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Subtitles for I Kina Spiser De Hunde.

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I Kina Spiser De Hunde

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What time is it?
Hanne, could you please use| a plate? A plate.
-Oh, American?|-You could say that.
-Can I help you?|-Yes. What time is it?
-Quarter past ten.|-Nine hours difference.
I never seem to learn that.
-Did you arrive just now?|-I was supposed to meet a dentist-
-in California, but then they sent me here|I didn't even have time to change.
The guy I'm supposed to meet isn't arriving|untill 12. Sure about the time?
Yes, its a is quarter past ten.|Are you going to meet an old friend?
No, he doesn't even know who I am.|But you might know him.
He works near here.|Arvid Blixen. Do you know him?
No. This is my first day here.
You must be wondering why I'm|meeting him.
-Wasn't there $80 in this?|-Yes...
Where did they go then?
It was my money.|I gave it to the church.
You did what?|Arvid, I was supposed to buy pants for those money.
-You have 40 other pairs.|-You shouldn't spend our $80!
I am so tired of you, Arvid.|Do you think you are Ghandi or something?
Hanne, can't we eat our breakfast|in peace and quiet?
Arvid, I actually think you|are the worlds most boring man.
Does it say "moron"|in my forehead?
Preben, we can't lend|$2500 without any collateral.
You make your living borrowing money.|It's some startup capital, damn!
-I'm sorry but I can't do anything.|-You are a big fucking office pig!
If I see you again I'll kick|your teeth out! Get it?!
-Arvid Blixen. He used to work at the bank.|-Then you could go over there and-
-tell him you are here?|-Simple. But it doesn't work like that.
Funny, isn't it?
It is only 12 days since I heard the|name Arvid Blixen for the first time.
-Yeah, exactly 12 days.|-Look what I bought.
-What do you think about it?|-Can I try it out?
What did it cost?
Everyone that doesn't want to get shot|get down on the floor!
Stop crying!|Stop crying, I told you.
-Stop crying, I told you.|-Alright.
-Are you gay?|-Yes...
Listen now, Henning. Gay-Henning.|Is that what they call you?
-No.|-If you don't stop crying-
-I'll send you to gay heaven,|and you wouldn't like that, would you?
An armed robbery was stopped today when the|31 year old bank accountant Arvid Blixen-
-struck the armed robber in the|head with his squash racket.
-Arvid Blixen, how do you feel right now?|-It feels a bit...
You are a hero, some would say.|I'll cut for a few seconds.
Don't look straight in to the camera.|Don't be nervous. Just look at me.
-Do you always carry your racket with you?|-No, I was supposed to play squash tonight-
-but I'll probably stay at home instead now.|And this is Henning's racket.
-You are still a bit shocked, right?|-Yes.
-What made you do such a thing?|-I don't know. I think I just...
-...felt it was the right thing to do.|-You've gotten 14 days of vacation now.
-What are you planning on doing?|-I'll spend it with my girlfriend-
-and perhaps even go to Paris.
"Go to hell...Arvid."
-Who the hell are you? !|-Why did you hit Franz?
-Franz?|-You could have let him get the money.
You have ruined our lives,|just so you could play a hero!
You could have let him get the money.|Franz is not a criminal.
We could have used the money.
-But you can't rob a bank.|-Why not?
We would love to get a baby. Do you|know what artificial insemination cost?
Hey!|You forgot your wallet.
Thank you very much.
Look! It's that pig from the bank!
Now you will get you ass kicked!|Stop, god damn!
Go fuck yourself!
Fascist Pig!|Go to hell!
You got to stop calling me.|Get out an meet some people!
Do you understand what I've been going through?|I've hit a bank robber-
-been attacked by his girlfriend|and been beaten by a rock band!
Arvid, come up with a good reason instead|of just lying to me!
-Hanne, I need you.|-Arvid, stop fucking calling me.
I'll try again at Friday then.|Friday, yes. Good.
Talk to you later. Bye.
There is more cream|over here...
-What is this?|-It's a fondue.
-Fondue?|-Yes. Coq poulard.
That is good, Peter.
-Who went to the market?|-Vuk. . .
-Vuk went to the market? Why?|-He just got his drivers license.
Is there something wrong?|Are they bad, or...?
-What is this?|-Radishes.
They are supposed to be red.|Don't you have radishes in India?
You shouldn't come here with|bad fruit! Get it?
-I'm sorry.|-"I'm sorry". Puk, you are a nigger.
-It's been some time...|-What are you doing here? Did dad die?
-Dad died nine years ago.|-Then he missed when we won the European Championships.
What do you want?
I want to talk to you.
-What happened to your eye?|-I got beaten up.
Hi. One porter, please.
-We are doing some talking.|-I'll be alright.
Arvid and Harald are going for a ride.|They haven't seen each other in a few years.
-Did you buy this restaurant?|-No, I won it.
-Have you been in the city for long?|-I live here.
I have been since dad died.
-He always hoped that you would show up.|-No, He didn't.
You must have had one hell of a life.
-And you are still an asshole?|-Yes.
Damn, what a shitty life you've had.
Can you help me out here?
-What the fuck is it in this?|-Nothing.
-Some heavy stuff?|-Yes.
-What do you really want?|-What do you mean?
Why did you suddenly show up?
-Why?|-I'm going to rob a bank.
-What?|-He wants to rob a bank.
It sounds strange,|but thats the truth.
I'm going to rob an armored transport.|I know exactly when it arrives-
-but I'm not sure how to go about it.|You are the only criminal I know.
We are going to rob and armored transport|together, Harald.
We are going to rob an armored transport?|The two of us?
-What is her name?|-Astrid.
We are going to give Astrid and Franz money|so they can go away and get a child.
Nice, right?
-Is she going to get all the money?|-No. Don't ask such a stupid question.
Explain that part about "happiness" again.
It was wrong to strike down the robber. |One shouldn't stand in the way-
-of two peoples happiness.|-Good, isn't it?
You are going to rob an armored transport|to help some other people.
For once we are going to do something|that is right.
-It's not completely right, now is it?|-If Arvid says it is, then it is.
-One could say...|-Why are you interfering all the time?
You are going to get a crane|and a truck. Do you have the bag?
-Where is the armored transport?|-They didn't have any, but...
No problem.
This pear is the transport.|Ok?
The transport comes driving here.|Then the crappy car comes here-
-and drives into the transport, so|that it flips over. You two jump out of the truck.
Arvid and me appear|and trow out the drivers.
You drive up by its side and lift|the transport up on the truck.
...and then you drive away. There.
-This is how it is supposed to happen?|-Yes, exactly.
Who drives the car?
Unbelievable. She has two children and he is|flirting with a gay make up artist.
-Henning, you mean?|-Yes. Bredal. . . "The woman at the bank.
-Fuck...!|-It takes some getting used to the thought of him being gay.
I didn't know|Harald had a brother.
-Have you done anything like this before?|-Harald has. We work as chefs.
Sometimes I consider calling|the union.
-You aren't going to shoot someone?|-Who knows?
Vuk, it's a volvo,|made of reinforced steel.
-There is an airbag. We will secure you safely.|-I won't do it.
-Are you ready?|-Vuk doesn't want to...
-Listen now. It's a Volvo.|-You can't even be in this country.
-I won't do it.|-What is happening?
-Vuk doesn't think the car is good enough.|-It's a Volvo.
-He crashed a car once before.|-Yes, at the city hall square.
I won't do it.
-I won't do it.|-What?
-What is he saying?|-He won't do it.
Listen up now. Either you drive the car,|or you will be guarding goats. Ok?
Strap him in real good,|so we can get on our way.
Buckle up.
-It's a bit hard to get it in to reverse.|-Do you want me to try?
Let me do it.
-Hard, isn't it?|-I softened up the gears.
-Did you soften up the gears?|-Yes.
We are done. After some problems|Peter has managed to soften up the gears a bit.
-Good, Peter.|-It is true.
Puk, are you ready?
Hey, Puk - are you ready?
-You aren't eating right now, are you?|He says he is all done.
It is the same hydraulic.
The same if you haven't used the|blowdryer in a long time.
If the truck is kept in the garage for a long time|then the oil will get thick.
Lunch is over. Lets go.
Here they come!
-What is happening?|-They are on their way.
Puk, lets go...
You don't expect that many people|to be gay...
-People in the government, high politicians...|-What the hell is that?
Drive, dammit!|Get this piece of crap going, for fucks sake !
Full speed!
Speed it up!
We are losing him!
Now he is doing it!
Get the mask on, damn it!|Get the crane down!
Get Vuk!
Slow it down!|All the way to the windscreen!
Come on!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
What the fuck are you doing?!
-You are crazy!|-Sit down and shut up!
Sit down!
You are completely crazy!
-Don't you want to get rid of the working outfits?|-Yes. How much is it?
-$65 000.|-Does it hurt?
Martin...the overall.
-I think he broke both...|-They will grow back together again.
-Peter, check what Erling can do.|-He has got to go to a hospital.
Get him up.
What's the matter with you?
-you have crippled two people.|-What should I have done then? Played poker with them?
-You're insane.|-You're supposed to do things properly.
-No matter if it's right or wrong.|-You would have done it for the money.
And because you are fucking crazy.
-I could see that you enjoyed it.|-Do you really think so?
I'm doing all of this because ... you're my brother.
Here...|Take all of this shit.
-$67154.|-Why should I get that?
Because I've made a mistake.
Are we not friends?
-Was she pleased?|-Yes.
What did the others say|when I just took the money?
-Peter and Martin got $2000 each.|-Of your own money?
-And Vuk?|-He doesn't get anything.
He'll just buy goldchains|and crap.
I can't understand how it's|gotten a scratch here.
We got to get Franz out of jail.|Her husband. He's still in jail.
-he's got to get out.|-And?
I thought you might|help me with it.
-What's your plan?|-I don't know yet.
Find out how to do it and get back to me.|I'll help you.
But you better not call me|a psycho again.
Come on...
-No money.|-You have no money.
Hello. Hi, Arvid.
-A swine is really wild, right?|-Vuk wants some money.
Did you know that pigs can get an orgasm|that lasts for 30 minutes?
-What?|-Their orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.
-That cant be true?|-They don't get it every time though?
-No, no...|-Damn.
-Vuk wants some money.|-He gets his pay cheque.
-He doesn't think it's fair.|-Vuk doesn't need any money.
-He wants to send some to his mother...|-Grandmother.
What's the matter with you? What is it|you want you ungrateful fuck?
-Don't you like it?|-I was just telling Martin...
Don't you like being here?|He shouldn't be complaining.
-you're a racist.|-So what? There is nothing wrong with that.
You two can give him some|of your money, right?
-Yes, we could.|-Good!
Then that's settled.|Give him $600 each.
Shut the fuck up...!
-They had to give money to Vuk.|-Do you have a minute?
I'll have another one of these.
-Where do you come from?|-That's another long story.
-Do you play cards?|-Sometimes.
-What do you play?|-Poker, Black Jack...
-Want to play some poker?|-I was just telling... what's your name?
-Erik.|-I'm Richard.
-Jørgen wants to play cards.|-I'm in.
-What kind of poker do you want to play?|-What do you think?
-Hit or draw?|-Draw is fine.
Three, four, five... and a half.
His mother can't be to happy with|his arms either?
He says you made him.
Made Vuk?
-Vuk only does what he wants to.|-Let me know the next time he "wants" to do something.
-Do I look like a socialworker?|-Harald, next time he goes-
-watch him. As long as you're his boss he is your responsibility.
Remember that.
Aren't you going home to watch a video or something?
See you, Harald.
Vuk is rich. Arvid is going to find a way|to get Franz out of jail.
Martin and Peter is helping,|but it's not that easy.
We're getting police uniforms and then we enter|saying he is being transferred.
-It won't hold.|-How is it supposed to be done?
-I don't know. I'm a chef.|-I think people get themselves out.
-I need 25 banana splits.|-Will you get the prawns from the fridge?
-I can do that.|-Thanks.
-Did you get the bananas?|-No.
You told me you where getting the car back.|What the fuck did you do for four hours?
What is this?
Are you crazy? That´s Plastic explosives.|It's Harald's.
Why does he have stuff like that lying around?
He probably exchanged it|for caviar. Don't touch it, Arvid.
Nothing's going on. It's C-4.|Plastic explosives.
You detonate it electrically.
-Do you know much about this stuff?|-I've been in the military.
You could blow a hole|in a prison wall.
I could blow Amager up.|If Harald isn't using it.
you had kitchen duty.|You were placed in the food department.
It gives you a broad education.
-Sure you can do it?|-Ofcourse.
Otherwise we can do a test explosion first.
Didn't we say 11.00?
-He was going to send the money with the mail.|-Shouldn't we use a bit less?
-It has to be realistic.|-I have a lot more.
-If anyone hears something...|-There is no one out here.
-Ok, Martin.|-Lower it down.
If you are blowing a hole in something|you need something heavy that can press-
-the explosives at the wall,|else you only get a very small hole.
They are good, right?
Arvid... You can do it.|When you press this one-
-it will detonate after 60 seconds.|-Get over here.
-Come on.|-Ok.
-Should I do it now?|-Sure. Press.
-Ok, let's go.|-Take this.
60 seconds.
Now you just wait and see!
It's Vuk.
-Vuk, get out of there!|-What the fuck does he have with him?
Vuk, get away from there!
Maybe next time we should|use some less, Peter.
Sorry. I didn't know|he would show up!
Find Puk,|and let's get out of here.
Go, go.
Hes gone deaf.
He should be rinsed with water|for two more hours.
I have to leave now.
Easy. First we have to fix two cars.|Thanks for the help.
It's the same thing with clay. Normally|you can't use old clay.
We're here.
-Something could have gone wrong.|-It didn't.
You don't use explosives that are more than|three months old.
Watch Vuk...
-What the fuck is he doing?|-He's deaf.
Well, he still shouldnt stand in the way.
As opposed to last time when|the water container was close to the wall...
This is the explosives, and you|are the wall. Last time we only got a small one...
... but this time it's half a meter away.|Straight in to the wall. Totally different kind explosion.
Look what I've got in the car.
100 liters of water, to keep the|ballast in place. So that the explosion-
-goes straight in to the wall,|in a totally different way then last time.
Two lumps of C-4...
-Same delay as last time.|-How much is it this time?
-A quarter of the last delay.|-Where did you get those sandwiches?
Vuks uncle's got a place.
-Why didn't we get any?|-We thought you'd already eaten.
-Take a bite.|-Theres nothing left.
-Take a bit fro the other side.|-I dont want that crap!
-Shouldn't the car be set back?|-Yes.
-What does it say?|-30 seconds.
-Think about someone else than yourself.|-Fuck...!
Where is he?
Move it.|He's under here.
-He's dead!|-Hand on top of your heads!
-We killed him!|-No, he's ok.
-We killed him!|-Shut up!
Hands on top of your heads,|or we will shoot!
Fuck you!
-A little late night snack.|-Thanks.
-No, thank you.|-Its cold chicken with cheddar.
-Can you pass me the smelling salt?|-He is deaf, god damn.
We're not getting any younger.
-He's dead.|-No, he isn't.
-He's got the nose bone in his brain.|-That doesn't kill you.
You shouldn't fucking kill Erling!
Stop, damn it!
-He is dead too!|-Arvid...
Give me that.
What are you doing?|You could have shot me.
-you're the one at the bank!|-You shut up.
Everyone of you shut up, ok?|There wont be any more deaths in here
Take Vuk and Erling out of here.
-Where should we take them?|-To the circus! Where do you think you put the dead?
-No idea. I'm a chef.|-Take them to Søndermarken.
Yes. Burry them there.
Right now.
Peter and Martin leaves for|Sondermarken. How do you say that?
What have you got, Erik?
Three queens.
Three kings.
You're very lucky.|I've never seen anything like it.
I know a guy...|No, that's another story.
-I'd like to play with him.|-You might get to one day.
-Where was I?|-Søndermarken.
Arvid had a long talk with Franz,|but he was still very confused.
First you hit me in the head|with a racket...
... and then u get me put in jail.|Then you try to blow me up.
-Are you insane?|-I'm sorry I hit you.
-I know I did something wrong.|-It's even worse to blow people up.
-I know. I want to make it up to you.|-Who the fuck asked you for that?
-Your wife.|-My wife?
She told me|Why you did it.
-What the hell are you talking about?|-You can't have kids.
I don't have a wife and I don't want|any kids. I hate kids!
-Isn't she your wife?|-No. I'm a bank robber.
-Not a very good basis for a relationship.|-You are married to Astrid.
-Astrid Henriksen. Your wife.|-Did you talk to her?
-What did she say?|-Everything. That you couldn't have children-
-and that she wanted help.
-You didn't give her any money?|-Well, you could say we did.
-Isn't Astrid your wife?|-No.
-I saw a picture with the two of you...|-Who is she then?
My sister.|Astrid is my sister.
Last time I saw here she took me|for $600. How much did you give here?
$65 000.
$65 000?
Shut up.
Did everything go alright?
Could you maybe take another turn?
You'll freeze to death|in here.
-Vuk is dead.|-Yes.
And Erling...
-We killed two people.|-Three.
I just shot Franz.
-Are you going to kill me too?|-No. You are my brother.
-I don't understand anything anymore.|-No, you never did.
What is there to understand?|There is no right or wrong.
You decide for yourself. In China you can eat|an entire dog-
-without anyone caring. There you|just have to find out what you can't do-
-and then don't do it.|-You don't believe that, do you?
I should have just gone to Paris|with Hanne.
Doesn't it feel bad that|Astrid has got $65 000, that is ours?
-Yes.|-Isn't it fucking cold in here?
Come on.
-Shouldn't we leave?|-She might be in the bathroom.
-Who are you looking for?|-Astrid.
That might be hard.|She has left for vacation.
I don't understand anything. She bought a|mink coat. I don't get it,-
-it's hot|in South Africa, isn't it?
-I have a meeting at ten o'clock.|-Can't you give me a ride home?
-It's him...|-Who?
Did he hit you in a head with a|bottle? What are you going to do with him?
You have to do something, Arvid.|Else you will become like your father.
-you can't just let people piss on you like that!|-No.
You work at a bank, right?|And you use your head?
The worst he can do|is to hit you in the head.
-What does he do for a living?|-He is a guitar player.
The worst thing you can do|is to shoot him in the hand.
He shouldn't fucking hit you in the head|with a bottle.
Other people could get a bottle|in the head too.
It's you duty to do it.
-Do you understand? What are you going to do?|-Shoot him in the hand.
What the fuck?!
Did you hit my brother|in the head with a bottle?
What do you want to do now?
-Now he doesn't...|-What do you want to do now?
I'm going to hit him in the head|with this.
You better stay calm now while my brother|will hit your friend with this ash tray.
You fucking psycho!|What the fuck are you doing?!
-Shut up.|-Next time I'll crush you!
-Shut up!|-you're going to die, both of you!
-You shut up!|-Im gonna beat you so fucking bad!
Come on, Arvid!
Holy shit.
Music ..
I'm betting on the guy|from Bagsværd.
-Have you seen Vuk?|-Didn't he get home last night?
-He said something about a girl.|-A girl?
He had met a good looking girl.
-A readhead. Want some pasta?|-No, thank you.
-I don't think he's met a girl.|-We didn't think so either, but...
This is damn good.
I think you better|talk to Harald.
-Where is Harald then?|-He's in a meeting.
Tell Vuk to call home|as soon as you see him.
Harald knows I take care of my family|and my eyes.
The eyes... is what|you take care of the most.
Remember that.
Maybe we should call Harald.
You do know you've just killed|an entire rock band?
-I've always wanted to do that.|-There is plenty of them around.
Yeah, exactly.
You can't be to good to show|some aggression sometimes.
Thanks a lot, Harald.
For what?
For helping me.
My pleasure.
See you.
Sleep well.
The same.
-I'm just going to get the TV.|-But thats mine.
No, Arvid. I just didn't get it|with me last time.
I'm the one that bought it.|Why is it yours?
-Hanne...|-What is it?
-Don't you want to come back?|-Arvid...
Do you remember when we had a cat?
Why do you think it left?|Because it was bored, Arvid.
-I've changed.|-Oh, did you get a wart or something?
Give it up now.|I'm just here to get the TV.
-I haven't seen him since...|-Wednesday.
I know nothing.|We're chefs.
-We can't check him all the time.|-Harald...
I want to say something:
If something has happened to Vuk,|we will be very sad...
... and we are a couple of people.
I'll call if he checks in.
What will happen if they find him?
Then they will invite us to a concert!.
-What if they...|-You buried him deep, right?
Good, then they won't find him.
-What's happened?|-I´ve killed Hanne.
-We're not going back there again.|-No, we are not, Harald.
No, you are chefs. Make some food,|and I'll take care of Hanne.
Who the fuck is Hanne?
-Why?|She went to get the TV.
Ok. Well...
-Where is she?|-At home. In the living room.
And in the kitchen.
-In the living room and the kitchen?|-Yes.
Perhaps I should just leave her there-
-and then go away... for a long, long time.
-That sounds good, Arvid.|-Yes.
But I need some money.
-I know just what to do.|-Good.
Will you help me out?
I can't do it any more.|I can't fucking do it!
-Don't tell me.|-They are crazy!
-Tell them!|-Yeah, I will.
-What have you got?|-Three nines.
No...! No one is that lucky.|He's cheating.
-What are you saying?|-You are cheating!
You can't prove that|Jørgen is cheating. can you?
He is a man with luck.|One more turn. What time is it?
-Soon twelve.|-Did they leave the country then?
They wanted to, but first they|have to get some money.
The only one that can sound the alarm|is Gunna and Henning.
During their lunch they always go to|Café Paradis to eat with Finn.
So then there is no one|at the alarm table.
-Who is Finn?|-He owns Café Paradis.
-Anyone got a smoke?|-What time is it?
-Half past eleven. Don't you have a smoke?|-We've got 30 minutes.
Stop asking about the smokes! Go and|buy some at Finns.
-Get some peanuts.|-No. It makes your mouth dry.
-I want some peanuts!|-The you probably want water too?
Go and get the damn peanuts.
-Do you have cigarettes?|-Prince.
Good. And a bag of peanuts.
-Where are you going?|-I don't know.
-Or China?|-Yes...
-My dad always wanted to go to India.|-John Lennon went there.
-He was shot.|-Dad? Why?
No, dad wasn't shot.
He was fixing a bike... the tire.|But he couldn't find the hole.
I took over, and he went to| do the taxes-
-for Mrs Jespersen. All of a sudden|he just died.
It was something in the brain.|Mrs Jespersen got a new taxform from City Hall.
-Some way to die.|-Here you go.
-Look, a what a gayass! Is it them?|-Yes.
-Is he gay?|-No, I don't think so.
-I don't think he is gay.|-Who cares? Are you ready?
-Do you think we are idiots?|-Take it easy.
What are you saying?
-Where is Finn?|-He is sick.
Is there a back door?
Yes, there is!
-Harald...|-Stay down there!
I thought you had burried|Vuk properly.
We only hade a small spade.|And it was dark.
It was Arvid|that killed Vuk.
Wasn't it?
We are chefs, damn it.
Now I don't have a brother any more.|Don't you do anything right?
Come on...
Lets go.
-Arvid.|-Henning. . .
-Aren't you on vacation?|-Arvid, What is going on?
I don't know.|I think we are dead.
Are we dead?
It might sound strange,|but you are dead.
-Dead?|-That can't be right.
Normally someone from the dark side|would pick one of you up-
-but they are not here. They might|have forgotten about it. Or you might be lucky.
-Why?|-If no one from the other side shows up-
-then u get to come up with me.|Isn't that nice?
Yes, sort of But does that mean|we are all getting to heaven?
Of course. Silly me...!|You little devil.
-I've never seen you before.|-My third pick up.
-Who do you want?|-You!
-Me?|-You are never cheating me in a card game again.
I've never cheated.|I'm just lucky!
-Your turn.|-I take Arvid.
-Why?|-You're on my list.
This can't be right,|and you are drunk...
-I want to talk to one of your superiors.|-Aren't you gay?
-I've never done anything wrong.|-I'm just taking Arvid.
-Sure you didn't do anything wrong?|-Yes. Gunna Quist must be on that list.
-You didn't screw around or something?|-What?!
You didn't screw around with another man?
That thing with Lars? On Christmas lunch.|I was drunk. Was that so bad?
We'll have to ask someone about that|when we get down there.
-Those then?|-That seems to be another department.
Probably the same guys that came for|Vuk. Some of them are strange.
We call them "the men with the funny|pants". They are always late.
Lets get going, or we'll miss the bus.|You've always been a good boy.
-I killed Vuk.|-I told you, it's not our department.
-Wasn't it wrong to kill Hanne?|-She tried to steal your TV.
You always thought you did the|right thing, didn't you?
That's what counts. If you believe|you are doing the right thing, then you are.
But... Me, up there?|Really?
-Yes.|-The rock band then?
-I killed an entire rock band.|-They where bad.
Ok, Arvid. I am a good friend of|of your father and I promised him-
-I'd bring you.|Come on. Watch the steps.
-Yes, but...|-Damn! What was the name of the girl-
-that went down with Erik?|-Gunna Quist.
She was on my list. Damn!|I was in a rush when I wrote it.
Does this look like "Gunna Quist"?|It might... I thought-
-it said go now quick. What kind of|name is that? Poor girl.
I was going to the dentist in|California, but then I had to go here.
-Excuse me, but what is your name?|-Come on...
-Do you have any ID?|-Come on. Your father is waiting.
Watch the door!
What kind of music is that...?
That's the way it should sound...!
Subtitles provider:|Sibirski
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