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Subtitles for Hum Kaun Hai.

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Hum Kaun Hai

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If your shadow exists on someone... can he be hurt? Even death cannot touch him.
Mr. Sam was a very good man.
God knows what happened to him.
What is to happen?
Even he must have gone up like the others.
Whatever you say. Those days were so nice too.
Now, we only have memoirs left.
Yes, we have only memoirs now.
Yes? - Comb your hair at least.
I don't roam around with a comb like you at this age.
Me? And a comb?
Yes? - We... - Good morning, Madam. We... all of us, actually...
All of us have come for the job.
Oh! Yes. Actually I don't remember anything nowadays.
I forget everything.
Come. Come... Come...
I didn't expect you to come so early.
I am Martha Pinto. Edgar Willis.
Okay, you are the gardener. - Yes.
This is Maria D'souza.
You know the household chores, isn't it?
She is very young to look at, but she is very sharp at work.
You do the household jobs, isn't it?
What is the matter? Why don't you talk?
Madam, she cannot talk. But you won't...
...have any complaints in her work.
It seems that there is nobody to clean the house since long.
There was everyone a week back. But I don't know.
Everyone disappeared all of a sudden.
They disappeared?
Yes. Neither did they tell me anything and nor...
...did they notify me. They didn't even take their salary.
They just left us.
Yes. It is very strange.
Please come.
You will understand pretty quickly...
...that this house isn't like other common houses. - Yes.
It is a bit different.
Therefore, I had given an ad in the newspaper.
That I needed good and honest people.
You will find us to be as you had thought to be.
Isn't it, Eddie?
You won't find any complaints in our work, madam.
And this is the kitchen.
I have my break fast at nine O' clock.
And the kids have their breakfast at ten O' clock.
The lunch is at One O' clock and the dinner is at eight.
Your husband?
He has gone to war. He is in the army.
Therefore, he had to go.
The war is over since a long time.
But we haven't found out anything about him.
It is a matter of great sorrow.
Who out of you cook?
Please come.
You must be thinking what I am up to.
Not a single door of this house will open...
...till the time you don't close it properly.
And closing means closing it properly.
By locking it.
And yes. This isn't such an easy task.
Because this house has fifteen doors...
...and therefore, fifteen keys. It is...
...very important to know which key has to be used when.
You will get one set of the keys tomorrow.
And this is our piano. But this isn't played.
Frank likes it a lot.
But please take care that the children don't touch it.
Because I get excited by any loud noise.
And therefore, my migraine attack starts.
Therefore, silence is extremely important for me.
And you people will take care of it.
Therefore, you won't see a TV, radio or telephone.
In fact, I have even cut the electricity.
There are kids, how can they be believed?
They can make anything light anywhere.
We have made a habit of staying the dark.
Come, I will show you the rest of the...
You don't need to show us the whole house.
It is necessary.
There will be darkness here most of the time.
It is possible that you trip over some chair or table.
Or, it is even possible that my kids be playing hide and seek.
I didn't quite understand, madam.
You will understand. Come on.
Yes, madam? - You will get all the materials...
...for gardening in the shed down below.
If you want something else, please tell me.
Yes, madam.
And you. Please close all the curtains.
All of them? - Yes.
Please come.
I will wake the children up.
Whatever happens, don't open the curtains.
Come on, get up, child. - Let me sleep!
David, see. Someone has come to meet you.
Who is it? - Get up. Yes.
Please come.
They are sleeping still.
They are sweet kids.
You didn't greet them.
I am Martha Pinto. And she is Maria.
And what is your name?
Tell them your name.
Wow! Your names are so sweet.
Sarah and David.
Are you our new nanny?
Yes, child. I am your new nanny.
Maria, go down and lay the break fast. And listen.
Take this candle with you. You shouldn't crash against anything.
See. I have to take so much care. - About what, madam?
Their eyes.
Why? What has happened to their eyes?
They are nice and proper.
They have some allergy. I showed it to a lot of doctors.
But there isn't any cure for it.
What kind of illness is it, which doesn't have any cure?
The light, Mrs. Pinto. They are allergic to light.
If they are exposed to light all of a sudden...
...their bodies will develop ulcers and scratches.
They will start choking.
And Mrs. Pinto, they can die too.
What is this, child?
You haven't finished your break fast till now?
I don't like this break fast.
Why? Why don't you like this break fast?
Because this isn't tasty.
The break fast before this was very tasty.
The break fast before this was tasty...
...because someone else used to prepare it before.
So then, when will they come back, Nanny?
They won't be coming back.
Just like papa. - Papa will be back. He will surely return.
He has gone to the war.
That's it. Stop talking now. Finish your breakfast.
You won't be leaving us, will you, nanny?
No, child. Why will I leave you?
All of them used to say this. But they left us.
That's it. Don't tell anything further.
What happened, child? - Don't tell anything! - You keep quiet.
My mummy had gone crazy. - Nothing happened!
Why didn't it happen? - It didn't! - It had! It had!
It didn't, it didn't, and it didn't! - Didn't I tell you, it had?
What is the matter? - Keep quiet, both of you.
Why is there such a noise? And what is this?
Why haven't you finished your breakfast till now?
Come on. Complete it quickly now.
Will you come out for a moment?
I want to talk to you about something.
Didn't you know what mummy said? Nothing happened.
As you know that this place is away from the city.
Therefore, it is impossible for me... go to the city now and again.
And then...
I cannot leave these kids alone too.
You are right. You shouldn't leave them too.
Yes. But this doesn't mean that...
...I shouldn't have any contact with the outside world.
Every week, my person comes...
...and takes my letters to the city.
But today...
Today, when I opened the letter box...
...I saw that my letters are here still. They didn't go.
What do you wish to say? I don't understand.
I will explain the meaning, Miss. Pinto.
This letter.
It should have reached five days ago to the Daily...
...Times office. Do you know what is written in this letter?
This letter has the advertisement.
This letter should have reached the...
...Daily Times office five days ago.
But when the letter didn't reach... would the advertisement be printed?
I am right, isn't it? - Yes.
And when this letter isn't printed...
...will you please be kind enough to tell me...
...who you people are and what are you doing here?
I understand what you wish to say now.
We were about to tell you the day we came in this house.
But you didn't give us a chance to speak.
Okay, you have a chance now. Tell me.
We came here, thinking that staff... needed in such a big house always.
And such a staff...
...which should take care of the house responsibly.
We didn't think that we would get a job.
So you have worked in such a house previously too?
Yes. You will be surprised to know it...
...that we had worked in this house previously too.
What? In this same house?
Yes. Ma'am. A couple of years ago.
Believe me.
Those years were the best years of our life.
That's it. Thinking that, we came here once again.
I have some work certificates. Would you wish to see them?
No. That won't be needed.
So, you know this house very nicely? - Yes.
Nicely and completely. As it is, nothing has changed here.
Everything is as it is. - Except light.
Light in this house... it is all so difficult.
Sometimes, it feels that nothing is in our hands.
And one day...
Forget it. If we think about it more...
...we will be more troubled, isn't it? - Yes. Understood.
It is possible that you are thinking something else.
And I don't want you to think something wrong.
You understand me, isn't it?
Yes. I think so. A bit.
Okay. You people can work here.
Didn't I tell you not to touch the piano?
Then, what was the need of playing the piano?
Don't lie. The piano is open, isn't it?
Then who played this piano?
I am asking something of you.
Who played the piano? Answer me!
Madam, please forgive her, She is a child.
Accepted that mistakes happen. But look, she is lying.
Like that, Maria never lies.
If Maria doesn't lie, is it me who is lying?
Even you... - Then who played this piano? - Madam... me...
I don't want to listen to anything.
I know what the truth is.
No, Maria. This is not the time to say anything.
When the right time comes, we won't need to say anything.
Wipe these tears now.
If Mrs. Pinto sees you like this, she won't even recognize you.
Come on, come on.
Come on. Smile.
Those people followed Jesus Christ.
And they thought that whatever be the case...
...they will walk on the road of truth.
But when they did tell the truth... they were killed.
What is so funny?
If they knew that they will die if they say the truth...
...then, what was the need for them to tell the truth?
So you mean to say, that they should have lied.
They would have saved their life by lying, at least.
If you were in their place, what would you do?
I would lie and save my life. Just like... - Enough.
You people study your lessons.
I will... I will take your test in some time.
Right now? - Yes, right now. In an hour.
One hour is not enough for one chapter, mummy.
One hour is enough.
And you two won't study in the same room.
You will study in different rooms.
Different rooms? I feel so scared.
About what? - What if a ghost comes?
If a ghost comes, say ' Hi' to him.
Did you tell David some new story?
I didn't tell him any story.
You heard what I said.
Take your books and go to the other room.
Just like that in the other room?
Close all the curtains. Sarah is going to the room.
Life is that is spent with you.'
Life is that is spent with you.
The night is that which is spent in your dreams.
God shouldn't separate us, o beloved.
God shouldn't separate us, o beloved.
I should pray for this, all the time.
You are my love, the peace of my heart, my support.
God has brought you on this earth for me.
I understand the emotion of your ambition.
O beloved, I understand your heart's thirst.
You say that there isn't any like me.
You stay in my heart with such strength.
Therefore, I say this all the time, all the time.
That life is that, spent with you.
The night is that, which is spent in your dreams.
I am coming, son.
Are you all right? Why were you crying?
Where was I crying? I am studying. - You...
Sarah, child, I have come. What is the matter?
Are you all right? Why were you crying?
Me? No.
Sarah, crying isn't bad. What is the matter?
Mama, didn't I tell you that I wasn't crying?
Who was crying?
You mean I was dreaming.
That boy was crying.
Which boy?
Who is this Vicky now?
The one who had come here right now.
But I told him that I want to study now.
But he started to cry. I closed my ears.
And mummy, he was saying that...
...we would have to leave the house.
Then, didn't you ask him why he was crying?
I did.
He said that they would live in this house itself now.
But... he doesn't like this house.
And his papa plays the piano very nicely.
So, he has a papa and he plays the piano too?
Yes. But I told Vicky, nobody will touch this piano.
I was right, wasn't it?
You spoke to his papa too?
I have spoken only to Vicky.
His father is sitting with the others in the hall.
I have come from the hall right now. There is nobody in the hall.
Then, they must have gone upstairs. To look at the house.
That's enough, Sarah. You had spun enough stories now.
Stop lying.
I am not lying. Vicky had come here, he had come here.
Where did he come from?
I have these keys. I opened the door and I closed it.
Where did he come from and where did he go?
No, Vicky!
What happened?
Mummy... Mummy...
Vicky had come here.
What is this? You are taking his name all the time.
No, Mummy, he had come here.
Okay, look at your book. Vicky threw it here. See.
How did that reach here?
See, mummy, Vicky had come here. Yes.
There is no Vicky here. That book... fell down from my hands.
How will your book just fall down? Vicky has made is fall down.
Didn't I tell you that it fell from my hands?
No, Vicky has made it fall down.
You go to your room.
Mummy... that...
I know it.
You aren't lying.
Yes, Sarah.
Whatever you said, was the truth.
But listen to this.
Whatever you hear and listen, you will remain quiet.
Get up, David. - What happened?
Look there.
Why did you move the curtains?
I didn't move any curtains.
Then, how did the curtains move?
Vicky! He is doing this since so long.
He is moving the curtains repeatedly.
Lies! You are lying. I will call mummy right away.
That's enough. I am not lying.
You are a liar.
Vicky! Please come out and show us your face.
I don't want to see it.
Why? What happened now? What happened? David?
You are a coward! A coward!
Okay! I will close the curtains.
A real coward! He cannot do anything.
Vicky. It is enough now.
See, David. He isn't listening to me.
I won't listen. I won't listen at all.
The two of you, get up from my bed.
This is our bed. We sleep here.
No. This is our bed. I want to sleep here.
Why are you making such noises? I am very much scared.
Shut up, David.
Don't irritate me. You don't know my mother.
My mother will come and kick you out of here.
And you don't know my parents too.
I will mama everything now.
Don't be mad, David. Didn't you listen to that?
That wasn't my voice.
Please come here and touch David.
Let him at least know that you are in this room.
And that I am not lying.
What happened, son? What happened?
Sarah is scaring me! - I am fed up of this girl.
I haven't done anything.
Today is the third day of Sarah's punishment.
How many days more will she be punished for?
She will be the one to decide that.
If she has committed a mistake...
...she should learn to beg forgiveness too.
As it is, Sarah has grown up now.
She should read the bible too.
Father D'Souza will be very happy to know...
...that Sarah is reading the bible.
That is if Father D'Souza comes here.
He knows it very well that the children cannot go out from here.
I cannot hear your voice.
I am reading, mama.
What is Maria doing up there? I told her to do a small task.
I didn't tell her to make such a loud noise.
Please go and tell her not to make such a noise.
Otherwise, my migraine attack will start again and...
...I will not be able to tolerate it.
This Maria has gone crazy.
What is going on up there?
Did you listen to anything? - No, I was reading.
Who is doing this noise? Sarah, you heard that noise...
...isn't it? Tell me. Who is there, upstairs?
No... no. Mummy. I don't know.
I know that you know everything. Tell me.
See, Mama. I can't tell you anything.
Why can't you tell me?
Because, whenever I tell you anything, you scold me.
I had told you previously too. There is someone in the room.
You had scolded me at that time too.
I won't tell you anything now.
Please tell me. Is there anyone up there?
Yes. There is someone in that room.
Did you see anyone?
Yes. Didn't you see them, mama? - Where are they?
Mama. They are everywhere. There, that side, downstairs too.
I have made this sketch yesterday, mama.
This is the boy Vicky, this is his father...
...and this is his mother. - And these...
What are all these numbers?
I have written these numbers as many...
...times as I have seen these people.
And mostly, I have seen this old lady.
You go and bring Mr. Edgar quickly.
Before it is dark...
All of us will have to search them together.
Go! Please, quickly. - Yes. Yes.
Mama, I am feeling very scared.
No, son. No. Why are you scared? Mama is with you, isn't it?
I am scared of this old woman the most.
I think as if...
...she cannot see us. But she keeps on seeing us, mama.
She is wandering around us all the time.
She keeps on telling me, 'Come here, child, come here.'
Don't lie, Sarah. -
I am telling you the truth. Please believe me.
She wants to ask a lot of me.
Vicky was saying that she is a magician. A magician.
We should move all the curtains of this house.
So that there is no darkness. There shouldn't be any darkness.
So that nobody can hide anywhere. - Okay, madam.
Please, hurry up.
Do you know what this is?
This is a photo album. - Yes, even I can see that.
But there are some strange photos in it.
It seems as if everyone is sleeping. See.
They aren't asleep. They are dead.
Please throw this inauspicious album outside.
I don't need any thing like this in this house.
It is very cold. Come here, sit down. By the fire.
When you used to work her previously...
...did you just look after the children or... - No.
I was a housekeeper. I used to look after the whole house.
How many more servants were here? - Only three.
That's it. Only three were left in the end.
Only three? Why?
Our employer went to London. He had a business there.
He went and settled there too.
He used to come sometimes in the beginning.
Then, that stopped too.
Then, slowly, this house which...
...was full of people at one time, started being empty.
And one day, it was totally empty.
It is such a strange thing.
Everyone leaves this place.
This is what happened with me too.
My relatives left me before the war. That's it.
That was my last meeting with my relatives.
Even we had left this place and went away.
But, why did you go from this place?
Why had we gone?
Think that we had to leave. The plague has set foot.
We were forced to leave.
Did Maria stop speaking then?
I don't remember it properly.
I think my memory has rusted.
She stopped speaking all of a sudden.
But there should be some reason, Mrs. Pinto.
People don't stop talking just like that.
Some shock somewhere, some trauma?
It is too late, madam. I have a lot of work in the morning.
I should sleep now. You sleep too.
Do you know, Frank? - What?
These noises that touch you and go...
...I am jealous of them too. Because I think...
...that only I have a right to touch you.
And when the children come? The love will... distributed when they come too, isn't it?
After all, even they have an equal right.
When they grow up, they will embrace you. I think...
I think I will be jealous of them too.
But if anyone comes in between us...
...I won't be able to tolerate that.
When will papa come?
Papa will come as soon as the war is over.
Why did he go to the war?
Because your papa is very brave.
And brave people are needed during war.
Papa will be back in a couple of days.
Come on. Close your eyes.
What happened, Madam?
Give me the keys! - Yes. - Quickly!
But what happened?
I had gone in that room. A few minutes ago.
Take this tablet. You will have some rest.
And I felt...
As if someone else was in that room too.
But he was not a human being.
There is something in this house.
Such a thing, that is restless. Which is wandering.
I know that you don't believe me.
Nobody will believe in my words.
I myself didn't believe in such things.
I have full faith in what you say.
In fact, I believe in such things from the beginning.
I know that it is very difficult to believe in such things.
Even then, such things do exist.
I have heard many stories like this.
I have even heard...
...that the wall breaks sometimes too.
Which has separated the dead and the alive.
And when the walls breaks down...
...the dead come with the living people.
No! No! This can't be true! How can this be true?
The living and the dead!
The living and the dead will meet on that day...
...which will be the last day of this world.
It is written in the Bible too.
Sometimes, there is no answer for something anywhere.
There are many things like these...
...which don't have a answer anywhere, ma'am.
Who is it?
Who is it?
What are you doing here so late in the night?
The Father had told me that...
I don't know what the Father told you.
He will have to tell me whatever he wishes to.
He will have to come here.
But what will we tell the Father?
That we searched all through the house.
We didn't find anything anywhere.
It is very necessary for him to come here.
Please wait. We shouldn't be in such haste.
Yes? Yes, Madam.
Check this garden properly.
And tell me, where are the graves in this garden.
Graves, madam? - Yes, graves.
When we had bought this house...
...we were told that there is a small cemetery here.
Maybe... there, behind the trees.
But madam, there is no cemetery here.
There is a cemetery here, Mr. Edgar.
And it is very important for me to know it.
Is one of these graves of that boy Vicky?
Check it out. - Yes, madam.
She thinks that this house is a haunted house.
Ghosts stay here.
Don't you think that it is dangerous...
...for her to go out like this? - She can't go anywhere.
This fog won't let her go anywhere.
Yes. The fog.
I had forgotten about his fog.
Okay, Mrs. Pinto, tell me... tell me...
What should we do now?
Isn't it necessary to unveil the truth now?
No, Eddie. Not now. Now she has to...
Eddie, that grave...
You have come? You have come?
The kids miss you a lot too.
They keep on asking me, when will papa come back.
When will papa come back?
You are all right, isn't it? Why don't you speak?
Why don't you speak? Everything will be all right.
You have come home now. I will make everything all right.
You have come home now.
It's you? Please come in.
Mrs. Pinto. This is my husband. Frank.
It's good that you came. Your appearance indicates...
...that you are weary after a long journey.
Yes... I'm actually a journeyer.
Actually he's very weary.
Please arrange hot water for his bath.
And then serve the food.
Frank, the kids are upstairs.
Someone has truly said this.
If you want to see the wonder of God...
...then see them only in kids.
Daddy, what a surprise.
David, get up. Look who's come!
Hey, daddy. Where were you these many days?
Child, maybe...
...maybe I was going through a journey.
I hope you kids are fine?
David, didn't I say daddy would be back?
Look, he's back.
You two are good kids.
I hope you didn't trouble mummy too much?
Good kids get a lot.
They get it from mummy and daddy.
From God too.
You were on a war, right?
How many enemy soldiers did you kill?
Frank might be coming downstairs.
Frank, the lunch is ready. Are you coming downstairs?
Frank, the food has been laid. Come downstairs.
Frank, how will you go on like this without food and water?
If you are so bothered about me lying down.
Then I'll sit.
Frank, you took me wrong.
If you didn't want to come down...
...then I'd have sent your food here.
No... I'm not hungry.
What's wrong with your hunger?
Maybe... maybe hunger doesn't exist anymore for me.
Humans may cease to live one day.
But hunger is immortal.
Hunger vanishes if food is taken in.
Those vanish which have a presence.
Non present ones don't vanish.
Mamma, papa was telling that he saw dead people.
Mamma, where do those go, who die in a war?
This is a ridiculous question? - Mamma, why is that?
It's simple. A man's deeds decides his future course.
A man's bad deeds and good deeds.
How do we distinguish between good and bad deeds?
Sara, that's enough.
Don't speak such things while having food.
Anyway, you are not asked to fight in a war.
We are not going anyway. Are we ever allowed to go out?
Son, why do you want to go out?
You live in this house with your mummy and daddy...
...who love you very much.
And what about those who intrude in?
Those... outsiders.
There are no outsiders in this house.
You had said once that...
...someone has intruded in this house.
I had said that no one could intrude in this house.
And I don't want a word about this from you in future.
Did you get me? - But you had said that someone... trying to intrude in our house! - Sara, that's enough!
I want to say something. - No.
Why? - Because it is my order.
Sara, stop breathing this way.
Sara, please... stop breathing this way.
Sara, I insist that you stop this immediately!
Get up and go to your room.
And don't step out without my permission.
Sara, relax...
My child, calm yourself.
Don't cry.
Your tears will spoil your face. - I don't care.
Sara, shall I tell you something?
Even I have seen them.
Yes. But don't keep worrying about them.
Very soon, your mom will see them too?
What makes you say so?
Soon, this house will witness a great change.
Many things are destined to happen.
Your absence was a like a nightmare...
...for this house and me.
The kids are very happy too.
Kids who go through happiness in their childhood...
...become good persons of the future.
This is good news.
But the kid's daddy doesn't seem to be happy.
Anything wrong?
Well that's what is confusing.
I'm not getting what's wrong.
Frank, you seem to be annoyed with me.
I'd like to apologize if I hurt in you in someone.
Sandra, there are many things...
...stuck between right and wrong.
What's that?
Accident. Mishap... is neither right nor wrong.
It's just a case of bad luck...
...which we call as misfortune.
Did you ever come across any accident?
Maybe it happened... Maybe it's still going on.
What ridiculous things are you talking?
Frank, this is your house. I'm your wife.
David and Sara are your kids.
The crystal clear truth is right in front of you and you...
...if this is the truth...
...and is crystal clear as you say...
...then why isn't visible to me.
What? What did you say?
I've many things to say... yet I don't have words to speak.
Now she's reacting as if nothing has happened?
And what about her daughter? - She's not that stubborn.
But making the children understand... not as tough as making their mom understand.
She can be a barrier for our intentions.
I myself have made this dress for sweet daughter.
And mamma. - Yes.
Mamma, I'm looking ravishing like a bride, don't I?
Now, take this off.
No mamma. Not so soon.
Let this be on me for some more time.
Sara, I've made this for your first communion.
It'll get spoilt.
I promise it won't get spoilt.
Mamma, please let me wear this for some more time.
One condition. You won't sit on the ground.
You won't spoil it.
I warned you not to sit on the ground.
Mamma, the clothes are not spoilt. They are fine.
Why do you always do the opposite of what is said?
Where is Sara?
Where is Sara?
You are mad! I'm Sara.
I'm your daughter.
You are not my daughter. Where is Sara?
Better tell me, where is Sara?
Tell me, where is Sara? Where is my Sara?
What did you do to my Sara? You are not Sara.
Where is Sara?
Sara, what happened?
She wants to kill me.
She will not rest until she kills me.
You are insane. Get this.
You are insane! You are evil.
Baby, get inside. - She wants to kill me!
Calm down. - You are insane!
Mrs. Pinto, is Sara all right?
She was not calming down. So I left her with her papa.
Actually... she wanted to have a talk with her father. - Ok.
I'm sorry, ma'am. But what took place inside?
Ma'am, I want to say something.
You seriously need some rest.
The responsibility of this house is pushing you too much.
So, entrust me the responsibility.
I know what is to be done in this house and when.
What do you mean? Please specify.
You say you know what to do in this house and when?
No... actually... I was just giving you a suggestion.
I don't need your suggestion.
And this... what were you giving me?
The medicine that you take regularly.
The tablets for migraine.
You may please leave. Let me be alone.
I was calling out for you.
I think that you didn't hear me.
Yes, I heard it.
But, it sounded like a distant voice to me.
Frank, you are always lost in some world.
What makes you think so much?
I wonder if we are losing our intimacy!
I'm helpless and maybe...
...and maybe we are losing our intimacy. - What?
What did you say? - No... Sara said something to me.
I didn't get her. - Sara is just a kid.
But she sure does to play with words nowadays.
But, I remember the words that you said to me long back.
Frank, I'm a no one without you.
And I love the kids equally well as you do.
Sara, what happened?
She hit me. She has gone crazy!
Just like the other day. I hope you remember?
No! I don't remember anything!
Are you going somewhere? - Yes.
But, why? And where are you going?
When? Why? Where and How?
These words are buried deep in the grave of confusion.
Frank, what kind of confusion?
This is your house. We all are your dear ones.
Yes. All though this is true... doesn't differentiate me from what am I?
Frank, is our relationship so weak...
...that we can't share each other's feelings?
Sandra, strength doesn't lie in a relationship.
It lies in the foundation of a relationship.
Frank, what foundation are you talking?
Love itself is the foundation of every relationship, isn't it?
Foundation can be an illusion... sometimes.
This is not an illusion. This is the truth.
I'm your wife standing before you.
Sara and David are not my kids. - They are not my kids.
The darkness...
Frank, they can do nothing but live in the darkness.
They'll turn blind if they face the light.
Why don't you understand this?
I too... am stuck somewhere between darkness and light...
...trying to find a way out.
Frank, your journey has ended.
You don't have to find a way out.
You are not stuck anywhere.
You are right on your destination.
No, Sandra, this can't be my destination.
I might not be stuck. This might be halt for me.
But this is certainly not my destination.
Frank, why are you speaking this way?
Because I don't quite get...
...whether this is a dream or a reality.
You are not asleep. You are wide-awake.
Humans day dream too.
I want liberation from these dreams.
Sandra, you can be the moon.
But, I can't quite be the sky for you.
Mate, don't talk such crazy things.
You come after ten days and talk such flimsy things.
This is ground reality. Don't ever expect illusions here.
Veeru, this is not about any illusion. This is the truth.
The truth that I faced myself.
I've seen it. I have felt it and experienced it.
You are saying that there's a woman...
...who calls you her husband. There are kids...
...who call you their daddy. But you have never been married.
Veeru, I know that I have never been married.
But that house. That woman. Those kids.
It feels like they are my dear ones.
And you accepted it.
Frank, I'm scared of the consequences...
...if you accept this as the truth.
Veeru, I have not yet accepted it.
But I couldn't deny it either.
I couldn't tell them that I'm not the one...
...that they assume me to be.
What was that power, which made you deny the truth?
A certain power which is beyond my understanding...
...but is in me.
I'm confused. Should I take you to a psychiatrist...
...or the chairman of the company...
...who has is raised a uproar since you went missing!
Why? What problem does he have?
Frank, you know that the reputation...
...of the company depends on you.
The company lost 2 big contracts in your absence.
What else would you expect the chairman to do?
But Veeru... I had never met him.
He never meets anyone.
He's a retired Brigadier of the army.
He's comes out only when required.
There can't be any other emergency for him.
Veeru, please handle this problem.
Please manage.
I'll manage. But you must meet him once.
Veeru, I want to spend some time with myself.
I want to understand myself.
I've three new characters in my life's play.
They are not my present.
Are they my past?
Or are they my future?
We'll solve this matter at any cost.
Come my kids.
Don't be scared. Mamma's here.
Mamma's with you. Don't be scared.
There are no curtains here either.
Come. Sit here.
Where are the damn curtains?
Are you kids all right?
Show me. - I want my papa.
My child, papa has gone.
Come here.
You are lying. I want my papa.
I'm speaking the truth. No idea where you papa has gone.
Frank, it's you?
You are here? You... you...
I'm sorry, sir. But I've never met you before.
What's impossible, sir?
This is Frank. Our company's engineer.
But Mr. Veerandra. This is not possible.
Sir, what is not possible?
If he's Frank, then he can't be an engineer...
...and if he's an engineer then he can't be Frank.
Sir, why are you saying this? I'm Frank.
The engineer of your company.
Sir, he's Frank. And he's the engineer of this company.
And our company has its reputation because of him.
Frank was an army officer.
He was my cousin.
He breathed his last in my arms.
But your appearance... your face... your height
Even his name was Frank.
His name is Frank too.
Which Frank are you talking about?
Which time are you talking?
If he's Frank, then this can't be his age.
This is a miracle! A miracle.
Where are the curtains of this house?
Where are the curtains of this house?
Tell me, where are the curtains?
Who took it away?
Tell me, who took away all the curtains?
Tell me, who was it? Who is in this house?
Listen. You know everything.
I know that you know everything.
The same incidents happened with you, right?
Tell me. Please tell me.
You know everything. Please tell me.
Please tell me, who is in this house?
Please tell me, who is in this house?
Please... tell me. Tell me.
You can't talk, right? No problem.
Wait a minute. You can write it down, can't you?
Write it down. Write it.
Write it down! - What's going on?
Write it down! - Ma'am let go of her.
This won't be of any help.
Why? - Because besides being dumb...
...she's illiterate too. She can't read or write.
Then, where are the curtains of this house?
Where did they go? Who took them away?
This is the question of my children's life.
Why don't you try to understand? Who took away all the curtains?
I know that someone has taken away the curtains.
But there's no use getting excited like this.
Eddi, It's good that you came. I was about to call you.
Did you come to know about anything? - About what, Mrs. Pinto?
Edgar, someone took away all the curtains of this house.
It's strange!
Why would anyone take away the curtains?
Why would anyone take it?
Ma'am, what do you think is the reason?
I think there's a reason.
What's that reason?
Maybe someone wants...
...the rays of the sunshine to come in this house.
This means that someone wants to kill my children.
Ma'am, I think that your suspicion is wrong.
How can the sunlight kill anyone?
You are mad.
I had told you that my kids are photosensitive.
This sunlight will kill them.
But you had said this long back.
A lot of time has passed between this gap.
Maybe the kids are all right now.
How will you know if you hide them in darkness?
Ma'am, these afflictions are strange!
My sister-in-law had pain in the back and in her legs.
Then one day suddenly the ailment vanished.
Give the keys.
Sir won't like this.
I know what you three want from me.
You want to frighten my kids and me...
...and drive us away from this house.
I know everything.
You wanted this since when you came in this house.
But I won't allow this to happen.
Give the keys.
You are getting worried for no reason at all. Just think...
I insist. Give me the keys.
I won't speak the next time.
This is the limit!
She's not willing to hear even a word.
Now, I had enough. We must do something.
What do you say, Eddie?
Yes, we had enough now. Indeed this is the limit!
Her stubbornness is out of limit.
I think we should complete our work now.
Which work? - Clear the dry leaves from the grave.
Let's go.
Look at this picture carefully.
There's no need. This is I.
Veeru, look. This is Sandra. This is Sara. This is David.
I was living with them in their house.
I was living with them since the past few days.
I must believe you now, after seeing these pictures.
Frank, tell me one thing.
How were you feeling while living with them?
Sir, one thing was clear that...
...I'm not the one they are assuming me to be.
I wanted to tell them the truth.
But I just couldn't say anything to them.
This mystery can be explained only on one point.
This is a case of reincarnation.
Rebirth is a reality.
But sir... - You must believe it.
These pictures... your identity... meeting with these three persons...
...proves that there is rebirth.
His name was Frank John Williams.
And I believe that you were born on 27th July 1962... the noon at about 3:30 p. M right?
I can't understand whether I'm on the earth...
...or any other distant planet!
But I can interpret everything now.
My name is Frank James Williams.
But my face and my soul belong to Frank John.
If this is the truth then there is one unanswered question.
Why would nature... God want this to happen?
Sir, I get everything now. I must return back.
Sara, what's mamma doing? - She has gone insane.
Liar! - I have told that she has gone insane.
You are lying! - All right then. Sit here alone.
Why would I be alone? - Because I'm going? - Where?
To the forest. - Why are you going so late at night?
To look for papa. I won't stay in this house anymore.
You are running from this house? - Yes.
You'll go jumping out of the window?
Yes, I'll run away after jumping through this window.
David, what do you want now?
Even I want to meet papa. I'm coming too.
David, be careful.
Be quiet. Come.
Don't speak anything.
Be fast.
Sara, what is there?
I suppose these are graves.
Stay here.
Sara, don't go there. - Why?
What if a ghost springs up?
Ghosts don't exist in graves.
You find only skeletons in it.
Stay here.
David, there's something written here.
Sara, let's go from here. - Wait.
David, come here.
Don't tell mamma that we are here.
David, don't talk to them. - Why?
Because David... they are dead.
Sara, it can't be. - Yes David. They are ghosts.
Come here quickly. Let's get out of this place.
Why aren't they in white attire if they are ghosts?
You had said that ghosts have fiery red eyes...
...and they shine in the darkness.
David, forget what I said. Come here.
You always pester me and keep lying to me.
I don't want to heed your words.
Neither am I pestering you nor am I lying to you.
Go away from there. Give me your hand.
David, run!
Children, they are ghosts! They are ghosts!
Mamma... they...
Go inside. Run!
Ma'am, there's no use firing at us.
Plague has already killed us.
Don't move forward.
Don't move forward.
Children, come to me.
Mamma, are you all right?
Go away from here.
Ma'am, open the door!
Why should I open it? What do you all want?
Mamma, don't open the door.
Yes, mamma. Don't open the door.
Mamma, we've seen their graves. - Yes, mamma.
Both of you, rush upstairs and hide somewhere.
Mamma, I'm getting scared.
Don't worry, kids. Go upstairs.
And listen. Come what may.
Don't get separated from each other.
Go. Go upstairs.
Ma'am, we are trying to explain this to you since long.
What... what are you trying to explain?
About this house.
The changed circumstances of this house.
Which circumstances? What do you want to say?
We must learn to stay with each other together.
We must learn as to how the living...
...and the dead stay together.
How is this possible? You all are dead.
Go away from here. Go away.
Let my kids and me to live our lives.
Go from here!
Well, we may go from here.
But what about the others? They won't leave you.
Who are the others? - The outsiders.
There are no outsiders in here.
Ma'am, there are outsiders.
They were the ones who took away the curtains.
No! There are no outsiders here.
Ma'am, I assure you that they are present... the house right now. Inside this house.
And they are searching for you.
No! This can't happen!
This can't happen! - Ma'am, this is what is going on.
And very soon they'll have you under their control.
This can't happen!
I can hear something!
Be quiet!
Where are you all?
They have found the children.
Now we can't do anything.
Now, you must go upstairs and talk to them.
Be fast. Don't waste time.
Be fast. - No!
I won't allow this to happen.
No! This can't happen!
The kids are in this house. I'm going to talk with them.
But we can't see anyone here.
You can't see them nor can you hear them.
Kids, why are you sacred?
What makes you so scared?
Talk to me. Tell me, what's the matter?
Kids, talk to me. What's the matter?
Tell me. What's the matter?
Don't tell anything to her. Don't say anything.
Don't tell anything. Don't say anything.
No, David. They'll allow us to live peacefully...
...if I tell them the truth.
Kids, why are you crying?
What had happened in this room?
What had happened with you?
We were suffocated to death with a pillow.
So, your mother killed you both.
She used a pillow to kill you?
No! No!
She didn't kill us. No!
Kids, if you are dead...
...then what are you doing in this house?
We are not dead!
We are not dead!
We are not dead!
We are not dead!
Are you all right?
Yes. Just feeling a little giddy.
What had happened? - They had come.
All three of them? - Yes. All three of them.
The mother and both her kids.
It's quite strange... and interesting too!
Interesting! You find these things strange and interesting!
And here I am on the edge!
We don't even about them properly.
What more do you want to know about them?
Isn't this enough that the woman had become insane!
She suffocated the kids to death and then shot herself.
If not worried about me, be at least worried about your kid.
But, what happened to him? Vicky's quite hale and hearty.
You think so!
He gets up screaming in the middle of the night.
Nightmares upset his sleep and you say he's fine.
All right.
We'll leave this place in the morning. Fine?
Sorry, my child.
I love you too, my child.
I loved you two very much.
Your father and you both were everything to me.
I kept comforting you that your father would be back.
We kept waiting.
But one day...
...the doorbell rang.
Frank didn't come. The news of his death arrived instead.
My life... my affection... my love... my hopes...
...and my desires turned in to graveyard.
That experience was enough for that decision.
Vicky, come with me. There is nothing here.
C'mon, my child. Come.
Sandra, where are you?
Frank, I'm here.
Sandra, I have come back. I'm your Frank.
I won't go anywhere.
Sandra, we'll all stay together.
No, Frank. This is not possible.
But why, Sandra?
Frank, it's true that this life is a journey.
But time is not a land from where you can return back.
Frank, you have reached far too ahead...
...where I can't reach you and I have been left far behind...
...where you can't return back.
I'll pray for your long life.
Sandra, please don't go leaving me.
I don't want to live this crazy life!
Sandra, If only death can unite us, then I'm ready to die.
No, Frank. Death departs the soul from the body.
It doesn't unite two souls.
Frank, hold me in your arms for once.
Frank, take care of yourself.
And always keep this with you.
This will protect you.
I can't say that I'll wait for you.
But I'll certainly wait for that time.
Frank, I'm leaving from here.
The place where you are standing is not a destination.
This is the extremity. That is the end.
Whose end?
The past 10 days which you can remember as a dream.
But you can't live with those.
No, Veeru. It is said that the end brings a new beginning.
Maybe my beginning is somewhere nearby.
Frank, there is nothing nearby.
You'll find here only drifting spirits...
...which you have accepted as your life.
But mate, this is not life.
There was life here... sometime ago.
Frank, it was not life.
It was just some memories of the truth...
...which had faded long ago in the history of time.
Frank, I can understand your anguish.
Come with me. The life is over there.
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