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Subtitles for Honey.

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Subripped And Fixed By Master Dong Ly=P
- Two? - Two.
- Whoo!
- Hi, hi, hi. - Where you been? You were supposed to be here at midnight.
Girl, you can't rush perfection. Hurry up and finish so we can get on out there.
- Okay, one more minute. - Okay.Just in time for a drink on the house?
- You know it. - Make that two.
- Tonight's your lucky night. - You are my new favorite bartender.
Sweetie, she's not gonna be here much longer.
l don't know why you're so eager for me to quit this gig.
As long as I work here, we both get to dance and drink for free.
Girl, when you make it, they gonna let us in anywhere we want.
- What she gonna make it as? - You'll see.
Thank you.
Time's up.
Bye. See ya, Honey.
Hey! Hey, girl.
How are you? l'm good.
Ah, look who's here-- Katrina.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
That's hot. Come on. Let's go.
Ooh! I don't like them, bitch.
Damn, girl!
- Yeah!
Oh! Look at that bitch, y'all.
Yo, she's takin' our shit! l told you.
- Oh, man!
Listen, girl, you got talent. You bottle that shit up,
sell it, get paid, paid, paid.
- Excuse me would work. - Hold up, Katrina.
- l think you owe her an apology. - l don't owe anybody anything,
especially not some section eight, no-rhythm-having club ho.
People pay me to dance. Be gone. Whoo!
Bitch! Gina.! Gina.!
- Let me go! - What? What? That ain't your hair anyway.
Get off me.
Gina, that's my job. You can't be wilding out in there.
Please. She started it.
That shit was unbelievable.
Huh, huh!
Huh, huh!
- Hey, hey, hey. - Go, Benny.
Go, Benny. Go, Benny.
Go, Benny. Go, Benny.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
That was hot.
Look at him, checking you out like he all grown.
- Your mama know you're out here? - His mother ain't lookin' for nothin' but her crackhead boyfriend.
- Don't you talk about her.
l like that. Your flavor's hot.
Okay, l got it. You're a biter now.
- Oooh!
- You guys should come to my class. - Your class?
- l teach hip-hop at the center. - The center?
l ain't feelin' that mommy and me hip-hop. None of that.
- l'll come. - Oh, okay, cutie.
All right, kids. Clear out. Get outta here.!
- Come on. Come on. - Hurry up!
- lt's cool, Officer. - These kids are always hustling people back here.
Be careful, ladies.
Hey, Miss Jones. Honey.
You dropped your paper. Ah, you're lookin' out, Honey.
Yo, Chaz, you're the one , man.
Hey, everybody.
Listen up. Hey, guys.
- l got a new remix from D.J. Scratch at the Overdrive.
All right! Come on, guys.
Let's loosen up.
Five, six, seven, eight.
- Oooh!
ls she all right? She slipped on some water.
You okay?
Quit it.
lt doesn't matter how you mess up, as long as you keep countin'. All right?
Watch this. One and two, three and four.
See, Letitia, baby, you're my inspiration.
Okay, let's throw that in after the clap.
l'm glad you could make it.
Come on. This isn't a pageant. Step in the back and fall in. All right?
We'll break it down for you. Come on, y'all. Let's go.
Fall in.
Come on, little man. You're in front. So, let's break it down, all right?
From the top.! Five, six,
seven, eight.
One and two, three, four,
five, six, seven and eight.
Elbows. One, two, three, four.
- We'll just take it that far. - Suckers.
- Let's see it.Joey, count 'em in. - Five, six, seven, eight.
- One and two, three, four, - Why we come here?
five, six, seven and eight.
One, two, three, four.
- lf you wanna learn, keep with the counts. - Learn?
Lady, l'm schooling you. Whoa.!
All right.
- Pay no mind to them. - You like that?
Okay, okay, comedy hour's over. Let's get back to it.
lt's not you. My brother Benny and them just wanna show off.
l know, sweetie.
- Take care, all right? - Okay.
Bye. Bye.
- All right, let's start from the top.
Okay. There. That didn't hurt, did it?
Okay, all set to go.
- All right, later. - Bye, Honey.
Oh, sweetie. l don't know why you can't just teach ballet at a nice uptown studio.
Haven't you seen my hip-hop class? They love it.
But hip-hop can't take you the places ballet can. All that real dance training.
Ah, here are my girls. Hi, Dad.
Hi, baby. Honey.
There's so many beautiful things in the world, and l just want you to see 'em.
Ma. So, can we make it to midtown in 20 minutes?
- Not another video audition? - As a matter of fact, l was just heading that way.
And don't worry so much.
Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
- Honey Daniels. And you're with? - No one right now.
Sorry. The open audition was this morning. We're not seeing any more unsolicited dancers.
But the ad said the audition was all day. lt is, but the open part ended at noon.
l have a job and couldn't get off before noon.
Unfortunately, there were about a thousand girls who could. Can't l just audition?
Check it. That's what l'm talkin' about.
l should be dancing in videos like this. You're right,you should.
But sometimes you gotta start in the back door if you wanna get in the front.
You already gave me that lecture.
l'm gonna keep giving it you. 'Cause if you would have listened to me,
your ass would have been famous by now. For what?
Michael Ellis Productions.
Yes, that video is shooting next Thursday.
You seen Michael? He's over there.
Ellis Productions.
Yes, he is. One moment, please.
Who is that? That's Katrina.
She in a lot of joints. Works a lot. She was at the Overdrive.
No, no, not her.
What up? What up? You're getting her drunk.
Come on. Keep it coming. Keep it coming.
Excuse me. Are you a dancer?
Yeah. l thought so.
Look, l want you to dance for me.
Come on, Gina.
No, no, look. Seriously. Seriously.
l'm a-- l'm a video director, and l'm shooting next week.
Oh, and you wanna offer me the privilege of slapping on a thong and shaking my ass in your camera?
Thanks, but l'll pass. Let's go.
What are you doing? He's a director.
Every guy's a director when he wants some booty. Look, look, listen.
lt's a little loud down here, so let's go talk about it up in the V.l.P. lounge.
All right. l heard that.
lt don't matter where we are. l'm not taking my clothes off.
Who said anything about taking your clothes off?
Yeah, who said anything about that?
The only one who's gonna take anything off is Jadakiss, if he's so moved.
-Jadakiss? - Wait. Who did you say you were again?
- My name is Michael. - Michael Ellis?
Michael.! All right, you the man,you the man.
- See, l'm the man. - Yeah, you're all right.
And you are?
Honey Daniels. Nice to meet you, Honey.
Gina. lt's nice to meet you, Gina.
Look, Honey.
l want you to come down and try out for my video. Here's my card, if you're interested.
You know, give me a call. Okay, cool.
l'll give you a call.
1 0:05, that's not too early, is it? l mean, l don't wanna seem desperate.
Hey, this is Honey Daniels calling for Michael Ellis.
Honey Daniels. Sure, l can hold.
Um, yeah, he can call back.
Wait. Don't you need my number?
lt's not good when they don't ask for your number.
- Yo, heads up. - Cut it. Cut it.
Why don't you take a break, come play some ball? Show me some of them moves.
l got a class to teach. Mm-hmm.
Hey,yo, Chaz. Come on, man. Let's play.
That was fun. l'll see you tomorrow.
See you guys later.
l really like your class.
Thanks, Raymond.
Lucky for you, l'm not goin' anywhere.
Well, see you next week.
What's up? What's up, B.?
Raymond, what are you doing here, dog? Lookin' for you.
Look, you can't be here right now, okay?
What? Are you deaf? Get on.
What's up, Otis? Hey, B.B.
How's your stash? All right. l'm set for today.
Make sure you got his back, all right? He's my baby brother.
Yo, you want a smoke? Right here. Right here.
Hey, Honey, it's me Dad.
Just calling to see how those auditions are going.
Hey, girl, it's me. Just checking in.
Remember, this is a temporary situation. That's all.
So holler when you get in.
Honey Daniels, this is Mike Ellis.
Sorry l missed you. lt's kind of crazy here.
Um, anyway, we start shooting day after tomorrow.
Call Lenny's cell. He'll give you all the information.
Dancer, right? Okay, please follow me to Hair and Makeup.
l need your Social Security card or a passport for your time card. l'll get that from you later.
We're gonna be here till about 4:00 a.m. After that, it's time and a half.
Okay? Okay, guys.
This is the last one. Yes, yes, l know.
Please make it fast or it's my ass. Thank you.
You can do this.
Ready in there?
Yes. Yeah. l-- l'm ready.
Coming. l'm coming.
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut.
See, it's not working here.
Well, hold that down, baby. l'm gonna try, man. l'm gonna try.
The girls look too choreographed. Right.
l can make 'em more freestyle, but we gotta get 'em together eventually.
You came?
Yeah, you know, had some free time, so--
Wait. Come here. Come here.
l want you to try and work in with the girls. Michael, who is this?
- Honey. - Hey.
This is Honey. Show her the steps. Everybody else, take five.
l think l got the first eight counts, okay? Unbelievable.
All right, fellas, let's take a break.
Hi. We gotta work in another girl.
- Where would you like me? -Just find yourself a spot in the center row, okay?
Take it from the top. You in the second row?
Yeah. Playback!
- No! Cut. Cut!
lt'll be better. lt was just my first time through.
lt's all right.
lt's good choreography, though. lt's good.
All right, still not working here.
lt is just, uh--
Okay, l'm gonna try something. l'm gonna try something.
Hi. How are you doing? Hi.
Good. Good, good.
Um, l want you to pretend that you're in a club.
- Excuse me, Michael. What are you doing? - Directing. You have a problem with that?
Okay, so you're in a club.
And the music's gonna come on. And l'm gonna want you to move.
Now, don't be nervous.
You're great. l saw you at the Overdrive and you're great.
- Nice. - All right. Now, see, that-- that is sexy.
- Thank you! - That is sexy. That is sexy!
- Everybody else, follow what she's doing. - You're kidding, right?
l am not. Playback.
D-block. Dark child.
Wonderful. Wonderful.
Was it all right? Yeah, yeah.
All right, we're moving in for a close-up, everyone.
What do you think? What you doing next week?
Working at the record store? No.
Working at the club?
Not working at the club?
Not unless you're doing it for fun.
Two of anything, on me.
Anything? l'm liking this.
And you know what else l've been thinking about? Your birthday.
Twenty-five's a big one. We gotta do it up right. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
So l'm thinking we should rent a big old car, roll on down to Atlantic City.
You sure you wanna spend all your big faces like that on me?
Are you kidding? l wouldn't even have these big faces if it weren't for you.
lt's true, it's true. l should be your manager.
l don't really care, to tell you the truth.
Who's that?
l don't know. Some guy from the center.
- What's wrong with you? He's fine. Why you duckin'? - l'm not duckin'.
You duckin'. You duckin' like a bobblehead.
So, manager, am l bookin' the limo, or what?
Hell, yeah, you gettin' the limo.
You gettin' the limo, the room,
the Cristal with caviar, the male strippers--
Oh, my God! lt's you! Turn it up! Turn it up!
That's my girl. That's my girl. Turn it up.! Turn it up.!
That's right, y'all. That's my friend. Check it out. Check it out.
Check it out. She's good, you know what l mean?
Hey! Hey, look! lt's Honey. She's on TV.
Yo, check it out, man.
- That's Jadakiss and Sheek. - Those are my boys.
She dances with them? Mm-hmm.
Yo, that's my move.
- For real. - That's what l'm talkin' about.
My move.
Hey, yo, biter.
Oh, hey. We caught you on TV.
- Benny saw that you used his move. - Yeah. Shouldn't l get a check or something for that?
l haven't even got a check for it yet. You here for the class?
Yeah. Once Benny saw you with Jadakiss,
he said maybe you were cool after all.
Nah. l just figured you might need some more moves to jack.
- Well, you can show 'em toJoey and he'll pass 'em along. - You're not teaching?
No. l got this video and l'm supposed to be there like now.
You gonna be here tomorrow?
l don't know. This director guy's got a fewjobs lined up, so..
- That's cool. Whatever. - You should still take the class. Joey's great.
Who, me? l wasn't gonna go. l was just dropping off Raymond.
Go on, dog. Go to your little class.
l'm outta here.
Can we see this with playback?
l swear to goodness.
What up? What up?
Ah, shoot. Now look at you. ln your bustier and your hooker heels.
Where we goin'tonight? Oh, l'm goin' to Papi Chulos.
Oh, word? The gay club? Shoot, l love the kids.
But l didn't have to wear my heels for that. l could have worn my sneakers.
- Actually, l'm goin' with Michael. - Oh, you can't bring me?
lt's kind of a work thing. You know, charity fund-raiser with tickets and all.
- Sorry. - Hmm.
- Sounds like somebody's trying to dip their fingers in the Honey jar. - Gina, he's my boss.
You say that like you never heard of Monica Lewinsky.
lt's the video world. You know, they do their meet-and-greets at night in clubs.
Oh, okay.
Well, there's only one world-- the real world-- and in that world...
if a man is taking a woman out on a Friday night in her hooker heels...
and she can't bring her homegirl, he tryin'to get some booty.
You're nuts.
All right, that's him.
How do l look? Gorgeous.
Yes, children, it's just another night at Papi Chulos.
l'm the mother of the house, Harmonica Sunbeam.
Yes.! Drama, drama, drama, attitude.
Judges, score.
Ten, ten, ten, ten. Ow.! Yes.!
Make some noise!
Excuse me. Excuse me. Come on up here. How you doing, miss?
Hi. Good to see you. What up, B.?
What's happening, my man? How you doin', man? Lenny's got your spot.
What's up?
What's up? What's up?
Ginuwine, how you doing? What's going on, baby? How you doing?
How you doing? Good to see you.
Ginuwine, this is Honey. How you doing? Pleasure to meet you.
Rodney, Honey. What's up, man? Nice to meet you.
- Honey, from theJadakiss video, right? - Yeah.
l caught that. You was doin' your thing in there. You was real hot.
- Thanks. - l hear Mikey's gonna make you super colossal.
l thought l was making him look good, but, you know.
You hear that Mikey? You got to watch her. Better get them contracts tight.
- So you gonna be in the next one, right? - Oh, for sure, for sure.
'Cause the next one gotta be crazy.
No doubt, no doubt. That's why l got you a new choreographer for this one.
- For real? Who? - This girl right here.
For real? l mean, you ever done the wholejoint before?
No, but it's all right. We got two more to do before yours.
So she'll be a pro by the time we get to you, you know.
Right? Right.
Cool. Well, you know, Mikey knows best, you know what l'm saying?
- Okay, sure. - l don't know what to say.
Thank you, Mikey. You're the best.
Thank you, Michael. You're the best.
- You better get them contracts tight now.
Thank you.
Raymond, is that you? Honey!
What are you doing out here? My mama says l have to do something with my hair.
Your mama's right about that. You wanna do this on your own, or should l come with you?
You can come with me. Cool. So, what are you thinking? Some braids?
Snoop Doggy Dogg silky-fine press and curl?
Or maybe do like Mike and shave it all off?
Hmm, how 'bout braids? Braids?
All right, cool. Come on.
Come on. They won't bite.
Whoa. Look who's here. l thought l was gonna have to watch cable to see you again.
Raymond needs a little trim and some braids.
Look, little guy. You see that guy right there?
l know he has a stupid-looking face, but what's his hair look like?
All right. Just all right or a little more than all right?
A little more. That's right. And you know why? 'Cause he gets his hair cut by me.
l spent a whole 20 minutes on him.
l'm gonna send you over there to Stacey to get braided up.
And when you're done, l'm gonna spend 22 minutes on you.
Now how does that sound?
That's cool.
All right, now you just chill, shorty. Don't worry about nothin'.
Besides, l never mess up a kid's head,
especially when his mom's in the shop.
He's eight. That would have made me 1 4.
- l'm not that kind of girl. - My bad.
We just peoples.
Yeah, we peoples. You peoples?
Player, how'd you swing that? l've been trying to be her peoples for weeks. Ain't had no luck.
- l got flow.
- l got flow too. You don't think l got some flow? - Maybe not as much as me.
Whoa. See, now you better be careful, little man.
You don't watch yourself, l'm gonna have you runnin' out of here lookin' like a poodle.
All right, youngblood, holler at your boy.
lt's tight.
Let me ask you something else.
What if l was to take Honey out to dinner? You think that'd be tight too?
That'd be all right.
How's Friday? Friday l'm working.
Friday night? These shoots go late. l never know when l'm gonna get off.
Saturday? Saturday l'm workin' too.
You're not working all day Saturday.
Listen, l'll tell you what.
You find out when you're not working, you get at me.
l'm a busy woman. l may never have the time. Baby, that'd be a tragedy.
All right, little cat.
Come on.
- Let us pray.
Heavenly Father, please bless Chaz...
with game immediately.
So when you gonna get picked up? l don't know.
But someone's comin', right?
l don't know.
Hey, l'm fiending for a milk shake. Me too!
Yeah? All right, then. How 'bout we go get one, and then you can show me where you live.
Okay. Cool. Come on.
Do you live there? Yes.
Let's go.
You gonna knock?
You don't have to wait.
Y'all, shut that noise up now! Where you been?
l got my hair braided like you said.
- Who the hell are you? - l'm his dance teacher.
- Dance teacher? - Marisol, shut up and close the damn door!
Come on. Get on inside before you piss him off.
l just wanted to walk him home. You know, tough world out there.
Oh. Well, thank you for letting me know that.
You know, l would just love to spend my day going here and there...
with my kids instead of workin',
which is what l've been doin' for the last 1 2 hours!
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Uh, l want you two girls to switch in the back.
You guys are great, though. All right? You guys are really good.
Um, there's somethin' missing.
l don't know. Somethin'.
Fix it.
Go to lunch.
What? All right.
Come on, man. Don't be a hog, yo. Hold that right there.
Lay up, man. What up? Lay up.
Son, take your game home. Oh!
D. up.
Rise and shine, sleepy head.
What are you doing?
Gettin' you up. lt's Sunday. So?
So? We gonna get my birthday dress today. You forgot?
No, it's just-- What are you doing in bed in the middle of the day?
l didn't get home till 6:00.
You work until 6:00 in the morning? l hope you gettin' overtime.
- Girl, l'm dead. - l don't care if you're cold and buried. l got off work special for this.
So, get up! Come on. Get up!
We gotta get ready for Atlantic City. Gina.
Oh, look. Take this.
What? What's that?
Ooh, Dolce.
Stop. Do you like?
Ay, que linda, mami. l love it.
What kind of money you makin'?
Oh, l didn't pay for it. l got it for free at the shoot.
You givin' me some sweaty leftovers instead of taking me shopping like a real friend?
lt's not sweaty leftovers. lt's brand-new. lt's still got a tag on it.
Hmm. l thought you'd like it.
Look at Miss Thing. Too ''bougie'' to shop at the bargain stores. lt's not even like that.
No, it's cool. lf you don't wanna go shopping with me, l'll go by myself.
- Only person l can depend on anyway. - Gina.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
Hey, Raymond. What's up?
Benny ain't been in school.
Well, where is he at?
Mama's boyfriend got all into it with him. Busted Benny's lip.
- Has he ever hit you? - Not me.
Okay. Come on. Let's go find him.
Okay? Okay.
Come on.
Hey, Benny. We've been lookin' for you all over.
Don't. l don't need your help.
Let me handle it. You shouldn't have to handle it.
You guys can't go back to that apartment for a while.
We can go to my UncleJessie's. All right.
l'll take you over there, okay?
- What do you care? - l care because you're a good kid.
So? lt's not like you're around.
Don't even teach anymore. Why don't you just roll out?
Then l guess l'm just gonna have to find someone else to help me out with Tweet's video then.
Tweet? The Tweet?
l'm doin' the choreography for her video next week,
and, you know, l could use some help in the afternoons and the evenings.
But if you don't wanna kick it, 'cause, you know-- l could come. No joke?
No joke. lf you get your butt to school every day, yes, l promise.
Promises don't mean nothin'.
Mine do.
All right, girls,you ready?
Set? Okay.
Five, six, seven. Fly!
One, two, three. Fly!
Go down. Think dancer.
- Okay. - And just work your arms, okay?
And once you land, pliť. Give a sexy pose.
Thanks, guys.
Okay. All right. Ready?
Tweet, you look great. Thank you.
- Okay, let's try this. - You takin' notes for me?
You're gonna get fired if you're not takin' notes. Security.
Oh, he's just playin'.
Michael, thank you so much.
l can do that. You know l can do that.
Maybe you will someday.
Look, yo. There's people that good things happen to.
And there's people that good things don't happen to. That's just the way it goes.
The gods made no mistakes when they created their-- So what are they?
Fresh Air Fund kids or something?
Fresh air? Michael, this is New York.
l, uh-- l taught them at the center.
ln fact, uh,
seeing them on the set there today gave me an idea for Ginuwine's video.
What are you thinking? Okay.
New York, the hood. Ginuwine's doing his thing.
But instead of the usual hoochies, you get a posse of kids, dancers.
They bust out, all G'd up, just like Ginuwine--
same hair, same bling. Like a--
- Like a hip-hop pied piper? - Right.
l like it. Really?
l'll pitch it to him. Cool, cool.
You know, if he goes for it, l'd like to audition my kids. Oh, l see.
You just wanna get those Fresh Air Fund kids into show biz.
That's not true.
Their flavor's hot. You know.
lf it gets a couple of them off the street, so much the better.
All right, guys. Let's do it one more time, but clean it up. One, two,
three, four, five and six and seven, eight.
Oh, hold on. Hold on. Look who's here.
Honey, what's up, girl?
Hey, guys. l got a surprise for you.
Which one of you can tell me who that is?
- Ginuwine. - So which one of you wants to audition for his video?
What video?
Open calls are in two weeks, and l'll rehearse with anybody who's up to it.
- So which one of you wants to audition for Ginuwine's video?
All right.
Can l help you? You're the dance teacher, right?
l'm Otis's brother. You're the one his little man's been hanging out with, right?
You mean Benny? Yeah, Benny.
We ain't seen Benny around in a while and we miss him. He's been busy.
Check this out. He's part of my crew.
And when you're in my crew, you don't mess with other shit.
So you tell him l'm looking for him. l'm not gonna do that.
Why not?
- l asked you a question! - Yo, Honey. Hey.
B.B., what's poppin'? Am l interrupting? Well, if it ain't Floyd the Barber.
How are things in that cute little barbershop of yours, B.?
You making ends meet? Oh, you know. l'm definitely doing me.
Getting this paper. ''Getting this paper.''
Check this out. When you're tired of nickel-and-diming,just give me a holler.
l'm gonna hook you up.
Well, you ever get tired of wearin' those bum-ass do-rags, you give me a holler. l'll hook you up.
l wanna see that kid.
You okay? Yeah, l'm cool.
What was that all about? How did you get on B.B.'s bad side?
l made the wrong friend, l guess.
Well, you know, you should stay away from him.
He's dangerous. Seriously.
Yeah. Thinking of picking up some pepper spray tomorrow or something.
Did l say thank you?
You sure you don't want me to walk you upstairs and make sure you're safe?
No. l can handle myself.
Thanks again.
Come on.
Mom, what happened? Another pipe burst. You can't be in here.
How long will it take to fix? Oh, who knows? Building codes, inspections.
Now the city wants to do a full assessment, see if the building's even worth reopening.
Ma, you can't let them shut you down. Honey,
your telling me what l can and cannot do is not gonna improve my mood right now.
l don't know what to do about this. lf there's a danger to the kids--
He's one of those kids, you know, trying to act all bad.
But 10 seconds into a routine, l catch a glimpse of him.
lt's like l can just see this light shining out of him.
He's a kid again. Yeah.
lt's the best feeling l know seeing that.
lt's scary though.
'Cause when l think of him hanging out with B.B., it's like l can watch that light get dimmer and dimmer.
Well, you know, when a thug joint's the hottest spot in the hood,
it's hard for a kid not to want to be down.
l know. l'm over here.
Nah, nah, nah. l wanna show you something.
All right. All right, sexy?
Stop with that.
You know, most of the kids l came up with werejust like that.
Trying to be thugged out, and wanting to fit in.
'Cause that's what everybody else was doing.
Where are they now,jail?
Most of them, or headed that way like B.B., or dead.
Listen, this is bad date talk.
We should change the subject. What's your favorite color?
How come you turned out so good?
She thinks l turned out good.
l'm serious. l don't know. l got lucky.
What happened?
Well, the guy that used to own this shop lived right next door to me and my mom.
And when he saw me get into some bad things,
he gave me a job here sweeping up the floors.
lt's crazy 'cause he couldn't even afford it.
He paid me right out of his own pocket.
l worked for him for 1 0 years.
And when he passed, he left this place to me.
See, B.B. likes to talk shit like l'm the one that's losing,
like l'm missing something out there on the streets,
but he and l both know who's winning.
l've found something that l truly love, that truly makes me happy.
And that's a million times better than finding something that makes you rich.
So, it's just someone believing in you.
Well, that and having a place to go where l could stay out of trouble, yeah.
Nothing.Just thinking.
About what?
About what makes me happy.
Well, you know, l would really love to be a part of that. What?
Making you happy.
477 Castle Hill Avenue...
will go for about $170,000.
So 17 down?
Seventeen thousand down, yes. ln cash.
How about l give you half the down payment now,
and you give me 30 days to come up with the rest?
lf l don't, you put it back on the market.
Why do you even want this property?
lt's just an empty storefront on a bad block.
lt's perfect for a dance studio.
Maybe even a dance school for the whole neighborhood.
- So am l writing a check or not? - By all means.
Five, six, seven, eight.
- Cut.
You have no idea what this means to them. Oh, sure, l do.
l had a first job too once.
Oh, uh, we have a meeting later.
With who? Uh, it's, uh, the big guys.
Downtown. l'll pick you up. We'll go together.
l can't. l'm going to Atlantic City.
No, you are not. Absolutely not.
You gotta be there, Honey. l'm gonna pick you up around 5:00.
l know. l gotta go to some wack meeting instead of A.C.
lt's boss man.
Well, you girls have a good time, okay, Gina?
Who is it? lt's Michael. Let me up.
All right. l gotta go.
You wild out. Tear that place up. Okay.
Hey. Hey, sweetie.
Oh, this is--
Well, this is where you live here.
What's with the threads?
Q. Walker's black-and-white party? Yeah, that's the shit right there. That's the biggest party of the year.
Got anyjuice? l thought we were going to a meeting.
Business and pleasure are the same thing. You know that, Honey.
lf l knew it was a party, l wouldn't have canceled on my best friend's birthday.
You would rather go to Atlantic City,
which will always be there, with friends you always see,
instead of going to the hottest party in town with me?
Everybody is gonna be there.
All right? Artists, producers, other choreographers.
lt would be career suicide if you didn't go.
All right. Change into that,
and, uh, l'll meet you downstairs.
Hey, uh, can l use your phone?
Yeah, yeah. Hold on.
l'm gonna go upstairs and find a quiet room, so--
You heard her, B. She's gonna find a quiet room upstairs.
Remember, stake if it's 16. lf it's less, hit or something like that.
All right. Well, uh, l miss you.
Happy birthday.
This is a nice crib, huh?
Oh. Hey, Michael. You scared me.
- What are you doing? - l'm just looking.
- At the house?
No, l'm looking at you.
That's the cognac speaking. Here. Thanks.
You know, the first time l ever saw you, l said to myself,
''That girl is so fine.''
Quit playin'. Who's playing? l'm not playing.
No, seriously. No, seriously.
Come on. Stop. Stop! Stop!
Get off of me.
Bitch, how you gonna play me like that?
Oh. Oh, l see. l see. You're one of those.
l'm not one of anything. l'm just not up for this.
What about, ''l owe you so much, Michael''? ''You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Michael. ''
Professionally, yeah.
All right. That was all talk. That was all talk, right?
Just so you could get ahead in life? No, no, stay. Don't leave.
You made it. You're here. Stay.
Look, it's a fancy party. You came in a fancy car.
You're drunk.
l'm gonna do you a favor.
l'm gonna pretend like none of this happened.
See you on Monday.
- One and two, three and four.
Five, six, nice.
Okay, Ginuwine, come through.
Okay, Raymond.
Shaker boys, in front.
Come on, shake it up.
Go, shake it. Come on.
Come on. Shake it good, boys.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
That was great. You guys were terrific.
l'm lovin' it. Hey, hey, yo!
Good job!
That was hot. Where is he?
l don't know. Ginuwine!
We're ready for a rehearsal, sir.
lt's all set for you. Hey, Mike. Hi, how you doin'?
Hold that for a while. All right, let's see this.
Playback.! All right, guys. Just like we rehearsed.
- Five, six, seven, eight.
Cut. Cut! Cut.
Go get the car or something.
Nah, it's not-- it's not working. Which part?
The whole part. The whole kid thing.
lt's horrible.
No, Michael. Don't do this.
l was thinking l wanted to make it a little more sexy, you know. A little more real.
What's more real than these kids?
Oh, no.
Michael, don't do this.
lf you want to get back at me, do that, but don't take it out on these kids. Katrina, baby.
- All right, now l'm gonna give you some music. - Okay.
And l want you to listen and then move. Got you.
Go do your thing.
Do not take away the one thing they have to be excited about.
Look. l have a lot to do today, all right?
So if you want to get paid,
pack up your shit and take your little friends out of here.
l want you to fire 'em. l want you to tell them why you're not using 'em.
What's going on? Don't worry about it.
What makes you think l care what you want?
Yeah, the label called. They're not into the kid thing at all.
For real? Aw, man. All right.
- l'm so sorry. - So it's not gonna happen?
No. He changed his mind about what he wants.
- Why? -Just because.
- You made him mad, didn't you? - Not intentionally.
Look,you guys. There will be other opportunities.
No, there won't. Let's go, y'all. This is wack.
Oh, you're funny, right? Okay.
What happened to your big dance career?
lt's weak, man. Thug life, baby.
Yo. That's what it is.
l like those.
Yo. Go cop those for me, man.
Let's move. Come on, go.
Come on, ladies. Let me see it.
Five, six, seven, eight. Turn.
Front. Back. lf that's the girl we heard about, then no way.
l can't get a job anywhere. Michael's blackballing me. You sure about that?
Yeah, and all he has to do is mention he doesn't want me working.
What kind of clown would do that, stop somebody from earning a living?
l guess he figures since he gave me my career, he can take it away.
Hey. He didn't give you anything.
You get hired because you've got drive, talent and love for what you do.
That's a gift from God, not some video director.
The thing is, l was counting on that money.
Not for me, for the kids.
That studio could be unbelievable.
lt could change their life.
Hmm, paying off that balance?
Actually, l came for an extension. l need more time. How much?
l don't know. l sort of hit a financial snag. Miss Daniels,
if l could help you, l would.
But l've already agreed to keep this property off the market for two full weeks for you.
That's the best l can do.
l know it's a lot of money. l'm sorry, Honey. We just don't have it.
And even if we did-- Evelyn, don't.
Even if you did what, Ma?
Honey, a commitment like that,
you take that on, you are gonna be stuck here forever.
You'll never leave.
Oh, l forgot. l'm supposed to see all the beautiful things in this world.
Well, there's nothing wrong with my wanting that for you.
No, but what about what l want?
You're 22 years old. You don't know what you want.
You know what l see living in this neighborhood?
l see kids go from bad homes to bad schools and back again.
And l've seen you unlock a door to a place where those kids can feel safe.
Maybe l'm dumb because l haven't been to Paris or Milan or wherever,
but to me,
it doesn't get much better than that.
lt was everything l always wanted.
But when l had got it, it felt like nothing, less than nothing.
And now losing it feels even worse.
l'm not looking for sympathy.
l just need someone to talk to,
someone l know and trust.
l'm so sorry, Gina. l totally let you down.
Do you think you could ever trust me again?
l don't know.
You're my girl.
You know the first thing l thought when l saw that picture in the paper?
- That hood rat lied to me. - No, that was the second.
- That hood rat skipped out on my birthday. - No, that was the third.
What was the first?
That hood rat went to the black-and-white party and she did not bring me.
l know you're in a jam right now, but, Honey, you got skills.
And that's gonna take you places.
l just thought that, you know,
being your girl and all, l'd get to go too.
You can. No, l can't.
l'm just your friend. You're the one with the goods.
You're the one that people want. You don't need me.
You just need to trust and believe in yourself.
Like l do.
Come here.
Don't worry, baby, you'll find work real soon. You're too good not to get hired.
All right?
l just don't have the time to wait for people to wake up to that.
l'm gonna lose the building at the end of the month.
lf l can't earn it, and l can't borrow it, and l can't steal it,
l could raise it. What do you mean?
Well, l'm trying to get a space for kids, right?
lf people knew about it, they'd want to help, wouldn't they? Yeah, probably.
l could put on a benefit performance.
Charge a cover. Get some donated food.
Put on a great show. l could do that. Why couldn't l do that?
'Cause l don't have a space, that's why. Damn it!
Come here, mami. l got an idea.
That's love. Nah, baby, l got you on my Christmas list.
All right? One, one.
lt's just off the B.Q.E. lt used to be a church.
The cat l was just on the phone with, he used to own it.
But in three weeks they're converting it to office space, so it's empty now.
lf you want it, you better jump on it.
What's it like?
lt's dirty. lt's old.
But it has a floor, right? Yeah.
l'll take it. Thank you.
Hey, guys. Hi, Honey. What's up?
l know what you're thinking, ''What the hell we doing here?'' Don't worry, it's temporary.
This is what we call a means to an end.
Nobody's gonna give us a space, that much is clear.
So we're gonna raise the money and buy it, straight up and legal.
Y'all ever heard of a benefit performance?
- What do you mean? LikeJerry Lewis? - Sort of.
l'm Jerry. You're the kids. Let's get to work.
Orange. Good color for you.
l spoke to your moms. She said you're getting out tomorrow.
That's right.
When you do, l want you to come hang with me.
You could have a good life, Benny. lt doesn't have to be like this.
What do you know? You ain't got no job. You ain't got no money.
- Matter of fact, you ain't got nothing. - What l got is a clear conscience.
Yeah? What you gonna buy with that?
lt breaks my heart seeing you selling yourself short like this.
So leave. Get.
Let me ask you something.
You know your homies, those guys that got your back?
- Yeah? - How many times they come to visit you?
You think about that.
l don't know if this is gonna work, Missy.
But, uh, nah, Katrina's gonna make this so sexy, it's not gonna matter.
Katrina? Who the hell is Katrina?
- That's Katrina. - Hey.
Katrina is the shit. She just did Ginuwine's new video.
l don't care if she just showed MichaelJackson how to Harlem shake.
l said l want Honey. Honey Daniels. Duh.
Let's just try it once. And if you like it, we keep it.
lf not, then we fix it. So there's no problem.
Let me see what you got. What you gonna do?
l was thinking something a little more sexy, maybe in the hips. Lenny.
- No. No, no, no.
What is this, this?
Look, let me tell you something. l don't backup dance for Heather Hunter.
l don't know what kind of pornography y'all got going on here. This has gotta be a joke.
Anyway, when you get in touch with Honey Daniels, you call me.
You, you need to call M.C. Hammer, let him know you're stealing his stuff.
Y'all two crazy people in here. Give me my phone.
Don't make no sense. That's ridiculous.
Missy, hold up. l got an idea.
Honey, what you been up to?
Bye, Michael. Wait, come on. Honey, come on.
Hold on. l came to apologize. l'm not interested.
Give me a break.
What l did,
the way l handled things was uncool, and l am so sorry.
Hey, and l want to make it up to you.
ls that so?
l've got you three new jobs.
And you want me to do the choreography?
l am begging you.
Oh, l get it.
The artist asked for me, and if you don't deliver, they're walkin'.
Am l right?
They want you, sure. But so do l.
Michael, you got yourself in such a bind.
Good luck getting out of it.
l'll pay. You know l got the money.
l don't want your money.
Are you sure? You sure about that?
Because, uh, l could buy you a little dance studio.
What about that? What about you come back to work for me,
and l'll get you this.
You know what's funny?
When l first met you, you were 1 0 feet tall.
And now l look at you, you're this big.
l don't need your help. l'm gonna get that dance studio on my own.
Five, six, seven, eight.
- So you came. - l had to.
l can't let these bustas get in front of an audience doin' no--
- That's wack. - ls that so?
l'm gonna give you something better. 'Cause it breaks my heart to see you selling yourself short.
- Let's see you bust. - Let's do this.
Five, six, seven, eight.
So you pick that up in juvie?
That's right. l believe in making every experience educational.
All right, guys, let's clump it up.
We only got a few rehearsal days left.
Let's make it count.
Music. Okay.
- Count 'em in.
Five, six. Five, six, seven, eight.
One more time. Keep it tight, okay?
Can you see the stage all right? Yeah? Okay.
Hey, chica.
Oh, you know my homegirl Mrs. Strom, right?
Your friend came by the bank and told me what you're trying to do here.
l do banking for some nonprofit arts foundations.
- l know some people. - Some rich people.
Some people who would find the opportunity of funding a project like yours very interesting.
Are you serious? l've invited them tonight.
Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much.
Don't thank me yet.Just go out there and put on a good show.
How am l supposed to know if l'm dressed right if you won't tell me where we're going?
What you're wearing is fine.
Are you sure? l'm sure we're late.
Where are we going? l'm not telling.
You better tell me something. l'm not telling.
Here you go.
Does the set look okay? Yeah, it's cool.
l don't know. l feel like l should've had brighter lights, or a different backdrop, or colors.
l don't know. Here.
Yo, Honey. lt's good. Just chill out. We got your back.
Now get out of here. We got a show to do.
You have no idea how beautiful y'all look.
Thank you for coming.
This means a lot to me.
This means a lot to all of us.
These kids are good kids, and, man, do they love to dance.
Dancing isn't what they do, it's who they are.
And you coming here tonight says you wanna get to know 'em.
That means more than you could imagine.
So, thanks again.
And l hope you like it.
That was beautiful, baby. Beautiful.
Encore, encore!
- Beautiful, beautiful. - Come on.
Honey, Honey, Honey!
lt's Tweet.!
You stupid.!
Man, open this damn door. Open the door. l'm late.
Open the door. Open the door.
You big dummy, how the hell y'all don't know how to get to the B.Q. E.?
Let me explain something to you. lf you make me miss my hookup with Miss Honey Daniels,
l'm gonna straight barbecue your Big Bird-lookin',
Men in Black wannabe, Driving Miss Daisybel:P ass.
Subripped And Fixed By Pacman
What's up, girl? Hey, Missy.
Man, good to see you. You too.
Honey, this is Blaque right here. And Blaque, this is Honey Daniels.
She's the choreographer l was telling y'all about.
They got a video coming up, so they'll need some hot stuff.
Some ''oom-pah-pay,'' you know.
So, uh, we're gonna get it poppin'. l'm sure y'all--
- Come on, girls. l heard your record's hot. - Thanks.
Two over here. One on this side. Let's line it up.
Right leg first, okay?
Seven, eight. One, two, three, four.
Three, four. Seven and eight.
One, two, three and four. Five, six.
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