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Subtitles for Hulk The - Special Edition.

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Hulk The - Special Edition

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There's simply no way to shield|against every weaponized agent.
Instead, I can make|super-immune systems...
by strengthening|the human cellular response.
Banner, I know|where you're going.
But manipulating|the immune system|is dangerous and stupid.
The president's science advisors|made it absolutely clear...
no human subjects.
David, I have|wonderful news.
I'm gonna have a baby.
What's it gonna be?|Whoa, look at that, Bruce. Huh?|Want a dinosaur?
Let's have a little fight.
You don't scare me.
That's a delicious eyeball.|Ooh, you're big and green and scary.|I'm gonna run away.
Really, speaking of Cheryl,|guess what...
Bruce,|you're hurt!
Jack hit him with the stick,|but Bruce wouldn't|hit him back.
He just stood there,|shaking.
It's okay.
Yeah, strange|he didn't make a peep.
Any other kid|would've wailed his head off.
That's Bruce. He's like that.
He's just so... bottled up.
The samples we found in your lab...|they were human blood.
You've ignored protocol.
You had no right|snooping around in my lab.
That's my business.
Wrong, Banner.|It's government business,|and you're off the project.
Attention, all personnel.|Fail-safe has been initiated.
Gamma decontamination|will occur in 30 minutes!
Evacuate immediately!
I repeat,|evacuate immediately!
- Edith?|- David, what's going on?
- I gotta talk to you, Edith.|- Bruce, stay here.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm trying to tell you|what has to be done.!
David, please stop it.!|No.!
No.! No.!|Yes.!
David.! No.!
Bruce, wake up, son.
Bruce. Bruce.
Another nightmare?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
Hi, Mom.
Already|off to college.
Gonna miss you|terribly.
I'll miss you too.
Please,|come here.
Look at you.
Soon to be|a great scientist.
I guess.
I mean, who knows?|I do.
There's something inside you...|so special.
Some kind of greatness.
I'm sure|someday you're gonna...
share it with the whole world.
But as far as I'm concerned,|security oughta be...
Good morning.|Good morning,|Dr. Krenzler.
Security oughta be beefed up.|In a place like this|you can't be too careful.
Bruce.!|Big day.
Did you sleep?|I didn't sleep.|I slept okay.
Is Betty here?|She's around.
I really gotta say, seeing you|in that stylin' head wear...
You're implying something|about my helmet?
You look like a massive nerd,|even around other scientists.
Can I just ask...|Were you wearing the helmet|while she dumped you?
See, it protects|my very important brain, Harper.
Go prep the samples.
- Hey. I found you.|- Betty, hey.
I hate them.
Wait, I just got here.|Who do we hate?|The review board.
We have to make|a presentation on Tuesday.|Ah.
And you're gonna|make it with me.
You think I should?|Yeah.
You're great with that stuff.
You start talking|about microbes and nanomeds,|you sound almost... passionate.
I'm sorry.
That was rude.
Look, nobody expects this|to be easy,
us working together|after being... so close.
We were close?
Look, if I could be more...
whatever, you know...
I'm... just...|Don't.
It's not your fault.|Really.
You're just a by-product...
of my inexplicable obsession|with emotionally distant men.
I'll get over us.
Good for you.
Anyway, I'm just really stressed|about this review.
If we don't get|impressive results today, we're gonna|have a really hard sell come Tuesday.
Well, then,|let's go be impressive.
Ready when you are.|Let's hit it.
Are we passing|inspection?
Safeties|all going green.
Countdown's started.
Nanomeds released.
Four seconds.
Okay, nanomeds|fully dispersed.
Okay, let's hit Freddie|with the gamma radiation.
Gamma exposure.
Nanomeds now active.
Nanomeds replicating cells|on border.
It's working.
Cell copy to disassemble ratio|holding within one percent.
Imbalanced nanomed activity.
You wanna go to the review board|on Monday and tell 'em...
we've developed|a brand-new method|for exploding frogs?
Yeah, I think maybe|there's a market for it.
I mean,|what if there's a plague?
What have you had, Betty,|like, one beer?
I'm just sa...|I'm just saying, you know,
frogs start falling from the sky,
who do they come to?
We'd be world-renowned.
Make any parent|proud.
I bet they would be.
They actually did|want me to be a scientist.
I mean,|your birth parents.
Guess we'll never know.
I don't understand|why you don't want to|find out about them.
They're dead.|They died before|I can remember anything.
Why do you always|come back to this?
Don't know.
I guess I figure|there's more to you|than you like to show.
I guess|there couldn't be any less.
Right. So now we come|full circle back to that.
Nice work, Betty.
What happened|to your uniform?
Oh, I, uh...|I switched over.
I'm still working|with your father, but...
Well, you know,|the military's subcontracting out|all the most interesting work, and...
Can't argue with a paycheck.
I basically run|all the labs on the base now.
Hey, you're uh...
you're looking good.
You're|the genetics expert.
Ah, the good old college days.
So, how's business?
What do you want?
All right, I'll cut to the chase.
I've been hearing|interesting things about|what you guys are doing here.
Your little molecular machines|have some incredible implications.
How would you like to|come work for Atheon?
Get paid 10 times as much|as you earn now...
and own a piece of the patents.
You just have to|say the word.
Two words: The door.
Come in.
Talbot wanted you|to see this, sir.
It's about a lab Atheon is targeting|for acquisition and removal|to desert base.
Why isn't it|going through N.S.C.?
It, uh, concerns|your daughter, sir.
Hi. Sorry.
Hey, what happened to Benny?|Is he not working|the night shift anymore?
Benny's dead.
I'm the new guy.
Good to meet you.|Same.
- Let's try another.
Mmm, no. Stay here.
I look tired anyway.
Yeah, but you look great.
What's the matter?
It's these dreams, Doctor.
I keep having them,|and they're terrible.
Tell me about your dream.
Well, it starts...
it starts with a memory...|I think it's my first memory.
It's this image I have...
from when I was|maybe two years old.
Do you think|it's just a dream?
No, I think it's something|that happened...
when I was living at a desert base|with my father.
the dream goes on and...
suddenly I'm alone.
That's terrible.
You know|I'd never hurt you.
Hey there.
What's your name, darlin'?
Eh? What's your name?
It's okay.
I gotta talk to you, Edith.
Bruce, stay here.!
"C... T... G...
A... G."
My Bruce.
Good morning.|Glen dropped by.
What's he doing here?
You know, Dr. Krenzler,
you and I have never had|the chance to get to know|each other properly.
Well, that's because I don't|want to get to know you,|properly or improperly.
So leave.
Hey, no worries.
Let me give you|a little heads-up.
There is a hairsbreadth|between friendly offer...
and hostile takeover.
I've done my homework.|The work you're doing here|is dynamite.
Think: Gls embedded|with technology...
that makes them|instantly repairable|on the battlefield...
in our sole possession.
That's a hell of a business.
Well, it's not what we're doing here.|We're doing the basic science|for everyone.
You know, someday|I'm gonna write a book...
and I'm gonna call it|When Stupid Ideals Happen|To Smart, Penniless Scientists.
In the meantime, Bruce,|you will be hearing from me.
About Glen, I, um...
There's nothing to talk about.
I just wanted to say,|don't worry about him...|I'll handle it.
I'm gonna call my father,
ask him|to exert some pressure.
Last I heard, you and your father|weren't speaking.
I guess now I have something|to talk with him about.
I think this circuit's|kinda fried.
I don't know.|Maybe you wanna come|take a look at it.
Okay, I'll be right there.
The gamma's too high.!|Bruce, I can't stop it.!
Harper, get out!
Get out!
How's Harper?
He's all right.
You saved him.
I don't think he's coming back|to the lab for a while, though.
I don't understand|how this is possible.
You should be dead.
They worked... the nanomeds.
I mean, I feel great.
I feel like... I don't know.|They must have, like, fixed me.
Bruce, they've killed everything else|that they've come into contact with.
Are you sure|the doctor checked?
The doctor gave me|the full workup.
He wants to know where|he can get what I'm taking.
I'm a hundred percent.
What do you mean?
Remember my bad knee?
Well, now it's my good knee.
Bruce, this isn't funny.
I was watching you.
You were gonna die,|and I was gonna have to watch you die.
I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm not gonna explode.|Okay?
You should|get some rest.
And I'm fine. Really.
I've never felt better.
Your name|is not Krenzler.
It's Banner.
What?|Your name...|it's Banner.
Bruce Banner.
How did you get in here?|I work here now.
In the labs.|The late shift.
It keeps me close to you.
You always work so late yourself|with your friend Miss Ross.
No, no. Please. Please.|Let me.
You're not well.
You've had a terrible accident.
You're wondering|why you're still alive.
You're thinking|there's something inside.
Something different...
I can help you understand,
if you'll let me.
If you'll...
forgive me.
Look, mister, I'm sure I have|nothing to forgive you for.
So perhaps you should leave now.
I'll be fine.
You must know.
You may not want to believe it,
but I can see it in your eyes.
So much like your mother's.
Of course,|you're my flesh and blood.
But then, you're something else too,|aren't you?
My physical son,
but the child of my mind too.
You're lying.
My parents died|when I was a small boy.
No, no, that's not true.|That's what they wanted you to believe.
The experiments, the accident...|all top secret.
They put me away|for 30 years.
Thirty years!
Away from you.
Away from our work.
But they couldn't keep me forever.
After all, I'm sane.|They had to admit it.
You see,
your extraordinary mind...
has been seeking all these years...
it's been inside you.
Now we will understand it.
We will harness it.
No, don't answer it.|It's Miss Ross again.
There's something|you need to know about her, Bruce.|Something troublesome.
Let me protect you from her.
No. Get out.
- Bruce...|- Get out!
- Sit!
We're gonna have to|watch that temper of yours.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, just glad|to be out of bed.
Got a message from my father.
He's coming to see me.
Your father?|Mmm.
Lands in about an hour.
The funny thing is,|he called me.
Hi, Dad.|Hello, Betty.
Here, ma'am.|Thanks.
You're welcome.|Sir?|Thank you.
You're welcome.
Look, I'm gonna get right to it.
It's about Glen, isn't it?
He's been snooping around my lab.
Glen noticed some things,
asked me to make some inquiries.
Are you here to...
question me?
We've turned up|some surprising things.
This Krenzler you work with...
you know|who he really is?
How much do you|actually know about him?
I think the question is,
what is it|that you know about him?
- Well, right now, I'm not...|- Not at liberty to disclose it|to me. Right. Right.
You know,
I think I was hoping that...
maybe this time you just...
honestly wanted to see me again.
- You've got this all wrong, Betty.|- Do I?
Yes. I do want to see you.
I really wish|that I could believe you.
your extraordinary mind|has been seeking...
all these years,
it's been inside you.
Hi, you've called Dr. Krenzler.
Please leave a message|and I'll call you right back.
Bruce, hey. Are you there?
Look, um,|I think I screwed up.
My father... It's like he|suspects you of something.|I don't know.
- I was so impatient, like always.
I didn't hear him out.|I don't know, l...
I just think that they're planning|something with the lab.
So, um, uh...
Call me. Okay?
- Betty?
Dispatch! Dispatch!|We have a 415 at the lab!
Send Berkeley P.D. Now!|Send 'em now!
Watch out!
David, what's going on?
- I gotta talk to you, Edith.|- Bruce, stay here.
My Bruce.
There was|some sort of explosion.
They wouldn't let us|into the building.
I was worried about you.
Well, I'm okay.
What happened to you|last night?
I had the most vivid dream.
It was like being born.
Coming up for air.|Light hitting my face.
My heartbeat...
it was, like, boom...
Were you at the lab?
But something...
And there was that man.
The one with the dogs.
That new janitor.
He said he was my father.
I'll get it.
My father.
My, my.
So this is the young Bruce Ban...
I think you left something|in your lab last night.
Escort my daughter outside.|I'll join her shortly.
I'd rather stay here.
Now, Betty.
It's okay.
I'll be fine.
Keep him under observation.|I'll be back.
What?|Your friend in there.
There's a good chance|he's caught up|in some very bad business.
Unfinished business.
And I promise you,|I'm gonna get|to the bottom of it.
You have my word|I'll make sure he's cared for.
But as of right now,|he is incommunicado.
And for the next|few days at least,
you're gonna stay away from here.
For your own good.
Okay, and that's for the new guy|on the night shift, right?
Great. Thank you.|I appreciate it.
Dr. Ross.
How unexpected.
Please come in.
I'm sorry to just show up|at your house like this.
I came to ask you|something that...
I really have|no business asking.
He told you?
He said|you talked to him.
Please sit down.
Bruce was at the lab last night.|He said that you were there too.
But he can't|remember much about it.
I need to find out|what happened.
So, you want to know, uh,
what's wrong with him...
so you can fix him?
Cure him, change him.
My father's with the military.
He seems to think|he's involved in some kind of|threat to national security.
Your father. Ross.
You brought your father|down upon his head?
How little you understand,|Miss Ross,
and how dangerous|your ignorance has become.
I'm sorry.|Don't be sorry.
My son is...
That's why|you can't relate to him.
And because he is unique, the world|will not tolerate his existence.
Will they?
But you...
you try,
don't you?
And a very beautiful|woman like you,
your attentions...
can't be completely unwanted.
Can they?
Not with eyes like yours,
watching expectantly,
But I'm afraid|we're both too late to help him.
There's nothing|I can do for him...
or for you.
he's made it clear|he wants nothing to do with me.
His choice.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Miss Ross,|I have some work to do.
And don't worry about the dogs.
You'll be fine.
Just don't|look 'em in the eyes.
He gets released, and a month later|your lab is destroyed.
What a coincidence.
So you're not gonna tell me|where he is, are ya?
How many times do I have to tell you?|I'd like to help you,|but I just don't know.
You know who I am.|Right, Banner?
Your Betty's father.|You're a high-ranking general.|Let's cut the crap.
I'm the guy who had your father|tossed away, and a lot more like him,
and I'll do the same with you|if I feel so disposed.
You understand?|If you had him tossed away,|then why are you asking me?
I don't remember.|I was always told my father was dead.
Don't play with me!
You were four years old|when you saw it.
When I saw what?
You were right there.|How could anyone forget a thing like that?
Oh, some more repressed memories.
Just tell me.
I'm sorry, son.
You're an even more screwed-up mess|than I thought you'd be.
Until we get|to the bottom of this,
your lab has been declared|a top-secret military site...
and you're not gonna get|a security clearance to get back into it...
or any other lab that's doing|anything more interesting than...
trying to figure out|the next generation of herbal hair gel.
One more thing.
If you ever...
come within a thousand yards|of my daughter again,
I'll put you away|for the rest of your natural life.
Go! Go get her!
And let nothing|stand in your way!
So, they think they can just|throw you away as they did me.
What's wrong with me?|What did you do to me?
I got a visit today.
A very unwelcome visit.
I'm afraid my hand|is being forced.
What did you do to me?
You so much want to know,|don't you?
But I think no explanation|will serve you half as well...
as the experience.
In any case, I still don't|quite understand it myself.
If they'd only let me|work in peace...
Of course, my betters|would have none of that.
So you experimented|on yourself, didn't you?
And passed on to me... what?
An alteration. Genetic.
A deformity.|I guess you could call it that.
But an amazing strength too.
And now, finally unleashed,|I can harvest it.
You'll do no such thing.
I will isolate it|and treat it myself.
I'll remove it and I'll kill it|before it does any real harm.
I'll bet you and your Betty|would love to destroy it.
But would you really|destroy part of yourself?
I don't think so.
And as for Betty,
I'm sending her|a surprise visit...
from some four-legged|friends of mine.
You see, I managed to culture|some of your very own DNA, Bruce,
and the results are tremendous.
They're unstable,|but very powerful.
What about my DNA?
Let's just wait and see what Betty|makes of the results, huh?
No. You're crazy.
I won't let you.
Get your hands off of me.|Talbot, what's this...
Inside, asshole.|I wanna talk to you.
Listen, my father's|going after Betty...
What makes you think|you can go behind my back|and get Ross to cut me out, huh?
Listen to me!|Betty's in trouble!
You pathetic freak.
Betty's in danger.|I swear to you, she'll be killed.
I can state the obvious.
Something tells me you aren't|in much of a position to be making|stupid threats to anyone.
You're making me angry.
Oh, am I?
Ohh! Oh!
I got him.! Open fire.!
He sent these dogs,|didn't he?
But I killed them!
My God.
It must be the nanomeds.|It must be the gamma exposure.
But we've never seen|any effect like this before.
No. Deeper.
The gamma just unleashed|what was already there.
Unleashed what?
It's okay.
Shh. It's okay.
What were those animals?
My father sent them.
He is my father.
He wanted me to change.
He wanted me to change|into that mindless hulk.
Why would he want that?
Can you remember anything?
Is there anything|from when you were changed?
It was like a dream.
About what?
And freedom.
Hello? Sir.
Betty! Are you all right?
I'm scared.|I need your help.
Where are you?
How are you?
Okay, I guess.
I think that somehow...
your anger is triggering|the nanomeds.
How could it?|We designed them to respond|to physical damage.
Emotional damage|can manifest physically.
Like what?
Serious trauma.
Repressed memories.
Your father grilled me about|something that happened to me|from early childhood...
that I'm supposed to remember.
He did?
It sounded bad,|but... I honestly don't remember.
The thing that worries me...
a physical wound is finite,
but with emotions,
what's to say it won't|just go on and on...
and start a chain reaction?
You know what|scares me the most?
When it happens,
when it comes over me...
and I totally lose control,
I like it.
It's okay. I got you.|I'm sorry.
You'll be okay.|It's just to make you sleep.
Target down.|Target secure.
I'm going to take you|someplace safe.
Okay? Bruce?
Attention on deck.|Carry on.
We're buried out here|in the middle of nowhere.
How long are you|gonna keep him sedated?
For the rest of his|natural life, if I have to.
You said I could trust you.|I'm your father.
You can trust me to do|what I think is right,|not what you think you want.
- He is a human being.|- He is also something else.
Suppose he gets out,|has one of his little mood swings...
in a populated area.
Yes, I'm aware of|the potential danger.|I'm also aware that he saved my life.
Yeah, from a mutant|French poodle.
I'm indebted to him for that.
He also put|three men in a hospital,|and Talbot's barely walking!
- What do you want me to do?|- I want you to help him!
- Why is he such a threat to you?|- Because I know what he comes from.
He is his father's son,|every last molecule of him.
He says he doesn't know|his father,
but he's workin'in the same|exact goddamn field his father did.
So either he's lyin'...|or it's somethin' worse, and he's...
Predestined to follow|in his father's footsteps?
I was gonna say "damned."
Of course you were.
But I'm a scientist.
As a scientist,|I believe we can figure this out|and he can be helped.
I know you do.
Look, whether you know or care,
I've got a lot of pride|in what you've done.
But this is too big for you.
Look, I know the government thinks|they have a weapon on their hands.
Otherwise, he'd be dead by now.
They can probe and prod|all they want,
and in the meanwhile,|just let me try to help him.
Nobody knows him|better than I do.
What did David Banner|do to him?
Cover left!|Clear left.
Cover right!
What's happening here?
My hand.
You see, the strength|of my son's DNA...
combined with nanomed|reconstruction...
You see, I can partake|with the essences of all things.
Gonna have to ask you to...
put your hands up, pal, okay?
Nice and easy.
Do you really believe...
that I am separate from you?
Where am I?
You're home.
It's hard to believe|we used to live here.
I must have seen you|or known you.
If only I could remember.
This is my old house, isn't it?
Let's go.
Please try.
What is it?
Damn it.
Okay, Betty...|what do you want to know?
What was in that room?
What are you afraid that I'll see?
See? There's nothing.
It's empty.
What do you mean,|I don't have access to him?
NSA has decided to turn over study|of the, uh... the threat to Atheon.
But you're head of the base.
I thought you were in charge.
But I don't set policy,|and I still take orders.
I can't believe Talbot|would go around me like this!
Oh, there's a lot of powerful people|that want in on this.
And money to be made...|lots of it.
You know the worst part|about all this?
When I had David Banner locked up|and sent that kid away,
I didn't give that boy a second thought;|he was just collateral damage.
Well, he isn't anymore, is he?
What can I do?
You can go home now.
I'd tell you to go and say good-bye,|but I've already been informed...
that for now all further contact|is out of the question.
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