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Subtitles for I Phouska CD1.

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I Phouska CD1

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a film by Nikos Perakis
We've got the works! Come right in!
This way for the best steaks in town!
This way, buddy!
Finger-licking good!
All charcoal broiled!
Charcoal-broiled steaks!
Come to Uncle's girls! My treat!
Way to go Makis with your pleated skirt!
This way, guys. Everything mouth-watering good!
You bought Olympower stock! You're dead, man!
Buy Marfin, man. lt's a sure thing!
Manolas' Mercedes is headed your way!
Hey, Makis, watch out you don't rip the panty hose!
Welcome to our very own Mr. Manolas!
Get a move on, Roula, l'm starving.
Leave the bear in the car.
Say something!
How's Olympower doing, boss? Anything moving?
Why? You want to buy us out?
We're trapped in the market, Mr. Manolas.
Get a move on.
Fucking jerk.
-Come here. -l'll be right there.
What's up, uncle?
-Got any country-baked lamb? -We're all out.
OK so bring what you have. something off the spit...
Want me for anything else?
-Can i call it a night? -Stay and do the books...
and go pay the VAT bright and early when there's no lines.
Then get the cash from the gas station...
and go by the strip joint for the rent.
That's our Olympower money he's spending with the babe.
At least he's leaving some of it here.
Yes you the evzone.
Get me two packs of cigarettes.
And a box of condoms... the good ones!
D'you know who the babe you're ogling is?
The woman of my life... only she doesn't know it yet.
Two years ago she won some title in a beauty pageant.
Miss Mass Tourism... if l'm not mistaken.
What mass?
She must have had the panel of judges en masse.
l'll belt you one, you slut. l got eyes don't l?
-l see the way you look at him! -Me?
That's all you've been doing since we sat down.
l'll put a razor blade in the scumbag's spleen...
Vangelis! What's wrong?
Are you alright? What's the matter?
Ate like a pig that's what's the matter!
Loosen his collar.
He's as white as tripe soup.
What's this? ls he wearing a massage corset?
lt's a bulletproof vest, you idiot.
No wonder he almost burst!
Give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation quick!
-1001 , 1002, 1003... -l can't do it!
He was in the special forces.
Get away from me, you faggot!
Call 91 1 . We don't want him to kick the bucket in here.
No, no, not 91 1 .
Roula! Take me to the Therapon Clinic... to Sotirchos.
-Yes... yes. -My Mercedes.
-Where are the guys? -You sent them to your wife.
His security men.
What are you doing there?
Mr. Fotis!
No, Makis!
No, goddammit!
Rifle shots, a wedding down the road.
Godfathers put bomb in Shepherdess!
lt was in Manolas' car, dimwit!
-How would you know, dummy? -l called the cops.
Where are you Makis? Are you bringing it round?
lt's on its way.
Get out of here, man!
Where are you going, you hick? They'll get you.
lt's nothing, Vangelis. A teeny-weeny heart attack...
like the one you got on Mount Parnassos...
and you got over it right away...
Where are we?
We're almost there.
-Who's he? -The name's Makis, Mr. Manolas.
Makis... the guy in ethnic gear...
ln national costume!
What fucking national costume? Where are the boys?
l called them. They're on their way to the clinic.
We usually have security with us but today he loaned them...
to Mrs. Manolas. She's going to the theater.
They're separated.
We're a bit scared because they killed his brother...
-organized crime! -l'd be scared shitless too.
lf he saw what they put in his car he'd have a stroke!
What's he saying? Tell him to put a lid on it.
We invested all our savings in Olympower!
Don't upset him now.
Like that's likely to happen. l owe my uncle 6 million!
Why d'you think l'm dressed up like a Revolution hero?
Vangelis says the Health Minister's here too.
He says he's too scared to go to a state hospital...
the doctors have it in for him.
They told Vangelis because he's a stockholder.
He's got 40%. Bought it with my money.
Know what l like about you?
When you hear about money you act dumb.
-Why d'you say that? -Guys, Dorotheos!
May God forgive him.
What's up?
Father Dorotheos... Vangelis' Father Confessor.
ls he under contract with Therapon?
How's our Minister?
He's here for someone else! lf he dies in here...
tomorrow Therapon stock will plummet...
-God is great. -Yes, Father.
Excuse me, doctor. How is Mr. Manolas doing?
Just a routine check-up. Please leave now.
-Leave? -Yes, you can go.
Good evening, Mrs. Manolas, or rather good morning. Mr. Peris!
-What happened? -A minor heart attack.
-They're lying to me. -What did they say?
ls this how they brought Manolas? With oil and oregano?
Ah, Mrs. Manolas...
Looking lovely tonight.
Where are the keys?
That's a mean machine. Only it veers...
... to the right. Check it out.
Where did you find this creep? Get him out of here, OK?
Let them go, guys.
l wonder what he did with the hooker and the hick?
He always did have rustic tastes.
Those two are cops.
l've seen them before. They follow us everywhere.
Vangelis says they're from the Ministry of Finance...
He's got a lot of enemies, because of Olympower.
l know!
-Where you taking her, hick? -Get lost, you pervert.
Anything off-beat open around here...
... club, l mean.
No, l didn't have time to get out of my work clothes.
-Sheepfold? -Shepherdess.
-Shall l drop you off first? -First the young lady.
What's your birth sign?
-Capricorn. -l'm Sagittarius.
Would you like to sleep at my place?
ls there anyone waiting for you?
We broke up last year.
She couldn't adjust to Greece.
l want to work abroad too! There are more opportunities.
She was English... airline stewardess...
ground crew...
What was her birth sign?
You lost all our money!
-At the Therapon Center -Who went with you?
-Makis! -Who's Makis, girl?
''The lover of the shepherdess''.
Have you come to sleep with my daughter?
What are you say, Mom?
Leave the man alone and make up the couch!
Why? Think you can do better? He's a fine-looking young lad!
-Aren't you warm, honey? -Mom!
Makis is a friend!
-Maybe l'd better go. -No!
Sweet dreams, son.
Close your eyes. You're embarrassing me.
-But Mrs.... -The name's Joy, sweetheart.
Sleep, my dove...
and l'll sing you a lullaby...
and l'll rock your cradle...
and sing you sweetly to sleep...
What's this? You got your savings rolled up in a wad?
Did she lay a hand on you? Hurry up and get dressed!
-We're out of here! -Why?
Shame on you! ln front of a total stranger!
He bought it for me when he came back from Cuba...
l was invited as Miss Tourism.
Manolas came with some ministers on business...
but Manolas doesn't like black women...
so we hung out together...
a little.
His Mom and brother...
the one that was shot by the 17th Octomber terrorist group..
That's October in demotic Greek or Octombrius in pure Greek.
That's the first l hear of it.
-What? -That 17th October got him?
That's what Vangelis says.
Here he's with Mr. Castro and Mr. Spartacus at the National.
They want to built a hotel in Havana...
that's why the Minister had gone along with them.
We used to go there weekends on the cruiser.
Have you lost something?
l don't want them to see my fucking private world.
l understand.
Can l ask you something?
Why don't you wear panties?
l am wearing panties.
-You weren't yesterday... -Only when l'm with Manolas.
Got a problem?
Would you give me a ride to the Shepherdess...
so l can pick up my clothes and the moped?
What's the matter?
Nothing. l'll get over it.
Before we left l called the Therapon and they said...
he's in critical condition and no visitors are allowed.
lt's hard to keep a good man down, what can l tell you?
Draw the curtain, Nurse, l can't see a thing.
... the Euro in relation to the dollar...
Looks like l won't be able to get out of it after all...
the surgery l mean...
Bite your tongue, you jerk...
... at Friday's closing prices...
lt's critical but stable...
We'll know tomorrow.
Here come the pains again. Got to go.
... NASD AQ closed at 2251 on Friday...
The cigars.
so much for Friday's closing prices of the US stock markets.
The fucking bitch won't drop!
l'll be forced to tell Dr. Sotirchos you're smoking.
l make the decisions in here. l've got 51%.
... the London stock exchange was closed on Friday...
-Come on, beanpole, wrap it up. -l'm through.
Go downstairs and get yourselves some coffee.
... 0, 44% for the Futsi 100, while Frankfurt closed at 6215
They fucked up again!
The evzone?
He took the proclamation too?
l thought we told them to hold off on the proclamation.
You're some jerk!
ln other words it's a good thing they brought me here.
So what the fucking hell do we do now?
And l mustn't get excited.
So they've got me hooked up here but good.
You get to the evzone before he circulates the proclamation.
No! Tell them not to lay a finger on Pocahontas.
l'll need her.
The Euro took another tumble against the dollar yesterday...
He doesn't just own the Shepherdess.
He also owns the gas station opposite and two nurseries...
and he owned that lot where they built the strip joint...
...three accounting offices and 3-4 times a week...
l'm a touter and parking valet l clear around 800 a month...
and still l'm in the red! 300 goes to Uncle, 250 for...
the instalment payments, 100 to the Englishwoman for the kid,
electricity, water, phone bill, that's why l quit smoking.
What mileage d'you get?
You mean you know how to do tax returns?
Are you kidding me?
l did company mergers, balance sheets, multinationals...
Makis? You again?
Mr. Fotis?
You're doing OK.
lt's still buzzing.
-How come you know Mr. Fotis? -He was my boss at the lRS.
-lRS? -lnternal Revenue Service...
Corporate tax section. We got canned. Some files were lost...
including my uncle's...
Mr. Fotis was charged with bribery...
in other words of being on the take...
He got six months.
Then the building burnt down with the files...
but fortunately the 17th assumed responsibility...
-October? -Why am l telling you all this?
-ls that why he became a crook? -Who? Mr. Fotis?
Mr. Fotis is the most...
decent guy l've ever met!
Because he didn't shoot you? lt's Vangelis he was after.
They didn't know he was in hospital...
and they were waiting for him in the apartment.
Yesterday when he sent the bodyguards to his wife...
he was scared something would happen...
-said he had a bad feeling. -That he would get hit?
He should be afraid. lf l were in his shoes...
l wouldn't dare leave the house...
He promised me that as soon as he gets the Olympics contract..
Come again!
-What? -What?
Olympower's getting the contract?
He doesn't talk much about business but he said...
it's in the bag only he's not telling anyone yet...
because he wants to get his stock back first...
now that it's dropping even more...
Hold tight, poor Missolonghi, l'm on my way!
Uncle will be overjoyed. He's in for at least 15...
plus my 6 makes 21 ! Make a right here.
ln here.
Pull up here.
Makis, who are these guys?
Go! Go! Go! Bear right, left.
-Floor it. -That's what l'm doing!
Left, make a left here...
-Turn right in here. -Where in here?
My aunt's!
Makis, those guys are cops. Now the police are after us too!
-Relax, babe. -Let's give ourselves up.
We haven't done anything. And tell them about Mr. Fotis.
Are you crazy? lf we go to the cops the others will waste us.
They've got people in the police department! Get it?
They've put one billion on their heads.
Think the others are jerks for not turning them in?
That's why, Vangelis says the only way they'll catch them...
is to abolish the police department first.
ls that what Vangelis says? Well he should know!
lnside and outside, Miss?
Mr. Makis, the cops are after you.
You a plant too, lbrahim?
..even though we all thought it was an abortive mob hit...
subsequent findings as well as the presence of the president..
of Olympower Mr. Manolas in the steak house close by...
-upsets the mob theory... -See! Even they got wind of it!
We have unconfirmed information that the explosive device...
found in the Shepherdess has all the hallmarks...
of the home-made bombs made by 17th October...
We know that. Listen! There's something about you too.
Where was it? Here we are... ''the aforementioned filthy rich
lumpen wheeler-dealer who was created and is supported...
by a class of female prosti- tutes. Did you hear that?
...and very often of men too.. Men?
What does lumpen mean?
Scumbag in Marxist lingo. We used it at the trade union.
and who have undermined society and created lumpen role models
-for the young. -There's that lumpen again!
Stop interrupting me, godammit! l'm losing my train of thought.
Get a move on, Sophie. l want you to get me Lymberopoulos.
l'm almost finished.
l've never set up a stockbrokerage in a clinic.
Hurry it up because DOXOE is dropping too!
...are in theory the costs totalling 620 million drachmas.
Too much smoking in here. The wallpaper will be saturated.
Too much slackness, Nurse. You'll be reprimanded.
Fuck off, Sotirchos.
l spoke to Lymberopoulos a little while ago.
How's your Olympower doing? Dropping?
Steadily! Did he ask you how l was?
l told him you were at death's door.
They've been carrying it on the news all morning.
-How did they find out? -From the Minister's entourage.
They saw you when they brought you in last night.
lf l don't make it drop to 300 my name's not Bubble.
-Come on so we can buy in too! -l thought l spotted Roula.
Who's giving orders to Makis the touter and former commando?
What's behind the ambiguous presence of beauty queen...
Roula Dourambassi and how does it tie in to the admission...
of Olympower president Manolas to the Therapon Center?
All the details on this amazing thriller on our next newscast.
What's this the man writes? He must be a sociologist.
You can't make a left here. We'll have to go round...
Watch out, here, there's a pothole...
Did you have to get fucking involved with that old prick?
-lt's all in the mind! -lt's all for the money!
Like there are no decent young guys around...
lt's not all sex and money... There's other things...
-that young studs don't have. -Like mansions on Mykonos?
No, but when you work in a bar till 4am and sleep with a guy..
who wakes you at dawn to fuck you before he goes to practice,
forget it! And he asks you for gas money...
Fuck! He could be your father!
l've never had a father and i wouldn't know...
but he takes care of me like a father and he's kind of cute.
People are jealous of him because he's a selfmade man...
You know he started out driving his father-in-law's tractor?
What gives you the right to badmouth me?
-Stop! -No, l won't.
-You're not giving me orders. -l meant the car. We're here.
We're not parking in front of the house.
l'll go over there.
l don't have the keys. l'll let myself in through the kitchen.
But it's open.
Jane? Alexander?
What did you bring me?
Makis my boy... My comrades-in-arms...
insist you have a proclamation we don't want to circulate...
because it will diminish the organization's credibility...
So don't force us to use violence.
Although my friend Hans knows no mercy...
or Greek for that matter...
and he's not letting you get out of here alive...
Don't! Mr. Fotis! Don't!
lf l hadn't wasted him he'd have wasted me.
We got ourselves some time, Makis...
-Know who he is? -Hans.
That was his nickname. ln STASl he was known as Eichmann.
Know how many people he's wasted?
We've taken every out-of-work killer in the organization.
We've grown old you see and can't swing it any more.
Since l got under the car yesterday l have this pain...
right here...
Then you had to go kick me with those hobnailed clogs...
What shit is this? You made a laughing-stock of the evzones.
ls nothing sacred any more? Has the boss gone mad?
Where's the proclamation?
-lt's in the car. -Where's the car?
-A little further down. -How much further down?
Do l know, Mr. Fotis? l didn't measure the distance!
Why don't you drop the Mister?
-Have you read it? -l didn't have the time.
lt is four pages long.
Never mind. lt's just as well. l didn't write it.
Once we were pure popular warriors.
Now we say one thing and do another.
We've become disoriented by some lumpen theoreticians.
You can't have a revolution like this.
Wars of factions and gangs.
Chasing Manolas and his bubbles.
l should have taken him out then...
when he put those marked bills in the supermarket bag...
3 million! Remember?
-Wasn't it 5? -3.6!
ls it true you went to jail?
The truth is harder to find than ideal love.
Your son?
You should be proud of him. How old is he?
Five and a half.
Mine's graduating college this year...
on a scholarship too...
-A real doll! -lt's for them we do it all.
lt's for him l stayed in the civil service.
Look at the damage it did me.
You're on your way?
The cops are on their way. lt's better they don't find us here.
Let's go.
Move it!
-Can l take a few clothes? -Hurry! You get in the car!
Makis, come on. Hurry up!
Mr. Fotis!
Mr. Fotis went that way, Mr. Makis.
He doesn't even care about the proclamation any more.
You can do what you like with it. Strange man Mr. Fotis.
What was all that about Manolas?
All l remember is he had the whole Ministry pressuring him..
to quash a case of tax evasion. l didn't know it was Manolas'.
That's why your Vangelis set him up.
Small world, isn't it?
-Then he became a terrorist. -He may have been before that.
He had a highly developed sense of justice...
lsn't that what they call it?
When my uncle's file was lost he gave me a whole lecture...
-Listen what they write. -l couldn't care less!
We were almost killed because of him and you don't care?
While we are still awaiting the outcome of the investigation...
on the collapse of the shopping mall that buried 7 workers...
in its rubble, wheeler-dealer Manolas, an unscrupulous...
lumpen speculator, was planning a second more ruthless attack..
on his company's stockholders so that he alone would reap...
the huge profits accruing to the Olympower group...
from being granted the largest slice of the Olympic pipe...
Here it is. The organization is in a position to know...
everything that went on behind the scenes involving secret...
deals, huge building contracts...
and payoffs to government officials and party coffers.
Get it?
He's waiting until the price drops to buy back the stock!
lsn't that what l just said?
lt's different coming from the 17th.
May l make a phone call?
Hello, Uncle... Can you hear me? lt's Makis.
l know...
Why should l turn myself in? l haven't done anything!
Where are you? This is a bad connection.
You're at Therapon? So who's yelling?
That's why l'm calling. Don't sell. Keep them all.
Get organized so we can take the company away from him.
l have information! He got the contract for the works.
Not the grapevine. lnside information.
l can't tell you. You'll regret it.
What's he doing at Therapon?
All the Olympower stockholders have gathered...
asking for their money back.
l'll give the newspapers the proclamation...
-and do him major damage! -lt's not in your interest!
You're fucking right.
Manolas! l've got you!
Vangelis for Prime Minister!
l issued the medical bulletin and distributed 100 copies.
At least now they'll stop yelling.
-And l'm still alive. -Like El Cid.
l also got offers from three funeral parlors.
Word of this sort of thing spreads like wildfire.
Any moment now they'll start selling. Total panic!
-Sophie, get ready. -Just a minute...
Today Aegean Fund's buying. Tomorrow it's Gulf Shares.
-l see you've come prepared! -We're no amateurs!
Fine, thanks.
Mr. Manolas, Roula and the evzone are on VOX TV. whose home the body of an unknown male was found...
around 55 years old and wearing contact lenses who had...
recently had rhinoplastic surgery.
lt's believed the victim belonged to a foreign...
organization with ties to a Greek terrorist group...
of which the wanted man, Makis Parlavantzas, was a member...
Pretty boy...
Still unclear is the role played by Roula Dourambassi...
also wanted by the police...
-l'll fuck her! -ls that bad?
That's what happens when you fool around.
Get me her mother on the phone. She might know where she is.
lt's Vangelis.
Don't answer. They may trace the call.
They can't tap cell phones.
They do it from satellites.
Then they'll know we're going to my aunt's.
Think they have aunts under surveillance too?
l forgot to tell you Aunt Dionysia is blind.
-Totally? -Totally. Diabetes.
Are you the crisp with no onions and extra peppers?
-Did l get it right? -You did.
That'll be 9,200. lf you've got the 200...
l bet this baby flies.
The change from the condoms...
-Didn't you give it to him? -You've got to be kidding.
And the parking tip. found at the Shepherdess after the attempt on the life..
of Mr. Manolas. Suspect Makis Parlavantzas is wanted...
Come on in Roula... lt's open.
Good evening, Aunt Dionysia.
l heard what you've been up to on the 6 o'clock news.
-Where are you Efthimios? -Good evening.
l can smell feta cheese. ls that Greek Lovers pizza?
Vassilakis is crazy about baked olives.
Are you related to Parlavantzas the ear, nose and throat man?
No. We just have the same name.
l'm blind, not deaf, Efthimios.
We call him by his nickname Makis, Auntie.
Give me the pizzas and open a couple of beers.
Sit down, Makis.
Next to me... so we don't shout.
-You knew this Manolas? -Did he die?
They're expecting him too. A major scumbag...
ls it true he was Roula's lover?
-Why don't you ask her? -Ask me what?
lf this scumbag Manolas was your lover...
-Why? Did he die? -They're expecting him to.
At least will he leave you anything?
The doctor left me a roof over my head for my old age...
...investigating possible links she may have with the lRA...
...but tv is the best company. lt's noisy, more alive...
No favors to the private sector...
l like the Brazilian soaps... the Mexican one are nice too...
because the characters always state their profession...
so you know who's who. Attorney Altamirano...
Yes Dr. Rugeles. How are you Miss Pakita?
The Greek serials are very lewd and the themes...
someone's always you know whatting someone else's wife...
or some tycoon is corrupting everyone...
policemen, politicians, the press... even terrorists...
...and condones terrorism which it protects in this way...
l like the Professor. What does he look like?
The public is more inclined to believe terrorist proclamations
-than the government spokesman. -That's our fault too?
l think l'll take a walk...
to clear my head.
You're not interested?
Of course it's genuine.
And if not... one more reason why you should publish it.
l explained it to you.
The attempt failed.
The police are in on it too.
l know...
Manolas is preparing a stock market scam.
Me? The evzone...
Fuck off!
Good evening. l want the phone numbers of all the newspapers.
Just three?
Half a second.
Can l call you back in two minutes?
See where the Vatican levelled off?
Our saintly smalltimers should see this.
With a bank we could feed half the orphans in the world.
Say, Dorotheos, now we created this ''Madredeus''...
why don't we buy Agora, formerly SATV?
''Madredeus'' is the holding company we set up..
for our construction and real estate...
For the media we have ''Almighty Com''!
-Com? -Communications.
l wonder who christens your companies. You, Father?
Roula's here.
Yes, have her come up. Thank you.
Can l just go over this with you?
Father Dorotheos is coming at 10 to grant you absolution.
10? Can't we do it a little later?
The tv crews will be here at 9 for the medical bulletin.
Sotirchos will be on the 8 o'clock news...
-before the stock market opens. -Miss Roula's here.
Take Mrs. Sofia to the office and come back.
-How's our girl doing? -Good evening, Mrs. Sofia.
'Bye Roula... and don't overdo it.
They're saying on tv that you're dying.
ls that what got you worried or do you miss me?
lf you start with the irony again, l'm out of here.
Your blessings.
Before you go, let me have the keys to the convertible.
-l don't have them with me. -Gave them to your shepherd?
Now it's the shepherd that's bothering you?
Your whoring's bothering me.
Flirting with him and at the same time grabbing my dick...
and making my blood pressure shoot up. l might get a stroke!
Was it me or the tripe you ate?
And since when did you become so sensitive?
lt didn't bother you when you passed me to the Minister...
and videotaped the whole thing. Where's the video?
-l can't find it. -You're busting my balls...
Stop talking and give me head.
And have it on my head? Fuck off.
Go with Roula and get the convertible and my credit card.
And tell your shepherd not to fuck with me...
or l'll fuck him. Comprende ninia, as Spartacus would say?
-l'm back. -l heard you.
Has Roula gone to bed.
Manolas called her and she went to see him.
ls she crazy? The cops are after her.
-How did she go? -With a taxi driver l use.
A very trustworthy man. Don't worry, Efthimios.
lt's Manolas who's the danger.
She's also acquired the call girl mentality...
worried that her Vangelis would die...
and not leave her anything. l'm going to my room.
l've left sheets and pillows for you.
Good night, Efthimios.
Sorry... Makis.
Good night, Aunt Dionysia.
l love you even without a convertible.
Auntie's sleeping in the other room.
Holy Virgin! What's this?
The 92F...
Do we have a sheath?
The good ones l bought for...
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