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Subtitles for I am Cuba CD1.

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I am Cuba CD1

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A Joint Production Of Mosfilm (USSR) and ICAIC (Cuba)
Script By Yevgeny Yevtushenko Enrique Pineda Barnet
Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov
Camera Director Sergei Urusevsky
Production Director Yevgeny Svidetelev
Music By: Carlos Fariñas
Sound V. Sharun
Camera Operators A. Calzatti & B. Brozhovsky
Sergio Corrieri Salvador Vud
José Gallardo Raúl García
Luz María Collazo Jean Bouise
Alberto Morgan Celia Rodríguez
Fausto Mirabel Roberto García York
María de las Mercedes Díez
Bárbara Domínguez Jesús del Monte
Luisa María Jiménez Mario González Tony López
Héctor Castañeda Rosando Lamadris
Cuba's Voice Raquel Revuelta
Russian Text Readers N. Nikitina & G. Yepifantsev
I am Cuba.
Once, Christopher Columbus landed here.
He wrote in his diary:
"This is the most beautiful land...
ever seen by human eyes."
Thank you, Señor Columbus.
When you saw me for the first time...
I was singing and laughing.
I waved the fronds of my palms to greet your sails.
I thought your ships brought happiness.
I am Cuba.
Ships took my sugar.
And left me tears.
Strange thing, sugar, Señor Columbus.
It contains so many tears...
and yet it is sweet.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment of truth.
The voting depends on you!
We ask that you give a big hand to our beauties.
Ladies and gentlemen. Louder.
Another big hand. Louder, louder!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Crazy love
Crazy love
This crazy love
In my blood
She loves me
I can't live anymore without your love
Crazy love
This crazy love
The love
Of my life
I can't live anymore without your love
It's crazy love
That my heart
Feels for you
Take, take
All my love
My sweet little love
I can't live anymore without your love
Crazy love
Crazy love
I am
I am
Love crazy, crazy
I am crazy for your love
Crazy love Love crazy
Crazy is the love I feel for you
Crazy, crazy, crazy for your love
Crazy, crazy for your love
Bob, that's indecent.
Ah, nuts!
Nothing's indecent in Cuba if you've got the dough!
- Good morning, René. - How are you, señora?
So, so. This heat.
Thank you.
Oranges, white pineapples
California plums Nice juicy pears, cheap
- How's business, René? - Fine, fine.
How are you doing?
You've come to keep him company?
Got any fruit for me?
I do, the best.
You see, this is what I was telling you about.
I think I'm gonna become a fruit seller too.
- Well, see you later. - Okay, man, see you.
Who was that?
Regular customers.
I'm afraid, René.
You don't have to be afraid of anything.
We're going to be married in that church.
And you'll be wearing a white dress.
A white dress.
You've never kissed anyone, have you?
Listen, I'll bring you fruit every day at your job. You want it?
How come you don't tell me where you work?
Too bad I don't sell flowers.
I would give all my flowers to you.
I love you, Maria!
Fellows, I'd like you to meet... Betty.
Look at that, she brings her own tangerine.
No, it's not interesting, señor.
Mister, mister! Money! One coin, please!
Mister, mister! Money!
One coin, please!
I am Cuba.
Why are you running away?
You came to have fun.
Go ahead, have fun!
Isn't this a happy picture?
Don't avert your eyes. Look!
I am Cuba.
For you, I am the casino, the bar...
the hotels and brothels.
But the hands of these children and old people are also me.
I am Cuba.
I hoped and prayed you would be ready in time.
I've helped you. Now you help me.
Grow tall, taller than me.
Before, I used to think that the most frightening thing...
in this world would be death.
Now I know better.
In life, the most frightening thing is... life.
I am so worried about my children.
All my life I have worked and have lived in debt.
Grow tall, sugarcane.
Not for me.
For them.
You hear me? Grow tall.
Papa, it's Señor Acosta.
Busy working, Pedro?
Yeah, working.
Well, soon you'll be able to take a little rest.
I've sold these lands to the United Fruit Company.
What about my sugarcane?
You raised it on my land!
But I worked it with my own sweat.
I give that sweat to you... as a gift.
What about my house?
Your house isn't your house anymore.
Have you forgotten this little piece of paper?
You can't forge a signature like that.
No, you can't forge a signature like that.
your house isn't yours anymore.
Your house isn't yours anymore.
I've sold these lands to United Fruit.
I've sold these lands to United Fruit.
You grew your sugarcane on my land.
Your house isn't yours anymore.
Why did they come, Papa?
What happened?
Nothing important.
Why are you standing like a pole? We need to get back to work.
Papa, are you tired?
Papa, are you tired?
I am not tired.
I am not tired!
I am not tired!
I am not tired!
Today has been a wonderful day. Just great!
You can go to the village today.
Have some fun. Why don't you go dancing, listen to music?
Really, Papa? Really?
But what about you?
I am too old. Music was made for the young.
You're not old, Papa.
Go on.
Here, take this, Pablo.
But this is your last peso, Papa.
Today it's the last one, but soon we'll have lots of money.
Don't you see how much money there is here?
Don't you see how much money there is here?
Don't you see how much money there is here?
Two Coca-Colas.
Give me some money.
Let's go, my guajira
Let's go to Havana
Let's go, my guajira
Let's go to the city
I like parties, rooster fights my hammock and my shack
I like the curve of your waist
I like the way your hips move my sweet
Let's go, my guajira
Let's go to Havana
Let's go, my guajira
Let's go to the city
The sway of your hips has the wonderful flavor of ripe fruit
So does the twist of your body
Prepare the saddle and mount the rhythm
Beat the drums
Look over there, Pancho! Aren't those old Pedro's children?
Looks as if their business is doing well.
Beat the drums
Swing that body
Watch her move
It's the greatest
Move your feet
Beat the drums
I am Cuba.
Sometimes it seems to me...
that the sap of my palm trees are full of blood.
Sometimes it seems to me that the murmuring sounds...
around us are not the ocean...
but choked-back tears.
Who answers for this blood?
Who is responsible for these tears?
General Fulgencio Batista...
honorable president of the republic, receives an award.
I'm going to turn off.
Let's part here.
See you tomorrow.
Hold on.
- What? - I was thinking.
Maybe it's better not to spend the night at home.
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