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Subtitles for Last Night 1998.

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Last Night 1998

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[Telephone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
[Man On Answering Machine] Hi. lt'sme. l'm not here.
lf you're a friend or someone who has loved me,
l want to thank you for being apart of my life.
lfit'syou, Mom, l'm coming. l'llbe there. Relax. Here's the beep.
[Beep] [Man] Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling from thegas company.
lhopeyou're doing well andspending these finalhours inpeace withyourlovedones.
Rest assuredthat we willmake everyeffort to keep thegas flowing right untilthe end.
[Man On Radio] Coming up on the last night on theplanet,
andyou're listening to CKRT.
The top 500songs ofalltime. Withya untilthe end.
¢Ülast night¢Ü
¢Üldidn 'tget to sleep at all¢Ü
¢ÜNo, no¢Ü
¢Üllayawake and watched untilthe morning light¢Ü
¢Ü Washedawaythe darkness ofthe lonelynight¢Ü
¢Ü Oh, last night lgot to thinking that maybe l¢Ü
¢Ül, l¢Ü
¢ÜShouldcallyou up andjust forget my foolishpride¢Ü
¢Ülheardyournumberringing l went coldinside¢Ü
¢ÜAndlast night ldidn 't get to sleep at all¢Ü
¢Ülknowit'snot my fault¢Ü
¢Ü Godknows thisheart ofmine¢Ü
¢Ü Could use a rest¢Ü
¢ÜBut more andmore lfind¢Ü
¢Ü The dreamslleft behind¢Ü
¢ÜAresomehow too realto replace¢Ü
¢Ü Oh, last night¢Ü
¢Üldidn 'tget to sleep at all¢Ü
¢ÜNo, no¢Ü
¢Ü Thesleepingpillltook wasjust a waste oftime¢Ü
¢Ülcouldn 't close my eyes 'causeyou were on mymind¢Ü
¢ÜAndlast night¢Ü
¢Üldidn 'tget to sleep Didn 'tget to sleep¢Ü
¢ÜNo, ldidn 'tget to sleep at all¢Ü
[ People Laughing ]
¢ÜBut more andmore lfind¢Ü
¢Ü The dreamslleft behind¢Ü
¢ÜAresomehow too realto replace¢Ü ¢ÜReplace¢Ü
¢Ü Oh, last night¢Ü
¢Üldidn 'tget to sleep at all¢Ü
¢ÜNo, no¢Ü
¢Ü Thesleepingpillltook wasjust a waste oftime¢Ü¢Ü
Hi, Mom. [Woman] Yes, dear.
Hi. I'm sorry-- l'llbe withyou in a minute.
Let's go. There may be some unfamiliar faces in here. ¢Ü¢Ü[ "Silent Night"]
Your esteemed grandmother.
There he is. Oh, you look so handsome in that suit.
And Rose. Yes, well-- Rose.
Rose from Edmonton. You remember Rose from Edmonton.
Rose from Edmonton. Your dear sister jennifer.
Hi. Alex.
Alex. I thought that was you.
I didn't know you were back in the picture. I thought you had fled to, um--
Patrick. Patrick, shut up. To the hills or wherever--
He comes back when it counts.
Yeah, but I'm surprised you could come.
lthoughtyou'dhave some big familything-- some bigpig roast.
Patrick ! What ? l'm greetinghim like a brother.
- You're being obnoxious. - Yeah, well, exactly.
Don't pay any attention. He's trying to be funny.
Actually, we are going to my parents after.
So, let's enjoy the time we have.
- We werejust opening the stockings. - Where's mine ? You started ?
Well, we couldn't wait forever. I don't know. Maybe there isn't anything left.
What did you get ? Is this yours ? She gave you all this ?
All ofthis great stuff.
One ofthese, yeah.
Isn't it a little late for that ? It's old.
From when I was a kid. She's wrapping this old stuff up from the attic.
It's like nostalgia. Right.
- Did you notice the tree ? - [Grandmother] lt'sa nice tree.
Your old dad, he got out the chain saw, and he dragged it back...
from the front yard ofthe Winterson house. It's quite the tree.
You remember Hazel Winterson. [Mr. Wheeler] They were one ofthe first to leave.
[Grandmother] Well, l'm notsurprised.
Here we are. Ooh, aren't you lucky.
look whatSanta broughtyou last night.
Yea ! Not that you deserve it.
Thankyou, Santa. Imagine. Coming late to Christmas.
Ah, ah, ah. Not in the fire.
- Oh, right. It's fake. - What do you mean, it's fake ? It's not fake.
It's not for burning.
Use the bag.
Whenyou two were kids, you always used to wake usat 6.:00.
""Oh, can we open the presents now, Mom ?
Mom-- Mom, it's Christmas. Wake up, Dad !""
Well, no point trying to go to sleep.
But your father put his foot down.
""No opening the presents until your grandma arrives.""
We had to put a skipping rope across the stairs...
just to keepyou fromgettingat the tree.
- Skipping rope ? - [Mr. Wheeler] l'm surprisedit worked.
Now he comes an hour late.
Uh, well, Mom, there are two really good excuses I can think of...
that maybe youshouldkeep in mind.
For one thing, it's not really Christmas today, is it, Mom ?
Andforanotherthing, it's the endofthe world.
The worldis ending tonight at midnight,
andthat'skept me prettyoccupiedlately.
I'll check the dinner.
Would it hurt you to play alongjust once ?
lt meansa lot to her-- to have herfamily. I'm sorry.
Today ofall days.
All right.
Okay, I'm opening. Uh, can I open the big one first ?
Wait foryour mother.
Mom ! Mom !
[Man On Radio] lhavejust one question formy listeners.
Doyou thinkJimmy is loving MaryAnn on theirlast night together?
let's take a look through the lookingglass whereyou'llfindyouranswer.
Here on CKRT, withya untilthe end.
¢Ü¢Ü[Man Singing]
So, juice ?
Oh. Perfect. Mm, tropical punch.
You treat me so well.
Well, you get one every day at around now, if I'm not mistaken.
I thought I'd try it myself.
I thought you never noticed.
Oh, but I did.
So, how goes the battle ?
Fine. Good.
Good old computer. Hmm.
Well, imagine, even tenyears ago...
you'd have to have eight or nine stations just to keep the system running.
I know.
But now-- Now.
just you. And you.
Well, l-- l'm almost done. Oh.
Oh, you've alreadygot one. Oh, this ?
Yes. Well, this one's old. You know, flat.
Yeah. Well, keep up the fight.
[ Car Beeping ]
[Woman] Oh, people,
this is the last night, you hearme ?
Hi. This is Roweena. Please leave a message. Thanks.
[ Beep ] Good evening, Mrs. R. Wheeler.
I'm calling from the gas company,
and wejust wanted to thankyou for being our customer over the years.
I hope you are doing well and spending these final hours of peace with your loved ones.
Rest assured that we will do our utmost to keep the gas flowing right until the end.
Thankyou and good-bye.
[line Ringing]
[Telephone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
Will somebody get that ! [Ringing Continues]
just leave it, Mom ! Leave it to the machine !
ButAunt Margo is taking the whole family, [Ringing Continues]
including the Simpson clan, up north to Muskoka.
And she says the whole congregation is going to meet around the lake.
And at midnight, or a quarter to, I guess,
they're all going out in canoes.
[Jennifer] Oh, my God! Excruciating.
Imagine ending it all singing ""Kumbaya.""
Yes, well, she is with the United Church.
Tah-dah ! [All] Oh ! [Jennifer] There she is !
Your mother knows how to handle a turkey. What a bird.
Don't butcher it. I'll be right back.
What's she talking about ?
Rose, you like the dark ? Yes, please.
There were people in the street again today.
ltseems togo in cycles.
You be careful whenyou leave. Don'tgo out in thestreets unlessyou have to.
Oh, come on, Dad. They're safe. They'rejust having fun.
Oh, that's fun, is it ? I'm not so sure.
lhave to admit they've been better the last while.
But that'snotsayingmuch, comparedto the first months. Rememberthat nonsense ?
There's two sides. To what ?
Well, I mean, I understand.
You understand what ?
Whypeople do it. Go crazy in thestreet.
Mother, I have a little ham you might prefer.
Foryour condition.
People are destroying things, killingpeople--
It'sjust a-- just a chance to-- to blow some off.
What ? Heads ? Steam.
Steam. Oh, mymistake. Yeah. Blow offsome steam.
Right. Alex, I think maybe I should mention, before you make any faux pas here,
that we have a tradition in this family-- that we don't kill other people.
Patrick, that'snot what he's saying. You know what he means.
People want to experience things.
And we're all gonna die anyway, so--
That gives us all the more reason to be civil.
Now more than ever we should be courteous and respect each other's needs.
It's a test ofour values.
Sweetheart, you joining us ?
Nice speech, Dad.
[Grandmother] Oh ! Golly!
Wow. Look at that.
I know that this is a bit much, but, Patrick, you always loved lamb.
Well, that should do it.
We didn't want anyone to starve.
Well, thank God, we don't have to fit in those canoes.
I'm stuffed just looking at it.
I wanted you to have something special,
so when you go home, Patrick, alone at midnight,
you'llrememberyour parents weren'tso bad.
Sweetheart, is that all or--
Yes, I'm ready.
[Patrick] Oh, Christ.
Let's say grace.
For what we are about to receive,
may the Lord make us truly thankful.
Amen. [ Crying ] Amen.
Mom, I told you about this three weeks ago.
Why can't you just stay a couple of hours ?
You haven't got anybody to go home to.
Mom, I made a decision about where I want to be when it happens.
And I'm sorry, but you're going to have to accept that.
[Mrs. Wheeler Crying]
[ Crying Continues ]
[ Clicks Tongue ]
[Crying Continues]
Well, the food's getting cold, isn't it ?
[KnockingAt Door]
[Knocking Continues]
I'm Lily.
I know.
I'm black.
I could tell. Yep. 1 00 percent.
[ Chuckles ] I believe you. You're...
Uh, come on in.
Make yourself at home.
Um, would you like a drink ?
I have, uh, drinks.
All right. Uh, cognac it is.
Um, should I take off my clothes ? No.
Holdon. l'llbe there in a minute.
[Glasses Clinking]
Thanks. You're welcome.
You don't remember me, do you ?
We met once before at, uh, a party.
At, uh, Basil's place.
I used to go to a lot of parties.
Yeah. Well, that's how I got your number. Through a friend of Basil's.
I was asking around, and, uh-- Chris Fenton is his name.
Anyway, he was talking about this one girl--
beautiful girl--
and, uh, click, like that, I remembered.
That's very sweet.
So we should, uh,
head to the bedroom ? Yep.
Go ahead. I'll be with you in a minute.
¢Ü¢Ü [ Soft R&B ]
More ? No.
No. You don't have to.
What I was trying to say out there is that you're very beautiful.
And I knew that before.
I just want you to know that I'm not doing this because you're black.
Yes, you are.
You don't have to lie.
So, uh, before we get started,
uh, there's a couple ofthings I'd like to try.
Uh, nothing too weird, I thinkyou'll agree.
But, um, you know,
ifthere's anything you had in mind--
Yes. Uh,
maybe you could tell me before so we can fit it in.
Don't worry.
You'll bejust fine.
I just wanted to have an orgasm today.
I'll do my best.
¢Ül've been watchingyou¢Ü
¢Ü The wayyou move yoursexybody¢Ü
¢Ü Yeah¢Ü
[Telephone Rings]
[Ringing Continues]
[Answering Machine Clicks] [Man] llove each andeveryone ofyou.
leave a message. [Beep]
[Man] Goodevening, Mr. Zwiller. l'm calling from thegas company.
[Yelling, Shouting ln Distance]
[Girl] Mom, can lget myearspierced?
Youpromisedme lcould get myearspierced when l was 12,
andnowl'm 12 and3 months.
- [Woman] let's talk aboutsomething else. - I hate this.
Excuse me. Howlonghave you been waiting ?
Almost 20 minutes. Oh,Jesus, where did he go ?
Who ? The driver.
What driver ?
I don't suppose you know how to drive this thing, do you ?
You see, Mom ? You see that ? I hate this !
No, darling. I don't see it.
[Man On Radio] We're lookin'at fourhours untilthe endofthe world,
andl'm spinning this one forthe kids.
¢Ü¢Ü[ChildSinging, lndistinct]
[Woman] Done ?
lhave a confession to make.
You bad girl.
Everyday ? For seven years. At 6:00.
No matter what I was doing or what I was supposed to be doing.
One drink. My private ritual.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Exhales ] But now it's off my chest.
Ofcourse you know I could fire you for this.
You want one ? Um, I think not.
But you go ahead.
Right. You're driving.
You'll call me ifyou need me ?
Now, why would I need you ? That's true.
Ifthere's a problem--
Don't let me down.
¢Ült'sa love beat¢Ü
¢ÜAnd when we meet it'sagoodsensation¢Ü
¢Ülisten to myheartpound¢Ü
¢Ülisten to my lovesound¢Ü
Patrick,justpromise me you'llcallthem, okay ?
Promise. I promise.
Swear to God.
You be good. Take care of her. Patrick.
¢ÜAnd when we meet it'sagoodsensation¢Ü
¢Ülisten to myheartbeat¢Ü
¢Ült'sa love beat¢Ü
¢ÜAnda love beat isagood vibration¢Ü
¢Ülisten to myheartbeat¢Ü¢Ü
[ Horn Honking ]
[Woman] Can lhelpyou ? Uh, this is where I live.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Can I help you ? No.
Actually, yes. Do you have a phone ?
Uh, no, not in my person, no. No, but inside.
Uh, there's a pay phone on the corner. That doesn't work.
Well, ifthat doesn't work, mine won't either.
That doesn't work because it's smashed.
Please. It's important. [ Sighs ]
[Answering Machine Beeps] [Woman] Hi, hon. lt'sme.
lthoughtyousaid you'dstillbe there.
Uh-- No, lguess yougot offearly. Okay, bye.
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
[ Beep ] Hello, honey.
Honey, where are you ? I need you to come pick me up.
My car got attacked, and I'm stuck here on Phoenix Drive--
364 Phoenix Drive,
at 538-0398.
Call me, please. I'll try you on the car phone.
Uh, you gave him my number ? [ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ] I'm sorry. Is that all right ?
Hello. Canyou--
Shit ! [Hangs Up Phone]
Well, they haven't worked for weeks.
Cell phones. Never really did.
I'm sorry. Am I keeping you ?
From what ? From your children.
Oh, I-- I don't have any.
- [ Toy Squeaks ] - Oh. But these paintings.
Oh, uh, those were done byotherpeople's children.
From, uh, day care.
So, you're going to a party ? Nope.
People coming over ?
No. I'm staying here by myself.
Oh. Then I'll wait here a minute. Do you mind ?
I just went out to pick up some things, and my husband is... somewhere.
I have to get home.
Would you like a magazine or something ?
Something to eat ?
Don't entertain me. just do what you were doing.
Candy cane ?
My-- My mother, shejust threw this big Christmas dinner.
She wanted us to relive our happiest moments as a family.
So she took all this stuff from our childhood...
and wrapped it up and gave it to us as gifts.
[Woman] Thisstuff?
Yeah, there's, uh, these oldreport cardshere...
and, um, awards that I won...
and these little craft things.
That. Let me see that.
Oh. Oh, yeah, diving.
Yeah. Must have been my sister's.
I think I had some ofthese.
Pete Seeger. That rings a bell.
Yeah, my mother says I love that. Guantanamera.
She sounds nice.
Who ? My mother ? That she would do all this ?
No, that she gave you Pete Seeger when you were a kid.
Oh, well, uh, I don't want to give you the wrong impression.
It's not exactly indicative of my family.
Actually, we had this big fight when--
when I told her there were socialist implications.
To what ? Pete Seeger ?
""Oh, Patrick, why do you have to go and spoil everything nice ?""
Oh, I didn't know. What ?
That he was a socialist.
Oh, well, you know, folk music.
He had these sing-along things, right ? Uh, yeah.
On TV ?
Pete Seeger, ofthe Weavers.
You might be thinking of Mitch Miller or something.
¢Ü Guantanamera ¢Ü
¢Ü Guajira Guantanamera ¢Ü
¢Ü Guantanamera ¢Ü¢Ü
It's Spanish.
""The streams ofthe mountain pleases me more than the sea.""
I should go.
So you're going back there ? Where ?
- To your mother's. - No. I told you, I'm staying here.
By yourself? Yes. lflcan.
That'snotso hard to imagine.
jesus Christ. Where the fuck are you ?
Look, ifyou need a car, you can always get one.
Where ?
From-- From anywhere.
Steal one.
[ People Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
Stupid cell phones.
[Woman] Three hours till the endofthe world!
[Bells Chiming]
Three hours !
Three more hours.
Hurry up ! [Man] Shut up, lady!
Move it.
[KnockingAt Door]
Well, here I am.
I'm a little bit early. Hope that's not a problem.
No, no, no. That's perfect. My, uh-- My friend just left.
We have the place to ourselves ? That's right.
Come in.
So, this is your apartment where you live.
Isn't it nice.
Is it ? It is.
And what had you been doing again ?
What do you mean, before ?
Before. With your life.
well, I--
I finished, uh, school, finally.
And, uh-- uh, yeah, I took a couple ofyears off.
I was going to med school.
So... I guess I would have been a doctor ofsome sort.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I always knew you had it in you.
Isn't it nice how things worked out so well ?
And you grew up so... nicely.
You're a handsome man.
Well, thankyou.
Uh, can I get you something to drink ?
lhave drinks. Oh, no, I'm fine. Thankyou.
[ Laughs ]
So, Craig, um, you probably won't want to hear this,
but I saw your stepmother at the Super Save last week.
And she has met another man and married him as you may know.
And she made me promise that if I ran into you,
I would tell you that you're welcome, ifyou want, tojoin their circle.
Their circle ? Right. Their prayer circle.
They're all meeting at Mel Lastman Square.
And for the 24 hours leading to the end,
they're going to pray for the souls of humanity.
Ofcourse you've missed the beginning by now,
but I'm sure you can join in wheneveryou come.
Uh-huh. Well, as much as that sounds like fun--
[ Both Laughing ]
You have your own way to worship, I guess.
Yeah, I-- I-- I guess I do.
Give me a hug.
[ Moaning ]
I was surprised by your call.
And happy.
You know, you were always a favorite.
My favorite student.
You were a favorite of mine.
Well, I know now.
We should, um,
head to the bedroom.
¢Ü I'm watching you ¢Ü
¢Ü The way you move your sexy body ¢Ü
¢Ü I'm liking the things you do ¢Ü
¢Ü The way you move ¢Ü¢Ü
Even when you're with someone else, you're still by yourself.
And I don't think that's pathetic. I don't think that's sad.
Oh, what about this one ? Uh, no. Let's keep going.
But what I do find sad and what I do find pathetic...
is people who don't know themselves or people who don't like themselves.
And as soon as they hear that the world is ending,
they rush out and try and hook up with someone, like it was closing time at Studio 54.
Well, I guess I'm not the one to talk to.
I mean, I know in my heart that I'm not in a meaningful relationship right now.
I'm not with a woman that I love, and I can deal with that.
I-- I just feel that now is not the time to compromise.
There's something to be said for human companionship. This one ?
Uh, fine, fine.
Okay, stand back.
No, wait. Oh,Jesus.
I can't drive standard.
Oh, that's all right. I don't like it much anyways.
I mean, cars are another big disappointment.
They should have gone farther than this.
They peaked both aesthetically and technically sometime around the mid-'70s,
'72, according to my friend, and then basically no progress.
I mean, we deserve better. I mean, even the little things, you know.
Why do they always have to be shiny ?
Why couldn't they make a car with a nice matte finish ?
Well, there's something to be said for human companionship.
Oh, come on. I like human beings as much as the next guy.
Okay, this one, okay ? This one ?
Yeah, all right. Here we go.
Madam, your car.
[ Both Exhale ]
So now what ?
Now, we, uh, start it.
Well, I think I understand where you're coming from.
It might make sense in your mind, but I can't really say I agree.
Meaning what ?
Take my life, for example: how I met my husband.
I never knew him. We met at a party when the government closed down.
Three days later we were married.
That was like two months ago.
And I had been married before, once before,
to a guy from a bakery shop where I used to work.
So I should have known better.
But this marriage, my current marriage,
is the best relationship I've ever had.
I love him.
I feel like we've lived a lifetime together.
So I guess I'm one of those people you hate.
Oh, well, I didn't mean it that way.
And another thing: I'm pregnant.
You're going to have his baby ?
I'm carrying it. His embryo. My baby.
Do you think that's immoral ?
Immoral ? Well, no. None of us can have children.
Actually, I think it's kind ofsweet. I wanted to know if I could do it.
If I had the power. And I do.
We could have done anything together.
I love him, and we're going to go all the way. [ Horn Honks ]
Wh-What are you doing ?
Well, um, aren't there some wires under this thing...
ifyou break it off ?
You don't know how to do this, do you ?
No. No, I have no idea.
Taxi ! Taxi ! [ Horn Honks ]
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
What the fuck ! You want me to run you over ? Uh, just--
Hey. Um, thanks for stopping.
Um, my friend here needs a, uh, smoke.
- Do you have a cigarette ? - [ Tires Squeal ]
[Man On Radio] We're coming up on about 9.:30,
[Man On Radio] We're coming up on about 9.:30,
and we've reachednumber34 on the top 500songs ofalltime.
We can'tstop the clock, but we can make itgo a little smoother.
Mr. Burton Cummings. ¢Ü Glamourboy¢Ü
¢Ü Glamour boy ¢Ü
¢Ü¢Ü ¢Ü¢Ü [ Whistling Along With Song ]
¢Ü¢Ü [ Singing Along ]
Whoo-oo-oo !
[Tires Screech]
Patrick. Patrick Wheeler.
Hey. [ Laughs ]
What a treat to see you today.
Uh, right. Menzies.
This is a friend of mine from high school.
Yeah, absolutely. The old orange and blue.
- Yeah, right. Uh, is this your car ? - [Menzies] You know, uh,
you're lucky I ran into you today.
Yeah, maybe. Because I have two extra tickets...
for the concert tonight that I would be honored to give you.
Oh. Great. So what concert's that ? The thing downtown ?
You didn't hear ? It's-- It's my concert.
I finally got my recital. Tonight, 1 1 :00 sharp, Petrolia Hall.
Really ? Well, that's really prestigious.
We all knew you had it in you.
We spent a whole day driving around, me and my cousin Ernie,
looking for a tux; mine was ruined.
Showhim the tux, Ernie.
Uh, finally found one at Harry Rosen.
Harry Rosen, ofall places.
Right. Okay, well, that's the thing. My friend here needs a lift.
Uh-huh. Well, I-- I guess we could drive her.
But it's only three blocks.
Right, but she's going across town.
Oh. But ifyou're finished with the car--
[ Chuckles ] Patrick,
I-- I need it at least until the show.
You know, Ernie might have to run errands or load equipment in.
You know how concerts are. Right.
I'd love to help you out and your friend--
she looks like a movie star-- but I only have one car.
Right. I'm not like Craig Zwiller.
Well, good luck then. Break a leg.
Oh, keep them. In case you're in the neighborhood.
[DoorOpens, Closes]
Patrick, I really appreciate all your help.
Ah, listen. My pleasure.
[Moaning] [DoorBuzzes]
[Buzzing Continues]
Uh, one second.
¢Ül've been watchingyou¢Ü
¢Ü The wayyou move yoursexybody¢Ü [Buzzing Continues]
- Yeah ? What is it ? - Craig, it's me, Patrick.
I have to askyou a favor. What is it ? I'm busy.
Let me in. It's important.
Everything is important today.
Ten minutes. [ Buzzing ]
S-So what is all that stuffanyway ? You have to drag it around ?
Oh, it's just some stuff we needed tonight.
My husband and I are going to commit suicide.
We're going to kill each other at midnight.
I guess you really love him then.
Patrick Wheeler ? Look at you.
Look like you're waiting for the principal.
Madame Carlton.
And what have you been up to, Patrick ?
[ Speaking French ]
Oh. Um--
[ Speaking French ]
You mean myjob ? Oui. Bravo.
[ French ]
None were actually built. Oui, oui.
[ Continuing In French ]
[ French ]
It's the dream that counts. It's nice that you can still remember.
[ French ]
Well, French was never your forte, Craig.
[Patrick] Au revoir, madame.
Adieu. Adieu.
[ Pushes Button ]
Bon voyage.
[Craig] Fuck off.
No. You can't have it.
It's unfair to even ask. It's not for me.
Allthe more reason. It was my car first.
Right, and now it's mine. I bought it.
It's been mine for over two years.
It's part of my... thing.
Patrick, let's go. We can't force him, okay ?
Come on, man. Do something good. Fuck offwith that good shit.
Let's go. I'll find another car. It's fine.
What are you doing, planning a road trip or something ?
'Cause guess what ? You don't have time. I told you, it's not about that.
It's not about... utility.
Listen, I'm sorry. It's important.
I'm sorry we had to interrupt your last day. Let's go.
You have two others.
[ Sighs ] It's a collection. They're antique cars.
Two old cars is not a collection. It's a guy with two old cars.
Take it,
I knew you'd give in. I wanted to die a man with three cars.
I'm sorry. Don't be sorry. He's obviously fucked.
Thanks a lot, my dearest friend.
Um, so I'll walkyou to the car ?
I'm sure I can find it.
It's hard to miss. A 1 970 lime green, super ""B"",
overhead cams, duel exhaust.
It was one ofthe first-- Not that you'll need to look under the hood.
Thankyou very much. Thankyou. You're welcome.
Thankyou. Are you sure you're gonna be all right ?
You don't need any help ? No. I'd better go.
Oh, no. Um, Patrick,
what are you doing right now ?
Right now ? Going home, I guess.
If my husband calls, tell him I'm coming.
[Craig] So,
not bad.
[Patrick] Not bad, eh ? Mrs. Carlton ?
No, l wasreferring to what's-her-name.
Oh, Sandra. Yeah, not bad.
Come on. Don't be modest. No-- No, I barely know her.
Ha ! Even better, you dog.
No, she's a stranger. I helped her find a car.
And that's it ? What's the matter with you ?
I saw the way she was looking.
Women these days are, uh, ripe for the picking.
Well, I don't think that was an option here. Mm. Are you kidding me ?
They all wanna go out with a... bang.
Patrick, when was the last time you got... some ?
[ Groaning ]
[ Scoffs ]
For one brief moment, I thought you had actually forgotten your, uh, tragedy...
look, l'm not complaining. You don't have to--
and realized that what is one death compared to the fact...
that in under two hours every living soul on Earth is gonna evaporate.
Yeah, well, lrealize that. ltjust doesn 't turn me on. You know ?
lfKaren were here, she'd wantyou to be with otherpeople, right ?
If Karen was here ? No, I don't think so.
But she liked people. You know what I mean ?
She worked in a kindergarten, for fuck sake.
Well, listen, I appreciate your concern, but--
It's a question of perspective. Living while you can.
And, baby, it's not too late.
I mean, most people are probably taken by now.
But if I were you, I would get on the blower. Get on the internet.
I mean, that's what it's there for. That's why they invented it.
Come here. I'll show you something.
One thing that this has proved to me:
You have to take life in your own hands.
You have to fulfill yourown destiny.
l'm sure there's things, Patrick, thatyou feel rippedoffabout.
Sure, lguess, but l'mprettymuch overit now.
Take a look at this.
I tried to ask myself,
""What did I want ?""
What were those experiences that I had hoped for...
which were now just passing me by ?
And I made a list. I made a comprehensive list.
Andthen l went out andlactivelytried to meet thosegoals.
And as you can see, it wasn't that hard.
""Anal sex.""
[ Chuckling ] Can you believe it ?
I'd never given it to a woman up the ass before.
You know ? I'm not afraid to say it now. It's way past modesty at this point.
""Black. Chinese.""
""Blind."" Uh-huh.
""Sex outdoors.""
""Sex with a virgin.""
See, it's split into different categories:
types oflocation, types ofact, type ofwoman.
What about bestiality ? You done that yet ?
Not on the list. It's just things I wanted to do, notjust every perversion.
""Coercive sex."" Um--
Within limits. ""Menage a trois.""
Like-- These are things I really believed in.
Uh, I had to look in my heart.
Some ofthese things were hard to achieve.
Some ofthese things were hard to admit to.
But l'mproudofwhat l've done. l'mproud ofwhat l've accomplished.
And-- I mean, I'm not going to my grave with any regrets.
And, uh, all this since yesterday morning ?
Oh, yeah.
[ Laughing ] No. Two solid months.
And, uh, you know, it's-- it's not overyet.
I wanna die having a mutual orgasm.
Oh, well, I better be going then.
See, that's a pretty basic fantasy.
I mean, ifyou gotta go-- You might as well be coming, right ?
Right. Hey, hey, hey, Patrick. Look, I wasn't trying to show off...
or trying to make you feel inadequate.
I was showing you that as a friend and a buddy.
I was actually trying to inspire you.
[Man OverP.A., lndistinct]
[ Chattering ]
One and a half ! just one and a half !
One anda halfhours !
[ Bell Dings ]
[Tires Screeching]
You gonna be okay out there ? Yeah, yeah, sure.
It'sjust a couple blocks. Yeah.
Can you do me one favor before you go ?
Sure. Come in.
[Tires Screeching]
Uh, Patrick, have a seat.
I was trying to give you a hint up there by, uh,
showing you the list, but I guess you don't, um, read too well, right ?
[ Chuckles ] Ah, forget it. What ?
Man, you're stupid.
You wanna have sex ?
That was down at the bottom ofthe list.
I mean, there were certain acts that could only be done with other men.
That-That necessarily wouldn't include anal sex,
'cause I already did that, but--
You know, there are other things. Right, right, I understand.
Patrick, I like you. I mean, I always have. I like you too.
To be perfectly honest, I never thought ofyou that way.
I mean-- But that idea ofsex...
with other men, you know,
it crossed my mind, as it has done with most of us, probably.
Ofcourse. So...
here's-here's our chance.
I mean, you could do worse.
Well, uh, I thought you had a date. I do.
So, we don't have much time.
It's not gonna take that long.
[ Chuckles ] Come on.
You've already done this I don't know how many times today.
It's gonna take some time. Look, are you being judgmental ?
No, no, I'm not. There's nojudgement here. I don't have time for that.
No, I'm not. I'm puttin' myself on the line here.
And I'm flattered. I'm moved by it.
Don't fuckin' condescend to me. I'm-- I would do it...
ifyou asked me any other time, I swear, if--
I always thought I should, you know ?
Ifyou'd given me some time to prepare, psychologically,
and some time after.
A couple months.
I knew it. You're a wuss.
It's nothing personal. It has nothing to do with you.
I would say the same thing to a woman. It'sjust sex.
Today, I just don't want to risk...
having bad sex today.
I just don't want that to be the last thing on my mind.
And you think l'm fucked ?
But I love you.
And I love you, pal.
[ Chuckling ]
Okay. Okay.
Mercy-fuckyour skinny ass ? What was I thinking ?
In your dreams, pal. Get the fuck on home.
Oh, uh, I forgot to mention I saw Menziesjust around the corner.
I'm sure he'd be game. Oh, really ? Fuck off.
Okay, I will.
See ya. No, you won't.
Good luck...
[Man On Radio] Coming up on the last hour,
and we've reachednumber 12 on the top 500 ofalltime...
according to me, allright ?
So, don't bothercallin'in. This time it's mychoice.
¢ÜDidyou know why lgo to sleep¢Ü
¢ÜAndleave the lights on¢Ü
¢ÜHopin'you'dcome by andknow¢Ü
¢Ü That l washome¢Ü
¢ÜBut twoyearsgo by¢Ü
¢ÜAndstillmy light's on¢Ü
¢Ü This ishardforme to say¢Ü
¢ÜBut this isall that lcan say¢Ü
¢Ü¢Ü[Continues] [ Cars Honking ]
Come on ! Let's go !
[Honking Continues]
[ThudOn Hood]
Hey, this is for pedestrians ! Get out ofthe way !
Get offthe car ! Get offthe car ! [HonkingHorn]
[ Screams ]
Whoopsie !
[Girl] Fore !
[ Tires Screeching ] Hey, where areyougoin' ?
[Crashing Sound]
[Honking Continues]
Look what you did to my car ! Nowyou're walking.
[Man] Hey! Hey! Nowyou're walking !
Hey, baby! Hey!
Where you goin' ? Why don't you have some fun with us.
Go away. just go away. Come on, baby.
I don't thinkyou understand the virtues offun. Come on.
I want you to have some fun with us. Leave me alone.
Come on ! I just want you to have a little fun !
I just wanna go home ! I just want you to be happy ! I don't thinkyou--
What ? Leave her alone !
[Woman laughing] She doesn't want to party !
Thankyou. I can handle myself.
- Are you okay ? - I've got a gun !
Okay. Come on. let'sgo !
Take care.
Forget about her ! Come on !
Yeah, I don't know. I'm waitin' for him.
Hey, who was that ? A lady.
Oh, yeah ? Well, thanks, anyway.
I thought it was a friend of my brother's. Used to collect cars like that.
Fuck !
Come on. Let's go.
Well, where's this party anyway ? Let's go.
[ Chattering ] [Glass Shatters]
[Man OverP.A., lndistinct]
Come on, Mom ! Let's go !
Ignore them. Ignore them. Shh.
[ Straining, Grunting ]
[ Screams ]
Come on ! Mom !
Fighting, swearing and tearing...
asunder the monuments ofcivilization.
Closer to home,
over 600 would-be rock stars joined with Randy Bachmann...
in North York for the world's largest guitarjam.
Here they are, learning the chords to ""Taking Care of Business.""
¢Ü Taking care of business and working overtime Work out ¢Ü
A great song. [Clock Ticking]
We now continue with our live coverage from Nathan Phillips Square,
where hundreds ofthousands of people are now converging...
to celebrate and to mourn.
Thanks again to Hank "The Hammer"Adletski...
forbraving the crowds,
and, ofcourse, to ourown Terry Owlan...
who'smanning the controlboard andoperating the camera.
Basically, keepingme on the air.
You're doing-- You're doing a fantasticjob, Terry.
Fantasticjob, really.
Take a bow. Earlieron, [Gunshot]
[Woman Screams] forthose who have been following,
[Frantic Chattering] we hadan address from the mayor,
from thepremier, and westill expect...
theprime minister to make an appearance on the main stage.
[Girl] Whoo !
What do you want ?
- Hey, nothin'. - Come on, Marty. Let'sjust go.
Don't move. Marty, forget it. We gotta go downtown--
Shut up.
[ Shouts ]
Come on, Marty. Forget it. Let'sjust get out of here. Shut up.
Marty, we don't have time for-- Shut up !
Great. This is fantastic. Shut up !
[GrandfatherClock Bells Tolling]
Look at me.
[TVContinues, lndistinct]
I'm not afraid ofyou.
I'm not afraid ofwhat you can do.
You're the one who's afraid.
[Tolling Continues]
You're the one who's afraid.
[Crowd Cheering]
Thankyou, ladies and gentlemen,
for coming out to my debut.
I hope you enjoy it...
as much as I hope to enjoy it.
[Woman Coughing]
¢Ü¢Ü[Continues] [Clock Ticking]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Ticking ]
[Telephone Ringing]
[Man On Telephone, lndistinct]
[ Sighs ] Well, I don't know.
I was thinking more like Bruckner or Beethoven.
Come on, a little obvious.
[ Chuckles ] No, that's for Christmas.
Yeah, that's for Christmas.
Tell her that's for Christmas or for Easter.
Well, I don't have a copy,
so it's pretty academic, really.
No, I told you. I'm-I'm feeling good.
[DoorbellBuzzing] I'm good. I am in good spirits.
Well, I don't know what I sound like,
but I think I would know. [Buzzing Continues]
Um, yeah, hold on. Hold on a second.
[Sandra] Patrick ? Hello ?
Patrick, open up, please!
Yeah, I gotta go, Dad. Call ya later.
I love you, son. Yeah, I love you too.
Take the phone.
Did he call ? Did he leave a message ? [ Dialing ]
Um, I don't know. I didn't check.
[ Ringing ]
We can do that after.
Pick it up, please. Pick it up.
Here. Come on upstairs.
[ Ticking ]
[Answering Machine Beeps]
[Duncan On Machine] Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling from thegas company.
lhopeyou're doing welland spending these finalhours... [Sandra Sniffles]
inpeace with yourlovedones. [Groans]
Rest assuredthat we willmake everyeffort to keep thegasflowing...
right untilthe end. [Sobbing]
Thankyou. Good-bye. [Machine Beeps]
[ Voice On Machine] Memoryis full.
Message receivedat 5.:53p.m. [Machine Beeps, Message Repeats]
Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling from thegas company.
lhopeyou're doing welland spending these finalhours...
inpeace with yourlovedones. [Sobbing Continues]
Rest assuredthat we willmake everyeffort to keep thegasflowing...
right untilthe end.
Thankyou. Good-bye. [Machine Beeps]
[ Voice On Machine] Memoryis full.
Message receivedat 5.:53p.m. [Machine Beeps, Message Repeats]
Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling from thegas company.
I hope you're doing well and spending these final hours...
in peace with your loved ones.
[ Clicks Button ]
Message received at 5:53 p.m. [ Machine Beeps, Message Repeats ]
Good afternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
I'm calling from the gas company.
I hope you're doing well and spending these final hours...
inpeace with yourlovedones.
[Message Continues] He sounds like...
a nice person. [Machine Beeps]
Memory is full. [ Shuts Off Machine ]
You can tell from his voice.
I'm-- [ Sighs ]
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't besorry.
I'm-I'm sure that whatever happened,
I'm sure that he tried to reach you.
He's obviously conscientious.
I mean, the machine was full, right ?
So, I'm sure.
Patrick, I have to askyou a question, and feel free to say no.
Yes, what ?
Yes, you can stay.
You can spend the night until the end.
Even if he was there, your husband, you wouldn't make it home in time.
It's past 1 1 :00, and anyway I want you to stay.
I've been thinking about it, and it's not an imposition.
It's not like I wanna have sex with you, but I do feel like--
like I-I like you.
We made a connection, and I want us to be together.
I want you to shoot me.
So that was the question.
Myhusbandandlmade apromise, andl'm not backing down.
No matter where he is, I know it's what he's doing.
I'm not gonna let this world take my life.
I am notjust gonna pass away.
At 1 2:00, I'm asking you to shoot me.
Well, I don't know...
if-if I can.
I'll shoot you too.
Well, sit down and make yourselfat home,
and, uh, we can discuss this.
lmean, help mepick a recordtoplay.
I mean, I hardly know you.
[ Sighs ]
I mean--
Why, for instance, did you choose this particular wine ?
[ Laughing ] I don't know.
It's bad wine.
Well, I don't care who it is. I think it's wonderful.
What's the big secret ?
Did he sound happy ?
[ Chuckles ] Happy ? I guess so.
Happy to get offthe phone.
[Telephone Ringing]
jennifer ? Hi. I'm calling like I said I would.
Good. I just called. It was busy. Were you on the phone ?
Well, your brotherjust called, and it turns out there's a girl after all.
You gotta bejoking ! [ Laughing ]
Who ? I don't know. You better askyour mother.
Hi, honey. So, there's a girl ?
Now, this is Christmas, '79.
Chester, you crazy dog.
What a wildone. [laughing]
Oh, no, l'm wrong. lt'sstillJenny'sbirthday.
Oh, that woman must have been Cousin Martha,
who was visiting from Regina.
Hello, darling.
Oh, there's a picture ofyou, Rose. Mm-hmm.
Oh, what a sour face. [ Chuckling ]
[ Sighs ] I wonder how they're doing.
When did they think they were gonna watch all ofthis ?
Barbecues, [Crowd Cheering]
open fires,
foreign food...
and traveling.
I like to travel. I've been to every continent, except South America.
So, how wasAntarctica ?
And Antarctica.
But even there, I wish I'd seen it too.
Ice cream.
I guess it's pretty obvious. No, no, it counts.
I could use some right now.
Strawberry ice cream, straight out ofthe package.
Sorry. I can't help you.
So, do you feel like you know me ?
Better than anyone. How about you ?
Me. Okay.
Uh, well, I was born here in Toronto...
and, uh, lived here all my life.
In North York, actually.
And my father was a stockbroker--
Okay, you better hurry up.
Tell me something to make me love you.
Uh, okay.
Tell me your big tragedy. What tragedy ?
About the girl you loved who ran away or died.
She died.
It's pretty obvious.
Well, people die all over.
You have to put it into perspective. Soon we all will.
Well, it's hard--
It's hard for me to explain this. You'd have to meet my family.
But, um--
Well, she taught me how I could love.
How much.
Which is a lot, actually. It's-It's surprising.
You'd never believe it, someone like me, but, um--
This is embarrassing, actually.
It's embarrassing for me to tell you this,
and to tell her,
but, um--
she-she died,
and then they said the world would end.
I'm sorry.
She was sick.
Remember when people got sick...
and died one at a time ?
It's not your fault.
That she died ? I know. That the world is ending.
Yeah, that too. I know.
I'm not that arrogant. Tell me more.
I want to love you.
It won't be hard.
[ Sighs ] Yeah, well, that's about it.
That's my big story. It usually does the trick.
Okay, um, tell me all the details.
All right.
[Grandmother] lt'shardon them.
No, it'sharder on theirchildren.
When lthink ofthose little ones--
[Rose] ldon't give a damn.
People are always saying ""the children.""
""Pity the children.""
I'm tired ofthe children.
They haven't lived, given birth, watched their friends die.
I have invested 80 years in this life.
The children don't know what they're missing.
Good point.
Uh, we should get ready. Ready.
Let me help your mother.
[Alarm Blaring]
How do I know that you are what you say you are ? ¢Ü¢Ü[R&B On Radio]
What do you mean ? I thinkyou could tell.
Well, no. I've never had one before, so--
I'm a virgin. Why would I lie ?
People do. I mean, I would if I were in your place.
Yes. Well--
lmean, ifyou wereyounger-- I think I'd better go.
No. Um-- I mean--
You're beautiful.
I'd want to have you anyway.
So beautiful. I mean, it was--
It's hard to believe you.
That was my point.
It's nice.
Do you want a drink ? I got drinks. That won't be necessary.
I think we'd better get to work.
[Crowd Cheering, Shouting]
Fifteen !
Fifteen minutes !
ln a way, lfeel kindofprivileged.
I mean, it's the biggest thing that ever happened,
and we're gonna be there.
I mean, no one was there to witness the beginning,
but we're gonna be there at the end.
Yes, it may be very beautiful.
[Cheering, Shouting Continue]
Are you sure you don't want to see it foryourself?
It'll mean more coming from you.
Is there anything else I should get you ? I could get a clock.
I don't think we'll need one. We should be able to hear the countdown from the street.
Yeah, okay.
Let's go to the can, last chance, and make our final phone calls.
Let's take another look at the crowds of people... [Clock Ticking]
filling Nathan Phillips Square.
Aslunderstand, theyhave become a little more rowdy,
although there are no majorincidents to report.
Well, pop that champagne.
lt'snowofficiallyten minutes untilthe endofthe world.
[ Cheering, Shouting ]
Out on the streets, the crowds are getting pretty wild--
[Alex] This is crazy!
[Jennifer] l'mgonna standup. Okay, standup.
Standup andtake a look. Canyousee it ?
Yeah. Whoo !
What's the matter ?
Nothing. It's-- Look, it's not you.
[ Panting ]
Well, what then ? We don't have much time.
[ Sighs ] I've had a busy day.
We got ten minutes. I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
¢Ü Guantanamera ¢Ü
¢Ü Guajira Guantanamera ¢Ü
¢Ü Guantanamera ¢Ü
¢Ü Guajira Guantanamera ¢Ü
Wait till the last second.
How will I know ? You'll know.
How ? It's never happened before. How will I know ?
We'll know.
It's too big.
Wait till you're certain.
God, it's times like this when I really miss the night.
Two minutes !
¢Ü¢Ü[Continues] [ Panting, Moaning ]
We call for...
your help.
[Crowd CountingDown] 35, 34--
[Man On Record] The wordsmean, "lam a truthfulman...
"from the land ofthepalm trees.
Andbefore dying, l want to share thesepoems ofmysoul. "
The last versesays-- [Speaking Spanish]
"Thestreams ofthe mountain...
pleasesme more than thesea. "
¢Ü¢Ü[Singing ln Spanish Resumes]
[ Moaning ]
[ Praying, Indistinct ]
Seventeen, sixteen,
fifteen, fourteen,
thirteen, twelve, eleven,
ten, nine, eight, It's over !
seven, six,
five, four--
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