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Subtitles for Hyojadongibalsa 2004.

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Hyojadongibalsa 2004

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Presented by iPICTURES
A Chungeorahm Film production
The characters & events featured in this story are fictitious
starring SONG Gang-ho
My father is a barber
His name is Sung Han-mo
People also call him 'Tofu Han-mo' like for counting tofu
My mother was a shaver
When she came up to the city, it was the first thing she learned
LEE Jae-eung
Have a nice day
Go eat and come back Go eat, okay?
MOON So-ri
My father was an ordinary barber,
but he didn't always do ordinary things
What are you doing?
Mi-ja, I have something to talk about
Hold on, This way...
Let go of my hand and let's talk
You are not supposed to shave like that
he was a barber
who lived in the President's neighborhood
Who are we?
March 14, 1960 Aren't we the President's neighbors?
March 14, 1960
March 14, 1960 It's up to us to lead our country
to prosperity and comfort
Do you all understand?
Remember this
To face off with the Northern commies
we have to support Dr. Rhee,
only Dr. Rhee Seung-man
Oh, of course he's got the president seat
Mister Choi the community leader,
always had concern for the country,
and said that the government was always right
But the problem is Lee Gi-boong
Whatever happens,
Lee Gi-boong has to become vice-president
Since he can support Dr. Rhee
You all know what I'm getting at?
So that's why
It's V for victory
Remember this
- Oh, it's cold - Nice for you to come early
You remember this also
Dad didn't know the victory sign,
but he did whatever Mister Choi told him to do
Hey, it's V for victory!
Yes, number two
V for victory, ballot one
You told me number two
Number one
Number two? Number one?
Dad always believed that the government meant well
So he followed Mister Choi,
and worked hard for the country
The briquette-selling gentleman
also knew that my father worked hard for the country
What are you doing here?
Oh they're potatoes
They all rotted, so I'm burying them
Potatoes, I see
You dug pretty deep
Mr. Choi
It's going to be all right
The next important thing to my father
was my name
You're holding it upside down
So the name is
That's the Gwang and Ho characters
This is Nak and An
The name Gwang-ho
brings your son power, but not a long life
- So he won't live long? - I didn't say that!
The name Nak-an doesn't bring wealth,
but it brings comfort and no worries
So he can live comfortably
- But can't make much? - I didn't say that!
Both of them are good names, so pick one
Don't you have a name
that brings both comfort and money?
If I were you, I'd pick Nak-an
Living long is the best
Which is better?
Even if it's a short life,
a man should live for power
Did you go into his wife's belly?
What if it's not a boy?
Yes, What an easy name Nak-an
What's so easy about that?
People could mistake it for 'Knock on'
What if everyone calls him Knock-on-wood, huh?
Then no one will come in here
They won't knock on his door
Here comes the President
The President finally got re-elected
through a rigged election
Dr. Rhee amended the constitution
to get Plus Five votes to win before
Since he rigged the election again, he'll be President forever
Mr. Wang, people keep mentioning Plus Five
What does Plus Five mean?
Does it have anything to do with the constitution?
You didn't know?
Nine, ten
It takes ten months
for the baby to come out, right?
So is the baby in the belly a person or not?
Hard to tell, right?
How about a nine-month baby?
Then it's the same as a person,
since it has arms and legs
How about eight months?
At eight months, it's still a person
How about seven months?
Seven months
Six months?
Then how many months makes the baby a person?
Confusing, isn't it?
Why the hell is it confusing?
Once it comes out, then it's a baby
Think a baby comes out like a dumpling?
So it's five months
At five months we think of it as a person
Less than five months, we don't
I said no
Then what are you going to do?
The baby has to be born
It's up to me whether I have the baby or not
No way It's Plus Five
What are you talking about?
Plus Five
If the baby's over five months,
it has to be born
The law says so
Plus Five even amends the constitution,
so the baby must be born
My mother had an arranged marriage at her hometown
She was planning to work for a few months,
but my father spoiled it all
I even named the baby
What is it?
Sung Nak-an?
What a stupid name!
So that's how my name became known as Plus Five Nak-an
to everyone in our neighborhood
Let's do it again! Let's do it again!
The Freedom Party rigged the election! Leave the parliament!
Because of the Plus Five incident or the rigged election perhaps,
many people gathered on our street,
which lead to the Blue House
Rhee Seung-man betrayed democracy! Leave the Blue House!
I was born on the day of the ApriI 19 Revolution
Dad would always brag to people
how my birthday was easy to remember
The Freedom Party rigged the election! Leave the parliament!
My belly! My belly!
Please let us pass
What's this?
Get over here!
I'm gonna kill you!
You call yourself a husband?
I was just
Why do my shoes keep coming off?
- Shit, coming up again - Let's go
Let's do it again! Let's do it again!
- Crooked cops go away! - Go away! Go away!
What are you waiting for? Are you crazy?
Let get rid of Rhee Seung-man and vote again!
Doctor! Doctor!
Please help us, doctor!
Doctor, please help us!
- No, I'm not a doctor! - Help us, doctor!
Doctor, my friend is bleeding!
It seems you've mistaken my gown!
I'm not a doctor!
Doctor! Help us!
I'm telling you, I'm not a doctor!
Like I said, I'm not a doctor!
I'm on my way to the hospitaI
because my wife's having a baby!
It's coming out! It's coming out! It's coming out!
It's coming out!
It's coming out!
Everyone, it's coming out!
Nice baby, Nice baby
I was born safely on that day,
but a lot of people were killed
in front of the Blue House
You look so happy
I brought you a gift
Aw, you shouldn't have
Oh, Nak-an
My wife will bring mine
Mr. Wang bought you some pretty clothes
Who's that on the radio?
Isn't it the President?
The President finally stepped down
Mr. Choi was mad
at the college students for bringing him down
Come over here
Come this way
Come this way
Come to daddy
Hey you, where's the Blue House?
That way
Bastard could've asked nicely
After the military seized the Blue House,
Mr. Choi thought it was for the better
May 16, 1961 Coup d'etat
So my father thought the same
'A few years later'
Okay, that's perfect!
What the heck are you doing to the barbershop?
Now, this place
looks like a real barbershop in the President's neighborhood
Your idea turned out pretty nice
Now when people come in here,
they'll say, 'A barbershop in the President's
neighborhood sure is better'
- Isn't that right, Nak-an? - Pardon?
You're too young What would you know?
Why are you hitting my son?
We've come to look for our flower!
What flower are you looking for?
We're looking for the Hair Man!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
I told you not to talk to me when there's a customer
Mom went to the market, so fix yourself something to eat
What is it?
The kids called you Hair Man
Who the hell said that?
Is it that fatty?
Did you call me Hair Man?
- Yes, you did! - When?
Now you're Lying to me?
I swear I didn't!
Who are you to yell at me?
I swear I didn't!
Watch your mouth
I have no choice Let's go to the police station
You need to be interrogated by the police!
Now follow me!
- What's going on? - Daddy!
He's your son?
What happened? Tell me
The other kids Hair Man, but he said and hit me!
Say it right!
The other kids called him Hair Man,
but he said that I did and hit me!
Hair Man?
What's so bad about calling a barber Hair Man?
A barber cuts hair, doesn't he?
So, where are you going now?
To the police station
Police station?
What are you doing to my son?
Fine, let's go to the station
That's not what I
Anyway, when did your son grow up like this?
You look just like your father
Nice and healthy
You look great
You chubby thing, you
Buy some cookies with this, okay?
Buy some cookies
Need some help?
No, I'm almost done
Anyway, why'd you buy so much coal during summer?
Well, winter has to come anyway
Thanks a lot
Come by some time
Looks like you can use a haircut
Dad, Why'd you give him money
after Young-jong called you Hair Man?
I told you already
Young-jong's father and I have been old friends
That's why
Nak-an, come here
I said come here
Nak-an, I'll tell you what a barber is
See that thing spinning around outside?
Do you know what it symbolizes?
The red and blue lines symbolize blood
And the white lines symbolize bands
Do you know what this means?
I'll tell you what it means
Long time ago, barbershops were hospitals
Doctors cut hair
and performed operations long ago
This gown
Look at this gown
It looks exactly like a doctor's gown, right?
Don't I look like a doctor?
I do, huh?
Nak-an, from now on,
if anybody calls me Hair Man,
laugh at him to yourself
Think, 'You're too stupid
to know that a barber and doctor are brothers'
To myself?
Yeah, to yourself
It's the best way
to treat ignorant people
No matter what you tell them,
they can't understand
How could they ever get that
a barber and doctor are brothers?
No matter what
it's like reading a book to a cow
Like reading a book to a cow
In other words
Like talking to the wall
Talking to the wall?
Why would someone do that?
Yong-baek! Yong-baek!
I heard you took seven of Nak-an's cards
How about a game with me?
Where are you running off to?
That little prick
How long have you run this place?
About twelve to thirteen years, sir
Then you'll know what goes on around here
Pardon? Yes, of course
Do you know where I'm from?
Pardon? From the Blue House?
No, I'm from
the Central Intelligence Agency
I see
Seen anyone suspicious around here lately?
I'm not too sure
Let me know if you find anyone suspicious
I'm looking for a fishy person lately
Yes, sir
Around here
I feel like he'll show up
- That fishy person? - Yes
Yes, I'll inform you right away
Then it'll be too late to catch him
Then how?
Report it to the police, got it?
The police, right
Around midnight tonight
In this area
I understand, sir
Thank you
Mom told dad not to let
that man in the shop again,
but Mr. Choi told my father to always treat him nice
He said that it's good to know people,
who seem to have power and connections
I wanna sleep in the middle
You little
Your father's the oldest so he sleeps in the middle
Go to sleep
No, I wanna sleep in the middle
Shut up and just go back to sleep
- I wanna sleep in the middle - Just go to sleep!
Why the hell doesn't he sleep?
- Dad - What?
- A rat - What?
Stop it!
There's a spy A spy
I said there's a spy A spy
There's a spy!
Don't try to escape!
Let go of me, you idiots!
- Wait! Wait! - Let go, you idiots!
- Get him! - Get him!
Who are you? You little punk!
You're a spy, aren't you?
I'm on a special assignment, you idiots!
He doesn't seem to be a spy!
He's a spy!
Have you ever seen a spy who says he's a spy?
- You're a spy - I know you're a spy
Let go, you bastards!
Stay still!
- Know who I am? - Yeah, a spy
But he wasn't a spy
He worked for the CIA
He was watching over a communist
student from Japan living next to us
Anyway, that day became
a turning point for my father
Are you the one who reported the spy?
Yes, sir
Can't you tell a spy from a CIA agent?
What unit did you serve, huh?
Are you Sung Han-mo?
I'm the head of Jongro Police Station
Great job
I'll also get a plaque thanks to you
Nice to meet you
The President is here
Mr. President
If there were more people like you,
no spy could ever show up around our Hyoja district
What is your name?
Sung Han-mo, sir
I see, Sung Ham-mo
No, it's Sung Han-mo, sir
Yes, Sung Ham-mo
No sir, it's 'han-mo', like for counting tofu
Oh, Tofu Han-mo
Later, my father discovered
that the Secret Service Director
planned out the whole spy incident
He did it to get the CIA Director into trouble
'Presidential Plaque'
I rubbed it already this morning
Then rub it some more
It's an honor rubbing that
Where else can you rub such a thing?
Anyway, why do you talk so much?
Wanna work somewhere else?
You should know your place
Pack up your barber tools within three minutes
Pardon? My barber tools?
Shut up and just do it
Yes, sir!
Barber tools!
I'm done, sir!
You must know several things
First, address him as Mr. President
Second, keep your head down except when it's necessary
Third, don't ask unnecessary questions
Fourth, keep a clean cut appearance
And the last is the most important
Always say,
'Mr. President, I will begin shaving'
Then shave him only after he answers 'okay'
Don't put your blade on him at any time, understand?
Sign the contract
Cut his hair quickly within 15 minutes
Know what happens if you cut his countenance, right?
Countenance, the President's face
I can't hear your answer
- Excuse me? - Understand?
Yes, sir
I don't like your answer Lie face down
Lie face down!
One for louder, two for answer
- One - Louder!
- Two - Answer!
- One - Louder!
- Two - Answer!
- One - Louder!
- Two - Answer!
- Mr. President! - Mr. President!
- Is the country! - Is the country!
- Mr. President! - Mr. President!
- Is the country! - Is the country!
Stand up
Never make a mistake, got it?
Yes, sir!
Are you sick anywhere?
No, Mr. President
Then what are you waiting for?
Mr. President, I will begin shaving
- Mr. President, I will begin... - Yes, okay
Thank you, Mr. President
Oh no
You look much younger, Mr. President
- I do? - Yes, sir
Come back next Monday at seven
Where? Right, I understand
And don't tell a soul about what you do in here
Were you planning to tell
the whole neighborhood then?
I understand, sir
- Mr. President - Mr. President?
Right, Mr. President!
- Is the country - Is the country
Remember that
Remember, right
See you next week
Yes, right
Dad collapsed as soon as he got home
Bring me a wet towel
Jin-gi, close the shop
Just close it
Close it?
What did you do over there?
I didn't do anything
Bring me a wet towel
So they told you
to come and go for no reason?
And no money, either?
You must've seen something in there
Wow, you're a big success now
Come on! Tell me whatever you saw!
I told you I didn't see a thing
Bring me the wet towel!
Until then my mother and I
thought my father was cutting
the staff's hair in the Blue House
- Mr. Sung - Yes, Mr. President
Have you been to the new bridge on Han River?
Not yet Mr. President
Why don't you go there?
I will Mr. President
What are people saying about the bridge?
They say getting around has gotten more comfortable
All three bridges over Han River are
symbols of your leadership, Mr. President
Mr. Sung, how many children do you have?
Yes, Mr. President, I have a son
He's ten years old now
So he was born when the country was in turmoil
Yes, Mr. President
Actually, it was because of Plus Five
Plus Five?
Yes, Mr. President
My wife discovered
that she was pregnant five months later,
but she wasn't going to have it
Remember that Plus Five phrase, Mr. President?
I told her she had to have it because of Plus Five
Since it's over five months, it must be born
I kept persisting on it
That's how the baby was born
So even now
whenever the locals see him,
they still call him 'Plus Five Nak-an'
The intellectuals always import
the bad ideas
That Plus Five thing or whatever
I graduated from the Japanese Military School,
so I know that
those sayings were crossed over from Japan
You're right Mr. President
I should drive out those remaining
pro-Japanese congressmen
Intellectuals have always spoiled
our nation in the past and even now
Plus Five
I shouldn't have said that
I don't know why,
but whenever my father went to the Blue House,
he was always worried about those buried sacks
How do I look?
It suits you perfectly, Mr. President
You look like General McArthur, Mr. President
- McArthur? - Yes, sir
- Try it on as well - Me, sir?
Try it on, Mr. Sung
- Mr. Sung - Yes, sir
How about if I change my hair style?
No, Mr. President
Parting your hair by a 2:8 ratio
suits you the best
- Is that so? - Yes, Mr. President
If you say so Mr. Sung
Mr. Sung
you have a son the same age as mine, right?
Yes, Mr. President
How about having lunch together
in the backyard this Sunday?
Your family and mine
Yes, Mr. President
You bring your family as well
Yes, Mr. President I'll prepare everything
I feel damn great today
You're not even family,
so stop trying to come
You can introduce me as your nephew!
What's with your hair?
Just look after the shop
Hurry up! Hurry!
Dad, I can't find my rubber shoes
Forget the rubber shoes
Where are the sneakers I bought you?
In the cabinet
Why'd you put them in there?
Go put them on quickly
How could she make him wear rubber shoes
to the Blue House?
Han-mo please!
When will I ever get another chance?
I said no
He said only my family
I'm pretty much family, aren't I?
Why am I your uncle now?
Which one looks better?
Is this better?
This is my son, Mr. President
He also wants to be a Secret Service Director
- Hello, Mr. President - Hello
I need to pee really bad
Be quiet
Where's the toilet?
This is my wife And this is my son
So are you Plus Five Nak-an?
How did you know that?
Forget about work and eat plenty
What a relief
Hey, your father's Tofu Han-mo, isn't he?
- What? - Tofu Han-mo
No, my father's name is Sung Han-mo
I heard it all He's Tofu Han-mo
Your father's this, isn't he?
Clip, clip, clip Clip, clip, clip
Tofu Han-mo He does this, huh?
Clip, clip, clip Clip, clip, clip
Guard, do something!
Are you all right?
Are you hurt anywhere?
What's going on?
He pushed me
He's okay, Mr. President
What's with the Secret Service?
You're all too relaxed
I'm sorry, Mr. President
But dad,
- he called you Tofu Han-mo - Shut up!
Did you really say that?
No, sir
Yes, he did
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
I'm sorry, Mr. President I'm sorry, Mr. President
I'm sorry, Mr. President I'm sorry, Mr. President
I'm sorry, Mr. President I'm sorry, Mr. President
That's enough
They're only children
You bastard,
don't you know where this is?
Well, the children
How the hell did you raise your son?
Want to see me get fired, you bastard?
Don't look
Don't you know where this is?
It's the Blue House, you idiot
Dad, I'm sorry
Your son is apologizing to you
Dad, please hit me
You got hit because of me
I'm all right
Dad, does it hurt a lot?
I'm fine It doesn't hurt
Dad, when I grown up,
I'll become stronger than that man
and punish him
Yeah, when you grow up,
don't always get beaten like your father, please
Nak-an, I'm fine
And that man isn't that bad
You're so nice, really
You just study hard, okay?
Nak-an, hop on my back
But is your leg okay?
No problem
Hop on
You're truly amazing
You got beaten so much since you were little,
it doesn't fade you now
My father thought his days
working at the Blue House were over
Hurry up
I didn't finish my food, so I'm hungry as hell
What am I doing here?
But then the Blue House went through an expansion,
and a new barber room was installed
in the new wing area
My father was called again to work there
Since my father worked in the Blue House,
Jin-gi often took care of the shop
Nak-an, know what this is?
This is the twist The twist
Jin-gi was dying to go to America
In America, he said he wanted to meet
Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly,
and even Muhammad Ali
What the hell are you doing?
Know what this is?
This is the twist!
When I fight the Vietcon in Vietnam,
and bullets come I'll avoid them like this
You've lost your mind
Why don't you try it?
Try it It's really fun
Since he had no way to go to America,
Jin-gi thought he could meet
Americans in Vietnam
Hey, John John, friend
John, friend friend, friend John
God dam you fucken son of a bitch!
You fucken mother gook! Why don't you go fuck off?
I don't want to speak to you!
Shit you understand that, cunt you understand that?
So fuck you!
Don't even fucken start on me!
Sit there and shut the fuck up!
But ironically, the one who went to America was my father
Dad rode on the US president's helicopter,
and stayed at the most expensive hotel in America
There were hundreds of people
waiting to greet my dad at the hotel
But being our president's private barber,
my dad was always busy taking care of him
Dad always tried to be next to the president,
but sometimes he couldn't
When he returned home,
crowds of people waited to greet my father
The neighborhood people who saw dad on TV,
finally learned that my dad
was the President's barber
My friend in Chuncheon City
wants to run for congressman
He needs a nomination
Can't you help him out?
You know I've run my dumpling shop for 17 years
Doesn't the President like dumplings?
I have a promotion test next month
Mr. Sung!
There was this fox-fur muffler
It looked so cute and warm
Those were the best days for our family
Jin-gi came back from Vietnam and worked with us again
He didn't talk much or joke around
He was a totally different person
And he always wore a white glove on his left hand
The customers didn't like his glove so much,
but my father didn't mention it
Make a head count
We lost a man
So that's Seoul
We're close to the enemy's heart
Captain, I have to take a dump
Captain, I also need to take a dump
Captain, please
You shitting bastards
Where are the rest?
What are you doing there?
I'm just working
The so-called Marxus Disease
that the North Korean spies carried
is spreading across the nation
The government suspects that those infected
have made contact
with the North Korean spies,
and will be punished under the National Security Law
Also, anyone who reports infected persons
will be rewarded 2 million won
Wow, 2 million won is worth a house!
That's all bullshit!
That means anyone with diarrhea is a commie
They say there's no smoke without a fire
The government is always right
Just wait and see
The Republicans should make this guy a congressman
You just shut up
You still in there?
Don't talk to me
That's what you get for eating too many beans
The Marxus disease was breaking out
all over the country
Nobody thought
anyone living by the Blue House
Are you Wang Cheol-gu?
Mind going out for some fresh air?
Who are you?
You have diarrhea, right?
You have Marxus, don't you?
Who infected you, you bastard?
Han-mo, some men took Mr. Wang away
- Why? - Because he had diarrhea
Then he should go to the hospitaI
I heard that those men were from the CIA
- CIA? - Yeah
- Why? - Because he had diarrhea
Why? So what?
That diarrhea disease
You know, because of that Marxus disease
Marxus disease?
My stomach hurts
What's that?
It's for a feces test at school
No, this won't do
Why do you think they're doing this?
To investigate the family
by looking at the kids' feces
Nak-an, it means that they're
testing for the Marxus disease
I'll take a dump instead A real solid one
Men's shit is different from women's,
you dummy
This disease is contagious, you know
So that means that somebody
must have infected you
Just tell me who
Tell me one person, and I'll let you free
If you tell us who,
then we'll ask that person again
Who has infected you?
Then we'll know the next person, right?
Then we'll ask that person again
Then the next person,
the next person and the next
So what happens in the end?
We'll find out
who originally contacted the spies
So don't take it too hard,
and tell us just one person
Then we'll just go ask
that person a few questions
We won't throw him in jail We'll just talk
Do you understand what I'm getting at?
I'm a Republican!
I'm part of the Republican Party!
I'm a Hyoja district resident!
How could you treat
the President's neighbor like this?
The Doctors' Association
made an announcement yesterday
They said that the Marxus disease
is no different from colitis
Shouldn't you capture
people like them first?
I think we should send the Marxus patients back home
It's the general sentiment now, Mr. President
How could you say that as the chief of the CIA?
Don't you realize that
This is a great chance to overrun
those who oppose us now?
Director Jang!
About that Doctors' Association
Yes Mr. President
How many members does it have?
About twenty Mr. President
- Twenty? - Yes
Are you afraid of merely twenty people?
Don't be silly
The association has some doctors
respected by the people
So their statement could shake public opinion
Rather than public opinion,
I think we should worry about
tackling this epidemic head on
Arrest all the leaders
If you have any problems, report to Director Jang
Mr. President!
That weak fool doesn't deserve to be in the CIA
To think, he used to be my superior
About that Marxus disease
What happens to the ones who get arrested?
- Why? - Well...
because one of my neighbors was arrested
- Mr. Sung - Yes, sir
Just focus on your job
Yes, sir
Water came out of his butt! Water came out of his butt!
Nak-an had diarrhea!
Nah, nah, nah, boo, boo
Mister Nak-an had diarrhea!
Nak-an went to the market with his mom,
so go play somewhere else
No, he's in the bathroom
I saw him in there, too
You little brats!
Water came out of his butt! Water came out of his butt!
Kids these days are so rude
Dad I had diarrhea
It's not what it seems
He must've eaten too many beans
Why'd you eat that many beans?
That's why you have diarrhea
He ate all the boiled beans
for the bean sauce
I'll take him
to the police station this instant
And go see
Whether he has the Marxus disease or not
Let's go, boy!
I still don't know
Why I had diarrhea then
But the important thing was that I had diarrhea anyway
- Officer Kim - Oh, hello!
Is the Sergeant here?
He's in the room
Hello Sergeant!
Mr. Sung what brings you here?
My son keeps having diarrhea
Director Jang of the Secret Service
is in my shop now
What happened?
You know how I'm the Blue House's barber
Well, my son has diarrhea,
so I couldn't just act like it was no big deal
So you wanted to be a good Samaritan
- Not exactly - Of course
that's what the President's barber should do
I don't like this place
Then why did you have diarrhea?
Didn't you learn this at school?
Our country is a democracy
So innocent people are never taken away understand?
Please look after him
- Sure thing - Bye, Sergeant
Officer Kim isn't the Sergeant here?
He went out
Where's Nak-an, my son?
He was transferred to Jongno Police station
Political criminals are usually sent there
Look for your son there
I just asked him to look after him for a bit
Why'd he go there?
Hurry and sit down! Sit down you bastards!
Heads down!
I told you he was sent to a higher department
A higher department?
It means that they investigate spies
But my son is only a child
Is there any age limit for spies?
But still he's just a child
Where's Nak-an?
Don't worry I'll meet Director Jang tomorrow
So did you see our son or not?
I didn't but...
Get out!
How could you come back without him?
What's wrong with you?
- Get out - Director Jang will...
Go find our son!
I told you I'll go to the Blue House tomorrow
I'm the President's barber
Where did you lose our son?
Bring Nak-an back right now!
Why are you laughing?
This is torture
You should be in pain
I'm sorry
Now, are you ready to tell the truth?
You met a spy didn't you?
I didn't
I never met a spy
Is this your first time?
The first time is always hard
But you'll get used to it soon, so be patient
- Okay - Anyway
what's a kid like you doing here?
Because I had diarrhea
That's too bad
Now I'll start reading
'I was infected with Marxus by my father'
- Correct? - Pardon?
- No? - No
Okay here it goes
I don't know why, but the electricity was ticklish
Does it hurt?
It's endurable right?
But my mouth smells fishy
It normally does
I'll raise it just a little bit since you're a kid
Thank you, sir
I'll read it again
'I was infected with Marxus by my father'
What? No
The shock treatment
wasn't that hard to stand
But other people couldn't stand it,
and eventually signed the deposition
- Director Jang - What?
My wife brought this ginseng from her hometown
So what?
You know about my son
He was transferred to the spy investigation department,
but I can't find him anywhere
His name is Sung Nak-an Nak-an
Could you help me find him, Director Jang?
Or could you let me talk to the President?
Are you trying to bribe me
in the situation we're all in?
The country is in a crisis
A crisis!
Do you want to die by me?
How dare you speak of the President that way?
It's working
What the hell are you doing?
Everything is clear!
Sir, everything is clear!
This is why we can't get any results!
Raise it all the way up!
I didn't lie to the end
Because my father never had diarrhea
I will now make an announcement
After the CIA conducted
a 10-month long investigation,
we've finally succeeded
in rounding up all the members of the 'Hyoja Poker Spy Ring'
So even when the men who signed
the deposition became famous,
I was being tortured in silence
Their members surprisingly included
doctors and professors,
and it was discovered that some of them
had met the armed North Korean spies last summer
Up to 20 of the spies were from Hyoja district
He said there were 20 spies in the Hyoja district,
but in fact there were only three, including me
Everyone from the 'Hyoja Poker Spy Ring'
were sentenced to death,
and executed in three days
Drink it
How's this going to help things?
Our son
Good afternoon
Oh hi Young-jong
Did Nak-an come back?
Nak-an told me to hold this for him
Mr. Sung the President wants you to come have a drink
Good work
Congratulations on your never-ending term
- Cheers! - Cheers!
Mr. Park, I heard your electric bill was high this month
What are you getting at?
I heard that there's a person,
who's eating up a lot of electricity
in the CIA building
Yes, lately I've been investigating someone,
but he's very persistent
So what are you investigating?
Mr. President
I heard it's because of diarrhea
Isn't that Marxus case finished?
Yes, of course
Anyway, I heard he's extremely young
But regardless
how could you torture a little boy?
Director Jang
Do you even know how hard my job is?
Is putting electricity into a boy
a hard job?
Director Jang!
That's enough!
Why do you two always argue
with each other?
- I'm sorry, Mr. President - I'm sorry, Mr. President
Finish the Marxus case quickly
Yes, Mr. President
Now what's wrong with you?
I'm sorry Mr. President
I was thinking of my son
Well, just that my son is somewhere far away
You're too sensitive
That's nothing to worry about
Children being outside of the home
is good for their upbringing
When I went to a teacher's school,
I grew up outside of my home
After I graduated
I taught in a secluded village,
and then I went to Manchuria
On my way to Manchuria's vast land,
I had a lot of dreams
I wanted to make history
and become a big hero!
That night, nobody knows why Director Jang brought it up
Maybe it was because of dad's ginseng
Or maybe because
he just hated Mr. Park
I was allowed to go back home a few days later
Is anybody there?
Is that you boy?
- Dad - Nak-an!
It wasn't until I arrived home
that I realized my body was different
Oh goodness
What's wrong with you?
Stand up
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no Where... Where...
Where have you been Nak-an?
What happened to our son?
Oh goodness
Oh... What am I going to do? Nak-an... Nak-an...
What's going on?
What happened to you?
You sons of bitches!
How dare you do this to my son!
You sons of bitches,
how could you do this to him?
You sons of bitches!
Don't you know who I am?
I'm the President's barber!
I'm the President's barber
You sons of bitches!
I won't let you get away with this!
Determined to cure my legs,
my father took me to all the famous
herb doctors around the country
Nak-an are you cold?
No Dad...
do you think there really is an herb doctor here?
Of course
You heard what they said back there
This doctor's acupuncture can cure people and even ghosts
Then why does he live in the mountains?
People who are enlightened
usually hide in the mountains
Since he can even defeat ghosts,
your legs will be a piece of cake
Let's sit here for a second
Here we go
Dad, let's just go back home
We came all the way here so why go back?
Dad, your legs will freeze up
I'm okay
Hold this for me
Dad's okay I'm okay
How is he?
Sir, you've said nothing
for over an hour
I'll cure his body
But his spirit
Sir I don't understand
I'll cure his body
But his spirit
I'm sorry
but could you please repeat that?
But his spirit should be cured by you!
Your son was born with a strange fate
In other words,
his name is strange
He's supposed to live in comfort by his name
He's in this pain
because the serpent across the river became a dragon
So your son is paying for it
What do you mean by that?
When a dragon dies in a few years,
it will ride a chrysanthemum bus at the funeral
After you poke out its eye,
boil it with chrysanthemum and feed it to your son
Be silent and take off his clothes for the acupuncture
Dad, where'd that old doctor go?
I don't know
He seems like a mountain spirit
He's no doctor at all
Poke out the dragon's eye?
He's an old psycho
Nak-an this is the sea
Wide isn't it?
Yes, there's a lot of water
Is this your first time seeing the sea?
For me
It's also the first time
Nak-an let's go home
What do you think we should tell your mother?
I'll ask her to buy me crutches
Mr. Sung
Yes Mr. President
I'm going to have a drink
with Mr. Park and Mr. Jang tonight
Why don't you join us?
No, thank you Mr. President
I won't be any help
to your conversations on politics
That's what I like about you
You've always been what you are now and then
Modest and sincere
Thank you Mr. President
How long have we known each other now?
It's been twelve years, Mr. President
You've been doing this job for quite a long time
You, too Mr. President
Mr. Sung
Yes Mr. President
Why don't you give me a shave?
Mr. President I will begin shaving
I told you not to say that any more
Yes Mr. President
I'm in a rush, so cut my hair fast
You'll have to wait for a moment
Mr. Sung,
do I need to repeat myself?
Crazy bastard
You bastard Didn't you hear that I was in a rush?
Mr. Jang
Mr. Park, you have a barber in your building right?
Getting a haircut here doesn't mean
you own the Blue House
You bastard, I was your superior in the Academy
Oh, sir
why are you pulling rank in the Blue House?
You want to give me a drill?
What are you all waiting for?
You bastard!
You may think you're high almighty
being close to the President,
but I won't leave you alone for the country's sake
Remember that You disgraceful bastard!
Mr. Sung, what are you waiting for?
Yes, sir
On that day
many things happened to my father
And on that day
it was also the last time my father saw those two men
- Do you have a gun? - Sir?
- Give me your gun! - Yes, sir
October 26, 1979
All meetings or demonstrations will be forbidden
All schools and colleges nationwide
will be closed temporarily
I repeat
At 7:50 pm last night
the President was shot to death
At 12:20 am today
the President died from a gunshot
At 4:00 am
October 261979,
the government has declared
Martial Law except for the islands
All meetings or demonstrations are
forbidden in all areas under Martial Law
All schools and colleges nationwide will be closed temporarily
When a dragon dies in a few years,
it will ride a chrysanthemum bus
After you poke out its eye,
boil it with chrysanthemum and feed it to your son
Where are you going this late?
No matter what happens to me
- Never mind - What are you talking about?
Whatever happens to me, cure our son's legs, okay?
My goodness he must've lost his mind
Who's that?
Stop right there! Freeze!
Who are you?
Mr. Sung!
What are you doing here?
I came to see the President's face for the last time
I'm sorry
Why isn't it moving?
It must be broken
The bus stopped
It's stalling in front of the barber shop
Come on out!
I can't go out right now
How is it?
It tasted horrible
But I couldn't say that since my parents did their best to make it
AII I could say to them was
Hey you!
Would you like a haircut?
- What? - One sec
Who's the ex-President's barber?
Yes, I was
I'm from he Blue House
Want to work for the new government?
Didn't you hear me?
I'm sorry
I don't want to do it any more
Mr. President, I'll come back when your hair grows out
My father said
he didn't know why he said that
But he said he felt at ease.
Let him through
One more step
One more step
Just a moment
Alright! Good!
One more step
Alright! Good!
One more step
Good! Good!
Oh, Han-mo
Keep going Good
To the left
Keep pedaling!
Good! Now, slowly
written and directed by Lim Charn-sarng
produced by CHOl Yong-bae
executive producer CHOl Jae-won
producer SHIN You-young
line producers KIM Hong-baek / PARK Sung-ho
screenplay revised by JANG Min S.
director of photography CHO Yong-kyu
lighting director LIM Jae-young
production design KANG Seung-young
edited by KIM Hyun
music by PARK Ki-heon (M&F)
location sound HAN Choul-hee (LIVE) sound designer KIM Suk-won (BLUECAP)
prop masters JANG Su-nam / CHA Bong-eun set designed by Art Service, Inc
computer graphics by Yoon Jae-hoon
(DeePictures) casting director HONG Suk-ho
costumes by SHIM Hyun-seob (LEOKAMA) make-up artist KWON Su-kyung
martial arts coordinator JEON Moon-shik
special effects by KIM Byung-kee (Future Vision)
first assist director HAN Seung-rim production manager KIM Woo-jin
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