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Subtitles for Last Life In The Universe.

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Last Life In The Universe

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My name is Kenji.
This could be me three hours from now.
Why do I want to kill myself?
I don't know...
I wouldn't kill myself forthe same reasons as other suicidal people.
Money problems...
Broken heart...
No, not me.
Many books say "Death is relaxing."
Did you know that?
No need to follow the latest trends...
No need to keep pace with the rest of the world...
No more e-mail...
No more telephone...
It'll be like taking a nap...
Before waking up refreshed and ready to begin your next life.
That's what they say.
"This is bliss."
But don't open it, it's mine.
Nice place... big... Not bad.
Sorry I didn't warn you I was coming. I had a bit of an emergency.
Got any ice?
You don't have a TV?
How can you live without a TV?
You can't just read, you'll go crazy.
I can buy you a TV, and DVD too.
It's fucking hot!
Is the traffic in Bangkok always this bad?
Took me almost two hours to get here.
Can't believe you don't have a TV!
Suicide again?
Hanging yourself this time?
It's too hot!
I need a shower.
This heat can kill you.
Why bother with suicide?
"Black Lizard", by Yukio Mishima
"Out jogging. Don't answerthe phone."
"This is bliss."
Tea is getting cold.
Thank you.
I got to find a way to go back to Japan.
If not Japan, maybe Brazil.
Japan is better, fuck overseas.
But here you have a brother.
Yeah, the crazy one.
He reads too much.
You can't go back to Japan.
Boss will kill you.
But I've been with him a long time.
He's just in a bad mood.
A bad mood?
You fucked his daughter!
If you fucked my daughter,
I'd cut your dick off and stuff it in your mouth!
You've seen too many yakuza movies.
Ready to go home?
This is the form forthe public.
This one is for staff.
Thank you very much.
I'm making sushi at home tonight. Are you free?
I'm allergic to fish.
Thank you very much.
Have you seen Nid?
She's somewhere here.
Let's go home.
I can't.
Let's go home.
My client's still here.
I have to talk to you.
About what?
"The Last Lizard"
Are you Japanese?
Are you from Japan?
Japan... Japan... Japanese... speak?
Stop fucking with the radio.
Nid... stop it!
Are you crazy?
Take your headphones off.
What the fuck...
Did you fuck Jon?
Who told you that?
Did you fuck him?
Jon told me everything today.
What did that dickhead tell you?
Yeah, he's a dickhead. He's shit!
So why did you have to go fuck a shit like that?
You couldn't leave him alone because he's my shit, right?
Jon's such a dickhead.
Don't know why you care so much about him.
I... know... Japanese. I... Japanese...
Getting off here?
Listen, Jon started it, not me.
That's not the point.
The point is you're my sister.
He's probably got his dick in some other bitch's pussy right now.
Get out!
"The lizard wakes up and finds he's the last lizard alive.
His family and friends are all gone.
Those he didn't like,
those who picked on him in school, are also gone.
The lizard is all alone.
He misses his family and friends.
Even his enemies.
It's better being with your enemies than being alone.
That's what he thought.
Staring at the sunset, he thinks.
"What is the point in living...
If I don't have anyone to talk to?"
But even that thought doesn't mean anything...
when you're the last lizard."
Your car is in the parking lot out front.
You know my crazy brother.
Make yourself at home.
We have a lot to catch up on, Buddy.
Ice, ice, ice!
Is this a house or a library?
Damn... no ashtray.
Cool place.
You moved here for girls?
Or boys?
Thanks... l'll wait till it's cold.
Damn it!
No! No! Don't kill me!
- Kenji, aren't you going home? - Yes.
This is your bag?
The cop thought it's mine. He took it into my carthen.
I've found your card inside.
So I came here to give it back.
Kenji, are you coming?
You go first.
Did you see a book?
What book?
No. Nothing.
Are you okay?
I gotta go.
Yes, me too.
Thank you for dinner.
Thank you.
You go home now?
I'm not sure.
You go karaoke?
I cannot sing.
You go for girl?
Can I go to your house?
My home... very far.
Thai national anthem
Sa-wat-dee Krap.
Sa-wat-dee Krap.
You can speak Thai?
O-hayo Go-zai-masu.
Want some pizza?
Not hungry? Beer?
My name is Kenji.
I know. I saw the name card in your bag.
My name's Noi.
Noi... Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
What is your sister's name?
You eat.
Thank you.
Japanese lesson.
No eat.
What are you staring at?
Are you washing dishes? Don't do that.
Do you want to go home? I can drop you.
I - drive - you - home.
Can I stay here today?
You sure?
Don't burn my house down.
My sister's name... Nid
I am home...
Who are you?
Who the fuck are you?
What? Does Noi in?
What are you doing there?
Get Noi on the phone... Noi! Noi!
- Hallo. - What's a fucking Hello!
Get me Noi.
All right.
Sorry. I'm sorry. - Who're you? Can you hear me?
Hello? Hello?
What are you doing?
How dare you come in here?
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
Get out of my house!
I'm sorry.
Why did you leave me, Nid?
I'm scared... I don't want to be alone.
Hey, did you see a Japanese guy?
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I bought you some sushi.
Fucking expensive.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I know you're sorry.
I cannot eat fish. I get sick...
You don't speak much Thai, right?
Thank you.
What can you say?
Good luck.
Some more?
I don't want.
Thank you.
I thought you didn't want any more.
More Thai.
Too expensive.
I'm full.
Then stop eating.
Never mind.
No problem.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 5... 5
You are very pretty.
Thank you.
You say that a lot, huh.
I'm studying Japanese.
I'm going to Japan.
Where in Japan?
Soon... Monday.
This Monday?
Why you go there?
What're you doing in Osaka?
Work? What kind of work?
Same work I do here.
I'm from Osaka.
You speak Japanese well.
When you want to go home?
You go to hospital?
For your sister?
No. Nothing...
Just a friend. Friend, understand?
No, don't come. I'm going out.
Why do I have to tell you everything? This is my life!
If you want to talk shit, don't call anymore.
No go home?
This house is very dirty.
You want to stay, stay.
Go to hell.
1,375 Baht.
Why am I cleaning the house when I'm leaving in a few days?
I knew it...
The bitch blew me off this morning.
This is beautiful.
Why you not go home?
It smells too bad.
My house smells bad.
Smell bad? Why?
Two dead people inside.
We should clean your house then.
It sounds great... around here.
No. It's boring!
You have sister?
In Osaka?
We are same. My sister's dead too.
You miss your sister?
You miss your brother?
No, not really.
Did you fart?
You fart?
You fart?
Not me!
That hurts...
Let's go home.
Hey... Jap boy.
Hey... Jap boy.
Are you upstairs?
Jap boy.
Nid, I'm sorry.
Thanks for cleaning the house.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Tomorrow we'll do the laundry.
Bon appetite.
You no go home?
Can I stay here more?
Do what you want. I leave here soon.
Tonight you sleep in bedroom.
And you?
I sleep here, in sofa.
No. I sleep here.
You sleep in the bedroom.
You can sleep in my sister's bed.
You can sleep in my sister bed.
That jerk did!
Are you married?
You have girlfriend?
Are you gay?
You masturbate a lot?
You masturbate a lot?
Let's go out.
Shut up old man!
Hey, come sit here.
You saw my book, in the bag?
Two days ago, my book... in my bag.
What book?
Children's book, about a lizard.
Japanese cartoon... in my bag.
You need woman.
Here are my father's clothes.
Thank you.
What do you want?
You had Japanese for dinner last night?
Are you fucking him right now?
Fuck your mother!
Come on, I miss you.
I don't miss you.
But what if I miss you?
Go fuck yourself, then.
Come on, don't be rude darling.
Go to hell, asshole.
Let's go togetherthen.
I told you; don't be rude!
This'll teach you some manners.
So, this is your new fuck?
You'll be sorry... Fucking Jap!
Bon Appetite.
You too.
Very good.
I give you my car.
I'm not taking it to Japan.
But I cannot... lt's your car.
But I give it to you.
I don't have license.
I give you license too.
You look strange. It doesn't look like you.
Don't laugh... lt's yours now.
You drive me to airport on Monday, okay?
It's good car...
Japanese car is better.
Funny? You're beautiful.
You're smelly.
You should take a bath.
Okay, I will.
I say now.
Need help?
I drive?
It's your car...
You can drive?
I'm not sure.
Goodbye Nid.
This is beautiful.
Are you sad?
Everybody is sad.
This is papaya salad...
very good.
Try it.
How it tastes?
You'll have a big shit tomorrow.
Tomorrow you big shit a lot!
I have present for you.
Close your eyes...
And turn around.
You can open your eyes.
Thank you.
- Thank you. - You need it.
My first time airplane.
You many times?
Two, three times
When you go to Osaka again?
I don't know.
Let's sleep here tonight.
You want to see me again?
One day.
Kansai International Airport, Osaka
Just one bag, sir?
Yeah, we only go there to kill someone.
Then come right back.
Hope you're not hijacking the plane.
Don't worry, we're not Arabs.
Here are your boarding passes.
Your gate number is 69.
Have a pleasant flight, sir.
Mr. Tajima, you're very funny.
Hey, young lady...
You have some seaweed stuck in yourteeth.
Wait for me.
Are you Kenji?
Are you Kenji?
Good day, sir.
Good day.
What the fuck?
Are you Kenji?
Get me a beer, I'm thirsty.
Excuse me.
"This is bliss."
Noi, someone's here to see you.
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