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Subtitles for Into The Mirror CD1.

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Into The Mirror CD1

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It's not here
I looked everywhere
There's still a week before it re-opens, what's your problem?
If you're that worried, look for it yourself
If that's the case, then you should know
It's my friend's birthday today
My friends are waiting
Yeah, I'm almost there
A gift?
Sure, I bought it
Yeah, I'll be there soon
What are you doing here? It's almost nine
Yes? I'm on my way out
The employees' exit is the opposite way
Into the mirror
YOO Ji-tae
KIM Myeong-min
KIM Hye-na
Executive Producer/ KANG Woo-suk
Written and directed by KIM Sungho
- Did you take all the photos? - Yes
Let's wrap this up
Are you...
Are you finished with the investigation?
We've finished the spot examination
Looks like a suicide
A suicide?
Do people really slit their own throats?
Who are you?
Thinks he's a damn policeman
Compensate fire victims first
This is preposterous
First a fire destroys a perfectly fine store
Now a woman dies just before the re-opening
It might be hard to open next week
How long since you were sent here?
Well... about two months
Why did you quit the police force?
If this is how you work
with no consideration of the circumstances
- But the incident... - Get a grip on yourself!
This job was created just for you because you're my nephew
There are times for interfering and times to keep quiet
Now you should concentrate on the opening
I told you not to call me that
Chairman, director Choi from SecuZone is here
Tell him to wait
I'll open on schedule even if the sky splits in two
Dreampia Employee Training Camp
From now, we will improve our control over who enters here
Are you playing games?
Nobody will be allowed to sign out before 8pm
The CCTV and central guard room must also go operational today
That will be all
Chief of Security...
It seems you don't know how it works at these stores
It's only a week to opening, 8pm is unreasonable
Then should we make it 9pm?
Look at you... How can you live like this?
You know, since last year's fire...
People say strange noises fill the building after dark
Have you heard?
The inventory for the items that came in today
Sign please, chief...
Right here
Chief, please check the position of the 2nd camera
A bit to the left
My left or the camera's left?
It's my left, so... the monitor...
- is it the right? - Can't you even figure that out?
The flip side of the opposite... to the right
His right!
Your right side
Hello, Chief Woo speaking
You haven't gone home yet?
Still, the 9pm check out time
The TV?
'D' Department Store, ready to re-open after last year's fire,
was the scene of an apparent suicide
by an employee of the company named CHOI,
according to police reports
What the heck? Someone must've had a hidden camera
If the chairman sees that, he'll pass out
Stolen items were found in Choi's handbag,
and the weapon appears to have been a display item...
Yes, Mr. Chairman?
It's Chief Woo
I'm sorry
For our next story, the KOSDAQ-listed CS Trade Co
was chosen as the exclusive participant...
What the hell?!
With the help of the police, we will solve this incident at the earliest date possible
And we will re-open according to our original schedule
I, JEON Il-sung, make this promise to you now
Strange incidents have occurred here since last year's fire
What do you think about this?
Who let the press in?
What are the guards doing?
- Chief Woo... - I don't understand
What is the hurry to re-open?
Please leave Mister, you can't do this
We demand compensation and an investigation!
The police have confirmed it's a coincidence
- Please go out - Homicide is also a possibility
HA Hyun-soo, Violent Crimes Division
Is there a basis to assume homicide?
The first victim is right handed
So we assume she'd use her right hand to cut herself
Like this
But in fact her throat was cut the other way
So we can assume the criminal is left handed
Similarities in the two cases suggest
it may be a serial killer
What is the motive for the killings?
the motives for murder are often found close by
Well, let's stop here. Everyone back to work
We're finished now. Please go out
What the hell were you doing back there?
I'm sorry
Haven't seen you before
How do you do? I'm from the Seoul Violent Crimes
Are you some kind of hero? A serial killing?
This is someone trying to get back at me
The investigation will tell all!
We'll see, after we investigate
Oh, and this...
I don't accept small change
How conceited...
It's been a while, Detective Woo
Or is it Chief Woo now?
Long time no see
How did you end up here?
And what about you?
Didn't expect you'd see a crime scene again
And you...
are left handed, right?
Wow, what a great store
Lots of mirrors
Pretty cool!
What do you think you're doing?
Didn't the chairman tell you?
From today, this is the police investigation control room
Inspector Kim, bring the files and put the monitor here
Yes, sir
Excuse me
Everyone out, please!
How the hell did this happen?
Oh, Uncle!
I trusted you, Director Choi. What's going on here?
I'm sorry
And look after your employees!
How can I trust these people?
Chief Woo will be taking charge of this
I don't wish to be involved in this
Have you still not gotten over last year's incident?
No, it's not that
It's the police's responsibility to solve this
How long are you going to hide from yourself?
How long will you go around with an empty belt?
I know this isn't our job
But this is a good opportunity for you
Opportunities come once in a lifetime
If you let it pass, you'll always regret it
Two people have died in two days
You can't tell what might happen
Carry it for your own good
Get the fire victims' files,
and see if any of the protestors are relatives
Yes, sir!
- Go now, quickly! - Yes, sir!
And you...
get me a list by tomorrow of everyone who entered last week
Here it is
We'll be working all night,
so why don't you just go home?
Are you gonna keep talking down to me?
Didn't he used to work in Special Operations?
He won the police shooting match for 4 years running, huh?
So he came to work here after that hostage incident
Where else could he go?
Stop it
Hey, am I with my high school friend, or a psychiatrist?
I'm telling you as a friend
Then stop nagging
Stop nagging
You won't get better if you drink
There's nothing wrong with me
Am I your patient?
Then why do you act like one?
Drinking alone every day
You still can't look at yourself in the mirror?
Stupid bastard!
It's strange
Nothing appeared on the other cameras
No third party fingerprints were found
No, there must be something
Knowing the position of the cameras
This is definitely an insider
Was there anything special in his bag?
Oh, yes
Only this
Building plans for the store,
I guess. Makes no sense to me!
Go and find out, okay?
Still, isn't there something scary about this place?
A lot of employees say they've seen ghosts on night duty
- Inspector Park - Yes?
I watch you working next to me
To me, that's more scary...
Are you going to keep whining?
Every crime has a criminal
I'll catch him for sure
That incident then...
You need to let go of your mistake
Everyone makes mistakes
Who says I made a mistake?
What fucking bastard says I did?
What's up with your hand again?
These days when I drink, I don't remember a thing
With the compensation issue unresolved, recent incidents
have virtually forced the delay or cancellation of the opening
Which fucking bastard is it?
Let's go!
Where do you go each day after drinking?
I'll catch that asshole
and put my life back in order
There was no trace of other people. Both died in front of mirrors,
with no room for anyone to stand
KIM was left-handed, but suffered a right-handed blow
CHOI was right-handed, but suffered a left-handed blow
It's symmetrical
So a ghost like Bloody Mary came out of the mirror?
Got any other ideas?
If he comes from behind, left or right-handed doesn't matter
You just grab the head and cut
He can use both hands
For the ear, you can do it with either hand
So what is your point?
CHOI Mi-jeong and KIM Il-hwan
Both were employees when the store first opened 4 years ago
32 of the 47 clerical workers
were here before the fire
Both worked in the general affairs office then
There were 5 people in that section
CHOI, KIM, BAEK Jin-su, IM Jun-seok & LEE Jeong-hyun
LEE died in the fire last year, and IM quit after the accident
And BAEK Jin-su...
returned to work today
Mr. BAEK Jin-su?
Mr. BAEK forgot something, and went down to the parking lot
You shithead!
I know it was you, asshole!
You think I'll stand for this? You're dead, fucker!
I won't stand for this, asshole!
What the hell?
Shit, where did they go?
You ever seen anything like this?
Shut down this store immediately
Call the head office
You bastards!
What the hell are you doing?
Are you joking? You want to see someone die?
Let go!
Over here
So you're the one shooting videos
Which department?
Are the broadcasters paying you money?
Follow me
What you see is not everything
CHOI Mi-jeong, Planning Dept
You're still here, Chief Woo?
How can I help you?
Some plans that KIM Il-hwan was carrying when he died
I just wanted to check if you knew anything about it
These are designs for the event hall built last year
Why was KIM carrying them?
A store employee carrying store plans makes sense, doesn't it?
Inspector HA's promotion is on the line, so he's sensitive...
If you see anything strange, let us know
Sure, I will
What a jerk
Name: LEE Jeong-hyun
No data
IM Jun-seok
Hi, get me a car for tomorrow
Event Hall
General Affairs Office
LEE Jeong-hyun
LEE Jeong-hyun Yongsan, Hyundai Apt
JEON Il-sung
Hello, is IM Jun-seok in?
Who's calling?
- Yes, we're... - policemen
She's coming!
She's here!
How long has he been like that?
A few days ago, it happened suddenly
He never stops
Has he said anything else?
He says he sees a woman,
and to take away any mirrors
If there's any change, or if he says anything else,
please call this number
It's our home
It's my home
Controversy Over Dreampia Fire Compensation
Families Enraged Over Compensation Scandal
LEE Jeong-hyun?
What are you doing here?
What are you?
What the hell is all this?
Here's the file on the late LEE Jeong-hyun
Family consists of just one sister
But they're twins
The sister's name is LEE Ji-hyun, a mental patient
After her sister's death, Ji-hyun was discharged
But Jeong-hyun's death certificate is a bit strange
There were no relatives but the sister to identify the body
Since Ji-hyun was in the mental hospital then,
some employees identified it instead
That happens sometimes
But look at the signatories
All people who died in the recent murders
Why didn't you tell me before?
Nobody believes me
My sister is in the mirror
That isn't me
Did you try researching last year's fire?
What was the cause?
As I see it, during internal construction on
the event hall and central guard room,
the worker's cafeteria, for reasons that are unclear...
Just read it, okay?
It says a fire started in the cafeteria
Why did the store employees die?
Among the dead,
LEE Jeong-hyun was the only employee
You busy?
What brings you here so late?
Dong-ha, do you have any patients...
who think their reflection in the mirror is someone else?
Wow, this is one crazy bitch
Call the head office, and put out a search on LEE Ji-hyun
- What? - Post men here as well
Did you see it?
Look at these paintings
Documents of the world inside mirrors
Once you start thinking that your reflection is someone else,
at any moment, two egos and two worlds may appear
Self-hatred, triggered by a mental shock,
causes a personality to split,
and you perceive two worlds, inside and outside the mirror
The world inside mirrors?
The world is divided into two symmetrical worlds,
that is, the person is psychologically divided in two
Thus the mirror acts as a passage... for example
between a dead and a living person,
or it acts as a door between the two separate worlds
If you die outside the mirror, you can still be living within
Also, if the you in the mirror dies, you see no reflection
Like Dracula?
It's backwards, right?
Some people believe DaVinci came from inside the mirror
It's said he didn't see his reflection in the mirror
I sign my name backwards, too
In high school, I practiced over and over
Then did I come from inside the mirror?
Do you see someone else in the mirror too?
I told you it was someone else
How did you?
CHOI Mi-jeong
KIM Il-hwan
BAEK Jin-su
LEE Jeong-hyun
LEE Jeong-hyun...
What did LEE Jeong-hyun do in General Affairs?
Receipts and disbursements
I heard she was the chairman's personal cashier
But wasn't she a bit young for that?
Find out everything you can about her
Look through files on last year's fire,
and all documents from General Affairs
Check up on subcontractors, investors, and the chairman too
I can't help you
Go talk to the police
You know nobody will believe me!
Then what do you want from me?
We need to find my sister
Your sister died in last year's fire
No, she is still in the department store
Use this room
That was Detective Woo's partner?
Who died because of him?
How can such a master shot have missed?
That crazy fool shot into a mirror
It seems this needs to end. Please find my sister
Can you think of anyone?
Isn't that your job?
What do you people do, anyway?
Before last year's fire,
a lot of money passed through the General Affairs office
What the hell are you talking about?
These murders are linked with company cash, right?
Those employees are dying one by one. Are you aware of this?
I couldn't find any cashflow records from last year
Do you really not know anything about it?
Look, are you working to catch the criminal,
or my company?
There's no data at all on fire victim LEE Jeong-hyun...
Do you happen to know anything?
LEE Jeong-hyun?
Is she connected with the murders?
All the victims worked in the General Affairs office
It seems the police are investigating Lee
as well as IM Jun-seok, who quit after the fire
Did they find out anything new?
Well, there's no evidence yet
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