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Subtitles for Inquisitor The (Claude Miller 1981).

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Inquisitor The (Claude Miller 1981)

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== Sub By PROMiSE ==
The Inquisitor
Here again.
Always likes this.
Wait, What's the matter?
I wanna my car back.
The third in a day From last month
It's too crowded.
Then hope there's no the next.
Jabelain£¬Jean-Marie Jabelain
Jabelain¡­ Jean-Marie
Good evening
I feel sorry,but¡­¡­
Never have seen a big jam like this.
Better now?
Where's he?
get coffee
Since he's not here, you ask me alone,ok?
There's no need for him to listen.
You just make the notes.
Then show it to him.
You see, I'm only in charge of asking.
In one word, I hope that we divide the work properly.
What's this?
You'v stood on the table?
No, It's Rod£¬light's out£¬so¡­¡­
Your chief is late.
He's still a bachelor.
I like him.But he's too serious
It's no good
You'v already seen him.
Yes, cause that small feast was very amiable.
It's for us to review the history of Belgium
Ladies are wearing their jewelrys.
Inroduce their husband to the others
Are you married? sir.
Yes, I'm married, stupid.
Just a joke
Alright, Please sit down
You know
I don't know. Why you are here
You only have to tell us some detail.
About your neighbor's dog.
Mrs Martinaud havn't told you,right?
Yes, she havn't.
Good evening, Belmont
Want something to drink?
Give one to Mr Martinaud.
But I'v only called two.
Here's your coffee, Mr Martinaud.
Sorry, I don't drink coffee at evening
Thanks all the same.
We just talked about the dog which Martinaud know
Wait, Which kind of dog?
I think it's not important.
I wanna say, I just get the same thought.
Then let's see what's on it.
That night you took your neighbor's for a walk
Yes, it is.
I like dogs as many others.
Then why didn't you have one?
Cause my wife don't like them.
She prefer cats.
You like them too?
No, dirty.
Cat won't make dunghill in my wife's opinion
Cats are cleaner than dogs.
Persian cats are the dirtiest.
My wife don't like the neighbor's dog either.
Yes, persian cats Dog
What's his name?
No, I mean dog.
yes,Dunlu£¬It's in there.
A courser
A courser?
I think it's a courser.
In a coursers' match
Dunlu did very well.
How to spell "Dunlu" Dunnu?
What ever you want.
Your witness says that
You were drinking in a pub.
But, you'v never mentioned the dog.
This is a courser.
Wait, look at this.
Where have it been all night?
At a old friend's
Yes, you're right.
He always takes it to go for a walk.
But he haven't done it that day.
That night he haven't
I was drunk.
Too much sherry.
Listen, I'm eager to know too

I'v no idea what she had said.
But she said that she hasn't seen you that night.
We could doubt your words.
Then what do you think?
You know I won't aganist you.
No hostility
And no reins
Cause now just us in the room.
In fact, honest people don't have to explain.
Mr Martinaud.
Two girls said they'v seen you.
I'm curious about this
You, as anyone else
Would make mistake
But it's not like that
It's no truth.
Not real
Two littel girls What can they tell?
Only looked like me
Wore the same clothes as me Matinaud
That, is...
Very common.
Newspaper, Radio
Tv. all have told us things like this.

You prefer comparing things in this way?
But, look
She said that you spend money like water.
What will you say?
cause I'm rich.
I have wonderful house and beautiful wife
They found out that I'm not lack of anything.
My wisdom makes me to see everything in a general way.
The railroad disigned by me made me successful in this field.
Got many titles,but...
They never admit my succeed.
It's unfair.
I'm sure that you'v had the anonymous message.
I swear I havn't.
No, en...anyway
In France What are polices doing?
Yes, we'll receive some letters from the government.
Or letters about some problems in local state
Something like that
It's natural
But this time, you were just there
Being a sitter-in, hard to avoid curiostiy
Why were you there?
Strange, yes
But not mystic
That dog wasn't with him that night.
Then what?
Let me see
He didn't say that he wasn't with the dog.
He said he hadn't checked it in.
Have a careful look
Come on, look at it.
What's this?
He's right.
Whether Martinaud was with that dog,
He hasn't mentioned it.
Then aren't they the same?
No, not at all
He hasn't mentioned it.
Could be that he hasn't noticed it.
Sorry, but what's changed by him?
You're not him, you won't understand.
I ask one more time What's the difference?
Yes, what's changed?
Maybe you let him make a phonecall.
I wanna take a deep breath.
There're some logistic error in your assistant's illation
Looks like a new guy at work.
No one can do it perfectly from the very beginning.
Anyway, I understand
Yes, You're right
What a pity, our work isn't finish
Sure,you can make a phonecall to your home
Close the door
Watch him
What should we do now?
Seems we could get nothing.
Should we let him write down what he says?
Give me a coin
I can't tell the truth about that dog
Don't dog like following their master?
Don't worry, the truth will be there
Just a matter of time
Then why you ask him some detail?
Of course, but need skill
I got my own plan
Sorry sir.
Can you come with me?
Something really important
No, thanks, I have my cigar
If thirsty, there's a drink machine outside
At where we stood.
Since we left
Have something new come into your mind
8 years more, I'm 50.
A man could come through a lot in 8 years.
Besides doing works, It'll be wonderful for having kids.
Very good
Everyone wants to live with a nice family relationship
Yes, everyone
No, I didn't say that
No...It's just my thoughts
Then what's your point£¿
Martinaud doesn't wanna live with his family
What're you doing£¿
Answers and questions?
So cheeky your questions are.
Aren't they?
Now make some more
From taxi driver to soldier
Then can change
Let's see your family
Come on
Are you Dr. Martinaud?
But you'v already had the record...
It's my job to ask
You have to answer quickly
Are you Martinaud? Yes
Belmont? Yes,belmont
Granduate from Xi'an Jiaotong University
Married? Yes
No kids? Yes
Why not?
I don't have kids cause...
My wife can't procreate
Can't? or don't want to?
Now, I'v no idea
You fell in love with someone else?
Walking with some strange women.
That's a beautiful feeling
Look what you are saying...
This, is it beautiful?

Just like the phote,she's dead
In wild
You know that place well, right?
Yes, her dress,her hair, I know them all
Such an impression
Should we remember anyone we know?
Yes, In my opinion
It's Wednesday
Yes, Wednesday
It was Wednesday at the Third
He hasn't taken that dog with him
He locked it to the ground
I Know, Now I remember that
Are you sure?
Of course
Every details
I hope it's true
Tell me, Martinaud
Be honest
You know why you were there?
You got suspicions
So,you did that
Very common
Things happen in some strange way You see?
I'm sure that you ran off then
It's not true
I got my reason to run
A girl dicovered
two dead kids
On the beach
The tacts are familiar
They found out that
Feel sorry for you
In the first case
You are most doubtful...
Then what police say?
You know...
Every police won't satisfied with the skin-deep success
You'd better not to hold something
Then we all will be losers
You are skilled in this field, inspector
You just said
You will make your own decision No big deal
While the case happened

Ok, If you want to, please make a phone call first
Call him come to see me
If you insist
I just have a litte favor for her
That's all
Let's stop this talk
Good,very good
What should we talk about?
First, If you want to
Criminal location£¬beach
Not a very old place
Date, Wednesday
Someone reported the case
A kid, 8 years old
Died on the beach
This's our record.
It happened on that deserted beach
The day before, we saw your car there
In 1 mile
It parked there all night
Someone saw it at 7:15 or 7:20
These all are on our record
I hope that you have nothing to do with it
Later, we dicovered the body
There're relations?
Of course
Most people wouldn't do that
Alright, Martinaud
I'll give you sometime to think about it
But you'v already asked me 800 times
I'v answered them all
Ok, since we came to this point
One word, gentlemen
You make me to weary
Free talk, didn't we?
Probably not
Then what do you want
Your car were there
But you weren't
Where were you?
Drinking in bar, nothing else
Yes, I forgot
Unfortunately, the barkeeper couldn't remember you
Then, nothing
No witness
Do you know when it close?
Always be there, wait
Even their particular food
If now you still can't trust me
Why not others?
Why, why me?
Between us
There's no common language.
I recommend to have a 5 min break
No need to angry, Mr
We are just doing our job
You won't see anyone more hilding
But it's normal
Why should I stay here
That thing
He wants people to trust him
Your sister married with a painter?
Yes, a painter
Have to be a painter
Pure painter
Real painter
Only can do painting
You know his works?
Everybody knows
For that money, he married your sister?
It's just my deduction
I'v seen a sigil
Her husband's sigil
We really have to go there and see with you
I'm sure you'v seen something that day
My sister was sick
Your mean's not good at all?
It's complicated
Yes, it is
Everything was ok first
She went to theatre, exhibition
I thought there was no problem of her hearing
She's happy
Sold a lot of paintings
But from then on
How to say...
Your family havn't accepted her
Drived her out, right?
My wife thought she shouldn't have married that painter
He's poor
That's all
Many people say the same words
Let's talk about Martinaud
Tell me

I was with her all day
I was tired
I went to have some drink
So I havn't noticed that I left my car in a unproper place
How long have you stayed there?
Don't know, an hour maybe
I went to my sister's
After that you were with her all along?
Ok almost
But not immediatedly
You went to flower show first
Is it free?
Yes In fact
We spent some money
For milk?
You can say it simply I just enjoyed the flowers
With people from Paris
Ok Agree Flower show, then?
After that
I left my car there
I went to my sister's house
That's all
On the beach?
Cause you should have walked through the beach from flower show to your sister's house

You had to pass by that beach
Walk quickly like having done something wrong
Why did you say that?
None sense
Give it a name
Hit Martinaud down
Can you bear that?
It's not all for Martinaud,right?
But you were angry about it
I was there cause I wanted to
Someone called me to
Now I have to go
Pleas sit down
You can't walk away
I can't?
But you should notice
You can report to your boss
Cause you don't have evidences to keep me back
It's simple
You could keep suspect or others, but not me
I don't know what you are thinking about
But we have to keep you back
You can make a phone call
To who? As you wish
For example, your staffer
He can help you
It's the only way
I don't have
Strictly say don't have anymore
The three big problem in history
They all like this
I know what you are thinking
Your describing was wonderful

We got the list
It's for sure that you wanna continue your luxurious life
Some chinese wanted to hire you
There was one
I accepted two
I think you chose Martinaud's office
I don't know why
I wanna mention that
It's a joke
No, you break my speak

If you want this, why not?
For your kids
You don't have other choice but join the Martinaud's company
We'll write down what you wanna eat for supper
Yes Bread
Isn't your avail
You feel uncomfortable at home?
Maybe you'll give the positive answer
It's natural
Sleep in gundogs' bark
What would you do
If I want to, I'll call my wife back
Thanks Happy New Year to you either
Tell me
Have some body just called
I want you to leave your certificate here
All on the desk
You see clearly what you have
We'll investigate
This is your wife
I'v never seen someone more beautiful than her
Me neither
Pity You havn't seen her with your own eyes
You won't understand
It's up to you
Yes You will never undterstand
I try to remember What can i say
At low place
No High
Are you sure
I'm not familiar with these things
I leave your things here
Above the high step, there's a corridor
Very long
There're 3 rooms
Can you tell their size?
Kids' room and guest room are on the other side
KIds'room is still empty
Guest room became my wife's
I live in another one
Between our rooms there are a corridor, 15m
Many things divide to stacks
Illness Death
A corridor make us apart
A corridor of 15m in length
It's just
a desert
In the end of the desert
It's a locked door
You would never know
What's behind the door
Want some coffe?
I want a cup of coffee this time
I can walk around like this

Another cup of coffee
You havn't been nice to your underlings
You act like this cause you want me to admit it
Are there someone who's very important to Martinaud?
In first place
I doubt that if you have done something violent to girls
Why didn't you talk to your wife in the corridor or at the doors
Now I want to know
What's between the door and Martinaud
What's behind the door
You know it clearly
You love watching these magazines
These letters make me sick
Don't you think?
I agree
Let's talk about that door
There was Mrs Martinaud
one who close to you
From when?
Months or years
Maybe much earlier
Maybe there was nothing
When ever?
When I was travelling
What's your mean?
Strange sex relationship
It always bothers me
And we all are impatient
Really strange
To me, it's new
A kind of feeling that I live in the market
Yes, just like that
That's it

Till these days
I asked myself
Asked myself if
Life is nice
Cause you like there
You won't understand
It'll never be so direct
a wonderful feeling
So what, She's married
Went to America
There, anyone get their chances to be round up
Yound wife start to repeat his life
Then she saw I was her right man
I promised to give her ten years
They havn't lasted that long
Something changed
It is
very natural
When I came back
I found what I want at the end of the corridor
I understand
Understand what?
You don't understand at all
You know why?
Cause you think it through your own story
When I tell you other's story
Yes But not others
You are here
I don't know Mrs Martinaud

Cause you think it's too long
too dark
You can't see anything in it
I just want to make things clear
I wanna know what the hell is going on
What's going on?
I'll tell you something really important
I don't have the courage to do this kind of crimes
Oh no
Havn't you ever brought troubles to others?
Your wives are gone
Maybe first
Then it was nothing serious
I hardly did somthing to make her happy
Women all love flowers
I can't understand that
Ok Your coffee
No progress
Send someone to watch Martinaud
We started from 8 this morning
According to the law
You have to stay here for five more hours
To 3 tomorrow
No But
Should over or end at 3
No I want to know the exactly time
Can you remember who came in?
No idea
Cause I didn't care about that
Tell me
At that time
Was the light on the roof bright?
Not so clear
Or I could see it for sure
Just a light
Can't see clearly from outside
But then you were outside
You havn't heard anyone's sound?
Nothing no
Yes the sound of ocean wave
Ocean wave
Nothing else?
No one?
You want me to believe you?
I'm not crazy...
I'm not a professional typist
Anyway, you saw nothing, heard nothing
Except a normal night porter
He drank some wine
Sound of ocean wave
And the dead
Why not?
Cause then
He was sleeping
At that time no one in or out?
So how long passed?
An hour or an hour and a half
Then there's plenty of time
The way criminal goes
Obviously your opinion all point to the light side
Thinks that all medcine can cure illnesses
So strange
I recommend you that don't repeat doing those things everyday
Gosh Don't play with me
Don't you wanna get off earlier?
Focus, It's working time
Ok Go on
Thanks a lot
How many people were there

Don't know
Splendid acting
Don't you think
It's so strange for this kind of things happened in Paris?
To you and a 8 years old kid
Can't get your point
You'd better
Try it
Do you smoke?
And neither gamble
I can't do washing
Or other housework
Often went to eatery
The only way
The third time that I repeat it
Didn't you really hear nothing?
Please come in
Come on in My friend
Sorry Excuse me
Can you come here for a moment?
Pardon me, please
Alright Help yourself
Boss is calling you
What do you think that I should have heard?
Mr Martinuad's voice
Like that noise
So weird what your boss told me
Never heard of it before
Like a dog that stands nearby
Who would notice what happened around at 3 o' clokc
He wasn't the winner
The other way, he made noise
At last I turn to be the goat
Try this
Why don't like it?
Sir Hello Good evening,Mr
What do you want to eat or drink?
I don't come here for these
There're only 3 hours left Then It's the end
Hold on,hold on
I wound rather be easiest
Yes, I'v noticed that
Mostly kinds of investigation are in this way
Hope you can find it out
Is this the police symbol?
Will you set it here?
You wasted a wonderful night of mine
read these things
When will you give up?
It's up to your manner
Foxy, Martinaud
You said that that girl you'v seen was very weird?
looks like you are very tired?
So strange!
What did I just say?
You said so strange!
Mean while
You said no!
When you said so strange
I answered yes
Right Maybe
We have to keep it in mind
It maybe nothing
But this question should be asked
What's up£¿
Close it
Won't be seen
This is a barrier
Ward off light ourside
Very odd?
I'm good at taking on this kind of bad women.
And either the old guys
You have interest in old ones?
A lot
How did you begin with it?
A old question
I don't know
Look at me
Tell me
How did you do it?
She touched it like this?
Not right£¿
How did you do it?
¡°What's your name¡± ?
Is it very tender?
Is it?
What are you doing?
Not bad, is it?
Not bad?
Keep your mouth shut! Shut up!
There's no time
You should use your insight in a inquisition
She's popular
Are you that kind of men?
I guess so
Half past nine
Alright, we can get it done
What else will you say£¿
No way!
Is it possible£¿
Where do you wanna go?
A little girl!
You old dotard!
Go to hell!
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
All gone nuts!
Yes, crazy!
Ok then
Enough, I have to go.
You can't
I must go!
I'm tired of this£¡
You can't go away.
I wanna be at home, asshole!
No way, Martinaud!
Somebody come!
Don't move

No moving
Just a walk
I wanna go home
I'm only a poor guy.
Couldn't you be more tender?
Who is it? made the trouble
Marplot marplot?
He bumped that japo's car
Pretended to a cop.
Were you feeling good while you did that?
In my word, Japanese are easy to cheat

Where did you find them?
In a hotel room
Play a cop, just like you.
You, Mr. You'd better take it off.
What's up£¿
This is a noisy evening.
Why saying that£¿
Cause Rod has beaten Martinaud
Luckily there're only some flesh wounds
We didn't fight
He hasn't beaten me
From my birth
Need a doctor?
Martinaud's hapless.
Is he?
Anywhere are orders from boss
Anywhere you should abide those orders
Give it to me
Can't you just get out?

I even can't breathe
He's right
You may go out
You too, Rod
Why me?

I know

My fault?
All my fault?
It's him.
Cause he's there
Talking some bull shit
Made us to stay here.
Didn't he?
He got progress
No need to explain tonight.
Cause friends or not
Already been beaten here.
That means somebody has to leave.
See you, Mr
Listen to me, Martinaud
Will you apology for that?
What do you want me to do?
You only wanna him leave?
Do you?
Wanna see who's gone nuts!
You wanna record?
What's wrong?
At least should look at...
Who? at least
All for?

What's wrong£¿
I say you'd better talk
There're two thins that I can charge you
Dominate and Torture
Torture when you left
Cause I'v told you before
Once you left
That would be a private torture
What it say?
It means If he's the last one who heard that
Yes,yes, I'm the last one
I'm the last one
I'm the last one that made him to believe
Not anybody else, he's bluffing
That's it.
Can you imagine my life in that corridor?
Totally different from at Chanel
My wife give me all things.

That's it
I'm leaving
Close the door
That's how it goes
Forget something? No
But Mrs Martinaud is downstair
She said her husband is here.
What say us?
What say us, Martinaud?
I'll try to solve it
Here's no light, Mrs
Now It's ok
My husband has stayed here for over 2 hours
Mr police
yes, I know, Lady
But I'm afraid there should be some more time
You still wanna him stay here?
No¡­ He'll be back soon
Can I know why?
I can't tell you yet
But you should understand
My usual feeling tell me that you are snorty
You force my husband...
We never force him to do anything

But what is it
This is a small case
He knows that either
Don't you wanna take your coat off?
Glad to help you
Something to drink?
Coffee or tea?
Do me a favor, send a cup of tea to 260
Yes, tea
Have tea? Alright, thanks
You feel uncomfortable tonight?
Do you know?
I turned the light off
What do you wanna say now?
Mrs Martinaud.
Not long
As you wish
For example, About me?
Talk about your working place?
I won't cry for them
Cause the room?
Do you wanna talk about this?
What's the next?
Furniture, grate, corridor...something like that
I see
To me there're not much to talk about these things
Cause you said
Your husband should understand

How long have you been here?
6 Years
You know much about this city
I was living well in safe area before the marriage
Very nice
Listen to my father
Nice too
I'm not deceive you
It's not the symbol of fortune
But my parents wouldn't live in other place
They were interesting
Weren't they£¿
You know what
My parents have lived in a single room for 35 years
They never moved
I'm not you
Couldn't just look at the facade
But it's your marriage
Full of young energy, right?
Full of energy? Not at all
After My graduation
I had to make choice
Working? But do what?
Marriage£¿ But with who£¿
Or sleep on the roof
My family
could often go to a friend's of my father
Or in Winter
Were you grown then?
Mother gave the gift in playing piano
So you are very charming
You know it
I'm outstanding in my age
then married Martinaud

What after that?
His sisters?
Pretty sisters
Not for that
I think It's simple
Just like this
He hasn't told you?
Not all
I was worried about what he would interested
He's proud, Martinaud.
And honoable
He always stayed in the corridor?
Seems contrary

I'm willing to do that
Pity, but interesting
For example
Always seeing Martinauds together
To him
Never stay together at night
Do you mind?
Can I?
When I left?
The case is relate to one of your husband's trip

He's always living at the end of the aisle?
Then when's the first time?
The Christmas 6 years ago
You see
It may be his birthday
He's worried today.
Cause he's leaving
This person who hopes everything's well
Talk about something that we can't talk about
He's right
You hope so?
I'm a little worried
You want some? No, thanks
We get used to have Christmas at his brother's

In fact It's because your daughter, Camille
We have no kid, but they do
How to say?
A adorable little girl
Full of imagination
Wonderful dinner
Like a familial Christmas party
Camille's playing around
Martinaud's Watching her
She's very happy
Maybe a little tense
I'm busy than her
My beautiful sister loves having parties
I can see that
I like this little girl very much
Maybe they will notice that
So I'd better keep it underground
It's just a familial party
We keep pacific
Give gifts to my beautiful sister
Books, perfume
He's no longer at the dinner table
Playing with Camille
They are in the living room
I walk to there lightly
Listen to their talking behind the door
He's saying,she's listenning
I can't repeat what he say
He's comforting kid like a woman
Then I understand he loves kids
And they find me there
I miss Camille
Her smile
I feel ashamed for I can't give him a baby
Then your life goes on

You should know this is the problem between
I'v tasted enough the pain of marriage
Independence is improtant
So I decided
And I got used to it
I can see it on the other way
Mrs Martinaud Coulnd you tell me
Or explain How's that attitude
And I'm a cop
I wanna know where he went to at that two mornings
Nothing to say
Rotel Listen
No matter what he tell her
Listen carefully
Then help me type a letter
Say hi letter? It's done
Yes, but this time it's more important
If you help me do that
I can do a better talking job
Now I can hear your opinion?
It's not important
But his clean is, right?
Martinaud has writed to his lawyer
What have you said to Chantal Martinaud?
You have a nice bath, sir
What more?
You are so tense

My Gosh, what's going on?
You do know everything
The only thing I wanna know is if you are related to the murder
Talk about your scheduled party on that night
You mean Rotax's party?
No, Robour's party
In your mind, What should I do?
Nothing but eat...
But you are under suspicion
Your car parked there for a very long time
And what about the weather that night?
Now we come to weather forecast...
I'm wondering, you said you were having fun all the while
But you got enough time to do the case, right
So strange that you'v failed
You should know the weather of that night
I just discovered the body.
But how would you explain that so call chanciness
Don't you think It's a little farfetched?
No, not at all
You could be more honest
If you are clean indeed, you will leave soon
Sorry, then I prefer to stay
I can't be the criminal as you presume. That's it, sorry
Alright,alright Calm down, Mr Martinaud
Ok, then how did you find the body?
You were drunk
How would you explain it?
Then why do you go to ask that bar keeper
In fact, all that night there was no one who has seen you
You car was near there
A very long time
Only you appeared there
And she's dead
That's why you are under suspicion
What say you?
Trust me
But can't explain
I swear
You were hanging around there
ate,drank at the hotel
Hours passed so quickly
Kidding, there's no one seen you in that five hours
Until saw you at the criminal location
You ran home, why?
Cause I found the body
Then why went home
Made phonecall
You can find a phone anywhere
Be honest why you went home
I was tired, that's all
Did your wife hear you back
I'v no idea
Nonsense, what's this for?
Alright, you got home, telephone was broken.
Then why you went home for making phone call
I went to the bath
What about the call?
I wanted to have a bath
Forgot the phone call?
Yes likely
So what?
Indeed It's a good question
Alright Martinaud
How many phones are there in your home?

Old style
I don't like fashionable things
You'v already asked that before
You are faddy
Not like me
It's my coat
You feel uncomfortable?
You know, no big deal
Very good, go on
You face are so pale
No, no, nothing
I just lost my patience
I don't feel good at all
I'v told you
The party on that night
What else do you wanna know?
What more do you wanna know exactly
Your action after drink
What did you do at 5 o'clock?
5 o' clock, Like you said
I was on the way to my sister's
Ok, I agree
Then what about on the road? Martinaud

Nothing, only got my car
Drove all along, that's all
You havn't fetched your car directly
No lying, that's true
You know what time was it?
Were you driving at 2 o'clock that morning?

Would you feel no good?
Drove in dark for an hour
There's no one else Didn't you wanna do something
Then this thing happened
Say something Martinaud
You wanna say something, right?
I wanna talk about Camille?
Quickly, clearly
Gallien, you know

I like Camille very much
That's enough fro you
You are lucky
I'm the murder
I confess
On the contrary,I doubt what you said
What's wrong, Martinaud
What's wrong? What are you thinking?
You killed Ganer
And Are
Only because you were unhappy?
Yes. sir
Is the most important
My God
Luckily that's not you as usual
So how did another you do it?
That one died in front of Ganer
Damn cop
No, Martinaud
Cops wouldn't say something out of thin air
We won't do anything fulsome without evidence or clue
Sorry, you ARE under suspicion
You didn't need to run home
You were hiding something
Ok, for what?
Cause there was blood on your car
That's because I'v casually touched the body
That's it
Martinaud I repeat it again
It's no use for lying to a cop
Cause the killing way of another victim is so familiar with this
You don't have any other reason
Cards we found there
The same with those found at Ganer's
It's your bill
with your account on it
Can't imagine

Not like this not like this
So what do you think? Martinaud
I'm not sure what's going on
I don't know why my card's there
Your wife believe in God?
No, I don't know
Not very much
Have you killed Rishon?
And Ganer?
Yes Two

No fear of pulishment?
Anyone else killed?
Anyone else killed?
I'm looking for you.
Tell me
What about your case? I heard that
No, no clue
Then Martinaud?
I just asked him some question
Got some news from her?
No, She fenced with many question
Taxi Go straight hurry up
Sorry lady You wanna go first?
Or that car would block your way
Doesn't matter, I'm no hurry
Thanks Mrs
Taxi go on
Hold on
Hi Come here for a while
What's this
Hey Andami Come here
When you foundd this
You didn't watch him?
We DID watch him
Then why should he have gone?
No, but I once went for a phone call
What about Jerome Martinaud?
What Martinaud?
Doctor Martinaud.
He's in Gallien's office
Then,after I moved the body
I wased my car, tools and clothes
I'was so tired then
Can you say some more details
Yes, that's it
That's the point
It's him indeed
Right. Of course

You cracked it long time ago right?
You always be like this?
He has left, and got time to do it
Ok Martinaud
Sorry for you
Now It's ok
Alright, Back to the black aisle
Aisle as you said
You could go now
Can I ask you a question?
Only one
You went to her, her dark place with all lights turned off
Have you seen Camille there?
What Camille
Jan. 1st 7am
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