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Subtitles for I am Cuba CD2.

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I am Cuba CD2

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They didn't hurt you, did they?
Calm down.
It's all over.
What's your name?
Well, Gloria, you're all right. They're gone. Calm down.
- And you, what's your name? - Enrique.
Thank you, Enrique.
Extra! Extra! The latest news!
Fidel Castro and all those with him...
were killed in the Oriente province!
The latest news! The latest news!
Fidel Castro dead!
Stop at the university.
- They killed Fidel Castro. - It's not true.
- Here. It's in the paper. - It's not true.
Where's Alberto?
Alberto, Fidel Castro has been killed!
It's a lie, Enrique. Here's what we need to do.
We have to let all Havana know that this is a lie.
Fidel Castro is alive.
He and his comrades...
have landed in the Oriente province.
And have begun the struggle.
Write this down.
Batista is spreading the rumor...
that Fidel is dead to divert the people from their goal.
Fidel is in the Sierra Maestra.
He's gathering all honest people under the banner of the revolution.
Read this. They've killed Juan, Carlos and Luis.
Are we just going to go on sitting here with our hands folded?
That fat murderer is going to keep killing our comrades.
We're ready, but this is not appropriate.
So we kill this one, but in his place, they'll put another.
We'll kill that one too.
So that's how we're going to spend the rest of our lives?
But he killed Juan, Luis and Carlos.
What are we going to accomplish by killing one man?
They'll just put another one in his place, only much harsher.
And he'll keep on killing our comrades.
You cannot confuse people, or one man, with a system.
But people make the system.
True, but we have to struggle against the system, not the people.
I understand, but this is not a human being. He's a murderer!
He's killing our comrades.
Don't you think I want to kill him too?
But they have landed successfully.
Fidel is alive. There is a new struggle developing there...
and we must assist that effort.
The people have to know everything!
I know, but what we do with this murderer is just as important.
We can't decide on that now. We'll discuss this later. Later.
When? When?
If you want, raise the question at the group meeting.
Alberto, they killed Pepe last night.
And what are we going to do about it?
I have already told you. We'll discuss this later.
The forgiveness
You sing my song
With such melody, it tries
To get me to forget your betrayal
You want to come back
Perhaps you think of me Perhaps you cry for me
Perhaps, but is that really you
Now you beg for forgiveness
And you sing your song
With such melody, it tries
To get me to forget your betrayal
But now, don't you understand
That it's taken you too long to come back
And I cannot forget that you made me cry
I won't be able to forgive you
What's the matter with you? Can't you see where you're going?
You're nuts! Are you crazy? Are you asleep?
You were right under my wheels, you maniac. Imbecile!
- Are you drunk? Answer me! - What's wrong?
This guy almost got me put in jail. What is he, crazy?
Be careful, Enrique. Watch out when you're in the middle of the street.
Where to, Enrique?
What's up? What's the matter?
Enrique, what's going on?
I couldn't-- He was having fried eggs for breakfast.
Fried eggs? What are you talking about, Enrique?
He was with his kids. I couldn't--
Did you consider the consequences?
Who gave you permission to do this? Who?
Open up!
Everybody stay where you are!
Search them!
Whose book is this?
Who does this book belong to?
"Lenin. The State and Revolution."
- Whose book is this? - It's ours.
- Yours? - It's our book.
And anybody who hasn't read it is an ignoramus.
Long live freedom! Long live the revolution!
Cubans! Fidel lives!
He's up in the Sierra Maestra with his comrades.
He and his comrades are fighting against Batista.
Long live liberty! Death to the tyrant!
Long live liberty! Down with tyranny!
Liberty or death!
I am Cuba.
There are two paths for people when they are born.
The path of slavery-- it crushes and decays.
And the path of the star-- it illuminates, but kills.
These are the words of Josť Marti.
You will choose the star.
Your path will be hard, and it will be marked by blood.
But in the name of justice, wherever a single person goes...
thousands more will rise up.
And when there are no more people, then the stones will rise up.
I am Cuba.
When men are born, there are two paths.
You will choose the star.
The path will be hard...
and it will be marked by blood.
For the last time, clear the steps. It's an order!
Come on, guys! Over here behind the cars!
Enrique! Enrique!
Where is Fidel?
Fidel? I am Fidel.
- Where is Fidel? - I am Fidel!
I am Fidel.
I am Cuba.
These are the people about whom legends will be told.
From all parts, they're coming to the mountains of the Sierra Maestra.
They are going to fight for liberty.
Come in. Have a seat.
Amelia, bring another plate.
Do you need the rifle too?
These hands aren't for killing.
They're for sowing.
But is this land you are sowing yours?
Have you finished?
Don't you wish there were a school on your land?
Shoes for your kids?
That when they are sick, they would receive treatment?
Or are they going to live the way you do?
I want to live in peace.
Me too.
What about this, then?
So as to live in peace.
Get out!
He's exhausted, Mariano. Let him stay the night.
Do you hear that, Mariano?
They're bombing the mountains.
Amelia, don't go!
Amelia, calm down. Amelia, calm down.
Listen, Mariano, listen!
Amelia, wait! Wait!
Amelia! Calm down, dear.
Mariano, my child!
I have to go, Amelia.
I have to go.
This is the Insurgent Radio...
broadcasting from the Oriente province.
From Sierra Maestra, Free Territory of Cuba.
Cubans, join the struggle.
You, victim of humiliation, hatred and crime.
You have borne on your shoulders injustice...
destitution and the deprivation of your rights.
Revolution! Revolution!
In the face of hostile malice, you, peasant;
you, worker; you, student;
you, Cuban!
Raise your armed fist!
The revolution is fighting for the complete and absolute...
national independence of our motherland.
The revolution fights...
so that the people may own their own land.
For education that is not just a privilege for the rich.
We fight for the defense of life...
given to each of us.
Each family has the right...
to adequate housing.
Each Cuban has the right to work.
Thousands of heads of families and thousands of young people have no work.
They have no future.
The revolution will industrialize the country.
It will eliminate unemployment and will restore to the people...
all the wealth that was stolen from them.
You, farmer. You, worker.
You, student.
Take your place in the struggle.
This is your revolution!
Liberty or death!
I knew you would come.
I knew it.
Now I need a rifle.
A rifle?
This guy thinks they grow on trees!
Plant some. Maybe more will grow.
Look, Mariano.
You have to capture a rifle in battle.
Every one of us has done it that way.
I am Cuba.
Your hands have gotten used to farming tools.
But now a rifle is in your hands.
You are not shooting to kill.
You are firing at the past.
You are firing to protect your future.
Run to the battle fellow people of Bayamo
Your country looks at you with pride
Do not fear a glorious death
To die for your motherland is to live
To live enchained is to submit
To insult and ignominy
Hear the bugle sound
Prepare for battle, O valiant ones Onward
The End
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