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Subtitles for Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan.

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Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan

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Who discovered the body?
I did
Chief, he's the butler of the Liao Family
Is this the master-bedroom?
No, this is his study
My master usually slept in the lady's room
Where's the lady?
She left with the young master and young miss
...the day before, to visit her parents
So your master,
...was all by himself last night?
Yes... um, no
Beg your pardon?
Ainu was there too
Here they come
Hurry up
C'mon quick
Hurry up
Is everything here?
Yes, the trip went quite smoothly
Open the boxes, Yan Shunzi
Let's go
Move over
C'mon, beat it...
Who are you people?
Why did you bring me here?
Wu Huatian
Lady Chun, this girl's called Ainu
Her father is a poor teacher
We tracked her around for a few days,
...before we kidnapped her
Ainu, is it?!
It's a good name
God, what a temper!
What kind of a god forsaken place is this?
Allow me to go if you're sensible,
Or I'll call the officials to arrest you all
Men're gonna go crazy for this girl
Come on, settle down the girls
Yes, go
Wu Huatian, come with me for your payment
Please count it...
Oh, I trust you
No mistake I suppose!
Our brothel's reputation is important
Don't worry, no matter how lustful we seem
I know that none of my staff...
would dare to give you any trouble
As for myself...
You haven't changed a bit
I mean, you still don't like men
What a pity!
Have a seat...
Lady Chun
Lady Chun
At this late an hour!
Come, get me some wine
What's up, done with the checking?
Whatis it?
She's being violent, needs to be tied up
She's a headstrong girl
But she sure holds a class of her own
You rotten girl!
So, anything missing?
This one was deflowered three days ago
Who did it?
I can't tell
He'll kill me, if I do
Is that so?
Come on, speak out or suffer
I can't tell!
Okay, I'll tell
Zhou Hai
Do you know her?
I've told you people before
Lady Chun isn't one to be messed around with
Er Pozi
Yes madam
Training starts tomorrow for this lot
Er Pozi
Add a bit more alum to clear up the water
Would work wonders for the skin
That's right
Some more alum here
Where's that girl?
You're referring to Ainu?
I am not eating...
I'd rather starve to death
I know this is hell
And all you, you're not human
Let me go righ tnow
I've told you she can't be controlled
Have you ever heard even once that,
I can't control my own people?
So, what do you think?
Such a nice room this is!
If you listen to me
You'll have the room and the maids
Just imagine the comforts of living here
At that time, Ainu
All the wealthy officers, landlords...
will be mesmerised by you
You'll have countless jewellery,
Endless wealth and glory
What else do you want?
I don't want anything
Is this what you want?
Is someone there!
Yes, madam
Thrash her with the cane
Yes, madam
That's enough
You may go out
You've got silky smooth skin
Why, Ainu?
Why don't you just listen to me?
You know what?
You're really beautiful
I think I may have fallen for you
I don't want to eat
Please, if you are kind
Just let me get out of here
Hey mute boy, get out of there
This way please
Good day, sir
Haven't seen you for a while
Good day, sir
Good morning, sir
Careful there!
Give him a hand
The elderly gentleman is here
Good morning, Sir
You're earlier than me
Be seated please...
Acquired any new birdies recently?
Quite extraordinary according to him
Too bad, there isn't enough to go around
Same old rule applies
The highest bidder will get to enjoy first
Of course
But this once, bidding price will start higher
Start with five hundred, shall I say
Five hundred?
She must be a...
Let me go
Bao Hu
Let's start the bidding, gentlemen
One thousand five hundred
You own all the rice in this county...
that's a low offer coming from you
My turn
Three thousand
Now that's quite an offer!
I forgot how much I put down
Let me show you
Five thousand
Yes, yes
Have you given up, old master?
Who said so? I haven't made my bid yet
You didn't write down an amount
Says who?
My son is the local governor
I don't think I need to write a cheque
I just open my mouth when spending
Five thousand one hundred
Five thousand one hundred
Can never underestimate the elderly
And we have a winner
You gentlemen will take your turns later
- Wang - Yes, Sir
Withdraw the money tomorrow
Then we'll come and pick Ainu up
Yes, sir
Let go
I said, let me go
Feed this bowl of sedatives to her
Let me go
Quick, get out of here
What's going on?
She's awake...
Move away
It isn't easy to take your own life here
Lock her up in the dark house
Brother mute
Why did you save me?
I am going to die sooner or later
No, you shouldn't kill yourself
You can speak!
I didn't speak a word...
because I refused to
I hated everyone
I was involved in illegal activities
I fell in love with a rich girl
Her father found out about me...
and he was against our marriage
He set up a plot and parted us
After that attack I can hardly fight
Later, the girl killed herself
Because her so-called respectable father...
raped her
So can you understand why I turned cynical?
How come you're so good to me?
You bear a slight resemblance to that girl
But, don'tworry
I am not in love with you
What I have, is sympathy
For the way they treat you.
You shouldn't kill yourself
We'll retaliate
Without my permission...
no girl has walked out of this door
Yan Shunzi, you are no match for me
Are you trying to get killed?
Brother Yan...
See if you can move now
Brother Yan...
Please don't die
Miss Ainu
You... you can't die!
If you die, who'll take revenge for me?
Brother Yan...
You can die now
Brother Yan...
Please don't die, please don't!
Brother, you can't die!
Don't die on me!
Brother Yan...
So what now?
I will kill you if you so desire
Or you'll listen to me if you wish to live on
Alright, I'll do as you say
Who found the body?
I did
Chief, he's the butler of the Liao Family
Is this the master bedroom?
No, this is his study
My Master usually slept in the lady's room
Where's the lady?
She left with the young master and young miss
the day before, to visit her parents
So your master...
was all by himself last night?
Yes... No
Ainu was there too
There's someone here to see you, Miss
Miss Ainu, Chief Ji, recently appointed
He wants to see you
You all please go out
Chief Ji, I am amazed to see you here
This is a surprise!
No, I am here on business
Then it must be important, I guess
I'd like to ask you
Were you at Liao's house last night?
Since when did the brothel...
fall under your jurisdiction?
No, it isn'tabout the brothel
You see, Liao was murdered last night
His servants said that,
You were the last person to see him
Are you inferring that I killed him?
No, I dare not
But according to his servants left around midnight
And his time of death was around midnight...
based on the accumulation of snow
Then, did he die before I left...
or was it afterwards?
It's so simple!
If you can prove that he died before I left
Then I must be the murderer
You may arrest me rightnow.
If you have got no proof,
Then let me tell you
He was still alive when I left
He must've died after I was gone
How could you prove that...
he was still alive when you left?
Then how can you prove that
...he died while I was still there?
Chief Ji
I guess you are new in town
Liao Guoqiang was a miser...
an alcoholic and a sex-addict
He ought to have been dead ages ago
Why do you care for his death?
Alright, Chief Ji
Anything else?
If not, please leave
I'd like to rest now
See you
Chief, you're leaving?
Did you see that?
Ainu killed Liao last night
And the officers are here
Lady Chun, you shouldn't spoil her
You even taught her kungfu
I think our business of ten years...
will be jeopardized by her one day
Don't forget
You kidnapped a young girl ten years ago...
and you were attacked from all sides
You had nowhere to go
Had it not been for me
to save your life, you think you'd be here now?
I left the martial arts world behind
And opened up this brothel for you
This is disgraceful enough for me
Aren't you satisfied?
You were willing to help
That's because I love you
Too bad, I am not interested in men
Love is strange indeed!
You love me, but I like Ainu
Ainu killed someone
It was Liao Guoqiang this time
Zhuo Wenjian, LiZhangan will be next
Then it will be our turn
I am just testing your skills
And making sure if I'm still in control
Bao Hu is worried that...
you will kill us one day
Why did you kill Liao Guoqiang?
For no particular reason
I think I'm becoming like you, hating men
That's why I seek revenge
This could mean that I'll love you more
And I don't yearn for the affection of men
Then, were you excited...
when you first had a taste of blood?
Very much so!
But it's similar to the snow outside
Totally tasteless!
Do you intend to kill us in the future?
Of course not
With you, it's like we're one in being
I can't live without you
One frog jumped over the pond... plop
Two frogs jumped over, jumped over plop
I drink
Li, what's going on?
One frog jumped over the pond plop
Two frogs jumped over, jumped over
If you do suspect Ainu
then how abou twe arrest her?
Alright, I'll go
No, I'll
Enough nonsense
The chief must have his new working style
But then,
Ainu has strong patronage, we can't touch her
Do you know her history?
Whores have no history
They're either forced or have volunteered
It's the same story
The word is she's quite outstanding
That's true
Especially in bed
Have you tried it?
I can't afford to
Ainu serves the rich and the famous
I am just a small fry
Ainu herself selects her clients
No matter how rich you are...
She gives a damn!
What kind of clients does she prefer?
As I just mentioned
Apart from the dead Liao
Zhuo Wenjian and master Wei
Mr. Zhou, Miss Ainu is here
Hello, Miss Ainu
This way please
Please wait for me here
This way please
Master, Miss Ainu is here
Do come in
Come in
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Master Wei, we're here to save you
Save me? Bullshit
Is somebody here...
Are you alright, Sir?
Who might you be?
Ji De, chief police officer
Go to hell
What's going on, master?
Who is he?
Chief police officer
He's asking for you outside
I am here to rescue you
Rescue me?
Sorry I am late
Get out of here
Out! Now
Right now, or I'll complain...
to your supervisor tomorrow
- Get out - I...
Mr. Zhou, what's with your master?
He's a bit worn out from
his experimenting all these years
He only gets turned on by bondage now
That's what it's all about
Now you should understand, chief
Let me buy you a drink, come on
C'mon, drink up
Ainu, come on
Come on
What's with you?
Come on, I want you
What do you want?
It's you I desire
Wei Jianzhong
I remember the first time
You tied me up in bed...
From that day on I swore
...I will tie you up one day
And kill you
The time has come
It's your turn now
Chief, what is it?
I'm still worried
You can't go in, chief
The lights are off
See, you wouldn't really want to intrude
Don't, you bad boy!
The master's still got it
Ainu is moaning!
Just leave
C'mon, get going
You never thought of this day, did you?
Miss Ainu, you're leaving?
You're still here, Chief Ji
You must be worried
That's why you waited for me here, isn't it?
You better go check inside
Or else you wouldn't know...
if he's really dead
Let's go
What do you want?
I want to go inside
He's asleep righ tnow
You put me in a difficult spot
I think tonight,
She wouldn't dare
Oh, no! Fire!
Hurry! Putit out!
Chief Ji, how can I help you?
You set the fire to kill master Wei last night
I am here to arrest you
Set a fire? Any witnesses?
Sure wasn't any fire when I left
But just after you left
The whole house was in flames
Then it must've been someone else...
who set the fire after I left
I didn't see anyone going in
Did you see me start the fire?
Even though you didn't leave a trace
I'll have to arrest you today
Chief Ji, not only you've no evidence...
to prove that I am the murderer
Even if you've seen me
You should've done your homework
Do you know who owns this place?
If you really want to arrest me
You should ask the governor's dad first
Who is it?
Good swordplay
So it was you!
You've visited me twice
Just returning the favour
This is my turn
Do you want to tell me who's the murderer?
No, on the contrary
I am here to ask you to step away
Why not?
I'm backed by this
Put down the sword
Now you will step away, won't you?
Tell me
Why do you try to stop me?
It's for your own sake
Otherwise, you'll be sorry
What if I won't listen?
Fine, I'll tellyou
Zhuo Wenjian will be the next
What? Nonsense!
Ainu wants to kill me?
That's rubbish
Master, she means it for real
Can't be
You've got too much time on your hand
Now you're interfering
Are you sick of being an officer?
No, sir
But Mr. Liao and Mr. Wei...
What's so strange about that?
We all have to die sometime
You can't hold Ainu responsible
If you don't see Ainu will be safer
Master Zhuo, you don't want me anymore?
Ainu honey
My baby, of course not
I'd rather die than not seeing you
Myl ittle baby
Come over
Chief Ji, you want to join the fun?
Master Zhuo
Do you want him to join us?
Of course not
Get out
Old master
Get out now
Get out
Go bring the girls in
What are these three doing here?
You always say you wanna try new stuff
Lemme give you the four winds today
The four winds?!
Yes, it's the brothel's special
Why aren't you taking your clothes off?
I am the north wind
If you want me, then it's up to you
Come get me the wine
Perhaps it's time for you to rest
What? I am only on the west wind yet
What happened?
- Knock it down - Sure
What's going on?
Don't move
- Men - Yes
Get the governor
You can't run this time
- Cuffs - Here
Chief Ji, let her go
She's the murderer, sir
I said, let her go right now
Didn't you hear me?
Yes, sir
Allow me to take you home, Miss Ainu
And I apologize for this incident
Chief Ji, about what happened here
You can't let anyone know
Why not?
Because the old master...
died of an aphrodisiac overdose
The governor's reputation is at stake
So you had better not tell anyone
All men are the same
They all lust after us
I have watched them die one after another
I am ecstatic with joy
Liao Guoqiang, Wei Jiangzhong, Zhuo Wenjian,
...and one more
Heard he's returned from his job
What? They all died?
I heard you spent a lot of time together
That's why I want to warn you
Beware of Ainu
They all weren't versed in Kung Fu
But I'll be a tough nut to crack
Someone there
Bring Ainu here tonight
Master Li, Miss Ainu's here
There you are
They will kill you...
before you try to kill me
If you really want to kill me
I think you can do it all by yourself
You all may leave
Why did you kill the other three?
So that I may save my love for you
You men just don'tappreciate
If I want to kill you...
where's the weapon?
Come on, search me
Come on
Go ahead!
I'll indeed search if or not you've a weapon
Then again, I didn'task you to hug me
Well, you wanna sleep with me...
one last time before you kill me?
What's the hurry?
Let me strip first
Then you'll know,
if or not I'm carrying a weapon
Is Ainu here?
Yes, she's inside
I want to go inside
This is a special door
It can only be opened from inside
Not from the outside
You deserve to die
You knew I am here to kill you
But still you lust after me
Somebody, please help
Knock it open
You deserve this
Never could you have thought that
this very special room you built...
to abuse and ravage women
And you'll end up dying here!
Do you remember...
the first time in here...
when you whipped me?
Is there no way in, except for this door?
It's just this door, no other way
Come on
Make way you guys, I'm coming
Go on in
He's already dead
Chief Ji, you're a good officer
But you've caught the wrong person
After her...
Hold it
Chief Ji, two years back
I was like them
Got kidnapped from other places
They sold me to Lady Chun
I twas a living hell!
I was coerced into prostitution
I killed a few men
I killedt hem...
only for revenge
If you're looking for the real culprits
Arrest them
Lady Chun, we've got a problem
What is it?
Ainu plotted against us
They got intercepted at the gate
What happened to Ainu?
She turned out smart, and fled
I thought she must've been hurt
Didn't I tell you earlier!
The brothel will be ruined by Ainu
I am going to kill her!
The brothel is finished
We could start a new at a different place
but I can'tlive without her
You've been blinded by lust
Ainu did this forrevenge
She won't hurt me, never
Because she and I, we're one
- Come on - Go
Will you fight against us...
for her?
I am not sure
But let me tell you
No one harms Ainu when I'm here
This is scary
Here's the key, let the girls go
Come on
Run... run away
Hurry up
Get away...
Quick... leave fast
Mr. Bao
Mr. Bao
What is it?
Ainu set the girls free
All of them
Didn't you hear what I said?
I've said it before
No one harms Ainu as long as I'm here
Can't you see that...
this is her revenge?
Do you believe that?
No way, she and I are the same person
Lady Chun
We should settle this once and for all
You want to die already?
Your yinyang ghost hands aren't powerful enough
...formy spine-chilling sword
Why? Bao Hu?
It's not worth it
We will still be together
I ain't really sure
The likes of you don't deserve my love
Butit's too late forme
Ainu, you wouldn't stop loving me...
now that I am handicapped?
No, I won't
Because I've never loved you
Looks like this is it
Today is the time for revenge
I wanted to use hate for vengeance
But I failed
Hit on a better plan instead
thinking, no one else would've used it
I used love to take my revenge
I killed Liao Guoqiang, Wei Jianzhong
Li Zhangan, Zhuo Wenjian by love
To bring the brothel down
I used love to come between you and Bao Hu
Never'd imagine the damage love could cause
Didn't expect you to be more vicious than me
Stop it!
We are both despicable,
heartless, merciless, cruel and sick
Now perhaps you'd have a glimpse of...
how repulsive you are!
You don't need to!
I am dying anyway
I guess this is karma
Even though you've killed me...
Yet I don't hate you abit
I... I love you
Could you kiss me once more...
before I die?
It's my last request
Have pity on me
Thank you, Ainu
Thank you for dying with me
I had a poisonous pill in my mouth
I was chewing it...
when you kissed me
You are unlike me
You've still got your conscience
And a little love
I am too late, Ainu
Oh, Ainu...
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