing)
(Tyres screeching, horns honking)
- What are we gonna do?|- You're asking me? What is going on?
- Asher and Dinge were killed.|- What?
- The cops think I did it.|- That's crazy.
Tell them that!
(Sirens wailing)
Gimme your cell.|Four or five lights up at Soto, turn left.
- Guys.|- Detective.
OK, get me up to speed.
We apprehended one suspect.|We're in pursuit of the other.
Establish a perimeter.|I don't want anybody within 30 yards.
- Yes, sir.|- I got this one.
It's not enough that you destroyed my life,|you're gonna destroy my son's?
(Matt) Hold on!
Matt, I think we lost them. Go!
- I can help you.|- You can...
Just help me get the car.|Get the car for me.
The GTO, the Judge. It's all there.
Yeah. It's right there.
- Will I get it back?|- Absolutely, sir.
As soon as the crime techs|back at the lab are done with it.
All right. Anything to help out Mr Purnell.
Sir, we need this vehicle immediately.
If you could...
Thank you.
Just do it.
Trouble again, Little J?
Yeah, I can't let life get boring.
You've heard me talk about Dino.|He taught me everything I know.
Taught you the basics, maybe.|The art? It's all you.
Thanks for the help.
Been wanting to see this.|Handle as good as they say?
Better. Cops never had a chance.
Cops, huh? How bad is it?
How about we turn on the news?
Ooh. That is bad.
- Damn it.|- It's the money.
It's gotta be. He's gonna take us right to it.
Screw the money. I've got enough money.
What I can't risk is him burning me.
- It's three and a half million dollars.|- Forget it.
You find Ronnie Purnell|and you kill the son of a bitch.
(Radio) '... the grandson of '70s outlaws|Kate and Ronnie Purnell.
'They are being sought for questioning|in the brutal shootings last night.
'Stay tuned for further updates.'
He's setting me up like Ronnie and Kate.
Call your dad. He can...
He wanted me to sit there|and let them arrest me.
They've got Ronnie. If they killed|Asher and Dinge, he's got no chance.
- What can you do?|- I need leverage.
I need something|to keep Kurtz from getting to Ronnie.
Something he's afraid of.
What are you thinking?|Don't do something stupid.
- Stay with Dino. He'll watch out for you.|- While you get shot?
They won't catch me.|Not until I'm done with Kurtz.
- This is not your fight!|- It is now. It's my family.
Then it's my fight too.
You got some tools?
Nice place you got.
You raised a good kid.
He's got a hell of a spirit.
He barely speaks to me.
Yeah, well... he'll come around.
Just make sure|that you don't rein him in too close.
Don't you give me advice about kids.|What do you know about that?
- Not much.|- You're damn right.
Well, except that I was one once|and I was a father once.
As far as I'm concerned,|you don't have any kids.
- Can we...?|- I do have a son.
There are only two things|that I ever really had.
A wife that I loved more than life and|a boy that I would have done anything for.
I'm getting a beer.
I want hood scoops|and a modified rear spoiler.
- Head work?|- PNP.
A three angle valve job.|Maybe tweak the FPR.
And I gotta paint it.
- You got a NOS system?|- You gonna fly this to the moon?
I wish. Maybe we'd be safe there.
- How much longer you need?|- When I'm done, fool.
He's there all the time.|That's why his prints are all over the shop.
But he wasn't involved|in that ComputerTrove burglary.
Because I know he wasn't.|He's my son. I know my son.
Yeah, Ronnie is here with me.
Come on, Helen, you know me.
I know what I'm doing. You can trust me.|I just need one more day.
Good night.
- Here.|- Thanks.
There's no answer on Matt's cell phone.
He'll lay low. He's smart.
So it's all about money, right?|Three and a half million dollars?
- There's no money.|- Don't lie to me.
Darryl knows about it.|He's been watching you for 30 years.
Yeah, I felt that.
I was always careful.
I need to know the truth.
The night I was arrested...
Darryl came to see me.
Right. When you gave me away.
He told me that you'd been hurt bad...|that you might die.
I thought I was about|as low as a man could go, you know?
When I heard that... (Coughs)... my whole|world dropped out from under me.
I mean, you were all I had.|You were everything to me.
Then the bastard smiled.
He told me you were fine.
He said if I ever said one word against him,
that you were gonna have|a terrible accident.
And what a good cop he was|and how he could make it look like that.
And then he said...
"Sign these papers."
- He wouldn't do that.|- (Laughs)
I told him if anything happens to you,|he'll never find the money.
You just said that there was no money.
There wasn't any.
But he never believed that.
He never believed that we just gave it away.
He couldn't, in his wildest imagination,|think that somebody could do that.
You could have told me this years ago,
after I grew up and moved out.
No, I figured...
You were better off. You had a good life.
One that had lots of promise.
You didn't need me to screw it up.
I don't believe you. These are lies.
I never lied to you.
I may have let you down but I never lied.
What is in there?
( The Von Bondies: No Regrets)
You feel buried, you feel bored
No one takes you seriously when you're 24
So shut off your days|and turn on your nights
Cos the chance is for the taking|and the taking's right
No, you really haven't lived life yet
No, you really haven't lived life if
You ain't got no regrets
Don't be mistaken for someone who cares
Oh, no, oh, no, you wouldn't dare
You're the path here, the pawn I took...
Nothing nice about it.
Are we gonna make it through this?
Nothing bad's gonna happen.
I promise.
Some of this isn't making any sense.
My... my mother got out|the passenger side, right?
Then she went around the armoured car|and went around the back.
And I got out and went up|to the driver's side.
- Did you or didn't you see her get shot?|- I didn't.
I heard 'em. There were two shots.
- There it is, the garage around the corner.|- Right.
It's a bank.
We should call Kurtz to find out what to do.
No need.
Leave the cop. Just get the money.
It's been quite a while.|I'm gonna need to see some ID.
- I've got the key.|- A photo ID.
From either Katherine or Ronald Purnell.
Right. ID.
Here you go.
"Ronald Aaron Purnell." Thank you.
Right this way, gentlemen.
Thank you.
Phew. Well... here we go.
- There it is.|- There what is?
It's every note Kurtz ever gave us.
These are... tapes of conversations.|A little trick that I learned from him.
He used to secretly tape everyone.
Probably gonna blackmail 'em.
This was...
This was my insurance,
in case anything went wrong.
Let me see now. You're telling me that...
Are you telling me...?
I loved your mother.|I went to visit him in prison.
Giving us the child we never had.
You shouldn't get her talking|about those times.
It was hard on all of us.
I'm going to... You know...
I'm gonna step outside for a minute.|I gotta get a little...
Come on. Move.
- Move! Get him in.|- (Ronnie grunting)
- (Tyres squealing)|- Hey!
(Ronnie struggling)|(Aaron) Dad, let it go!
Hey! It's all right.
They got it all. They got it.
They got all the evidence.|They got everything.
What if she doesn't leave?
Then this was all for nothing.
Got it.
Turn it around. When we go, we go fast.
Stay in the car. Keep your eyes sharp.
- No, let me come with you.|- This is between Darryl and me.
Hey, handsome,|this is getting to be a habit. Aaron?
- Hello, Aaron.|- You bastard.
Should I escort him out?
Assaulting an officer once today|wasn't enough?
- I've no idea what you're referring to.|- No? You drive a black Chevy?
Silver Bonneville. It's downstairs.|Like a test drive?
We're fine. Thanks for your hard work.
Come on, babe. Come on.
That's not gonna do you any good.|Ronnie made copies.
No, he didn't. You never could lie very well.
No, but you could.|I never realised how good you were at it.
You know I always loved you.
I raised you the best I could.|I raised you like my own son.
You blackmailed my father|by threatening my life.
He deserved everything he got.|You were better off.
It doesn't justify 30 years of lies.
Katie deserved better.
You were in love with her.
I need to ask you to leave my office.
Listen, Matt's all I got.
Don't let him get hurt.|You owe me that much at least.
There's nothing I can do. It's...
You can tell them|who really killed those kids.
I have no idea.
If anything happens to him,|I'll come back here
and rip you apart with my bare hands.
Dispatch just called.|There's a break-in at your house.
(Police sirens)
We gotta go!
- This can't be happening.|- They grabbed the disks.
Of course he did. He's trying to ruin me.
If our clients find out|we taped confidential conversations...
They got a lot|of surveillance video footage too.
And proof of illegal wiretaps.
We're not just talking the business.|We're talking federal charges!
Eddie's been running known associates|of the kid and his girlfriend.
- Anything?|- Maybe.
She worked through high school|in a body shop near the auto show.
Take a team. We gotta get to them|before the cops do.
Go! Go!
(Man) 'Kurtz, I won't have some "save the|trees" bitch kill my $10 million development.'
(Kurtz) 'You want us to deal with her? '
(Man) 'Just make her go away|until I get approval from the city council.'
He's sleazier than I thought.
What do you think he does,|blackmails them?
Or hangs on to them for insurance|in case he needs favours.
He'll trade.
He'll trade. We'll give him this.
He'll make sure Ronnie goes free|and I get cleared.
Whatever we do, we gotta do it fast.
We gotta go somewhere|where he can't find us.
- (Beeping)|- What was that?
He thinks he might have a gas receipt|from their trip north.
It still doesn't prove Matt was with them.|An ex-con is not a great witness.
This isn't a trial. It's about finding the truth.
Look. Honestly, I believe him.
But I can't clear Matt|unless I can talk to him.
- He's gotta come in.|- Yeah, I know he's...
And you've been sticking your neck way out.
Be careful, OK?
It's my family. I'll do what I have to do.
Perimeter line's been tripped.|Dino's cop detector.
Go! Go! Go!
(Banging on door)
- The disks!|- What are you doing?
- JJ!|- It's fine. It's not that bad. Just drive.
- Give me the disks.|- No.
- I'm not gonna risk losing you.|- Don't!
(Kid) Check it out, man!
- (2nd kid) Look at all these.|- Get the disks. All of them. Get off!
You guys wanna get off?|You wanna get off?
- (Banging)|- Dad! Dad!
Dad. Look. It looks really bad.
Get in here.
It's OK. It's all right. You were lucky.
- It just grazed you.|- Well, scared the hell out of me.
That's good.
Just try and get some sleep.
- She's gonna be OK?|- She just needs to rest.
(Kate on TV) 'One, two...
'four, five.
- 'Ready or not, here I come.'|- (Ronnie) 'Come on now.'
(Kate) 'I'm the tickle monster.|You better watch out! '
(Ronnie) 'Get together, you two.'
(Kate) 'OK, it's my turn now.'|(Ronnie) 'You're really scary.'
(Aaron) 'Whoa!
- 'Mom! '|- 'Junior! '
(Aaron) 'I'm in the middle of making|a masterpiece here. Come on.'
(Kate) 'Mr Director, why don't you stop|filming and give us a hand?
'Come on, sweetie. (Laughing)'
- (Aaron) 'Whoa! '|- (Kate) 'Come back here, Junior!
'Ready? Here we go. Here we go, big boy.
- 'I'll count to three. That's it.'|- (Ronnie) 'That's enough counting.'
(Kate)'... two, three.'|(Ronnie) 'Relax.'
(Kate) 'And go! (Laughs)'
(Ronnie) 'Where are you going?
'Wait a minute. (Laughs)'
- 'Come on, Dad.'|- (Kate) 'Give your mommy a big hug.
'Ohh. I love you too. (Laughs)'
It's OK. It's all right. I need your help.
You wanna help Matt?|Then you help me tonight.
It's time to finish this.
- Purnell.|- (Anna) 'Aaron, honey, it's me.'
Hi. What's wrong?
Ronnie called.
'I listened. I know I shouldn't have but... '
What did he say?
Darryl's going to meet him right now.
He took the gun.
'He never takes his gun.'
Hello, Ronnie.
Get in.
It's been a long time.
Not long enough. Here's the deal.
I'm willing to share the money with you.
I'll split it 50-50.
But you gotta leave my family alone.
I don't think you have the money, Ronnie.
Yeah, you may be right.
You're not going anywhere.
I had a friend of mine|make some modifications.
Maybe I'll just blow your head off|and take the keys.
Yeah, like you did those two kids.
You really sunk low, Kurtz.
(Kurtz) 'I did what I had to do.'
Yeah, asshole, smile for the camera.
You should have stayed in jail.
Better for everybody with you behind bars.
Now get out.
You know what you forgot to do?
You forgot to buckle up.
Yeah. Are you sure?
Thanks, Helen. Yeah, we're almost there.
- What?|- I had the crime lab run a ballistics test
on the bullet that killed my mother.
The shot from the guard's gun didn't match.
- So the guard didn't kill Kate.|- And Kate didn't kill the guard.
See, that's it.|That's what didn't make any sense.
It's been Darryl all along.
Crazy bastard!
Tell me what happened with Kate.
You got two seconds|before I pull this trigger!
Do it.
I'm ready to die.|I've been ready for 30 years.
Son of a bitch!
Katie, you killed her.
It was supposed to be you.|I was waiting for you behind that truck.
Come on. Outside.
Get off me! Asshole! Get off of me!
(Siren wailing)
- Drop it!|- Get off of me.
- San Diego PD. You're under arrest.|- Put it down now!
Look around you! Put it down!
Put it down!
Move it.
- You killed her.|- She shouldn't have been with you.
- You were no good.|- Not as good as I should have been.
- I wanted you dead.|- This is your lucky day.
(Alarm buzzes)
(Guard) Don't go stealing any more cars.|(Matt) Not a chance.
(Matt) Where's JJ?|(Aaron) Waiting for us.
Is this...?
No, I got this the old-fashioned way.|I paid for it.
You wanna drive?
- Looks even better than in the pictures.|- JJ's been working round the clock.
- She couldn't have done this without you.|- Who needs a retirement fund anyway?
(JJ, indistinct)
What do you know about cars?
- Well, finally.|- What, am I late?
- What? What?|- What? What?
- (JJ laughs)|- Come here.
(JJ) Oh... Yeah...
I missed you.
I'm gonna have to get locked up more often.
Don't even joke like that.
This is amazing.
Well, it's your brilliant idea.
You finally put that head of yours|to good use.
You have time to think|when you're in prison.
Realise how you almost|screwed everything up.
- Really?|- Yeah.
I'm glad you got to know him.
Truth is, he was pretty incredible.
( The Fags: Truly Truly)
You've got a way of spinning
I guess you'd call it art
Doesn't matter what the outcome is
I'm sure you played your part
Well, you come on like an earthquake
Even though you float on through
Give me just a moment's notice
I'll make due
Only a fool would not believe it
Only a blind man couldn't see
If you're concerned about my heart
Truly truly
I've seen this movie a thousand times
I won't give the ending away
I've bought a ticket so I'm entitled to stay
I've seen this movie a thousand times
And I'm not giving the ending away
I've bought a ticket so I'm entitled to stay
Truly truly
Yeah, truly truly
Truly truly
Yeah, truly truly
Truly truly
Yeah, truly truly
Truly truly
Yeah, truly truly
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