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Subtitles for In The Line Of Duty 1989.

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In The Line Of Duty 1989

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Iíll go and see what's up.
Your information was very valuable.
I don't want you taking any more risks.
Don't worry, Iíll be fine.
Hurry up.
What are you doing?
I've just come off the boat.
Help me, please.
What are you doing?
Who is she?
She's a friend. She's just visiting.
You're supposed to be working.
Sorry, I'll send her away now.
Come on.
I only Live just up there.
You're the first girl who's ever picked me up.
- What do you mean? - Nothing. Just Looking for pity.
Is that all right?
Come up.
Make yourself at home. Have a drink.
That's my mum. She lives in Hong Kong.
Here, take this.
What do you think I am?
I don't know who you are.
But I was an illegal immigrant and I worked hard for seven years.
I just got my ID card today.
If you've just arrived, take this money and find your relatives.
I don't need any problems.
I just need to rest a while. Is that OK?
Sorry, I haven't got the time. I have to go back to work.
Can I use your bathroom at Least?
You are troublesome - it's downstairs out the back.
I can go myself.
Hurry. I've got money to earn.
White Cat calling Black Cat. Over.
The mice are in the warehouse. I'm in pursuit. How are you? Over.
There's a suspicious-Looking mouse watching me. Over.
Try and shake him. Over.
I know what to do. I'll meet up with you soon. Over.
Game over, in actual fact.
You're not a very nice person, using me Like that.
You'd better go now. I don't need any trouble.
Move it!
Luk, help!
Luk, please save me or they'll kill me.
What's up, guys? Let's talk, there's no need for violence.
Are you going to pay his debt?
How much did you borrow?
With interest that's $20,000.
I've told you to stop gambling. You never Listen!
I've worked hard for my money. What am I to do?!
I have no money! Just kill him!
- Don't move! - Put it down!
Put down that gun. Do it!
Do it.
Kill him!
Don't hit me!
Here, use this!
Pretty cool!
Not that cool.
- Are you OK? - I'm fine.
You're too much for us. Let's go!
You'll need this to pay the debt. I'm off.
It's Miss Yeung.
Luk, who is that girl?
Forget about her, you look after yourself.
OK, I won't gamble any more.
If you can't stop gambling, there's no future for us.
We might as well give up.
Where are you going?
You can rest here a while. I'll ask Uncle Lung for help.
You're no good at tailing people.
- Sir. - Thank you.
Excuse me a moment, my friend's arrived.
- Hi, Donny. - Michael, how are you?
I'll go back to the station with you once we've finished breakfast.
- Are you on duty? - Yes, I'm following that guy.
OK, I'll leave you to it. Got a Light?
Take care out there.
- Michael, help me out. - No problem.
- Are you OK? - I'm fine.
- Where's the guy with the beard? - He's gone, I don't know where.
I'll take these guys back to the station. You get on with your work.
Brown Cat calling White Cat. Where are you?
Do you read me? Brown Cat calling White Cat.
Let me introduce you. Wilson, this is Wong from Hong Kong.
Police! Don't move! Hands up!
Don't move!
We're CIA. We're following this drug trafficker
who's been threatening national security.
We've been working on this for two months.
Your interference is spoiling our whole operation.
I know you're CIA, Mr Robinson, but youíre making a drugs deal.
- Let's clear this up at the station. - No problem.
Get me the negatives!
Boss, he's gone and he's taken the negatives.
We must find him!
What's the matter?
Take this negative to the Police.
Drop the gun!
Don't move!
I just saw somebody being killed. I didn't do it!
I didn't kill anyone. I was just defending myself.
- Where are the others? - What others?
Those drug dealers!
I don't do drugs, I was just passing.
Stop acting dumb!
- Did you take the negative? - No, he gave it to me.
I'll ask you again, where is the negative?
I don't know. I lost it.
You're lying!
I'll get it out of you yet.
- Hand over the negative now! - I don't know anything.
Oh, yeah?
I've told you a thousand times, I was just passing.
Stop lying! You know everything! Give me the negative now!
- I told you, I don't have it. - Give it to me!
- Stop hitting me or I'll fight back! - Give me the negative!
- You off, then? - Yeah.
It's only me. Take it easy.
Here, eat.
When can I leave?
The next ship to Hong Kong leaves at nine tonight.
I've booked a place for you.
Here, give them this half dollar bill.
Plus three thousand dollars and the cabin is yours.
- You borrowed money again? - relax.
I just exchanged my ID card for money. Take it.
Are you crazy? I worked hard for years to get that card.
Get it back.
I'll get it when I have the money.
The money is here. Take it or die.
OK. If I don't die, I'll give it back to you.
Don't talk nonsense, I'll die before you.
America is a hard place to make money.
You'll be better off in Hong Kong.
Maybe you'll be rich! Don't forget me then.
You're right.
America doesn't suit me.
Perhaps Hong Kong is the place for me.
- The TV doesn't work. - The antenna is broken.
You'll be bored. I'll fix it.
Can you manage?
I can fix a broken TV no problem. My problem is fixing you.
It's working.
Don't shoot.
Where is Luk?
Luk? I don't know any Luk.
Who is that?
That's me.
Who is that, then?
Here, money.
- I'll kill you if you don't talk. - Go ahead, I'm not talking.
Come on, Ming, run! run! Hurry!
Hurry, get out of here! run!
Ming! Ming! Open the door!
Open up! Open the door!
Open the door, Ming!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Go! One death is better than two.
You can't die! Open the door! Let me in! Hurry up!
Miss Yeung...
You'd better stay here.
Don't come up because if anything happens, I'll get the blame.
Don't move!
Damn you! You want to hit me? Go on, then, and I'll blow you away!
Let's see you beat my gun.
Stop running!
Up yours!
What are you doing? You care about him too much.
He's just a suspect. You could have killed an innocent man.
You know you let a criminal go free? Happy now?
Come in.
This is Inspector Yeung from Hong Kong. This is Captain Wong's case.
- How do you do? - How do you do?
I've handed this case over to Captain Wong. Fill him in.
It's been my case from the start. Why give it to him?
Because I have no faith in you.
I'm partly to blame for Black Cat's death. I'll follow this case anyway.
Let me work with Michael.
I don't see a problem with that, but I think he can handle it himself!
Sir, Donny knows this case inside out.
I would really appreciate his help.
OK, solve it as soon as possible.
Thanks for helping.
No problem.
Good, you've brought the money.
It's not enough.
This is all I have. Can you help me?
This card is of no use to you. It will cost you much more than this.
I'll do Ming a favour. We are good friends, after all. That's settled.
Ming, you've caused me a lot of trouble and I'm still alive.
This time, I caused your death.
Stop praying, the boat's about to leave.
There's no refund if you miss it.
Ming...I'm sorry.
I'm Leaving now.
Michael, we received information
that Luk escaped to Hong Kong on a ferry last night.
OK, I'll go to Hong Kong to have him extradited.
The car's here.
Follow me! Hurry!
- Group One stays here... - Stay here, our men can handle it.
- Mum. - Luk?
Yes, I'm back in Hong Kong.
I'll come and see you very soon, Mum.
If you get the chance. Do you think you can escape us here?
I've stayed away from you lot. Why canít you leave me alone?
run! Why donít you run? run! run!
Come on.
Stop fighting.
Miss Yeung, he wants to shut me up for good.
- What did you say? - Again!
I'm doing my duty and you point a gun at me. I'm a cop too, bitch!
Stop fighting!
- What's the matter, Donny? - What happened?
He hit the suspect and threw my gun in the sea.
He hit me. Why did you point a gun at me?
Leave it, Donny.
Sir, there seems to be some mix-up.
OK. Take the suspect for a check-up.
We'll discuss this at the station. Get the gun.
Miss Yeung, do you really suspect me?
Why did you run off to Hong Kong?
Why did you run away from the Police station in Seattle?
Someone tried to kill me at the station and my friend Ming is dead.
I didn't have a choice.
By running off, your innocence has turned to guilt.
Don't make things worse for yourself. Weíll help you.
Weíll take you back to America to investigate further.
I believe the suspect and hostage are in the south of the island.
I've divided the rest of the area into four parts for searching.
The Special Squad are standing by. The gang are heavily armed.
They are well trained. Everyone must be especially alert. Got it?
Where is the negative?
Has the cold got your tongue?
Which negative? Fuji or Kodak?
If the cold doesn't kill him, you will.
Youíll turn to ice if you don't speak.
It's not that cold! Just a little cool, really.
Is it cool enough for you now? Where's the negative?
Hold on.
How's that? Feel better?
You are tough!
It's lucky you didn't tell them. We would have both died.
The negative is as important to them as to the Police.
Trust me, give it to me.
I'll help you prove your innocence.
The negative...
Block all the exits. Don't let the fool escape.
Yes, sir.
Madam, we're picking up an SOS.
- Transfer it to me. - Transferring now.
This is Luk.
- This is Madam Yeung. Where are you? - I don't know.
How are you?
I'm fine now, but I don't know about Michael.
We've got him! He's nearby.
Stay calm, I'm on my way.
I've given them the slip.
Time is running out. Tell me where the negative is.
I lost it.
Where did you lose it?
I don't know.
But...I saw the man who murdered the American cop.
- would you still recognise him? - Yes.
Even if he was disguised.
- will that help? - Yes.
Inspector Yeung is on her way.
I've fixed the radio.
Hey! This is Luk. Can you hear me?
Inspector Yeung! Inspector Yeung! Can you hear me? Hello! Hello!
Don't move!
- Captain Wong, are you all right? - Yes, yes.
- Are you all right, Captain Wong? - I'm fine, Madam Yeung.
I don't want any more trouble. This case has gone on long enough.
I want him extradited tomorrow.
- OK. - Thanks.
Don't move or you'll get it.
I can never come back if I'm taken to America.
What do you mean come back?
Miss Yeung, have a heart, Let me see my mother.
Just five minutes.
Four minutes!
Three minutes will do.
Sit down. This isn't a marketplace. No bargaining.
None of your business.
- What? - It'll get madam into trouble.
No, it won't.
Just drive past her house.
Let me just see her, then I can die in peace.
I'm begging you, Miss Yeung.
You really want her to know about this?
Why upset your mother and make this awkward for me?
Shut up! Be a man. Stop crying.
I haven't done anything. Why does everyone keep hitting me?
This is Inspector Yeung.
I'm taking the suspect to pick up some important evidence. Over.
You two stay here.
I don't want my mother to see this.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
- Hey... - Why did you bring him here?
- How is my partner? - He's all right.
Luk fixed the radio and saved Michael.
Is that true?
I'll go with you as soon as I've seen my mother.
She's in the kitchen.
Hurry up and take these off.
What's all this noise?
Mum, how are you?
- Fine and you? - Fine.
Fine. I missed you.
I missed you too.
I missed you too.
I know. I know.
You two are... Who is this young lady?
- Miss Yeung is a friend of mine. - That's right.
This son of mine - hiding his girlfriend from me like that.
You worked so hard for the money that youíve sent me.
I haven't spent any of it. I've saved it all for your wedding.
- Only $3,500! - It's plenty.
For a small wedding for poor people Like us, it's fine.
I've waited a long time for this day.
Oh, excuse me, I haven't served your tea, Mr Yan.
Yan came back with Luk.
He took very good care of Luk.
- Thanks. - Have some candy dumplings.
- Miss Yeung, have some. - Thanks.
It's sweet and long lasting. Go on, try one.
Donít you like it, Miss Yeung?
It's quite good.
Here, let me serve you.
Mum's candy dumplings are the best.
So romantic and you're not even married yet.
This ring is a gift for Miss Yeung.
Oh, so careless!
Are you OK?
I'm all right.
Give me your hand. I'll put the ring on.
- I couldn't, really. - You must.
It can be your engagement ring from Luk.
Come on, give me your hand.
It must go on your left hand.
Come on, give me your left hand.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Doesn't Miss Yeung like it?
She is very shy. Let me help you.
Luk, it's time to go.
Wait a minute. Let me look at your hands.
- What's going on? - Mum, I...
Why are you handcuffed?
I am a Policeman from America.
What has my son done wrong?
Your son hasn't done anything wrong.
Yeung is taking him to see her parents,
but he is shy so they are locked together.
It's not handcuffs, it's a love knot.
We American Police enjoy playing these games.
Let's go, Luk.
Mum, I won't be back tonight. Take care of yourself.
Don't worry about me.
Come back soon if everything is OK.
I will, Mum. Take care.
Please talk to my mother tomorrow and tell her I'm going back to the US.
Take him to hospital, I'll distract them.
- What will you do? - Hurry up, he's had it.
Come on, then.
Have you contacted his mother?
- I didn't want her any more upset. - But she has the right to know.
We can't be responsible for her emotional state.
You know what, Yeung? You are too sentimental.
Luk is lying there because of it.
I'm beginning to doubt your ability.
Well, you are a first-class cop, but you are too impulsive.
He's a suspect. Why did you have to treat him so badly?
Luk's life is in your hands as well, you know.
I too am beginning to doubt you.
Guilty or not, it's the judge who decides.
My job is to arrest people.
I have a different method to yours. The law takes emotion into account.
A suspect is innocent until proven guilty.
If they make a reasonable request, I'll allow it.
Have you no compassion?
You have no right to criticise me.
I'm not criticising, I just don't like you acting so cool.
First they kidnapped Luk, now they want to kill him.
- What do you think? - Have they already got the negative?
- Sir. - Madam Yeung.
Why did you take the suspect home without permission?
How did he get hurt?
You could be disciplined for delaying the extradition.
Sir, she took the suspect home because I requested it.
The suspect said vital evidence was missing.
To save time, we decided to investigate immediately.
Captain Wong, did she not keep you informed?
She didn't, but it seems time was short.
Then I don't think Captain Wong has any more to say.
Madam Yeung, write me a report.
Both of you are responsible for his life.
Don't worry, sir.
Luk is over the worst. When he awakes we'll take a statement.
Things become complicated when your subordinates are too smart.
Thanks for balling me out.
I'm cool. Don't mention it.
- Why don't we... - I've got to run, bye!
Your goods and our money were all destroyed by that Policewoman.
If you want revenge, I'll get you the opportunity.
What does this tattoo stand for?
It's a US Navy Special Forces emblem. It's the Black Fox symbol, troop 3.
According to the Pentagon,
on October 26, 1979, the whole troop fought in the Nicaraguan Civil War.
They were all killed in action.
But...Last month in America,
there was another suspect involved in this case
who also had the same tattoo.
You've come all the way from the US to kill Luk. Why?
There must be a large organisation behind you.
So what if there is?
Tell me the truth!
Donny! Calm down! Do you really want to kill him?
I only asked you to take his confession, not to kill him.
I didn't hit him that hard. He won't die.
The Hong Kong Police filed a complaint for excessive violence
so I'm sending you back to Seattle.
I think this case is becoming more and more complicated.
It will be fine. Don't worry. Weíll celebrate once this is all over.
- See you in Seattle. - Forget the case.
Take this, you can read it on the plane.
You've done your best.
Miss Yeung, I trust you...
but you don't trust me.
You didn't even tell me you were sending Luk away.
I did that for Luk's own safety.
I transferred him to a safe house.
Don't misunderstand me, I'll inform you of everything from now on.
OK, here's to our future relationship!
Michael, do you need a ride?
- No, my car is over there, thanks. - OK, then.
- The assassin escaped downstairs. - After him!
- Is Luk all right? - He's fine.
Madam, I need to freshen up.
What's going on?
It's me!
How are you doing?
I feel sleepy.
- Here, drink this. - Thanks.
Why didnít you go back to America?
I felt the suspect I interrogated...
died suspiciously.
Who do you suspect?
Captain Wong, your good partner.
I also suspect him.
I'm beginning to like you, Lady!
You don't suspect Michael because you like him.
As you said, a cop shouldnít get emotionally involved.
You always act cool,
yet you allow relationships to cloud your judgement.
Yes, I do have feelings
but I'll arrest anyone who breaks the law.
Why would I come back otherwise?
You think I like you nagging me? You stupid....
Stupid bitch. Stupid woman, right?
Sorry, I shouldnít have said that.
Hey, foul-mouth!
We're a fine pair.
I didn't know I was so sentimental. I do hope it's not Michael.
I trust you.
It hurts.
Am I dead?
You can't be, you're still feeling pain.
If I haven't died yet, the sight of you will surely scare me to death.
You haven't done anything, why would you be scared?
Of course I haven't,
but youíre still following me like a crazed dog.
And I don't know what your game is.
We were attacked in the hospital. He saved you.
Then I should thank you for saving my life.
Luk, start from the beginning and tell us the whole story.
Bring Luk in, or you'll face charges.
I can't risk his death, my hands are tied.
I understand, but I can't protect you forever.
Madam Yeung, let Wong take Luk back to America.
That's an order.
- Madam, we're all ready. - Good, let's get started.
Madam Yeung, why are we all here?
Luk may resist arrest so I brought backup.
Bing, tell them to work faster. We must move the stuff tonight.
- The buyers need it. - Don't worry.
Police! Freeze!
Police! Freeze!
You lied to me!
Don't struggle!
Save me. Save me.
Don't let go.
Madam Yeung didn't give the suspect to Captain Wong.
She even had the drug dealers try to kill him.
You covered up for your men and disobeyed an order.
What kind of discipline is this? You will arrest Yeung at once!
- Is this it? - No.
Bigger nose, thicker eyebrows.
What about now?
That's him! That's him!
This is the drug dealer I saw!
- Him? - I'd recognise his face anywhere.
You're afraid. Canít you beat him?
I can still fight!
Don't move!
Shoot me.
Shoot me! Go on, pull the trigger!
Where is he?
Tell me, or I'll kill you!
Madam, there's a warrant out for your arrest.
OK, I'll go with you.
I'm sorry, madam.
I'm sorry too.
Luk recognised Black Cat's killer from the magazine you gave me.
It's councillor Robinson.
He's also CIA.
Who'd have thought that youíd learn so much from your snooping?
One more thing.
I suspect someone from our department is breaking the law.
So I came to you.
What do you want to do?
The CIA involvement means it concerns national security.
- It's your call. - Good. You're a real friend.
Yes, I'm also CIA. I would like you to join us.
You want me to sell drugs?
We only sell drugs to raise money to support Latin American rebel forces
so that our country's power is strengthened.
- Those drugs will kill hundreds. - That's a small sacrifice.
- Then Luk will definitely die. - He's a victim of circumstance.
He's unlucky this time. You can't blame me.
Michael, I don't like sacrificing others for my own interests.
OK, you make your own choices.
I won't force you.
- This is how that CIA agent died. - Correct!
Kill him and get the tape back!
Hey! Watch where you're going!
The suspect fell down there.
That's him! Arrest him!
What are you doing here? Let's go.
Stop right there!
- Hurry! - right!
Sir, anything?
The driver forgot to lock up. No wonder petty crime is so bad.
Search everywhere.
I'll help you once, but not twice. Take care of yourselves.
all for nothing.
- Where are you going? - To save her.
You'd only be risking your own life.
She's my mother, I must try to save her even if I die.
Call Michael. We can trade this tape for your mother.
Did you bring the tape?
I've got it!
- Where's my mother? - Hand over the tape first.
Tapes aren't admissible as evidence.
Eyewitness accounts are what matter.
Now you're all going to die so there's no more evidence.
That tape is a bomb.
Don't move! Let's see who's faster!
Unload your gun, then throw it away.
release my mother or I'll blow you away!
Behave, don't break anything.
You bastard!
I told you to behave.
- Why donít you just give up? - Not until you're dead.
I'll get Luk's mother.
Come on, then. Come on.
Pretty good.
Mum! Don't be scared.
Move and I'll shoot!
Put it down or I'll push the button and we'll all die!
I said put it down!
Do you hear me? Put down the gun!
Councillor Robinson was arrested
and convicted for drug-trafficking and murder.
Officer Donny is still carrying out his duties as a good cop.
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