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Subtitles for Last Love First Love 2004.

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Last Love First Love 2004

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Why does this word exists?
Everyone kowns
There is no endless thing in this world
Atsurou Watabe
Title: First love last love
How do you look on Shanghai?
It should not worse than TOKYO, isn'it?
Now any business is all in the vigorous competition
Mr. Tabuzai
Two years' tenure, passed by a while
By the time you will cry to say I do not want to return
I am the branch proprieter, Onda
Let me introduce to everyone
This is Mr. Tabuzai, who come from the Tokyo head office
Let me introduce to everyone
This is Mr. Tabuzai, who come from the Tokyo head office
He is working in the layout development department and obtaining the outstanding accomplishment
This time to expand the Chinese market successfully
Let's share both prosperity and adversity
I hope everybody help him to adapt to the life here soon
Please take care of me
A word of taking care is over, no wonder that the somebody else says
A wise head makes a close mouth
It's dangerous, do no play like this
Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?
Good afternoon lady, I come from the emlar car company
I book the room with the name tabuzai
Please wait for a moment
Maybe I should not speak this words
But Mr. Tabuzai seems difficult to get along with
This transfer happens suddenly
And transfer to abroad
anybody needs time to adapt to it
But from here to the bathroom
it takes too much time
Lao Chen, it has trouble you so much
I still think it's over
Just now see Mr. Tabuzai has already returned
Mary, you take a look at the person over there
He seems to drink too much
Sir, can Ihelp you
Do you want me to register the procedure for you?
Please use Japanese to speak with me, Japanese
Do you understand Japanese?
What can I do for you, Sir
I'm tabuzai, coming from the emlar car company
Give me to the key of the room, key
emlar, tabuzai
Please wait for a short while
Excuse me to let you wait so long, Sir
Min, his coat still stays here
His coat left here
Sir, are you OK?
Do not tell
Do not tell the anyone
Good, take a break, come from the beginning again
Linlin, come over quickly
Make-up exam seems not good, too
Teacher, this time examine, do I really disqualified
The business of your make-up exam
Beg you, let me passing
I will do whatever thing you order
Then you teach Chinese
Twice a week, teaching the Japanese in the foreign enterprise class
Come out, come out
what's this?
Let her teach Chinese on earth
hello teacher
Settled so
Forgot to give you the examination paper
Thanks for your help
Good, you come to cheat me together
He can get out of the hospital, he ask where are the clothes
He just wear a shirt when lifted in
Don't have the clothes
Here you are
A woman brings to you
It is nothing important on this side
Good, I know
Take a first post day like this
Excuse me
Come in
Branch proprieter
Mr. Tabuzai says he will come here by afternoon because of affairs
I think that the Japanese car sale point is still on the information and communication tools etc. Accessories
On this aspect we can't lose completely to the other company
Execuse me, I am late because of some private affairs
This way, Mr. Tabuzai
Why are you on duty tonight?
How are you, uncomfortable?
No, reduction weight the medicine
You still reduce weight, it won't be necessary
I will become a fatso later on if I don't eat now
What medicine, let me to try, too
Nex time
Look, our key still is this MX2
The key is to sees how we develop advantages and avoid short
I will confirm the trial balance again
The business enterprise Chinese language further studies class that University of Shanghai hold
Start tonight exactly
Twice a week
However half a year we can learn mcuh
How is your body, Sir
Sorry to trouble you
Need not thanks, you have no matter good
This, too
Afterwards the person of your company gives several phones
However, because you have enjoin me
Isn't it?
Thanks, this words I can also understand
Shanghai, how are you?
The doctor has said OK, hasn't he?
What psychological treatment?
It will be no use however
She really rebels against you
But she does fall in love with MIORI half alive and half dead
Only at that time see you painful appearance, I just did not say with you
After talking with her parents at Burial rites, I think so
Do not say, all passed by
I should go, up to here today
Maybe stay longer
I'll move to the company dormitory tonight
All right
However you must fig up
Return to Japan, not with you, so stuff
Do not worry, I am ok now
See again
MIORI this boy
All already half a year, it is said that he still stay in the hospital
Although picked up a life, he is affirmative painful
Good morning, still having some there
Daddy, good morning
See your this impatient
Good morning
She is such everyday
de suffers
If not the bus coming in time last time
I will be dangerous
Really there is this kind of person
You still say, you do not worry me
You are better than me since the childhood
even if you are still a child at that time
I am a mature woman now
Are we at the same age?
Well, well
then twicw a week
When I finish the lesson, you must pick me up
Twice, I still have to go to work
I am still the teacher of the foreigner Chinese language
In a mess
Mr. Tabuzai, the MX2 name has settled down
You haven't seen the mail
Get up
Miura brings some things to eat
trouble you
trouble you, too
Two persons did not sleep all night and must be tired
Took a name for this treasure
Really, what name?
Have a little embarrassed
etanidi, how is that?
Car of being loved forever
Car of leaving a good name to posterity
The name is extremely good
Isn't it?
Keep up with the head to see how is going?
However, it can not be decaided just by us
what's up, absolutely pass
This treasure flows our blood
Forever, like dream
You believe, things we do
Mr. Tabuzai is also a MX2 development member
True fantastic, that is the trump card of our company
All do not relate with me
Have I said the words that what should not say
This, you take
Going to rain in a short while
I must go to the Chinese language lesson today
In hopes of
The first time meets
My name is Fang lin
Please take care of me
Please sit down
You are a teacher
You can not take the credit?
We are like this Okay
Every lesson counts we have it
Do not go on later on
Like this you have time to play with the friends, not good?
Agree verbally like this
Please sit down
Now it's class time
Me too
All accountability is in the body
Time is up
You are late
So we postpone
It's me not good
You work so hard
Carefully, don't catch cold
See again
Next time I am certain to arrive
What's the matter with you
Who is the person just now
I feel a little strange
what's up, that is just my Japanese student
So simple
Use you take care of
Don't you call mee to pick you up
I did not let your rainy day also come to connected me again
How, you say what
At the beginning I disliked him very much
However what
Pretty handsome
Accurate to say
At the beginning just a little bit to his some good willses
This person, although have a little dislike
The person is still quite good
Because he lends you umbrella
He pours the rain and return
This proof the possibility that he has a little meaning to me
What, you two just meet for the first time
How is that
The intuition is the most important
Since the childhood lover grows up together
Till the last too many break up
Elder sister
You have never fallen in love at first sight
How to say
You are always like this, hesitance
Are you uninterested in love
I do not drink
How is today, you do not drink even milk
Had been the mood to drink the milk now
Just should drink wine
However this is quite good, too
You see, you do not like to last this lesson originally at all
Better now, have the motive
Elder sister, I want to beg you
Is it Mr. Tabuzai
Is me, Fang lin
Yesterday really thank you
Lending the umbrella to me
The Chinese language lesson of next weekend is last at my house
All right?
What, now I
That celebrity agrees to cooperate with us
Is canvass over a long period of time work finally contain result
Yes, you said
It is another time to arrive certainly, isn't it?
Please go to general manager's room
He is like pretty busy
You were not refused
That is all right
That is certainly
He just has a little ashamed in company
Japanese, is all ashamed like this
However, your courage is too big
You are not afraid to wore, he would be angry with you
He is an adult
Is unhappy for this small matter how can
I ask you, do you counted with fall in love at first sight at last
Fall in love at first sight is him
I am first time invite other people
If turn me down, I can not forgive him
This hot pepper is quite good, fresh
Good, take me several
Small Lin, small Lin
There is no spring onion and ginger at home, you buy some
Small Lin
I have no time
Mr. Tabuzai
You live nearby?
Yes, why are you...
I come to visit a Ms. Fang
That is my house
You are small Lin
You are her...
Elder sister
I have a claim
Mr. Tabuzai
Here, please come up
Eat much
We have a class today havn't we?
We have a meal together, relationship would be more mutually agreeable
And can also recite words
This viewpoint is quite good
All of this are what you do
Still have a lot of, please sit down
Small Lin, the guest came
This is my father
Welcome, Please sit down, Please sit down, do not be polite
Father says welcome you
The first time meets, I calls tabuzai
The first time meets,
The first time meets, the first time meets, please take care of me
The first time meets
Please take care of me much
The first time meets
He says delicious
Certainly, your elder sister's food is the best in our home
We have sat, you are quick to come
Elder sister, how do you just come
This is Mr. Tabuzai
Small Min in my elder sister
I pour you to order the wine
The first time meets, pleasing take care of me
How are you, sit
Daddy, me
Elder sister is in guest house work
Her English is very good
A little
I appear well
Mr. Tabuzai, originally your can speak English
Just now you said what
I say the vegetables that your elder sister do are truely delicious
The cat out of the bag
Originally he know that these are elder sisters does
Anyway he has known
Elder sister, otherwise you again show several hands
I have a claim
Ms. Small Lin hases been hoping to introduce you personally from her to us
If she know that we have known
Would be certainly disappointed
As for price, we have offered the biggest effort
Want to reduce again still how much
If like this, that we request
Your company guarantees from now on do not sell the other car
Sells ours only
I will want to settle originally 15%
However, as the condition
Have any problem
He says that still reduce price
As a condition, sell us monthly 5,000 set
Sell the car again is not to sell the hamburger
A month 5,000 set, a year 60,000 set
How sell out a while probably
Simply reduces price the big jilting sells
Is Mr. Tabuzai
You arrive here is to do what
Coming to Shanghai is for what
Is not for sell the car
Are you really want to sell the car
The character that ignored the car oneself basically with principle these value
Not, you do not understand basically
What we produce not only is a low-cost car only
Especially, the etadini is not the public car you think
Mr. Tabuzai
Manager Lee
Concerning pricing problem
We will study thoroughly
Fight for a satisfied result
Mr. Onda
I believe you so much
But then, as our company
even not trade with your company
We also can do a good job as usual
I said the words that should not say
Pour is I talked too much just now
But, you and I all depend to sell the car
If the car is not sell out, we can not live
You haven't comprehended this point
Talk about business to you such person is useless
To sum it up, you can't abandon the hope
Said with you a lot of times
You still hospitalization treatment better
Hospitalization will cure my disease
You tell me, stay in the hospital my disease will cure good
Thanks for the lunch of the last time
Very delicious
Do not polite, I am very happy, too
Saw you families
Felt relaxed a while a lot of
The small Lin makes reference to you
Still say the beginning to the bad pole in your impression
Heard to feel some funny
I am similar to her at first
Is this river
That day
I get drunk here, throw away the watch
That watch stopped
Seem to be me
That day
Is not a accident
Why you say to me that day that do not speak to anyone
I always think
If haven't been you that day
I have died perhaps
Thought of why
Have no the alternant repetition everyday
Time resembled to has been stopped
Already half a year
You say that your time stopped
If it can stop for me, it is good
Do not want the lesson of the small Lin today
She still hopes this day
Should have no necessity
Although she is too pitiful
Say like not relate to with you
I am just a guy of no sense of responsibility
Even work to all fuck not good
You speak this kind of words why
You like now like this of you
You say that day if you are lucky you have died
If so
You just is a coward however
Persons want to be dead is alive
Persons want to be alive is dead
Which more painful
I shouldn't say these
Know nothing about your affair
Isn't it, you want to resign
You former superior, RIDAO, is my friend of many years
Different from him, I come out from the one-step one-step cook in underneath
Formerly at the time of planning department working together we have meet of minds
Also usually compete
Your business, I heard of
Is RIDAO recommend you who has no half a year normal work
He says, he want persistently upward the person who climb, inconsiderate
But I ate bitter, can look after you certainly
How, take you go to place
Anyway you look to also had no mood to work today
The time I just come to Shanghai
The street that many-storied building swarm about returns similar to here
Is a major slice of countryside
Is the branch company
In fact only me with old Chen's two persons
I haven't said to anyone
In fact the company has decided to let me returning to head office
Certainly, that want to wait the etanidi on orbit hereafter
However, looked the danger today
How, quite good
Envy here this kind of simple life
Now, my weekend usually comes to steals a moment of time here
I also have the career like you
Father because company bankruptcy
Commit suicide the dead
I also abandoned the education of the university
World contain a lot of affairs
Is to hurt to suffer a defeat the fold to also can't change
More does not do everything
Than works hard to do something
Key right here
What a mess time in mood, come here best
Waiting me returned, leaving here to you
If you do not take heart
I also can't have peace of mind to return to country
You like what
Who do you like
That I lock door
Sir, sorry, we have gone off work
Manager Lee
Wish to see
The emlar car company
I am tabuzai
Sir, sorry, we really have gone off work
Do you speak English
We have gone off work
Manager Lee, Manager Lee
That is all right, I help you make a telephone call to instruct
Let him return first
Come again like you
Is your that subordinate
That considers as correct of
Master, master
We have gone off work
Please, master
Have gone off work
Master, please
Once, master
Have what matter, the tomorrow says again
Why are you here?
Master, please
Master, do not go, please
Do some help, please
Don't unload the car again a little bit light nothing does
All right, got on the car to walk
Yeah, fantastic, thanks, thanks
I'm doing this just for you
keep working
this place?
LinLin Uncle Fang live here?
Who is this?
Uncle Fang
What happen?
I need some favor, will you help me?
I Crashed my car today
Damn you
What happen?
My goods all gone
But this japanese helped me
MR tabuzai how are you
took it off
such a big hole on it
Uncle Fang was a skilled sewer!
Of course i am
What about Lin
She was still there
come wash your face
look at these dusts
i must apologize to DE
What? But you said...
you changed really
Sorry! I mean you become better
Why you go back to school?
Remember those words you told me this afternoon
i thought it all
i don't care what they think of me
but just you
make me feel shame
really shame
give me my cloth
Why you let Mr. Tabuzai leave?
We couldn't stop him
he wanna go anyway
i wanna tell you
i never seen him
you fell in love with MRtabuzai?
Why not
you kidding!
You two deens wired
but he was good at your sister
maybe they like each other
no! I don't believe it
why my sisiter and MR. Tabuzai
but who knows
you must envy my style
i'm not
This company wanna do busniess with us
can you go with me?
Ok MRtabuzai
i will do some copy job
Mr. Tabuzai This way
what the matter
i'm sorry last night
it's ok
but i feel we have met
Thank you for your cooperate
we get the contract
let's celebrate
MR. Tabuzai
That day you left
lin was very unhappy
but now she looks good
I wanna go with you
look at this
but really me?
Yes! With you
dad you finished?
Donlt broth me
i was encourage you
i know what you think
you never like this before
Back home?
come back
we won't wait you
i must wash this
DAd hurry
just arrive?
What you buy?
Let me see
let me see
ok ok
wa it's beautiful
ok i gi
fell wonderful?
He is off work
go to the opern
to the opern?
What happen Min?
I don't have time
i shouldn't someone else
today Mrtabuzaiwanna date me to the opern
but i
you and Mrtabuzai
i already know
donlt worry about lin
you both my dear
but i just hope you can get more
sweet memory
please open the radio?
good to see you
Sorry i'm late
it's ok
beacuse i still have you
i thought you go
i miss you
time is important for me
it's good to you
i think so
i don; t have the watch
you mean
you let me wait so long
when our parents married
my father was catch by cops
because he made cloth for foreigner
you know
in that age
mother was so worry
can't sleep in night
one night
she pray to same shining star
day after day
finally daddy come back
when mother die
father point that star
tell lin
your mother become that star
she always watch over us
so she believe
sounds good
just lie to your family
you can feel her
so you believe?
Me? I was old
more realism
but Lin still dream
what about you
your dream?
i don; t have dream
how could it be
everyone have their own dream
don't wanna tell others
my dream never comes truth
i really wanna know you
i wish was too ordinarly
nothing to say
you tell
like you don; t have much time
i was worry about you
what it mean?
Don't ask
you always tell about other's story
like you don't wanna tell yourself
you never think
because you
i can live like this now!
But someday i will leave you
never in love
never feel the leave
what that suppost to meam?
Anything eles?
I love you
love you
i just wanna see you
so i feel happy
nothing else
i just told you
why don't you understand
it end one day
but now
you was there
just because i met you
you change me
you two lie to me
Why you stay with him?
I don't wanna lie to you
you think you was my older sister
Lin it's not your sister's fault
i hate you all
I can't see you again
i said
i don't have time
lin didn't know
i'm glad
i can forget everything
i will never forget
you had better go to hospital
i wanna stay in home
with my family
one more minutes
dad! Don't tell her my sick
she was big girl now
you can tell her
but i don't wanna her
have more toughts
i dpn't wanna pitty
every time i pity others
there is no one pity me
i got more sick
i don't have much time
i wanna stay with you
until end
otherwise! I will died sad
who long
it's all your fault
i love you
but you love min
i never think this
just love min
but we will never see again
i don't believe it
another lie
i can't foucs her
to love me
now i was lovelorn like you
all this
Sister utterly loving in you
otherwise why you and me...
i come to bring you home
i won't go
i said goodbye
it's all lie
even you said he will come for me
why you lie to me
i just fell in love with Mr. Tabuzai
Why you treat me like this
Lin it's not what you think
Lin listen to me
Lin come here listen to dady
let me handle her
i won; t go
come on! Let's go
Sorry! We have trouble you too much
it's you ive me the courage to stand again
you sister will die soon
this was herdiagnostication
she wanna you alway be happy
she afraid you will be worried about her
will be...
and she will lose her little sister
so she always lie to you
even she
never wanna see MR. Tabuzai
let's help her finish what she want
Lin time for breakfast
i dpn't hungary
i will work hard
buy a new truk
and do some busniess
i will
buy you a big house
really big one
whoever you like
i only like you
dad i am back
keep your work
feel tired
it's ok
cone on have a rest
wanna a cup of tea?
let have dinner together tomorrow
let's me think
we haven't take dinner together for a long time
i will pay ok?
Ok i will wait
MR. Tabuzai
i have a request
stop your lesson
have a walk with me ok?
I wanna you hold my hand
last time
what happen
my sister wait you here
come on
See you
you must come to me
Lin bring me! Father take me
i was so happy
i doubt whether i could take this
everyone just wanna me like good
i was so happy
in my last time
i can met someone i love
you said
soen day love ends
maybe it's real
but our love will never
here we
never ends
go on errands again
you looks better
That's fine
i wanna you met someone
long time on see
i know
nothing need to apologize
me to...
i love her too
that was only thing i wanna tell you
if i didn't, i won't died happy
take care
go back to work
i was get rid of it those time
have some
help yourself
i feel hungry
i have a suggestion
you stand up
what you doing dad?
Let's take some picture
take some home family picture
You here
daddy in the middle
ok! Let's go
i wanna one
make me looks beautiful
i wanna too
make me looks good
and take it near mother's
why there are words like this
if every seconds every seconds
can be adding together
i know willing to use this words
it not belone to anyone
but forever is belones to someone
i wanna stay with forever
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