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Subtitles for Last Emperor The (Derectors Cut) CD3.

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Last Emperor The (Derectors Cut) CD3

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Good-bye, Mr. Johnston! We'll never forget you, Mr. Johnston.
Good-bye! Mr, Johnston. Good-bye! Good-bye!
On page four-hundred and forty-nine, Mr. Johnston writes.
The endeavor to make out that the Emperor had been kidnapped by the Japanese is wholly untrue.
He left Tientsin and went to Manchuria of his own free will.
Johnston was a liar!
What did you say? I didn't hear you.
Mr. Johnston had left before I was taken to Manchuria.
He couldn't have known what happened.
Sit down!
According to this account, you pre-packed the man's things on the morning of November ninth!
Isn't it unusual for a man who's kidnapped to have his luggage packed
by his valet the day before he's kidnapped?!
This is what you've written, isn't it?!
Who told you to pack this man's luggage?!
These two stories don't fit, do they?
It was a long time ago. Perhaps I made a mistake.
You are lying! You are both lying!!
Control yourself!
Request your choice. Request you to change your mind.
I'm the hereditary ruler of the Manchurian people.
There can be no Manchukuo without me.
Do you not see? The Japanese are using you.
I must try to use them.
The Japanese invasion of Manchuria will be condemned by the League of Nations
and by every civilized country on earth!
The Chinese Republic had broken every promise it ever made to me!
Chinese troops desecrated the tombs of my ancestors!!
And Chinese troops didn't defend Manchuria from the Japanese!
But Manchuria is still China!
China has turned it's back on me.
Please, don't go.
Manchuria is the richest frontier Asia!
Coal, oil, railways!
Millions of Chinese immigrants are going there every year!
I'm going to build my country.
Johnston was wrong, but he wasn't a liar.
There was no kidnapped!
You went to Manchuria by your own choice, because you wanted to be Emperor again!
You will rewrite your confessions from the beginning!
Manchuria 1934
To heaven.
To earth.
To the moon.
To the sun.
You're an empress again.
What I'm going to be is a pilot!
I'm going to train at a secret base near Yokohama to learn precision-bombing.
I want to bomb Shanghai.
Bomb Shanghai?
I hate China!
I hate you.
The Japanese Army High Command! Very impressive!
The Japanese Army!
Uh, may I introduce you? My wife, the Princess Hiro Saga.
Prime Minister Hsiao Hsiu.
Honorable Chang Ching Hui, Minister of Defense.
Monseigneur, Colonna.
The Empress and I accept with great pleasure.
Excuse me, General.
Ahh! And now Mr, Amakasu. He's the new chief of the Manchuria Motion Picture studies.
Why do you have to spoil this day? Why?
Mr. Amakasu is the most powerful man in Manchukuo.
What are you talking about?
You didn't believe I could be Emperor again, but I am.
You are blind.
Do you know what it means to be an empress? You are an empress!
Why do you not make love to me anymore?
Because you have become an opium addict.
Opium killed my mother, opium destroyed China.
You can buy opium anywhere in Manchukuo!
Shut up!
- In any shop. - Shut up!
Your brother is going to have a child.
We must have a child. We must have an heir!
Emperor Hirohito has officially invited us to Japan.
I'm going alone! You are staying here.
I would never go to Japan.
Then go to your room!
Ten thousand years to His Majesty!
Ten thousand years!
I told you, I hate you.
Only because I give you what you need.
Now we're engaged.
You forgot my toothpowder.
Oh... yes... sir.
Move him!
Nine-eight-one! Collect your things!
Your laces are undone. Do them up!
Thursday, you serve lunch.
Friday, you clean the toilet.
Saturday, you sweep the floor.
I have never been separated from my family.
You'd better get used to it!
You don't remember me, do you?
I was the Minister of Trade, in Manchukuo.
You were all in Manchukuo.
Now, I'm the cell leader.
It is important to follow the rules here.
No talking during study session!
Manchuria 1935
Where is your gun, Captain? Where are their swords?
Our weapons have been removed, Your majesty, on order of colonel Yoshioka.
Colonel Yoshioka?
Colonel Yoshioka!
What has happened here? Why has my guard been disarmed?
Yes, it's very unfortunate, Your Majesty.
There have been many changes while you were in Tokyo.
Your Majesty, may I present Masaomi Kobayakawa, the new Japanese ambassador to Manchukuo.
Why is prime Minister Hsiao Hsiu not here to receive me?
The prime Minister has resigned, Your Majesty.
His son been assassinated.
By communist bandits, Your Majesty.
I must see him at once.
He refuse to see anyone, Your majesty. He has gone to a monastery, far away.
Who are you?
Chang Ching Hui, Your Majesty. Minister of Defense.
Yes, of course.
The council meeting will be at four o'clock, Your Majesty. Before the state dinner.
I'm going to have a child. The father is Manchurian.
Colonel Yoshioka, Mr. Amakasu!
I did it for you!
His Majesty forgot to sign the appointment of the new prime Minister Mr. Chang Ching Hui!
I didn't forget.
When an Englishman robs someone, Your Majesty, he becomes a gentleman.
If he robs a lot, he becomes a knight.
Do you imagine the British run their Empire as a charity?
If India has to pay for the cost of it's own occupation, so must Manchukuo.
We hope Manchukuo will have an heir. The Empress is expecting a child.
Yes, Your Majesty. We are aware of the situation.
This is the name of the father.
His name is Chang! He is your driver!
All the necessary facts have been recorded. The man will be punished.
The emperor can't allow his honor to be stained.
The Japanese are the only divine race on earth.
We will take China, Hong-Kong, Indo-China,
Siam, Malaya, Singapore, and India!
Asia belongs to us!!
There have been complaints from your cellmates.
You must learn how to urinate at night without working them all up!
The way to do it's to urinate against the side of the bucket, not into the middle!
Yes, comrade.
You still think I'm your servant, don't you?
We are all pretending. You are just pretending you have changed.
Shut up! The party will teach us to be a new man!!
We're working for a new China!!
You worked in Amakasu's private office.
You are still the same people! People don't change.
Guard!! Guard!!
And I let it happen.
I let it happen.
The second edict, Your Majesty. Japanese will be the official language in Manchukuo schools.
Your Majesty!
The baby was born dead, Your Majesty.
How is the Empress?
It would be better if she gone to a clinic, somewhere warm.
She's already left, Your Majesty.
Open the door.
With Manchukuo now firmly in their grasp, the Japanese soon controlled most of North China.
By 1937 they were ready to strike South, at the heart of the country.
The attack on Shanghai was one of the first civilian bombing raids in history.
It left thousands homeless, thousands dead.
Three months later, Japanese armies were besieging the provisional capital at Nanking.
And when the city fell, the atrocities began.
Trying to terrorize the rest of China,
more than two hundred thousands of the civilians exacuted.
The world watched in horror, but no help was given.
On December the seventh, 1941 Japan attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbor.
There was no warning.
Manchukuo, the Japanese bastion in North China, was still ruled by the puppet emperor, Pu Yi.
But behind the facade of triumph, was a country enslaved.
Nine days after the bomb at Hiroshima, on August the fifteenth 1945.
Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender of Japan.
It was the first time his voice had ever been heard on radio.
You must get to Tokyo, Your majesty.
You must surrender to the Americans, not the Russians.
The communists will kill everyone!
The Empress has returned.
Your Majesty, please.
Your Majesty!
Hurry! There is no room on the plane, Your Majesty!
The women aren't in danger! We must hurry!!
Your Majesty! Your Majesty is leaving now!
The Russians!
Perhaps you think we are here to teach men to lie in a new way.
Why did you sign every accusation made against you?
I didn't step you from killing yourself to see you like this...
Someone who signs anything to please his enemies, to please me!
You know about a lot of things in Manchukuo. Even the secret agreements.
But you couldn't possibly have known about the Japanese biological warfare experiments in Harbin!
Could you?! So why did you sign these papers?
I was responsible for everything.
Your are responsible for what you do!
All your life you thought you were better than everyone else.
Now you think you are the worst of all!
Why can you not leave me alone?
You save my life to make me a puppet in your own play.
You saved me because I'm useful to you.
Is that so terrible, to be useful?
Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi!
By order of the supreme people's count,
the war criminal Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi, male, fifty-three years old,
of the Manchu nationality, and from Peking,
has now served ten years detention!
As a result of remolding thought labor and ideological education during his captivity,
he has shown that he has genuinely reformed!
In accordance with clause one of the Special Pardon Order, he is therefore to be released!
You see, I will end up living in prison longer than you.
Peking 1967
The Red Guards!
They are so young.
It's dangerous.
Look, over there. Pu Chien, look!
It's the Governor of our prison!
It can't be!
It is! I'm sure it is!
Be careful! Come back!
Comrade. This must be a mistake! I know this man! He is a good man.
Who are you?
I'm a gardener.
Join us, comrade, or fuck off!
But what has he done?
He has been accused.
Accused of what?
Confess your crimes!!
I have nothing to confess.
Kowtow to Chairman Mao!
Confess your crimes!!
I have nothing to confess.
Confess your crimes!!
He is teacher! He is a good teacher!
- You! Get out of here! - You can't do this to him!
- Move! You want to be him?! - You are wrong!! He is s good teacher!
Stop! You are not allowed in here!
Who are you?
I live here! I'm the son of the guardian!
Ah, Well, I used to live here, too.
That is where I sat.
Who are you?
I was the Emperor of China.
Prove it!
This is the Hall of Supreme Harmony where the empress were crowned.
The last Emperor to be crowned here was Aisian-Gioro Pu Yi.
He was three years old. He died in 1967.
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