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Subtitles for If I were a Rich Man.

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If I were a Rich Man

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Hello, the flower in the windowshop is very pretty
It can change your mood It is good you come
You lood unhappy
Oh, you are a psychologist Your stuff is over there
Guarantee 25 percent of China Flowering Crabapple Is included
"plant soul" our products made for the pure
It will attract the bees This season, are you kidding?
Look at me, am I kidding?
Two clients went off
Hi, I said two clients went off
I could't recognize Madame Benhassine Look at her head
What can this mean? This is just a terrible coincidence.
You think I am fool, and do the sale promotion again?
You misunderstood
We have been working together for ten years Yeah, it is too long
Something with the compound, but it is the first time
Let me check it
I will be back soon. ok
I am from " plant soul" company, good morning
Come next time
You said last time
I came last week
Oh, you'd better come next time
[his phone is ringing]
Monsieur Brun,this the Monsieur Rognard barber shop. Can you come here?
Oh, really? then don't come No, no Monsieur Rognard
Am I quick?
Sir, talking to me?
I think whether you are talking on the phone?
Yes, I wanted to tell you
It is just a condition reflex
If you can't control yourself then stop
110 Euro
Oh, nice guy, 110 Euro
Go, it is ok
Take it, policeman, it is for you
No, you should take the China Flowering Crabapple component. It is easy to sweat with the hat
It is effectivem , it is not bad to spread more
You are welcome, it is my pleasure
Are you ok?
He is an idot Ok, what did you do?
I came to her when she was going to close
I suggest she trid using our beeswax
On her?
And then you....
Don't worry about the 6 months' stock
Look at these orders
All ticks, he is so happy
I want pork
It is very good for you
Grilled? fried
Fried chips
My set meal 15 Euro, me,too, she is a nice girl
She will indict you
I don't know what your pigs feed on
And we will eat them soon
I know, somebody is speaking to me
Lend me 5 Euro
For ten years you spent your money on it I won't
You should have told me earlier, or I would play easily
One thousand million Euro, you have the chance to be the billionaire
You? no
I don't want to be cursed
You are right
I " s ....s"
He stutters
Oh, it is too late
Now let's welcome
Mr. Morillon
Your new boss
Thank you Monsieur Brun
Do you think he will, will ... Ask us to stay?
[he is imtating his stutter]
I have a question
Unbelievable, it is you we ever worked together
Yeah, excuse me
oh, I am sorry
It is nothing
What's wrong with me today? why I am so clumsy
That's ok. it will bring the good luck
Oh ......
Hello Mr. Morillon
Thank you very much
Did you see you wearing? You should clear them up
Good bye
Alice, you should come to see us
I am... happy
No, I am a businessman
Something wrong with talk
Oh, that, since I , since i.....
I lost again
To the meal
Elvis wants to say goodbye to you
You should ask me first
Aldo! I am so sorry, I have got a bad memory
That's ok. G¨¦rard, my boss
Alice , my wife We knew each other
A beauty
It is your wife, lucky Aldo! You are always so lucky
What did you say?
You bought it. I told you
How you get the money?
Make a loan, a nice car
We have loaned too much money
We never travel far and nothing else to do
We are not on holiday But you bought the car
We live on it
On it?
If I have no job We would have died of hunger
Good evening, good evening
Ok, want to get on? fuck
I applied for relegation
They opened a hospital in Montpellier not long ago
What can I do in Montpellier£¿
The barber shops there are very flat
You still miss my meaning
I will go by myself
Go ahead
Nice guy I am so unlucky, let's have a talk
Sure, what? sure?
When I want to talk to you You are always lifeless
I am not lifeless
I am dying I walked on the street for 10 hours
I don't want to listen
I will leave home at last, that is too funny
Than's what you think? too tiresome
The only thing you can do is keeping your face straight
You always keep your face straight
You do this for 7 years
Good, I can know from this
Your marriage is based on the common possession
The common possession
This mean all your belongings shoud go halves
Then I need
Your possession bills and declare bills
My husband has nothing with him
Common possession includes the incomes and debts
You mean I must continue to pay the loan
His car loan?
oh, no
Mrs, you are right
It is impossible
I will pay
what do you want to do?
this is my business but the bumbailiff will help you executive
you are so tiring
I will censor the bank bills carefully
Charge bills
I will not let you break my life
That's good, I just find some day to sign
The earlier
The better
I depend on you, no mistake
Especial to remember: if you want to succeed in this field
You shoul have the ability to stand the hunger
Ah, I think he will fire us
He can't do this We are the treasure of the company
The man power capital
Shut up, he is a friend
You said
We don't need new hands
We have no time to train them
Should be Mr.Jean-Phil
The boss called you
It seems he wants to advance me Good time is coming, guy
Maybe he is right
He will to use placate policy
Maybe nothing to worry about
Wait and see, we will know it in a month
Your suitcase is special
This is nothing, I need to check it
I think you act senselessly
Just need a little repair
Anything wrong?
Bad luck, I need not come
He fired me
Fuck you
I can't believe, impossible
This is not true, what reason?
My asshole boss is shit
I will go and see, it shouldn't be this
Go with you
[Aldo knocks]
It is you, come in please
call me again
A misunderstanding, come in please
No, sit here
Now look carefully
What can you see?
I can see nothing This is that you are in my position
But I see
I will be in trouble if it continues
I pay him the compensation
But he has worked in this company for 5 years
He knows the hair business well
Did you see the new hands? They are under 25 years old
They will try their best to attract the clients this is what I need
They are not familiar with this district
They learn fast and use all the time
They will not cheat in the bills
Can you see?
This is not my own business
I have cobbers
According to their evaluation, not all of you can be kept
Can I?
I must sacrifice one
Moreover, I say just only one
But you should give him a chance
I gave
His chance is that he can decide his own future
Jean-Phil is not suit to be the deputy
I have a plan
Are you free on weekend?
Oh, that, free
My sister has a house in Nowaz, We can chat there.
That's good, come with your wife
I don't know whether she will come or not
I insisit, it will be my pleasure be careful with your fingers
Try to face the problem with another point of view
This is a chance to think about what you really want to do
I have been at this work for 15 years
Maybe your genius is not here
Haven't you dreamed of
The other things?
You mean I can't do this things again?
I am over. no, you aren't
I say " maybe" , you are too sensitive
Your friend gave you suger- coated bullet?
you can't understand , if you know how I am convinced
this is not finished
I have an appointment at weekend with him
At his home?
what are you thinking?
you think I will quit you?
sorry, I am too sensitive
oh, can you lend me your tennic bat?
It is ok?
Just a minute
Thanks , let me do it
He is right
Don't look like standing with punishment
Still not ready
If you keep doing this
I will go back to Paris
what, good. it is good to you
Don't make her nervous Genevi¨¨ve, how are you?
oh, sorry, he is a real idot
He is not intended
I was very gentle Better? Genevi¨¨ve?
Not better, let's be back
I am terribly hungry. what about you, Alice?
sorry, I am very sorry, I just want to....
Are you married for a long time?
7 years. it is not so good and you can see
In fact we will divorce soon
oh, poor friend
Aren't you sad?
no, you know, for me
This is the finality
Good, that mean you are not very unlucky
we are not the same wavelength
Anyway one side of the couple
Acts faster and out of the step, this is not good
I am responsible for some
yes! take some cups out
G¨¦rard,how will you deal with Jean-Phil?
Again, we will not talk about it again
I wanted to fire Vendeur
He has three children, do you mean Cerruti?
yes Cerruti
er, let's go
you are not well?
no, nothing It is just the beginning of sciatica
you should go to see the doctor
The hospital provides the good cure to rheumatism
I can book for you if you need
you help me. you are an angel
I am so sorry to let you have a hard time today
If I know you two are discordant
Aldo told me that he brought forward the divorce just now
I can't believe, he told you?
on the other hand , I am very happy
you can come
ah, you are here
worry about you
see what we find
maybe he really wants to vindicate Jean-Phil
anyway, he is his friend
he is boss
will you play the tennis ball with the man who harm your friend?
Good, guy what's wrong? what happened?
boss, a wonderful trick
[he is imitating the noise of the ball]
wonderful backhand ball Mr.Morillon idiot, you said nothing?
haw, that, at last....
too terrible
come on, let's play the gulf
It's the time I work
you are counting my bills?
It will be ok in a minute
I , I am ok, tomorrow
what do you mean?
you should be patient you should leave us after a time
No, this remove is very important to me
It will take a few months
A few months, impossible
You complied to me
I want to help you
we should have a talk in a placidity
I can't catch you
[someone is knocking]
think it over, Madame Brun
I will work for you any time
Are you somnambulating? oh, no
this is impossible
[yell overjoyedly]
Isn't life sweet?
Hello, I want to book, tonight
8 at night, ok
Monsieur and Madame Brun
how much?
ah, no, I book
no, no problem, I will book
[he turned on the music]
what's wrong? wasp?
in this season?
[he turned off the music]
this is not true
send off, sorry
thank you, in fact I don't need
if it is not you, I will have no appointment in these three months
what's wrong?
I am looking at you
look at the street, something will happen
¡°bring your wife, I will be happy to see her,¡±
er, sorry
what's wrong?
nothing I just experienced a terrible morning
anything wrong? where are you stupid from?
How is he, he didn't see the red light, is he a color blindness?
Let me go
I don't know anything wrong with me I am not like this before
what can you imagine?
It is too fierce
I miss you
Let me get off
Forget all the thing, give me a chance
you are in a hard time
It is my pleasure
you know the details?
I happened to see them kissing in the car
Just like the dogs. you don't want to say something?
you know me, it is terrible
If my wife stay with the boss that's too evil
he will not be my boss again
not your wife
you are not lucky , my friend
what's wrong with him?
he was betrayed
what's your opinion?
you know
moreover, the worst is
he is still playing cards
no, this is
this is a day of you
my poor friend, you are right
If I tell you what happened to me
A chance to be the billionaire
no one can escape, you know
the same with my wife
the same? don't think I am a fool
I won't give her the dower
I understand
she can't get it
of course
you did well
another bottle
this is the last one, guy go to sleep after it
you are a nice guy
it will markup as soon as it opens
I am going to close
once more
she made a big
A big mistake
yes, she will get the retributive soon
I don't hope so. why?
i want to tell you a true secret
lottery,do you know who won the prize in a lottery?
i don't know
what about you?
this is not true. it is true
this is not true. it is true
this is not true. it is true
purse, er
look, the chance of the billionaire
the lottery we bought together?
no, baddy, it is me suggeted you
but you refused and laughed at me
ah, I didn't
Oh, my Feifei
what's wrong?
not well?
why I did not follow you?
look, you can find your wife back
yes, it is too easy
we will divorce after three months
she went away with one half of my money and gave to the others without return
another brute like G¨¦rard? no
they can get nothing nothing
I will beer and skittles as soon as divorce comes
how do you feel?
not bad
of course not bad
[romantic music]
come over
how did you know
this is common
can you follow me? come this way, sorry
i demanded to kept sectet and anonymity
no problem, it depends on you
welcome, sir
your wife will be happy
ah, yes
oh, no ,my wife
passed away
sorry, long ago?
no, just a few days ago
this wealth makes you happy
she can't share, nothing
what a pity, but this is life, it is tragic
yes , it is just a comfort
if this money can reduce your grief
anything will be ok
ok, put down here
er, how much is the watch?
12500 Euro, sir 12500
look, it is very beautiful
sir, you have a good sight, would you please come in?
no, it is too early. it opened.
i know, I will come again
your money?
sh, are you crazy? I should n't have told you
take me to stroll in the street?
all in the bank
you thought I brought with me?
tick 32
you believe?
you are a fool . I didn't sleep all the night
you wait because of your wife?
i kept poor in these 40 years, more 6 months is nothing to me
only pork sausage
that's strange, no marked price
hold on, it here
85 years' wine
my god
there is a dismerit that's you will not like others after it
the lobsters in Breton and coral chestnut conjee
mushroom pincers
help yourself, sir. thanks
if you want to call somebody
then strick the bell
what? nothing you can't understand
Aldo, I can't believe we are here
you are not going to work?
what I live on?
you keep doing these silly things?
don't worry, I have the reason
do you want to know what I want to do?
first, I want to buy Audi
second, I want to buy the big screen
third, I want to change the wardrobe. and fourth
fourth, I want to go fishing of course, invite all my friends
of course
if I can have the loan, that will be good
i like some thing
come on, how many do you want?
i don't know,10000?
10000 Euro?what do you do with it?
do you have maidservant? I have no job
i will return, you know it
ok, no problem you help me
you can get it as soon as I divorce
what's this? nothing was ironed.
shit, Marie forgot it!
which Marie? that's too funny
how can I work?
do as you like. wait
i will you teach you one thing
this is your mother's fault
do yourself
where is Michelle?
did you hide him?
no, it is just unlucky
but, since...
how long? 6 months?
talk about your lover. are you ill?
what you regard me on? i swear to you
i won't do such things
and it is Aldo's boss
is he complaisant?
what did you do? tell me the truth
he vamped me, but he is really a good man
and good to me
he thinks I am beautiful and charming
he should buy a pair of the glasses
this is not he wanted , stop talking about it
my buttock
i am too fat
you are not fat, but stupid
it is not good
i should work later
i like your less sense, Alice
do you like travelling? I like it very much
if I have a lot of money I will travel around the world
our wedding travel
will be the travel on the sea i prepared all the things
Aldo has the holiday and we have the bacterin injected
at the custom we found his passport was out of date
when shall we start?
i am serious
i have no idea
if you are a little patient
you did not disappoint me
i will wait
i miss you all the time
i feel I am younger
what's wrong?
come true
i need 3 multiply 12 " plant essence" NO 1
two boxed of NO 3 product with 12 bottles in each
12 dozens of hair dye with the same seres
and the water....
are you listening?
of course, water what?
you did not write dowm anything
all is here
fixature is good but too expensive
then don't buy anything
i wonder if there is any promotion.
no, there isn't never, all is finished
i must go
what about my orders? nothing can be in the vexation
but I need
see me after a week, goodbye
call me if you need any help, I am next to you
nice watch, sir
yes, the gift from my dad
i want to the know the price of it
5000 Euro
you mean, no
5000 Euro¡­¡­
Good Bye, Sir.
You wanna try?
Yes, sure.
I mean the wine, sir.
Ah , sorry.
Ah, good, as good as always.
Something wrong with your shirt.
Nice, perfect match.
Very good.
You need a pants?
It's not included?
No, it would be extra 2190 EUROS.
Fabulous, just fit,elegant.
Really nice.
What do you think.
Very beautiful.
Very good.
It is normal.
If you feel a little bit pain.
You will feel more comfortble, take some walk.
Little loose.
You don't feel comfortable? No, no.
Let me take a look, Anything wrong?
It's very good.
Wait,don't push me.
Sorry about that.
It is not about the cloths.
I am going to buy it.
Very good.
I will throw them away for me.
No, I have to use it at home.
What are you doing there?
This is not your spot.
I will tell Mr. Morillon
Haha, I am kidding.
Top class suit,what is it?
Turn around.
Wow, wow.
Come on, let me take a look.
Famous brand, unbelievable!
I thought you are poor?
Did you win a prize in a lottery? No way,just some fakers.
Fake? Let me see, Fale!?,No way.
It only take me about 100 bucks.
Really, only 100 bucks.
One of my clients,A Chinese friend.
I got these from my chinese friend.
It's a good idea for a business.
Get me some.
No way.
I will pay you, Thank you so much, Aldo.
I gotta go, got a date.
Ok,BYEBYE Thanks again, Aldo.
These are mine.
You pathetic.
I gotta go.
I got a idea. Just call for sick.
Then, come to my house.
I am willing to, but I cannot.
I never betray my husband.
He is no longer your husband.
We haven't divorce yet.
Just a paperwork.
You said you will be waiting.
I am out of patience now.
Is it far away from here, I mean your house.
Anyone home?
How are you, Sir?
Good evening.
Good evening.
Good evening,Mr.Bonar
Welcome, Mr. Bonar.
I am sorry.
Very good.
Are you laughing at me?
No, not at all.
Miss, I thought...
We met at a restaurant.
I was sitting across you. At that time, I was thinking¡­¡­
Can we meet again?
Ah, no, I am, I am willing to see you again very much.
Me too, My name is Priscille.
En, Aldo, I am Aldo.
I seldom say my name.
Anyway, Aldo.
If you wanna come to see me again.
I won't forget. Bye, Aldo.
Bye, Priscille.
You need some more, sir?
Actually, I want some more. It's delicious.
Thank you Sir, I will tell our Chef.
[He phone is ringing]
What, I am working now.
Have a dinner? What dinner?
Thanks you, thank you, that's enough.
Sorry, I don't have enough time to prepare.
That is ok.
My Fault, I should make a call first.
I am very happy¡­¡­
Aldo belched.
Excuse me.
Alice, you looks more beautiful.
I cannot believe this, you looks younger.
That's so good.
You have to tell me the secret.
Did you go to Sylvain's?
No choice.
Mr. Morillon doesn't have that sence of humor.
He promised
He won't fire anyone.
I thought he won't,but he lied.
See, you are not the only one.
[Aldo kicked him under the dinning table]
No, I wanted to say, I was cheated, too.
Aldo, anything wrong?
Will he fire you?
No he won't, he is my friend.
On the other hand, he took care of me sometimes.
He always do this to me.
You know, courtesy demands reciprocity.
In fact, He is only¡­¡­very nice.
It taste good.
it has a smell of fall
It taste like "Castle Dennis,¡±(a fine wine)
I never heard about it.
You know what I am thinking. Where did you get this?
You got these underground?
¡°Shopi,¡± store.
Me too, I need to keep away from your husband, too.
Why? He doesn't work.
Not at all.
He cannot get more orders. I cannot let him keep doing this.
Just give him some more time.
You cannot request me to do this. I didn't marry him.
This should be clear.
I am worried that he will fall, He gain a lot of weight.
Is this a sign>
Actually, he didn't eat that much.
Pleae, I am afriad that he will do something stupid.
I know this is hard for you, But, please, give me some more time.
And,he actually repect you so much.
Promise me.
Only two months left, think about it.
it is hard to get over.
You don't know. I am living like a fool.
You,cannot buy it even you wanted to, I have a lot of money, but¡­¡­
I am leaving the company.
Any plan?
I gain some weight, how about you?
Depend on the subsidy?
I don't have to work for him. I am free.
[His phone is ringing]
Hello, who is this?
Now? I will be right there.
That jerk.
It seems that he is high now.
Well, he comes at a right time.
Wait, come and take a look.
What's is this?
Your ¡°castle Dennis,¡± 2.35 euros each bottle.
You know what, I went there. ¡°Shopi,¡±,I bought all fo them.
Did you do this on purpose?
Your client has nothing in stock.
[stomach is running]
Excuse me.
YOu didn't help me at all.
Clearly, it is.
You acknowlege that?
You have to cut the worm in the apple, right?
That's right, what, cut what?
I will do the same thing If I am at y our position.
What do you want.
Fire me.
Ah, now, don't think that way.
I never think about firing you.
Fire me, I know that, don't hesitate.
Do whatever you are supposed to do.
No way. Damn.
Where are we going>
Let's take a walk.
Just like before. Let me see how you work.
It will recall my memory.
Why don't you buy our fixature.
We just got a new product. The best in the Market.
Aldo, show him the product.
Sorry we have it already.
How much did you get it?
Yeah, how much. 6.8 euros
One liter.
Did you hear this? Yes I heard this.
Ours is 4.4 euros, and 14% extra volume.
He never told me.
What, I never told you?
I swear I said that.
Let me show you another product.
I haven't sort it, where is the restroom?
Right there.
YOu don't have point.
Don't worry, he just got some stomache.
Just becuase of this I came, don't worry.
Ok, we uh¡­¡­
Right here. Look.
It's new piston.
This could make it spray faster.
[Aldo farted]
The toliet is broken. It is like a trash.
Where were we, oh, we haven't show him yet.
Come on, Jean, don't be stupid.
He is hypocritical.
We don't have to please him just for a liter of fixature.
Listen, Jean.
Don't call me Jean.
It's just a waste of time.
Shut up£¡You too.
Sorry, I was saying to him.
Get out of here! Sir.
How could he speak to you like this£¡
Don't fucking around here.
Go, get out.
Get out.
Ah Jean, that's you. You cannot let act like that.
You have to treat him nicely.
You know what? He doesn't deserve using your product.
Get off the car.
Hi, this is Priscille, please leave a message.
[English recording]
This is Aldo.
Damn it, he fired me.
What else did you do.
Stop doing it£¡
Me, I didn't do anything.
Are you standing by his side?
I don't understand what you were saying.
Of course you are right.
Just a excuse.
It could be something else. I didn't make him feel comfortable.
Why is that.
I think I better not know that.
Don't worry. I will be fine.
[HIS phone is ringing]
Hello, this is Priscille.
Hey how are you, what'up.
Did I call you at a bad time? Wait.
John will introduce me a new job.
Yes, no problem.
Ok, I am going over.
Are you going out? a
Yes, I am going to see John.
For that new job.
Good luck.
Ah, you are so nice.
[Phone ring]
Hello? Do I call you at a bad time?
Not at all, I am thinking of you.
You didn't do anything positive. And you even fire him for no reason.
He is so depressed.. You disappointed me.
Let me explain this...I won't trust you anymore.
The jerk begin to annoy me.
Good evening, Do I interrupt you anything?
I want to share this with you.
I thought you are with Aldo. He went to your house.
Ah, really, for what?
You called him.
Oh God yes, I did called him.
We just missed, I almost forgot. I need to go back now.
God I almost make a mistake, who is the mystic one?
This is Alice, he didn't bring his phone.
You just come at the right time.
If you move, Bobby will go to you.
I thought you would stand me up.
For you, thanks.
What happened?
Oh Damn.
Oh, Poor baby, come on in.
Thanks for your flower.
God, it's my new suit.
Have sit, feel free just like your home.
Let me get you some drink.
It even bit my shoes.
Are you ok, sweetheart?
You look every nervous¡­¡­
You are really busy, aren't you.
Take your cloths off, let me wash you.
Your beauty just inebriated me. No problem.
We have a whole night.
Just relax.
No, I never smoke.
No, I mean I smoke a packet each day.
No cigarette. I am talking about marijuana
Oh now.
I am not intereted in it.
Ok, whatever you like.
Ah, what is this.
An amulet.
A key to the heaven? Let me take a look.
Don't be nervous.
Come on.
I will be right back.
[He cough]
[glass falls] What happened.
Nothng, I am almost done.
Oh my god.
What are you doing.
This is love bird.
God you are insane.
This is a deer, which is eating
root of the tree.
Also, you smoke of them?
Not me.
This is drug.
Drug? Don't you know what.
It is very strong. Especially it is your first time smoke it.
Who is standing there.
Do you believe me? I cannot see you.
Are you ok.
My dear£¡Here you go.
Thank you, stop it. Shhh... Stop, come here.
Come here. oh You shouldn't smoke that much.
Not me, it's you.
Very bad.
What, look at that, a beautiful tree.
Ok, come inside.
Don't worry.
I feel that I swallow the whole box of tampon.
Tampons with colours.
[Romantic Music]
Think about something positive.
They will not get anything. I am cheated.
Yes, tell me, my sweetheart. I like it.
Yes, keep going.
[shout and groan]
Wow you are good.
[he is grunting]
You are so special, my sweetheart.
How is it, with John?
I am asking you were you really with John last night?
Oh, we were smoking together.
What did I say, we were talking, what't wrong?
He is looking for you when you are with him.
Does it sound weird.
Ah, really, when?
I don't know, anyway, I have no time.
I shouldn't care about you.
You don't work.
You just want them to kick you out.
You act like a child who didn't take any responsiblity.
Who said I didn't work well.
Tell me, did he say that after or before it.
Answer me, who are you referring.
Jean? My friends Jean, My old friend.
Is there anyone else? Are you crazy.
Don't treat me as a fool.
You thinking I don't know anything. Go away, go to him.
I will leave right away. I don't wanna stay with a idiot.
Go away, get out.
Go away, don't make me mad.
Go for your happiness£¡I wish he would make you happy.
You know what?
Yes, it is him who changed me.
Don't worry, you will be alright.
You could sleep on the coach. Thank you. It's so nice of you.
All men are bad.
How are you.
Michel Alice
Glad to meet you. Claire always mentioned about you.
Do you know what I would like?
I would like it if you can cook something for us.
She is not in a good mood now.
Ok, I understand.
And if you coudl put your pajama on. Ok, no problem.
What's wrong.
Nothing, I've never seen him like that.
You didn't eat anything, are you ok?
I am ok, these are delicioius, Luis
Check, please.
All right.
Hello, John? It's me.
Any plan tonight?
Ah, well.
Oh now, I got a idea.
Ok no problem.
Ok, ok, see you.
I have to see bye to my girlfriend and then I am all yours.
Don't worry, I can come over another time.
You make me happy.
Come on, my sweetheart, be happy.
I mentioned about you in front of my friends all the time.
You are so cute, but uh.
Take it. Are you joking?
I got a date.
Take it back, or I will be mad.
I am not your Dr.
[Door rings]
I have been looking for you ford days. At leat answer my phone.
Well, I understand.
I don't wanna speak.
I feel so boring.
This is good. I haven't eat for 5 days.
Oh God.
It' dead, your little sprarrow.
It's hers.
It's not strange. It's nothing to eat.
Poor bird.
I am useless.
Oh, no, don't say that.
You are just so pessimistic.
You should cheer up a little.
What is this, your house?
I have talk to the owner on the phone, He is a shipowner from spain.
Including the ship.
He wanna sell it.
For 650,000 euros.
We have to make a decision soon?
It has to be two people to drive that ship.
What do you think I could to on that island?
Well, how about this one.
It would be a little bit more expensive, but it's tax free.
There, you want just stay there and do noghing?
Just a impression.
I don't want those money anymore. It doesn't belong to me.
I want to give all the money to Alice. What, you really want to do this?
I should do this at the beginning.
THen, another jerk could benefit from this.
If this could make her happy, why don't I do that.
Gerard, do you think he's lucky. Call him and let him know that.
He will be very happy to know that the man he fired become a rich man.
He fired Gerard?
Really bad, he is wife just got a new baby.
And he sent the other two kids to his neighbour.
His older son need to work.
I will handle this.
I will beat him.
Finally, you wake up.
Did John tell you, I will give you the product, only if you pay me first.
No meal plan.
No stable salary.
What's this.
Stop here now.
A lot of this in inventory? about 30 boxes,12 in each box.
You will not get much profit if you work for me.
I like this product.
Good, I like it.
I got the original material for the shampoo.
We are leaving. Hold on.
Wait, what are you guys doing?
Hello, Sir.
Sorry, I am ok here.
Who knows, he is from the lab.
I don't know him, I only want the product from Phtowx
Good company.
THe are really good, especially the colour.
But, our product has more colour and less volatility.
We have never get any complain.
Ours is 80 grams a bottle. Theirs is only 60 grams.
How much do they sell it for?
34 euros, 12 a box.
Hah, well
This is not expensive at all.
You really think it is not?
How aobut yours, how much?
20 euro, no 10 euros.
10 for a box with 12 bottle.?
Aldo, you made a mistake. Oh Yeah.
I forgot the promotion.
Buy one.
Get another 3 free, that is, let me calculate.
That is 2.5 euros a box.
And you know, he is a nice man. 2 euros even.
Big deal. 2 euros a box.
Well, we are not pushing you.
Let me think about it.
Don't go. You are the client of Phtowx.
Just a business, not a marriage.
You wanna have a drink?
Well, we do want a drink.
When do we get the camera.
2 business day after the order.
Be honest, it is a good idea.
Phtowx used to sell me some fake product to us.
We will not do this. We will change it.
Where is my order invoice? Help me.
He is so ridiculous.
Everything is going too fast.
Thank you very much.
We need find a place, here is too small.
If everything goes well? You wanna laugh?
Kids, be quiet.
Aldo, Aldo, I love you.
What, what happened?
I just found a new job.
Sorry to bother you, I should call you first.
No, no, not at all. Come on in.
I come back to pick up something.
Nothing, you looks good.
Thank you.
Coffee? I am in a hurry.
Am I too annoying if I use that machine?
It is so clean and tidy here.
Oh My Didi£¡
Look, it grows up.
I cannot believe that it really getting big.
I just come back to pick up some cloths, I hope I didn't bother you.
It is your home.
How are you, are you ok?
You looks good.
I don't work for Sylvain anymore.
I know, this is good.
Ah, you know that? Right, of course.
I will be late.
Alice, I wanna say... I forgot this, here you go.
The divorce paperwork.
We need to sign it on 5TH.
oH , OK.
I am glad to see you.
Me too.
I cannot believe I sign with that jerk.
I will not lose to him.
You stupid husband is looking for a trouble on me.
Don't say that.
[Phone ring]
Tell him to go to hell.
What do you want to say.
I am thinking , we are over.
[Phone ring again]
Shit, what does he want?
Ok, fine, we have no choice.
En, no, Aldo, I am Aldo.
Is that ok, did you sign?
What, his kids.
I don't care about the kids.
Tell him to go to hell.
Damn, Fuck.
[his phone is vibrating]
Some problems here.
I have more money than before.
The value of your investment increased.
I got extra 5%?
This is a very conservative way.
That is, if your got more money, it would continue.
Don't worry, same thing.
When you are poor, you will be poor afterwards.
Forgive me about this black joke.
What do you come to visit for?
I want to give half of my property to my wife/
Your Wife?
Congratulations. For your new wife.
New one?, I am talking about the same, old one.
I thought she is dead.
I thought she is dead. She is ok now.
Actually, we divorced.
I feel bad.
You will be alright.
Look, here.
This one?
Hide your excitation£¡ I want to make you happy.
It' really surprised me, really.
A present.
You always want a Audi, now you have it. Special Edition.
That is.
If you change the attena, the car will be running faster.
Oh, thank you.
You are welcome.
You are welcome.
Do you want to have a try? Of course.
Haha, stupid, this is the real one for you.
Are you crazy?
Oh my god, are this real?
Get off me, people are watching us.
Alice! Alice, you always give me a long face.
Don't you understand?
But you just left the restaurant without a word.
I don't understand, give me a explaination.
I am not really good at breaking up. I don't know what to do.
Did I do anything wrong to you?
Nothing, you are changed, that's it.
I just realize that it is as same as the 7 years of my marriage.
Don't compare me with your stupid husband.
I told you what I think, I feel better now.
Are you guys back together? Are you?
Or, you are seeing someone else.
You are so pathetic.
You shouldn't leave him, you are good together.
How are you , this is Alice I a good , how are you?
I call you because I just got a notice from my bank.
I think there is something wrong here.
Yes, 5 million euros.
5 million euros.
I don't understand.
My husband? Lottery?
My husband give it to me?
Why did he do that? I don't know, but, it is true.
We will have a lunch together.
Aldo, he comes back to you? No way.
No matter what, he got someone else.
Are you sure.?
He is changed, he is in love with someone.
He is a nice partner. I spent my 7 years of my life with him.
I have bad luck. He just won a prize of lottery after we divorced.
I always bring some bad luck, to Gerard, too.
He was really happy before I bring him bad luck.
Don't complain anymore, you are already a millionaire£¡
What are ou planning to do.
I cannot stand you anymore.
You could even date with a yong, hansome man.
Yeah, you are right,I will start right away.
Alice£¡Really a surprise.
Mr. Bergeron, you still wanna do something for me?
You already think it over.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
You don't even try to keep that?
Are you kidding? Why do you say that.
Nobody will do something like this.
I don't know why I do this.
What are going to do , any plan?
I will feel very boring if I don't work.
I don't know anyting else to do.
I am as same as before.
Time is changing, and I am chaning too.
Steak, with the ice on it.
Gravy souop with grill goose liver.
Enjoy it.
This is hard to get used to.
I don't have any plan now. I am out of my wits after suddenly gettin rich.
You will get used to it.
I think I will.
[they are speaking together]
What do you want to say?
You first.
I thought about us recently.
Me too.
I was trying to understand.
I was saying to myself that we have no chance to walk back together.
Because we are not meant to be together.
Till today.
What a pity.
If this is 6 months ago.
before¡­¡­before every everything happened.
I could change.
Don't you think so?
Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.
We have the right to own this company, We helped you a lot.
Are you joking?
YOu know, the price I offerred, it was like free.
You cannot say that.
What do you think? We do have good products.
Understanding each other is good.
YOu add some oxidant.
This could change it quanlity, right?
What a beautiful suit, Do you have a Chinese brother?
Not me, Well...again.
You have a Chinese friend?
I am pretty intereted in it.
Can you help me to get one, with gray stipe.
not too tight.
I hate this one,I should wear some suit which is made of flax in the summer.
Try to get a good price, I trust you.
The is the last time. He is going back to China.
Get four for me then.
Go, Go.
Let's go to work.
Cheers, for us.
Can we talk?
Like what you offerred,
Travel? With which agency.
Ger, he is down this time.
Are you showing mercy to him>
He was really bad before.
You were bad before, too.
And, he fired you first.
Yes, but it is not the same.
I don't understand.
He is right, this is not the same thing.
John is his expert.
Do you understand what I am saying.
When he is talk to you, It is like he put a flea in your ears?
Damn it.
We are afraid of telling you this.
You seem that you you never notice this.
So, think
He fired me becau....because...
I am a stutterer.
Where is your new people?
Be wise.
Be careful.
Ger, you need to take care of yourself, no one would help you.
Shut up, you want get my busness away.
You are not wise to say this.
You don't even feel a little ashamed on youself?
Oh I understand, it is because of Alice.
She walked away.
You are not with him?
Give up, you don't deserve her.
Damn! Damn! Damn!
Rio? Yes
Claire£¡Ole Airport? Luwarts
Thank you.
God, speed up!
This car is still in testing period.
Good luck.
Aldo's voice mail box.
Please leave your message and I will get back to you ASAP.
To Rio.
Flight A123
Please get ready to board at gate C82
Alice!, Alice!
Alice!, Alice!
I like when you are talking to me.
At this time, you see.
This make me very excited.
Well, like this.
I swear.
I don't believe you never have a affair.
You know I don't want to blame on you.
No, I want to say, no.
Let's just divorce.
Ah, ok, are you serious?
And let's get married again.
A real wedding. Perfect honeymoon.
Ok,but under one condition.
I purpose to you, don't be stupid.
Why, we have money now.
Maybe, but I have more money than you.
You know how much money I made in the past 6 months?
What did you say?
Nothing. 6 months?
Don't panic.
We have agreed not to mention our past.
You are bad.
My dear, hug me.
You should pay.
Don't be too annoying just because you got some money. What?
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